SUNGAZING To Open The Pineal Gland: How To Do It Right - Part 2

***Now I am sure this is a coincidence, but its such a coincidence that I thought it needed to be pointed out.  You decide.  Right after I published this, which is usually two days before it shows up on the blog,  HAARP started going in my area... I can not speak about anywhere else, but here, for the first time all summer in the middle of a drought instead of sunshine and heat as we have been having,  we are now into our second day of rain and NO SUNSHINE.  LOL  Now you tell me,  A coincidence?  ....  lol  

Vatic Note:  This was a most interesting rabbit hole I found.... and is part 2 of our series of 2 parts on DNA Changes and Psychic Consciousness, and the first part we covered, we dealt with the calcification of the Pineal gland and then how to decalcify it and activate it again.   This part deals with the Illuminating and growing of the gland and just how important the sun is.  What I didn't know (what a surprise) is that ancient cultures understood our need for sun in many ways, as you will read below.  Its ironic that western culture has advanced so much in technology and lost so much in ancient knowledge and wisdom about our physical world.  We were made to fit in this world, or it was made to fit us.  You decide. 

This story below is amazing and hard to believe but its easy to verify for yourself. Especially the man whose Pineal gland grew to almost double that of others normal size.   This reminds me of the Cholesteral medical issue.  Bad cholesteral is bad and then we find out its not deadly to have bad cholesteral (LDL) in fact it  has an important role in our health, it  was just another way for the PTB to make us and keep us unhealthy and addicted to their drugs while also fullfilling the "depopulation" agenda.   Then we find out how important clean real non tainted water is for our health and our spirit.  Sun gazing was suppose to damage the retina in your eyes, well, ask your naturopathic Dr., but according to this, that  is not the case.  There is just a proper way to do it.  

Reading this, I began to understand more clearly THE PURPOSE OF CHEMTRAILS.  Pay attention to what he says happens when deprived of all ultraviolet rays of the sun.  In other words, we need them all such that sunbathing should be done naked.  That is explained below. We have mentioned before that the PTB (khazar zionist bankers and their illum handlers) know these things and have multiple reasons for everything they do.    

Now this below.... but check with a naturopathic doctor yourselves to confirm and follow the instructions below in how to sun gaze properly.  I had a heart attack about 5 years back and used natural remedies to cure it after spending 4 months on their various and numerous heart medications when I got out of the hospital.  

The side affects alone would have killed me if I had not taken myself off.  I substituted natural products that did the same thing as the aleopathic medicines, except, they were also healing my body, not just "masking" the symptoms.  I can see why the PTB want to ban natural remedies or make them so expensive you could not afford to use them.  That is what CODEX is all about.  I read that Europe banned natural remedies, and I am curious how that has affected them, if true, maybe someone from Europe could comment. 

It was actually adrenalin that damaged the heart and that is stress from my job at the time.  According to the Doctor, he was surprised I was still alive from the damage AND he had never seen a heart attack patient with 95% oxygenated cells.  I attribute that to 30 years on natural remedies and NO DRUGS and also having an RH neg gene that carries a higher oxygen content.   But after reading this article below, I realized it was also my misspent youth of sun gazing all the time, as well.   

I did not grow up with TV, or computers, so we played outside all the time and laid in the grass and basked in the sun, ate the spearment leaves that grew wild,  and searched for images in the clouds above and in the fall, we had to rake leaves and make leave piles that we then jumped into and messed up and reraked them again, all outside in the sun, and in the winter,  we built snow forts on cold sunny days and had snowball fights.  I believe now, after reading this, Its what saved my life.   THROW OUT THE TV. I have not had TV service for 5 years now, since my Heart attack.  I do watch videos and DVD's on occasion, but mostly spend my time at the computer doing this like a full time job and outside the rest of the time.   

Please note below that sun gazing safely needs to be done early morning or late afternoon when the sun is rising or declining. 

SUNGAZING: Open The Pineal Gland, Improve Your Eyesight, Eat Less Food
by "peacefulone",  Lightworkers,  July 2008

Staring at the Sun:

My journey with the ancient practice of sun gazing, began in Arizona, a little over three years ago. I had discovered an incredible diet that was to save my life, by the same man who recommended sun gazing. His name was Vinny Pinto, and he ran a Yahoo group that focused on a man named Hira Ratan Manek. He was originally from India, and is commonly referred to as HRM.

HRM has literally subsisted, and lived off of the sun's energy since June 18th, 1995. That is right, he has not eaten solid food in 12 years. He has been studied by various researchers, such as the Thomas Jefferson University, and the University of Pennsylvania. Not only have they found his claims to be true, but medical evidence suggests this man is more healthy than a normal person of his age. This year he is 76.

How does he do it? The ancient practice of sun gazing. Doctor's found his neurons were active, and not dying. His pineal gland is actually growing, not shrinking, which is very unusual in someone over the age of fifty. The greatest average in someone over fifty, is a pineal size of 6×6 mm, HRM's is 8×11 mm.

"Gazing directly into the sun actually improves sight and aids in overcoming disease," wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton.

WITHOUT SUNLIGHT YOU WILL DIE "Without sunshine, there would be no life possible on earth," writes Dr. Edwin Flatto. The sun provides the basis for all life on earth.

The sun is the source of energy for all plants, and indirectly, for all animals. Sunlight purifies water, air and the surfaces of objects.

"Shut up the strongest man in a dark dungeon, and he becomes pale like a corpse, his blood loses its vitality, and he is liable to scrofulous disease. He loses the power of resisting disease influences," wrote Dr. Thomas Low Nichols.

"Take away the sunlight and all life on earth would soon perish. Deprived of sunlight, man loses physical vigor and strength and will develop a disinclination for activity," wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton. Shelton wrote that the "jailbird" who has been locked in his cell for sometime with a lack of sunlight, is in line for disease and will waste away.

Feed two animals the same diet but keep one in a dark closet and allow the other to be out in the sunshine. The animal that's kept in the closet will be weak, stunted and die prematurely. (VN:  Sounds like our agricorp industry doesn't it?  Does the impact of being locked up all your life as a feed animal result in those lack of vitality being passed onto the consumer of that meat? Good question to ask.)


Eyeglasses and contact lenses rob you of energy by blocking some of the ultra violet rays that travel through the eyes to the pineal gland, writes Patricia McCormac.

After discontinuing wearing his eyeglasses, Dr. John Ott writes that he exposed his eyes to the sunlight without lenses. His vision was much improved. He recommended similar therapy to his friends and they received similar improvement in their vision. Ott writes that nothing should block out the full spectrum of sunlight, no glasses of any kind to block the ultra violet rays, and especially, no dark glasses.

Sunglasses block healing ultra-violet light and thus contribute to the increased incidence of blindness and eye disease in this country, writes Dr. Jacob Liberman.

Suntan lotions should not be used because they can cause cancer, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime.

"Artificial sun-lamps can do irreparable damage. None of the lamps, regardless of the price, contain more than a few of the rays found in the sun. The ultra-violet rays, because of their short length in artificial lamps, can be very harmful," writes Dr. William Esser.

Sunscreen may actually increase the risk of cancer, so proposed California researchers in a paper published in January, 1993, in the Annals of Epidemiology. The researchers contended that UVB- blocking sunscreens had contributed to increasing skin-cancer rates, by disabling the body's natural alarm mechanism: sunburn

The researchers also posited that because UVB rays are the main source of vitamin D, and because vitamin D may inhibit the progression of melanoma, and because sunscreens block UVB rays- sunscreens might promote vitamin D deficiencies and cause melanomas. (UVB is the shorter wavelength of ultraviolet light that damages the skin. UVA is the longer of the two types of ultraviolet light that reaches the earth. UVA is responsible for tanning.)

In a study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in January,1993, researchers from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center applied three common types of sunscreen to mice and then exposed most of them to sunlamps twice a week for three weeks. Melanoma cells were then injected into all the mice. 

The mice exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays, even if they were treated with sunscreen, had a higher incidence of melanoma than those not exposed to UV rays. The researchers theorized that sunscreens may allow enough UV to penetrate the skin to suppress the immune response and/or damage DNA, thus allowing tumors to develop.

UVA can cause skin cancer, particularly melanoma, according to the Texas researchers. The sunscreens used in the mouse study blocked little or no UVA.

Tanning pills are unsafe, writes Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports write that Canthaxanthin, a dye, used in tanning pills, builds up in the retina and liver, causes skin reactions and itching, and leads to a type of hepatitis.

If we choose to expose our nude skins to the sunshine, all we need do is pay attention to our bodies. Our bodies are always talking to us and we must learn to listen. If the sunshine is going to be harmful to us, our bodies will feel uncomfortable in the sunshine. This will force us to withdraw our bodies from the sunshine before the sunshine can injure us. DON'T BLOCK THE SUN OR YOU MAY DEVELOP CANCER BY REDUCING VITAMIN D ABSORPTION
Anything that blocks sunshine from penetrating the skin will reduce the amount of vitamin D that the body makes.

People with lower levels of activated vitamin D are at greater risk for colon cancer, writes the Lancet. Vitamin D "in man, absorption is through the skin," by the influence of sunlight, writes Dr. Viviana Virginia Vetrano.

"Sun-baths must, of course, be taken in the nude because clothing prevents passage of the sun's rays to the body and the result is only heat and sweat," writes Dr. William Esser.

"A full sunbath in the nude is ideal. This is not a mere cosmetic measure, but a health requirement for greatest value," wrote Dr. Herbert Shelton.

"Wild animal life spends the cool portions of the day in the sun and seeks the shade and rest when it is hottest," wrote Dr. Shelton.

"Absorb the sun's rays during the early morning or just before sunset, when the sun's rays are slanting, and when your shadow is longer than you are," writes Dr. Edwin Flatto.

"Rooms which are poorly ventilated, into which the sunshine is not permitted to shine and which are damp and not dried by your home heating system are destructive of both life and health," writes Rise Rafferty. Rafferty also writes, shutters and heavy curtains block the life-giving rays of sunlight from the chamber. This should not be so.

A sunny exposure, plenty of large windows, and no blinds or curtains, wrote Dr. Thomas Low Nichols.

Unfortunately we are forced in our "un-civilization to constantly keep covered with tight, restrictive garments and undergarments, brassieres, panties, underpants,& bathing suits, our breasts, prostates, reproductive organs and colons.

"No skin can be maintained in any thing like a clean condition if it 'does not come in contact with the sun and air," wrote Dr. -8- Herbert Shelton.

Shelton also wrote 

"Complete organs may be removed from the body, not only the arms and legs, but some of the internal organs, and life will continue as before, but if the function of the skin is suspended for only a few minutes, death is the result" ... "The resistant powers of Elie-normal skin counteracts in a marvelous way those changes of temperature to which the body is so frequently subjected.

The skin weakened by clothing is unable to do this very effectively." "The skin that has become weakened by clothing serves as a less effective barrier to infectious matter from the outside."

"Man also breathes through his skin and it is vitally necessary that a constant supply of fresh pure air reach the skin if it is to carry on its respiratory function normally. A healthy skin is essential to normal health and can be had only by giving it the advantage of those agencies which are intended by nature to come in contact with and affect the skin."

"Anyone who ever had his feet to sweat knows how disagreeable is the odor that exudes from them when his or her shoes are removed. Every one is acquainted with the fact that the feet of the 'bare foot boy with cheeks of tan' may sweat the whole day through without producing such a condition. Why the difference? It is because the sun and air disintegrate and carry away the excretions from the skin of the feet. If they are tightly sealed up in those leather sweat boxes called shoes they are not only denied the benefits of light and air but are forced to remain in their own filthy exudations. Someday man will substitute the sun and air bath for the present water bath."

"The manual laborer goes to work on a hot summer day and sweats profusely throughout the day. His clothes become saturated with sweat. It gives off a very disagreeable odor. The hands and face which have been exposed to the sun and air do not give off such an odor. If one examines he finds the space between the man's body and his clothes occupied by foul hot air and gases which are very repugnant to the olfactory sense. The man is literally wallowing in his own excretions, he has them bound to him by his clothing so that they escape slowly. This is filthy. This same thing is true of every one who wears clothes whether they are 'high collared' financiers or just plain folks. It is not true of those who work without clothing. This condition caused by the clothing weakens the skin. In many cases it is almost dead."

"Man's resistance to atmospheric changes is also lowered to such an extent that every time he meets a sudden change in temperature he suffers. The Indian could travel all day in a blinding snowstorm or swim frozen streams but if his 'pale face' brother attempted this he died a few days later of pneumonia. A skin debilitated by the hot house conditions produced by clothing is not an adequate protection for its owner. The sooner he begins to harden and revive it the better it will be for his health."

"This attitude toward clothes will have to pass away if man is again to enjoy the health and vigor that is his by right. In this we have said nothing about the evils of corsets and high heeled shoes worn by women and the worse styles in men's clothing, as we were dealing with clothes as they exclude the light and air from the body. The effects of these two things are indeed bad."

"So prone are we to regard those conditions under which we are born and reared as natural and to look upon those things which the majority of mankind do as an average as the best for us to do as a whole that almost everyone regards clothing as both natural and best for man.
The fact is, clothing is both artificial and harmful." "In truth man was designed by the Creator to enjoy the direct rays of the sun and the soothing and strengthening influence of the winds over the whole surface of his body. He is by nature a nude animal."

Dr. C. W. Saleeby, wrote in, "Sunlight and Health", " ... this most beautiful, versatile and wonderful organ (skin) is, for the most part, smothered, blanched and blinded in clothes, and can only gradually be restored to the air and light which are its natural surroundings. Then, and only then, we learn what it is capable of."

Arnold Rickli, whose sun and air institution in Switzerland attracted patients from all over the world in the 19th century, wrote: 

"Man is made to live in the open air; therefore when exposed to the action of light, air and sun, he is in his real element. As a natural agent, water takes only an inferior place, above it comes air, whilst light takes precedence of every other natural agent, and is the greatest essential wherever organic life exists. The nervous system, which is an inherent principle of our organism is acted upon by light, especially through the skin. The purpose of the air treatment is the strengthening of the skin by restoring its natural functions and vitality and elasticity it has absorbed from its primitive state when directly in contact with the skin."

Sylvester Graham, wrote in "Lectures on The Science of Human Life": 

"If man were always to go entirely naked, the external skin, the anatomical structure and functional character and relations of which we have fully contemplated, would be preserved in a more healthy and vigorous state, And perform its functions more perfectly, and thereby the whole human system in all its properties, powers and interests, would be benefitted; the circulation, and particularly the venous circulation which is near the surface, would be more free, full and perfect; respiration or breathing would also be more free, full and perfect; voluntary action would be more u~restrained and easy; the bones would be less liable to disease and distortion; all the muscles of voluntary motion would be better developed and more powerful; in short, the anatomical development and symmetrical proportion, and the physiological power, and functions of every part in the whole system, would be more perfect; and, as a natural consequence, the sensual appetites would be more purely instinctive, and exert a less energetic and despotic influence on the mental and moral faculties, and imagination would be deprived of its greatest power to do evil".  (VN:  And therein lies the solution to our problem with the evil ones. lol  Make them go naked all the time.)

Fruits and plants have the ability to trap and store sun energy. We get our energy from eating fruits and plants. When we eat fruits & green leafy vegetables, we are eating stored sun power.

"For untold centuries the sun has been worshiped as the visible symbol of the creative power," wrote Bernarr McFadden.

"From the dawn of history the sun has been utilized specifically as an aid to the restoration of health and as a means of maintaining and increasing it. The ancient, Greeks and Romans, Egyptians and Assyrians, Arabians, Babylonians and Cretans, the Aztecs, and the early Chinese and Japanese, the inhabitants of India and most of the other nations that were glorious in their day, derived their superb health partly from their contact with the rays of the sun, and healed their ailments by their aid."  (VN:  Sounds like a celebration of life, to me, and not a celebration of darkness and death.  Notice how everything points to the fact that without the sun, you not only die or weaken physically, but spiritually as well. And we are spirit beings as well as physical ones.)

Hippocrates, "the Father of Medicine", practiced the sun-cure in the temple of Esculapius on the island of Cos, in ancient Greece.

Hippocrates used "medicine (drugs) very little but relied upon sunlight, hydrotherapy, diet and water drinking, rest, and gymnastic exercise," wrote Bernarr McFadden. SUNBATHING HELPS EVERYONE LOOK, FEEL, GET AND FUNCTION BETTER.

Everyone sick or well, looks better, feels better, gets better and functions better, after exposing every part of their nude bodies to the beautiful sunshine. Sunbathe each moment you can. It helps you in every possible way!

Additional Sungazing resources and videos:http://maya12-21-2012.com/2012forum/index.php?topic=783.0
This article is meant to suggest possibilities, not diagnose or treat. Use wisdom in your actions, and consult a natural doctor when needed.

This article is meant to suggest possibilities, not diagnose or treat. Use wisdom in your actions, and consult a natural doctor when needed.

Vatic Note:   Here is another really good article I found that is very educational when it comes to another meaning for "Sun", and how it relates to the Pineal Gland.   This series has been a wealth of information on that most important gland in our bodies.   I am now going to try and find more information on the Pineal as it relates to RH Neg blood to see if there is any difference in it for our RH Neg people.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  This begins another article on a different kind of Sun.
Illuminating The Pineal Gland & Moving Into The Sun
(from: 'The Heart of Soul Healing', Chapter 19)
My main teachers in this life were family members, friends, and co-workers. One of my friends, Duncan Cameron, is a kindred spirit who has very unique ideas. Duncan said he was a main psychic for the Montauk Project and had vivid memories of being part of the Philadelphia Experiment. I have worked with him twice; helping to heal his emotional body.

One of Duncan’s functions was to use his sexual, life-force energy to create and open time tunnels. While we were eating breakfast at a restaurant one morning, Duncan shared with me ideas that became part of a meditation. This allows me to use the life-force energy of my body in a new and more powerful way. I named this new technique “Moving into the Sun.”

The Taoists call life-force energy Chi (Qi) and charted its movement through the body. Indian yoga adepts call it Prana and used it for healing. In the West, Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the same energy and called it Orgone energy. Reich felt this creative energy was the basis of life and could sometimes be seen in the air as blue or white balls of energy. The Chinese, Hindus, and Dr. Reich all taught their students the benefits of arousing this energy and moving it throughout the spine and brain.

Moving into the Sun is a way for you to move the life-force energy up the spine from the base chakra and into the pineal gland. This exercise will help awaken your paranormal talents and your ability to time travel. Before attempting this meditation, you should first do the Living Light Breath Technique until you are comfortable. Remain with your tongue flat on the roof of your mouth and center in your pineal gland.

It is necessary to be physically moving to get into the flow of life-force energy. Begin by sitting on the edge of a strong chair with your spine straight and head erect. Place your feet together and pull them back until they are directly below your spine. Raise your heels so your feet are resting on your toes, and begin bouncing your feet up and down, keeping your toes on the floor. Let your arms hang straight down the sides of your body, open your fingers, and gently shake your arms and hands. This posture allows life-force energy to flow in your body.

Imagine in your mind a perfect sexual fantasy that will begin to activate the creativity in your first chakra, which lies at the base of the spine. If imagining a sexual fantasy is uncomfortable for you, remember a euphoric connection you had in the past, such as in a forest or nature setting. Create something energetically similar.

Create a fantasy that is different from any physical situation you have actually experienced. Do not use anyone else’s energy or any old sexual scenarios. If you imagine someone you have been with before, move to a different scene. This will keep you from looping or running anyone else’s energy. In this meditation, you will cease to use sexual energy for pleasure or procreation and will use it to activate your spiritual potential and skills.

Our base chakra is set up in three vibrations: sexual-survival, sexual-creative, and creative. We are going to use sexual-creative energy to move into creative energy. The purpose is to allow your creative energy to be active all the time. Later, you may choose to bring in sexual energy.

Some people have never experienced orgasm or been comfortable with sexual energy. Sexual fantasies are only tools and you may do this exercise by recalling, for example, the bliss you felt seeing a gorgeous sunset, walking in a majestic forest, or hearing beautiful music. You may also activate this energy in prayer or while meditating.

As you let yourself go into bliss with your body and mind, allow your feet to move. Be aware of the creative energy accumulating at the base of your spine. Do this for five to ten minutes.

As the life-force energy in your base chakra begins to move, use your intention to move it up your spine. It will feel warm as it begins to ascend. Still centered in your pineal and loving yourself, call the collective consciousness of the planet into your pineal as quickly as possible. What you should feel next is a quiet oneness, with no separation from anything. Let go and move into the experience. Practice this a few times before moving on to the next step.

Once the creative energy is activated and starts to move up the spine, tilt your head back about thirty degrees and then move the head forward to its level starting position, then back, then forward, then back, repeating the movement over and over. Be careful not to strain your neck. Be gentle.

With each set of back-front head movements, use your intention to push the rising energy back down the spine, to the base chakra. This simple movement “pumps” the energy, multiplying its power. The energy will move up faster each time you do this. Repeat this movement about twenty-five times until the life-force energy becomes so powerful that it surges up the spine and penetrates a point known as the occiput, giving the current direct access to the old brain.

The compressed, intensified energy then moves through the old brain and into the pineal gland. As the energy sparks the pineal gland, you will become the sun. Allow this warmth to fill your head.

When I do this meditation, I feel my entire brain ignite. Staying in the moment, my amplified kundalini (a Hindu expression that describes the life-force energy lying at the base of the spine) moves into my pineal. I perceive an inner light, with the brilliance of one hundred suns, that fully engulfs my being and energizes the billions of neurons in my brain. I feel one with Source. I feel connected to all things, warm all over, full-bodied, peaceful, and at the center of creation.

As I was doing this meditation, I realized the limitations of being centered in the heart, as is taught in many religions and metaphysical circles. Centering in the heart makes it more difficult to move energy up the spine because any issues we have about love could prevent the energy from going any higher than the heart chakra. This prevents us from activating the higher brain states.

The healing techniques of Dr. Wilhelm Reich were designed to allow life-force energy to move freely through the body. Reich said that if people were centered in the heart when this orgasmic energy moved up the spine, they could possibly damage their hearts. He knew of three people who had heart attacks this way.

The main factor preventing activation of the higher brain states is that most of us are not energetically connected from the base of our spines all the way up to our brains. I believe that the base chakra, located at the bottom of the spine, represents Earth, (our full physical potential), and the pineal gland in the brain represents heaven, (our full spiritual potential). Connecting heaven and earth within our physical body is what we are here to master. The way to activate the higher spiritual centers in the throat, third eye, pineal, and crown is by moving the sexual/creative life-force energy up the spine and into the pineal.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Palestine - An Israeli Dumping Ground For Radioactive/Toxic Waste

Vatic Note: The  first thought that came to mind when I saw this was absolute horror for the people subjected to these living conditions, and then I thought, "Oh, my Gawd, that will be us if we end up under their absolute rule as they have planned with their globalizing".   

That is when I realized that we can never let this happen here or anywhere, but we can control here as others can control their own places they live.  Please read this and you decide.   I am too horrified at this to even write much more until I have finished digesting what I have just read and seen.   I am beginning to see that we have no experience in which to place these kinds of inhumane actions against other humans.  Thus its almost impossible to gauge a reaction, since it does not fit in with anything resembling what we know about and have experienced or seen.

So we are coming into a period or rational thinking that must take place.  Such basic questions must be asked such as "Do you judge based on what someone "says" or what someone "does"?  That is so fundamental, that it has to be the underlying assumption in all that we see and determine to be real.   I have firmly come down on the side of "Actions" and nothing anyone can 'say' will make those actions disappear since they are already done.   

The next question is "What part does my country play in these actions by its condoning, giving billions in foreign aid to the perpetrator of these crimes against humanity, and lack of outrage, and therefore, what part do I play if I do or say nothing?"   Its a true moral imperative..... You decide as we each will have to do ultimately. 

Palestine - An Israeli Dumping Ground For Radioactive/Toxic Waste
by a Brit at Godlikeproductions forum
Source:   Peter Eyre | Palestine Telegraph  (This site has been suspended, so its not possible to get the full text).

We have seen the decades of suffering by the Palestinian people at the hands of the apartheid government of Israel and yet little has been said about another unseen problem that lies buried beneath the ground.

Over a long period of time the Israeli Government has secretly been dumping highly radioactive waste from their Dimona Nuclear Facility on Palestinian land. What is ironic is the basis as to why they have dumped their waste at such locations.  (VN: Another question:  "Is this attempted Genocide?"  If so, its a Nuremberg Crime against Humanity, just saying....)

Many years ago I started up an environmental action group to safeguard the region I was living in at the time. This would cover all aspects of potential pollution from Gas Turbine Power Stations – Agricultural Pesticides – Air and Water Quality etc.

Part of my responsibility was to cover the technical aspects of environmental care, especially in the area of airborne pollution and the quality of our drinking water.

I spent a lot of my time carrying out studies of Sub Terrain Hydrology, especially the knowledge acquired by Russian Hydrologists, who are rated as some of the best in the world. I obtained large water table maps showing the underground contours and realized that many toxic waste dumps were not only very badly planned but were allowing the toxic plumes to flow towards areas of dense populations.

The study entailed monitoring the progress of the toxic plume from a conventional rubbish dump and also more importantly the progress of highly toxic plumes from industrial/chemical waste dumping grounds.

With all of the above in mind I thought I would look at the situation in Gaza and West Bank to see if the Israeli Government had intentionally dumped there waste in Palestine’s back yard instead of their own. My findings not only shocked me but also allowed me to look into the mindset of some of these evil Israeli planners.

One can see that from their perspective it is better to contaminate Palestinian land and its people than their own Israeli population. However, sometimes they have to make a decision to do the Rubbish_Gazasame on their own land. It is always the case that when they are faced with this prospect the contamination will always take place in areas where poorer people live i.e. you will never find a radioactive or toxic waste dump in the more influential districts of any city.

Police Powers Given to Privately Owned Federal Reserve

Vatic Note:  Good thing I do not live in New York.  lol   First the NY Police are opening a branch of their NY police office in Israel.  Now why is that?  We put up a blog on that a little while back.  And now private police forces have police powers????  Not hardly.  We did not give them police powers at all.  Are they moving to Israel and leaving policing to corporate paid and controlled police forces?   Is this another SS troopers type situation found in Nazi Germany?  Remember NA stands for National Socialists in Germany and ZI stood for Zionists International, so the nazi party was both. 

Now that we know the history of the khazars working as nazi's, and we see the same pattern emerging here,  is this another replay of 1934?  Is that what 9-11 done by the khazars was all about?  Nazification of the United States?  In their dreams.   Never will happen.  Not here.  Maybe somewhere else, but not here.  Too many hunters.  LOL  43 million of them.
The Federal Reserve, a Privately Owned Banking Cartel, Has Been Given Police Powers, with Glock 22s and Patrol Cars
By Pam Martens: September 17, 2012

As Occupy Protesters Chant F*** the Fed, Few Are Aware the Federal Reserve Has Been Given Domestic Police Powers; With Glock 22s and Patrol Cars.  (VN:  So is the fed paying for them with our taxes or from their so called profits? I truly want to know?)

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, earlier this year next to Federal Reserve Police patrol car.

By mid morning today, as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched around the perimeter of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, all signs that an FRPD (Federal Reserve Police Department) existed had disappeared.

The FRPD patrol cars and law enforcement officers had been replaced by NYPD patrol cars and officers.   That decision may have been made to keep from drawing attention to a mushrooming new domestic police force that most Americans do not know exists.
Quietly, without fanfare or Congressional hearings, the USA Patriot Act in 2001 bestowed on the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve Banks, domestic policing powers.
Section 364 of the Act, “Uniform Protection Authority for Federal Reserve,” reads: “Law enforcement officers designated or authorized by the Board or a reserve bank under paragraph (1) or (2) are authorized while on duty to carry firearms and make arrests without warrants for any offense against the United States committed in their presence…Such officers shall have access to law enforcement information that may be necessary for the protection of the property or personnel of the Board or a reserve bank.”

Why are the Elite burying water pipes from lakes, rivers and damns?

**** they purged the entire blog.  I will have to reconstruct it and submit it at a later date.  Sorry about that.

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Was Bin Laden Killing, like the Moon Hoax, a Movie? Was that why the Seals were Killed?

Vatic Note:  Sometimes, Zen is too nice.   Frankly, they practice and practice and war game and war game when its a deception and they do  not want to get caught in the deception.  Well, now they will do to Bing like they have already done to Google.   They will censor what they put out there in the future.  This is not over by a long shot.  They have more deceptions to throw at us and unfortunately they work with the sheep who are armed.  

Remember the interview with Bhutto of Pakistan, that David Frost of Britain did?  She disclosed years ago that Bin Laden was dead already and how he died, and shortly after that interview she was assassinated by Mossad.  That ended any further delving into the specifics of his death and burial.  He died of natural causes due to his kidney problems.  Probably too much sexual abuse as a child. 

Anyway, the Bush and Obama administrations needed Bin Laden for a few more years to cover for their treasonous terrorist acts, resulting police state and false flags against the American people.  Once it became clear they were no longer going to work, they had to do something that would lead people to believe he was a threat up until the time they took him out in this bogus effort.  

That is why they built the facilities, which means the seals knew what they were doing and the power brokers could not  afford to let them talk to anyone, like they did after the missing 6 nukes.  Remember that one back in 2007?  So, all those seals, had to die.  What pond scum would do that to soldiers acting on orders?  I can think of only one group of people notorious for betraying those that helped them.  This reminds me of the MOON HOAX.  I guess it worked so well for the moon hoax, they decided to do it for this issue and make it go away.  

They cannot get away with anything.  Disclosure and exposure are permanent and guaranteed. I love it.  

Found: Secret CIA Bin Laden Training Facility…or Stage?
by Zen Gardner,  Just Wondering
Wednesday, October 10th, 2012.
by Zen Gardner
Here’s something I just stumbled upon in the news.
Before you read the article below, just think. They’ve supposedly found a fugitive’s hide out and assume they have enough time to reconstruct the whole thing and practice rather than just go in and get him? Nonsense. Whatta scam. He’d been dead for 10 years already anyway.
So while something did apparently transpire at a similar location in Pakistan, this way they can be sure they get certain camera shots for the cover story and it goes down according to plan. And as you’ll see below, they erased the evidence of the so-called “training” location completely….as well as the Navy SEALs that supposedly performed the fake operation who were conveniently shot down in a helicopter in Afghanistan.
Erase erase.
The whole operation was full of holes from the get go, but this makes a nice final nail in the coffin if you ask me.

Satellite Images of the CIA’s Secret Bin Laden Training Facility

One of the reasons U.S. Navy SEALs were able to so skillfully execute the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year was a CIA training facility in North Carolina that mirrored the architecture of bin Laden’s actual compound in Pakistan. 
In 2011, during those crucial months that SEAL Team Six trained there, it was one of the most secretive facilities on U.S. soil. Now, for the first time, the facility has been revealed on Bing’s satellite map service during a phase when it was under construction. Peekaboo!
That’s an aerial shot of Harvey Point Defense Testing, a CIA training facility in North Carolina. It was taken on February 15, 2011. Look familiar? Here’s a shot of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, shortly after the May 2011 raid.
It’s a fascinating discovery and it’s all thanks to the eagle-eyed folks over at Cryptome.com, who identified the compound this morning after reading the book No Easy Day by former SEAL Team Six member Matt Bissonnette. In multiple passages in the book, Bissonnette mentions training for the raid in North Carolina. 
“This training exercise down in North Carolina sounded like another bad mission. But I wouldn’t know until Monday,” Bissonnette writes in the book. From there, the folks over at Cryptome apparently pored over acres of satellite imagery of CIA facilities in North Carolina. Below is a view of the larger CIA center with the mock-up circled in red:
But here’s where this gets really interesting. What happens when you view the same training facility at the same coordinates on Google Maps instead of Bing?
Poof! Vanished! It’s gone:
Apparently, just like the real-life compound in Pakistan, the CIA’s mock-up compound has also been destroyed. Anybody know why? (It’s an open question.) The other thing we can divine from this is that Bing apparently has less up-to-date maps than Google. But in this case, that’s quite a valuable feature!   Source

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"Sex Cult" Runs UK Government, says MI-6 Victim (Part 2)

Vatic Note:  This below about MI6 and how they start out, does not surprise me when you consider who the Queen is and her fellow Illums.   They actually  do this below to their own children to ensure they continue on with the agenda that is thousands of years old.  Add to that the fact that the khazars, from a different perspective, are also perverts due to their religious beliefs, such as pagans, worshipping the phallic symbol.  Its where all their pedophillia comes from as we blogged on here.  We covered all the arrests for such practices by both regular khazars and their bogus rabbis. 

What he says below about the Bohemian Grove fits with the reports we published on here from Cathy O'Brian, a mind control sex toy for the elite who was salvaged and has told her story now including what really goes on at the Grove.   Its not near as nice as they would have you believe.

What did bother me about this guy (Red Ox) was his attack on everyone who was anti-elite establishment.  He made it clear he did not know, but surmised they were really sell outs.  That included Icke and Ron Paul.   Its very difficult to tell who is what these days since there is no one out there we can trust.  It doesn't mean he isn't telling the truth "as he knows it", rather its that his assumptions are not fact based and he admits that.  The fact that Icke makes money is what contributed to his questioning Icke.  The problem is half the people don't believe him about the reptilians and so to kill him would push everyone into believing its true.  At least this way, some still doubt.   Anyway, you read and decide.  I am still not sure about this guy, but much of what he says we confirmed elsewhere.  

"Sex Cult" Runs UK Government, says MI-6 Victim (Part 2)
by Henry Makow 
June 11, 2012

Contrary to popular image, many MI-6 agents begin as trauma brainwashed child sex slaves. "Red Ox" was one. 

As can be gleaned from accounts, some members of the Royal Arch take things more seriously than others, and have different perspectives.

 A former GCHQ Director present wanted to train me as a "guardian" (become one of them - the 'real' Communists) but  [ex Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd's son] Thomas Hurd (left, now MI-6) being a sociopathic little toe-rag wanted to train me as an assassin as punishment, and certainly didn't want me being let loose near Miss Kennedy, who is the daughter of a close-ish friend of his.

A quick rundown of some of the Royal Arch games played at Douglas Hurd's cottage, before we go via air to Bohemian Grove :

Fingers or fists in a variety of animals including: a fox and a donkey.
Choking: almost turning blue
Fingering of young boys
Providing 'treats' for young girls (ejaculate)
Oral and anal sex

Including "record-breaking" attempts, some successful, that porn stars would not attempt. There is a young woman called Alyssa, who wore a T-shirt berating Giorgio Grandi, who attempted the same trick.

The trials and tribulations are based on the 1975 film, Salo, by Pierre Paolo Pasolini, which I was forced to watch.

Pierre Paolo eh? That would be the same name as a witness to the murder of MI-6 worker Gareth Williams. What would the Metropolitan Police of London make of that!? (Answer: they make nothing of it, having not spotted the link).


We flew to America, with Thomas commenting that "you don't even need your passport, due to the relationship we have with their government".

Present were UK friends of Rothschild from both 'democratic' Parties: Cameron, Osborne, Mandelson, Blair, Miliband.

Two of the most memorable meetings I had was with Ariel Sharon and Barack Obama. At this point, I've still got 'KGB' bugs on me: hidden devices, that Richard Tomlinson, Security Officer of MI-6, somehow failed to find.

As they were going in, I asked David Cameron, accompanied by his 'twin' George Osborne: "Sir, Sir" , "what's your name"?

 Eventually he snapped "Cameron, and that's all you'll get out of me". "And what's your surname?" no answer. "leave it, er, Cameron" Osborne smirked, "he's just a stooge the Royal Arch are using". 

The KGB then instructed me to ask Osborne (current Chancellor of the Exchequer)  whether he was afraid of "being caught" and then "being exposed -  "you'd have to catch me first!" Judging by his high-profile 'friendship' with big black drug-taking escorts.. he's not *that* hard to catch! One in a long line, perhaps...

DARPA Wants to Install Transcranial Ultrasonic Mind Control Devices in Soldiers' Helmets

Vatic Note:  I am sitting here getting ready to write my vatic note and find myself not knowing what to say to all this.  Why is that?  Because until this article I was like everyone else,  I was operating from a totally different reality that I grew up with.  Even though I know the truth and research every single day and publish that which is confirmable,  I still had not reconciled my internal reality with the external reality we are living in.  While they may be doing what they say for the reasons they say, they never do anything for only one reason, so that means we have to consider this an alert to some nefarious agenda they intend with this.  They use soldiers as guinea pigs for their experiments to test for obtaining the affects they want.   Directed Mind Control comes to mind.  Sort of like a drone only human and someone sitting in a safe office gets to tell the soldier what to do and not worry about him thinking for himself.  Talk about anal retentive control freaks.   

Standard Issue Mind Control DARPA wants ultrasound-enhanced helmets that allow soldiers to stimulate certain regions of their brains.

DARPA has been trying to crawl inside the minds of soldiers for a while now, but a new ultrasound technology could let them get deeper inside than ever. Working under a DARPA grant, a researcher at Arizona State is developing transcranial pulsed ultrasound technology that could be implanted in troops’ battle helmets, allowing soldiers to manipulate brain functions to boost alertness, relieve stress, or even reduce the effects of traumatic brain injury.

Manipulating the brain to enhance warfighting capabilities and maintain mental acuity on the battlefield has long been a topic of interest for DARPA and various military research labs, but the technology to do so remains limited. 

Deep brain stimulation (DBS), for instance, requires surgically implanted electrodes to stimulate neural tissues, while less-invasive methods like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) possess limited reach and low spatial resolution.

Tyler’s technology, packaged in a warfighter’s helmet, would allow soldiers to flip a switch to stimulate different regions of their brains, helping them relieve battle stress when it’s time to get some rest, or to boost alertness during long periods without sleep. 

Grunts could even relieve pain from injuries or wounds without resorting to pharmaceutical drugs. More importantly, in the periods after brain trauma ultrasound technology could reduce swelling and metabolic damage that is often the root cause of lasting brain damage.

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See how Satanic Criminal Behavior Infests Our Khazar Ruled Gov?

Vatic Note:  Well, here is an updated version of Homeland Security turning into a giant mafia corporation and its board of directors includes the SPLC and ADL.  Gee, what a surprise.  The two pontificating organizations most associated with corruption and criminal Mossad, is ironic beyond belief and yet they basically control the organization and are responsible for it, so how come all this crime and they knew nothing about it???  

Yeah, right!   They are so busy selling their anti-semitism and raking in millions of dollars from those they scare to death, that they have not got time to watch their own back yard.  If I were them, I would worry less about Constitutionalists like Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin and more about the perverts running all over the place at Homeland security instead.  Read this is see perfectly where we can cut billions if not trillions off our budget after the next election.  That and the military.  Just close overseas bases and open bases here and we will solve a multitude of problems doing that both budget and security wise.  

Once Question I have wanted to ask and that is what was the purpose of Holdren selling military grade weapons to the zeta cartel?   Why are we ticking off Mexico with those actions?  What in the hell are we trying to do?  Or I should say what in the hell are the Khazar dual citizens trying to do to us through these kinds of acts?  Discredit the USA?  Make us into the new nazi's like they did in Germany?  Will they put khazars in our military like they did in Nazi Germany?  Lots of questions this below fosters.  

Child Porn, Coke Smuggling: Hundreds of DHS Employees Arrested Last Year

Posted by JOE, 12160.info,  on October 5, 2012

Border Patrol agents smuggling weed and coke. Immigration agents forging documents and robbing drug dealers. TSA employees caught with child porn. Those are just a few of the crimes perpetrated by Department of Homeland Security employees in just the past year.
Since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security nearly a decade ago, the agency’s inspector general has been tasked with uncovering corruption, waste and criminality within its own ranks. The IG has had his hands full.
According to a newly released DHS inspector general’s summary of its significant investigations, 318 DHS employees and contractors were arrested in 2011 (.pdf). That’s about one arrest per weekday of the men and women who are supposed to be keeping the country safe. The report lets us not only see how corrupt some agents tasked with protecting the homeland can be, it also gives us a scale of the problem. In short: There are a lot of dirty immigration and border officers.  (VN:  That does not include those in the Justice dept as we saw with the Fast and Furious, and the lack of prosecution for other major crimes.  We certainly know they have not prosecuted any of the perps that most of us know about who committed 9-11 that resulted in the creation of Homeland Security for the purposes of fighting terrorism.  I called HLS about the terrorism in our government and got no response.