India Revokes Monsanto’s GMO Cotton Seed License

Vatic Note:  Well, India's government has more civic concern over Monsanto's contribution to the demise of their farming community than our government does.  Is the difference "Corruption" vs  "Community?"  or is it simpler than that?  Look at the photo below and see what devastation that seed has created on  those farmers.  There is virutually no cotton production from those seeds.

Well, the weapons the khazars are using against us are those which are not designated as weapons, like food, water, and toxic air and other chemically infested products, such as mercury lightbulbs with no plans for environmental disposal that would accommodate such toxic poisons. 

India Revokes Monsanto’s GMO Cotton Seed License

NEW DELHI, India, August 9, 2012 (ENS) – This was a difficult day for the proponents of genetically modified crops in India. In Parliament, the Agriculture Committee tabled a report seeking a ban on genetically modified food crops and a halt to all field trials. And the state of Maharashtra cancelled Mahyco Monsanto Biotech’s license to sell its genetically modified Bt cotton seeds.
Mahyco Monsanto Biotech is a 50:50 joint venture between Mahyco and Monsanto Holdings Pvt. Ltd. The company has sub-licensed the Bollgard II and Bollgard technologies to 28 Indian seed companies, each of which has introduced the Bollgard technology into their own germplasm.

Cotton field in Maharashtra, India, December 2011 (Photo by Megumi Manzaki)
But now, all trade activities of Mahyco Monsanto Biotech are illegal in Maharashtra.

If there is any violation of the government’s orders, there will be criminal action taken against Myhyco Monsanto, the Director of Inputs and Quality Control Dr. Sudam Adsule said in Pune today, as he announced the license cancellation.

“If the company challenges the order,” said Dr. Adsule, “we have already moved in Mumbai and Aurangabad high court benches. We have given fair chance to the company and all charges of unfair trade practices have been proved. Hence, under the existing cotton seed act we have taken action and it can’t be revoked.”

“We welcome the decision,” said Kishore Tiwari, who heads the farmers’ advocacy group Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti.

“We demand all other 28 companies sub-licensed by MMB should be banned and replaced by traditional Indian cotton seed, as the cost of seeds of straight varieties is much lower than Bt varieties", Tiwari said.

“Bt cotton seed has played a key role in the Vidarbha farm suicide saga since June 2005,” he said.

Are (DHS) terrorists targeting dying forests in Utah and the West?

Vatic Note:  Oh, they are really getting insulting now.   Read what the feds told the state, about terrorists targeting their dry tinder forests.   First of all, the dought we are having is man made by the foreign occupiers of our governments, dumping chemtrails taking moisture out of the air, then using Haarp to move it around to targeted locations.  They are fracking our fresh water,  so that is another peg in the drought and famine hole that they promised us last year when there was no drought.

Funny how psychic they are, huh?  Finally they are poisoning our soil with the GMO seed and ready round up pesticides.  I think this is not only depopulation but also control of the remaining population by hoarding food and using  it as leverage to manipulate people into doing their bidding. Same with water....psychos.

So, if they are being honest and telling the state that they intend to burn their forests and kill their wild life so we can't hunt for food, then fine, we are warned.  The governor should immediately call up the national guard to protect their assets.   However, if the Foreign occupied Feds are BSing the state again with that pathetic "Terrorists attacking one thing or another", then they are insulting everyone with half a brain, in this country. 

They are pulling a third world scam on us.  Utah has enormous resources underground and so far the Feds have federalized millions of acres of state land with unlimited access to those resources.   Now do they really think that the professionals in Utah can  not figure this out?   Recently the feds tried to grab more land from them and the state took action to stop it and it was going to be even more millions of acres.   How many states are they doing this to?

This is exactly what these khazar Zionist bankers do to third world countries and they used the team of Summers and Geithner through the IMF and it worked, so why do you think our foreign occupiers put Summers and Geithner in top positions in the White House???  To do the same thing to us sincce they have now made us into a third world country, thanks to their dual citizens and traitors within our government.

The Queen of England, another Khazar pagan, is to Uranium what DeBeers is to Diamonds... so I suspect she is instrumental in identifying those mineral mines she wants as her own since Utah has enormous uranium reserves in the ground.   For the first time, I can understand the French beheading their royalty.

Are terrorists targeting dying forests in Utah and the West?

Setting dry, beetle-killed trees on fire could cost states millions to fight. 
First Published Sep 19 2012 01:46 pm • Last Updated Jan 07 2013 11:31 pm

Western land managers received warnings from the FBI that terrorist groups might seize on dry conditions and stands of beetle-killed trees to ignite forest fires, which would cost millions to fight and create widespread chaos, Utah’s forester said Wednesday.
"We took it quite seriously," said Dick Buehler, director of the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands. "It was distributed to all land-management agencies in the United States."

In May, national news outlets reported that an al-Qaida affiliated magazine, Inspire, published articles encouraging people to set fires in the United States.
Buehler said the methods that were discussed in the advisory "didn’t really make sense."

He said the communication discussed lighting fires in the tops or crowns of the trees, so they would spread — but a fire will typically "crown" and jump across wide areas if it is burning big, and hot and strong winds are blowing.

Buehler said forests in Utah, Idaho and Montana were specifically targeted.
"We didn’t really know what to do about it," he said. (VN:  Gee, what a coincidence,  these are the most armed states with heavy wild life for hunting and food, should things go bad, and they are also where the Constitutionalists and patriots and militias are most situated, that and the Southeast and Texas. Notice Texas has already been attacked.  Did they collect their guns like they did in Mass?)

Buehler said the threat referred to the dry conditions and stands of dead, beetle-scarred trees, which would burn fast and hot. He said it was an indication that someone had been paying attention to the forest conditions.

The Backwards Bizarro World Of New Normals

Vatic Note:  Boy, this is the truth.  Everything I grew up with has been almost completely done away with.  Between Social Engineering in our schools, social networks, and those on the Press who have sold their souls for a few sheckles, we are living in a matrix illusion unlike anything we have ever experienced before.

As Michael Tsarion pointed out in our blog on "The Origins of Evil", (here, and here) this illusionary life we lead goes back thousands of years with updates periodically based on some new ghuru or advancement in technology, that fits in with the illusions created by the khazar Zionist bankers who own all these companies that do this to us. We are under attack by deception and by attacks on our DNA.  The human race as we know it could become extinct and gone forever.

What is the big difference?  Television and now that they have digitized the analogue TV, its going to get a lot worse, once added to haarp and their mind control use of the weapon.  Why aren't we screaming bloody murder?  We should be doing like Iceland did and kick the damn bankers out of the country and go into recovery like Iceland is doing.   But as Zen  points out, we have accepted the insane as the new norm.  What does that say about us? 

The Backwards Bizarro World Of New Normals

by Zen Gardner, Before It's News

You might be noticing the old notions of the world around us are slipping away. Just as the new milky, metallic skies are now integrated into society and taken for granted as the norm, many other physical and societal aspects of our world have been devolved by the social engineers and adopted by the mass psyche.
And it leaves the uninformed empty, confused, dazed and finally numb and complacent.

Ah, peace at last. Just stop struggling, future droids.

Meet the new world peace. An engineered environment of exhausted spirits who finally give in to the bombardment of reversed truths, cognitive dissonance, denials, omitted information and state propaganda.

And a techno-hell of manipulated weaponized information driven into a seduced mind.

The Creeping Paralysis of Complacency 

“Why struggle? It’s no use.” says the failing human spirit. “I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing. The skies have always been like this, or there’s some good reason. If it was important to know it would be on the news. Endless wars are good and keep us safe. So does constant surveillance and the loss of privacy. And the wealthy must deserve more because they always seem to stay on top and get more.” etc.

So help me, government.

And so the militarized police triumphantly occupy American streets. After all, we’re under attack.

By them. But who’s looking. Once again, Orwell gets outdone.

Boldly Stated Complete Fallacies

“The war on terror!”, now conveniently hitting the “homeland” screams from every system megaphone and implanted neural response. Nothing but baseline stimulus/response manipulation. As it is with the money scam, the media, our education paradigm, you name it.



Vatic Note:  If you had any, I mean ANY doubts about who is running this country and the globe, then this is a must read.  This below will disabuse you of ever falling into their "Jewish" Khazar Zionist trap, that is really a Khazar trap used to promote their blame onto real Torah Jews, of what they do within their Sabbatean religion.   The level of deception practiced by these people is unprecedented and we will keep pointing that out as we go along.

Part I was a good foundation and this one brings it home and as you watch what they are doing to us and Europe, this will come to mind and explain it all.  This makes clear who the real enemy of the American people really are.  Its not the Muslims, or right wing nuts, or violent leftist activists.... Remember, Bush Sr signed a resolution putting  our laws under the khazars Noahide laws and what does that mean for us?

Well, check these out....  here , here and here.   They gutted part 1 and I have no idea where it is.  I was lucky to find these two.  IT WAS A SUBSTITUTION FROM THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR OUR LAWS, TO THE CURRENT SATANIC NOAHIDE LAWS.  One of the pertinent parts is that YOU CAN BE DECAPITATED FOR FOLLOWING CHRIST.  Nice, huh?  You won't experience this until they take complete control and you will be given a choice.   Because GHW got that done, he  was baptized "Magog" at the Bohemian grove one year.   Its amazing what we did not know and what has been hidden from us. 

No, its the Khazar Zionists pervading key positions on our government and inculcating their sabbatean religion into every aspect of our government as we saw with General Aquino who has made Satanism a recognized religion, and combined with the pimping activities of the Child Protective Services, combines to satanize the sexual use of our children who are now missing close to one million in the US only.  That does not include those missing and sexually abused in Palestine, Bosnia, Iraq, and now Afghanistan..... its what we can expect if we let them prevail. 



The initial financiers of Labor Zionism and Theodore Herzl were barons of the Rothschild clan. Their goal was the creation of a state in the image of their Sabbatean beliefs: that is, anti-Torah, anti-Talmudic, anti-religious and anti-Jewish. To the Sabbateans, any Jew who does not accept anti-Judaism is fit for execution. Israel has chosen morality and God, and that means execution is the correct punishment.
Rabbi Antelman is not alone in tracing the Rothschild path to an American financial takeover. Hundreds, if not thousands of researchers have proven that the European Rothschilds sent their German agents of the Schiff, Astor and Warburg families to serve the interests of the cabal formed by the Jesuit illuminati, British Freemasonry and Sabbateanism.

(Photo-Schiff Born in Rothschild house in Frankfurt, Germany. Emigrated to United States, married Therese Loeb, daughter of Solomon Loeb, founder of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. Schiff became senior partner of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., and as representative of Rothschild interests gained control of most of railway mileage in United States.)
We return to David Morrison’s book to have a look at who was conducting the affairs of American Jews (Khazars) during the Holocaust era. **

pp. 36-37 ~ “The leading figures were Judge Mayer Sulzberger, Louis Marshall, Cyrus Adler and Jacob Schiff.

Schiff was the towering figure of that group that, to a large degree, represented wealthy American Jews of German background.

Louis Marshall was named president of the JDC, and Schiff’s son-in-law Felix Warburg, the treasurer. Warburg soon became chairman.

In the 1940s, the Warburg connection to Hitler was exposed in a startling book by one of their own, Sidney Warburg. He wrote that he was sent to Hitler’s court to finance Hitler’s rise with American funds funneled through the Warburg banking operation in Hamburg.

For further confirmation, read Anthony Sutton’s, Wall Street And Hitler. And who was Felix Warburg allied to but Chaim Weizmann?
pp. 63 ~ When traveling to America Weizmann and his wife enjoyed the company of Felix Warburg and his wife Frieda.

pp. 40 ~ The power behind the group that made up the JDC and American Jewish Committee was Jacob Schiff. From a wealthy banking family in Germany, he joined Kuhn Loeb in New York in 1873. In 1875 he won the hand in marriage of the daughter of Solomon Loeb and a full partnership in the firm. His specialty was railroad finance. Working with E.H. Harriman, he acquired the Union Pacific Railroad in 1897.
Now we dive into the bowels of the plot. Schiff backed the Rockefeller railroad interests, which led ultimately to the foundation of the CFR in 1922 by the same J.D. Rockefeller. E.H. Harriman was the company George Jr.’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was working for when he funneled millions of dollars to Hitler.
This connection has been documented by numerous writers including Sutton and John Loftus.

The Rothschild method was to identify crooked robber barons and promise them total wealth and control, if they follow and promote the Illuminati/Sabbatean line.

The CFR is the diplomatic arm
guiding America and the world
into a global satanism. 
No matter who the American voter chooses, he gets the CFR and more. If Bush wasn’t elected last time around, Al Gore would have been president. His daughter is married to the grandson of Jacob Schiff, assuredly meaning he is Sabbatean.

Rabbi Antelman asserts that the Sabbateans sent more than financiers from Germany to infiltrate American Jewry. He insists the Conservative, and more so, the Reform Movements, are tools used to draw American Jews away from their traditions and into the arms of the Sabbateans. **

pp. 39 ~ Judah Magnes confessed without provocation that in Berlin he had been converted to Orthodoxy and he knew Theodore Herzl.

pp. 41 ~ All three groups courted Judah Magnes for a leadership role. Schiff was a major supporter of the Reform Temple Emanu-El in New York but he and Felix Warburg also contributed to the Jewish Theological Seminary. Solomon Schechter, who came from England in 1902 to become president of the seminary, lent his support and prestige to the Zionist cause.

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”~ Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg (“Angel” to and active in the United World Federalists), son of Paul Moritz Warburg, nephew of Felix Warburg and of Jacob Schiff, both of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. which poured millions into the Russian Revolution through James’ brother Max, banker to the German government. **
Sabbatean Labor Zionism concocted a dreadful tradeoff with the Nazis, which resulted in 50,000 indoctrinated German Jews escaping to Palestine from 1933 to 1939. The 3 million Jews of Poland were too religious to join the enterprise. And those who weren’t religious largely supported the moral and proud scions of Zeev Jabotinsky, known at the time as the Revisionist Zionists.

pp. 42 ~ Louis Dembitz Brandeis, an early Zionist leader, protested to the Schiff-Warburg group over the route that Joint Distribution Committee funds took from the United States to Polish Jewry. Millions of dollars were channeled through the Aid Society of German Jews that included Max Warburg. Brandeis protested to Felix Warburg that the German group supported the ban on immigration of Polish Jews into Germany.

pp. 47 ~ At the outset of WWI, Jacob Schiff felt the tug of his German roots. He aided Germany financially and told a friend: “My sympathies are naturally altogether with Germany, as I would think as little to side against my country as I would against my own parents” … Schiff’s brother-in-law, Max Warburg, was a German delegate to the economic talks at Versailles.

He had discussions with John Foster Dulles…Dulles brother Allen served in Turkey as assistant to the US High Commissioner. From that post he aided the attempt to cover up the Turkish massacre of the Armenians during the war. His superior, High Commissioner Mark Bristol averred: “The Armenians are a race like the Jews ~ they have no national spirit and poor moral character.”

There isn’t the space to present the machinations of the leaders of American Jewry, so we will focus on just one, the leader of Reform Judaism and the American Jewish Congress, Stephen Wise. His closest friend and correspondent was Felix Frankfurter. Of him, Jerry Rabow in his book, 50 Jewish Messiahs, writes:

“United States Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter is reported to have received a copy of Eva Frank’s portrait from his mother, a descendant of the Prague Frankist family.” **

pp. 208 ~ The five or six Supreme Court justices that attended the performance on behalf of European Jewry were deeply impressed but it never crossed their mind that it was up to them to do something about it. They figured that if Frankfurter hadn’t done anything, there was little to do.

** Here is a quote from Frankfurter:

“The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise their power from behind the scenes.” ~ Justice Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court.

The Seven Noahide Laws (http://www.noahide.com/7laws.htm) are basic Talmudic laws that apply to all Gentiles. According to Judaic authorities, the 10 Commandments are meant only for Israelites, while we goyim have to follow the Noahide Laws instead. The Seven Noahide Laws have already been signed into Law in the United States (Read the text of the Government's PUBLIC LAW 102-14 (HJ Res. 104) March 20, 1991 (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c102:H.J.RES.104.ENR:) (VN: Bush signed these into law, and if you are Christian, you will be  dismayed at the text of these laws.  Decapitation is the penalty for being a Christian and follower of Christ.  We did a blog on this issue when we discovered it down an  obscure rabbit hole. )

German Police Officers Take Off Helmets & Marched With German Citizens Against Rothschild European Central Bank!

Vatic Note: This is the only thing that will work, is if we all join together against them.  Chase them out of this country and off the globe, then we have a chance at some reestablished sanity.  What this below confirms is the role of the international Zionist bankers in the attempted demise of western civilization.

If we all hang together, we won't hang seperately.  Remember, even if you are minions of theirs,  once done with you, its stated in the Talumud that the Zionists can then do away with you and since you betrayed your country so easily,  they won't trust you ever again.   They will take back the wealth they gave you and kill  you since you are a goyim and not worth keeping their word about anything.

I am glad to see the German people stand against them.They have paid dearly for things, we now know they didn't do.  The French leaders were planting GMO corn and the "people" enmass burned down all the fields of GMO produce.  Now that shows us just what we have to do, because now France has no GMO products,  Its forbidden in Europe.  Every country seems to be taking back their country except us.  Now why is that?   Watch and see what you think. 

German Police Officers Take Off Helmets & Marched With German Citizens Against Rothschild European Central Bank!
Posted by Michael ~OV Tech~ on April 30, 2013 

The German police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters- clearing the way for them.


Who Owns The European Central Bank?

The same people who own the Federal Reserve and who owned the first national bank of America, The Second national bank of America, The Bank of England. The same people who have been responsible for almost every war on e...

The Rothschild A.K.A. The Illuminati who are satanist. No they are not Jewish but they pretend to be. They want us to hate everyone else, so while we are fighting each other, they can own us all and laugh in the background.  (VN: Boy did he peg this one spot on.  This is sooo true.  They see us as dumbed down goyim and even said so in their protocols they wrote in 1897, where they said "the goyim are so dumb they will believe everything we tell them".  Well we will see.)

Of What Was And To Come!

Of What Was And To Come!
God be with you!

These Are The Same Cronies That Usurped The United States Central Bank _ The Federal Reserve And Turned Healthy Capitalism Into Cronie Capitalism By Derivative Fraud!

Here is a picture of Rothschild’s European Central Bank, which is located in Frankfurt, Germany!

Rothschild’s Handbook For Banker’s World Control.

German police officers escort an anti- cronie capitalism protest march with some 20,000 people in Frankfurt, Germany, Saturday, May 19, 2012. Protesters peacefully filled the city center of continental Europe’s biggest financial hub in their protest against the dominance of banks and what they perceive to be untamed cronie capitalism, Frankfurt police spokesman Ruediger Regis said.


Its Happening In Greece Too! Greece Military High Fives Fellow Citizen Fighting Banker's Crime Of Austerity.

Its Happening In Greece Too! Greece Military High Fives Fellow Citizen Fighting Banker’s Crime Of Austerity.

Greece Military Stands Down In Support Of Their Fellow Citizen: Mil...

Nice to see the police give protesters a hand. Let's hope this spreads a BIG ripple! (MHG)

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JFK Speaks at American University, June 10, 1963

Vatic Note: This is a hero of our generation.   He gave his life to save us from those who are destroying us now.  What is amazing is, "he almost succeeded".   He is the personification of courage and integrity in his view and his handling of the Presidency.  If we ever get out of this, we should  posthumously give him the medal of Freedom.  How little we knew about what he did to try and save the nation.

Read this speech.  I put it  up to show the difference between the mindless utterings of todays politicians to the great thoughts, direct honesty and deep thoughtful programs he created to move us into a greater and better society.  What a difference.  We lost a lot more than a great man when he died, we lost our country.  Only we can get it back again.

I was shocked to find out that no where do they have his speech he made as he signed EO 11110 that gave control of currency back to the US Treasury backed by  silver.  It was considered the greatest speech he ever gave or greater than any given by a President. I also believe that and his speech at American University strikes at the heart of the Rothschild cabal banking scam and war profiteering, as well as at Israeli's Nuke development program at that time.  I now see why they felt he had to die.  He would have changed the world into a prosperous and wonderful, peaceful place FOR US and that was not acceptable to the insane psychopaths riding the range today, as we can see. 

I did find these videos of two other speeches that were considered great, and given around the same time in the same month as his EO speech.  So I am putting them up to remind us and teach others about what a great President sounds like and how he thinks, so that we will seek and recognize another such great one when he shows up on the scene, now all we have to do is "listen" to him and follow his recommendations as leader.   Harken his words now as if he were still here because they are still relevant to us today.  NO MORE DAMN BOGUS WARS FOR PROFIT. 

Its been so long since we have had any President with those qualities that I felt it was time for us to experience such greatness and to seek it in our selections for candidates for President, instead of those zombie programmed by their psychopathic handlers.  No more candidates controlled by foreign countries. (The full speech is linked below just before the excerpts, it was worth the entire read.)

JFK Speaks at American University, June 10, 1963
by Excavator, Admin, May 6, 2011

President John F. Kennedy delivered the Commencement Address at American University in Washington on June 10, 1963.

President John F. Kennedy delivered two of the greatest speeches any American president or any world leader ever delivered in history, and he did it in a span of one week in June of 1963. JFK was a truly remarkable and visionary leader who could have changed the course of the world if he had lived. He was as revolutionary as Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Washington before him. And his revolutionary spirit is why he was killed by a group of monsters who had tremendous power over the policies and actions of the CIA and Pentagon.

JFK set the path towards world peace in a hard-headed manner, and he made it official White House policy to educate the American people about the outside world instead of instilling fear into their hearts and corrupting their minds by lying to them about foreign threats as numerous administrations after him have done.

The kind of peace that JFK was talking about was not the kind of peace that the hippies were talking about. You don't need to smoke weed to love peace and hate war. JFK was talking about a practical and a real peace that can be achieved in a short matter of time if the people of every nation are led by rational and sane leaders instead of the sociopaths and liars that lead many governments today, especially in America, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

Every time I watch his speech at American University I can't believe that an actual American president said these words because they are so thoughtful and true. James W. Douglass, author of JFK and The Unspeakable, says the speech is one of the greatest speeches any president has ever given.

Kennedy's speech at San Diego State University on the importance of education for the preservation of freedom and for the life of citizenship was also great. Peace and education are two things that this world needs now more than ever, and JFK was ahead of the world by half a century in recognizing that governments and political leaders are responsible for ensuring and providing both to citizens.

"To govern is to choose and the ability to make those choices wise and responsible and prudent requires the best of all of us," Kennedy said at SDSU. "No country can possibly move ahead, no free society can possibly be sustained, unless it has an educated citizenry whose qualities of mind and heart permit it to take part in the complicated and increasingly sophisticated decisions that pour not only upon the President and upon the Congress, but upon all the citizens who exercise the ultimate power."


The Terrorists Have Been Identified

Vatic Note:  This is an amazing report.  Corbett is truly a genius when it comes to news analysis through political eyes and the bits and pieces of the story that fits within the intention of the powers that be, to manipulate the sheep into giving up their freedoms, guns, and country.   He is so right when he says "The terrorists have been identified".  

The quesiton he asks is "Who hates us for our freedoms?"  Once you answer that, you answer who the terrorists are.  Well, the current foriegn occupiers of our government TRULY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS since those protected freedoms interfere with their thousands of years old agenda for global domination. 

They have created, through their access to power within our government, the structures, personnel etc that they need to manipulate and cause these terrorist acts.  We have pointed out more than once that key positions within our gov are controlled by these foreign occupiers and they have done a lousy job of hiding their involvement in those terrorist acts.  The media has had to be used to overcome the exposure of DHS involvement, along with private mercs, Seals, and FBI involvement. 

They do it through brainwashing techniques on the boob tube.  They continually spew mantra after mantra as to what we are suppose to "think" out here and eventually you see others commenting and repeating word for word what the media says.  That is how these agencies overcome mess ups on their part.  The press plays a vital role in treasonous acts against the American people and that is on both the left and right.  Those same traitors will be tried before a Nuremberg trial court for crimes against humanity.

I am specifically referring to Homeland SEcurity as one example.   When Hillary was in power, she took the lead as Secretary of State, but now after being caught messing up the Benghazi affair,  the job has been turned over to Homeland security.  They are khazar Zionists tht occupy that dept, and its the Zionist bankers that own the press, so its a perfect match.  One covers for the mistakes of the other.   Watch the video.  Its long, but well worth the effort since its so full of great information and connections to help us see the truth of it all. 

The Terrorists Have Been Identified 
Published on Apr 19, 2013
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7301

The specter of terror is once again being raised to haunt the collective consciousness of the American psyche. But as the terror meme rears its ugly head, we see an understanding of false flag terrorism creeping into the mainstream discourse. 

Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the real terror paradigm and examine who really hates you for your freedoms.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

TSA Lawsuit Reveals No Federal Jurisdiction, USA Under Foreign Rule: Jesse Ventura

Vatic Note:  What I am beginning to understand is this "foreign Occupying country" of our government, did not educate themselves to our system before trying to dismantle it.   Its clear as a bell in that document, that any laws passed that abrogate or conflict with the Constitution are "automatically" NULL AND VOID ON THEIR FACE. 

No ambiguity there at all.   Its says the same thing with the treaties, so that overturns the senates approval of the UN hand gun control bill.  The Courts, if they wish to remain viable,  have no choice but to rule against these Constitution Violating pieces of Legislation since the document spells it out clear as a bell.   It will be interesting to see how the court rules.  

TSA Lawsuit Reveals No Federal Jurisdiction, USA Under Foreign Rule: Jesse Ventura
by Alton Parrish,  Before It's News, Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lets get real. The Federal Government stated they have “no jurisdiction” of the TSA. So, Jessie Ventur should have taken his case to the Hague?

So who is in control? According to Leon Panetta’s own words it’s the UN and no longer Congress. You may still be able to find the Panetta video but it has been censored in a big way.

Just because we direct the largest chunk of money to the UN doesnt mean we are in control, it just means we pay to keep the lights on.

DHS is above the Constitution using the Patriot Act which supercedes it.  (VN:  no it doesn't.  Its clear that the patriot act and NDAA are both in total violation of the Constitution, and thus are null and void on their surface, so we do not have to obey those laws. The key is to get a good battery of Constitutional attorneys to take this on right up front.)


The Patriot Act was part of our latest chapter 13 reorganization. So was the ‘bailout’ of AIG which was shrouded in secret money transfers. The bankers and politicians who, working together to repeal Glass-Stegal Law, made it easy to sell out the people and nation towards privatization and foreign corporate domination.  (VN: that is called "FASCISM" and High Treason", no matter which way you cut it, that then makes all those in Homeland Security prosecutable, including TSA, the secretary of DHS, including the previous Secretary Chertoff who gained financially from the sale of those killer machines to the US and Panetta, as well as the head of the Joint Chiefs if he supported Panetta,  Cheney as well since he released the panty bomber from gitmo after they mind controlled him, and then did not put him on the "TERRORIST WATCH LIST" which allowed "Israeli Airport SEcurity" to allow him to board and do his deed. They are so transparent and incompetent.  It got caught right away by a lawyer, no less.   AS usual the real criminals hide behind the "Citizens advisory board" as if Napolitano had any choice in what she is instructed to do by our foreign occupying government.)

Wikipedia.org: “Congress ultimately passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002 without the union-friendly measures, and President Bush signed the bill into law on November 25, 2002. It was the largest U.S. government reorganization in the 50 years since the United States Department of Defense was created.”

Astronomer Teams Dying In Pairs What Did They Know?

Published by Menphis75Revolution on Apr 27, 2013

Vatic Note: Unfortunately, this is in a foreign language and I can't find the translation button.  However, the video itself is in english, so its worth the watch.  To slow it down to read the papers headlines, just put your  cursor over the stop button and stop it when writing comes up and read it all.  Could this be a coincidence?  Yes, for some, but for others, its beyond coincidence.   You watch and decide. 

I believe there is more to this than they are telling us.  They are HAARPing like crazy every night.   Further no permafrost in the ground, which means no run off, rivers are down, planting season is being disrupted so the plants either freeze and die, or will die from lack of moisture, and its either bitter cold or hotter than burning charcoal, no middle ground, no rain, no moisture in the air, probably caused by the chemicals in the chemtrails which should result in that promised famine the Homeland Security Promised us about 2 years ago. 

What will they do then?  Hire Chechens to start riots so they can kill them to shut them up and declare martial law to take our guns and AMMO AS WELL. I think I bet $20 that is what they did on the lock down in Boston with liberals who are not big gun owners.   It will definitely play a lot differently in Texas.  Does New Orleans sound familiar?  A trial run to see how it would work.   Well, we know a lot more now than we did during Katrina.

Remember in 2001 and beyond, record numbers of microbiologists were killed all at around the same period and it numbered above 89 of them.  Then there were the scientists that worked on star wars that were killed in record numbers, so this fits with both of those two groups.  

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boys and girls, prepare for one long ride with some startling information. There is much more to come on this topic and I am sure I will get my fair share of hits. However, this is all crucial information. I was writing about it 3 years ago and no one listened. Now, I know so much more, that it was like reading with fresh eyes. That will be posted next. Here is what has kept me fascinated, busy, and perpetually late for every engagement, over the past week.

"Long is the journey and hard is the way
from hell up into the light." ~
John Milton, Paradise lost.

A movement of complete evil has taken hold.

The Jesuits’ goal is the destruction
of the Protestant Reformation
leading to a return of one pope
sitting in judgment on all mankind.

Then Rothschilds' goal is to control
the wealth of the planet.

And the Frankist vision is
the destruction of Jewish ethics
to be replaced by a religion
based on the exact opposite of God’s intentions.

When these factions blended,
a bloody war against humanity,
with the Jews on the front lines,
erupted and it is reaching
its very pinnacle at this moment.

Sabbateanism is the matrix of every significant movement to have emerged in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, from Hasidism, to Reform Judaism, to the earliest Masonic circles and revolutionary idealism. The Sabbatean "believers" felt that they were champions of a new world which was to be established by overthrowing the values of all positive religions .” ~ Gershom Scholem

In 1665, a notorious Jewish rabbi and was proclaimed the messiah by multitudes of the blind, Jesus denigrating and hating Jews in the international Jewry; and numerous religious sects that admired Donmeh movement in the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.


In Jewish history during the two centuries after ’s death in 1676, many Jews (including some Jewish scholars) who were horrified by Zevi’s personal conversion to Islam nevertheless clung to the belief that Zevi was still the true Jewish Messiah. They constituted the largest number of Sabbateans during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

They were vigorously opposed and were eventually forced into hiding their beliefs by the methodical opposition of almost all the leading rabbis who were determined to root out Zevi’s kabbalistically derived anti-traditional teachings and his influence upon the Jewish masses.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, "The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world; an even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness...A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”

Rabbi Menachem
Mendel and his immediate dynastic predecessor (the sixth rebbe Yosef (spiritual leader) of the Chabad Lubavitch chasidic movement. He is also known as the Friediker Rebbe(Yiddish for “Previous Rebbe or the Rebbe Rayatz (an acronym for Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak.

After many years of fighting to keep Orthodox Judaism alive from within the Soviet Union, he was forced to leave; he continued to conduct the struggle from Latvia, and then Poland, and eventually the United States, where he spent the last ten years of his life. He was one of the most influential world leaders of Jewry.

By the nineteenth century Jewish Sabbateans had been reduced to small groups of hidden followers who feared being discovered for their beliefs that were deemed to be entirely heretical and antithetical to classical Judaism ~ particularly since the head of the movement, Zevi, had become an openly practicing Muslim for the last ten years of his life until the time of his mysterious and premature death at the age of fifty.

When the founder of Hasidic Judaism, Rabbi Yisrael ben Eliezer, the Baal Shem Tov (1698-1760), emerged and made his teachings and influence felt through his own disciples, many rabbinical opponents of Hasidism were suspicious that he and his Hasidim were a class of Sabbateans.

Some historians have written that many Sabbateans became followers of Hasidism, which unlike Zevi’s movement, followed Halakha (Jewish law) and eventually opponents of Hasidism were convinced that the Hasidim were not Sabbateans. There are well-known disputations between rabbis accusing one another of being secret followers of Zevi, who had become much reviled in Orthodox Judaism particularly, due to his apostasy.

Jewish historians have stated that it is hard to describe the national sense of shock and trauma that set in when the masses of Jews all over the world learned that someone as famous as Sabbatai Zevi had officially abandoned his faith for Islam. However, the fact remains that Zevi is the most famous Jew to have become a Muslim, which is also what the term Sabbatean has come to denote.

The punishing of the followers of Sabbatai Zevi

Many within Zevi’s inner circle followed him into Islam, including his wife Sarah and most of his closest relatives and friends. Nathan of Gaza, the scholar closest to Zevi, who had caused Zevi to reveal his Messiahship and in turn became his prophet, never followed his master into Islam but remained a Jew, albeit excommunicated by his Jewish brethren.

It was a Jew by the name of Nehemiah ha-Kohen who had pretended to embrace Islam to get an audience with the kaymakam (“governor”) and who then betrayed the treasonable desires of Sabbatai to take over as a global leader and thus become a rival to the Turkish Sultan. He in turn informed the Sultan, Mehmed IV.

At the command of Mehmed, Sabbatai was taken from Abydos to Adrianople, where the sultan’s physician, a former Jew, advised him to convert to Islam. Sabbatai realized the danger of the situation and adopted the physician’s advice. On the following day (September 16, 1666), being brought before the sultan, he cast off his Jewish garb and put a Turkish turban on his head; and thus his conversion to Islam was accomplished.

The sultan was much pleased, and rewarded Sabbatai by conferring on him the title (Mahmed) Effendi, and appointing him as his doorkeeper with a high salary. Sarah and a number of Sabbatai’s followers also went over to Islam.

To complete his acceptance of Islam, Sabbatai was ordered to take an additional wife, a harem. Some days after his conversion he wrote to Smyrna: “God has made me an Ishmaelite; He commanded, and it was done. The ninth day of my regeneration.” It is widely believed that he then had some connection with the Bektashi Sufi order.

There are also strong ties between Sabbatean Kabbalah and esoteric Sufi Islam that go back to the days of Sabbatai Zevi.

Wikipedia says:
This is based on contention that Zevi’s exile to the Balkans brought him into close contact with Bektashism. The Bektashi Sufists strongly influenced Sabbatean behaviour and produced evidence of Bektashi worship at Zevi’s grave. That there existed a strong connection between the Bektashi of Salonica and the largest Donmeh community that lived there has been established by Rosanes.

The Donmeh of Salonica found common ground with the Bektashi who shared many characteristics of Sabbateanism, or as Schwartz would have it, strongly influenced Donmeh practice. 

Some unique similarities between Donmeh and Bektashi practice including alleged deliberate violation of kashrut/halal, alleged group sex, ecstatic singing, mystical interpretations, and belief in an occult reading of Torah/Qur’an, as well as the practice of collective cooked meals.
There was also emphasis on the equality of women and openness to all the monotheistic faiths with a strong heterodox and almost anarchist nature as well as a unique multi-religious outlook, viewing all the monotheistic religions as one.

There has been little evidence of anti-Semitism in Albanian history and few instances of collaboration with the Nazis to kill their Jews. Zevi became anti-nomian under Bektashi influence and was protected by the Bektashis after his conversion, who sent him to Albania where they were most powerful.

The strong affinity between the groups seems evident and one might agree that Sabbateanism and Bektashiism were inspired by similar circumstances, responding to the thirst for liberalism and the surging need to find cross-denominational paradigms to complement the Empire’s imperialism and express the collective identity evolving amongst its citizens.

Bektashiism was an Ottoman phenomenon with most of its rituals and prayers based on poems and songs in the Turkish language, and in this respect it testifies to the assertion that various religious structures were emerging tailored to the requirements of imperial Ottomanism.

Barry’s articles explain how the Sabbateans have influenced leading Jewish and Gentile power-brokers of the ilk of the Rothschilds, and controlled, and sought to largely genocide the world for Satan, beginning with the Armenian Holocaust in the Ottoman Empire, followed by the holocaust of WW1, the Ukraine Holodomor, the Holocaust of the “little Jews” in WW2, and more recently the Gazans under the ‘Bolshevik’ left in Israel.
In his book The Deutsch Devils, notable Jewish informer Barry Chamish drew attention to the findings of Rabbi Antelman in his books: To Eliminate The Opiate, vols. 1 and 2.

In The Deutsch Devils, Chamish focuses on the Jewish pseudo-messiah Sabbatai Zevi, and the continuation of Zevi’s evil ministry through the Turkish sect called the Donmeh movement ~ in the Ottoman Empire, ‘Jewish’ followers of Zevi who had converted to Islam, but secretly continued in the Jewish cabbala, became known as the Donmeh movement ~ dönme is Turkish for a “religious convert.”

Surrounded by these pseudo psycho Sabbaths Chabad Lubovitch, President Bush signs their legal system, the Noahide Laws, into the American laws, thus changing the balance of legal power irrevocably.

Indeed it’s evident that the Jewish Sabbateans and their Gentile acolytes intend to shortly mass murder patriotic (especially Christian) white Americans under their Leftist sock puppet Obama the crooked, who is a staunch ally of the Jewish money power even if he now appears to be opposing the welfare of the state of Israel to facilitate the deception of the foregoing in the eyes of Americans.

It is equally evident that the Sabbateans ultimately intend to sacrifice to Satan in a holocaust ~ the word holocaust means “burnt offering” ~ the “little Jews” in the state of Israel, in the last great social cataclysm they’ve been diligently and belligerently fomenting for some time now.

An ocean of wealthy Sabbatean, psycho, ultra fanatical Chabad Lubavitchers

Barry Chamish has a Web site here, and provides the details in a series of articles, where he writes …

Before diving into the proofs that Israel is being set up for another Sabbatean Holocaust, permit me the liberty of explaining the inspiration for this piece. On February 1/04 I visited Gefen Books in Jerusalem to pick up some copies of my Hebrew book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin and David Morrison’s book, Lies ~ The Rabin Assassination And Israel’s Secret Service.

Dr. Morrison’s book has made a powerful case for a conspiracy behind the Rabin assassination. One of the favors he did for me was, as a psychiatric doctor, confirming that my analysis of Rabin’s medical records was the correct one. Though I had met him just once, he has aided my cause enormously.

That time I met him was in my home when he and Gefen publisher, Ilan Greenfield arrived to hear me out and decide whether to publish a Hebrew edition of my Rabin book, or not. Ilan told me something I didn’t know. If it wasn’t for David, I would never have published your book. I left your place and told him you were coocoo. He answered that if I didn’t publish your book, he’d never talk to me again. As a psychiatrist he watched you carefully and concluded you were totally sane. He told me, “He thinks differently than us, that’s why he can see how the truth works. That’s not called crazy, it’s called gifted.”

I told Ilan that without knowing how much I owed him, I had repaid David many times over by reviewing Lies in my book, The Last Days Of Israel, and by selling lots of copies of the book in Hebrew and English at my lectures.

Ilan’s eyes lit up and he said, “Do you know we published two other books by him? Maybe you could promote them as well.” He then showed me the books. He chose to display the newest book first. It is called, The Gush, and it is very relevant to today’s impending withdrawal from Gush Katif. This book tells the human story of the Jewish residents of Gush Etzion, also secretly on the chopping block no matter what Sharon says.

It was a nice book, I told Ilan, but my readers expect deep information from me. Then he showed me the other Morrison book, Heroes, Antiheroes And The Holocaust. I struck gold.

David Morrison’s book on the secrets of the Holocaust stands with Perfidy, The Transfer Agreement and The Scared And The Doomed as one of the great studies of how Labor Zionism prevented the rescue of European Jewry. Morrison doesn’t see this as policy but you will with the knowledge we have gained together.

Morrison doesn’t realize that he is reporting a Sabbatean massacre, yet he instinctively writes about the Young Turks. We begin and end our overview with that subject. I will add my comments beginning and ending with two stars. **

The First Sabbatean Holocaust ~ The Dry Run

pp. 48 ~ The Young Turks who led the 1908 revolution were Turkish nationalists and established secular institutions, overthrowing the religious Moslem order. They viewed Armenians as a direct threat to their revolutionary plans. The evidence is overwhelming that the massacre of the Armenians was a deliberate, planned genocide. The Young Turks allied themselves with Germany and used world War I as a cover for their slaughter of Armenians… As did the Nazis in World War II, the Turks used their intended victims as slave laborers building a trans-Turkish railway for German business interests.


Who were these Young Turks who organized The Armenian genocide? We turn to Sabbatean Messianism as Proto-Secularism: M. Avrum Ehrlich for the answer.

The extent to which Jews were involved in the Young Turk revolution is debated, some arguing that Jews and Donmeh dominated the Committee of the Union and Progress Party (C.U.P) which gained control of the State. Others argue that this was anti-Semitic rhetoric and exaggerated and that while the Jews supported the revolution on a grass roots level, they were not highly represented in the upper echelons of the party. Indeed British diplomats did report to the home office that a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy was at work favouring the revolution.

The Donmeh are believed to have been equally involved in the revolution but exact details are less known due to a number of reasons…It was via the Masonic lodges that the Donmeh, the Jews, Bektashi and secularists who were less accepted in mainstream society were able to meet on an equal footing, many of them becoming major instruments of the revolution.

Whether the suspicions that Masonry is responsible for sedition and subversive activities are true or not, in this context they were a convenient home for the revolution, providing lodges and personnel, secrecy and structures for the revolution.

The Donmeh thrived in the Masonic environment, allowing them to be both secretive and influential, maintaining their religious ideas in a non-dogmatic atmosphere.

Bridging the gap between the Jews and the Muslims, they seemed to represent the happy medium of the secular Young Turk revolution. Even today Donme are involved in the Masonic Lodge of Turkey. Sahir Talat Akev of the Kapanci-Izmir group of Donme was the Grand Master of the Masons until his death in 1999.

Dr Nazim, Nuzhet Faik, Mustafa Arif, Muslihiddin Adil, Sukru Bleda, Halide Edip Adivar and Ahmet Emin Yalman were all active in the Young Turks and of Donme families.

Mehmet Kapanci (1839-1924) who was a mayor of Salonica and a well-known banker funded the C.U.P and was a Donmeh.

Other Jews active in the Young Turks were Nissim Mazliah from Izmir and Vitali Faradji , Moise Cohen (later called Munis Tekinalp) who was an active Jew and once rabbinical student who turned to business and actively asserted a proud Turkish identity along with Zionist sentiments.

It is curious that Israel’s first and second Prime Ministers, David Ben Gurion and Moshe Sharett and her second president Yitzchak Ben Zvi had lived and studied in Istanbul and embraced the concept “lehitatmen”, Hebrew for “to become an Ottoman”.

Ben Zvi is alleged by some to be descendant of a Sabbatean family. Sharett served in the Ottoman army in WW1. Ben Gurion gave up Russian citizenship for Ottoman citizenship, something many others in Palestine were afraid to do. Israeli Presidents Ben Zvi, Zalman Shazar and to a lesser degree Yitzchak Navon became students of Ottomanism.

Mehmet Cavit Bey (1875-1926) was one of the most significant Donme political figures. He was active in the revolution as a highly articulate editor of a tabloid and professor of finance and was three times Finance Minister of Modern Turkey until his execution for his alleged role in the assassination attempt of Ataturk.

No less today than in the early days of its activities, secular Zionism and the Israeli Left in particular show distinctive Utopian aspirations that in many ways resemble forms of religious Jewish messianism, oddly enough bolstered by an almost religious dogmatism.

Despite a declared and articulate opposition to conservative orthodoxy and religious messianism, this group seems to have unconsciously adopted many messianic characteristics and uses almost religious symbolism to address its message.

In contrast with the early Zionists whose goal was a secular political messianism aimed at establishing a political State and securing sovereign territory by force of arms as an essential premise, the latter manifestation of the Israeli Left has more mystical messianic leanings.

On one hand the Israeli Left acknowledges its national aspirations for Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, on the other it supports extreme territorial compromise with Israel’s enemies. These two values are often perceived to negate one another.

In a situation which is quite possibly un-resolvable in real-politick, it is however, considered entirely possible and likely in the paradigm of peace that the Leftist movement professes. Most interesting is the movement’s choice of messianic terminology when describing the peace process with Israel’s Arab neighbours, including; “new world order in the Middle East”, an uncanny political rendition of the messianic “kingdom of heaven on earth”.

Most interesting is the extreme anti-nomian nature of the Israeli Left Wing. A new dimension to anti-nomianism was created in this mutation of messianism that extended beyond the rejection of Jewish ritual into a form of national anti-nomianism.

There existed an overwhelming pressure on believers amongst the Israeli Left not only to neglect Jewish tradition but a fundamental imperative to forfeit Jewish sovereignty particularly over Jewish religious sites (Cave of Joseph, Cave of Machpela, Temple Mount) by which peace was directly achievable.

Furthermore, a curious similarity between the Israeli Left and the Sabbatean movement is illustrated in the Left’s strong public ties with Arabs and Islam while privately rejecting and even despising their lifestyle, morality and habits.

Stark similarities are evident with the Donmeh who showed great public affection with Islam but amongst themselves entirely rejected and even despised Islam.

This of course is not so much because of causal influences that Sabbateanism had on Zionism but rather because the same impulses and mechanisms active in both groups. The belief that assimilation was an important Utopian/messianic goal is therefore argued to be a motivation in both Sabbatean and Left Wing Zionist messianism.

M.A. Ehrlich’s great accomplishments include verifying Rabbi Antelman’s grand conspiracy involving the British rites of Freemasonry but exceeds Rabbi Antelman in the strong evidential connections to Labor Zionism and today’s Israeli Left.

They are being guided to acquiesce in a new Israeli Holocaust, no less than the American leaders of Labor Zionism and the Left did so acquiesce in the 30s and 40s. For a revealing look at modern American Sabbateanism, visit: Donmeh West ~ The Neo-Sabbatian Collective of the Internet.
The Jew Jacob Frank claimed to be an incarnation of the pseudo-messiah Zevi, and he revived Zevi’s evil ideology in the eighteenth century, and brought it, via the Donmeh movement, to Europe ~ Donmeh ‘Jews’ officially practiced Islam but secretly followed Zevi’s cabbalism.

In the early 1750s, Frank had become intimate with leaders of the Sabbateans, and two followers of Osman Baba were witnesses at his wedding in 1752.

In 1755, Frank reappeared in Podolia, and gathered a group of local adherents of the Zevi cult, and began to preach the “revelations” which were ostensibly communicated to him by the Zeviists in Salonica. At one such gathering in Landskron a scandal erupted, when local rabbis had their attention drawn to the new teachings.

Frank was forced to leave Podolia, and his followers were harassed and denounced to the local authorities by the Jewish rabbis in 1756. At a rabbinical court held rather appropriately in the ’satanic’ village of Satanov, in the Ukraine, the Sabbateans were charged with breaking the fundamental Jewish laws of morality, modesty, which only provoked Frank to form what was to be for the free world a fateful alliance ~ an alliance described in Chamish’s article in these terms:

Frankfurt at the time was the headquarters of the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers’ financial empire.

This is worth repeating: Frankfurt was the birthplace of both the Illuminati and the Rothschild empire. When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun.

Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money. What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati and that the Frankists added with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds.

Jacob Frank became instantly wealthy because he was given a nice handout by the Rothschilds of Frankfurt. There is no other explanation.


From this starting point,
Rabbi Antelman gave us a blueprint
for the war against Judaism and all its good,
and indeed against humanity
and all its moral treasures.
A movement of complete evil now took hold.

The Jesuits’ goal was the destruction
of the Protestant Reformation
leading to a return of one pope
sitting in judgment on all mankind.

The Rothschilds' goal was to control
the wealth of the planet.

And the Frankist vision was
the destruction of Jewish ethics
to be replaced by a religion
based on the exact opposite of God’s intentions.

When these factions blended,
a bloody war against humanity,
with the Jews on the front lines,
erupted and it is reaching
its very pinnacle at this moment.


Rabbi Antelman traces the means of the worldwide reach of this ugliness. By the 1770s, the Illuminati was exposed and banned in Germany and then throughout Europe.

Weishaupt made a strategic change that worked miracles for the international spread of his goals. He infiltrated agents into the Free masonic lodges of England and Scotland, changing their highest tenets to his own, until every lodge in every nation accepted them. Thus, the Illuminati now had two centers of activity, Germany and Britain.

Barry Chamish provides more details on the Rothschild connection

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.