By: plunger Thursday March 18, 2010 4:53 am

With the US moving bunker buster bombs into place for an imminent attack on Iran, now is the time for all patriots to reveal why the US is being forced by Israel to acquire more territory and resources on Israel’s behalf – to create "Eretz Israel." It’s as simple as Blackmail.

The bond between GHW Bush and Israeli intelligence (initiated in the sixties) was cemented around the Iran Hostage Crisis. Begin had been furious that he was effectively forced into a bad deal for Israel (giving up territory) by Jimmy Carter, and wanted to ensure that Carter would not be re-elected.

It was at that point that Israel aligned itself with the Republican party, and GHW Bush brokered the relationship that would ensure a Reagan victory. This set the stage for the co-conspirators to form their own Shadow Government within the United States Government – which remains in place despite an apparent change of party control. The Lewinsky affair with Clinton was arranged by these co-conspirators to take down Clinton at the behest of GHW Bush, who was pissed that Clinton had denied him a second term. Israel had their own reasons to apply pressure to Clinton.

This Shadow Government, with Mossad as its co-conspirator, planned and executed 9/11, the (Rumsfeld/Zack) Anthrax attacks, and all that followed. What the Christian Zionists never expected was that Israel would use these same events to blackmail their co-conspirators, which serves to explain why the US Government is so actively engaged in the cover-up of 9/11, while allowing Israel to do as it pleases in Gaza, Lebanon, and coming soon – Iran. All of the Shadow Government operatives, all the way up to David Rockefeller, are being held hostage by Israeli blackmail. Israel has ALL the evidence hanging over their heads, and effectively controls America (and its nuclear arsenal) as a result: