UPDATE:  Well, today was interesting.  I live in the mountains of Colorado, so we get a pretty good view up here at over 7,000 feet. In fact, its so good that the powers that be continually dump chemtrails to hide just about everything.  I believe from what i saw with our weather, clouds, wind, everything, that Nibiru or some body passed us today and then after that event and everything calmed down,  they quit dumping.  But during the time we thought it was passing,  and far away too,  between us and the sun, yes, but more toward the sun.... we heard massive numbers of jets, military passing overhead above the clouds.  We could not see them, but we certainly heard them. 

SO AS VATIC PROJECT SAID BEFORE, ITS NOTHING TO FEAR AS THE MAYANS TOLD US, there will be no damage of any serious nature.... because it was coming from the south.  So, that would fit with what we saw.  A huge wind, big time, but no earthquakes up here and we are on the continental divide.  I could be totally wrong about this, but I am going with my gut about it and all the symptoms we saw.... clouds galore seemed to follow them and with haarp going it means they were directing the clouds and the entire sky was blocked out and cold too, that means we were not getting any heat or infrared rays.  I am not a scientist so take this with that fact in mind.  I just have a lot of common sense and deductive reasoning.  its  my take on it, but you decide for yourselves.  I bet the powers that be overestimated the danger.  LOL  Built all those underground facilities for nothing.  Jokes on them.  lol  

Vatic Note:   Notice, the title of the article does not say Military evacuating civilians, it says they are evacuating themselves.   While she says she has not been able to verify this occurring, it would explain all the photos, videos, etc that we have seen of massive military weaponry movement from coastal areas inland.  If I remember correctly, most of us were shocked at the never ending line of tanks and artillary and what ever those trucks are called that have weapons on them. We exclaimed about how long the train line was and it seemed never ending for ever to pass.  You read all this and decide for yourself.  

This is one where I am still not sure what the truth is about it, so I put up info on both sides of the issue and remember, Rahm Emmanual always searching for cover he can use to do his own dastardly deeds to us.  Now the Chicagoans have him to contend with,  good luck. 
I guess if we want to know where the underground facilities are located, we best follow the equipment.  We thought those tanks etc were going to be used for martial law,  maybe not after all.  Maybe they are going underground.   But what about the airforce planes?  What about navy ships???  Oh, thats right, they can ride it all out at sea.  Lots of questions, but then that is the way when secret societies run everythng.  Everything is then "A secret".  Gee, what a surprise.

by Kerry Cassidy
I have now spoken with Mike Harris’s foreign intelligence source and verified that he has a scientific background and that he is convinced that the moon-sized object is headed this way and will pass as close as 1/3 the distance from the Earth to the Sun (if I understood this correctly) sometime between August 17 and September 26th.
This recent article from NASA is only showing you the resulting affect and not the true cause which is, I am told this incoming object.  I am told there have been 3 earthquakes above 6 in the last day or two and this morning we had a quake above 6 on the Argentina coast.  Note:  USGS has downgraded their quake magnitudes a factor of 1 in order to mislead the public.  If you see a “5″ be aware this is actually equal to a “6″ on the Richter scale.
There will also likely be some corresponding volcanism resulting from this passing.
This source also verifies that we are not orbiting the sun as commonly thought but that our entire solar system is part of a helical orbit and that Einstein in fact was aware of this.
Dr. Bill Deagle has released information on the sudden evacuation of military bases along the coasts. They are saying this is in preparation for war but this is not true, according to this foreign intelligence source.  The real reason for the evacuation according to this source is the incoming moon-sized object.
Note: I have not been able to verify military evacuation of bases along the coast at this time… Developing….
I am told the plates are going to move, that the area around Australia and Asia will be heavily impacted and that the West Coast can expect a tsunami 3 meters high…
For the information from Deagle go here to listen.
Nutrimedical Report Archives

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Easter Island’s Statues Reveal Bodies Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs

Vatic Note:  Now this is fascinating, and revealing.   Please read and note how the world as we knew it did not exist, instead another world of greater presence has emerged and is expansive and wonderful.   I resent that we have been kept  in the dark for thousands of years so we would not know our true history on this planet.  But all of that is changing..... THE VEILS ARE LIFTING as promised.  What a glorious legacy that has been left to us and its up to us to discover every single bit of it and experience it as it was meant to be.  

Easter Island's Statues Reveal Bodies
Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs
by Allison, Philosophers Stone

7 June, 2012

Standing some 2,000 miles west of Chile, on the Easter Island, 887 mysterious giant statues have intrigued scientists and the public for years.

For a long time it was believed that the massive statutes consisted of just the heads.

However, in October 2011, when the Easter Island Statue Project began its Season V expedition, scientists could reveal remarkable photos showing that the bodies of the statues go far deeper underground than just about anyone had imagined.

Project director Jo Anne Van Tilburg said: "Our EISP excavations recently exposed the torsos of two 7m tall statues.

Mark Zuckerberg (Mr. Facebook) Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller and AIG's Greenberg.

Vatic Note:  This is an old standard practice of the illum families to create illegitimate offspring, pay for their education, and use them in the end to further their agenda.  That is how they keep trust alive with their co-conspirators.  Remember, we did a blog on Solomon and his use of this practice to embed spies into other nations governance in order to keep control over his kingdom.  He eventually turned pagan and furthered his objectives through the use of illegit children. 

Remember we also covered clinton as an illegit offspring of Winthrop Rockefeller,  Hitler as illegit grandson of Rothschild, and same with other leaders in government and industry and religions.  So this is just a continuation of that practice.  Now we know about it so it won't do any good to continue it.  I have been curious about Obama and his birth certificate and if that is not the reason why its such a big secret.   So, now we are fully informed about facebook.  He is also the grandson of Greenberg of AIG FAME.    This practice is a Rockefeller tool for control.  

Mark Zuckerberg Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg.

by Carolyn, Philosophers Stone
Ok so this Greenberg / Zuckerberg thing is getting weirder by the second.
A Jacob Greenberg was arrested for possession of Marijuana and this mugshot was taken. It was later revealed that this could indeed be the man the world knows as Mark Zuckerberg.
His family members include David Rockefeller, his Grandfather. A little strange because Rothschild owns 8% of Facebook shares. Both Rothschild and Rockefeller are well known names….TAP with One World Government associations.
and his other granpa….greenberg…CEO of AIG
TAP – Facebook was funded with $500 million from a CIA owned bank, which was a
bit suspicious. I wonder if Google has similar disguised progeny.
Zuckerberg means ‘sugar mountain’.
That’s their secret word for Facebook no doubt. A mountain of information from
which they can extract billions. Bill Gates comes from a multibillionaire eugenicist
family, which was kept well hidden in the early years of Microsoft. The same
families control it all.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Facebook founder called trusting users dumb f*cks
  2. Food and Depopulation: Rockefeller Family
  3. Photo shows Obama at dinner with Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg
  4. Profiles in Evil: The David Rockefeller, Ball and Chain, Armageddon Club.
  5. Mark Zuckerberg – Inside Facebook (BBC Documentary)
  6. Rockefeller Foundations “Hypothetic Scenario” – 13K Dead In London Olympic Bombing  (VN:  I bet the internet blew that one all to hell. Remember it was Jay Rockefeller that waved his arms in a committee meeting and yelled.... "The internet is ruining everything, and by golly, I bet he is right. LOL ) 

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

Bruecke Note: This may have been posted by the Vatic Master before, but even if so, I feels it merits repeating.


By: Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf
Date: 2011-10-12

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.


UPDATE: 8/17 - CORP INFO - VATIC ALERT FOR CALIFORNIA: Monsanto and fellow Vampire Squids Dump $25 Million against GMO Labelling in CA.

***  Californians, you need to call these numbers we have given you below and tell them if they contribute to the opposition for labeling we will assume their products contain GMO seeds and will not eat their products.  Even organic co are funding opposition and that should worry you. 

Vatic Note:   Right below this first article is a list of names of companies that contributed to "defeat GMO labeling"  in California.   If this is NOT part of the depopulation program, then they should accept the labeling and offer both GMO to those too stupid to not eat it and non GMO produce for those of us too smart to eat GMO products.  I have already called two 4  5 of the companies on the list and explained to the person answering the health hazards to her, him, everyone, and that autopsies found "THE GMO READY ROUND UP PESTICIDE MARKERS IN DEAD PEOPLES STOMACHS THAT NEVER LEAVE, BUT CONTINUE TO POISON THE EATER OF THOSE PRODUCTS." Its probably why they were dead.  Combat by means other than guns.  

I also explained that WE ARE NOT STUPID OUT HERE... if they contributed to the opposition to labeling, it means they are using GMO  products and thus we don't need the labeling, we have their names contributing against the labeling, so thus, we know they use it and we will boycott their products and grow and make our own.   The only way around this for them, I told them, was to make both.  GMO for those too stupid to know better, and the NON GMO labelled products for the rest of us.  We need to call these companies and tell them this above.

You can find the full list of funders right here   http://organicconsumersfund.org/label/prop-37-funders.cfm  and an additional list of ORGANIC FOOD COMPANIES BETRAYING US CAN BE FOUND HERE!  Be careful since 2008, the bankers have been consolidating their control over the food industry from farming all the way through manufacturing and into distribution, so some products you use are named differently than their parent company, so the first thing I asked smuckers was "do you represent dickenson family preserves?"  and she said yes.  So then I gave her my spiel.   When you call, say "Krogers",  ask first off the bat what the name of their parent company is and then check the list below that I am giving you.

Here are the two I called so far.  Tell them you buy their products now, because you probably do,  and that you will cease forever, and will pass that onto your children to never buy their products and family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc.... everybody you can, to quit using their products since they have violated your trust as a provider of our food.  Here is the first one and they are a big donor in the millions of dollars, its General Mills,  800-328-1144  and the other was Smuckers Jelly , (800) 535-5437, when you call them, tell them you will switch to the french jelly ST. Dalfour from France since france BURNED GMO FIELDS OF CROPS,  THE PEOPLE DID IT, SO THEIR COMPANIES ARE NON GMO RIGHT NOW.  So, we must call every single one of those companies and give them the what for..... Let them know we will never buy their products again since they contributed to the opposition meaning they are already using GMO in their products.  See what they say. Tell them we also know  how to get our food tested to be sure they are not lying.  Here is the number for Campbell soup company 800-650-7347,  this looks like the same number I called for Krogers, out of Ohio, so this may well be a subsidiary so ask if campbells is owned by a bigger company or vice versa.  Does Campbell own Krogers  

(UPDATE:  Smuckers is blocking calls,   Campbell soup was great and took down all the info and said they would pass it on for sure.  So, we can find out what kind of companies these are by doing this.  This is something we all can do.)

UPDATE:  Article out by Natural News now lists additionally, ORGANIC COMPANIES CONTRIBUTING AGAINST LABELING... AND CASCADIA WAS ONE OF THEM.  HERE IS THE PHONE NUMBER  800-624-4123.  I called and told them that I am assuming their products contain GMO and she tried to use the argument that USDA was the organic standard and therefore no GMO.  I informed her that the ORGANIC BOARD WAS THE STANDARD, NOT USDA.... USDA is just like FDA..... sell outs to industry. 

Then there is BASF of Germany.  What the hell is a German company doing inserting themselves into our state politics regarding our food????  They have no right to contribute to anything here.  That means they must be doing this to their own German people and if that is the case.  Here are pictures of their board members..... for the  German people  to study and memorize.  This is fascism at its worse, and I would have thought these German leaders of industry would be even more sensitive to that condition.  Here, read this and see what I am crazy about this.  This is a 'CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY'   http://www.naturalnews.com/036756_depopulation_agenda_eugenics_survivor.html#ixzz23T2qqefS

The Board of Executive Directorsof BASF SE
http://report.basf.com/2011/en/toourshareholders/boardofexecutivedirectors.html  Go to this link and the roll over the picture works on there.  We can then see who is connected to international banking. This is the same company that used to be part of IG Farben, so that screams volumes about their Fascist agenda. The picture was to show just how innocuous murderers can look.  That is what the nazi's have planned for our depopulation they want to cull the population and reengineer humanity through the genetically modified food sources. 

(Roll the mouse over the image for more information on the Members of the Board)
Dr. Harald Schwager
Margret Suckale

Below is the list of companies and you can find their 1-800 number on the product packaging if you currently buy their products.  WE MUST FIGHT BACK WITH THE BIGGEST TOOL WE HAVE, OUR POCKETBOOKS.  Its for the Children and our old people who are both vulnerable and harmed most by the GMO pesticide markers.  We are seeing elderly in worst shape than I have ever seen them.... and they are dying rapidly and early.... so please, lets fight for them now.  California is the test.  Remember SB 510 where they will not let us grow our own food and they are putting our family farms out of business in record numbers and shipping our food growing to south america so they can do anything they want to our food without restrictions..  That is unacceptable.  Lets fight back while we still can.

The Biotech Goliath Roars: Monsanto’s Gang Dumps $25 Million into NO on 37 Campaign to Label GMOs

There is Justice in the World – Here is the Proof

Vatic Note:  Ok,  change of pace.   YOU ARE GOING TO LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF WHEN YOU HEAR THIS play by play report from someone watching all of this from his car.  He begins out concerned for the 4 old ladies who were hit by a man driving a car.   It deteriorates from there into a laughing spasm that he simply can't continue to talk..... I laughed so hard I was crying.   Give it a gander.  THERE IS JUSTICE IN THE WORLD AFTER ALL.  lol   HEAR THAT, KHAZARS,  NEVER UNDERESTIMATE OLD PEOPLE..... !   We better get our 3% COLA  raise in January....... or else...... listen to this video and see.....!!!!!!!!  

There is Justice in the World – Here is the Proof

The Good Can Prevail Over the Wicked…but It Takes Some Spunk

…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, Veterans Today

This one folks will not get my usual intro and framing as that would ruin it for you. But it has it all, violence, age discrimination, battle of the sexes, feminism, chemical weapons and religion…all rolled into one.
It has the Jim Dean 100% satisfaction guarantee. But I will add in a viewing warning. Do not watch this while driving a car as it could cause a wreck and that would make me feel bad, but not as bad as you are about to see.
Enjoy your three and a half minutes of pure unadulterated pleasure, and legal, too. I sure did. I was in tears when it was over and will bet a dollar you will be, also.
Thanks to my old roomie John Markes for sending this along tonight…a gem !!!

YouTube - Veterans Today - – Battle of the Impala

Burglars – One Killed, Two Wounded

And lastly, something on the traditional home front down here in the South. This is from a year or two back in South Carolina.
Aiken County sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Feemster said three men drove into the side of the building shortly before 4 a.m. Thursday. The owner shot the three men, killing one.
Stephen Bayazes Jr., 57, told officers that he and his wife were asleep in an apartment at the back of the business, Guns & Ammo Gunsmith, 522 Edgefield Road,shortly before 4 a.m. when he awoke after hearing a loud crash and the activation of a silent alarm.
Bayazes grabbed an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and found three men loading guns into a van that had crashed through the side wall of the store.
After hearing the men yell to kill him, Bayazes shot one 30-round magazine of .223-caliber bullets before retreating to his bedroom to reload, he later told officers.
As he left the room, Bayazes saw two men drive away in the van.
K’Raven Aude Goodwin, 20, of Eastover, S.C., was wounded and left behind at the gun shop.
Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton said Goodwin died of gunshot wounds shortly after arriving at Medical College of Georgia Hospital.
The two other suspects were found at Waffle House on Martintown Road, about three miles away. Investigators said the men, who had both been shot, stopped at the restaurant to seek help.
Eddie Stewart, 30, of Columbia, and Franklin Robinson, 27, of Gadsden, S.C., were taken to a hospital. Details on their injuries have not been released.
Aiken County sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Feemster said it appeared that all of the stolen merchandise was in the van.
Hours after the incident, a construction crew worked to repair the damaged wall. Parts of the ceiling and glass from display cases still littered the floor.
The store owner said it was not the first time the store has been a target. In 2009, the store was burglarized. Shortly afterward, Bayazes and his wife moved into an apartment in the back.
Bayazes was not injured. Feemster said Bayazes was within his rights to use lethal force.
“If someone is breaking in your home or business, you have the right to defend yourself and not retreat,” the sergeant said.

UPDATE: Bigger, more detailed history....How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings

Vatic Note: Oh, this is awesome.   You would not believe what is exposed in this article.  JFK in fact found out about this space technology that was hidden from everyone and what he tried to do to force it out without violating an existing classified designation, on order to convert the technology into cheap energy....well.... you know what that means.... the oil companies owned by the khazars and Queen of England..... no way they would tolerate cheap energy.   Then he was killed shortly thereafter.   I pooh poohed that theory a while back , but now I am not so sure.  Read it and see what you think.  As usual, you decide.

This is a highly technical treatment of fake Moon landing, so be prepared to either be excited about what  you are reading, or horribly bored.  I happen to like science so this was great for me.  Its just a  warning, but fascinating how he proves what occurred and how it occurred and what Kubrick got in return for agreeing to do the deed.   You could say "They gave him the moon to do the project".  LOL  Then, did they kill him for his "Eyes Wide Shut" movie???  Against their agreement with him, they edited out something from that movie the owners did not want disclosed...... a week after the editing he was dead.   Wait til you read about that toward the end of this article.  Could it have been something about the bogus moon landing?  
How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings

by Jay Weidner,  Reality Sandwich

"There are great ideas, undiscovered breakthroughs available, to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers."
Neil Armstrong, "First Man on the Moon"
July 20th, 1994
It has now been forty years since the fabled moon landings by NASA and the Apollo gang. When it comes to the subject of the moon landings, people tend to fall into two belief groups. The first group, by far the bigger of the two groups, accepts the fact that NASA successfully landed on the moon six times and that 12 human beings have actually walked on the surface of the moon. The second group, though far smaller, is more vocal about their beliefs. This group says that we never went to the moon and that the entire thing was faked.

This essay presents a third position on this issue. This third point of view falls somewhere between these two assertions. This third position postulates that humans did go to the moon but what we saw on TV and in photographs was completely faked.

Furthermore, this third position reveals that the great filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is the genius who directed the hoaxed landings.
1. Motivations for Faking

But why fake the moon landings at all? What would be the motivation? Authors Joseph Farrell and Henry Stevens both have shown us undeniable proof that Nazi scientists had developed advanced flying saucer technology as early as 1943. These authors also show that the US Government brought these same Nazi scientists into this country in order to build these highly advanced flying machines.

Furthermore, they believe that the idea that aliens from outer space are invading the Earth is a clever cover story concocted by NASA to hide this technology.

Many sources inside the military industrial complex have related to me that after John Kennedy was shown the flying saucer technology early in his Presidency, he realized that the advances in technology promised by the flying saucers could solve many of the pressing problems of the world. He saw that releasing this exotic technology would point the way towards cheap and environmentally friendly energy among other things.

Soon after seeing the flying saucer technology, JFK made his famous speech asking NASA to land a man on the moon before the decade was out. Many insiders believed that this was a ploy by JFK to get NASA, and the secret government, to release their saucer technologies. Since it was obvious to everyone that standard rocket technology could not get man to the moon and back, JFK may have thought that NASA would be forced to release the knowledge of the technology behind the flying saucers in order to fulfill his vision and get to the moon by the end of the 1960s. JFK's ploy was therefore intended to free this advanced technology from the insidious hands of the shadow government.

After the assassination of Kennedy in 1963, NASA began a new plan that would solve the problem that JFK initiated. This new plan would allow NASA, and the shadow government, to keep the saucer technology secret and to still make it look like standard rocketry had taken man to the moon and back.

Someone high up in the shadow government decided to fake the entire series of moon landings in order to conceal the United States' extremely new and advanced Nazi technology both from us, the citizens, and our enemies. In some ways NASA's position on this was understandable. We were in the middle of the cold war with the Soviet Union. Did we really want to show the Russians what we had?
2. Who Will Fake It?
In early 1964 Stanley Kubrick had just finished his black satire Dr. Strangelove and was looking to do a science fiction film. While directing Dr. Strangelove, Kubrick had asked the US Air Force for permission to film one of their B-52 bombers for the movie. The Pentagon turned him down. 

The movie, Dr. Strangelove, was about a flight squadron that had been ordered to fly to Russia and drop nuclear bombs on that country. The Pentagon read Kubrick's script and rejected his request to actually film the inside, and outside, of a B-52. The reason for this rejection was that Kubrick's film was clearly a satire on the military and US nuclear policy. The Pentagon did not want to assist Kubrick in this satirical undertaking.

Undaunted by the rejection, Kubrick used various special effects to create the B-52 in flight. When viewing Dr. Strangelove today, these special effects look quaint and old fashioned, but in 1963 they looked very good. It is possible that someone in NASA saw what Kubrick had done in Dr. Strangelove and, admiring his artfulness, designated Kubrick as the person best qualified to direct the Apollo Moon landing. If he could do that well on a limited budget – what could he do on an unlimited budget?

David Icke's Top Ten Ways to Screw the System

*** LANGUAGE ALERT.... I have switched the offending word in the title  and messed with it in the article, so just a warning if you are ultrasensitive to such, then pass on this one. 

Vatic note:This is short and sweet.Its was time for someone to start putting out suggestions on how to drop out and eliminate these cretin insane people altogether from our lives. These below will work. I have already been using some of these and its great how independant you can feel once you give up on those we relied on to provide for us while also making a profit and the betrayed trust that was misplaced, can now be converted into action and further independance. 

I have no TV programming and nothing digital which is important, since they can talk directly to our brain through digital signals,  and have not had TV Service for the past 5 years. Its a miracle the difference you feel once you get away from it and go back to reading, interacting with your family/friends/co-workers, etc and pets, and causes. I have been bartering with several business here because they like my jewelry. Got my new used tires mounted before Christmas and used a necklace set for the owners wife  as a Christmas Present, and my storage is paid through bartering. WE CAN DO THIS.

Top Ten Ways to F*ck Screw the System !!!


[Source: davidicke.com]
The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Was there Advanced Knowledge of the 7/7 London Bomb Attacks?

Vatic Note:  What a question and notice how late it is in coming from Global Research.  When 7/7 happened, immediately aftewards, the alternative press including us was full of questions about whether it was a false flag and why?  Because Netanyahu was on his way to a meeting and had to turn around half way there after being warned not to go where he was going.   

Then we got the video of the entrance to the communter trains supposedly showing the Muslims entering the tunnel down to the trains.  Well, guess what we discovered?  THE ARM OF ONE OF THE SO CALLED TERRORISTS was photoshopped incorrectly and was showing behind the railing when his body was many many feet away from the railing walking with his buddies and it was not a live video, rather a still from the supposed video.  There is more, but it was all brought out at that time and not a word from Global Research.  Why not????  Why now???  


By: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Date: 2012-07-07

Coincidence? Unanswered Questions?

Was there Advanced Knowledge of the 7/7 London Bomb Attacks?

A fictional "scenario" of multiple bomb attacks on London's underground took place at exactly the same time as the bomb attack on July 7, 2005.

Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a private firm on contract to the London Metropolitan Police, described in a BBC interview how he had organized and conducted the anti-terror drill, on behalf of an unnamed business client.

The fictional scenario was based on simultaneous bombs going off at exactly the same time at the underground stations where the real attacks were occurring:


Vatic Alert: Shooting Today at Family Research Council: (Updated: MSNBC Reports!)

***  I don't know about anyone else,  but HAARP  is going crazy over our town right now.  Its louder than its ever been.  Just a heads up for any sign of earthquakes, volcanos,  weather anomolies, like lightening and thunder that is way louder than normal etc..... Let us know if you are experiencing anything like we are right now.  Its 8/16/12 at 7:25 pm Mountain time.  Its been going like this for about an hour at least that I noticed which means it is louder than ever before and that has been for the last hour.  If you have an analogue TV, and have any experience in cryptography, check out your TV.  We notice when this happens we turn on our analogue and there are digital messages going across our screen (dots and dashes)  and messing up our videos we watch.  Just check  it out. 
Vatic Note:  Amazing.  Look at this guy.  This is a mind controlled subject if I ever saw one.  Look at his eyes.  He looks just like the Colorado shooter, and I bet he looks like the sikh shooter as well.  This is getting ridiculous.  What are the powers that be trying to do?  Check out the VN:  through out the article, that support what I have said in this vatic note.  

At first I thought it was Gun control again, but no one is that stupid to try this three times in a row  so close together for that agenda.....all it does is make the cabal look desperate...... so why?   Aaaah, I know......  The civil war we are refusing to have.  They tried it with mind control righties shooting up nice innocent people and that didn't work.  So now its the "lefties" shooting up the righties and trying to cause civil war they keep promoting in the MSM that only tells us what the bankers want us to think.  LOL   I GOT IT.  

I have an announcement for the cabal.  NO CIVIL WAR..... NO RIGHT AGAINST LEFT, NO LEFT AGAINST RIGHT, NO MUSLIM AGAINST CHRISTIANS, NO CHRISTIANS AGAINST MUSLIMS,  NO BLACK OPS "PROVOCATEURING" IN AMERICA.  IT WON'T WORK.  WE ARE UNITED AGAINST YOU and we are smarter than you ever gave us credit for.  I said 10 years ago, that "..... their arrogance and underestimating their enemy would be their downfall"  and by golly it is beginning to look as if I was right.  The only war you will get is a revolution if you try to institute an illegal martial law and collect our legally authorized and protected right to bear arms, guns. You might also get it if you keep killing Americans to achieve political objectives.  We don't like that very much. 

I am so sorry for you.... you thought that by funding passive new age ghurus, that you would ensure your safety against violence, but you miscalculated how far that would go.  Now you can't get anyone to be violent with your mind control lackies shooting people up.  It won't work.  Its what you get for listening to the totally insane khazars and letting them run things.  lol    HLS must be in a dither.... not only do they have a hot sex scandel brewing right now, but they have the SPLC and ADL trying to get, civil war, so they can call illegal  martial law and collect our guns and its all back firing..  I wouldn't doubt that the SPLC and ADL are also involved somehow in that sex scandel going on there.  Are they trying to get rid of Napolitano among all their other deceptions? What is it she isn't doing that they don't like?  

Breaking: Family Research Council Attacked, Gunman Taken into Custody (Updated: MSNBC Reports!)

by PJ Media - Tatler, 8/15/12  

The conservative Family Research Council came under attack at its Washington, D.C. headquarters today. Two people including a security guard were shot. There is no word on their condition (update: it looks like both wounded will be ok). Washington police and the FBI have reportedly responded to the shooting.
In a statement released after the shooting, FRC President Tony Perkins said, “The police are investigating this incident.  Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today.  Our concern is for him and his family.”
On any given day, the Family Research Council comes under vitriolic attack from groups on the left for its defense of traditional values and traditional marriage. The George Soros-funded Center for American Progress devotes considerable resources to “monitoring” and criticizing the group. The FRC came under sustained leftist criticism during the Chick-fil-A free speech battle that culminated on August 1.
Update: Fox reports that the shooting is being treated as domestic terrorism.  (VN:  Set up)