Michael Tsarion - Origins of Evil (1 through 5 of 13 parts)

Update:  I just discovered that the powers that be moved these videos back into the very first blog we had done so no one could find them, so I decided there are things on here they do not want us to know, so its worth revisiting this series again.   What did he expose that we must now seriously consider?  If a commenter had not asked the question about the evil we are experiencing, I would never have discovered this.  Further, because I could not find it from when I had done it,  I googled the series and the link to the second section from 7 to 13 was gutted.   Then I checked out the videos and they were also gutted but not on the videos from 1-5.  So I will put this back up and go refind those videos again for the second half and put them back up as well.  Good luck and down load these now since they are getting more overt in their playing with these videos.  Thanks for your patience.

Vatic Note: As you read this, and watch the videos,  keep in  mind the blog which was about OUR DNA and how important it seems to be for these evil ones to seriously destroy, mutate or otherwise lessen its importance for some reason possibly to do with our "Consciousness and humanity"..   This is beyond fascinating..... this is downright mind blowing in that he actually has the documents to show these facts all exist based on those writings of ancient cultures. He said even with purging there are thousands and thousands of documents still available to support what he is saying. This is up to provide us with a different perspective about the evil we are seeing in this current paradigm. It leads to the same conclusions, but through a much different perspective that has a lot to do with our DNA and mind control.

He has done a great deal of research in this particular area and after all we have published on here about the work being done to destroy or change our DNA by the evil ones, this became much more relevant than it has in the past. He fully believes the history of this evil is critical to dealing with it in present day terms. I found this extremely insightful. Like you, we must all listen with an open mind and be prepared to view it objectively and match it to what we already know, then we can begin to build the big puzzle picture and at the end of all this, we can decide for ourselves. He does do a good job regardless where you come down on this issue. He says "WE ARE EXTRAORDINARY BEINGS LIVING ORDINARY LIVES". and given my perpetual mantra that we "ARE POWERFUL", it fits with my perceptions about the human condition.. He talks about symbolism and asks many good questions. Please leave your mind open for this.... its very interesting. We are doing this in 2 posts to allow you to move between them and save them. He even does full historical treatment of how the free masonry got infiltrated and taken over.

Michael Tsarion - Origins of Evil (1 of 13)
May 25, 2008

Michael Tsarion gives his perception as to why the world is in the present state of decay and who it is that really rules from the top of the power pyramid. He believes that earth's crime-soaked history has been manipulated by powerful secret societies with bloodline connections to ancient alien visitors who crossed their own DNA with that of earth's indigenous inhabitants.

It is not my opinion that everything in this presentation is meant to be taken literally but it is of paramount importance that each and every human being discovers what the future holds, and what the world's ancient scriptures are saying. This riveting investigation into the occult history of the world will open your eyes and allow you to make sense of the agendas of government and religion, the strange preoccupations of the media, and much of what can transpire in future years.

I remain skeptical of some the opinions Tsarion presents in this video but overall he was able to paint a different picture of the world I thought I had figured out thru everything I was raised to believe and what we are taught in school. Please watch with an open mind and come to your own conclusion but realize that this is just another point of view based on information that Tsarion has analyzed but you must do the same. ENJOY!!!!!!!

Part I

Part II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCt7GSjuPKY&feature=related Part III http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI5wEzNBCWg&feature=related Part IV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu3nHEpb2HI&feature=related Part V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNv9qrex3bU&feature=related See next post for the remainder  #7 through 13

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Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

Vatic Note:   This is in two parts;  the first one is from Brasscheck's TV which is a summary of Matts massive and great deeply researched article for Rolling Stone's magazine and the second part is the actual article for those truly interested in how intentional and criminal this all is.  My bigger vatic note is down below by the article itself.  I  love the young Turks who did this interview.   Its a great interview of Matt.  Its also nice to see what he looks like after reading him for so long.   This is more proof that the MSM, ALL OF THEM are complicit in the high treason being committed against the nation.  They should be in the docket when all this comes crashing down and serve jail time right along with their masters.   Nothing less, than the full sentence that is handed out to the criminals should also be handed out to the publisher, press editors and boards of directors. 

Straight from the horse's mouth, Matt Taibbi pulls back the curtain
Young Turks,  provided to Vatic by Brasscheck TV

I found a current interview with Matt Taibbi (not as easy to find as you might think.).
Why is it that a reporter for Rolling Stone is producing better financial reporting than the Wall Street Journal etc.? You can't understand the state of the economy without knowing this story.


How the World "Really" works: Economic Hitmen

How the World "Really" works: Economic Hitmen
Brasscheck TV, by John Perkins

Vatic Note: Remember as they are telling you how it works, keep Tim Geithner and Larry Summers in mind at all times. Then keep in mind they run our treasury dept and the federal Reserve. This is exaclty how it works, and those companies you saw listed are primarily owned by the khazar zionist banks purchased through manipulation of our stock market where these bankers like the Squid Vampire Goldman Sachs shorts stocks, that then crash prices on company stock, then the billions in profits from shorting are then used to buy up those stocks for pennies on the dollar. Very important for you to see that. And all of it illegal to do. Just like trading on the gulf rig when they had insider information they were going to blow it up themselves.  That is jail time offense.  But that only happens when you have a justice system that works. 

Then these same handful of Rothschild bankers owning these companies send in their banker experts to the IMF and World bank to do the deeds you see on this video. Its really quite simply and we definitely need a global revolution against these bankers and confiscation of these corporations and purging of the boards of directors and reissue the stock and put them back on the market for purchase by new owners who are then watched carefully until we are sure there are no khazars involved.

These "Attila the Hun" decendants have no ethics, morals, values or humanity, so they must not see the light of day ever again, once they are brought down. It worked so well in third world countries they are now going after 2nd world countries and first world countries. Its time to stand against them. We have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN AND WE ARE FAR MORE CAPABLE OF DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS THAN MOST COUNTRIES IN 2ND AND 3RD WORLD ECONOMIES.   Remember Non cooperation is the key.  Remember those Islam banks. 
You all know what to do.  


Short and Sweet
This is pretty much how it works.

What appear to be so-called Third World countries that can't get themselves together are for the most part people who've been robbed and brutalized just short of death.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls...
These same crooks will cut your throat too the second it appears profitable to them.

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CIA Spy Captured Giving Nuclear Bomb To Terrorists

Vatic Note:   I am not happy with the Title of this article.   I believe he was capture but I do not think he was captured in the act of giving it to terrorists, rather in the Process of trying to give it to terrorists, but was stopped by Pakistani intel forces and that is why he killed the two intel officers.  Apparently the CIA agent was going to give a non traceable nuke to so called terrorists, Al Qaeda, who works for the CIA so that does not surprise me, and the Pakistani ISI followed him and were shot when he realized they were following him.

Notice on all fronts they are seriously trying to push us to a third world nuke war SINCE THE ENTIRE GLOBE IS IN REBELLION?   THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT???  IF THEY DO  A FALSE FLAG AGAIN THEN THIS TIME we better not take this one sitting down. I am wondering if they are trying to time this with the planned collapse of our economy as well? That way we will be too busy surviving to try resisting all this horror. Look how impossible it was to get justice on 9-11, so you can bet justice would only be obtainable from us ourselves. We have no functioning gov as we know it. NO COOPERATING for us OR FIGHTING IN WORLD WAR AGAINST ANY COUNTRY. We must not cooperate in any of this stuff. This is all propoganda, disinfo, provocateuring and profit making on murdering more Americans and you can bet your bottom dollar, Isreael is in this as well. Take that to one of their crooked scummy banks.   Pakistan would have let him go if it were as presented on the Khazar Zionist owned MSM.  As  usual, its bigger than what they are telling us. They are fighting for his release way too hard for it to be that simple.  What we don't know is if the nuke was to be used on us or on Pakistan?   In either case its totally unacceptable FOR US to be the aggressor in starting a nuclear war JUST LIKE HITLER IN WW II.   If the nuke was to be used on us, then he should not be let go since he would have known it and aided in doing it which would make him a traitor anyway.   This is not the purpose of the CIA.   He swore to follow LEGAL ORDERS. 

CIA Spy Captured Giving Nuclear Bomb To Terrorists
Friday, February 11, 2011, By The Warning Signs

While all eyes in the West are currently trained on the ongoing revolution taking place in Egypt, Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is warning that the situation on the sub-continent has turned “grave” as it appears open warfare is about to break out between Pakistan and the United States.  (See video below)

Ecuador- Rumble in the Jungle - Part One

Ecuador- Rumble in the Jungle - Part One

February 14, 2008

Vatic Note: Just a note to say that what happens here may well save the planet since our planets oxygen comes primarily from the amazon rain forest and that is threatened by the pollution ravaging the forest and the massive cutting of trees that supply that oxygen as waste to the trees but life giving sustenance to us. This is up because the courts just came down with an award and ruling on this case and the Indians won a big award. Not sure how much, but its in the billions for sure.

I don't believe they got the full $12 billion, but it maybe about a two thirds of what the requested. I found out how much. It was $9 billion. The largest award ever in such a case, but when you watch these videos, its unlikely that would cover all the medical for the children that are dying and for the massive unbelievable clean up needed to bring the jungle back into its natural state. Then its still an issue with the state run oil company, how they will handle these issues in the future which we do not know yet.
Investigative Journalist Greg Palast files this report from the rainforests of Ecuador, where an indigenous tribe is suing Chevron for $12 billion for contaminating the Amazon. We also play part of Palast's interview with Ecuador's President Rafael Correa.

Part I - Video


With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here

Vatic Note:  this post was for those who do not believe even yet, that Israel has a propoganda dept just like Hitler did.  But then the khazar zionists ran Hitler's organization didn't they?  Yes, they did.  So that is why it looks so familiar.  They did the same with wikipedia, and now they are at it again.   Instead of simply changing their ways and apologizing and becoming good neighbors, they have to always use deception rather than diplomacy and normal behavior.  Its just out of their reach.  Sad, really.  I can't imagine running our lives on deception day in and day out.  It must wear and tear on the body and mind.  Well, lets hope this cures the unbelievers about the Propoganda machine Israel uses prolifically.

With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here

February 14, 2011, by Richard Silverstein, uruknet.info

The hasbara brigade strikes again! You always hear about Israeli attempts at media manipulation. Everyone knows it's going on but usually the process happens through cyber insurgents like those involved with Giyus (and its media monitoring software, Megaphone). Now, we know that the Israeli foreign ministry itself is orchestrating propaganda efforts designed to flood news websites with pro-Israel arguments and information.

A reader of my blog has received the following email which documents both the efforts and the agency that originated them. The solicitation to become a pro-Israel "media volunteer" also includes a list of media links which the ministry would like addressed by pro-Israel comments:   (Copy of the letter they sent out for their propoganda drive is just below this sentence).

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World,

Vatic Note:   This is another blog that one has to read in the context of all other bits of information gathered to date by the reader and then decide for him/herself.   I am still on the fence on this one because I don't think its as simple as it may appear.   I believe there is going to be a false flag by our gov and the global elite to try and convince us we are under attack by aliens and thus force us into a global union to protect the planet which is COMPLETE BS, just like global warming.  I believe it because they are already leading us up to it with bits and pieces of disclosure such as UFO's that I believe are airforce developed antigravity planes that act as we would suspect an alien ship would act like.   I am sure we will see new age paid minions of the globalists coming out yelling "disclosure is here",  and we will have the UN Alien ambassador playing his part in the farce,  and then we will have everyone in fear and wanting to do war against them , but afraid so won't know which way to turn and the elite will rescue us from our cowardess.  

On the other hand, there is no explanation for the depth of evil and inhumanity we have seen by these elite and khazars except that they are alien and not human and therefore incapable of humane thoughts and acts.  So its possible there are aliens already here.  That is where I sit on the fence.   Further there is evidence historically that good aliens have been here as evidenced by the sumarian writings and other such writings.... so again,  read and decide for yourself.   At least knowing about the false flag planned using technology to trick us is a good beginning so we can watch and see if it plays out as disclosed by Bill Cooper and others who are all dead from being foolish enough to tell us about it.  In that sense it supports my conclusions above in the beginning about the false flag attempt and the goal to globalize.  Remember, Cooper made it clear that there are good aliens who believe in non interference, its whether he was also right about the bad guys as well who helped to develop this advanced technology at such a rapid pace.

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World,

Posted on Pakalert on February 14, 2011, source

Don’t ask me why or how, because I don’t know, but I think Pakistan is the powder keg or the goal. Something there is about Pakistan. It’s certainly not about terrorists. It certainly isn’t about intimidation and the killing of innocents, who don’t have two sticks to rub together much of the time. I suppose the argument can be made about threatening Russia and China, failing that, I don’t see what the tactical value is. You can’t hold on to these areas. They can’t hold on to Afghanistan and the parts of Pakistan that they are attacking are even harder to contain and there’s nothing and hardly anyone to contain there. There must be something more going on, only I can’t see it.

The Theology of Revolution: The Pilgrims

Vatic Note:  I am going to pull a "Bruecke" and let this piece speak for itself.    Also remember its why the pilgrims and puritans came to America.  Freedom was the by word for that long, dangerous and life threatening journey.  It was that precious to them.  Also keep in mind the no interest muslim banks with no fiat currency and that might be a really excellent way to resist through non cooperation. Ya think?



The Pilgrims and the Puritans were non-conformists. Conformed to God's law, they could not yield conformity to men's law. Conformed to the standards of the church of Jesus Christ, they could not conform to the standards of the Church of England. Charged with civil disobedience, branded as seditious, hounded as heretics, and persecuted as common criminals they thrice overthrew their governments (from 1642-1776) and established their unalienable rights.

Muse’s Performance of “Uprising” at the Grammys

Muse’s Performance of “Uprising” at the Grammys

Prisonplanet.com, Feb 14, 2011

Vatic Note: A first real resistance song of modern day. Amazing that it took so long. And of course it came from the British. LOL  We can thank Alex Jones for putting this up and leading such a movement.  I was unsure if this song was for the Music Industry since they are singing it at the grammy's or if its for the globe as a whole.  Remember, we have covered the horrors the khazar run music industry have put on our artists through their satanic influence and requirements.   Artists have been degraded, humiliated and even some were murdered for speaking out about it, so that is why I asked.   The blog just before this one shows perfectly what I am talking about with Lady Gaga.   She is clearly mind controlled.  The lyrics are below and right on.... perfect and truthful.  So ENJOY!!!!!!  It appears they may not want you to see this, so click on either Alex's link above and watch it or the link below the video if it won't play.  They just don't like "TRUTH", " after all, it is the enemy of the lie and therefore the enemy of the State".  Great video, please watch it.    Lyrics are below the video so you can follow along.


Lady Gaga: Harbinger of Chaos?

Vatic Note: We have covered quit a bit about Lady Gaga and her impact on our children in the field of Satanism and mind control.  Subliminal messaging is a specialty of the satanists who are in charge of this MTV entertainment field. This is how they intend to reach our children and bring them into the satanic covens pervading our entire globe these days, including massive inroads to our young in the military which is way more scary than anything else. The military even has official documents that treat satanism as a legit religion. Its gone so far as to open the door to these satanists coming out of the closet as they now believe they are powerful enough to take over. Here is a link  to a discourse about that eventuality by a high up satanist. Our children truly are at risk. This is genuinely serious. Because of endoctrination, satanic ritual abuse etc, leaders can be groomed from an early age to take power and rule by satanic guidelines as we saw with Bush Jr when he pardoned a satanic ritualist murderer.   There is much more that we have covered on this subject to be sure.  Search under Satanism,  Entertainment field and Satanism, etc.  These we have included here are only a small amount of what we have shown globally and at the highest levels of government where satanism exists.   It explains why the hold on these leaders is so very tight.  The Khazars have their own scandels with respect to this issue which I will go into at a later date since WHO is doing this is as important as what they are doing. 

Lady Gaga: Harbinger of Chaos?
Posted on Pakalert on February 16, 2011

by Zen Gardner

OK, she’s weird. We knew she’d pull something at the Grammy’s and she did. From horned shoulders and face to heads on an organ…and that after arriving in an embryonic egg, or ET space capsule. Whatever it was. Looks like a sci-fi space pod borne by horned Nubian aliens. Ceremonial to the max.

H R 514 RECORDED VOTE - Extending Patriot Act - PASSED - TRAITORS

To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004
2/15/2011 as reported by The Clerk of the House

Vatic Note:    Well, take a good look and especially on those that are the teaparty candidates who won their seats in the republican party. My congressman, Scott Tipton,  was one of those that won his seat because of the teaparty.   SO HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS BEFORE WE "GET" IT?  They own both parties, dems and repubs, so it doesn't matter which one you vote for, its a vote for the khazar neocons.   Its that simple.   My rep betrayed them by voting for that extension so that Homeland security can go after dissidents and those practicing free speech EXACTLY LIKE HITLER DID AND STALIN,  NICE, HUH? And now they are calling free speech of truth,  Nazi domestic terrorism,  as the Khazar head of HLS had promised to do the day before yesterdays blog article. So we can thank our non government for finally shutting the door on our belief that we still could reclaim our government. We can't. Not until the blackmailers and assassins from another country are removed from this country's soil. Its that simple. Here is how they voted and the only message we should send after this is NO VOTING AT ALL UNLESS THERE IS A VIABLE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE since our votes are only for the khazar bankers candidates and no one else. So NOT VOTING IS THE ONLY CHOICE WE NOW HAVE AND RESISTANCE. Non cooperation in all things. I do mean EVERYTHING.  Here is how the game goes.... notice it was the GOP this time that voted for it while Pelosi, Ms High treason herself voted against it,  and that is so next election you will pick the dems like it will make any difference.  The dems supplied enough votes to kick it over the top.  Thats all they needed to do.  I worked in the legislature and I watched them play this game all the time.   Its one reason why I quit.  They have passed it and it will ONCE AGAIN expire on Dec 8,  THAT MEANS MARTIAL LAW IS PLANNED BEFORE THEN SO IT CAN BE DONE UNDER THE PATRIOT ACT.  See the kinds of games they play with us???  Told you the old right left was just more colloseum games in Roman times to keep you distracted with something you have no control over since the party's are completely corrupted and gone.  Bohner is now our Pelosi and now she is the good guy.  If they had won the election it would have been reversed.... the dems voting for it and the GOP voting against it.  GAMES, GAMES, GAMES.  . 
Well, now that we don't believe we are free anymore,  that is going to thwart their war plans.  Nobody will fight in their stupid wars.... they can send their kids, spouses, siblings and parents to do their dirty fighting for them. 

(Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independents underlined)
H R 514 RECORDED VOTE 14-Feb-2011 7:03 PM

QUESTION: On Passage

BILL TITLE: To extend expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 relating to access to business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers, and roving wiretaps until December 8, 2011

 Ayes Noes PRES NV
 Republican 210  27  3
 Democratic   65 117 11

 TOTALS 275 144 14
(see how your congressman voted by clicking on the read more button below this sentence)

Healing - Cancer is a Fungus

Vatic Note:  This is really very good.  This poor doctor has suffered for his work on this subject.  Please, watch this video and see what a credible person he is.   The problem is the drug and medical profession make more money on chemotherapy, both in treating cancer and "causing" severe side affects that create more need for more and different kinds of drugs.  Its just another banking scam only within the drug industry instead of the banking industry, but then they are both owned by the same psychopath elitests.   Anybody notice how all these industries get their turn at the trough???  First the energy companies like Enron, then the Chemical companies using babies, orphans, child protective services children and handicapped for experimentations that sell more drugs while costing little or nothing by using children who have no parents.  These children fed pesticides from 0 to 3 years old will be lucky to live a full and healthy life given this as a start to it.  Then it was the oil companies got their time at the trough, and finally coming up will be the food companies with this man made famine and thus high prices for greater profits for the food industry that the bankers finally took over back in 2008.    This is soooo crazy.  Now we have new info on cancer and what it is, which will affect the multibillion dollar fund raising industry for cancer, if this information is freely given to the public or given to good medical doctors that are true healers. 

Healing - Cancer is a Fungus
by Forbidden TV,

Cancerous Growths Are Always White

Oncologist, Dr. Simoncini began to suspect that cancer was a form of fungus or yeast infection, after performing hundreds of surgeries.

Yeast infections are acidic. Sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a. baking soda is the "enemy of fungus" because it's alkaline.


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Food and Depopulation

Vatic Note:   We have covered this extensively, but she does an even better job of exposing the role of the foundations in this depopulation and eugenics saga.  This is murder by "Charity".   I swear, these khazars do not know how to do anything upfront and honestly.   Amazing.  They have used the Jewish people as a front for their nasty deeds,  The USA to land grab and fight their enemies while hiding behind the country pulling the strings,  same with depopulation, Eugenics, etc. etc.  They are using vaccines now to sterilize third world countries without their knowledge or permission.  They have already begun treating the goyim like cattle.  You do not bother telling the cow what you intend to do with it.  Its not just that they "say" these things, but they are no longer even trying to hide the fact that we are their cattle. 

Food and Depopulation (Part 1 of 4) ;  The Rockefeller Family
By Cassandra Anderson,  Morph City, June 08, 2010, provided to Vatic project by Firefly of Ca,  USA

The purpose of this article is to give a brief outline of how the elites, and the Rockefellers in particular, are using food as a weapon. Since the Rockefeller family came to power (especially after gaining a monopoly in 1914 with Standard Oil) they have manipulated our government into ruining our financial system by way of the Federal Reserve, energy through oil dependency and food with GMOs (Genetically Engineered Organisms). The intention is to rob us blind and kill us. It's time to wake up.

The official name of this program is Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. It the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control over America and the rest of the world. There is no question that Americans are targeted for depopulation:


Egypt and Tunisia: NGO 'Soft War' - Islamic Banks Competing Against Western Banks - Motive: Follow the Money

Vatic Note:   WE FOUND IT,  striking at the weakest link.  EVERYONE DEPOSIT IN ISLAMIC BANKS.  They do not charge interest for loans, they do not take deposits from certain immoral activities and they certainly wouldn't do drug money laundering.  Hmmmm,  I am impressed with what we did not know about any of this and that is what we get for relying on the Khazar owned MSM.   I am seriously going to look into this.  This is great.  Its the only way to stop the banks is withdraw in the millions.  Let them eat each other up.  DO IT GLOBALLY.  Hear that Australia?  Taiwan?  Europe, france,  Ireland?  New Zealand....Pakistan, Malasia,  etc.   I am talking to all my buddies out there.   Find a muslim bank and switch accounts.  I also believe they are on the gold system. 

You will have to check that out but Iraq and Iran are on the Gold system as was Egypt, and Tunisia because of their Laws which says you cannot have fiat currency.   I think we made the wrong friends somewhere down the line.   I am going to have to get into that. (another rabbit hole, where will I get the time??? LOL) This is the most educational piece I have ever read on Shira law with regard to financing.  No wonder the Rothschilds are going bonkers.   They are losing profits big time in Africa and its driving them bats.   Now other muslim countries are opening up their own banks.  Yup, this is a banking world war.  BANKING WORLD WAR I ,  Now globally we can fight this one UNITED AS A PEOPLE IN EVERY COUNTRY,  for sure.   Just educate the people.  That is the key.  JUST HAD A BRAIN STORM..... BORROW FROM THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES TO PAY OFF THE BANKERS AND NO INTEREST AND WE COULD BE BACK IN THE GRAVY IN NO TIME AT ALL.  THINK ON IT.  Greece and Ireland could do the same thing and get themselves on their feet.  Wow, the implications of this are great. 

Egypt and Tunisia: NGO 'Soft War' - Islamic Banks Competing Against Western Banks - Motive: Follow the Money http://www.abeldanger.net/2011/02/egypt-and-tunisia-ngo-soft-war-islamic.html
Provided to Vatic Project by Abledanger
Source: Puppetworld Post , Monday, February 14, 2011

Rothschilds Stage Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt To Kill Islamic Banks In Emerging North African Markets

Jacob Rotschild, senior member of the British branch of the Rothschild dynasty. Memorize that face.

Background: Tunisia has undergone increasing economic liberalization over the last decade: In the 2010-2011 World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, it was ranked as the most competitive country in Africa, as well as the 32nd most economically competitive country globally. North Africa’s large Muslim populations are a vast business opportunity for Islamic banking and other businesses.

“God’s House”: Muslims saved Jews from Nazis

Contributors Note:  From this computer, I'm not able to watch any films, but the Jewish historian who made the film says that, when he was eight years old Albanian Muslims saved him from the Nazis. He goes on to say that  Muslims in various countries rescued as many as 100,000 Jews. By contrast, 150,000 KHAZAR converted Jews (vn: practicing Satanism) served in the Nazi army; and the World Zionist League sat on their hands when they could have helped. The writer of the article gives much of the history of Jewish/Muslim cooperation over the past 1,000 years.

Vatic Note:   This makes the Khazars even more damnable than they were before.  They have no human emotions, gratitude, compassion or anything else we would recognize.  They are slaughtering millions of muslims without a shred of gratitude for what was done to save the lives of a 100,000 Jewish people.   I am impressed more and more every day as I find out the good that the muslims have done for both Jewish people and Christians.  Remember, we have a blog up about how Mohammad himself gave sanctuary and safety to the nuns of the Convent of ST. Catherine.  I am going by memory, but will try to find the link so you can read it again yourselves. (I found the link, its above as indicated)   But these are not the Muslims that we are being told through the khazar owned MSM by the Khazars, are radicalized murderers.   Remember, Israel has killed many more Americans than all the muslim countries put together and there are more of them than there are isreali's, so how did that happen?  Just a reminderthe USS Liberty, the USS Cole, and 9-11, not to mention all the domestic assassinations they did like JFK, JFK JR., CARNAHAN AND WELLSTONE.    Well, this and the other blog explains it all.  Its all just another false flag game to create a bogie man enemy to manipulate us into doing all the killing for the khazars on their behalf for thier empire building agenda, war profits and loans for war weapons and armies so the bankers can make another killing.  That is literally and figuratively.      Well we are not going to play anymore, are we ????  NON COOPERATION IS THE BY WORD.  

I had wondered where the Khazars gratitude was for saving Jewish people from persecution and remembered, it was the khazar zionists bankers in Switzerland (Rothschild's headquarters during the war) who saw to it that the Jews were in fact prosecuted by Hitler, by refusing to meet Hitlers terms which were easily met if they had been passed on to everyone, but they were not.  These bankers sitting in Switzerland (Rothschild headquarters) negotiating with Hitler wanted Palestine as the only place the Jewish people could go (Rothschild had invested millions in land purchase in Palestine BEFORE WW II, SO HOW DID HE KNOW IT WOULD BE NEEDED?  Because he PLANNED IT THAT WAY AND caused it all to happen, remember, the bankers controlled Hitler, for he was a Khazar, by blood) and Hitler offered the Isle of Mann off the coast of Britian, and other such places to send the Khazars and Jews, and the Zionist Khazars said "No where but Palestine" and we have subsequently seen why as his plan worked,  all Jews headed for Palestine after the war out of fear and settled in to act as slaves to build Rothschilds land in Palestine,  we hear this first hand from REAL JEWS from other arab countries who returned and were treated as slaves...   So millions died for Rothschild empire building and its continuing today since Jews are not his people, but khazars are and that is who is filling the settlements in Israel right now, Russian immigrant Khazars.   The rest of the world is being slaughtered at the hands of Rothschild and his minions and control over the power that is the United States.  

“God’s House”: Muslims saved Jews from Nazis
Posted on January 20, 2010,  Contributed to Vatic Project by Gerry Mills of American Action Report, Taiwan

“Islam is an act of God’s Mercy upon Jews,” Shelomo Dov Goitein (1900-1985), a German Jewish historian in his book ‘Jews and Arabs’.

“God’s House”, is a film by American Jewish photographer, Norman H. Gershman that shows Muslim tolerance towards Jews during the time when 150,000 KHAZAR  Jews served in a Nazi Army and the leaders of the World Zionist movement refused to help the European Jews being persecuted by the Nazis. Gershman chronicles the stories of Muslims, especially in Albania, who saved the lives of the Jews during WW II.

Albania, Muslim country with a population of 3.6 million gave refuge to and hid 2,000 foreign European Jews. “These Muslim people in this small little country did something miraculous,” Gershman says in the film.Fritzi Weitzman 85 – then 13-year-old, was one of the Austrian Jews saved by the Muslims.

The film (watch two videos below) is a behind-the-scenes look at how Gershman tracked down the heroic Albanians, that rescued Jews and their progeny for his book, “Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews in WW II”. Fritzi was thrilled that she had finally been able to share with the world the story of how a Muslim man faced up to anti-Semitism and saved the lives of her and her entire family. “For 70 years I’ve been trying to tell the world what King Zog did,” she said.  (Please watch the videos below... they made me cry)

Part I

Egypt Destabilization-Op Hatched by Globalists


Vatic Note: Alex is absolutely correct in his analysis, as usual he leaves out Israel and their role in all of this for their payoff which is "Greater Israel" take over of oil and water sources in their region. However, the rest is correct as we have been showing. Its global in its scope and size, and it was all laid out that destabilization was critical to successful overthrow of all governments and they would then be able to bring it all under one system that they control. He is also right about the right/left paradigm that they are trying to create to keep us divided. Its way bigger than right left, or Christian vs Muslim. Way bigger. I will try to find the time to show you the entire plan to destabilize all governments and get them overthrown to then take control of the globe. They did this in russia and in Germany in order to put their people into power. He also did an EXCELLENT analysis on how this fascism, communism ploy works. I had not thought of it that way, but as soon as he said, I saw the truth of it just because I know history and its right on. Please watch his video on this all the way through and pay attention to what he says about Glen Beck.

Egypt Destabilization-Op Hatched by Globalists
February 12, 2011

Alex Jones breaks down the real factors behind Egypt's uprising in a special video report where he rebuffs the theories of Glenn Beck, who tries to link the Muslim Brotherhood to radical socialism in the United States. While George Soros has significant influence over these mid-east events, he alone is not the ringmaster in the global game of chess. He is, rather, among those in control of an offshore globalist corporate cartel that dominates the finance of all nations and seeks influence over their domestic affairs.
Watch video below,  its well worth the time. 


Mubarak's departure thwarted Israeli strike on Iran

Vatic Note:   I am sorry, but I simply cannot conjure up one ounce of sympathy for Israel.  Mubarak was not an ally, he was a puppet, just like Bush and Obama.   They controlled the country and notice everyone,  they promised us HUNGER, FOOD SHORTAGES, FAMINE, RIOTS, ETC, way back before any weather would have justified such a prediction.   So now we have the food shortages in Egypt,  the provocateurs from Israel stirring up the Egyptians into riots as promised,   and now the so called threat of Islamic radicalism taking over Egypt being promised by Netanyahu.
(The reason for the war in Iraq. Oil flowing to Israel.  See below map.  This secret pipeline is buried deep underground and encased in cement, notice the kurds will be next)

Instead of Prime minister, he should run for prophet of Israel with all his uncanny predictions coming true.  So, what would happen should the radicals get in and take over????  Why, gee, I bet they would have to go to war with Egypt to protect their own interests, by golly,  and the result is they would win and then control the water and oil in that central part of Egypt, just like the map of GREATER ISRAEL indicates.       Hmmm, is that what they  are trying to cover up with their whining and 
crying???  They should not be a nation if they cannot deal with their own neighbors without the USA coming and constantly bailing them out.  Grow up or get out.  Lead, follow or get out of the way and right now "get out of the way" looks pretty good.  If you doubt the "GREATER ISRAEL" agenda is the real objective, just look at this coin of theirs with the map of GREATER ISRAEL beneath the menorah.  Its way bigger than what it currently is and fits nicely with what is going on in Egypt.  You could almost predict who will be next in this march to EMPIRE FOR ISRAEL.  NO MORE FOREIGN AID FOR THAT COUNTRY. 

Mubarak's departure thwarted Israeli strike on Iran

Published 01:27 13.02.11, by By Aluf Benn, Haartz.com

Israel will find it difficult to take action far to the east when it can not rely on the tacit agreement to its actions on its western border.

Most Israelis were either born or immigrated to this country during the period in which Hosni Mubarak ruled Egypt. This is the reality they know. And this is the significance of the stability that Mubarak provided them with.

In all the upheavals that took place in the Middle East over the past three decades, the Egyptian regime appeared to be a powerful rock. The leaders of Israel knew that their left flank was secure as they went out to war, built settlements and negotiated peace on the other fronts. The friction in relations between Jerusalem and Cairo, however frustrating it was at times, did not undermine the foundations of the strategic alliance created by the Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement.

CIA makes up half of some US embassies - Part IV Khazarian Control of America

Vatic Note: What we have here is Obama who became a CIA agent at the age of 20 from college, or so its reported, who now is President of the United States. Remember what Truman said, He has never had control over the CIA and Kennedy said the same thing and was going to disband it. That was another major reason he was assassinated, but now they have their own man in place and that becuase there is no proof he ever left the employ of the CIA. They and the pentagon run a parallel chain of command to the legit chain of command and the shadow gov chain of command is controlled by Mossad and Israel through their appointments in key positions which they then control. Chemtrails is a good example, contracted out to Evergreen airways to do the flight patterns for the FAA on a private contract. Thus no one else at the FAA knows anything about it. Very clever. Think about this.... the heads of every single critical intel agency, cabinet positions and key chairmen of key committees are all Khazars, dual citizens and we can tell by how our country is being sacrificed for the benefit of Israel.   They are instituting repressive tyranical measures to turn us into a Gaza concentration camp.  Well, it won't be as easy or painless as it has been in Gaza. 

So its understandable that process would also be in place for other things and if you look at who controls what, they are ALL KHAZAR OPERATIVES, Napolitano or whatever her name is as head of Homeland Nazi Security, and The supreme khazar nazi, Hillary Clinton as SOS. Then you have Lieberscum as head of Homeland Security Senate committee which is an extremely powerful position for a dual Israeli citizen. These are US citizens working for the best interests of a FOREIGN NATION in opposition to our best interests.   A coup has been conducted and we are the only ones who can undo it.   So this is just another example of what results from foreign operatives running your government.  Remember also, that  Cheney's and  Rahm's domestic assassination squad was never disbanded but also included Mossad as part of the squad.   A foreign nation allowed to domestically assassinate Americans for their best interests (does wellstone, carnahan and JFK Jr ring a bell?).  This is clearly another indicator of Khazar control of our gov.  

CIA makes up half of some US embassies
Posted on 12. Feb, 2011 by Raja Mujtaba in US, Opinion Maker publication

CIA runs independent air forces and armies
By Wane Madsen
The Central Intelligence Agency makes up fifty percent of U.S. embassy staff in certain countries, according to a former senior State Department official who has recently been in Afghanistan. In fact, the U.S. embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan and Baghdad, Iraq have the highest complement of CIA official cover and non-official cover agents of any U.S. embassy.

Along with the massive CIA presence among the U.S. diplomatic corps is the presence of independent air forces and armies that are operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries by the CIA. The operations are run out of U.S. embassies in the countries.

High Ranking Bilderberg Mason Spills the Beans on His Death Bed

Vatic Note:   This is a wish list of the illuminati, not necessarily what "will" happen, rather what they hope will happen.   So much is swirling out of control right now for them,  that these control freaks will have a hard time forcing this into the way they want it to end.  The "human factor" is their unknown.  They simply do not know just what we will do,  or just how powerful we are, or how hard we will fight to avoid the future they have planned for us.  They have no idea what we will do, but they know we will do something, and that is almost certain now.   They have as much as promised to kill us off, so rather than sit around waiting I suspect there will be a better way to die than at their hands w/o a fight.   In fact, I am sure of it.  So be it.  Tell all military you know and law enforcement this is going to be used against them and their families as well,  that their best chance of a good life and world rests with siding with us as a people together,  UNITED AS PEOPLE OF POWER. 

High Ranking Bilderberg Mason Spills the Beans on His Death Bed

by Admin, Free State Voice, Tuesday, 01 February 2011

An Oil Tycoon - a high ranking Bilderberg Mason is terminally ill in the USA. He opened his remorseful heart to Pastor Lindsay Williams lastweek. He told him some of the plotted events coming for us all in the next year or so before the take over of the New World Order whereby we will be ruled by China.

But of course the Real Rulers are the Illuminati Bankers who will remain in the shadows as the Chinese take over as the front stage men! This is what he said which also includes other revelations and facts given to us by the alternative media which is not masonically controlled.

1 - Strike on Iran within 2 years and will spread everywhere!

The John Birch Society -- Exposed! Part I - Khazarian control of America (series)

Vatic Note:  This is the most enlightening discourse on the history of the subversion of the John Birch society that I have ever read.   While I don't agree with everything he says, I did get a lot out of the history of the organization and how it was transformed from a serious critic of the ravaging of this nation by the Khazars, to an aider and abettor of the same ravaging.    This is the first in a series we are going to do about a rabbit hole we went down over a very long period of time.   Who is destroying America and why?   This writing historically was done BEFORE ANYONE KNEW ABOUT THE KHAZARS... before Arthur Koestler wrote his famous book on their take over of the Jewish people and religion (even though they retained their pagan practices) We thought we knew,  but we had no idea just how right FDR was; FDR said,  "In politics, there are no accidents,  everything that happens is planned down to the smallest detail".   I believe it and have seen it, whether we knew it or not at the time.   Example:   The  early 90's bombing of the Murrah building in OKC, and the first bombing of the trade center, were all war games for 9-11.   Now its obvious, but at the time, there was no way to know why these things were done by black ops.  Notice that Mossad and CIA are not only joined at the hip in intel (a dual israeli citizen is head of our intel services here) but are joint in the "domestic assassination squad" that has not been disbanded and yet is illegal as hell.  

That fact allowed these people to CONTROL the dialogue of this nation,  its political agenda and the use of its wealth to advance the enrichment of this group of people we are about to expose at the expense of the lives of our citizens over many decades and thousands of deaths.  .   Please read this and see just how detailed this info is.   Like I said before,  Vatic Project is not for the "fast food" consumers of info.  This kind of  depth of info is the ONLY WAY to understand why its so hard to believe anyone could do this and get away with it.  JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY TAKE OVER,  WAS A SHOCK TO ME WHEN I SAW IT.  Regardless of your politics, John Birch society had always been seen as a true honest organization that knew the truth and alway spoke and documented what was happening in our country,  well, now we know and now I understand those who warned me about them and I did not listen.   I AM LISTENING NOW.  Ironically, it was a John Birch branch forum that finally awoken me to the truth.   I provided proof of the dangers to real Jews by the Khazars and they banned me.  They proved they not only didn't care about the Jews themselves, but that they were deeply imbedded in the Khazar agenda and an active player in achieving the DOWNFALL OF AMERICA INTO ANOTHER COMMUNIST RUSSIA only this time they are going global with it using  America's wealth and Blood of her children as the lynch pin to assuring it happens.   They call it "communism" but in actuality its fascism worse than Germany.  Both left and right have controlled opposition groups financed by the Rockefellers and other Khazar foundations, not just the JBirch society. 

The John Birch Society -- Exposed!
By John "Birdman" Bryant

"The Rockefellers were active on the 'right wing' front through their sponsorship of the John Birch Society. To enable Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason, to devote all of his time to the Society, Nelson Rockefeller purchased his family firm, the Welch Candy Company, from him at a handsome price. Welch chose the principal officers of the Society from his acquaintances at the Council on Foreign Relations. For years afterwards, American patriots were puzzled by the consistent inability of the John Birch Society to move forward on any of its well-advertised 'anti-Communist' goals. The fact that the Society had been set up at the behest of the backers of the world Communist revolution may have played some role in this development. Other patriots wondered why most American conservative writers, including the present writer, were steadily blacklisted by the Society for some thirty years. Despite thousands of requests from would-be book buyers, the Society refused to review or list any of my books. After several decades of futility, the Society was totally discredited by its own record." --Eustace Mullins, Murder By Injection, Staunton VA: National Council for Medical Research, 1988: 340-1

[Birdman note: The Rockefeller family is genetically Jewish, (VN: I will substitute the word Khazar for the word Jewish through out this well presented commentary only when it applies to "who did what", but not when it applies to how they set it up for Jews to take the blame for their actions as an intentional deflection of their role in their demise of our nation) tho their religious affiliation is Baptist, and has had an intimate financial relationship with the world's most powerful Jewish family -- the Rothschilds -- since the 19th century. While Mullins' complaint against the JBS was that it ignored his books, a somewhat more revealing complaint was made by National Alliance founder Dr William Pierce, who in his early years was a member of the JBS, but left because of its effective prohibition on discussing the role of Khazars in the communist conspiracy.]


Counter-Terrorism Expert Leaves The FBI to Defend Civil Rights

Vatic Note:   I am surprised at his ability to stick strickly with the facts without editorializing given his expertise on this subject.   He could have said torture was not for obtaining info, rather for creating mind control subjects similar to the panty bomber who was tortured and then released by cheney personally, so how come?  Why was he not on the terrorist watch list but hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans are on that list???  Lots of questions and still no answers, however, he resigned on principle and that at least carries with it value to reinstate the concept of ethics and morality.   What is morally right to do.  Its been a while since anyone in gov has done that except for Bernie Sanders from Vermont.  But then he is not a member of the two party group.  He is an independant.  Its a good interview and worth watching.  Good for him.  Mind control is the real reason for the torture since they almost never go to trial and there are young children still imprisoned after all these years and the torture is the only life they now know.  What a serious death penalty crime that should be.   Cheney, do you hear me???  Rahm, Obama, are you listening? 

Counter-Terrorism Expert Leaves The FBI to Defend Civil Rights

Not every federal law enforcement official puts
his paycheck above the rule of law.

The interesting - and heavily-censored story - of
the FBI counter-terrorism expert who quit to
supports civil rights and expose fraud in the
"war on terror."


DHS Declares War:"Homegrown Terrorists Fueled by the Internet", Part III - Khazarian control of America

Vatic Note: Watch and read this in light of the previous blog we just put up about Israel and their control of Homeland Security and the dangers to our veterans of that control.  It's critical that we understand just how bad this really is and it must be stopped.   Only we can do it since our government is under control of a foreign power as we speak today.  SPREAD BOTH OF THESE BLOGS, EVERYWHERE TO EVERYONE AND GET IT OUT BEFORE THEY SHUT OFF THE NET.   

Here we go. I said before a long time ago and continually ever since, that once the khazars consolidate control, we will be treated just like they treat the palestinians, we are hated as much by the Israeli khazars as the pals are. The International bankers of Rothschild also hate us for thwarting their many attempts over a 100 years to do what they are doing now, and the robber barons hate us for electing FDR when we did who also thwarted their attempt to build a fascist national empire here in America. I am not saying FDR is faultless in some of the things he did, but he was hated by them, so he did enough to thwart them.   So, get ready with whatever way you have chosen to fight this final battle. They will brook you no quarter whatsoever. They are on the verge of going down criminally and they cannot hold off anymore, so this is the big push and this is the lead into the big push. It will work with some of the sheep, but thank goodness most are waking up rapidly. In fact, I am impressed given the length of time it took, but in fact, these satan worshippers are the ones that shoved them over the line with their actions and behavior. It was a blessing in that instance even though a curse in other ways. So, keep the faith, and remember WE ARE POWERFUL BEINGS AND WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT AND DO NOT BE AFRAID. Get righteously angry.  (I laughed so hard when I saw that picture because she does look "exactly"  like Hitler.... Hmmm, I wonder if she is related to him?   What an idea!!!  So many are related.   LOL  I am still laughing, how did we ever allow all these nazi Khazars to get into power here?  Were we really sleeping that badly?) 

DHS Declares War:"Homegrown Terrorists Fueled by the Internet" (That damn free speech, "Truth" gets ya everytime,  truth is the enemy of the state)  Part III http://beforeitsnews.com/story/411/505/DHS_Declares_War:_Homegrown_Terrorists_Fueled_by_the_Internet.html  
Thursday, February 10, 2011 7:43, by Zen Gardner, Before Its News

Give me a freakin' break. They get away with this fascist hype and no one screams?
This tripe from the insatiable stooge Napoleon-itano was on ABC News:

"One of the most striking elements of today's threat picture is that plots to attack America increasingly involve American residents and citizens,"   (VN: Treason right there, on its face, this must be prosecuted and now.)

Demons, Fallen Angels or Disembodied Spirits of the Gibborim?

Vatic Note: THIS IS A MUST READ if you are ever going to understand the enemy who has targeted us for destruction.   If you want to know who the Khazars really are and why they are so very dangerous,  then you must watch and read this fully.  Only then can you understand why they are sooo different from us.   You maybe asking yourself, "why in the world is she putting this up on the blog?" Well, the answer is, something beyond the ordinary has to explain these cretins doing this to us and to the population of this planet.

What we have not addressed is the extent all at once of the evil being done and no real explanation on how this can happen over hundreds if not thousands of years. Add to that, the belief by these high powered, psychopathic and brilliant men and women that such demons and satanic creatures exist, such that they have committed "THEIR VERY SOULS" to these creatures by committing  barbaric acts that can only be explained by this below or by the dimensional creatures which is the other theory we discussed.  Because its taken on a religious furvor similar to evangelical ranting and obsession,  the leaders of these nations literally believe in dark power and dark spiritual forces, and live, breath, eat and drink this belief in every thing they do and every act they engage in, thus they have become a deadly threat to the populations of the globe.  That is just how serious this has become,  we cannot relate in anyway to how their minds work, and trust me, they have not one ounce of humanity left within them.  Its all gone. That makes them doubly dangerous.   So it behooves us to know where they come from on this subject.   So, I decided not to shut the door on anything.

We are learning that all we knew all this time was a big lie, THE big lie. So search for truth will take us down many rabbit holes before we find it or some combination there of. One postulation was that these were multidimensional creatures who managed to manipulate soulless humans on this earth to do this. Well, there is no evidence to either of these, but something has to explain it, so here is just one more theory and its as valid as any other theory. We simply have to read it and decide for ourselves. Maybe there is info in here you can keep in the back of your minds to consider if something else has already come up or will in the future that may support this theory more so than any other. The reason we need truth, no matter how off the wall, is becuase any effective solution must be based on "what is" and nothing less, since we will not have many chances to make mistakes and start over.  Better to read and learn now.... I have not made up my mind yet, but I am keeping it open to all possibilities. One thing I am sure of, there is much that we do not know in this universe and every day I find out more I did not know.  Its been one heck of a journey.   Way more than I had imagined.... so the journey is one of discovery. Have a good trip.  There are tons of links at the end to additional information, so you can go as far down that rabbit hole as you decide.

by forbidden Knowledge,

According to Thelemic legend, in 1918 Aleister Crowley came into contact with a interdimensional entity named Lam, who by the way is a dead ringer for the popular conception of the 'alien grey ' depicted on the cover of Whitley Strieber's Communion. From this purported encounter, some have inferred that the industrious Mr. Crowley intentionally opened a portal of entry--through the practice of a magick ritual.

The Amalantrah Working--which allowed the likes of Lam and other 'alien grays a passageway onto the Earth plane. Furthermore, this portal may have been further enlarged by Parsons and Hubbard in 1946 with the commencement of the Babylon Working, thus facilitating a monumental paradigm shift in human consciousness. Sex and rockets