Hail Caesar! Queen Gives Marching, Orders To The UN

Vatic Note: Remember, we said a while back when we did all those research projects on the queen and her family that are not of royal blood and they are not English. They are Germans and Khazars. Well, she is sabbatean and Diana was right, she is not human. She is a rothschild by her grandmother, Victoria. Prince Albert was a full fledge gay man and would not sire children, so Nate Rothschild took up those duties for him and now the offspring are rothschilds. That explains how the Rothschilds control the city of london and own the bank of England and the queen has to wait at the city limits to enter with the mayor escorting her into the city. Rothschild is king in that city. I have always believed she was involved in all this because of her wanting this nation back under British rule. Now she has it as she showed up twice now, once under Bush Jr and now under Obama. BTW, the UN is as toothles and controlled by these Luciferians as Obama and Bush were.

Hail Caesar! Queen Gives Marching
Orders To The UN
By Joan M. Veon, Rense.com

Regarding the queens speech to the United Nations, we were told by the British Mission to the United Nations that the queen "Will be taking a global perspective. She will touch on progress made since she was last here and challenges that remain."

For a woman who says she is not head of any country-only titular head of state of 16 countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand and the nominal representative of 54 governments in the British Commonwealth, who is fooling who? Why should the people of the world listen to a little old lady from Britain? The answer is because her hereditary demands it.

The visit by the queen, which was billed as low key-a five hour visit-was designed to get the global agenda of sustainable development and climate control back on track and to make a statement. Nothing the queen does is low key as every visit, and every word has a meaning and a goal for total control.

First let's take a look at the queen herself. According to Who Owns the World by Kevin Cahill, the queen is the legal owner of 6,600 million acres of land that equals one sixth of the earth's non-ocean surface. She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries and who owns countries that re not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies-like Norway, Belgium, and Denmark, where no such claim is made. The value of her holdings is approximately $33T, more than the estimated value of all of the earth's natural resources which is estimated to be $25T.

GASLAND Trailer 2010

GASLAND Trailer 2010

May 05, 2010

GASLAND - (2010) Directed by Josh Fox. Winner of Special Jury Prize - Best US Documentary Feature - Sundance 2010. Screening at Cannes 2010.  (VN: this is a MUST SEE video, and I can understand why it won the awards it did. This is suicide if we allow this to continue, that is what it is.)

Sobering film about our water and survival as a species. That could be true for all mammals.

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The Collapse Is Upon Us (Now we need solutions)

Vatic Note: When you get through reading this, you will see the time is too late to "go back", but its not to late to go forward. How? We are not the know it alls on how, but we can begin the dialogue that MUST TAKE PLACE BETWEEN US. First we must begin NOW, RIGHT NOW, creating commnities within our communities to work together in all things to take back what is ours and begin at the local level. Here are some suggestions to begin the dialogue that we have included after this article and would appreciate your reviewing them and commenting so we can put these up on the Strategy and tactics board above here. Once you watch this video and read this article afterwards, you will see why you need to view the solutions or simply lay down and die.

The Collapse Is Upon Us
crabbydogtrix ,  Provided to Vatic Project by Anonymous
July 09, 2010
More NEWS at http://www.wideawakenews.com/

The Real truth about UFO's and ET's - Robert Dean "Extremely Important" Please Share

Vatic Note: This is being presented now because of the research we did on the Majestic 12 paper written by Bill Cooper. Please remember, Bill Cooper was killed/assassinated for what he was disclosing on a lot of levels.  Please revisit that document again that was written in 1987, well before anyone took this subject seriously including yours truely. Like these two men, he was also in top secret intel services with clearance and he saw these documents he talks about both in the Majestic 12 article, but similar also to these men. KEEP IN MIND, HOWEVER, IN READING MAJESTIC 12, THE GAME THAT IS PLANNED FOR GLOBALIZING USING THIS INFORMATION IN A REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY PATTERN.  Its important to know the difference between those that are real and those that are made up to create the globe fascist new world order.  That is going to be the real trick.

Given the level of technological advancement we have experienced, it would not suprise me if this all were true and especially since none of it has been shared with the general public and much of the space jobs are now turned over from NASA to the military and classified as "Top Secret" missions. We are still in the process of researching that military space program and will get it up as soon as we are done. See if any of it would fit with a dual purpose such as protecting themselves (elite) and the other being to control them, defeat them, or in some manner profit from them. I wish to thank VK. Durnham for this presentation. It was forwarded to me by another subscriber so I have put it up second hand from her offering.

The Real truth about UFO's and ET's - Robert Dean "Extremely Important" Please Share
provided to Vatic Project by VK Durnham, through jazzycat, USA
June 27, 2010

Truly a remarkable person to come forward

"The truth is not for all men and women, but only for those who seek it. "
Ayn Rand


Video: Wayne Madsen – The Military Occupation of The Gulf Coast States has Begun!

Video: Wayne Madsen – The Military Occupation of The Gulf Coast States has Begun!

Posted by sakerfa on July 7, 2010, Alex Jones interview with Madsen

Alex also talks with Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist, author, columnist, and U.S. Navy veteran Wayne Madsen.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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Bilderberg Breaker Estulin: US builds 13 secret bases for war with Russia

Vatic Note: When you listen to this interview carefully, (and I had to listen twice because he is so good,  and there is so much, so go back and replay it again,)  you will find that it explains so much that was unconnected and pieces now fit from his description of all of this.  Remember also who the Bilderberg is,  ROYALTY OF EUROPE, NETHERLANDS, DENMARK, ENGLAND, SPAIN ETC and the ROTHSCHILD 13 FAMILIES that Rothschild put together back in the late 1700's early 1800's just prior to writing the "PROTOCOLS OF ZIONS" as a guide to their agenda of Global Domination.  The sons and grandsons have continued the combined work of the original 13 families.

Estulin knows what he is talking about. I got ahold of copies of real documents from the very first think tank paper the bilderbergs had done up and it was about creating a New World Order and it was presented to the body back in 1955, so that was the first time the concept had been reduced to paper. Since then all actions globally had been moving toward that objective. He really does know what he is talking about. Listen to this because it is the whole agenda of these various actions they have done since then. Its the best interview and explanation of it all on a macro level.  Please know and understand, America is being "used" to finance this global domination by the international bankers, and life and blood donations  of our children as fodder for these wars of "profit and greed", that is why they treat our soldiers like so much dead meat and give them nothing once they are unproductive to their agenda,  they move on to the next body and that will become true once they run out of our children,  for all commonwealth countries under the ROTHSCHILD CONTROLLED MONARCHY of Britian.  The Russian leadership is in on this game because Putin is royalty of Russia and as payment he will be restored to that position along with the rest of the globes royalty.  That is why he is selling out his own people who are more like we are than our own pond scum robber barons are.  Estulin describes why the Russian "People" could not be brought into their fold like Europeans and others in the third world.  Its an interesting insight.

Bilderberg Breaker Estulin: US builds 13 secret bases for war with Russia
July 06, 2010

The Bilderberg Group is one of the most secretive and exclusive clubs that attracts world's most powerful people. Its meetings are invitation only and take place under tight security, away from the prying eyes of the public and the press.

Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, who has made it his mission to uncover the secrets of the Bilderberg Group, has shared some of his revelations with RT. He claims the group makes decisions on international policy in a way far removed from democracy.

He said they are destroying the nation state and cultures in order to achieve their agenda and its intentional. They even discussed illegal immigration. Its an excellent interview

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Magnetic Nanoparticles Can Remotely Control Worms

Magnetic Nanoparticles Can Remotely Control Worms
By Jess McNally
July 7, 2010

Live Remote Controlled Worms

By attaching magnetic nanoparticles to cell membranes near the "mouth" of the worms, scientists can heat the cells remotely thus affecting their behavior. (VN: what does that suggest for us? Remember an article Vatic did about the nano particles that can now manipulate our DNA. If that is the case, imagine what it can do to our brains. hmmm. I wish I trusted those in control of this technology, but I don't. If they begin to experiment on us without our permission, get the name of the unethical scientist or doctor who did that to you and we can discuss later what to do about it that will send a good message to all those willing to participate in these evils upon our bodies and minds)


Using magnetic nanoparticles, scientists have found a way to remotely control neurons and affect animal behavior.  The nanoparticles, which are targeted to attach to cell membranes, heat up when exposed to a magnetic field. Researchers have demonstrated that the heat can open calcium ion channels in cells, activate neurons and even cause C. elegans worms to recoil, according to a paper released in Nature Nanotechnology June 27.

“This research will help us unravel the signaling networks that control animal behavior,” physicist Arnd Pralle of the University of Buffalo, co-author of the study, said in a press release July 6.

The work could also have applications in cancer treatments and diabetes therapies. If the nanoparticles can be targeted to specific proteins or cells, it may be possible to kill cancer cells by overheating the cell wall, or to stimulate the pancreatic cells to release insulin. The method only affects cell walls, so patients wouldn’t actually feel the heat.

“It would take forever to heat up [a] whole cell since it is cooled so well by all the water around it,” Pralle said.  One of the major questions for using the technique in human applications is where the heat-sensitive ion channels are in the body. In the C. elegans worms, the researchers were able to target known ion channels that opened up at 93 degrees Fahrenheit, which caused the recoil response.

In humans, similar ion channels in fingers open up at 122 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what causes our fingers to jump back when we touch something too hot, but little is known about other places where this happens in the body.

See Also (go to article link for live links for these subjects, well worth the read):
Metal Bits Self-Assemble Into Lifelike Snakes
Brain-Machine Interfaces Make for Tricky Ethics
Panel Releases Deep Report on Brain-Computer Interfaces
Laser-Controlled Humans Closer to Reality
The Next Hacking Frontier: Your Brain?

Read More http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/07/magnetic-nanoparticles-can-remotely-control-worms/#ixzz0tD1bGmTw

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David Icke on Alex Jones TV: Humanity’s Last Chance

Vatic Note: While I am somewhat neutral about David Icke, he is certainly good when he does his homework and I saw that when we were researching pedophilia and Satanism and high levels of government. One of the parts we did on that series, included his research and work he had put together and that took us down a rabbit hole in Britian with their royalty and elite that I had no idea existed. Well, the same is proving true with this interview of him. Its excellent and one of the best explanations for illegal immigration from third world countries that I had ever heard. After the research I also did on Bill Cooper, I am not as suspicious of David's reptoids either anymore. Need more research on that, but for now, Icke has certainly proven his abilities to grasp the very big picture and in fact, his assessment shows there is some encouraging aspects to this that may aid us in overcoming this agenda. Anyway, believe me when I say, its well worth the listen. VIDEO 4, DAVID TELLS US WHAT WE CAN DO.  He says ONLY 6,000 OF THESE PEOPLE CONTROL 4 BILLION AND that means we can take them down.  HE TELLS US HOW.  PLEASE WATCH VIDEO 4 AND DON'T SKIP IT AFTER WATCHING THE FIRST THREE. 

David Icke on Alex Jones TV: Humanity’s Last Chance
July 8, 2010

Alex talks with writer, public speaker, and former well-known BBC television sports presenter David Icke.

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CNN: Gulf seafood NOT tested for BP’s Corexit or any other oil spill dispersants

Vatic Note:  Keep in mind that Both CNN, Wolf Blitzer, and Sanya Gupta all work for the zionist bankers who own them all.   So, if they are saying its not been tested for Corexit,  it means they don't want you to eat fish and then to realize there is nothing left for you there and to move out so they can get your land for pennies on the dollars for their mega resorts like they are doing in Haiti and they did in Katrina.   Because we can't trust them, then maybe you can take some random fish and go hve them tested by a lab and bring a copy of the ingredient in the corexit.   Once tested and you have results, then you are making an educated guess as to whether you will eat the fish or not. 

CNN: Gulf seafood NOT tested for BP’s Corexit or any other oil spill dispersants


July 8, 2010 by Alex, The Intel Hub, and Before its News

So now we know. The Gulf of Mexico seafood being caught right now is NOT BEING TESTED for the dispersant Corexit 9500. Watch this video of Sanjay Gupta telling Wolf Blitzer on CNN that the food is being tested for Hydrocarbons but NOT FOR COREXIT 9500!!! This should be a RED ALERT event for EVERYONE in America right now; the government IS NOT TESTING SEAFOOD TO BE SOLD IN STORES FOR THE PRESENCE OF THE HIGHLY TOXIC COREXIT 9500!


6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

Vatic Note:  Well, this is a good example  of the better side of Fascism. BP running our government was an experiment and we passed for the bad guys, and not for the good guys.   This isn't as bad as its going to get, they apparently are just trying it on for size, now tasering an 84 year old grandmother in a wheelchair is the real side of fascism.  Good luck all those who do not want to bother stopping all this.   This poisoning is intentional and this is a crime that IS on the books.  

6'4" Cop Bullies 4'11" Videographer as She Videos a BP Worker Taken Away in Ambulance

Contributed by BARRACUDA (Reporter), Beforeitsnews
Thursday, July 08, 2010 5:47
View: Reporter's biography

(Addition Vatic Note)  I hate to keep saying this  "PAY ATTENTION TO THE TAR BALLS ON THE BEACH".   This is not the oil blowout they say it is, its the JUSTIFICATION for killing us with the chemicals they dumped before the blow and the corexit after the blowout, totalling 1,550,000 gallons of toxic life killing chemicals.  Why? and where are those tar balls coming from???  The carefully controlled release valve BP inserted into the side of the volcano????  Just asking.    Remember that is the only place you can get tar oil.   Its also has the oil eating bacteria as well.   They are doing this to destroy the gulf on purpose and human life.  Nothing so far has disabused us of our original belief and early source delivery of inside information that this is a false flag and BP is fully under control of it.  Now, we need to prosecute and thus find out the truth by getting someone down there to verify it.


When will we decide we have had enough????

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BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Toxic Release Just Before Gulf Blowout

Vatic Note:  What?  They are not in jail yet???  What is holding things up?  The rule of Law is the first victim in a globalizing Fascist New World Order.   This is evidence of exactly what it would be like to live at the whim of these people.  Guard your children, your organs and your wallet.  Currentlly there is no rule of law, so Americans have to start thinking about what to use as a substitute.   Think on it,  an underground, a resistance movement,  what??   Any creative ideas would be welcome. 

BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Toxic Release Just Before Gulf Blowout
by Ryan Knutson, Provided to Vatic Project by Fernwood, USA
ProPublica, July 2, 10:30 p.m.

This story is part of an ongoing collaboration between ProPublica and FRONTLINE (PBS).

TEXAS CITY, TEXAS -- Two weeks before the blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, the huge, trouble-plagued BP refinery [1] in this coastal town spewed tens of thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals into the skies.

The release from the BP facility here began April 6 and lasted 40 days [2]. It stemmed from the company's decision to keep producing and selling gasoline while it attempted repairs on a key piece of equipment, according to BP officials and Texas regulators.

BP says it failed to detect the extent of the emissions for several weeks. It discovered the scope of the problem only after analyzing data from a monitor that measures emissions from a flare 300 feet above the ground that was supposed to incinerate the toxic chemicals.

The company now estimates that 538,000 pounds of chemicals escaped from the refinery while it was replacing the equipment. These included 17,000 pounds of benzene, a known carcinogen; 37,000 pounds of nitrogen oxides, which contribute to respiratory problems; and 186,000 pounds of carbon monoxide.

US warships headed to Costa Rica

Vatic Note: Lets look at what is in Costa Rica that would require a US Naval military presence there since Costa Rica has no military and is no threat to anyone and also a good ally to the US. Thousands of VERY WEALTHY AMERICAN EMIGRES who moved there when they saw the writing on the wall in America, that is probably why they are going there. Lawyers, wealthy businessmen, wealthy retired millionaires etc. What are taxpayers in the states doing supporting those who chose to run from their obligation to their nation and its people??? The taxpayer has chosen to stay and fight for what is right on principle and integrity, yet we send war ships at billions of dollars a week of our money to protect those so greedy they could only think about themselves, and not their country? Yes, isn't that what we have become? Narcissistic with no moral foundation or principles that we would be willing to sacrifice our material God for? Since we are going to be doing a third world war with Israel, Russia and China as cosponsors of the war through the international bankers, and we are the designated losers, then why should we pay for their potection, since our government owned by the wealthy, found it imperative to protect their wealthy American friends in Costa Rica from the Venezuelan gov who will be an ally of Russia and allow their subs and fleet to station themselves in Venezuela and possibly Ecuador. There is probably as much gold and silver in Costa Rica in the hands of the American wealthy who moved there to avoid what was coming, and thus would make a good target for confiscation by criminal cabal that operates south of us. Either that or simply to use Taxpayer money to protect the wealthy now non taxpaying Americans living there, Bush's buddies. I find the disloyalty to their country and self serving self interest to probably be ironic since they may actually get hit before we do here. Maybe there is justice after all.

US warships headed to Costa Rica
By Peter Krupa
Published: July 3, 2010, Latin American Daily


Militaryless, democratic, non-conflict-having Costa Rica is the new front in the United States’ War on Inanimate Objects. The country’s national assembly has given the OK for a veritable US invasion force to enter Costa Rican territory:  7,000 marines on 46 warships, including the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship the USS Makin Island, pictured.

La Nación quotes a document from the US Embassy that states that, “The US personnel in Costa Rica will be able to enjoy freedom of movement and the right to carry out the activities that they consider necessary to complete their mission.” Well isn’t that just permissively vague.

The legislation says the mission has to do with fighting drug traffickers, as well as a few humanitarian goals, though the humanitarian use of a Harrier jet is still somewhat unclear.   (VN:  Fight Drug Traffickers?  You mean the ones that work for the CIA/Mossad??? The same ones Obama sent swat teams to the rigs to protect those drug traffickers cocaine stashes on the rigs???  LOL  what a laugh, and the Harrier Jet is for the "humanitarian protection" of the elite ruling class in Costa Rica waiting for the attack against us to be over, then they can come back and rape the nations naked body again, that got us here in the first place)

On a casual note, I would point out again that for all the Costa Rican smugness about not having an army, they do a pretty good job of borrowing one when they need it. On a more serious note, because this is bound to be extremely politically unpopular domestically, the government must have a damn good reason for inviting all this firepower in from up north.

'US agrees to nuclear cooperation'

Vatic Note:  I can't emphasize this enough.  We have to imagine what this is going to be like to have Israel, with no sense of obligation to its global community, no concept of a civilized response to anything or to the treatment of its "subjects" and we have seen with our own eyes, the horrors that have been visited on the Palestinian people. Anyone who can slaughter helpless exotic animals in a Zoo is missing a few marbles.   We saw their cowardly act of execution of unarmed aid workers from behind while the victims were on their knees for heavens sake.  That is not the way I want to die, how about you?

Then we have to realize and understand the hatred and disdain these leaders and their Zionist Satanic brothers have for "goyims" and "arabs", be they Jews,  muslims or Christians, and put them all together, and you will be clear about what this means  on a visceral level.   This is the most dangerous act Obama could possibly perform in his seat of office.  This will most undoubtedly assure the demise of this globe as we know it. 
We cannot imagine the dark ages this will bring in under their rule and leadership because we have a void in world leadership right now,  they will fill that gap and we will be cattle, branded, our DNA messed with to create the unthinking animal robots and beasts of burden they want us to become for their own use with no complaining, that is why Eugenics is so dangerous.  etc etc.   We have published enough proof of all of this on here to back up these claims, so decisions on our part of critical now.   Do we allow this to go forward or not?  What would make them reconsider??? 

We must start thinking outside the box.  IF, WE THE PEOPLE, NOT OUR LEADERS BUT US, IF WE PROMISE ISRAEL THAT IF THEY ATTACK IRAN AND START A THIRD WORLD WAR AND DO A FALSE FLAG NUKE ATTACK ON US, THEN WE WILL BEGIN TO FIGHT BACK RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN BACK YARD AND NO ZIONIST IN OUR PRESENCE WILL BE SAFE ANYWHERE.  And we have to mean it too.  We must send some kind of warning about our choices,  remember what they did to 100,000 sepharic Jewish children.  If they can do that to their own, imagine what they can do to us.  They must know that we consider them the enemy and no one else.   Its our only chance at this stage of the game. They use fear to manipulate because it works on them.  So they believe it will work on us.    If you disagree, please do a comment below with your suggestions, believe me we will listen to any viable option that addresses their complete disdain for the goyim.   Here is a reminder in case you forgot.  Remember their depopulation program is only for the "control" they need over us.  We are too many and thus a threat to their plans and agenda.

"Our race if the master race.  We Jews are the divine gods on this planet.  We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.  In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best.  Other races are considered human excrement.  Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races.   Our Earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a "rod of iron" (VN:  Can you imagine what that means given the rest of this quote?) The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves. "
- Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister to New Statesman magazine on June 25, 1982

'US agrees to nuclear cooperation'
07/07/2010 11:08

The US sent Israel a secret letter, in which it committed to nuclear cooperation between the two states, Army Radio reported on Wednesday. (VN:  That is like giving a psychopath the keys to the entire globe to control, use and abuse like they do their own citizens.  Remember, they do organ harvesting among their own people and pedophilia is not only approved but encouraged by their own Talmud, and this is who we are going to give the keys to them for ownership of the world?? We are way more insane than I even imagined)

In the letter, the US reportedly promises to sell Israel materials used to produce electricity, as well as technology and other supplies, despite the fact that Israel did not sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Because Israel never signed the NPT, other countries have refused to cooperate with Israel on nuclear matters, making it difficult to produce energy.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Owns Over 7 Million Shares of BP

Vatic Note:  Well, well, if this doesn't seal the "depopulation" agenda for the gulf with the corexit, I don't know what does.  Bill Gates is a huge funder and supporter of Eugenics and depopulation of the planet.  We have written about that on Vatic Project a couple of times and now we find out his foundation owns over 7 million shares of BP stock.    Apparently the poisonous release of the toxins into the Gulf began way before the blowout and we will have something up here today about that, I believe it was over 500,000 gallons of various toxins they dumped before the Laser space weapon blow out done by our military.  Well, you know what he looks like, right???  You know what his wife looks like also, right?  Look at that face and we can understand why he wants to manipulate our DNA.   LOL Don't forget to watch the video below.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Owns Over 7 Million Shares of BP Dr. Roy Schestowitz
Summary: How Bill Gates and Microsoft help harm the environment while publicly claiming to do the very opposite (for PR purposes)

LAST week we urged people to pressure or petition the Gates Foundation to stop investing in BP. This week we find some figures about the amounts of money the Gates Foundation invests in BP. The following new article gives away the number of shares, which we didn’t quite know at the time.

Imagine my surprise in learning that The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation owns over 7 million shares of BP – equivalent to roughly 0.25% of the common stock.

Just to emphasise an important point, the Gates Foundation invests in some other oil companies. Investments of the Gates Foundation range from anything like alcohol to other drugs. Greenpeace is still under the illusion that Gates actually fights against emissions. They confuse PR with reality and this new post is just embarrassing. Here is the part about Microsoft, which is burning up energy just like Gates with his private jet/s and mansion:


Seattle-area veteran’s suicide reflects troubling trend

Vatic Note:  What an inappropriate Title to an article like this one.  PLEASE, get this one around all over the country!  Its an obscenity and an outrage.  You cannot read this thing and not be both deeply affected by what this man went through and deeply outraged at the treatment these soldiers get for punishment,  its exactly like satanic ritual abuse.  This is obscene, barbaric,  inhumane and downright criminal.   If you can read this and not see that its time for us to take a stand no matter what,  then we are truly lost and deserve to go down.  Sorry but that is how I would see it if we are so desensitized to these kinds of inhumanity. WE ARE NOT ISRAEL AND WE NEVER WILL BE....  No wonder he did what he did.   Is this treatment intentional?  Are they trying to literally destroy our military in this manner???  If so, its time to begin at the top and do what needs to be done there.  They are damn lucky these soldiers are not fragging their officers who appear to be more of an enemy than the enemy they were sent to fight.  How ironic, this just came up on the vatic Quotes and it couldn't be more appropriate:

"The best rulers are scarcely known by their subjects;
The next best are loved and praised;
The next are feared;
The next despised:
They have no faith in their people,
And their people become unfaithful to them.
When the best rulers achieve their purpose
Their subjects claim the achievement as their own."
~ Tao Te Ching, 17 Rulers

Seattle-area veteran’s suicide reflects troubling trend
July 7, 2010 posted by Michael Leon, contributed to Vatic Project by Jazzy Cat, USA

Orrin Gorman McClellan is among the war casualties that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has just begun to track — young men and women who served in the post-9/11 military, and killed themselves after struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and other war wounds

Local veteran’s suicide reflects troubling trend
By Hal Bernton in the Seattle Times
LANGLEY, Island Count

Orrin Gorman McClellan grew up among the alder and cedar that cover his family’s 11-acre homestead on Whidbey Island. He relished painting, music and acting, playing the star role of Toad in a local production of “The Wind in the Willows.”

McClellan seemed an unlikely Army recruit. But in the post-9/11 world, he responded to talk of honor, service and camaraderie. After graduating from high school, without informing his parents, McClellan signed up for three years of active duty.

He served in Afghanistan, where he lost friends to enemy bullets, picked up the body parts of blown-up soldiers and wrestled with the emotions unleashed by combat missions.

New York National Guard Units Scan Vehicles For Gun Confiscations

Vatic Note:  Are they getting ready for the "evacuation" of the Gulf and make sure the weapons do not accompany the evacuees???  Leave them in their homes so Blackwater can take them while your gone?  Who knows.  Just keep Stalin and Hitler in mind when you have to decide.  Does this look like an undeclared Martial law with soldiers on civilian streets in total violation of the posse comitatus law??? It does to me. So what are they getting ready for that is now planned? Another false flag? An extension of the Gulf false flag? Another Mossad operated terrorist dud bombing failure to scare the sheeple?? I know, the Occult dated war on 7/11/10. Could they be considering attacking Iran, then doing a mossad nuke from those missing from Britian that has been traced back to Israel to blame on Iran and then start the war??? Who knows, but this does not bode well for us. People, we better seriously start preparing since they are doing such a good job of preparing themselves for whatever they seem to have planned. Remember, the only terrorists in the country are sitting in the White House, WALL STREET BROKERAGE HOUSES  and congress as we saw from the economic terrorist threat by Paulson back last september. We even got that recorded on video tape and its been downloaded so even they can't hide it from a jury of any kind. Check out the pic and the video. Just thought of something. Maybe we have scared the Wall Street bankers??? Now that would bring us a lot of satisfaction if that were the case. LOL

New York National Guard Units Scan Vehicles For Gun Confiscations
Posted By admin On July 7, 2010 @ 1:55 pm In Featured Stories, News In Focus, Paul Watson Articles

New “war on drugs” program another alarming sign that America is under martial law

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The New York National Guard is working with local law enforcement authorities to perform sophisticated scans of vehicles entering the New York area looking for guns and drugs in the latest alarming example of how America is under a state of de facto martial law.

Under the umbrella of the “war on drugs” and in complete violation of Posse Comitatus, National Guard units in New York are engaged in a “domestic fight” targeting American citizens with new ionization swabbing technology that enables them to “find drugs or weapons” via undervehicle inspections of cars based on the flimsiest of pretexts.

America, Where Freedom Once Thrived

Vatic Note:  This is not only very  powerful stuff, but its true.  When you read it, you will know it and only we can fix it.  No one else.  Remember, our leaders reflect us, the voters.  We MUST face that which we do not want to see.  Or else all is lost.  These men said it far more powerfully than I could ever dream to do.  Please read it and heed it.  Its that time.  No more delays.

Vatic Contributor Note:  After reading "Where America Once Thrived" I am torn between agreement and disagreement -- the disagreement stemming from the fact that in Jim Kirwan America still thrives. From the bitter comes the sweet. Have either you or I ever loved freeom or America more than in this dark hour?

The country has great need of your eyes. Why am I just now seeing Kirwanesque website for the first time? I have only received your e-mails -- thinking that like me you were "writing on the sand".

Unfortunately all of us are being forced to write in the ever shifting sands of a time that is rapidly slipping through our fingers. Thanks for this, but none of what I've written over the last ten years ought to have been necessary (for anyone to write) if we had been a nation that bears any similarity to what this government claims we are. Here's a two-part article about the missing-in-action silver-bullets that should have prevented what is now commonplace.

Anyway thank you for this essay honoring our country with this call to come out of evil.

With gratitude, admiration and friendship
Richard Eastman

America, Where Freedom Once Thrived
With modifications from the agenda of the NOW & the NAU
By Jim Kirwan, Rense.com, Contributed to Vatic Project by Dick Eastman

"The Stars and Stripes have changed their spots; Now pentagrams and bars enshrine a mockery of tongues,
And courage shares the darkness, With the corpse of private conscience.  Where dialogue and discourse thundered, Cowardice now crawls across an overcrowded floor.

Doorway's once flung so wide in confidence,  Are now shuttered, bugged and barred, in terror: Of the hunger in the world outside.   The wolf of violence prowls beneath our bolted windows

Watching Justice sell herself on every corner;  While we beneath our private feather-beds of folly,  Mumble condemnations of the 'cancers' in our systems. . .

Observe this kneeling nation, clinging to our 'toys of plenty'  Crying out in darkness for release from all responsibility,  For what has come to pass.  While heedlessly we watch the rape of yesterday's required,
To subsidize the plunder of 'the tomorrow's of our lives.'

Thoughts of war Veterans On Independance Day

Vatic Note:  This had to be done.   Its heartbreaking and important that those of us who have not suffered the affects of war on the aggressor side, need to see, read, and hear.   Please, please read both these mens commentaries.  Thank you and God Bless these men for their contribution and good conscience and undue suffering for having to go into hiding along with all the horrors of war they have experienced that they knew was an unjust war after they got there and then did the right thing when they could.  This was provided to VATIC PROJECT BY CHUCK WILSON, contributor to Snardfarkers Blog.  He is a Viet Nam veteran made ill by Agent Orange, who has suffered 40 years with his illnesses, even more after the war than during, if that is possible.  He is one of the most kind, generous and suffering souls I have ever met, so please feel what these men are going through by themselves since none of us can ever understand until we have been there, thus they are forced to suffer in isolation and loneliness from lack of any understanding both mentally, emotionally, "spiritually" and physically.  Such precious souls have we among us, that we have not appreciated since its become beyond our capacity to relate or empathize.  We must feel these commentaries and achieve understanding that ITS NOW UP TO US, AND NO ONE ELSE, since we have done this to ourselves.  Thus we must fix it.  No one else must pay anymore for our folly. 

First Vets Comment (Anonymous)
Dear chuck ,

The 4th of July is a mixed experience for veterans. While it is often looked at as a day to honor us, we often can be found indoors while civilians are out enjoying the fireworks. In his blogpost below, our friend, Ryan Harvey, reflects on his own experience of this year's 4th of July celebration. Ryan is a musician and an organizer with the Civilian Soldier Alliance, IVAW's main organizing partner in our GI and Veterans Bill of Rights Campaign. He is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Here is the commentary written by the second Vet:

Is it About Independence, Or Explosions?

Thoughts and Analysis on July 4th at 1:16 AM
by Ryan Harvey, Civilian Soldier Alliance

I sat on the stone wall that lines Druid Lake tonight and watched Baltimore destroyed by bombs. I watched tracers light up the sky, followed by the deep pulse of distant explosions.

I watched huge clouds of smoke rise from downtown, escaping from the flaming buildings. I saw explosions as far as Dundalk, Curtis Bay, and Morgan State. I saw light emerging from deep in the West Side, illuminating the trees that line the park.

I saw the Belvedere Hotel hit by a series of missiles, a huge flame bursting out the East wall. I remembered when the bartender there took me and a friend on the roof to see the best 360 degree view I'd ever seen of the city. I wondered if he would survive the attack.

Then a huge bomb fell into the apartment building at Howard and 28th, sending a large cloud of smoke into the air. I could only imagine the horrors inside as elderly residents tried to escape the flames. I watched cars crossing the 29th St. bridge fired on by helicopters that then continued on their way into Remington. I watched mortar fire land in the houses of Reservoir Hill that face the park, and heard the sounds of gunfire from the streets behind them.

It was a total nightmare, something I never wanted to experience. Thankfully, it was mostly in my head. It was the Fourth of July, and celebratory explosions were popping off all over the city.

But I wasn't celebrating, I was mourning. The fireworks reminded me not of 1776 or 1812, but of 2003, when I watched an almost identical scene on the TV news. I thought not of British Redcoats, but of U.S. Soldiers and Marines. I was watching a re-run of Shock And Awe, the massive bombing campaign the U.S. unleashed on Baghdad on March 19th, 2003.

I texted a friend, a former National Guardsman who participated in the initial invasion of Iraq. I told him I was thinking of Baghdad, watching the city light up, and I asked how he was. He said he was "in hiding," not interested in being taken back to that place again, at least, not this year.



Vatic Note: This is a must read. The missing nukes and the entire scandel over the valerie Plame affair is not what it was presented to be, What was done there was pure treason when you read about why she was outted and what her job was that caused the sabbateans to go after her. I thank God for Gordon Duff, an outstanding and courageous veteren and I applaud his courage in standing up to the biggest enemies of this country who have done more harm and horrors to America than any other nation on earth and they are proud of it. That includes the Gulf as most of us already know. Well, that is about to end after reading this story and I think you will feel the same way too. The Valerie Plame affair is just the tip of the iceberg, there are other such instances of betrayal by our so called friends, that I was speechless to say the least.   I am especially presenting this to all my Veteren friends all over the nation. Please read this since this is exactly what all us vets took the oath to prevent or stop and that is to defend this country/constitution against all enemies BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. With friends like this who the hell needs enemies. My Goodness, I had no idea, it is worse than even I thought and I was pretty doggone close, but this seals it for real. It truly is time to rally.

02. Jul, 2010, Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

There are nuclear weapons out there, maybe in terrorists hands, two or five, as many as seven or more. Iran and North Korea didn’t build them. North Korea’s nuclear program is a sham and Iran may simply be a scapegoat. Iran is not building nuclear weapons, they don’t possess the necessary centrifuges to enrich uranium. Using their available technology, a nuclear weapon could not be produced in a century.

However, the threat of nuclear terrorism is very real, the facts are there but America is sitting on the truth. Remember three names, Valerie Plame and Dr. David Kelly and Mordechai Vanunu. Plame was “burned” as an American spy, burned by the Bush administration. Vice President Cheney’s Chief of Staff, “Scooter” Libby (Liebowitz) was convicted of the crime but received a pardon from President Bush.

Plame wasn’t looking for “yellow cake” uranium from Niger, she was looking for lost nuclear weapons. When she got close, she was destroyed and then silenced by the Justice Department. Dr. David Kelly was a weapons scientist in Britain until his very unexpected suicide while trying to report wrongdoing tied to missing nuclear weapons, wrongdoing he attributed directly to Prime Minister Tony Blair. A secret investigation currently being conducted has ruled his death a murder and top members of government, from Blair downward are being grilled about, not only this, but missing nuclear weapons, a subject newspapers are being threatened to stay silent on daily.

Mordechai Vanunu is a nuclear weapons specialist who worked at the illegal Dimona facility in Israel. When he fled the country and alerted the world about the nuclear program there, he was kidnapped, returned to Israel and put in solitary confinement for 18 years. He has been under house arrest or in solitary confinement after his release. He is currently locked in a small cell in a secret prison in Israel for talking to someone not on his official list of contacts.

These three people and a number of people behind them hold the key to the biggest story in recent years, a massive worldwide coverup so frightening it is treated almost as though it was involved secret UFO landings. Not everyone has all the information. Some key figures are waiting for the results of the investigations going on in London now, the findings of which will be above top secret.

Stories are leaking out and some have been reported over the years, labeled “conspiracy theory” but partially accurate, at least in some of the most frightening facts, but also filled with conjecture and wrong conclusions. The same stories went to all the major news sources along with documents and reliable first hand testimony from people like, well, Dr. David Kelly, murder victim.

There is nothing more dangerous than a journalist in love with their own ideas. Anything can be falsified, as we saw in the videos Israel released after the Mavi Marmara incident showing cheap special effects with people walking through walls. Any piece of paper, using simple technology, can be created with ease and any person interviewed can lie, most do, especially those with political or military careers. What has happened is that journalists in the United Kingdom and around the world have been receiving information, some from highly placed sources, first person testimony and much backed by documentation. The results haven’t been a solid conspiracy but a mosaic of facts, some proven, some very likely and some questionable.

As a reader, a citizen and a person concerned for the safety of family and friends, the information if shocking but incomplete. Let’s start with what we know.


The story isn’t about politics as much as the international trade in weapons. As weapons, particularly the “mass destruction” kind, can alter history, the politics are sure to follow. We will start with Israel, the first “high threat” small nation to have nuclear weapons. A fact we know is that Britain, in the 1960s, sold a small amount of plutonium to Israel for use in experiments in nuclear weapon design. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan authorized this extremely illegal act. We also know that the CIA informed President Kennedy that Israel was building nuclear weapons at their “peaceful” Dimona reactor. Kennedy demanded to inspect the reactor, a demand refused. By far, the most likely reason for the killings of John and Robert Kennedy was their opposition to these weapons. All other reasons given, when even examined superficially, are simply silly.

What we do know for sure is that people who have held evidence on Israeli involvement in the Kennedy killings have been subjected to decades of well documented assaults, everything from stalking to murder of family members. Documentation on this is extensive and has long been in the hands of federal authorities up to and including the President of the United States.

There is considerable evidence that “Israeli Firsters” in the United States shipped significant amounts of plutonium to Israel. When the information leaked out, cover stories listing 6.5 tons were put out by Israel as part of their “junkyard dog” scare tactics. However, the figures on bomb production given to the British press by Mordechai Vanunu indicate that US produced fissionable material has made up the basis for Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

In addition, the Soviet Union is believed to have delivered tactical nuclear weapons to Israel in return for information supplied by Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, information such as launch codes, NATO battle plans, locations of American strategic weapons and the names of every CIA operative in the world. The US admits that 110 CIA agents lost their lives because of Israeli spying in the 1980s.  (VN: Here is a quote that fits right here and appropriately so:  "Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." - Benjamin Netanyahu. A comment made by Netanyahu to Jonathan Pollard (convicted traitor and spy) upon exiting Pollard's jail cell.

When the US took the Davy Crockett shoulder fired nuclear weapons out of service, some of these were transferred to Israel, though how, we have no idea. These were shown to US military officers on a “top secret” tour a few years ago and some familiar with out dated US weapons recognized them as American. The internet experts who continually rant on about the smallest nuclear weapon weighing three tons or more need to know that “Special Weapons Officers” regularly parachute with “nuclear munitions.”

During the 1970s, Israel and South Africa joined in a program to develop, not only nuclear weapons but biological and chemical weapons as well. Working closely with them were the following countries: Iran, Libya, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union and North Korea.

We know for certain that ten nuclear weapons were built in South Africa, six of which were dismantled, one tested on September 22, 1979. Of the remaining three, one was detonated in North Korea on May 25, 2009. The three weapons, at the time in possession of Great Britain, 1991, were stolen and the whereabouts of the remaining two “Hiroshima sized” nuclear weapons is unknown. We also know, for certain, that Israel informed the Bush administration that these weapons were in the possession of Saddam Hussein, information that led to the invasion of Iraq. This information was totally false. Israel then told the US, while the invasion was on, that the weapons were being moved to Syria. This was also false, proven by US detection devices. Israel has since claimed these remaining nuclear weapons are either in Iran, Syria, Lebanon or Gaza.

A fact, Pakistan has never been involved in nuclear proliferation and Dr. A. Q. Khan is a patsy covering for another group at the demand of the United States. This is not conjecture.

When news services were told that 3 more nuclear weapons, thermonuclear W69 warheads, 3 or as many as 8, had “gone missing” from a damaged B-52 that crashed off Diego Garcia in 1990, few took it seriously, especially after vigorous denials by the United States. These weapons are plutonium based hydrogen bombs, out dated at the time, unstable and requiring regular servicing to replace the tritium gas necessary to trigger the second stage that makes these so much more deadly than simple fission devices.

The stories about these weapons have been reported in one variation or another for years with fact and fancy mixed to the point where no one takes this threat seriously. The stories of these missing American hydrogen bombs has been sent to every major news service in the world. Some don’t believe the stories and others have been threatened if they attempt to publish them. When we were told these weapons, three American hydrogen bombs, were ejected from a B-52 off the coast of Somalia we found the idea unlikely. When the names of those involved in the recovery, shipment and sale came up and we were able to directly verify many of the facts, we began to reconsider.

Aging hydrogen bombs are useless unless “recharged” every seven years, something only a nuclear state is capable of. However, they can be used for weapons such as the August 18, 2006 North Korean plutonium bomb that failed. North Korea is incapable of producing any plutonium, thus a plutonium bomb, especially one that proved ineffective, such as this one with an explosion of less than one kiloton, may have been a “Rube Goldberg” device made from an unserviced American weapon, in fact this is extremely likely. With North Korea exploding one fully verified nuclear weapon build by Israel and South Africa and an earlier failure that was certainly an aging unserviced device from another nuclear power, a pattern emerges. Some country is supplying North Korea with weapons to publicly test, for the purpose of creating political instability in the world.

Four nations are being actively investigated for these violations: South Africa, Pakistan, Israel and Iran.

There is no scientific proof, not available for publishing, that establishes the first plutonium device detonated by North Korea in 2006 as being an American W-69. However, intelligence agencies, since 1990, have scoured the planet offering nuclear triggering devices to any buyer, as part of sting operations. It is believed by many that Dr. A. Q. Khan of Pakistan assisted in this intelligence effort.

With a proper triggering device, even an aging W69 warhead could be converted from its thermonuclear state to a configuration similar to the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, but much more powerful.


Britain’s concern is the Israeli/South African weapons, three of which it took into possession in 1990. Current Prime Minister David Cameron, then a member of parliament, was involved in the negotiations and Dr. David Kelly made the arrangements.

Funding authorizations were signed personally by Margaret Thatcher in a classified document referring to the bombs as “cylinders.”

We are told by informants tied to the highest levels of the British security services that the current closed hearings are not just to determine who is responsible for the death of Dr. David Kelley, who we have also been informed was not just ready to inform on Tony Blair falsifying intelligence leading up to the war but on much wider areas.

The David Kelley “suicide” is one of the most famous in British history. Kelley is said to have killed himself after being attacked on the BBC for saying Tony Blair lied about WMD’s. Were people who know Tony Blair to have lied to have killed themselves, all of them, our planet might today be barren of human life entirely. Kelley’s involvement in South Africa was twofold. He investigated relationships between Russia and the Mossad in South Africa tied to, not only the manufacture of illegal germ warfare weapons but their use as well.

The South Africa Truth Commission outlined instances where bio-weapons were deployed in Africa in a program involving Israel, Libya and Russia. The program which also developed a number of crop diseases is said to have relocated, not to Iraq as claimed, but to Israel. In fact, all of the programs said by Bush and Blair to have been in Iraq were, in fact, South African and later relocated in Israel. Iraq had used bio-weapons and gas but had purchased these weapons from brokers involved in Iran-Contra with ties to, not only South Africa and Rhodesia but Israel and the United States as well.

The South African Truth Commission also released in their report that the United States, not only purchased poison gas from South Africa but deployed it in Iraq, gas which may well have indirectly poisoned hundreds of thousands of American soldiers. Invoices for purchases of BZ gas by the United States and evidence of its use in Iraq are currently in the public domain.  (VN:  Killing our soldiers is thus intentional, a betrayal of the worst kind by those whose orders these men followed to their deaths, this is obscene and beyond satanic)


The Kelly death, though ruled a suicide despite the fact all forensic evidence indicated otherwise, was actually blamed on Iraq by Ahmed Chalabi, fabricator of much of the false evidence NATO troops followed across Iraq, from one imaginary sight to another in their fruitless search for weapons labs, a story outlined in the recent film, Green Zone. Kelley was found in a wooded area in Oxfordshire, an area 40 some miles outside London. Around the body were packets of harmless arthritis medications and a half filled bottle of Evian spring water. Autopsy results show a minuscule amount of medication in his body and injuries inflicted by a dull kitchen paring knife, injuries not potentially fatal. Kelly had told of being stalked by security services, of a recent break-in and how he had been warned to keep silent or he faced being “found dead in the woods somewhere.”

Informants who tie this murder to weapons of mass destruction, some to Israeli involvement and others to stolen nuclear weapons sold to North Korea, a crime Israel is suspected of, have amazing pedigrees. Nearly all are full fledged “James Bond” types from the highest levels of the intelligence services or directly tied to companies long involved in support of covert operations. This is a group of people who have “royals” on speed dial.


The missing nuclear weapons that Dr. David Kelly was directly involved in moving from South African and Israeli hands to British custody are one of the biggest secrets in recent history. That they were stolen and one of the weapons exploded in North Korea, a fact verified by western intelligence services, would be a security concern but is also a serious crime. Britain has a law called The Nuclear Explosions Act. This law states that if any “British resident” has knowledge of a nuclear explosion not involved in a war, they may be imprisoned for life, initially even without trial. The purpose of the law was to punish any British citizen or resident who got involved in trading nuclear weapons or hiding information.

One British citizen is at the center of this enquiry, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, tied to allegations that he had been briefed in 1997 about missing nuclear weapons and failed to act to recover them. Stories coming in list mysterious campaign donations, millions, from foreign arms dealers, not just to Blair but even earlier on, funding John Major’s campaign as well. The British “spooks” pressing stories on the papers, stories still largely suppressed, have much of Britain’s government involved in running interference for these illicit nuclear weapons.  (VN:  Rothschild, the declared King of Israel,  runs the british government as we have proven in previous blogs)

Remember, there are two sets, one heading out of Oman, the “Hiroshima” sized nukes and the other out of Somalia. This is where it gets tricky. Word out of Somalia confirms, not only a possible recovery of nukes, done by a South African diving group claiming to be on a treasure hunt and more confirmations have prominent white South African politicians contacting sources for, not only triggers but special equipment to load and ship the weapons as well, dealing with companies known and backed by reliable testimony.

Another story says the US went after these nukes when they were shipping through Kenya and blew up an embassy blaming Osama bin Laden. No hard confirmations but they are expected. If this is true, everything Americans have been told about Al Qaeda is a total fiction, covering a “broken arrow” operation that has been ongoing for well over two decades.


When “lost nuke” recovery team leader Valerie Plame was framed by Republicans close to President Bush, was this to cover Bush or Tony Blair or Israel. The Plame “outing” puts the lost nukes in Israel. None of the other possible countries that could be holding the weapons would get White House protection. Plame got too close but couldn’t be murdered like Dr. David Kelly, not with a husband that had the kind of political connections that Plame has.

How many stories in the news have been nothing but cover for one half baked attempt after another to recover nuclear weapons that may be in South Africa, perhaps at the bottom of a mine with the Israeli nuclear arsenal rumored to be stored there? Remember when a B-52 filled with nukes showed up at Barksdale Air Force Base, all by accident, a “bent arrow” misplaced nuke gambit supposedly a mutiny of top Air Force officials who refused to take part in moving these weapons forward to Diego Garcia? Ever wonder why such a story was never made into a movie of the week for the Hallmark Channel?

No, the end of the story isn’t here. Investigations are ongoing, only in Britain. We will never know what they reveal, well, that’s not true. I will get a call. Will I hear the truth?

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Tar balls reach Texas -- every Gulf state now touched

Vatic Note: Please go to the link and check out the pictures at the top and the writing "within" the frame that holds  the pictures. The photos are listed inside the box #1, 2, 3. Each has also writing below "within" the box, telling you what you are looking at.  I bring this up because those pics and writing "within" the box cannot be copied or downloaded  like you can with other pics   Its the third one that shows the so called flow from a leak on the floor of the gulf. The "note" "within" the box says it was taken live stream on July 6, and yet if you look at the still of the flow and the writing accross the pic it says May 7, 2010, not July 6. Since they purge their mistakes and this particular way they have everything set up in that picture box with no ability for us to copy or retain the facts, it makes it easy for them to change what we discover or expose, so that is why I asked you to go there first to see for yourself.  Now why change and say the date is recent???  I do not understand the logic behind that?  . What I suspect is this;  if we catch something  we have no copy to prove what it was. That is why I am saying to check out the link before reading the article and see the date discrepancy before they correct it, fix it or change it.

As for the tar balls, We pointed out that on the Pensecola beach only tar balls and no regular oil were shown from visitors pics. We also reported this was a controlled released leak by BP so they could scare us into buying off  using a killer chemical in the gulf in the millions of gallons to justify it. This explains why today they mention the oil tar balls themselves AND why they criminalized taking pictures, since those pics support the leak that came out about their scam. That definitely fits with our Whistleblowers explanation of what happened and how this is a totally controlled leak on purpose to give the impression of a big massive dangerous spill so everyone will become afraid and leave the area. Then Obama's Big multimillion dollar contract to Blackwater can go into effect by them going and collecting the guns house to empty house exactly like they did in New Orleans. I don't care what they "say" the contract is for since he already has a 2 million dollar contract for Afghanistan. They did the same thing in NO, under a different contract that was simply modified to allow payment for taking guns from people.

I consider this article another support proving that tar oil volcanoes are common and less dangerous than regular ones simply because they have organisms that eat the oil and will ensure the recovery of the Gulf once they have complete control of it at the shoreline. More and more is coming out that more and more supports the whistleblowers leak to the alternative press about what was really going on. Do we believe its still dangerous there? yes, Corexit is an intentional chemical weapon being used to do the job they hoped we would believe was the result of some far fetched accident. They always have multiple agendas as we have noticed and this one is a land grab as well as a gun grab and an RFID chipping as we pointed out yesterday with the intentions of Texas to do exactly that and TODAY, HERE IT IS, THE TAR BALLS HAVE REACHED TEXAS NOW RIGHT AFTER OUR STORY ON THEIR EVACUATION PROJECT WITH RFID/GPS tracking. Nice, huh?


Posted on Monday, 07.05.10
Tar balls reach Texas -- every Gulf state now touched
Staff and Wire reports

More than two months after oil from BP's blown-out sea floor well first reached Louisiana, tar balls are now washing onto a Texas beach, meaning the crude has arrived in every Gulf state.

Oil is still on the move, but the fleet of skimmers tapped to clean the worst-hit areas of the Gulf of Mexico is not. A string of storms has made the water too choppy for the boats to operate for more than a week off Florida, Alabama and Mississippi, even though the gusher continues.

Speaking in an interview with CNN this morning, Ret. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said that a massive Taiwanese oil skimmer -- which has been undergoing testing -- was slow to maneuver in the area crowded with small vessels.

Testing of the ship -- called ``A Whale'' and billed as being capable of sucking up 21 million gallons of oil water a day -- is still ``inconclusive,'' Allen said.

Meanwhile, the number of tar balls discovered in Texas is tiny compared to what has coated beaches in other Gulf states.

``It was just a matter of time that some of the oil would find its way to Texas,'' said Hans Graber, a marine physicist at the University of Miami and co-director of the Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing.

Hurricane Alex, which blew through the Gulf last week and made landfall along the border between Texas and Mexico, may have played a small role in bringing the oil ashore in Texas by increasing the westerly current near land, Graber said. But it was more likely due to normal coastal currents and local weather patterns.

NOAA scientists are looking at local weather, Hurricane Alex and Gulf vessels as possible sources for the tar balls, agency spokeswoman Monica Allen said Monday.

The distance between the western reach of the tar balls in Texas and the most eastern reports of oil in Florida is about 550 miles. Oil was first spotted on land near the mouth of the Mississippi River on April 29.

The spill is also reaching deeper into Louisiana. Strings of oil were seen Monday in the Rigolets, one of two waterways that connect the Gulf with Lake Pontchartrain, the large lake north of New Orleans.

The news of the spill's reach comes at a time when most of the offshore skimming operations in the Gulf have been halted by choppy seas and high winds. A tropical system that had been lingering off Louisiana flared up Monday afternoon, bringing heavy rain and winds.

Choppy seas have temporarily foiled attempts to see if the giant oil skimmer can be a silver bullet for cleanup efforts in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bob Grantham, spokesman for Taiwanese shipping firm TMT, says ``A Whale'' will need further testing off the coast of Louisiana.

Grantham says testing will resume as soon as the water is calmer.

Rough seas also kept clean-up vessels idle off the coasts of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi over the holiday weekend, officials said. The current spate of bad weather is likely to last well into this week, according to the National Weather Service.

``A Whale'' had undergone tests in a patch of water close to the wellhead over the weekend as the government tried to determine the vessel's effectiveness. The ship is also awaiting approval from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Miami Herald reporters Jaweed Kaleem, Jim Wyss, Fred Tasker and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/07/05/1717418/tar-balls-reach-texas-every-gulf.html#ixzz0svv1GDbQ

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Obama Presidency: An Unfolding Disaster

Vatic Note:  Well, add this to the WSJ hit piece on Obama, and I would say something is definitely amiss.  Keep watching, since it means there is infighting going on between elite groups with similar agendas.  Hopefully this results in some relief for us.  What is interesting about this write up, is its pretty honest, direct, and brutal.  He is a black man who is assessing this President and its from a different perspective and I enjoyed reading it from someone elses perspective in time and place.   He is articulate and right about his honest assessment, not one thing he mentions can not be proven true by evidence.   I give this man an ovation for his honesty and integrity.  Having said all that, my next question is what does this mean for us.  He would not have reached print had it not been acceptable and further, "why did he wait til now and why right behind the WSJ hitpiece?"   That means more to me than this giving us,  what we all out here already know. 

The Obama Presidency: An Unfolding Disaster

Written by Larry Pinkney Friday, 02 July 2010 04:35
by Larry Pinkney

“You must be the historians who keep this lesson alive because this story isn’t about one day, one event, one person, or even one lifetime… Pass this knowledge. Don’t forget. Not ever.”
- Leonard Peltier

A vast amount of this nation’s populace is as addicted to media hype as they are to oil. In this instance however, it is the government and the corporate media who are the kingpin pushers and the U.S. populace who are their hooked junkies.

Corporate government media spin, subterfuge, diversion, and outright lies are the continuing hallmarks of this nation’s institutions and of this present dishonest and insidiously pathetic Barack Obama presidency of unmitigated disaster. The Government and corporate media would not tell the truth even if their lives depended on it. Unfortunately, it is not their lives but those of everyday Black, Red, Brown, White, and Yellow peoples in this nation and throughout the world, who daily are being sacrificed on the bloody alter of chicanery and political expediency, on behalf of the wealthy elite.

Pertaining to the election and installment of Barack Obama as U.S. president almost a year and a half ago, a recent article disingenuously lamented that “we voted for a [hybrid Toyota] Prius but instead got a tank.” However, the fact is that the instant that virtually the entire U.S. corporate media and corporate / military establishment began throwing their support behind the then U.S. presidential candidacy of Barack Obama, even a dead man could have smelled a rat. In yet another recent article, a so-called ‘progressive’ bemoaned the lack of serious coverage of the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, Michigan, by the “mainstream” media, totally disregarding the obvious reality that this nation does not have a “mainstream” media. It has an embedded corporate-stream one.

As this Nobel “Peace” Prize holding conjurer, Barack Obama, has intensified the corporate empire’s war in Afghanistan, heightened the war in Pakistan [complete with unmanned killer drone missiles], and continued the war in and occupation of Iraq; corporate media pundits endlessly spin their webs of deceit. Even as Obama’s smug arrogance, his lack of governmental regulation and oversight of avaricious corporations, and his de facto servitude to the corporate elite has spawned the largest environmental, ecological, and concomitant economic oil-volcano (Gulf of Mexico) disaster in the history of this nation, corporate media pundits continue spinning their webs of diversion, omission, and deceit.

It was not enough that as president, Obama fully supported the criminal bail-out of the Wall Street elite, but he then went on to torpedo much needed single payer universal health care for the everyday populace of this nation - at the behest of the massive corporate insurance industry’s elite. If the Bush / Cheney regime was the inarticulate ‘Ivan the Terrible,’ then the Obama / Biden regime is assuredly a very articulate ‘Attila the Hun’ dipped in noxious perfume, which translates into more pain and blood of everyday people in this nation and around the world.

Think about it! Our schools, libraries, transportation, and public & private sector jobs, etc. are being eliminated while billions upon endless billions of dollars are spent on U.S. wars abroad which do not stop “terrorists” - but in fact enhances and gives birth to “terrorism.” This of course, is notwithstanding the fact that U.S. actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere are in themselves state sponsored terrorism, with everyday people as the corporate / military cannon fodder; and terrorism begets terrorism. This is nothing more than cynically calculated disaster against the poor and what there is left of the U.S. middle class. Continuing the economic horrors of his predecessor in all but name, Obama is steadily in the process of wiping out the middle class in this nation - all in the very name [and rhetoric] of protecting it. As the gap rapidly widens between rich and poor in this nation, Obama, grinning like an articulate, cunning, Cheshire cat lauds his fake accomplishments, as if he has actually brought about some kind of “change we can believe in.” What rubbish! This is just more of the same - only worse.

Moreover, in the fairly recent debacle with U.S. General Stanley McChrystal, Obama did not simply ‘miss’ the opportunity to change the course of the war and begin a withdrawal of the U.S. military and corporate mercenaries from Afghanistan. He flagrantly and studiously ignored and avoided it! Obama knew precisely what he was doing.

To add insult to injury, Obama and the corporate media are now telling us that we did not really hear that which we know Obama said concerning beginning a military withdrawal from Afghanistan in July 2011. In typical Obama obfuscated, double-speak fashion, he now disavows his statement that the U.S. would begin to “start the pull out” in July of 2011. [Reference ‘Obama Disavows July 2011 Afghan Drawdown Date’ ]

This is of course reminiscent of May, 2009, when Obama reneged on and reversed his pledge to release photos depicting the torture of prisoners by the U.S. military in Iraq. Had Barack Obama actually had real concern for the safety and well being of U.S. men and women military personnel, which concern he claimed prompted him to reverse his pledge to the ‘American’ people, he would have at bare minimum, begun the withdrawal of U.S. troops, instead of continuing the war and occupation of Iraq, and increasing U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Clearly, Obama is a shrewd, calculating, pathological liar - albeit an articulate one. Make no mistake about it! Iran is the next military target for U.S. imperialism and Israeli apartheid-Zionism, further opening the gates of hell.

A manufactured pretext will be conveniently provided, and a military attack will ensue against Iran sooner or later. Does anyone remember the U.S. manufactured ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident pertaining to the bloody, undeclared war against the people of Vietnam?! Does anyone remember the fabricated ‘weapons of mass destruction’ pretext for bloody war against and occupation of Iraq?! Does anyone remember just a few short weeks ago, when the Obama / Biden regime fabricated details surrounding the sinking of the South Korean warship ‘Cheonan’ as a pretext and an attempt to intimidate and provoke conflict with both North Korea and China?! Remember these things well. As wrongfully imprisoned American Indian Movement [AIM] Leonard Peltier so poignantly said it: “Don’t forget. Not ever.”

Yet, White liberals, phony so-called ‘progressives, and biologically Black misleaders continue to be apologists for, and collaborators with, the Obama / Biden regime, stoically ignoring the ongoing and increased human, economic, and ecological disasters that said regime is heaping upon the peoples of this nation and world as it reeks unholy havoc upon us.

Barack Obama is in fact, shrewdly facilitating and overseeing the dismantling, not of the U.S. corporate / military empire, but rather of the economic and political human rights and legitimate needs of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow peoples in this nation. It is for this purpose that the corporate / military establishment and the corporate media ensured that Barack Obama was installed in the White House. This is an increasingly obvious disaster not for the wealthy elite who already have homes, villas, gated mansions, yachts, and cushioned financial holdings all over the world. It is however, a horrible disaster for everyday common folks in this nation and around this planet.

The July 4th, 2010, U.S. “Independence” Day celebration, is unfortunately and in reality, a macabre and equally blissful celebration of the successful corporate enslavement of everyday people of all colors in this nation. It is the theater of the absurd. Even as Barack Obama articulates hollow praises to the greatness of everyday common folks in this nation, he is busily furthering the political, economic, and ecological demise of them / us. Yes, it is the theater of the absurd and sad on so very many levels. We everyday people have yet to gain “independence” and freedom from the elite corporate / military masters of this nation.

So-called liberals, like their right-wing counterparts, have no stomach for addressing reality and struggling to bring about real systemic change. The war criminals remain embedded in the White House and Congress, and U.S. corporate / military wars are not only being waged upon people of other nations, but also upon the ‘American’ people themselves / ourselves. Wake up while there may still be time!

This nation has been subverted from bad to worse by Barack Obama, and his allies of the corporate elite who, in fact, financially own the corporate media.

Unhook yourselves from this government and its constant corporate media spin. Stop absorbing, believing in, and being diverted by the hype. Behold! Disaster has already been brought upon us, but there may yet be time to change the course of this nation and at lease minimize, mitigate, and ultimately reverse these unfolding catastrophes. It is our duty and right as humans to do this.

In the words of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, “feel the pain” of the everyday people (your sisters and brothers) and act accordingly; for soon that pain will be at your door and upon you and your family, if it is not already. Act now, for real systemic change, while there may yet be time! We must be both pragmatic and optimistic: Pragmatic enough to recognize the dire situation we are in, and optimistic enough to set out seriously to address and change it! This cannot and will not come about by osmosis. It must be brought about by the unrelenting struggle of everyday people!

Snatch the narrative from the corporate media! Tell your own stories, and organize locally and nationally to bring about real systemic change! You / we can do this. Indeed, we must do this for ourselves and the planet - Mother Earth - as a whole.

Onward my sisters and brothers! There is so very much work to be done. Onward!

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