Britain Dies of Shame - Can Britain then, be responsible for the Genocide?

Vatic Note:  We have done several blogs on the British royalty and the Recent marriage and birth of a child to Prince Andrew and his wife, kate, both of whom are Jewish by birth.  Andrew is a khazar (Non - Jewish by race) and Kate is a Sephardic Jew, so their child will be the first Jewish King of the globe, since Britains Rothschild is behind the effort for the Illuminati families, to globalize and he controls his empire under the tender care of British royalty and their sold out minion goyims that do the Rothschild/Illuminati bidding.

The Genocide/massacres in palestine is what triggered others looking at this Israeli and British connection and how and why it exists.  I believe the common denominator is greed.  But that is for others to decide for themselves.  Lets remember, we also did a blog on how Israel created Hamas, selected their leaders and funded and trained them.   So, who are the real terrorists?  Israel gave orders to bomb their own people so they would support the confiscation of all that land, except they were not told about the gas fields on Gaza.

Like us, Israel, needs to do a better job of monitoring the corruption in their government just like we need to do as well.   Without it, they will take all that we have gained in the area of freedom, liberty, self determination and culture.   Then we will have to live with their culture... raping babies over the age of 3.5 years old, raping boys, promoting and pushing gay sex onto our children in the schools.... and much much more that is totally intolerable to our society and culture. 

Britain Dies of Shame 
by Stuart Littlewood, Columnist,  Veterans Today, 7/26/2014


As Her Majesty’s Government plays the useful idiot to Israel’s crazed ambition, Today in London crowds are gathering to vent their anger in a mass demonstration and march to Parliament to “stop the massacre in Gaza” and call for an arms embargo against Israel. This follows last weekend’s huge protest outside the Israeli embassy and campaigns against the BBC’s pro-Israel bias in reporting the assault on Gaza.

There is growing resentment among British people at being endlessly shamed by their government’s complicity in the mega-injustices and non-stop crimes inflicted on the native people of the Holy Land, exemplified by Whitehall’s attempts to whitewash Israel’s latest genocidal offensive.

And on this the 19th day of Israel’s blitzkrieg comes news of a brief  humanitarian “pause”, after which the killing spree will continue while Israel attempts to eradicate Gaza’s tunnels. At this point in the orchestrated tragedy the Palestinian death-toll is approaching 900, three-quarters civilians including around 200 children, and more than 5,000 wounded.

These figures are gruesome enough, but Dr David Morrison reminds me that since September 2005 when Israel pulled out its squatters and withdrew its military from Gaza (but not from Gaza’s airspace and coastal waters) only 24 people have been killed in Israel by rocket and mortar fire coming from Gaza. Of those, 13 died during Israel’s three major military offensives against Gaza (including the present one). In the same period, nearly 4,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli military action. http://david-morrison.org.uk/palestine/gaza-nobody-needed-to-die.htm

The unending tragedy is one that Britain created nearly 100 years ago with Balfour’s crackpot Declaration. Balfour, a Zionist convert, wrote: “In Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country.” He dismissed “the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now occupy that land” in favour of Zionism’s needs and hopes, which were “of far profounder import”.

At the time Lord Sydenham warned: “The harm done by dumping down an alien population upon an Arab country may never be remedied. What we have done, by concessions not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, is to start a running sore in the East, and no-one can tell how far that sore will extend.” 

Well, the harm is massive and still waiting for a remedy. The running sore shows no sign of healing. The trouble will not end until Britain (with help from the international community) takes some very necessary steps. The problem is the British Government’s acute and persistent lack of integrity and foolish pledges of support to the aggressor.

Why is Hamas banished to outer darkness?

In the last few days I have seen two ministerial statements saying that Hamas, democratically elected to power in the 2006, is a proscribed terrorist organisation, proscribed being a posh word for something condemned as so bad as to be banished to outer darkness.

Earlier this month Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP for Harlow and Tel Aviv but not necessarily in that order, said in the House of Commons: “Hamas is Hamas is Hamas: it is a terrorist organisation whether it is part of the so-called unity Government [of Palestine] or not.” He wanted the British Government to “give Israel every possible assistance to take out the Hamas terrorist network so that that country can be sure that her children will be secure in the future”.

Hugh Robertson, Minister of State at the Foreign Offce, replied: “Nobody should be under any illusions about this at all: Hamas is a terrorist organisation and remains a terrorist organisation, and one that is proscribed by the British Government. The key thing about the technocratic [Palestinian] Government was that they signed up to the Quartet principles and renounced violence and no member of Hamas is a member of that Government.”

Earlier he had this to say: “If anybody in that Government were an active member of Hamas, which remains a terrorist organisation, that would absolutely be the end of this Government’s dealing with them and would be a very serious matter indeed. That is not the case at the moment; they are fully signed up to the Quartet principles.” http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmhansrd/cm140701/debtext/140701-0001.htm#14070145000407

A few days later Baroness Jenny Tonge, in the House of Lords, asked the Government what action it planned to take to open diplomatic relations with Hamas in order to assess the viability of a long-term truce such as Hamas offered in 2006.

Baroness Warsi, Senior Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, replied: “Our policy towards Hamas is clear – we have no contact with Hamas, which is a proscribed terrorist organisation. Hamas must renounce violence, recognise Israel and accept previously signed agreements. Hamas must make a credible movement towards these conditions, which remain the benchmark against which their intentions are judged, before we consider a change in our stance.” http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldhansrd/text/140724w0001.htm#14072446000261

Warsi is a Muslim and should know better. How can anyone sensibly recognise Israel when it won’t agree to its borders? Has she ever put it to the Israelis that they too must renounce violence, recognise Palestine and accept previously signed agreements — the benchmark against which their intentions will be judged?

And given all this stuff about Hamas being proscribed, what are we to make of a Home Office document dated 20 June 2014 in which, of the 60 international terrorist organisations proscribed by the UK government under the Terrorism Act 2000, only Hamas’s military wing – the Izz al-Din al-Qassem brigades – is listed, not Hamas’s political wing? https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/324603/20140627-List_of_Proscribed_organisations_WEBSITE_final.pdf

Why, then, aren’t we talking to Hamas’s political leaders? (VN: because they work for Israel)

How do organisations qualify for the Terror List anyway? Well, in the UK they have to pass a test and the Home Secretary decides. In the US, under Section 3 of Executive Order 13224 “Blocking Property and prohibiting Transactions with Persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support Terrorism”, the term “terrorism” means an activity that…

(i) involves a violent act or an act dangerous to human life, property, or infrastructure; and

(ii) appears to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, kidnapping, or hostage-taking.  (VN: oh my gosh, we have to quit talking to Israel, just in these first 2 put out here, Israel fits with the definition of Terrorist org and these first 2 subtitles.)

This US order and its definition of terrorism, signed in 2001 by George W Bush, is used to outlaw and crush any organisation, individual or country the US doesn’t like. Funny how it fits the Israeli regime — those “amoral thugs”, as one British MP called them — like a glove. And they have been allowed to practise their terrorism on the Palestinians (and occasionally on the Lebanese and Syrians) without interference for the last 66 years.

The long drawn-out siege and blockade of Gaza, and the numerous military assaults on its people and their legitimate government, are only the latest crimes in a catalogue of torment and terror inflicted on all the Palestinian territories Israel occupies.

They are clearly attempts to “intimidate and coerce”, while the mass destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure, the withholding of humanitarian aid, the assassinations, the abductions, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, and the many violent and dangerous acts including indiscriminate bombing and shelling (and the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon), make Israel’s place on the Terror List a sure thing – or should do.

They talk of addressing “underlying causes” but can they agree what they are?

With Agent Hague gone from the Foreign Secretary post, we are beginning to see what his successor, Philip Hammond, is made of. He started by praising Egypt’s fake ceasefire initiative when Hamas hadn’t even been consulted on the terms and instead of coming through proper diplomatic channels it was release to the media as soon as Israel agreed it. Given the Egyptian regime’s hostility towards Hamas it is hardly an honest broker.

Unsurprisingly it contained none of the guarantees that would sustain a ceasefire, such as a permanent end to the 8-year siege (promised but not implemented in the 2012 ceasefire) or the release of prisoners who had been freed then re-arrested by Israel. So what was in it for the illegally occupied Palestinians? Nevertheless Hammond thought it was jolly good and welcomed Israel’s acceptance of this piece of nonsense which hadn’t been shown to the other side.

His other statements have to be seen to be believed. They are on the FCO website. Following the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to launch an inquiry into potential violations of human rights by Israel in its operations in the Gaza Strip, a move Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called a “travesty”, Hammond said the UNHRC resolution would not help achieve a lasting ceasefire. “It is fundamentally unbalanced and will complicate the process by introducing unnecessary new mechanisms… The UK could not support this resolution… We will continue to urge Israel to exercise restraint… blah, blah… while recognising its right to defend itself against these attacks.”

And after meeting Israeli  and Palestinian leaders (though not Hamas), Hammond said: “With President Abbas… I reiterated the UK’s strong support for his leadership and thanked him for his own efforts to achieve a ceasefire. I stressed that, once a ceasefire is secured, there is an urgent need for a long term plan for Gaza.

“With Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman, I expressed my deep concern at Hamas’s rocket attacks and reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself. I urged that Israeli forces do everything they can to avoid civilian casualties, and stressed the need for a rapid conclusion to their ground operation in Gaza.”

Hammond doesn’t explain how Israelis can claim a right of self-defence against their victims – the people they are brutally occupying and blockading — or how Her Majesty’s Government can possibly “reaffirm” such a crass invention.
He said that for a ceasefire to be durable there must be rapid movement to address “the underlying causes” and find “a wider political solution”.  So, Mr Hammond, what “wider political solution” do you have in mind? And, by the way, do you have any idea what those “underlying causes” are? Do you think you could ever get Israel to acknowledge what they are?

Here are some clues from two very knowledgable sources. In 2010 Archbishop Theodosius Hanna (Orthodox Church of Jerusalem), on a visit to Ireland, told politicians: “The problem in Palestine has nothing to do with religion – it is not a religious issue. It is not a conflict of Christians, Muslims and Jewish people. It is a conflict between those who are the holders of a rightful cause and those who took away that right by military might.”

Fr Manuel Mussallam (formerly of the Catholic church in Gaza), who accompanied the archbishop, told the Irish what things were really like under military occupation. “We have spoken to Israel for more than 18 years and the result has been zero. We have signed agreements here and there at various times and then when there is a change in the government of Israel we have to start again from the beginning. We ask for our life and to be given back our Jerusalem, to be given our state and for enough water to drink. We want to be given more opportunity to reach Jerusalem. I have not seen Jerusalem since 1990.

“We want to see an end to this occupation, and please do not ask us to protect those who are occupying our territory.”

Nearly 4 years on, and what has changed? Can we rely on Hammond to make a difference? Here’s another clue. In a Jerusalem Post report the director of Conservative Friends of Israel remarked that, in his previous job as Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond “presided over a period when the UK-Israel defense relationship has never been better.”

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Israel mows the lawn

Vatic Note:  It looks like the recent news is a cease fire has been called and the peace process is beginning again.  I am trying to confirm that is the case and will update as I find out more.  Stay tuned but in the mean time see this below and just how manipulative these khazar bankers are.   You can believe nothing of what they say or pretend.   Psychopaths are like that.  You can't trust them ever and now its evident the cost of trusting such people at any time, ever is too great to risk anymore.

Add in Satanism, and you have a prefect storm for perversions, inhumanity, brutality, deception and just about anything you can think of, that is of a morally bankrupt nature.  Its all they know and I am fully convinced these people lack a soul and spirit and that is the only reason they can do what they do.  The deeper question is "what do you do with such people when you see the massive destruction they are capable of doing on a global scale?"    

I consider that one of the most profound questions of our modern day.  Its truly a dilemma for a morally based civilization.  I now understand why the Mongols kicked the khazars out of Mongolia when they did.  Even they could not brook their total and complete lack of anything resembling such perverted evil.  And they are now running Israel the same way and genocidaling the Palestinian people.  The only true Semites in Israel these days.  The Semitic real Jews have sought asylum in London and New York.  Read this and see what you think.

Hamas-Fatah Deal Prompted Israel Aggression
August 4, 2014

BuLa_YoCcAAn1Rp.jpg(Left, Wikileaks confirms that Israel maintains Gaza's 1.8 million inhabitants as in a prison camp. )

Israel's attack on Gaza resulted from the recent amalgamation of Palestinian leadership which threatened to restart the peace process and prevent further land grabs.  Netanyahu decided it was time to "mow the lawn" - cut back Hamas power - except "the grass" consists of non-combatant Palestinian civilians. 1800 civilians have been killed and 9400 injured so far.

srael mows the lawn
by Mouin Rabbani
(Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

Israel received another blow on 2 June, when a new Palestinian Authority government was inaugurated, following the April reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah. Hamas endorsed the new government even though it was given no cabinet posts and the government's composition and political programme were virtually indistinguishable from its predecessor's.

With barely a protest from the Islamists, Abbas repeatedly and loudly proclaimed that the government accepted the Middle East Quartet's demands: that it recognize Israel, renounce violence and adhere to past agreements. He also announced that Palestinian security forces in the West Bank would continue their security collaboration with Israel.

When both Washington and Brussels signaled their intention to co-operate with the new government, alarm bells went off in Israel. Its usual assertions that Palestinian negotiators spoke only for themselves - and would therefore prove incapable of implementing any agreement - had begun to look shaky: the Palestinian leadership could now claim not only to represent both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip but also to have co-opted Hamas into supporting a negotiated two-state settlement, if not the Oslo framework as a whole. There might soon be increased international pressure on Israel to negotiate seriously with Abbas. The formaldehyde was beginning to evaporate.

gaza kids.jpgAt this point Netanyahu seized on the 12 June disappearance of three young Israelis in the West Bank like a drowning man thrown a lifebelt. Despite clear evidence presented to him by the Israeli security forces that the three teenagers were already dead, and no evidence to date that Hamas was involved, he held Hamas directly responsible and launched a 'hostage rescue operation' throughout the West Bank.

It was really an organized military rampage. It included the killing of at least six Palestinians, none of whom was accused of involvement in the disappearances; mass arrests, including the arrest of Hamas parliamentarians and the re-arrest of detainees released in 2011; the demolition of a number of houses and the looting of others; and a variety of other depredations of the kind Israel's finest have honed to perfection during decades of occupation. Netanyahu whipped up a demagogic firestorm against the Palestinians, and the subsequent abduction and burning alive of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem cannot and should not be separated from this incitement.

For his part, Abbas failed to stand up to the Israeli operation and ordered his security forces to continue to co-operate with Israel against Hamas. The reconciliation agreement was being put under serious pressure. On the night of 6 July, an Israeli air raid resulted in the death of seven Hamas militants. Hamas responded with sustained missile attacks deep into Israel, escalating further as Israel launched its full-scale onslaught.


For the past year Hamas had been in a precarious position: it had lost its headquarters in Damascus and preferential status in Iran as a result of its refusal to give open support to the Syrian regime, and faced unprecedented levels of hostility from Egypt's new military ruler. The underground tunnel economy between Egypt and Gaza had been systematically dismantled by the Egyptians, and for the first time since seizing control of the territory in 2007 it was no longer able regularly to pay the salaries of tens of thousands of government employees.

The reconciliation agreement with Fatah was its way of bartering its political programme in exchange for its own survival: in return for conceding the political arena to Abbas, Hamas would retain control of the Gaza Strip indefinitely, have its public sector placed on the PA payroll and see the border crossing with Egypt reopened.

In the event, the quid pro quo Hamas hoped for was not permitted to materialize and, according to Nathan Thrall of the International Crisis Group, 'life in Gaza became worse': 'The current escalation,' he wrote, 'is a direct result of the choice by Israel and the West to obstruct the implementation of the April 2014 Palestinian reconciliation agreement.' To put it differently, those within Hamas who saw the crisis as an opportunity to put an end to Weissglass's regime gained the upper hand. So far, they appear to have the majority of the population with them, because they seem to prefer death by F-16 to death by formaldehyde.

Among all the sanctimonious howls - this time including a lily-livered Cameron's - about Israel's right to self-defence, and in the face of the categorical rejection of the Palestinians' equivalent right, the fundamental point that this is an illegitimate attack is often lost.

beng.jpgAs the lawyer Noura Erakat has cogently argued, 'Israel does not have the right to self-defence in international law against occupied Palestinian territory.' Its argument that it no longer occupies the Gaza Strip has been dismissed by Lisa Hajjar of the University of California as a self-generated 'licence to kill'.

Once again, Israel is 'mowing the lawn' with impunity, targeting civilian non-combatants and civilian infrastructure. Given its continual insistence that it uses the most precise weapons available and chooses its targets carefully, it is impossible to conclude that the targeting is not deliberate. According to UN agencies, more than three-quarters of the more than 260 Palestinians killed so far have been civilians, and more than a quarter of them children.

Most were targeted in their own homes: they cannot be described as collateral damage under any definition of the term. Of course Palestinian militants have also been recklessly targeting Israeli population centres, though their attacks have resulted in just a single death: a man handing out sweets to the soldiers pulverising the Gaza Strip. Human Rights Watch has criticized both sides but, true to form, has accused only the Palestinians of war crimes.


In 2004, a year before Israel's unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Dov Weissglass, éminence grise to Ariel Sharon, explained the initiative's purpose to an interviewer from Haaretz:

    The significance of the disengagement plan is the freezing of the peace process ... And when you freeze that process, you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem. Effectively, this whole package called the Palestinian state, with all that it entails, has been removed indefinitely from our agenda. And all this with ... a [US] presidential blessing and the ratification of both houses of Congress ... The disengagement is actually formaldehyde. It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that is necessary so there will not be a political process with the Palestinians.

In 2006 Weissglass was just as frank about Israel's policy towards Gaza's 1.8 million inhabitants: 'The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.' He was not speaking metaphorically: it later emerged that the Israeli defense ministry had conducted detailed research on how to translate his vision into reality, and arrived at a figure of 2279 calories per person per day - some 8 per cent less than a previous calculation because the research team had originally neglected to account for 'culture and experience' in determining nutritional 'red lines'.

The screws were turned tighter during the 2000-5 uprising, and in 2007 the Gaza Strip was effectively sealed shut. All exports were banned, and just 131 truckloads of foodstuffs and other essential products were permitted entry per day. Israel also strictly controlled which products could and could not be imported. Prohibited items have included A4 paper, chocolate, coriander, crayons, jam, pasta, shampoo, shoes and wheelchairs.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.9uOUhjb6.dpuf

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Finally, Some Good News!!! Israel Has Lost Big Over Gaza War: Analyst

*** Just a note to inform you that my BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 9, so I will be taking that day off for the first time in 4 years.  I have not had a vacation from publishing a minimum of 3 blogs per day, and the research that goes with it adds another 3 to 4 hours per day to the actual work up of the 3 or more blogs per day,  SO, I AM TAKING OFF ON MY BIRTHDAY and that will reflect probably on Tues, there will not be any new blogs up for that day.  I hope you will stick with us, since I will definitely be back the following day which will be Sunday, so there should be blogs up on Wed.  Good luck and God Bless you all for all you do to help try to save many, and nations as well as the globe they are found on.

Vatic Note:  First I want to ask everyone to quit referring to the Palestinian genocide against civilians as a WAR,  there is no war about it.  Its a slaughter of civilians without conscience, humanity, or integrity, since its all for gas and oil.  I agree with this analysis.  I found that even in my small town, those that used to support Israel unquestioningly, are now confronted with the fact that Israel proudly asserts her right to genocide a whole race of people from their own land.

And to do so for the greedy reason of profit on the oil and gas now found in Gaza, funny how the same thing is happening in the Ukraine. And I bet that is the same with Syria as well.  I will try to find out about Syria and let you know. The area in dispute in the Ukraine has an oil and gas field, a big one and that is why the khazars are in there, to take away the land with the natural gas on it.  What a coincidence.  We did a blog on that a few weeks back.

That is beyond our comprehension in today’s' society.   Back when the British ruled the planet, it was done regularly by the British to whatever society they happened to be going after at the time.  I just wonder if the british knew or realized that when they created the conditions for the emergence of Israel after WW I and then finalized that effort after their created WW II, if they realized just how much this would affect their own image in the world.  Its heavily tied into that of Israel. It certainly has an impact on their Oil and gas company, BP, and Shell. 

They appear to be joined at the hip.  Are the royalty of Europe of Khazar genome?  If so, then that would explain their cooperation and creation of organizations to help the khazars implement their agenda of world domination. I keep thinking of the Bilderberg group created by the king of Denmark back in 1954.

As long as the Khazars had the use of other groups as fronts for their in humanity, they could get away with anything, but that is slowly changing due to their own decision to come out and do their own dirty work, instead of leaving it to others.  It also is a result of the sheep waking up and seeing it for themselves. 

Israel Has Lost Big Over Gaza War: Analyst
By Gordon Duff and Press TV, 8/6/2014

Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today from Ohio, about a survey finding that support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fallen by 20 percent.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Now first of all, before I get into the numbers and statistics here, in your opinion was deterrence ever the goal of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza?

Duff: I really do not think there was any idea about deterrence. The Israelis have been bombing Gaza for months. The bombing had been escalated long before any of this had come up. The bombing in Israel is early June. The bombing had been fairly severe.

The issues here have simply been internal politics within Israel. Victimization games attempt to defray the failures that Israel has had with Syria, Israel’s very strange alliance with the neo-fascist in Kiev which is now not so much of a secret anymore, the embarrassment inside Egypt that it is an Israeli puppet regime in Cairo today.
And this attack was supposed to be something to mollify the people of Israel. It was supposed to be something to solidify backing within the United States. It was supposed to be a more of the same victimization game that Israel plays, none of this has turned out the way they wanted it to be. 
Israel has lost big. The idea that people do not approve of Netanyahu because he failed as a war criminal, the people of Israel whatever protest they have been involved in – this is my opinion now – that they are displeased because Netanyahu has not been successful as a war criminal and war crimes are what the people of Israel have been asking for and they are after him because he has not been successful enough.

Press TV: So Mr. Duff, now that Israel is grappling with its internal politics specifically with the blowback from Gaza, do you think that all the leadership in Israel is on par with Netanyahu’s vision of what to do when it comes to Hamas and Gaza?

Duff: Well Hamas is taking much of the status that Hezbollah has had. Hezbollah became a major military force from its experience fighting in Syria.
Hamas is gaining that same kind of capability. It has had help from the outside.

It has got battlefield experience it hasn’t had. It has proven itself to be unified, it has proven itself to be a legitimate force and the more rhetoric that comes out of President Obama trying to refer the Hamas as a terrorist organization, the more he suffers incredibility as well within the US, within the news community, even entertainers now.
Israel has become fair game. You can criticize Israel when you were not able two years before. Certainly what has become an open issue in the United States is cutting aid to Israel. It is spoken of all the time and it is only American aid that holds Israel together. There is no nation without American money.

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50,000 Members Of Oklahoma Militia Are Ready To Stand Against Federal Government

*** Just a note to inform you that my BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 9, so I will be taking that day off for the first time in 4 years.  I have not had a vacation from publishing a minimum of 3 blogs per day, and the research that goes with it adds another 3 to 4 hours per day to the actual work up of the 3 or more blogs per day,  SO, I AM TAKING OFF ON MY BIRTHDAY and that will reflect probably on Monday, there will not be any new blogs up for that day.  I hope you will stick with us, since I will definitely be back the following day which will be Sunday, so there should be blogs up onTues .  Good luck and God Bless you all for all you do to help try to save many, and nations as well as the globe they are found in.

Vatic Note:   To be honest, I had no idea that we had that many volunteer unorganized militia members, in just one state militia.   Now I understand why our "foreign occupied" government did not come right out and confiscate our weapons.  If this is the case in just one small state, then I can imagine how many there are across the nation.

Remember, in order for the powers to be to win the world war, there has to be a revolution prior to that war to weaken the nation who is the designated loser and we are this WW III's designated loser, so that is why they need us to revolt and then WW III, then no weapons for the loser and we are weakened, and use up all our ammo so we can't fight the internationalist bankers.... and Russian/chinese troops can occupy us and keep us under control. (WW I and WW II had revolutions just before the wars and the winner of the revolutions lost the war.

We published a blog about George Washington and why he supported the second amendment, saying that the Unorganized militia would not be effective against tyrannical government if they did not have that right to be armed.  That is why he tied both the right to be armed with the unorganized militia together.  Remember, the militia is a group of American citizens banning together, with no central authority, to fight off tyranny at the grassroots level.

Our forefathers were extremely insightful, as we see today.  How could they know this need would arise?  Its because they had experience with ruling monarchies that place themselves above the people and that is a dangerous place for them to be.  Land confiscation becomes the first act of tyranny and it progresses from there.

For the first time in my life,  I can see the value and the need and I am glad we have that right written in granite with no doubt or questions left to stop it if it becomes needed.  Tyranny has a way of announcing itself to everyone, so the support will be there.  Just our hunters alone, regardless of militia, who are armed, exceed the number of military in the Russian army.  Add the militia and we are on solid ground here

Geographically, this is a rugged country and the locals know their own geography while foreign troops would have to get to know it before they could prevail in such an environment.  That alone is probably what has kept us free all these many centuries.   Even the Japanese made mention of the difficulty of occupying this nation when asked why they don't invade?   They said "Because there would be a gun behind every bush and tree".  Like I said, Our forefathers were geniuses and I am grateful they were so brave and effective. 

One weakness I know the unorganized militia has are the drones.   Each militia should have a hacker on staff to deal with the drone problem.   Just an observation and comment.  I am sure they have thought about that.   Good luck and God Bless you and yours.  Stay safe.   (If Texas has twice that many, its going to be a good day to have a revolution and still win WW III. That doesn't include all the rest of the states that have unorganized militia.  LOL)

50,000 Members Of Oklahoma Militia Are Ready To Stand Against Federal Government 
By  Timothy Whiteman,  The Liberty Crier,  April 25, 2014

“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms.” - President James Madison

50,000 members of Oklahoma Militia are ready to stand against Federal Government

Claiming membership at roughly 50,000, the unofficial Oklahoma Militia has decided to both figuratively and literally stand with embattled Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy in his fight with the federal government, as reported by the NBC affiliate station KFOR-TV of Oklahoma City, OK on April 20, 2014.

In an increasingly militarized nation where the federals now see fit to authorize the Bureau of Land Management to maintain their own attack dog unit, as well as such federal departments such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Department of Veterans Affairs have their own (and often heavily armed) police branches, more than a few American citizens are re-discovering the words of the nation’s Founding Fathers regarding the Second Amendment and also tyrannical central governments.

Love, hate or indifferent to the ongoing saga of Cliven Bundy’s fight with the Bureau of Land Management, the embattled cattleman has found that more than a few of his countrymen may not agree with him regarding the legalistic minutia of his court battle, but can more than relate to his standing up to what they believe is an oppressive and ever-intrusive federal government.  (VN: a "Foreign occupied" government).

With dozens of federal LEOs (Law Enforcement Organizations) currently existing on the taxpayers dime, upwards of 50,000 residents of the Sooner State have banded together in a loosely knit organization generically known as The Oklahoma Volunteer Militia.

Militia member Scott Shaw didn't mince words regarding the federal government's seizure of approximately 400 of the 500 head of cattle comprising Bundy's herd, six of which died while being held by the BLM, one being a rather valuable stud bull. Shaw was quoted:
"Evidently in America we don’t actually own the property anymore if you ever did."
Shaw also emphasized that if need be, members of the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia would indeed take up arms against the federal government:
It’s up to the feds. The ball’s in their court. You can do this legally or if you want to try to do a land grab violently, you can do that. We’re going to resist you.
Just look around the country, they are doing it everywhere. If they can do it in Nevada, they can do it in Colorado, Texas. I mean, what’s to stop them from coming to Oklahoma?
The only thing to stop them is ‘We the People’ ".

Read more at http://libertycrier.com/50000-members-oklahoma-militia-ready-stand-federal-government/#BK0LbufExG34eXWG.99

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MSNBC: Americans Trust In News Media & Government At All Time Low

*** Just a note to inform you that my BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 9, so I will be taking that day off for the first time in 4 years.  I have not had a vacation from publishing a minimum of 3 blogs per day, and the research that goes with it adds another 3 to 4 hours per day to the actual work up of the 3 or more blogs per day,  SO, I AM TAKING OFF ON MY BIRTHDAY and that will reflect probably on Tues, there will not be any new blogs up for that day.  I hope you will stick with us, since I will definitely be back the following day which will be Sunday, so there should be blogs up on Wed.  Good luck and God Bless you all for all you do to help try to save many, and nations as well as the globe they are found on. 

Vatic Note:  About 6 months or so ago,  we published the fact that the MSM had a huge drop in readership.   It was now 40% who still visited the MSM to get their news, but that has dropped even further.   Its amazing when the sheep start to wake up, just how fast it travels.  Its had a dramatic impact on these programs and newsprint papers obtaining ads for revenue. 

Its almost like a collective consciousness has taken hold and gone the speed of light in traveling through that collective unconscious realm to wake so many up.  Just so you know, this is up because it has dropped even lower.  You won't believe just how low it has gotten.  That is why I put this up.  

MSNBC: Americans Trust In News Media & Government At All Time Low 
by admin,  Liberty Crier,  July 1, 2014

Only 19% of Americans still have any trust or respect for the mainstream media.
It’s interesting to hear the people that Americans do not trust talk about why we don’t trust them as they pretend we’re going to trust the explanation they give us.

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Swiss Novartis Ebola Vaccine 2012: Itinerary of Crime against Humanity by Switzerland

Vatic Note:  Let us see...... Switzerland is the home of BIS, which is Rothschilds Bank of Settlements, am I wrong about that?  I don't think so.   Plus isn't Switzerland were the Zio nazi bankers hung out during WW II?  How is it they always know when and where its going to be safe FOR THEM AND NO ONE ELSE?   Switzerland has no protection anymore than anyone else, against the Ebola virus?  Do they?  Aaah, if they know about it in advance, then that would change everything wouldn't it, then, of course, they would know about it.?

I am so sorry about the smearing of the reputation of Switzerland, after  the world looked to the Swiss as good examples, of good countries, what a terrible come down.  The zio nazi's have  finished off any good countries that were left.  ITS NOW UP TO WE, THE PEOPLE, AFTER ALL.  There is no one else folks.  We are who will have to save us.  Lets call on the Swiss to purge the Rothschild zio nazi's out of Switzerland.

All we have to do is get those that engineered the bioweapon, to squeal on their masters.  Who gave them the orders to create the virus and the cure???  How convenient.  Too late for those poor people in Africa and the caring doctors that went there to try and save them and died themselves.   What horrible excuses for humans these people are.  THIS IS YOUR NWO,  SO HOW DO YOU LIKE IT SO FAR???  I personally think it sucks. Its time we put this one to bed for good.  After we do, then we clean house in both political parties or do away with them altogether.

Swiss Novartis Ebola Vaccine 2012: Itinerary of Crime against Humanity by Switzerland 
Published on Aug 5, 2014

THE ITINERARY OF SWISS CRIME: 2012 EBOLA ANTIDOTE READY IN SWITZERLAND, 2013 SWISS MANDATORY VACCINATION LAWS AND 2014 THE ACTUAL EBOLA OUTBREAK; so the Swissies have it all set in place now - the vaccine, the new pandemic laws and now the real pandemic. So soon they can force to inject us whatever they want and simultaneously make a hell of a lot of money with Gleevec and Tasigna.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

20,000 Americans March On Washington Against Israel Genocide In Gaza:

Vatic Note:   Well, its well past time we started waking up.  Its never to late to correct a huge mistake and to clean up the weaknesses we now see in our current system of governance.   Keeping all foreign powers and dual citizens out of positions of power and authority within our government, needs to be clearly defined and reinforced, so this never happens again, and MONEY OUT OF ALL ELECTIONS.  We own the airways, we can give free time to all candidates, and NO POLITICAL PARTIES.

Our forefathers warned us against them and they were right as we see now.  The current office holders who signed loyalty oaths to Israel are traitors as it stands now.  They all need to be kicked out.  Congress just approved a 225 million dollar bill of our tax money to send to Israel.   WHAT???  ARE THEY NOT PAYING ATTENTION?  GENOCIDE IS NOT AN AMERICAN IDEAL.   WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO START REPRESENTING US AND NOT THEIR BANKER OWNERS......This is why CONGRESS'S APPROVAL HAS DROPPED TO ONLY 14%.  That has to be an historical first. 

Its time to get serious and make the changes we need to make since they have conducted war against us, and the list of the weapons and actions against us is huge.  We see with the Palestinians what the zio nazi's would eventually do to us as well.... so if we are going to be genocided, well, then we have nothing to lose to fight to the death against them.  Every nations' people needs to purge all Rothschild international bankers out of their countries and declare a world war against them and fight no one else.  Screw our leaders and what they tell us to do.   They can go do it themselves.   We will do what is right and they can kiss our booties. 

20,000 Americans March On Washington Against Israel Genocide In Gaza: 
Posted on

Gaza Protest Washington 832014

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have marched on the White House in Washington DC to protest against Israel’s ongoing military offensive on Gaza.

Approximately 20,000 people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds gathered outside the building in the U.S. capital to oppose Israel’s bombardment and incursion into the Gaza Strip, in which more than 1,700 civilians have been killed and over 9,000 wounded.

“Free Palestine, let Gaza live,” thousands of people shouted outside the White House on Saturday.

    palestine land

    Led by the Washington-based anti-war coalition ANSWER and a broad coalition of Muslim-American organizations including the Council of American-Islamic Relations, American-Muslim Alliance, New York Muslim Legal Fund of America and Islamic Circle of North America, demonstrators came from different cities and states from across the U.S.

    Many carried banners declaring: “Israel has terrorized the region and world since 1948″ as well as “Stop genocide in Gaza” and “Free Palestine.”

    A Turkish demonstrator named Ali told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that he had come about 150km from Delaware State with his family to voice his feelings over the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.

    Another demonstrator named Thomas, carrying a banner reading: “Free Palestine, let Gaza live”, said: “The diversity in this square shows the great desire for justice and compassion toward the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”

    Other demonstrators protested against what they said was the unconditional support of the U.S. to Israel with banners reading: “Obama, responsible for massacre” and “Stop all U.S. aid to Israel.”

    Wearing a Palestinian flag, a 36-year-old American-Palestinian demonstrator named May, said: “We are here to call for the administration to stop its support for Israel and to stop the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

    Describing as “barbaric” the approval by the U.S. Congress on Friday of $225 million of financial support to Israel, she said that Obama should halt the flow of fund.

    The protesters marched to the building of the American daily newspaper The Washington Post to protest against what they said was a pro-Israeli editorial policy.

    The executive director of Council of American-Islamic Relations, Nihad Awad, told the AA: “We protest the editorial vision of the Washington Post, which continues to promote Israeli occupation and apartheid policies that are the root of the conflict.”
    At the gate of the newspaper’s headquarters, which was guarded by U.S. police, the demonstrators protested against the daily shouting: “Shame on you!”
    Passing by the construction vehicles’ producer, Caterpillar Corporation, the demonstrators protested against the corporation for providing the Israeli state with tools and equipment for demolishing Palestinian homes and building Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.
    A group of orthodox Jews were among the demonstrators, carrying banners declaring: “Judaism rejects the Zionist Israeli State and its atrocities.”
    Jewish demonstrator rabbi David Fieldman said: “The Israeli state has been perpetrating genocide against the Palestinians which Judaism would never accept.”
    Another group of demonstrators burned an Israeli flag nearby. The demonstration ended peacefully.
    Levant_Fig1_Press release


    In 1947 The United Nations Unilaterally & Illegally Annexed Land Away From The Palestine Region Where Jews, Arabs, & Muslims Lived Side By Side And Rothschild Created A ‘State’ Israel aka; ‘Zionism’ For Jews.
    This Illegal Annexation For A Jewish State, Is In Violation Of The Torah Since The Jewish People Are In Exile [70 A.D. Deuteronomy 11: 13-17] And Only God Can Grant His People Divine Redemption Romans 11:23.
    Zionism is based on a distorted and erroneous reading of Scripture, and began with the English preacher John Nelson Darby. Zionism was perpetuated in America by Cyrus Scofield during the early 20th century, who published the [Heavily Distorted] popular Scofield Reference Bible in 1909.
    Zionism is based on the faulty assumption that God still owes the Jews the land He promised to give to Abraham’s descendants. Scripture, however, teaches that God has already fulfilled His promises to the Jews. For example, regarding the land in question, God says through Joshua:
    “Thus the LORD gave to Israel all the land which he swore to give to their fathers; and having taken possession of it, they settled there” (Jos. 21:43). *Note* Israel Are The Jewish People Not Land.
    God also declares through Solomon that all his promises to Israel have been fulfilled:
    “Blessed be the LORD who has given rest to his people Israel, according to all that he promised; not one word has failed of all his good promise, which he uttered by Moses his servant” (1 Kings 8:56). *Note* Israel Are The Jewish People Not Land.
    God further says through the prophet Nehemiah that His promise to grant the land to Abraham’s descendants has been fulfilled:
    “Thou art the LORD, the God who didst choose Abram and bring him forth out of Ur of the Chalde’ans and give him the name Abraham; and thou didst find his heart faithful before thee, and didst make with him the covenant to give to his descendants the land of the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Amorite, the Per’izzite, the Jeb’usite, and the Gir’gashite; and thou hast fulfilled thy promise, for thou art righteous” (Neh. 9:7-8).
    Rothschild Parasites Off Of Nation States By His Banking Cabal And His Mafia PsyOp Modus Operandi. In 1917 A Scheme Was Hatched Called ‘The Balfour Agreement’ By The British For Rothschild To Usurp [Annex] This Land.
    31 Years Later And Contrary To The Torah, The People Israel Became A State in 1948, This Was The Same Year Gandhi Removed Rothschild From India And The Same Year Gandhi Was Murdered. Rothschild Owns Oil rights Throughout His State Of Israel Region.

    The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

    The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California

    Vatic Note:   Aaah, Agenda 21 now in play.  I can't count how many times these zionists came right out and told us what they plan on doing to us.  We will be pushed from the rural western state areas into megatropolis cities on the east coast to live in ant colonies, like a bunch of bugs, with smart meters to track our entire lives so we don't resist.

    The UN has no legal right to migrate us anywhere.  We are a free nation, and we intend to stay one and to live where we choose, not where the UN decides.  Its time for the "people" of every nation on the planet to fight against this UN working for the international zio nazi bankers.  We should never have allowed them to get as powerful as they have.  We can turn this around before its too late.  If there is a world war, let it be against the international bankers AND NO ONE ELSE. 

    First of all, WE ALL KNOW HAARP is our weather weapon.  They just were not suppose to use it on us, the taxpayers who paid for it.  I watch them here where I am, bounce the haarp signal off the ionosphere to the target area they need to be hit, like the food belt of our nation and California which is the fruit capital of  our nation.  So now we have droughts and they will force people to move.  They do this by manipulating the jet stream.

    Forget it.  Someone recently said, its almost time for that revolution and if they take away the most basic right to live where you want, then that will be the call to arms.  I have no doubt about that since people are rooted to their communities.  If I were told to move from where I am, I would never comply.

    They would have to gag and tie me up to get me out of here...... sometimes these brilliant men are so stupid. No, I take that back, they are always stupid and that is because they are psychos, with no soul and no spirit life.  They are the walking dead.  They just forgot to lay down and die physically.  They are already dead spiritually.

    The UN Is Planning to Migrate Americans From California
    by Dave Hodges,  The DC Clothesline, August 2, 2014

    The United States Drought Monitor map is showing that 58% of the state is currently experiencing an “exceptional drought” stage. This represents a 22% increase from just a week ago.

    Droughts can prove devastating to a community as widespread crop and pasture losses and shortages of water in reservoirs, streams and wells accompany drought conditions.
    Exceptional drought, the most extreme category, indicates  the most extreme conditions of drought and is considered to be a precursor to
    Lynne Wilson, who serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations, “Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought. We may have to migrate people out of California.”
    It seems certain that at this rate of increasing drought, millions of Americans, presently living in California, better begin packing their collective bags because it could soon be moving day.
    At this point, people are undoubtedly wondering if there isn’t something that can be done to save California from this massive drought?

    The Air Force Has the Solution to California’s Drought

    Since its first publication “Owning the Weather 2025“, and “The Weather As a Force Multiplier, both published in 1996, the Air Force has made it clear that it has the capability to control the weather to the degree that their documents admit that they can weaponize both weather and earthquakes (see Exhibit 2 in the Appendix). Before you wrinkle your nose up and fall back on the phrase that so many have been conditioned by, “You must be a conspiracy theorist”, I have published the Air Force’s annotated bibliography on this subject  of weather modification which is listed below in the Appendix (see Exhibit 1).
    The Air Force actually maintains a separate entity in its branch known as the “Air Force Weather Agency”. It’s mission is weather modification.
    This agency has the ability to "fix" California's extreme drought conditions.
    This agency has the ability to “fix” California’s extreme drought conditions.
    I am going to stop short of saying this Air Force agency created the drought conditions. Although, a circumstantial case can be made that major political capital and money is at stake in the California drought. Further, the Air Force clearly has the ability to mitigate the situation. (see Exhibits 1,2,3 in the Appendix). Additionally, don’t the citizens of California pay taxes to the federal government who in turn, oversees the Air Force? Then why aren’t the full resources of the Air Force Weather Agency being brought to bear in this crisis? The simple answer is because that is not the plan.

    Lynn Wilson, Kaplan University and a Bad Boy Named Peter

    Lynn Wilson from Kaplan University has stated that climate change is behind what is happening to California. Lynn Wilson has conducted no meaningful research in the area of climate change. In fact, Kaplan University has never published a research study on climate change! Then why is Wilson speaking out on this issue. Her and Kaplan’s lack of meaningful credentials in this area are puzzling that any media outlet would give them the time of day, until one considers that Kaplan, a for-profit university is owned by the globalist propaganda mouthpiece, The Washington Post. 
    Lynn Wilson
    Lynn Wilson
    Lynn Wilson, who serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations. This fact makes Wilson’s statement that “Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought. We may have to migrate people out of California.”
    Wilson promoting the mass migration of Americans from California? More importantly, why would anyone listen to someone with no credentials to have the authority to make such a claim? Most importantly, why is Kaplan, basically an online university that does no research, being thrust into the forefront by such media outlets as CNBC.
    Peter Sutherland an insider's insider. Head of the UN Migration Council. He will soon be your next landlord.
    Peter Sutherland an insider’s insider. Head of the UN Migration Council. He will soon be your next landlord.
    Lynn Wilson meet Peter Sutherland. I recently wrote about Peter Sutherland and pointed out that this Bilderberg Steering Committee member, former head of the Western Europe Trilateral Commission, the former head of the Bank of Ireland and the person I identiffied as the mastermind of the conspiracy related to the Gulf oil explosion, would be in charge of any population movements inside of the United states. Most significantly, in 2006, Peter Sutherland was appointed as the special representative (SRSG) on the United Nations International Migration and Development.The UN’s International Migration and Development would be in charge of large scale population movements. It is clear that Lynn Wilson is a convenient puppet and mouthpiece for Sutherland.
    Over the past month, I have written about Sutherland being the point man resulting in the takeover of the US by the UN. I am surprised that the propaganda aspect of these intentions is already in the mainstream media. My fear is that this plot is going to move very quickly.
    A more detailed synopsis about the threat posed to the United States by Sutherland can be obtained here.

    Simultaneous Agendas Connected to the Evacuation of California

    For those that are wondering why I am presenting the notion of climate change without a change, it is your turn. Climate Change is a term which evolved out of  the term
    global warming” which was debunked as a scientific concept as a result of the hacked emails discovery from East Anglia University in what became known as “Climategate” in which it was admitted that the scientists promoting the concept were cooking the books. Thus, “Climate Change” came into being. Now, man is responsible whenever there is a hail storm, snow storm, a tornado, etc. Any deviation in a “normal” weather pattern is due to man’s use of energy, particularly fossil fuels. Thus, the concept of Cap and Trade was born which would  hand over all energy to a few enlightened men so that they could save the planet. Forget save the planet, the science does not support the fraud. Handing over the world’s economy based on pseudo science is the goal. The present crisis in California helps to establish the public “legitimacy” of this goal and will serve to convince the people to give up their property, their rights and their fortunes in order to save the Earth. It will work because how many people in the general population knows the difference between a control group and an experimental group?
    There is yet another reason connected to the evacuation of California at some point because of artificially caused drought. I recently wrote about MECHA and La Raza’s stated intent to establish a new country entitled Atzlan. The concept has been in formal existence for over a decade. It is based on the premise that in 1848 the United States illegally provoked the Mexican War which resulted in the loss of the present American Southwest from the country of Mexico. The historical allegations by MECHA and La Raza are correct. However, most reasonable Americans see the solution as being more unreasonable than the war which led to the loss of land in the first place. Atzlan advocates call for the expulsion of people of European descent from this eight state area. At one time, I saw this as a race-baiting divide and conquer strategy intended to create an unnecessary rift between whites and Latinos. Now, I see this in an entirely different light.
    If drought conditions can force evacuation under the auspices of the United Nations, the Atzlan concept could be the final step in the planned breakup by the United States by the United Nations. This would bring the United States closer in line to the the following map which also UN inspired.
    Created under UN auspices during the Nixon Presidency, this map represents the former United States broken up into regions. Certainly, KBR and Halliburton would be at the forefront of constructing new residences for "displaced Americans".
    Created under UN auspices during the Nixon Presidency, this map represents the former United States broken up into regions. Certainly, KBR and Halliburton would be at the forefront of constructing new residences for “displaced Americans”.
    Where will the UN’s Lynn Wilson and Peter Sutherland send displaced Californians?
    Don't Californicate America.
    Don’t Californicate America.

    Analysis and Conclusion

    I am in possession of 18 documents which clearly demonstrate that the Air Force has known how to control the weather to a large extent for almost 2 decades. I have published 3 of the documents which are listed below in the Appendix. The weather patterns in California, which are contributing to the drought, are anomalous to say the least. We have coastal areas which seem to be operating outside the laws of the transpiration cycle. This can only be accomplished through the manipulation of the Jet Stream and the Jet Stream patterns have been unique. The technology to do this described in the various references in the Appendix (Exhibit 1; see also Dr. Nick Begich Angels Dont’ Play This Haarp).  Certainly, the drought in California could bring together the long-term dream of the globalists to control all energy under Cap and trade laws. Further, California provides an estimated 40-50% of certain agricultural products for the nation as a whole. A lack of water could have a devastating effect on the economy with regard to food pricing. If one’s goal is the collapse of the economy as a means to destroy the United States, this would be an excellent covert plan.
    The presence of the UN on American soil is indeed troubling. However, California is just the beginning. To establish a New World Order, the globalists have to utterly destroy the main opposition which is our country. I submit that this process is already underway.
    Editor’s Note: Please visit www.thecommonsenseshow.com to see the full appendix, complete with bibliographies, footnotes and Air Force communications.
    Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

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    Chaos Agenda: Israel & the Mono World Order – David Icke

    Vatic Note:  This is a must watch video.   This is a very comprehensive interview, covering many subjects, from Gaza, to the Ukraine, and other banker Zionists agenda and all associated subjects attending that agenda. He covers immigration, Iraq, private armies, and who is behind it all.  He brings up the third world war, and says its Orwellean war which is to be on going.

    He talks about the reordering process of the world and it begins with chaos,  then they control the reaction, and finally provide the solution which is more control by the Zionists.  What I am trying to say is he does a very thorough job of analysis.  Its great to listen to this and see the big picture.  What was even more fascinating was what he called "The Great Hoax called Israel".  That was really something and again well worth the time.  He has done a lot of research on these subjects. 

    He talks about how the PTB using false flag groups who actually works for Britain, Israel, and the CIA.  Whatever is best for the agenda, they will do.  Like using Islamic terrorists paid for by the cabal, to do all the instability.   Now comes an analysis ISIS and massively funded, so who is doing that?  The Silence from Israel is what got him thinking how you would see Israel quiet whenever they are heavily involved in their existance and behavior through financing and training.

    He said that the agenda was to play the sunni muslims against the shia muslims fighting each other in order to keep the Muslims from uniting since that would be the biggest threat to Israel.  He discusses a lot, so its worth the watch.  He event talks about "Greater Israel".   He also discusses why Gaza is such a target for the Israelis.   Lots and lots and well worth the time to educate and know truth. 

    Chaos Agenda: Israel & the Mono World Order – David Icke
    By  David Icke, Zen Gardner, July 28, 2014


    Considered one of the classics of conspiracy research, David Icke has spent the last quarter of a century unraveling the secrets of the universe, reality and the forces that manipulate our world. After writing more than 20 books, David Icke has driven on with his unrelentless investigation into subject areas that others don’t dare touch. 

    Icke shares his analysis of US occupation in the Middle East. He’ll also talk about ISIS, with an alleged extremist Islamic agenda, yet silence from Israel. We’ll talk about the genocide of Palestinians and the redrawing of the Middle East with Israel as the new dictator. David discusses the origins of Israel, which is based on a hoax. 

    He’ll discuss events leading up to the creation of the State of Israel. Then, we’ll talk about where the elite want to take the world and the techniques they’re using to get there. Their techniques include the destruction of nationhood and forced multiculturalism. Icke comments on Europeans who are re-acting to preserve their nationhood, challenging the European Union and fighting back.

    We’ll talk about how the elite are working hard to establish a one world culture, a mono everything, through killing true diversity. Later, he’ll speak on the inner core of Zionism that functions like a secret society. We also talk about how young Jews are being programmed from birth and being used for a bigger strategy. 

    At the end we discuss how people are frightened into silence, sticking their heads in the sand but this will not make the problems go away. Diversity of everything, including power is needed. 


    The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

    Hint that this is a Set Up: Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads

    Vatic Note: If this is a false flag as suggested in another blog, where Soros and Bill Gates have promoted this in order to achieve "FEAR PORN" to control us through use of fear, then this below shows just how greedy Bill Gates is.... he is  using t he fear porn to make money by buying up an Ebola Treatment drug company.  This article does a better job of explaining it than I could.

    If its not fear porn but real, then they still get to make money off of disasterous inhuman acts against living people across the globe.   They need to get rid of these people so we can grow and advance.   We don't need these perverted dark evil satanists bringing death and darkness to our planet or our lives. 

    Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads  

    (NaturalNews) A global outbreak of deadly Ebola is underway and has crossed national borders. One infected victim of the horrifying disease flew on international flights, vomiting on board and exposing hundreds of people to the deadly virus which can be transmitted through airborne particles. Ebola has an 8-10 day incubation period, meaning thousands of people could be carrying it right now and spreading it across the cities of the world without even knowing it.

    Passengers in Hong Kong and the UK have already shown symptoms of the disease and are being tested, reports USA Today. (2) The Peace Corps has evacuated its volunteers from the region after two were exposed to Ebola. (3)

    "Expert claims panic over death of U.S. man in Nigeria is 'justified'" reports the Daily Mail. (1) "He warned the spread of Ebola could become a global pandemic."

    Ebola is the closest thing to real-life zombie infections

    With apologies to those victims who have suffered the horrible fate of Ebola, I'm offering a medically accurate description here as a warning to everybody else. Believe me when I say you do NOT want to contract Ebola. Warning: Graphic language below.

    Ebola is a gruesome disease that causes cells in the body to self-destruct, resulting in massive internal and external bleeding. In its late stages, Ebola can cause the victim to experience convulsions, vomiting and bleeding from the eyes and ears while convulsing, flinging blood all over the room and anyone standing nearby, thereby infecting those people as well. This gruesome ending is the reason Ebola spreads so effectively. The virus "weaponizes" the blood, then causes the victim to fling it around on everyone else almost like you might see depicted in some horror zombie flick.

    "Haemorrhaging symptoms begin 4 - 5 days after onset, which includes hemorrhagic conjunctivitis, pharyngitis, bleeding gums, oral/lip ulceration, hematemesis, melena, hematuria, epistaxis, and vaginal bleeding," reports the Pathogen Safety Data Sheet from the Public Health Agency of Canada. (8) That same publication also explains, "There are no known antiviral treatments available for human infections."

    Read that again: There are NO KNOWN TREATMENTS for human infections.

    Sierra Leone's top Ebola doctor tragically died yesterday from an Ebola infection. Although well trained in infectious disease, even he underestimated the ability of this insidious killer to leap from person to person. Around half of those infected with Ebola die, making it one of the most fatal diseases known to modern medical science. And yet medical staff around the world still aren't exercising sufficient precautions when interfacing with infected patients.

    Monsanto and Dept. of Defense help fund pharma company that could earn billions from Ebola treatment

    There are some experimental drugs under development by pharma companies that show some promise, but nothing is commercialized yet. (9)

    One fascinating development worth investigating further is that TEKMIRA Pharmaceuticals, a company working on an anti-Ebola drug, just received a $1.5 million cash infusion from none other than Monsanto. Click here to read the press release, which states "Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing novel RNAi therapeutics and providing its leading lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery technology to pharmaceutical partners."

    The money from Monsanto is reportedly related to the company's developed of RNAi technology used in agriculture. The deal is valued at up to $86.2 million, according to the WSJ. (11)

    Another press release about Tekmira reveals a $140 million contract with the U.S. military for Ebola treatment drugs:

    TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense's Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office.

    Additional Tekmira partnership are listed at this Tekmira web page.

    Not to invoke any charges of collusion or conspiracy here, but a whole lot of people are going to have raised eyebrows over the fact that Monsanto just happened to be giving a cash infusion to a key pharma company working on an Ebola cure right in the middle of a highly-publicized Ebola outbreak which could create huge market demand for the drugs. The fact that the U.S. Department of Defense is also involved with all this is going to have alternative news websites digging hard for additional links.

    Sadly, the history of medicine reveals that drug companies, the CDC and the WHO have repeatedly played up the severity of disease outbreaks in order to promote sales of treatment drugs. I'm not saying this outbreak isn't very real and very alarming, of course. It is real. But we always have to be suspicious when windfalls profits just happen to line up for certain corporations following global outbreaks of infectious disease. Vaccine manufacturers, remember, made billions off the false swine flu scare, and tens of millions of dollars in stockpiled swine flu vaccines later had to be destroyed by the governments that panicked and purchased them.

    Has air travel doomed humanity to a pandemic outbreak?

    Air travel creates the "perfect storm" for Ebola to devastate humanity. It all starts with these irrefutable facts about air travel:

    1) All passengers are confined to the same enclosed space.

    2) All passengers are breathing THE SAME AIR.

    3) Ebola can become airborne via very small particles in the air, and just a single Ebola virus riding on a dust particle is sufficient to infect a human being (see below).

    4) Following the flight, infected passengers then intermingle with thousands of other people at the airport, each doing to a different unique destination somewhere else across the country or around the world.

    5) The speed of air travel vastly out-paces the speed of governments being able to deploy infectious disease prevention teams.

    A global pandemic wipeout from Ebola, in other words, could originate from a single person on a single international flight. And it could circle the globe in less than 48 hours.

    Just one organism is sufficient to infect a new host

    Just how much Ebola virus does it take to infect someone? Alarmingly, as the Public Health Agency of Canada explains, "1 - 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans." (8)

    Read that again: it takes just ONE aerosolized organism (a microscopic virus riding on a dust particle) to cause a full-blown infection in humans. This is why one man vomiting on an international flight can infect dozens or hundreds of other people all at once.

    Some experts fear that has already happened. As the Daily Mail reports: (1)

    Nigerian health officials are in the process of trying to trace 30,000 people, believed to be at risk of contracting the highly-infectious virus, following the death of Patrick Sawyer in Lagos. It comes as Nigerian actor Jim Lyke sparked outrage, posting a picture of himself wearing an Ebola mask while sitting in a first class airport lounge as he fled Liberia.

    Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show reports: (7)

    A desperate search is on to find the hundreds of passengers who flew on the same jets as Sawyer. A total of 59 passengers and crew are estimated to have come into contact with Sawyer and effort is being made to track each individual down. There is an inherent problem with this "track down". Presumably, some of the passengers connected to other flights, which known to be the case. Let's just say for the sake of argument that only 20 people, a low estimate given the nature of the airports that Sawyer was traveling in, were connecting to other flights, the spread of the virus would quickly expand beyond any possibility of containment because in less than a half a day, nearly a half a million people would be potentially exposed. Within a matter of a couple of hours, Sawyer's infected fellow travelers would each have made contact with 200 other passengers and crew. Hours later, these flights would land and these people would go home to the friends, families and coworkers across several continents.

    CBS News adds: (4)

    "Witnesses say Sawyer, a 40-year-old Liberian Finance Ministry employee en route to a conference in Nigeria, was vomiting and had diarrhea aboard at least one of his flights with some 50 other passengers aboard. Ebola can be contracted from traces of feces or vomit, experts say."

    American family members quarantined in Texas

    A U.S. doctor named Dr. Kent Brantly has reportedly contracted Ebola. "Brantly and the couple's 3- and 5-year-old children left Liberia for a scheduled visit to the United States on July 20. Days later, Kent Brantly quarantined himself in the isolation ward of a hospital where he had been treating Ebola patients after testing positive for the disease," reports CBS News. (3)

    That same story goes on to say, "Amber Brantly and the children are in Abilene, Texas, under a 21-day fever watch," which is essentially a quarantine. This means the necessary quarantine of American citizens on U.S. soil has already begun.

    Nobody is yet talking about what all this might mean if a large U.S. city shows an outbreak of infections. Will the federal government use the military to quarantine an entire city? Ultimately, it must! And make no mistake: this possibility is already written up and on the books for national emergencies. One declaration of martial law is all that's required to seal off an entire U.S. city at gunpoint.

    Another CBS News article reports: (4)

    "If it gets into a big city, that's everybody's worse nightmare," said Dr. Tim Geisbert, a professor of microbiology and immunology at University of Texas Medical Branch, in an interview with CBS News. "It gets harder to control then. How do you quarantine a big city?"

    The answer, by the way, is by deploying America's armed forces against its own citizens in a domestic national emergency scenario. Everybody in the federal government already knows that. It's only the mainstream media that pretends such plans don't already exist.

    Ebola detection kits deployed to all 50 U.S. states

    Although the federal government's official reaction to all this is low-key, in truth the U.S. government is rapidly preparing for the possibility of an Ebola outbreak reaching the continental USA.

    As reported above, the U.S. Department of Defense already has a $140 million contract awarded to Tekmira for its Ebola treatment drugs.

    Additionally, as SHTFplan.com reports: (5)

    The Department of Defense informed Congress that it has deployed biological diagnostic systems to National Guard support teams in all 50 states, according to a report published by the Committee on Armed Services. Some 340 Joint Biological Agent Identification and Diagnostic System (JBAIDS) units have thus far been given to emergency response personnel. The systems are "rapid, reliable, and [provide] simultaneous identification of specific biological agents and pathogens."

    On one hand, we might all applaud the government's preparedness actions in all this. It's smart to have diagnostic systems deployed nationwide, of course. But it begs the question: When was the government planning on telling the public about all this? Probably never. There's no sense in causing a panic when half the people won't survive an outbreak anyway, they figure.

    The perfect bioweapon against humanity?

    I also need to make you urgently aware that Ebola is a "perfect" bioweapon. Because of its ability to survive storage and still function many days, weeks or years later, it could be very easily harvested from infected victims and then preserved using nothing more than a common food dehydrator.

    As the Public Health Agency of Canada explains: (8)

    The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days (23). Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4 (C) for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70 C.

    To translate this into laymen's terms, this means the Ebola virus can be:

    • Stored in a liquid vial and easily smuggled across international borders.

    • Dehydrated and stored in a dried state, then easily smuggled.

    • Frozen at very low temperatures where it remains viable indefinitely.

    Once dried, contained or frozen, Ebola pathogens can be smuggled into target countries with ridiculous ease. In the United States, for example, people can literally walk right through our Southern open borders with zero security whatsoever.

    Open borders is an open invitation for bioweapons terrorism

    Once inside the target country, a bioweapons terrorist could then easily infect people in public transit hubs such as subway stations, airports, bus stations and so on. Unfortunately, spraying a few Ebola particles into people's faces is ridiculously easy, especially if the terrorist carrying out the activities decides he is on a suicide mission and doesn't care about self-exposure.

    An outbreak of Ebola in a major U.S. city would quite literally threaten the public health of the entire nation. That's why an "open borders" policy in the middle of a global Ebola outbreak is unconscionable from the point of view of public health. CDC officials must be tearing their hair out over this issue.

    Think about it: America is a country where public health officials freak out and go crazy when two children acquire whooping cough in a public school in Maryland. But when tens of thousands of people are streaming into the country, unbounded, with near-zero medical scrutiny in the middle of an international Ebola outbreak, federal officials do almost nothing at all. If there is an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., this is most likely how it will arrive.

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