Vatic Note:  This is our update on a blog we published back on July 30, 2014 about ISIS being a private mercenary company and we included their website link on the blog. (It has since been changed from ISIS company to ISI company.)   This is an update on that information we provided, done by Jim Stone, who is excellent in ferreting out truth.  

Now don't get me wrong, I love Jim Stone.... he has exposed more in a short time, than most of us have over several years, however,  his website is a mess, no dates on the articles, no special links to use to refer them to his blog, and his "images" are way too big to fit on this blog, so you will have to read the text into text I have on the right, (he needs a web designer to go in and put it together, so its organized, and readable.)   

He has given us no way to reduce the size while still being able to read the text, so I am afraid you are going to have to work to read this below, BUT ITS WELL WORTH THE EFFORT.   

I highly recommend taking the time, since this is a mind blower and one of the updates from a previous blog we did quite a while ago when ISIS was constantly in the news.   They have now changed from ISIS to ISI,  after being ISL for a while, and previously several other bogus terrorist group names.  Please take the time to read both the original blog we did and then this below.  

By Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter,


Helen sent the following: We have noticed that recently you have changed your name from ISIS to SIS, however this name change is not reflected on much of your website. https://public.isishq.com/public/SitePages/Home.aspx We have a question or two for you.
You state that you offer assistance globally to US armed forces; US government and US contractors. Would this assistance be given contrary to the wishes of the local people?
You boast an international spread and this is to be commended; however are you aware that your name is being taken in vain by a bunch of terrorists?

You say that you have a presence in Africa; yet we already have a SIS Africa situated in Johannesburg; South Africa. This corporation seems to be affiliated to Microsoft.

We notice that you offer assistance in "conflict zones". The use of inverted commas or quotation marks; commonly denotes irony. This is a simple observation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quotation_mark
You seem qualified in certain fields; security; logistics and maintenance; but intelligence? No.

One more tip. SIS is the name for Secret Intelligence Service; you probably know it as MI6; or British Intelligence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Intelligence_Service . Now this is worrying; as you really don't want to get mixed up with these guys; especially with the current problems you have with those terrorists.
Maybe you should concentrate your efforts state-side; at least until you have your own logistics sorted out; it's not a very good way to advertise.

We have recently heard from our beloved President Obama that he has declared war on you. Is this why you are currently changing your name? We humbly suggest that whilst the name change seems to be taking so long; that you should walk down the street and sort this mess out.

Please take this friendly warning seriously as the President has drones and a phone remember.

A concerned citizen.

My comment:

ISIS has been clearly busted as a black op run by an American based military intelligence outfit with bases all over the world, see the following photo. If "terrorist" ISIS, which is obviously operating in the back pocket of the Mossad as evidenced by the fact that everything they put out magically emanates from one source, SITE intelligence group, really is just a front run by contractors (and it obviously is), then the President just declared war on an American company with offices in Washington DC, and mysteriously also in El Paso, where ISIS was supposed to be basing their infiltration of America from.  

Odd coincidences? not to those who are at least partially free of the MSM brain wash

And on that note, I once again present the following, pay attention to this one because it is of epic importance:


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Ebola’s Real Reason For Being Released

Vatic Note:   Its not over yet, either.   They just started another fake Ebola Scare with the CDC's patented virus.  That is why this is so very IMPORTANT TO READ.  So you know what this is really all about.

Its about all the failures they have experienced, even with all the false flags being used,  to get our guns,  and to start WW III.   Putin will not start WW III without the proof that we no longer have our guns.

We are prevailing because we refuse to divide between us,  we are standing united and its impossible to start a civil war when both sides are hanging together.  I commend the Muslims for not getting sucked into the game, and I commend us like wise for the same thing. 

They need that civil war just like they did in WW I with the Russian revolution and in WW II in 1933 with the overthrow of the German Republic and Constitution along with installing Hitler as the new dictator.  They needed it to weaken the target country so they would lose the planned war.

Both were economic powers of the day and both lost their wars and now its our turn, but we are not cooperating as they need.  I truly believe that if we did start a civil war and they then did WW III, we would be so weakened that we would lose it and they would install  Hitlery Clinton as the dictator.   I have no doubt about that.  SO, LET ME REITERATE...... "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL."  Stand tall and united and armed.  

Ebola’s Real Reason
By Jim Stone,  Freelance Reporter, Nov 4, 2014

Anti-Netanyahu mural in France, 2012. Click to enlarge
Anti-Netanyahu mural in France, 2012. Click to enlarge

“The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre” – Benjamin Netanyahoo

The above statement, as reported by Michael K. Smith is true, and it says a lot. This was stated by Benjamin Netanyahoo’s psychiatrist in 2010, in a diary that was found after Netanyahoo’s psychiatrist “committed suicide” because Netanyahoo was such a crazy psychopath it ruined the psychiatrists life. This little reported story (for obvious reasons,) is not a hoax despite what clean up teams are saying now. This is being reported as satire in some locations, but the author, who wrote the greatest story never told claims it is sourced to insider contacts, and never rescinded it. Therefore I am calling it real.
If you were curious about why Israel put so much effort into creating race specific bioweapons, Netanyahoo’s insanity is a very plausible reason. And though there are a few people out there making guesses calling his statement a hoax, an extensive search on the topic revealed nothing solid that would confirm that.

Now for the main report -

For starters, I would like to go over the obvious fakery happening in the ziopress with the Ebola crisis, fakery which is happening to trick the “racist goyim” into getting a tainted shot. This “Ebola” outbreak has yet to produce ONE INDIVIDUAL with classic hemorrhagic symptoms that Ebola causes in ALL people who get it. In all cases when people survive a true case of Ebola, the disease is so devastating that they take months to even get up and walk again. If that be the case, I’d like an explanation for the following two photos:
How did cute little NINA go ALL THE WAY through Ebola to perfect in 12 DAYS? Sure looks downtrodden with a usually fatal illness in the hospital! Doctor awful happy to hug her!.
I’ll tell you how “Ebola” could have been fatal for that girl – if someone shot her for lying. She will no doubt get her privileged place in the New World Order for fronting that scam!
And why is this scam being fronted? Here is the reason: “The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre”. And that massacre is obviously going to be delivered via a tainted vaccine in the name of a totally phony “Ebola” outbreak. There is no doubt Netanyahoo has no intentions of endangering Jewish lives with a real outbreak running loose in the wild, which is precisely why, as Nana Kwame reported “The only people getting sick with “Ebola” are those who have received injections and treatments from the Red Cross”. And with the Red Cross being a Rothschild front, that sure fits
Let’s take a look at what was likely in those shots – experimental Israeli ethnic bioweapons developed under the orders of Netanyahoo – this is serious business folks.
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
I have on several occasions reported on how bacteriophages have been selected to be re-engineered to be used in ethnic bioweapons. And though the T4 phage was later proven to me to have been first observed in 1940, it is still disturbing to see that ALL these modified bacteriophages have a star of david shape. To the left here is a new discovery, a bacteriophage virus that originally attacked only algea which now, when found in the blood of people (how could it possibly get there) causes a loss of intelligence and triggers passive, non aggressive behavior (which would be just perfect for a psychotically paranoid Netanyahoo.) Below is the most revealing part of the abstract, published October 27 of 2014:

Bacteriophages are preferable for “race specific bioweapons” because in their natural place, they are very selective in what they attack

Bacteriophages are so selective that a phage that attacks (for example) Salmonella typhimurium will not attack Salmonella typhi because salmonella typhi does not have the exact precise protein sequences needed for it to hook up with. With normal viruses, (the ones that attack people) the selectivity is nowhere near as precise, and something that infects birds will also infect us.
By using the extreme selectivity bacteriophages are capable of, Netanyahoo and his drones have produced biological weapons that know if you are black, white, blonde haired, brown eyed, blue eyed, whatever, and will only attack precisely what they have been designed to attack. And if this is not the case, HOW THE HECK do we now have a new type of phage, which once only attacked algae now attacking people and making them passive and stupid?
If this is being put into the broader population via a tainted vaccine administered under strict controls, it will explain how people are now coming down with this new brain destroying illness. Phages are also preferable for vaccine administered bioweapons because absent being shot directly into the blood stream they have far greater difficulty infecting people than viruses and bacteria that traditionally have attacked people. Perhaps this is what is in that Gardasil shot?
So in addition to attacking all people and other species, it is now possible to use phages as a weapon that only kills Arabs, Blacks, whites, Chinese, etc, and will not hit the greater Jewish population simply because unless designed to, it cannot get into people via any means other than direct injection because in nature phages are not designed to get through the body’s natural barriers to infection.

Now onto the Ebola scam, and why it is being fronted

Netenyahoo’s lunatic ravings about killing off the Goy from a high position in a technically capable country like Israel lends strong creedence to the Deagle forecast which states that America will have a 78 percent population reduction by 2025. If Netanyahoo is able to carry out his insanity via a tainted “Ebola” vaccine, that may very well come true. And they tried it before, before the psychiatrist “killed himself” when Baxter shipped a knowingly tainted batch of flu vaccine to Europe, enough to kill most of Europe off if the Czech company Biotest had not caught it:
"In Feb 2009, Baxter, a major manufacturer of vaccines, sent the seasonal flu shot to 18 different countries with live unattenuated H5N1 bird flu. When the Czech company Biotest was assigned to test the vaccine on live animals for the Czech government, they realized something was wrong when the test animals died. The alarm went out to all others who had received it, fortunately before it was administered. Upon follow up examination of the vaccine the live virus was revealed, had no one caught Baxter’s tainted batch, we would now be in the midst of a pandemic with massive numbers of dead.
Baxter was not prosecuted or punished in any way for this, even though their operational BSL3 (bio safety level 3) protocol would have stopped such contamination from being possible. The safety protocol, combined with the potency and volume of the virus in the shots clearly shows that the contamination was intentional, and that indeed an attempt to kill millions was stopped simply because ONE country paid attention to what it was getting.”
This tainted batch confirms that an attempt to “massacre the Goy” has already been made, which makes Netanyahoo’s lunatic ravings all the more spooky and probably not satire

The psychological warfare aspect of it all

A lot is being done to front the Ebola scam and give it legs, so much so that yet another “Ebola nurse” Kaci Hickox who worked for the CDC was trained in psychological warfare in 2012 before being deployed in Africa to “work Ebola”.
EIS Officers Class 2012So why would the CDC want a nurse trained in psychological warfare? perhaps because she had to, as part of her job, work to convince the victim population that despite there being no symptoms of classic “Ebola” it really was “Ebola” and not some other illness, or perhaps even just formaldehyde poisoned water or formaldehyde laced “vaccines” that were killing people.
Early on, Africans were insisting that this was not Ebola, and that something else was causing these illnesses. Who finally succeeded in shutting them up? Perhaps a girl who was trained to be good at shutting people up while fronting as a nurse. She knows it is fake, which is why she is refusing quarantine.
Now back to that Netanyahoo quote – I have tried to confirm this a hoax, but aside from people guessing and saying it has to be a hoax, there is no solid evidence out there that it is. It was not originally published as satire and was never rescinded or clarified later by the writer. Given the writer’s prominence, if it was fake one would think he would have said so after it created such an uproar. Certainly in the greater context of things, it is truly plausible Netanyahoo really is that nuts.

A few closing throw ins, in case you never saw them -

The original Eric Duncan from Liberia really did work for the Peace Corps. He really did get called back within three days of the Texas Ebola story being hatched. Shills hopped on this one, stating vehemently that Peace Corps Eric Duncan was a white guy. But photographs later surfaced with Eric Duncan as a black man attending a Peace Corps dinner, with colors themed after the Ebola psy op, and one question forever remained unanswered by the shills – HOW can TWO Eric Duncans arrive to America via plane FROM LIBERIA within the same three day time frame? It’s not like even a thousand people make that trip, how was there such a coincidence? The shillage is weak, and probabilities low. Our Illustrious Ebola Eric is a more than probable Ebola hoax as fake as Nurse Nina. She never had Ebola, simply because Eric Duncan did not have it either.
Shills totally hopped on Nana Kwame, hatching lame story after lame story about him being a failed musician from Chicago, a street punk from LA, etc and when it all boiled out, they full circled to OOPS, he really is in Ghana but he does not own the One Plus One spot. Weak. The bottom line is that Nana Kwame’s story is 100 percent legit and as stated, and the shills bit it big time with this one
Another interesting point with all of this is the girl who clearly stated on camera and in context that the man they were reporting as Doctor Spencer was not Doctor Spencer when they showed her a picture, another total bust.
And if you have not seen this youtube video – Cnn’s redacted and censored “Inside Liberia’s Ebola Crisis“ where obvious actors fake Ebola, it is a must watch, the kid at 1:00 is precious.
Bottom line? They are scamming Ebola. Israel has created some really wicked bioweapons, and Netanyahoo is likely to be crazy enough to make it all go. Only a fool would go along with the Ebola plan, it is as fake as fruit loops and the real question is: WHY are they so desperate? Ebola scares people like no other illness out there, yet they still pulled a fraud so poor only a fool would get a shot. And when one considers Netanyahoo’s mental state, which even if the statement above ends up being satire, cannot be a whole lot better anyway there is serious cause for alarm.
Originally postes on jimstonefreelance.com

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Fixing the Economy with State Owned Banks

Vatic Note: There are two methods or weapons if you wish, that could save the country.  The first is state owned banks and the second is spiritual weapons of mass destruction.  So, lets get started. She does a hesitating and stuttering good job on explaining how this would work and how it would fix the economy and why it would do so.  

But what she either intended or accidentally also did was to show why fiat currency doesn't work over the long term and that is why the fiat bankers need world wars, more than just for globalizing, but also to breath new life into a collapsed fiat currency system.

She is also right about how this is working in North Dakota and why its working.   She also highlights the very core of the problem with fiat currency institutions, which is that interest payments to Rothschild bankers and private shareholders eat up much of the tax base which would otherwise be used to fund projects and put people back to work.

She knows what she is talking about and if you can get past her halting and hesitant speech problem,  you would learn fundamentals about the fiat currency system and how it hurts a nation engaged in it.  With the state owned bank, in North Dakota, they even paid a rebate of their profits back to the state agencies that are depositors.

This is very educational, so enjoy and learn. We promised to bring solutions we find, for your consideration.  If you believe this is true, then its time to contact your state house senators and congreemen/women and demand a state bank "WITH DEBT FREE CURRENCY". 

Fixing the Economy with State Owned Banks
By Ellen Hodgson Brown


Ellen Hodgson Brown explains the rationale behind state owned banks. Due to the collapsing credit bubble which in turned popped the housing bubble, leading to recession, and perhaps, economic depression, there is not enough money and credit to keep the economy running.

 Three possible solutions are that the federal government issue debt-free money directly, that communities create alternate or community complementary currencies, or that a state create its own state owned bank, similar to the Bank of North Dakota.

For example, a state owned bank in Michigan could provide credit to the state itself for infrastructure projects, help provide the capital for local banks, so they could in turn provide low interest loans to home owners, small and medium sized businesses, and students. In addition, a state owned bank could be used to help fund state expenses during tough times by providing loans.
A major advantage of a state owned bank is that the state could borrow money from the bank at zero interest, for projects, saving between 50% and 100% of the cost of the project, since there would be no interest burden when repaying the loan.

For Michigan, California, Florida, and other states looking to solve their economic problems, the state owned bank model, and the Bank of North Dakota in particular, should be studied in depth, as such a bank could provide the credit needed within that state economy during depressions and other tough economic times. Thanks to Local Future for producing this video.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


NATO Cracks Apart: Germany, France And Ukraine Coup Leader Meet With Putin To End Fighting

Vatic Note:  I could be wrong, but I get the feeling there is trouble in paradise.  The cabal is probably having fighting at the top between factions,  OR the nukes worldwide have been neutralized.   I vote for the latter.   No war for right now, until they can get their nukes lined up and working again.  That is just speculation on my part, but this below is not for any obvious reason,  like the cabal deciding they don't want war, since they definitely need it if they want to continue extracting wealth from us and the rest of the globe.   We will have to just wait and see what is really going on. 

I just want to bring up the fact that the sun set today was huge.  I mean the size of the sun was bigger than I have ever seen it in my entire life and I am in the mountains of Colorado in early February and the temperatures are way high for this time of year.   So maybe the Twin star is here and that is why this below is happening, or it could be all three reasons together.   You listen and read and see what you think. 

NATO Cracks Apart: Germany, France And Ukraine Coup Leader Meet With Putin To End Fighting
By Admin,  Culture of Life news,  February 11, 2015

Video is live.


Breaking news from China:  Ukraine to seek “unconditional ceasefire” during Minsk talks: Poroshenko which means ‘surrender to Russia’!

‘Normandy 4′ Ukraine peace talks in Minsk LIVE UPDATES — RT News: The US is being swatted directly by allies as the major EU leaders suddenly decided to openly meet with Putin to discuss how to split apart Ukraine into two entities just like so many EU countries were split apart under similar or identical circumstances.  The present ideology of the ‘West’ is for people to form nations based entirely on religion and ethnic/race identities.  Since this is the official position and is what the Jews are using to steal Palestine from the natives, it has to apply to Russians seeking freedom from ‘alien’ fellow citizens.

The implications of these policies which were used by NATO/Bilderberg leaders was to steal stuff but is backfiring now as the EU itself is being torn to pieces by ethnic/religious factionalism fracturing the union.  I said many years ago, the EU was doomed because no confederation ever lasts very long and the concept of ‘citizenship’ should not be applied on the basis of race/religion/ethnic identity but this is what our rulers chose…to divide and conquer.

Germany and France see a widening alliance of Orthodox Christians centered around Putin’s protection.  The Greeks just elected a new President who is now negotiating with Putin to save Greece from the Catholic/Protestant Europeans.


The deal between Russia and Greece for energy systems.  Greece is Orthodox Christian.  So is Russia.  Half of Cyprus is Orthodox the other half Muslim and the island is very divided.  Rumor was, the Orthodox half wanted Russian bases.  But that is now being denied. Europe Fractures: France Pivots To Putin, Cyprus Offers Moscow Military Base, Germany-US Splinter On Ukraine has this interesting Kerry quote:

Secretary of State John Kerry (VN:  Aka Cohen) on Sunday denied any divisions between the U.S. and Europe over how to handle Russia, as Germany announced another high-level summit aimed at stemming the crisis in Ukraine.

Kerry told a security conference in Munich that he wanted to “assure everybody there is no division, there is no split” between Washington and its European allies amid the crisis in Ukraine.
Shows how delusional he is today.  He isn’t stupid.  He is smart.  But he is also very corrupt as are all our politicians in both parties both of which scrape up billions in bribes from Zionists.  Just THREE DAYS after saying that, the EU leaders ran off to Minsk to surrender to Putin.  The entire war in Ukraine was turned into a lying mess with the shooting down of the Malaysian airline which was totally blamed on Putin but months have dragged by while Ukrainian civilians have died by the hundreds while NO REPORT has been officially issued about that plane!
“We are part of a common civilization with Russia,” said Sarkozy, speaking on Saturday at the congress of the Union for a Popular Movement Party (UMP), which the former president heads.

“The interests of the Americans with the Russians are not the interests of Europe and Russia,” he said adding that “we do not want the revival of a Cold War between Europe and Russia.”

“Crimea has chosen Russia, and we cannot blame it [for doing so],” he said pointing out that “we must find the means to create a peacekeeping force to protect Russian speakers in Ukraine.”
Unlike the US, Europe can remember the last few times Russia ended up in Paris and Berlin thanks to European attacks on Russian sovereignty.  NATO has been abused as a means for fighting and attacking mainly Muslims in Asia and the Middle East as well as Africa.  It has nothing to do with Europe.

The Zionists who control our government via bribes have abused the NATO alliance to fight wars in the interests of crushing the Palestinians and protecting the despots ruling Saudi Arabia with an iron fist every bit as ugly as ISIS which is an imitation of Saudi Arabia.

Back in January, Putin Divides EU With Moscow Parade Invite, as Obama Declines …and this is the parade I wrote about earlier showing clearly how the Russian military totally supports Putin:


Our troops are committing suicide, falling apart, is demoralized after so many defeats in the teeth of victory.  Yes, the soldiers in this march are literally goose stepping.  Putin is a fascist but then, that is much preferred to being an internationalist seeking to loot one’s own home country!  Fascism rises when banker looting causes social and economic collapse.  Russia struggles with the economic warfare waged by our rulers but TIME IS ON THEIR SIDE because unlike here, they are fighting for themselves.

We are fighting for a bunch of right wing racist fascists in ISRAEL. Not for the US.  And this is why we are losing all the wars we ‘win’.  There is no basis for victory when the plan is for the people we conquer be looted and ejected from their homes and their country turned into ruins.  The reason why everyone loved us after WWII was, we rebuilt their nations, not destroyed them.

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Michael Savage: Romney Forced Out to Ensure Hilary Wins in 2016

Vatic Note: Sounds like what Romney did to Ron Paul in 2012 election primary for the GOP.  If Ron Paul would have won the nomination, the poles showed that he would have beat Obama. 

Aaah, so now we "KNOW" that the elite select our candidates for us, so the election is a farce.   What would be best is to not show up to vote.  Either give up the nation or fight for it.   Its the only choice we have any more.  There is no doubt that Mitt would have won, against Hitlary.  Mitt is part of the elite, but apparently must have some limits he would not exceed, where Hitlary has none.
Its the only reason I can think of that they would care one wit that Hitlary must be the winner.  They aren't blackmailing her, since everyone knows her chief of staff, who is a mossad agent, is also her lover.   So, what is she willing to do that Mitt would not?  That is a very big question. 

Its the damn Bilderbergs again, run by the International Bankers.  I want a photo of every single person who attended this past Bilderberg meeting.  Its time to turn the tables on these guys. We must expose every single co-conspirator that goes to those meetings and partakes of treason against their own country. 

Michael Savage: Romney Forced Out to Ensure Hilary in 2016
By Kurt Nimo,  February 6, 2015

Mitt Romney. Click to enlarge
Mitt Romney. Click to enlarge
Radio talk show host Michael Savage believes Massachusetts Republican and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney was told by the global elite to step down as the Republican presidential candidate in order to allow Democrat Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election.
“It’s very sad, but the Republican Party purged Mitt Romney for one reason. He’s announced he’s not going to run for president,” Savage writes.

According to the popular radio talk show host and author, the decision was made during the Davos meeting.
“The Bilderbergs met in Davos, and the decision was made that Hillary Clinton will be the next president,” Savage writes. “Romney was doing too well in the polls, so they threw him out. They want to make sure that another Bush – or an incompetent moron like Rubio – will be chosen to lead the Republicans, to ensure that Hillary becomes president.”

 Savage believes elections are arranged by the elite and, like a rigged horse race, the outcome is predetermined.  (VN: we have been saying that for a very long time.  But now the game is up.  Its time for Americans to decide how to handle this. Don't forget who the Israeli's work for... its Rothschild and the royal families of Europe who are selling out their own people to the bankers in return for serfdom, for the peasants,  to serve the royals as it used to be hundreds of years ago, only this time under a satanic banner so your kids will be used and abused as they wish.) 
“There are no elections in America anymore, because this selection process determines the elections,” he writes.

“Hillary will be the third administration of Obama, who was the second administration of Jimmy Carter. Otherwise Romney might have won this time. During the first debate in 2012, he wiped the floor with Obama. But they called Romney into the back room and the boys who run the world said, ‘Listen: we’re sorry but you’ve got to take a fall.’”
Hillary Clinton is shaping up to be the preferred choice of the neocon war faction of the ruling elite.

In July, The New York Times and other corporate media outlets reported that high level neocons are aligning themselves with Clinton.
“Even as they castigate Mr. Obama, the neocons may be preparing a more brazen feat: aligning themselves with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her nascent presidential campaign, in a bid to return to the driver’s seat of American foreign policy,” the newspaper reported.

 Robert Kagan, Max Boot and other neocons have sided with the Democrat Clinton primarily in response to her actions as Secretary of State, including overseeing the Libya intervention, sending arms to the so-called Syrian rebels, likening Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Hitler, and her unflagging support for Israel.
“It’s easy to imagine Mrs. Clinton’s making room for the neocons in her administration. No one could charge her with being weak on national security with the likes of Robert Kagan on board,” averred the Times.

For the ruling elite, it does not matter who is in office so long as the agenda stays firmly on track.
Obama’s assignment was to blindside liberals as he continued the war agenda of his predecessor. Due to his inexperience and the fumbling of his advisers and staff, Obama has proved to be a public relations disaster.
Despite the negative perception and the sharp criticism of Republicans, Obama has faithfully executed the prescribed agenda, including taking out Libya, making tweaks to the Syrian proxy war, and confronting Russia. On the foreign policy front, the Obama administration has stuck relatively closely to the script.

 Hillary is an ideal candidate despite her age and medical issues. The global elite will continue to push the liberal race and gender based shell game in order to fool gullible progressives and put their agenda forward.
Liberals undoubtedly prefer Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Despite her anti-Wall Street cred, Warren supports the war on terror with its interminable conflict and military interventions.
In essence, she is a kinder and gentler version of Hillary Clinton. Democrats, regardless of their rhetoric, have yet to impose substantial reforms on Wall Street, as these will not be permitted and only the illusion of change will be allowed.


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The Essene Gospel of Peace: The Early Teachings of Christ - part 2 of 3

Vatic Note:   These are very early (pre - Nicene conference writings, dated at the time of Christ and not 300 years later) teachings of Jesus Christ to the essenes who wrote everything done.   They are the ones that wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls and preserved so much after they left Jerusalem.  These writings leave you with a definite spiritual feeling once you read them.  

The Essenes left Jerusalem  to rid themselves of the pagan influences of the Greeks and the Romans, after founding a community of like minded essene worshippers, at the Dead Sea.   These teaching were apparently an extension of the 2 greatest commandments about love and the rest of the 10 commandments.  Some of the sayings in here we have heard or read many times before and were the foundation for our legal system.  

The Essene Gospel of Peace II
By Admin WMW,  April 26, 2007

Translated by Purcell Weaver and Edmond Szekely the following is considered by some to be a true account of Christ’s original teaching. Based on texts from the Vatican library and the Royal Library of the Hapsburg’s and dated to the first century AD, it contains many references to fasting, vegetarianism and angels; all of which were altered or entirely removed from Christian teaching after the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. Convened by the Emperor Constantine the Council effectively hammered out what was to become the Holy Roman Law scriptures. In the process a lot of Christianity’s original spiritual essence was edited or removed entirely to serve the more earthly agendas of the emergent Holy Roman Empire. We leave you to decide whether the following is in fact the authentic word of Christ…
“And from all temptations of your body and your spirit, coming from Satan, withdraw beneath the shadow of God’s heaven.
“Renew yourselves and fast. For I tell you truly, that Satan and his plagues may only be cast out by –fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no man. The living God shall see it and great shall be your reward. And fast till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother come and serve you.
For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing. While you fast, eschew the Sons of Men and seek our Earthly Mother’s angels, for he that seeks shall find.
“Seek the fresh air of the forest and of the fields, and there in the midst of them shall you find the angel of air. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of air to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of air may be brought within you.

 I tell you truly, the angel of air shall cast out of your body all uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And thus shall all evil-smelling and unclean things rise out of you, as the smoke of fire curls upwards and is lost in the sea of the air. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of air, who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odour.

 No man may come before the face of God, whom the angel of air lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again by air and by truth, for your body breathes the air of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit breathes the truth of the Heavenly Father.
“After the angel of air, seek the angel of water. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of water to embrace all your body. Cast yourselves wholly into his enfolding arms, and as often as you move the air with your breath, move with your body the water also.

 I tell you truly, the angel of water shall cast out of your body all uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall flow out of you, even as the uncleannesses of garments washed in water flow away and are lost in the stream of the river. I tell you truly, holy is the angel of water who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odour.

 No man may come before the face of God whom the angel of water lets not pass. in very truth, all must be born again of water and of truth, for your body bathes in the river of earthly life, and your spirit bathes in the river of life everlasting. For you receive your blood from our Earthly Mother and the truth from our Heavenly Father.
“Think not that it is sufficient that the angel of water embrace you outwards only. I tell you truly, the uncleanness within is greater by much than the uncleanness without. And he who cleanses himself without, but within remains unclean, is like to tombs that outwards are painted fair, but are within full of all manner of horrible uncleannesses and abominations. So I tell you truly, suffer the angel of water to baptize you also within, that you may become free from all your past sins, and that within likewise you may become as pure as the river’s foam sporting in the sunlight.

 Then let the water carry away from within it all the unclean and evil-smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations, and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of your body; even all the sins which abode in your body, tormenting you with all manner of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all of these. Renew your baptizing with water on every day of your fast, till the day when you see that the water  is as pure as the river’s foam.

Then betake your body to the coursing river, and there in the arms of the angel of water render thanks to the living God that he has freed you from your sins. And this holy baptizing by the angel of water is: Rebirth unto the new life. For your eyes shall henceforth see, and your ears shall hear. Sin no more, therefore, after your baptism, that the angels of air and of water may eternally abide in you and serve you evermore.
“And if afterward there remain within you aught of your past sins and uncleannesses, seek the angel of sunlight. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of sunlight to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of sunlight may be brought within you. And the angel of sunlight shall cast out of your body all evil-smelling and unclean things which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall rise from you, even as the darkness of night fades before the brightness of the rising sun.

For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of sunlight who cleans out all uncleannesses and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. None may come before the face of God, whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again of sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of the truth of the Heavenly Father.
“The angels of air and of water and of sunlight are brethren. They were given to the Son of Man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other.
“Holy, likewise, is their embrace. They are indivisible children of the Earthly Mother, so do not you put asunder those whom earth and heaven have made one. Let these three brother angels enfold you every day and let them abide with you through all your fasting.
“For I tell you truly, the power of devils, all sins and uncleannesses shall depart in haste from that body which is embraced by these three angels. As thieves flee from a deserted house at the coming of the lord of the house, one by the door, one by the window, and the third by the roof, each where he is found, and whither he is able, even so shall flee from your bodies all devils of evil, all past sins, and all uncleannesses and diseases which defiled the temple of your bodies.

When the Earthly Mother’s angels enter into your bodies, in such wise that the lords of the temple repossess it again, then shall all evil smells depart in haste by your breath and by your skin, corrupt waters by your mouth and by your skin, by your hinder and your privy parts. And all these things you shall see with your eyes and smell with your nose and touch with your hands. And when all sins and uncleannesses are gone from your body, your blood shall become as pure as our Earthly Mother’s blood and as the river’s foam sporting in the sunlight.

And your breath shall become as pure as the breath of odorous flowers; your flesh as pure as the flesh of fruits reddening upon the leaves of trees; the light of your eye as clear and bright as the brightness of the sun shining upon the blue sky. And now shall all the angels of the Earthly Mother serve you. And your breath, your blood, your flesh shall be one with the breath, the blood and the flesh of the Earthly Mother, that your spirit also may become one with the spirit of your Heavenly Father.

For truly, no one can reach the Heavenly Father unless through the Earthly Mother. Even as no newborn babe can understand the teaching of his father till his mother has suckled him, bathed him, nursed him, put him to sleep and nurtured him. While the child is yet small, his place is with his mother and he must obey his mother.

When the child is grown up, his father takes him to work at his side in the field, and the child comes back to his mother only when the hour of dinner and supper is come. And now his father teaches him, that he may become skilled in the works of his father. And when the father sees that his son understands his teaching and does his work well, he gives him all his possessions, that they may belong to his beloved son, and that his son may continue his father’s work.

 I tell you truly, happy is that son who accepts the counsel of his mother and walks therein. And a hundred times more happy is that son who accepts and walks also in the counsel of his father, for it was said to you: ‘Honour thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon this earth.’ But I say to you, Sons of Man: Honour your Earthly Mother and keep all her laws, that your days may be long on this earth, and honour your Heavenly Father that Eternal Life may be yours in the heavens.

 For the Heavenly Father is a hundred times greater than all fathers by seed and by blood, and greater is the Earthly Mother than all mothers by the body. And dearer is the Son of Man in the eyes of his Heavenly Father and of his Earthly Mother than are children in the eyes of their fathers by seed and by blood and of their mothers by the body.

And more wise are the words and laws of your Heavenly Father and of your Earthly Mother than the words and the will of all fathers by seed and by blood, and of all mothers by the body. And of more worth also is the inheritance of your Heavenly Father and of your Earthly Mother, the everlasting kingdom of earthly and heavenly life, than all the inheritances of your fathers by seed and by blood, and of your mothers by the body.
“And your true brothers are all those who do the will of your Heavenly Father and of your Earthly Mother, and not your brothers by blood. I tell you truly, that your true brothers in the will of the Heavenly Father and of the Earthly Mother will love you a thousand times more than your brothers by blood.

For since the days of Cain and Abel, when brothers by blood transgressed the will of God, there is no true brotherhood by blood. And brothers do unto brothers as do strangers. Therefore, I say to you, love your true brothers in the will of God a thousand times more than your brothers by blood.

“It is by love, that the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother and the Son of Man become one. For the spirit of the Son of Man was created from the spirit of the Heaven Father, and his body from the body of the Earthly Mother. Become, therefore, perfect as the spirit of your Heavenly Father and the body of your Earthly Mother are perfect. And so love your Heavenly Father, as he loves your spirit. And so love your Earthly Mother, as she loves your body.

And so love your true brothers, as your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother love them. And then your Heavenly Father shall give you his holy spirit, and your Earthly Mother shall give you her holy body. And then shall the Sons of Men like true brothers give love one to another, the love which they received from their Heavenly Father and from their Earthly Mother; and they shall all become comforters one of another.

And then shall disappear from the earth all evil and all sorrow, and there shall be love and joy upon earth. And then shall the earth be like the heavens, and the kingdom of God shall come. And then shall come the Son of Man in all his glory, to inherit the kingdom of God. And then shall the Sons of Men divide their divine inheritance, the kingdom of God.

For the Sons of Men live in the Heavenly Father and in the Earthly Mother, and the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother live in them. And then with the kingdom of God shall come the end of the times. For the Heavenly Father’s love gives to all life everlasting in the kingdom of God. For love is eternal. Love is stronger than death.
“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. Though I tell what is to come, and know all secrets, and all wisdom; and though I have faith strong as the storm which lifts mountains from their seat, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and give all my fire that I have received from my Father, but have not love, I am in no wise profited.

Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not envious, works not evil, knows not pride; is not rude, neither selfish; is slow to anger, imagines no mischief; rejoices not in injustice, but delights in justice. Love defends all, love believes all, love hopes all, love bears all; never exhausts itself; but as for tongues they shall cease, and, as for knowledge, it shall vanish away. For we have truth in part, and error in part, but when the fullness of perfection is come, that which is in part shall be blotted out.

When a man was a child he spoke as a child, understood as a child, thought as a child; but when he became a man he put away childish things. For now we see through a glass and through dark sayings. Now we know in part, but when we are come before the face of God, we shall not know in part, but even as we are taught by him. And now remain these three: faith and hope and love; but the greatest of these is love.
“And now I speak to you in the living tongue of the living God, through the holy spirit of our Heavenly Father. There is none yet among you that can understand all this of which I speak. He who expounds to you the scriptures speaks to you in a dead tongue of dead men, through his diseased and mortal body. Him, therefore, can all men understand, for all men are diseased and all are in death. No one sees the light of life. Blind man leads blind on the dark paths of sins, diseases and sufferings; and at the last all fall into the pit of death.
“I am sent to you by the Father, that I may make the light of life to shine before you. The light lightens itself and the darkness, but the darkness knows only itself, and knows not the light. I have still many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them yet. For your eyes are used to the darkness, and the full light of the Heavenly Father would make you blind. Therefore, you cannot yet understand that which I speak to you concerning the Heavenly Father who sent me to you.

Follow, therefore, first, only the laws of your Earthly Mother, of which I have told you. And when her angels shall have cleansed and renewed your bodies and strengthened your eyes, you will be able to bear the light of our Heavenly Father. When you can gaze on the brightness of the noonday sun with unflinching eyes, you can then look upon the blinding light of your Heavenly Father, which is a thousand times brighter than the brightness of a thousand suns.

But how should you look upon the blinding light of your Heavenly Father, when you cannot even bear the shining of the blazing sun? Believe me, the sun is as the flame of a candle beside the sun of truth of the Heavenly Father. Have but faith, therefore, and hope, and love. I tell you truly, you shall not want your reward. If you believe in my words, you believe in him who sent me, who is the lord of all, and with whom all things are possible.

 For what is impossible with men, all these things are possible with God. If you believe in the angels of the Earthly Mother and do her laws, your faith shall sustain you and you shall never see disease. Have hope also in the love of your Heavenly Father, for he who trusts in him shall never be deceived, nor shall he ever see death.

“Love one another, for God is love, and so shall his angels know that you walk in his paths. And then shall all the angels come before your face and serve you. And Satan with all sins, diseases and uncleannesses shall depart from your body. Go, eschew your sins; repent yourselves; baptize yourselves; that you may be born again and sin no more.”
Then Jesus rose. But all else remained sitting, for every man felt the power of his words. And then the full moon appeared between the breaking clouds and folded Jesus in its brightness. And sparks flew upward from his hair, and he stood among them in the moonlight, as though he hovered in the air. And no man moved, neither was the voice of any heard. And no one knew how long a time had passed, for time stood still.
Then Jesus stretched out his hands to them and said: “Peace be with you.” And so he departed, as a breath of wind sways the green of trees.
And for a long while yet the company sat still and then they woke in the silence, one man after another, like as from a long dream. But none would go, as if the words of him who had left them ever sounded in their ears. And they sat as though they listened to some wondrous music.
But at last one, as it were a little fearfully, said: “How good it is to be here.” Another: “Would that this night were everlasting.” And others: “Would that he might be with us always.” “Of a truth he is God’s messenger, for he planted hope within our hearts.” And no man wished to go home, saying: “I go not home where all is dark and joyless. Why should we go home where no one loves us?”

And they spoke on this wise, for they were almost all poor, lame, blind, maimed, beggars, homeless, despised in their wretchedness, who were only borne for pity’s sake in the houses where they found a few day’s refuge. Even certain, who had both home and family, said: “We also will stay with you.” For every man felt that the words of him who was gone bound the little company with threads invisible. And all felt that they were born again.

 They saw before them a shining world, even when the moon was hidden in the clouds. And in the hearts of all blossomed wondrous flowers of wondrous beauty, the flowers of joy.   And when the bright sunbeams appeared over the earth’s rim, they all felt that it was the sun of the coming kingdom of God. And with joyful countenances they went forth to meet God’s angels.

Extracted from The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ, C.W. Daniel Company Ltd. ISBN 0-85207-103-5

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Children Describe Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice (video)

Vatic Note:  WARNING:   if you watch this video with these children, be prepared to be horrified at what they tell us.  Its beyond anything we have ever experienced before.   THIS IS OUR NEW WORLD ORDER.  We can reclaim these children at this point, but how many are around that have not been caught and reclaimed and what does that do to their adulthood?  They then turn out like their father, who has no conscience, moral core, or humanity.

Same with all those that these children named...... teachers, policemen, etc...... We have made no secret over these many years, that the British are promoting their empire, through satanic evil demonic sexual rituals on their children.   THIS IS WHAT YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER WILL BE LIKE if we do nothing about it.   By the same token, every single World War was preceded by a revolution, RESULTING IN THE TARGET COUNTRY LOSING THAT WORLD WAR.

It appears they are doing everything they can to get us to revolt/rebel, so we will be weakened as a nation and lose WW III.   In order for that to happen, they need us to revolt and are doing everything in their power to move us into such a revolution.  This could have a dual purpose.... 
1.  To do their satanic sexual ritual abuse of children,  or/and   
2.  To try and get us to revolt/rebel,  and finally,  
3.  Do both of them.

So, here is what I say...... if the system refuses to work as it was set up to do, then we do not overthrow the government until all those in power are in jail.  If the system will not do justice, then we must, but we can do it specifically targeted to those promoting and doing these criminal acts. If the system refuses to do its duty (That is Homeland SEcurity, run by the ADL and the SPLC who are representing the Khazar Zionists who do this to their own children which has resulted in a nation of extremely sick adults abused from childhood, and is reflected obviously in the mental illnesses exhibit by the residents of that nation, including their leadership,  and there should be no way, we will accept this for our kids.)

Lets do the arresting ourselves, under citizens grand Jury, and if the Sheriff interferes, then we include him in the arrests and trials.   Its what the underground did in WW II, and they even executed those committing capital crimes. Could that be why Sheriffs depts are being armed for war by the Feds?  Is this the Feds manipulation?  If so, then contact  your sheriff directly and maybe he can turn those weapons around on the bankers.  You must reassure him he has the complete support and back up of the armed citizens of his county.

Children Describe Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice (video)
By admin,  The Truth Seeker,  February 9, 2015, Source:  Vigilant Citizen

A video posted on YouTube features two young children describing the horrifying details of the Satanic Ritual Abuse and child sacrifice they witnessed first hand.

In a deeply disturbing video posted online, a 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister describe the horrors they were forced to endure at the hands of their British father who is the leader of a Sexual Ritual Abuse cult in North London. Along with horrific gruesome details, the kids actually point out specific people and organizations who collaborate with the Satanic ring. Here it is.


A complete collection of private videos can also be found here.

As usual, some people claimed that the videos are “fake” and that the kids were “coached”. It doesn’t take an expert to notice that the kids exhibit telltale signs of honesty (notice the girl’s face of true horror at 2:18 when the boy talks about “papa”). More importantly, important facts are surfacing about the children’s toxic environment.

This case is the result of an 8-year old boy and his 9-year old sister confessing at long last the abuse they suffered by their British father who is the leader of a Sexual Ritual Abuse cult in North London. The Russian mother had a history of domestic violence with him that included 5 Police call-outs and 3 reports.

She had long noticed signs of unhappiness, sickness and stress in her children, but only when on holiday in August with them, she learned about most harrowing details as the reason
However, six days after reporting the crimes to Barnet Police on 05 September 2014, the children were taken into ‘protective custody’ and subsequently to two different foster carers. Medical examinations initiated by the Police confirmed scarring in the rectum area of both children.

The hearing of the boy is impaired due to the father’s hitting and excessive shouting. Two weeks later, the Police told her that the children retracted the allegations and that the investigation was closed. The explanation was that the children made their story up from the film “The Mask of Zorro”.
The entire British child care system is gravely compromised and reflects the mind state of the occult elite around the world. In my article on the 2012 London Olympics Ceremonies, I explained how an entire portion of the ceremonies symbolically “celebrated” the abuse of children by elite-run organizations.

During the portion celebrating the National Health Service (NHS) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), we saw terrified children in hospital beds while the theme of The Exorcist played in the background.
2012 London Olympic Ceremonies: a young girl is lifted in the air by a gigantic Lord Voldemort.
2012 London Olympic Ceremonies: a young girl is lifted in the air by a gigantic Lord Voldemort.
The celebration ended with a creepy giant baby.
2012 London Olympic Ceremony: Does the baby’s sectioned forehead represent the splitting of the personality due to abuse?
2012 London Olympic Ceremony: Does the baby’s sectioned forehead represent the splitting of the personality due to abuse?
In short, not only does this abuse take place at the highest levels of society and remains unpunished – it is actually celebrated. It is time to expose this cancerous culture to the world.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

America’s Depraved: Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet!

Vatic Note:  Oh, my, this is a good one.  I had no idea about these two, although I had a good hint about Bill, but not Dershowitz.  I am making a very short note on this one, since its all contained below along with links to other related subjects that you are welcome to visit.    As we always say, this is not a "Fast food information"  site..... so be prepared to read and digest and reread if necessary, since these types of articles and documentation,  contribute greatly to understanding that, which was not clear,  in how it affects us and our nation.

Once you read these, it does become a lot clearer "why" things happened the way they did.  Such evil is beyond most of us in comprehension.  Reading these things brings it home just how far down we have come and just how successful Satan has been in moving toward our ruination.  Only we can stop it.  No one else and its as much a spiritual battle as a physical one. A nation without morals, is doomed to fail.  That was pointed out by one of our founding fathers. That is why the satanists attack Christians all the time as history has show us.  That is why they need both Christians and Muslims gone.  So they can practice their demonic religion in peace and at our cost.

See Alan Dershowitz's defense on the News program on Utube. Its located at the end of this blog under a Vatic Note: and then you decide. 

America’s Depraved: Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet!
by Admin,  Political Velcraft, February 5, 2015

Bill Clinton took repeated trips on the “Lolita Express” — the private passenger jet owned by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein—with an actress in softcore porn movies whose name appears in Epstein’s address book under an entry for “massages,” according to flight logbooks obtained by Gawker and published today for the first time.
The logs also show that Clinton shared more than a dozen flights with a woman who federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends and acted as a “potential co-conspirator” in his crimes.
Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 in Florida to one count of soliciting underage girls for sex (and one count of adult solicitation), for which he served just over a year in county jail.
But sprawling local, state, and federal investigations into the eccentric investor’s habit of paying teen girls for “massages” — sessions during which he would allegedly penetrate girls with sex toys, demand to be masturbated, and have intercourse — turned up a massive network of victims, including 35 female minors whom federal prosecutors believed he’d sexually abused.
He has reportedly settled lawsuits from more than 30 “Jane Doe” victims since 2008; the youngest alleged victim was 12 years old at the time of her abuse.
“Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length of Time” –Patriot Charles Carroll Founding Father & U.S. Patriot Charles Carroll                                                                     The only Catholic Signer of the Declaration of Independence.
“Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length of Time”
– Founding Father Charles Carroll
Founding Father & U.S. Patriot Charles Carroll The only Catholic Signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Who is Jeffrey Epstein? Click here for our primer about the billionaire pedophile.
Epstein’s predatory past, and his now-inconvenient relationships with a Who’s Who of the Davos set, hit the front pages again earlier this month when one of his victims, Virginia Roberts, claimed in a federal court filing that Epstein recruited her as a “sex slave” at the age of 15 and “sexually trafficked [her] to politically-connected and financially-powerful people,” including Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Dershowitz.

(The latter, the filing claimed, had sex with the victim “on private planes”; Dershowitz vigorously denies the charges, as does Prince Andrew.)

dershowitz, clinton, epstein pedophile

circle jerk of trust ~ nwo satanism rite ~ dershowitz, clinton, epstein
Two female associates of Epstein—the socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein’s former assistant Sarah Kellen—have been repeatedly accused in court filings of acting as pimps for him, recruiting and grooming young girls into their network of child sex workers, and frequently participating in sex acts with them.

 Kellen in particular was believed by detectives in the Palm Beach Police Department, which was the first to start unraveling the operation, to be so deeply involved in the enterprise that they prepared a warrant for her arrest as an accessory to molestation and sex with minors.
In the end, she was never arrested or charged, and federal prosecutors granted her immunity in a 2007 non-prosecution agreement that described her as a “potential co-conspirator” in sex trafficking.
epstein pedophile

Maxwell, the daughter of the late media mogul Robert Maxwell, has been accused by Roberts of photographing Epstein’s victims “in sexually explicit poses and [keeping] the child pornography on her computer,” and “engag[ing] in lesbian sex with the underage females she procured for Epstein.” She has denied the allegations in the past.
andrew clinton epstein pedophile
Clinton shared Epstein’s plane with Kellen and Maxwell on at least 11 flights in 2002 and 2003—before any of the allegations against them became public—according to the pilots’ logbooks, which have surfaced in civil litigation surrounding Epstein’s crimes.

In January 2002, for instance, Clinton, his aide Doug Band, and Clinton’s Secret Service detail are listed on a flight from Japan to Hong Kong with Epstein, Maxwell, Kellen, and two women described only as “Janice” and “Jessica.”

epstein pedophile

One month later, records show, Clinton hopped a ride from Miami to Westchester on a flight that also included Epstein, Maxwell, Kellen, and a woman described only as “one female.”

perversions partners ~ jeffrey epstein alan dershowitz
perversions partners ~ jeffrey epstein alan dershowitz

In 2002, as New York has reported, Clinton recruited Epstein to make his plane available for a week-long anti-poverty and anti-AIDS tour of Africa with Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, billionaire creep Ron Burkle, Clinton confidant Gayle Smith (who now serves on Barack Obama’s National Security Council), and others.
The logs from that trip show that Maxwell, Kellen, and a woman named Chauntae Davis joined the entourage for five days.
That last name—Chauntae Davies—shows up elsewhere in papers unearthed by the various investigations into Epstein’s sex ring: his little black book.
Davies is one of 27 women listed in the book under an entry for “Massage- California,” one of six lists of massage girls Epstein kept in various locales, with a total of 160 names around the globe, many of them underage victims.

Dershowitz pedophile

Today, Davies is an actress with credits including HBO’s Enlightened. In 2002, she was 23. According to her IMDB profile, in addition to her apparent massage work for Epstein, she landed a role that year as a “lingerie model” in Exposed, a movie produced by a softcore porn company called MRG Entertainment.
Chauntae Davies
Chauntae Davies

(Other MRG films include Deviant Desires and Carnal Confessions; the company has since been purchased by Larry Flynt.

Exposed, appropriately enough, was directed by a pseudonymous auteur who went by the name of Clinton J. Williams.)
Davies’s role in Clinton’s flying AIDS-prevention circus isn’t clear, and though her LinkedIn page claims a certificate in Swedish massage, there is no evidence that she ever actually treated Epstein to one.
Reached via e-mail, she said only, “I really am not interested in being slandered in the media for having known this person a time ago. Some of the things being said are not things I have information on.”
Clinton’s office did not respond to an inquiry. Kellen and Maxwell did not return messages.
Other prominent figures whose names appear in the logs, which document globe-spanning flights on Epstein’s planes during various periods from 1997 to 2005, include Dershowitz, former Treasury Secretary and Harvard president Larry Summers, Naomi Campbell, and scientist Stephen Pinker.

Rothschild Czar Jabba Larry Summers
Rothschild Czar Jabba Larry Summers
The logs also cast doubt on public statements made by Dershowitz, who has been vigorously downplaying his relationship with Epstein since Roberts levied her accusations against him.
Dershowitz has attempted to paint himself as a mere passing acquaintance of Epstein, suggesting to the American Lawyer last week that he only began hanging around the billionaire to fundraise for his school, Harvard.
Q. From what I’ve read, your relationship with Epstein seemed chummy. You socialized with him and you and your family stayed at his various homes. Isn’t it a bad idea for a lawyer to be so close to a notorious client?
A. Let me tell you how I met him. I was introduced to him by red flag gifLady de Rothschild red flag gifas an academic colleague.
academic colleague??
why gif
He was friendly with Larry Summers… He was in the process of contributing $50 million to Harvard for evolutionary biology.
  • Evolutionism Is Unable To Become A Validated Theory As It Cannot Breach The Second Law Of Thermodynamics Nor Informational Entropy.
Epstein did indeed pledge a substantial donation to Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, though it was $30 million, not $50 million. The first installment of $6.5 million was announced in 2003.
And Epstein was indeed friendly with Summers, who assumed the mantle of president at Harvard in July 2001.
The clear implication of Dershowitz’s answer is that he didn’t start hanging out with Epstein until it was in his interest to, because Epstein was the boss’ friend and was donating money to his university.
What’s more, Dershowitz told the American Lawyer, he is loyal to his wife, who is always by his side:
“I’ve been married to the same woman for 28 years. She goes with me everywhere. People know that I won’t argue a case or give a speech unless my wife travels with me. This is not the profile of someone who screws around.”
Sure tell that to Petraeus, Clinton, Gore, Edwards etc etc
But according to the flight logs, Dershowitz was close enough to Epstein to have accompanied him on a flight from Palm Beach to New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport as early as December 1997. On that flight, the pair was accompanied by a number of people, including one unidentified “female,” a “Hazel,” a “Claire,” and Maxwell.
The logs also show Dershowitz on a flight with Epstein from Bedford, Mass., to Teterboro in October 1998, and a flight from Teterboro to Martha’s Vineyard in 1999. And a 2005 trip from Massachusetts to Montreal shows him traveling with Epstein, “Tatianna,” and others.
One things the logs don’t show: Dershowitz’s wife traveling with him.
Billy & Hilly married as of 2/2015 for about 40 years.
Billy & Hilly married as of 2/2015 for about 40 years.
Clinton’s Wife Hillary
Hillary & Lesbian Playmate Huma Abedin aka; Muslim Brotherhood affiliation.
Hillary & Lesbian Playmate Huma Abedin aka; Muslim Brotherhood affiliation.
In an interview with Gawker, Dershowitz repeated his emphatic denials of ever having sexual contact with any underaged girls, and acknowledged that he first met Epstein way back in 1997.
“It was just before [Epstein confidant] Les Wexner’s 60th birthday,” Dershowitz said. “My first substantive contact with him was to fly with him to Les Wexner’s house to attend dinner with Shimon Peres and John Glenn.”
Victoria’s Secret
Here’s a story behind a story. The British papers and their extensions in the United States,…
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As for who else was on those flights, Dershowitz couldn’t recall. Hazel? “I don’t know.” Claire? “I have no idea.” Tatianna? “I think that was a woman in her 20s who was Epstein’s girlfriend, but I never flew with her.” The unidentified female? “That could have been my mother.”
As for why his ever-present wife didn’t appear in the flight logs by his side, Dershowitz said that she did accompany him on several Epstein-sponsored trips that don’t show up in the logs obtained by Gawker.
(It is also possible that the logs, which pilots generally keep primarily to record hours of flight time, could also be incomplete or inaccurate as to the passengers.) “She travels with me all over. On occasion, she’s working or travels separately. I travel with her almost all the time, not all the time.”
One thing is for sure, though:
“I have a very clear, unequivocal recollection that I was never on a plane with any young women, period.”
Billy Clinton Impeached For Lying!
In the same American Lawyer interview, Dershowitz claimed that his relationship with Epstein was
“entirely professional,” and that allegations that the two were “chummy” were “a total bum rap.”
Contrast that with his testimonials to Vanity Fair in a 2003, pre-pedophilia profile of Epstein:
The Talented Mr. Epstein:
Lately, Jeffrey Epstein’s high-flying style has been drawing oohs and aahs: the bachelor financier…
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• “Alan Dershowitz says that, as he was getting to know Epstein, his wife asked him if he would still be close to him if Epstein suddenly filed for bankruptcy. Dershowitz says he replied, ‘Absolutely. I would be as interested in him as a friend if we had hamburgers on the boardwalk in Coney Island and talked about his ideas.'”
Remember this from above? chummy was a scary word for ole zionist Dershowitz.
“entirely professional,” and that allegations that the two were “chummy” were “a total bum rap.”
• Dershowitz also said of Epstein: “I’m on my 20th book. . . . The only person outside my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.”
[Sounds pretty chummy to me Alan, unless it depends upon a different interpretation of what the word chummy (could be) or (IS) in legalese eh?]
Asked how those comments tracked with his more recent portrayal of his relationship with Epstein, Dershowitz said simply:
“He was a friend with whom I talked about ideas. We never discussed women or his social life.”
If Dershowitz was a good friend to Epstein, he was a better lawyer.
Along with a dream team of attorneys that included Gerald Lefcourt, Roy Black, and Ken Starr, he was successful in getting federal investigators not to charge Epstein with moving his victims across state lines and other associated crimes.
You need to report? Go Here!
You need to report? Go Here!
The federal non-prosecution agreement Epstein’s legal team negotiated with the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida immunized all named and unnamed “potential co-conspirators” in Epstein’s child trafficking network, which includes those who allegedly procured minors for Epstein and also any power-brokers who may have molested them.
Although Dershowitz wasn’t a signatory to the plea agreement, the latest filings in Roberts’s case against Epstein accuse Dershowitz of essentially negotiating his own immunity:
Dershowitz would later play a significant role in negotiating the NPA on Epstein’s behalf.
Indeed, Dershowitz helped negotiate an agreement that provided immunity from federal prosecution in the Southern District of Florida not only to Epstein, but also to “any potential co-conspirators of Epstein”. . . .
Thus, Dershowitz helped negotiate an agreement with a provision that provided protection for himself against criminal prosecution in Florida for sexually abusing Jane Doe #3.
[Alan Alan Alan]
Dershowitz says the self-immunity accusation is preposterous, and that while he negotiated its broad outlines, he never read the agreement and wasn’t involved in drafting the language.

Besides, he says, “If I had had sex with Virginia Roberts, which I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a co-conspirator, I’d be a perpetrator,” and thus not immune under the agreement, he told Gawker.
“I did not know this woman, I did not touch this woman, and the entire story is made up out of whole cloth.”
Dershowitz has pledged to seek disbarment of Roberts’s attorneys, which include the respected former federal judge Paul Cassell, telling the American Lawyer:
“Either [Cassell] will be disbarred or I will be. And if I knowingly had sex with a sex slave then I would deserve disbarment.”
Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Sex Jet

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Correction: Due to an editing error, this post originally confused Bedford, Mass., with Bedminster, Mass.

Nick Bryant is the author of The Franklin Scandal, the true story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful, and the co-author of Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail, which will be published in March.
Additional reporting by J.K. Trotter and Natasha Vargas-Cooper. 

 VATIC NOTE:  To be fair,  I am publishing a video interview with Dershowitz, in defense of himself.   That way you can see both sides and decide.


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