CPS involved in child trafficking? Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter

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Vatic Note:  They have moved this into "DRAFT" status twice now, so lets see if it stays up this time. This fits with a blog we did about a year ago on a Georgia Senator who had been investigating  this issue of Child kidnapping by CPS in Georgia and then they are sexually abused or sold out to high up politicians for sex as we saw with a man who was stripped of his child at 16 hours old because he was an "Oath Keeper"  and 6 days later when they were in a visitation with the baby, they discovered she had been raped already while in CPS care.  The Senator was also involved in the international movement on this issue since its becoming a major world wide problem.  Shortly after this interview she & her husband were  murdered.   Amazing.   This fits with the illuminati's theory that if they were given complete control of a generation of children they would fix the problem of resistance early on and also remember many high up officials are satanists and they need children either sexually or as a human sacrifice for their satanic rituals.  

CPS involved in child trafficking? Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of NaturalNews.com
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(NaturalNews) Health freedom champion and civil rights defender Maryanne Godboldo was victimized by an armed attack led by Child Protective Services. CPS officials conspired with local law enforcement to threaten Maryanne with deadly force and kidnap her daughter. And what did Maryanne do to deserve this treatment? She refused to medicate her daughter with psychiatric drugs and, instead, chose to treat her daughter holistically.

Welcome to the new health care police state in America, where if you refuse to inject your child with dangerous vaccines or refuse to medicate your child with mind-altering psychotropic drugs, you are considered en enemy of the state.

Maryanne Godboldo recently spoke with Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews, to describe what really happened and how she is working to stand up for parents' rights, civil rights and human rights. Watch the full interview at:

32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid

Vatic Note: The entire world??? We don't need that much room for only a few thousand bankers/rothschilds/Khazars so we can dismantle what we don't need. You are going to croak when you read this list. We knew it was bad, but not this bad. These guys are anal retentive control freaks.... .lol However, here is how you get around it. Simply leave your cell phone at work when you are done with work. AREN'T WE PROUD THAT WE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH???

Now if you don't care about the principle of privacy then take it with you. I have ideas how we can communicate without the cell phones but according to this all emails are being saved for one year, so I guess I won't put it up here, rather tell you individually in person. Also you know someone is going to develop a program/virus or something that will attach to whoever is monitoring the emails. I am waiting for the creative work to begin once they pull this garbage on us. It will almost be fun, won't it? I can already think of a dozen ways to screw them on all of this below. If they had just left it alone they may well have succeeded but now they are guaranteed to fail.... they do not understand the value of a creative free mind, we have always been a nation of ingenuity and creativity..... we love the challenge. Its the game.... ahah, the game is afoot. This almost sounds like fun.

The objective of the game is to see how many different ways you can avoid being tracked, just for kicks. I wonder if they are going to do this to the real terrorists in the White House, banks, brokerage houses and Israeli Embassy.   WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE ANT COLONIES THEY HAVE PLANNED TO SQUEEZE US INTO  and the save all the great land for themselves. The also do it for tight and 24 hour control over every aspect of our lives..... You won't believe it when you see it.     We won't be allowed toward any of it, which was the whole purpose of Agenda 21.  . 

32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid
Posted on Pakalert on May 26, 2011

Do you want your children and grandchildren to live in a futuristic “big brother”  control grid where everything they do is watched, recorded, tracked and tightly controlled? Well, that is exactly where things are headed. We witnessed some really bad totalitarian regimes during the 20th century, but what is coming is going to be far more restrictive than any of the despots of the past ever dreamed was possible. Today, nearly every government on earth is tightening their grip on their citizens. Paranoia has become standard operating procedure all over the planet and nobody is to be trusted.

Secret eugenics (mass-extermination) program may be well under way!

Vatic Note:   I inserted this one to show just how important this issue of water really is and how the dark forces are attacking our DNA and thus it makes the previous blogs much more important about how POWERFUL we truly are or they would not be slinking around on their bellies like slugs doing all this, if they were as powerful as we are.   They hide, we do not, why?  Because they are afraid of us and that is why these vermin are doing what they are doing.   These various videos and articles on "consciousness" and our "DNA" show us without a doubt that the objective here is more than just "depopulation", its also about what kind of humans will be left and reproduced, also known as "Eugenics"  and now we discover that the attack on our water is connected as well.  See, the aluminum eats the cortex of the brain which is our higher brain from which comes our humanity, our consciousness both conscious and subconscious also comes through that part of our brain and given the brain is about 70% water, you can see the affect both the polluting and killing our water and the spraying of Aluminum will have on our DNA and thus our Consciousness.   THIS IS SERIOUS, I  HOPE EVERYONE REALIZES JUST HOW SERIOUS

Remember, the objective is a complacent and non-rebellious and non-disgruntled robotic compliant slave labor population, with no life of any kind.    How do they achieve that?   Eat away at the conscious brain and leave only the automatic involuntary nervous system brain (better known as the "Limbic Brain" or "lizard survival brain") that can do rote tasks without "thinking".  Basically,  "No more free will or choices".   Add to that the radiation of Barium on our system which in fact does genetically modify our DNA that this has a dual purpose, both practical for them, such as military communications (Barium) and Weatherizing (Aluminum).  The quest is why do we need the latter??  HAARP is part of this program due to the damage of low level electromagnet waves, so why?   Because of their impact on the cortex of the brain and the manipulation of the structure of our DNA.   FURTHER, THE ALUMINUM WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY ACTS AS AN ANTENNA, NOW THINK ABOUT THAT ONE FOR A WHILE, DOES MIND CONTROL RING A BELL?  Check it out below, its worth the time..

Secret eugenics (mass-extermination) program may be well under way!
By THomas Hackey, 7th October 2010

New documentary, “What in the World Are They Spraying”, to be released
Photo: Freedom Force International

There is no more blatant or in-our-face evidence that a genocidal secret global authority exists than those ubigquitous planes that spew millions of tons of poisons like aluminum (Al) and Barium (Ba) into Earth’s atmosphere every day. (VN: we saw that here were I live bigger than ever in the past.  This week, the snow was not like real snow, these tiny balls came down that look like opaque, tiny moth balls, but worse it was sticky, not like wet water, more like a glue or some sort of oil/slime, etc.... Then when it would stick to the windshield and freeze onto the windshield you could really see it..... THE ICE WAS GREEN, I KID YOU NOT.  if anything happens in the way of massive disease etc in this next week, then we have ourselves another 9-11 and my bet is its the same players with a different team, probably the "Occult Black ops Scientists"..)   


The Ron Paul Bill to Abolish the Fed is a Trick -- Here is what you get if it passes.

Vatic Note:  I put this up because there is seldom anything written of an opposing nature to the tried and true Gold Standard or the flim flam system of fiat counterfeit currency.  This was a most intriguing piece and his points are so very well made.  Rothschild is collecting massive numbers of dollars by selling massive amounts of gold from his warehouse safes that he has all over the planet.  Millionaires are his clients and purchase of gold from Rothschild are in the millions of dollars per transaction.  Rothschild also has a history, not only in action but in writing about his plan and that can be found here.    So there may well be something to what Dick is saying and it deserves a good reading and some deep thought about it.  After Ron Paul pulled a John Kerry on his followers,  I have been extremely cautious in watching and observing and not committing to him this time around.   He left his supporters high and dry at the end when he could have won that nomination.  All he had to do was challenge immediately the vote count in New Hampshire which was the most sloppy vote rigging on record and would easily have been overturned since the paper records were absolutely clear as a bell, that Ron Pauls' numbers vs McCains had been switched at the time of enterance into the electronic voting machines state wide OWNED BY AN ISRAELI COMPANY, I might add.   Gee, what a surprise.  Is there nothing legal they know how to do???   

The Ron Paul Bill to Abolish the Fed is a Trick  --  Here is what you get if it passes.
Commentary by Dick Eastman,   May 27,  2011

The Fed should be nationalized with the power to inflation from thin air put in the hands of the people to counter the loss of purchasing power -- our wealth which has been disappeared into thin air by the deflationist policies of the Fed. And a gold system is always deflationary -- and a system where banks can issue notes only if they have gold reserves -- such a system will result in alternating credit expansions and credit contractions to profit the controllers of the gold supply who happen to be the same people to whom all the worlds owes trillions upon trillions of dollars.

ABOLITION OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE CHANGES NOTHING IF WE GO BACK TO THE SYSTEM WHERE THE TREASURY PEGS THE DOLLAR TO GOLD AT A TIME WHEN GOLD PRICES ARE CONTROLLED BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO OWN THE BANKS WHICH OWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. RON PAUL, ALEX JONES, PETER SCHIFF LEW ROCKWELL, GARY NORTH, GERALD CELENTE AND EVERYBODY ELSE HAWKING ROTHSCHILD GOLD. (Notce that right now Rothschild is selling gold to blind the followers of Celente and Rockewell and Alex Jones at a moment with the price of gold is at the top. These people will be selling their gold to buy back dollars later on in order to stave off the famine in the depression which lack of dollars in the system caused.


Tell Congress no standing ovations for Bibi Netanyahu

Vatic Note:  I mean truly, DOESN'T ANY POLITICIAN EVER TELL THE TRUTH ANYMORE? This speech given by Netanyahoohoo, was filled, packed with lies.  And they gave him a standing ovation when he told those lies.  Come on, Congress, you can't be that far removed from reality??? Can you?? OR ARE YOU AFRAID?  WE DO HAVE A LOT OF DEAD CONGRESSMEN  IN THE PAST FEW YEARS.   Who controls how and what information you get?   Plausible deniability won't work with the American public anymore, there has been too much lying and covering up. Call and remind the congress that Israel has killed more Americans than all the muslim countries put together.  866-220-0044. So what in the hell are we doing giving this war criminal a standing ovation?  Tell them we are losing another generation of our children and our wealth to fight wars for the Khazars in Israel while their children sit safe and secure in their homes or are out shooting palestinian children for their organs. 

Tell Congress no standing ovations for Bibi Netanyahu
Cecilie Surasky, Deputy Director, Jewish Voice for Peace

A letter from deputy Director of Jewish Voice for Peace to its membership.. regarding the (VN:  inappropriate) actions of congress (VN: Since when do we give standing ovations to international war criminals and perpetrators of Crimes Against humanity? This is what happens when your country is taken over by those same international criminals and they begin making us behave as they do in their own country).

Dear Supporter,

EXTINCTION: American Bats - Over A Million Killed Since 2006?!

Vatic Note: What the hell is going on...... are they trying to kill every damn living thing on this planet?  I  knew, from our research, that satanists hated life and death was their panecea, but this is ridiculous.  You know this is very serious since bats are as heavily tied into plant life, food and crops as are the bees. Well, we found out what was doing the bees, which appeared to be a bioweapon super virus see this article, but now we have a fungus on the bats.... the only thing that could be responsible are the chemtrails that are around everywhere, all over the country. This means they are committed to their famine, starvation cruel death Agenda for us since "a" fungus was discovered in the chemtrail dumpings on numerous tests done in different parts of the country in different states and by credible TV stations and reputable labs. So who knows. Right now, after all we have been through and have seen them do to others, it would not surprise me if this is not the same thing...... its a "deceptive" back door way to depopulate without risking your own life if your the khazar banker/israeli elite who wants to globalize and have a slave labor and sex trade and control everyone and everything on the planet. God, what a horrible thought.  Well, beginning today, everyone,  we are going to "CELEBRATE LIFE IN ALL FORMS" on this planet.  Screw them, we can do it too.  We can create the atmosphere that celebrates life, love, laughter and happiness.  Lets do it and drive them crazy.  

EXTINCTION: American Bats - Over A Million Killed Since 2006?!
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, by admin

Biologists across the United States have declared that the bat population is declining rapidly and could become an endangered species. They believed that the preceding winter continued the decimation of several of the hibernating species, as the deadly White-Nose Syndrome spreads to more than a dozen states. The syndrome, named for the sugary smudges of fungus seen on the noses and wings of hibernating bats, has killed over 1 million bats since 2006. They are now studying a mutated fungus in comparison with European bats to find an effective solution for this endangered species.

A fungus blamed for killing more than a million bats in the US since 2006 has been found to differ only slightly from an apparently harmless European version. The minor genetic differences could hold the key to preventing future deaths. Alternatively, European bats may have been exposed to the virus longer and evolved resistance.

Directed Energy Weapons

By: Maxwell C. Bridges
Date: 2011-05-22

{Bridges: I did some minor cyber-sleuthing in an attempt to reach these leaders of the 9/11 Truth Movement. I posted this a technical question in the Contact Us section of AE911 Truth website [for Mr. Gage.] I posted this as a Contact Us message to 911SpeakOut.org [for Mr. Cole.] I put this into an email to an old email address that uses the domain of a well-know 9/11 website [for Mr. Roberts.]}

Dear Mr. Jonathan Cole, Mr. Richard Gage, and Mr. Gregg Roberts,

Maybe I am the ultimate "duped useful idiot", because evidence at various points has convinced me of pods on planes, nano-thermite, DEW, milli-nukes, no-planes, CIT flyover, simVictims, hollow towers, etc. Of course, convincing debunking has had me cycle away from many of these, after which yet more evidence and analysis brings some of them back to the forefront as my current position.

Your recent article "AE911Truth FAQ #6: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis?" does not do justice to the topic or Dr. Judy Wood's textbook. I encourage you to make another thorough reading of her book and mine it for nuggets of truth.

I'm not saying that elements of her conclusions might not ultimately belong in the disinformation category. The danger that we must overcome when faced with concerted covert/overt disinformation campaigns (which is all around 9/11) is in too quickly dismissing a person and all of their conclusions, which then consequently dismisses all of the evidence and truths upon which their conclusions are built.

This is in fact what has happened and is happening with Dr. Judy Wood's efforts. It is good and well when your scientific and scholarly efforts find issues with her analysis and conclusions. But when your own theories that the Truth Movement lines up to march behind do not address the glaring evidence that Dr. Wood at least attempts, then your theories come up short. Worse, you know it.

Let us assume that nano-thermite was found in the dust and was one of the mechanisms deployed in the towers' destruction. Still, nano-thermite does not address all of the features of the destruction, and you do the 9/11 Truth Movement a major disservice when you allow this mechanism to be extracted and applied as an explanation for all that was observed.


The Doors Of Perception:,Why Americans Will ,Believe Almost Anything

Vatic Note: Remember, the British have taken the lead in this field through their TAVISTOCK GROUP  addressing mass psychology and manipulation, and especially through those affiliated here in the United States through grants, funding and control of boards of directors. We have much written on this blog about that subject, so check it out. Now what is amazing about this write up is it was done before 9-11-01 and reflects the state of our condition prior to 9-11. Can you even imagine how much worse it is now. If this were written today, the title would be slightly altered to eliminate the world "ALMOST". This is extremely comprehensive and how do you change this condition? First by knowing it exists, that is the first step and that means doing the things that help to remove you from the tools used to sustain that condition, GET RID OF THE TV, IPOD games etc.

I did 4 years ago and I can't tell you what a difference it makes. I was surprised. What I noticed most since doing that is the gap, between those who know and read and research and those that do not, is broadening dramatically. That leaves a level of frustration for those who are basically aware of all manipulation, mind control tools and thus have a deeper grasp of the lack of reality that exists in our world. I believe that was a big part of the matrix movie success. Its like you "know" there is more, something is missing, etc. but you can't quite put your finger on it. Its that nagging feeling that got me to get rid of the TV. I still watch DVD movies and videos, but I have no DIGITAL SIGNALS SLUICING THROUGH MY HOME, except those put out by Haarp of course. lol   Read this and truly put together all the elements that make up the big picture and explains so much. He did an excellent job on this. Its a timeless piece.

The Doors Of Perception:,Why Americans Will ,Believe Almost Anything
By Tim O'Shea, www.thedoctorwithin.com

Aldous Huxley's inspired 1956 essay detailed the vivid, mind-expanding, multisensory insights of his mescaline adventures. By altering his brain chemistry with natural psychotropics, Huxley tapped into a rich and fluid world of shimmering, indescribable beauty and power. With his neurosensory input thus triggered, Huxley was able to enter that parallel universe described by every mystic and space captain in recorded history. Whether by hallucination or epiphany, Huxley sought to remove all controls, all filters, all cultural conditioning from his perceptions and to confront Nature or the World or Reality first-hand - in its unpasteurized, unedited, unretouched, infinite rawness.
Those bonds are much harder to break today, half a century later. We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known. Not only are our thoughts and attitudes continually being shaped and molded; our very awareness of the whole design seems like it is being subtly and inexorably erased. The doors of our perception are carefully and precisely regulated. Who cares, right?

It is an exhausting and endless task to keep explaining to people how most issues of conventional wisdom are scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand media clips per day. In an effort to save time, I would like to provide just a little background on the handling of information in this country. Once the basic principles are illustrated about how our current system of media control arose historically, the reader might be more apt to question any given popular opinion.

If everybody believes something, it's probably wrong. We call that Conventional Wisdom.

In America, conventional wisdom that has mass acceptance is usually contrived: somebody paid for it.


* Pharmaceuticals restore health
* Vaccination brings immunity
* The cure for cancer is just around the corner
* Menopause is a disease condition
* When a child is sick, he needs immediate antibiotics
* When a child has a fever he needs Tylenol
* Hospitals are safe and clean.
* America has the best health care in the world.
* Americans have the best health in the world.
* Milk is a good source of calcium.
* You never outgrow your need for milk.
* Vitamin C is ascorbic acid.
* Aspirin prevents heart attacks.
* Heart drugs improve the heart.
* Back and neck pain are the only reasons for spinal adjustment.
* No child can get into school without being vaccinated.
* The FDA thoroughly tests all drugs before they go on the market.
* Back and neck pain are the only reason for spinal adjustment.
* Pregnancy is a serious medical condition
* Chemotherapy and radiation are effective cures for cancer
* When your child is diagnosed with an ear infection, antibiotics should be given  immediately 'just in case'
* Ear tubes are for the good of the child.
* Estrogen drugs prevent osteoporosis after menopause.
* Pediatricians are the most highly trained of al medical specialists.
* The purpose of the health care industry is health.
* HIV is the cause of AIDS.
* AZT is the cure.
* Without vaccines, infectious diseases will return
* Fluoride in the city water protects your teeth
* Flu shots prevent the flu.
* Vaccines are thoroughly tested before being placed on the Mandated Schedule.
* Doctors are certain that the benefits of vaccines far outweigh any possible risks.
* There is a power shortage in California.
* There is a meningitis epidemic in California.
* The NASDAQ is a natural market controlled only by supply and demand.
* Chronic pain is a natural consequence of aging.
* Soy is your healthiest source of protein.
* Insulin shots cure diabetes.
* After we take out your gall bladder you can eat anything you want
* Allergy medicine will cure allergies.

This is a list of illusions, that have cost billions and billions to conjure up. Did you ever wonder why you never see the President speaking publicly unless he is reading? Or why most people in this country think generally the same about most of the above issues?  (VN:  What is ironic about this list is that it changes....for instance, Raw Unpastuerized milk is actually very healthy for you.  We find  out now that it builds the immune system for children.  So why was it sold back then as being bad for you???  Because the plan was depopulation and you can't depopulate with healthy strong immune systems.  Just an example.  Many are taken in on these subjects including this author, because the propoganda pervades even the health industry on natural foods and remedies..... WHY DO YOU THINK THEY ARE RAIDING RAW MILK FARMS NOW?? Because the propoganda is no longer working, the raw milk drinking is increasing, so they had to come out of the close and use the last resort "GESTAPO TACTICS" to get the supply banned.  That is where our hope lies, in information systems, its a cyber war for information)


In Trust Us We're Experts, Stauber and Rampton pull together some compelling data describing the science of creating public opinion in America. They trace modern public influence back to the early part of the last century, highlighting the work of guys like Edward L. Bernays, the Father of Spin. From his own amazing chronicle Propaganda, we learn how Edward L. Bernays took the ideas of his famous uncle Sigmund Freud himself and applied them to the emerging science of mass persuasion. The only difference was that instead of using these principles to uncover hidden themes in the human unconscious, the way Freudian psychology does, Bernays used these same ideas to mask agendas and to create illusions that deceive and misrepresent, for marketing purposes.


Bernays dominated the PR industry until the 1940s, and was a significant force for another 40 years after that. (Tye) During all that time, Bernays took on hundreds of diverse assignments to create a public perception about some idea or product. A few examples: As a neophyte with the Committee on Public Information, one of Bernays' first assignments was to help sell the First World War to the American public with the idea to "Make the World Safe for Democracy." (Ewen)

A few years later, Bernays set up a stunt to popularize the notion of women smoking cigarettes. In organizing the 1929 Easter Parade in New York City, Bernays showed himself as a force to be reckoned with. He organized the Torches of Liberty Brigade in which suffragettes marched in the parade smoking cigarettes as a mark of women's liberation. Such publicity followed from that one event that from then on women have felt secure about destroying their own lungs in public, the same way that men have always done.

Bernays popularized the idea of bacon for breakfast. Not one to turn down a challenge, he set up the advertising format along with the AMA that lasted for nearly 50 years proving that cigarettes are beneficial to health. Just look at ads in issues of Life or Time from the 40s and 50s.

During the next several decades Bernays and his colleagues evolved the principles by which masses of people could be generally swayed through messages repeated over and over hundreds of times. One the value of media became apparent, other countries of the world tried to follow our lead. But Bernays really was the gold standard. Josef Goebbels, who was Hitler's minister of propaganda, studied the principles of Edward Bernays when Goebbels was developing the popular rationale he would use to convince the Germans that they had to purify their race. (Stauber)


Bernay's job was to reframe an issue; to create a desired image that would put a particular product or concept in a desirable light. Bernays described the public as a 'herd that needed to be led.' And this herdlike thinking makes people "susceptible to leadership." Bernays never deviated from his fundamental axiom to "control the masses without their knowing it." The best PR happens with the people unaware that they are being manipulated.

Stauber describes Bernays' rationale like this: "the scientific manipulation of public opinion was necessary to overcome chaos and conflict in a democratic society." Trust Us p 42

These early mass persuaders postured themselves as performing a moral service for humanity in general - democracy was too good for people; they needed to be told what to think, because they were incapable of rational thought by themselves. Here's a paragraph from Bernays' Propaganda: "Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In almost every act of our lives whether in the sphere of politics or business in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."

A tad different from Thomas Jefferson's view on the subject:

"I know of no safe depository of the ultimate power of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise that control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not take it from them, but to inform their discretion."

Inform their discretion. Bernays believed that only a few possessed the necessary insight into the Big Picture to be entrusted with this sacred task. And luckily, he saw himself as one of that few.


Once the possibilities of applying Freudian psychology to mass media were glimpsed, Bernays soon had more corporate clients than he could handle. Global corporations fell all over themselves courting the new Image Makers. There were dozens of goods and services and ideas to be sold to a susceptible public. Over the years, these players have had the money to make their images happen. A few examples:

Philip Morris Pfizer Union Carbide Allstate Monsanto Eli Lilly tobacco industry Ciba Geigy lead industry Coors DuPont Chlorox Shell Oil Standard Oil Procter & Gamble Boeing General Motors Dow Chemical General Mills Goodyear


Dozens of PR firms have emerged to answer that demand. Among them:   Burson-Marsteller Edelman Hill & Knowlton Kamer-Singer Ketchum Mongovin, Biscoe, and Duchin BSMG Buder-Finn

Though world-famous within the PR industry, these are names we don't know, and for good reason. The best PR goes unnoticed. For decades they have created the opinions that most of us were raised with, on virtually any issue which has the remotest commercial value, including:   pharmaceutical drugs vaccines medicine as a profession alternative medicine fluoridation of city water chlorine household cleaning products tobacco dioxin global warming leaded gasoline cancer research and treatment pollution of the oceans forests and lumber images of celebrities, including damage control crisis and disaster management genetically modified foods aspartame food additives; processed foods dental amalgams


Bernays learned early on that the most effective way to create credibility for a product or an image was by "independent third-party" endorsement. For example, if General Motors were to come out and say that global warming is a hoax thought up by some liberal tree-huggers, people would suspect GM's motives, since GM's fortune is made by selling automobiles. If however some independent research institute with a very credible sounding name like the Global Climate Coalition comes out with a scientific report that says global warming is really a fiction, people begin to get confused and to have doubts about the original issue.

So that's exactly what Bernays did. With a policy inspired by genius, he set up "more institutes and foundations than Rockefeller and Carnegie combined." (Stauber p 45) Quietly financed by the industries whose products were being evaluated, these "independent" research agencies would churn out "scientific" studies and press materials that could create any image their handlers wanted. Such front groups are given high-sounding names like:

Temperature Research Foundation International Food Information Council Consumer Alert The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition Air Hygiene Foundation Industrial Health Federation International Food Information Council Manhattan Institute Center for Produce Quality Tobacco Institute Research Council Cato Institute American Council on Science and Health Global Climate Coalition Alliance for Better Foods

Sound pretty legit don't they?


As Stauber explains, these organizations and hundreds of others like them are front groups whose sole mission is to advance the image of the global corporations who fund them, like those listed on page 2 above. This is accomplished in part by an endless stream of 'press releases' announcing "breakthrough" research to every radio station and newspaper in the country. (Robbins)

Many of these canned reports read like straight news, and indeed are purposely molded in the news format. This saves journalists the trouble of researching the subjects on their own, especially on topics aboutwhich they know very little. Entire sections of the release or in the case of video news releases, the whole thing can be just lifted intact, with no editing, given the byline of the reporter or newspaper or TV station - and voilá! Instant news - copy and paste. Written by corporate PR firms.

Does this really happen? Every single day, since the 1920s when the idea of the News Release was first invented by Ivy Lee. (Stauber, p 22) Sometimes as many as half the stories appearing in an issue of the Wall St. Journal are based solely on such PR press releases.. (22) These types of stories are mixed right in with legitimately researched stories. Unless you have done the research yourself, you won't be able to tell the difference.


As 1920s spin pioneers like Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays gained more experience, they began to formulate rules and guidelines for creating public opinion. They learned quickly that mob psychology must focus on emotion, not facts. Since the mob is incapable of rational thought, motivation must be based not on logic but on presentation. Here are some of the axioms of the new science of PR: 

* technology is a religion unto itself
* if people are incapable of rational thought, real democracy is dangerous
* important decisions should be left to experts
* when reframing issues, stay away from substance; create images
* never state a clearly demonstrable lie

Words are very carefully chosen for their emotional impact. Here's an example. A front group called the International Food Information Council handles the public's natural aversion to genetically modified foods. Trigger words are repeated all through the text. Now in the case of GM foods, the public is instinctively afraid of these experimental new creations which have suddenly popped up on our grocery shelves which are said to have DNA alterations. The IFIC wants to reassure the public of the safety of GM foods, so it avoids words like:     Frankenfoods Hitler biotech chemical DNA experiments manipulate money safety scientists radiation roulette gene-splicing gene gun random

Instead, good PR for GM foods contains words like:   hybrids natural order beauty choice bounty cross-breeding diversity earth farmer organic wholesome.

It's basic Freudian/Tony Robbins word association. The fact that GM foods are not hybrids that have been subjected to the slow and careful scientific methods of real cross-breeding doesn't really matter. This is pseudoscience, not science. Form is everything and substance just a passing myth. (Trevanian)

Who do you think funds the International Food Information Council? Take a wild guess. Right - Monsanto, DuPont, Frito-Lay, Coca Cola, Nutrasweet - those in a position to make fortunes from GM foods. (Stauber p 20)


As the science of mass control evolved, PR firms developed further guidelines for effective copy. Here are some of the gems:

- dehumanize the attacked party by labeling and name calling
- speak in glittering generalities using emotionally positive words
- when covering something up, don't use plain English; stall for time; distract
- get endorsements from celebrities, churches, sports figures, street people...anyone who has no expertise in the subject at hand
- the 'plain folks' ruse: us billionaires are just like you
- when minimizing outrage, don't say anything memorable
- when minimizing outrage, point out the benefits of what just happened
- when minimizing outrage, avoid moral issues

Keep this list. Start watching for these techniques. Not hard to find - look at today's paper or tonight's TV news. See what they're doing; these guys are good!


PR firms have become very sophisticated in the preparation of news releases. They have learned how to attach the names of famous scientists to research that those scientists have not even looked at. (Stauber, p 201) This is a common occurrence. In this way the editors of newspapers and TV news shows are often not even aware that an individual release is a total PR fabrication. Or at least they have "deniability," right?

Stauber tells the amazing story of how leaded gas came into the picture. In 1922, General Motors discovered that adding lead to gasoline gave cars more horsepower. When there was some concern about safety, GM paid the Bureau of Mines to do some fake "testing" and publish spurious research that 'proved' that inhalation of lead was harmless. Enter Charles Kettering.

Founder of the world famous Sloan-Kettering Memorial Institute for medical research, Charles Kettering also happened to be an executive with General Motors. By some strange coincidence, we soon have the Sloan Kettering institute issuing reports stating that lead occurs naturally in the body and that the body has a way of eliminating low level exposure. Through its association with The Industrial Hygiene Foundation and PR giant Hill & Knowlton, Sloane Kettering opposed all anti-lead research for years. (Stauber p 92). Without organized scientific opposition, for the next 60 years more and more gasoline became leaded, until by the 1970s, 90% or our gasoline was leaded.

Finally it became too obvious to hide that lead was a major carcinogen, and leaded gas was phased out in the late 1980s. But during those 60 years, it is estimated that some 30 million tons of lead were released in vapor form onto American streets and highways. 30 million tons.

That is PR, my friends.


In 1993 a guy named Peter Huber wrote a new book and coined a new term. The book was Galileo's Revenge and the term was junk science. Huber's shallow thesis was that real science supports technology, industry, and progress. Anything else was suddenly junk science. Not surprisingly, Stauber explains how Huber's book was supported by the industry-backed Manhattan Institute.

Huber's book was generally dismissed not only because it was so poorly written, but because it failed to realize one fact: true scientific research begins with no conclusions. Real scientists are seeking the truth because they do not yet know what the truth is.

True scientific method goes like this:

1. form a hypothesis
2. make predictions for that hypothesis
3. test the predictions
4. reject or revise the hypothesis based on the research findings

Boston University scientist Dr. David Ozonoff explains that ideas in science are themselves like "living organisms, that must be nourished, supported, and cultivated with resources for making them grow and flourish." (Stauber p 205) Great ideas that don't get this financial support because the commercial angles are not immediately obvious - these ideas wither and die.

Another way you can often distinguish real science from phony is that real science points out flaws in its own research. Phony science pretends there were no flaws.


Contrast this with modern PR and its constant pretensions to sound science. Corporate sponsored research, whether it's in the area of drugs, GM foods, or chemistry begins with predetermined conclusions. It is the job of the scientists then to prove that these conclusions are true, because of the economic upside that proof will bring to the industries paying for that research. This invidious approach to science has shifted the entire focus of research in America during the past 50 years, as any true scientist is likely to admit.

Stauber documents the increasing amount of corporate sponsorship of university research. (206) This has nothing to do with the pursuit of knowledge. Scientists lament that research has become just another commodity, something bought and sold. (Crossen)


It is shocking when Stauber shows how the vast majority of corporate PR today opposes any research that seeks to protect: Public Health and The Environment

It's a funny thing that most of the time when we see the phrase "junk science," it is in a context of defending something that may threaten either the environment or our health. This makes sense when one realizes that money changes hands only by selling the illusion of health and the illusion of environmental protection. True public health and real preservation of the earth's environment have very low market value.

Stauber thinks it ironic that industry's self-proclaimed debunkers of junk science are usually non-scientists themselves. (255) Here again they can do this because the issue is not science, but the creation of images.


When PR firms attack legitimate environmental groups and alternative medicine people, they again use special words which will carry an emotional punch:  outraged sound science junk science sensible scaremongering responsible phobia hoax alarmist hysteria

The next time you are reading a newspaper article about an environmental or health issue, note how the author shows bias by using the above terms. This is the result of very specialized training.

Another standard PR tactic is to use the rhetoric of the environmentalists themselves to defend a dangerous and untested product that poses an actual threat to the environment. This we see constantly in the PR smokescreen that surrounds genetically modified foods. They talk about how GM foods are necessary to grow more food and to end world hunger, when the reality is that GM foods actually have lower yields per acre than natural crops. (Stauber p 173) The grand design sort of comes into focus once you realize that almost all GM foods have been created by the sellers of herbicides and pesticides so that those plants can withstand greater amounts of herbicides and pesticides. (The Magic Bean)


Publish or perish is the classic dilemma of every research scientist. That means whoever expects funding for the next research project had better get the current research paper published in the best scientific journals. And we all know that the best scientific journals, like JAMA, New England Journal, British Medical Journal, etc. are peer-reviewed. Peer review means that any articles which actually get published, between all those full color drug ads and pharmaceutical centerfolds, have been reviewed and accepted by some really smart guys with a lot of credentials. The assumption is, if the article made it past peer review, the data and the conclusions of the research study have been thoroughly checked out and bear some resemblance to physical reality.

But there are a few problems with this hot little set up. First off, money. Even though prestigious venerable medical journals pretend to be so objective and scientific and incorruptible, the reality is that they face the same type of being called to account that all glossy magazines must confront: don't antagonize your advertisers. Those full-page drug ads in the best journals cost millions,Jack. How long will a pharmaceutical company pay for ad space in a magazine that prints some very sound scientific research paper that attacks the safety of the drug in the centerfold? Think about it. The editors aren't that stupid.

Another problem is the conflict of interest thing. There's a formal requirement for all medical journals that any financial ties between an author and a product manufacturer be disclosed in the article. In practice, it never happens. A study done in 1997 of 142 medical journals did not find even one such disclosure. (Wall St. Journal, 2 Feb 99)

A 1998 study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that 96% of peer reviewed articles had financial ties to the drug they were studying. (Stelfox, 1998) Big shock, huh? Any disclosures? Yeah, right. This study should be pointed out whenever somebody starts getting too pompous about the objectivity of peer review, like they often do.

Then there's the outright purchase of space. A drug company may simply pay $100,000 to a journal to have a favorable article printed. (Stauber, p 204)

Fraud in peer review journals is nothing new. In 1987, the New England Journal ran an article that followed the research of R. Slutsky MD over a seven year period. During that time, Dr. Slutsky had published 137 articles in a number of peer-reviewed journals. NEJM found that in at least 60 of these 137, there was evidence of major scientific fraud and misrepresentation, including:

* reporting data for experiments that were never done * reporting measurements that were never made * reporting statistical analyses that were never done


Dean Black PhD, describes what he the calls the Babel Effect that results when this very common and frequently undetected scientific fraudulent data in peer-reviewed journals are quoted by other researchers, who are in turn re-quoted by still others, and so on.

Want to see something that sort of re-frames this whole discussion? Check out the McDonald's ads which often appear in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Then keep in mind that this is the same publication that for almost 50 years ran cigarette ads proclaiming the health benefits of tobacco. (Robbins)

Very scientific, oh yes.


Hope this chapter has given you a hint to start reading newspaper and magazine articles a little differently, and perhaps start watching TV news shows with a slightly different attitude than you had before. Always ask, what are they selling here, and who's selling it? And if you actually follow up on Stauber & Rampton's book and check out some of the other resources below, you might even glimpse the possibility of advancing your life one quantum simply by ceasing to subject your brain to mass media. That's right - no more newspapers, no more TV news, no more Time magazine or Newsweek. You could actually do that. Just think what you could do with the extra time alone.

Really feel like you need to "relax" or find out "what's going on in the world" for a few hours every day? Think about the news of the past couple of years for a minute. Do you really suppose the major stories that have dominated headlines and TV news have been "what is going on in the world?" Do you actually think there's been nothing going on besides the contrived tech slump, the contrived power shortages, the re-filtered accounts of foreign violence and disaster, and all the other non-stories that the puppeteers dangle before us every day?

What about when they get a big one, like with OJ or Monica Lewinsky or the Oklahoma city bombing? Do we really need to know all that detail, day after day? Do we have any way of verifying all that detail, even if we wanted to? What is the purpose of news? To inform the public? Hardly. The sole purpose of news is to keep the public in a state of fear and uncertainty so that they'll watch again tomorrow and be subjected to the same advertising. Oversimplification? Of course. That's the mark of mass media mastery - simplicity. The invisible hand. Like Edward Bernays said, the people must be controlled without them knowing it.

Consider this: what was really going on in the world all that time they were distracting us with all that stupid vexatious daily smokescreen? Fear and uncertainty -- that's what keeps people coming back for more.

If this seems like a radical outlook, let's take it one step further: What would you lose from your life if you stopped watching TV and stopped reading newspapers altogether?

Would your life really suffer any financial, moral, intellectual or academic loss from such a decision?

Do you really need to have your family continually absorbing the illiterate, amoral, phony, uncultivated, desperately brainless values of the people featured in the average nightly TV program? Are these fake, programmed robots "normal"?

Do you need to have your life values constantly spoonfed to you?

Are those shows really amusing, or just a necessary distraction to keep you from looking at reality, or trying to figure things out yourself by doing a little independent reading?

Name one example of how your life is improved by watching TV news and reading the evening paper. What measurable gain is there for you?

PLANET OF THE APES?  (VN:  Boy is that the truth, and its started with the "top apes" doing all this, bringing us down to  their level.  Its what happens with  in-breeding;  mental impairment is the first sign of incest, that is how they lost Egypt in the early days, they may gain the world, but they have proven century after century that they can't keep it.)

There's no question that as a nation, we're getting dumber year by year. Look at the presidents we've been choosing lately. Ever notice the blatant grammar mistakes so ubiquitous in today's advertising and billboards? Literacy is marginal in most American secondary schools. Three-fourths of California high school seniors can't read well enough to pass their exit exams. ( SJ Mercury 20 Jul 01)

If you think other parts of the country are smarter, try this one: hand any high school senior a book by Dumas or Jane Austen, and ask them to open to any random page and just read one paragraph out loud. Go ahead, do it. SAT scales are arbitrarily shifted lower and lower to disguise how dumb kids are getting year by year. (ADD: A Designer Disease) At least 10% have documented "learning disabilities," which are reinforced and rewarded by special treatment and special drugs. Ever hear of anyone failing a grade any more?

Or observe the intellectual level of the average movie which these days may only last one or two weeks in the theatres, especially if it has insufficient explosions, chase scenes, silicone, fake martial arts, and cretinesque dialogue. Radio? Consider the low mental qualifications of the falsely animated corporate simians hired as DJs -- seems like they're only allowed to have 50 thoughts, which they just repeat at random. And at what point did popular music cease to require the study of any musical instrument or theory whatsoever, not to mention lyric? Perhaps we just don't understand this emerging art form, right? The Darwinism of MTV - apes descended from man.

Ever notice how most articles in any of the glossy magazines sound like they were all written by the same guy? And this writer just graduated from junior college? And yet has all the correct opinions on social issues, no original ideas, and that shallow, smug, homogenized corporate omniscience, to assure us that everything is going to be fine... Yes, everything is fine.

All this is great news for the PR industry - makes their job that much easier. Not only are very few paying attention to the process of conditioning; fewer are capable of understanding it even if somebody explained it to them.


Let's say you're in a crowded cafeteria, and you buy a cup of tea. And as you're about to sit down you see your friend way across the room. So you put the tea down and walk across the room and talk to your friend for a few minutes. Now, coming back to your tea, are you just going to pick it up and drink it? Remember, this is a crowded place and you've just left your tea unattended for several minutes. You've given anybody in that room access to your tea.

Why should your mind be any different? Turning on the TV, or uncritically absorbing mass publications every day - these activities allow access to our minds by "just anyone" - anyone who has an agenda, anyone with the resources to create a public image via popular media. As we've seen above, just because we read something or see something on TV doesn't mean it's true or worth knowing. So the idea here is, like the tea, the mind is also worth guarding, worth limiting access to it.

This is the only life we get. Time is our total capital. Why waste it allowing our potential, our personality, our values to be shaped, crafted, and limited according to the whims of the mass panderers? There are many truly important decisions that are crucial to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, decisions which require information and research. If it's an issue where money is involved, objective data won't be so easy to obtain. Remember, if everybody knows something, that image has been bought and paid for.

Real knowledge takes a little effort, a little excavation down at least one level below what "everybody knows." 1

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The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Video: Israeli’s are immune to 9/11 litigation in Patriot Act (WHAT???)

Vatic Note:   Please substitute everywhere you see "Jews", the real perps,  the "Khazars" and then this will be accurate.  Historically, the Khazars have used the poor Jews as a front for all the evil they have done and for decades if not centuries, the Jews have been blamed for all the horrors visited upon this planet when in reality it was the huns from Khazaria led in the past 3 centuries by a Rothschild.  So, I am asking we CORRECT this injustice by using the proper term.   Its not just by blood they are not Jews, but they are satanists, so therefore they are not Jews by religion either.  Chertoff is now a proven Traitor to the United States of America.  Now its time to take his damn machines out of our airports and get back to normal only better from whatever lessons we have learned from all this.  We must confiscate all his assets obtained from the sale of those machines to the airports and apply it toward the deficits the khazars ran up in our name to pay for their theiving.  And our treasonous congress just extended that freedom gutting piece of legislation.  They know that we know, that arab terrorists did not do 9-11, Israeli terrorists did and then they go and pass legislation giving them immunity for premeditated murder of 3800 Americans????  Excuse me?  Where has our justice system gone??? 

Video: Israeli’s are immune to 9/11 litigation in Patriot Act
Posted on Pakalert on February 18, 2011

Michael Chertcoff (Dual Israeli/US citizen) wrote it, not John Ashcroft. Inside the Patriot Act, it gives immunity to ANY Israeli against litigation related to 9/11. If the public knew this, there would be an uprising against the Act….

Israel Espionage In America: A National Security Scandel

Vatic Note:  THIS IS A MUST READ AND VIEWING OF VIDEO.  Why?  because they really did not want me to post about POLLARD and the STORY THAT IS UNKNOWN.  So they messed with this down by the Pollard section and no where else,  and its taking me hours to finish it as you can probably see.  The good news about all of this is the entire world is waking up.  Those that refuse to see the truth about the khazars, are becoming a minority and growing more and more a minority as knowledge and information expands,  then the arguments you hear from the blind faith believers in the khazars becomes more and more hollow and tinney sounding, like a cheap horn that makes you cringe with the hollow and horrible sound of the lies and deception.  It makes you want to get out of there.  I noticed even in me.... I can't tolerate denial on this issue much anymore.  It then becomes clear who is either a troll for the Khazars or a sheep that doesn't want to know as if the problem would simply go away if they shut thier eyes and ears.  If they continue, they will ultimately suffer the most and compassion becomes the by word for those who refuse to see or believe.  THESE ARE NOT THE JEWS OF THE BIBLE and that has been proven on here time and again.  Thus the suffering is in vain.  But, watch, read and see for yourself just how bad it is.  IF ITS ALLOWED TO GO ON, then our gov workers who know and are allowing it are fully committing HIGH TREASON during time of war.  We all know what that means in the category of penalties.  Well deserved if intentional and fully knowledgable and voluntary aiding and abetting an enemy of the state.  Thank goodness for Veterans Today

Israel Espionage In America: A National Security Scandel

by Jim Dean, Veterans Today, February 9 2011, provided by My Catbird Seat

“How do I want to rob, cheat and lie to thee. Let me count the ways… military, nuclear, political, academic, media and your law enforcement institutions.”

The biggest national security scandal story of our times is the extent that Israeli espionage has gone on here for decades. There is an aspect of the War on Terror on which our elite leadership refuses to level with the public. Just how terrified our defense, political, counter intelligence and legal institutions are when it comes to rooting them out and shutting it all down. All other terrors pale into insignificance. They treat this affliction with an age old cure…denial.

My first exposure to Israeli espionage scholastically was through Steven Green’s book ‘Taking Sides: America’s Secret Relations With A Militant Israel’(1984). Green was one of the earliest users of the then new Freedom of information Act, filing hundreds of requests to get previously classified military and diplomatic Intel reports.

The book is a gold mine, so much so that some in the Reagan administration considered a rump prosecution of Green to scare others off from doing similar work. Cooler heads prevailed and they ended up reclassifying some of the best parts of the book despite Green’s archives being publicly available at the Hoover institute. There is a phrase to describe this… ‘contempt for the public’.

Nibiru...? - The Movie - Planet X Revealed

Vatic Note: THIS IS A MUST WATCH. There is a lot out there about Nibiru, and of course we all have to decide how we feel about it based on that information. However, this video is the very best I have ever seen on the subject. Please watch it all the way through since its very thorough and credibilty documented with references through history that confirms its existance. We also have contemporary proof that something is going on out in space. Now the question is, were these various pieces of information part of a large plan to lay ground work for high tech space weapons to be used to create and sustain these affects of a bogus planet or is it real? We don't know for sure, but we must weight all evidence on both sides before we make a final decisions.  The second half of the video discusses what we must do to advance beyond this reality.  I was shocked how much this fits with our "STRATEGY AND TACTICS".   Please take this very seriously because he is right, things are speeding up and we are creating our reality so fast I was shocked to see it happen in my own life.  That is why its so important to watch this all the way through.  Our survival and future life depends on our perceptions and energy creations.  If you need to please revisit "THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS" to see the science behind this theory.

Are the bad guys working a space top secret program to create an extinction level event to depopulate or is there really this threat or "OPPORTUNITY"? What we must do is change how we see this event coming and embrace the changes it may bring with it..  According to the Mayans what is coming is no threat to the planet, rather a return of the ancestors and Wisemen. Yet this video does a credible job of presenting proof of such an event within our future. In either case we must prepare. This may well EXPLAIN THE SOUTH POLE SERIES WE PUBLISHED HERE LAST WEEK. In fact, it does a very credible job and even is specific about what is in the south pole that is used to monitor this planet in the south of the ecliptic. Go back and reread our series on the south pole, especially the info on Mars and training to go to mars. Are space ships already in space to relocate the elite to Mars???

Well, watch and you decide. All this would explain the unbelievable blatant disregard for our pleadings on issues of a political nature. Oh, I just thought of something.... IS THIS WHY GERMANY AND SWITZERLAND HAVE BEGUN SHUTTING DOWN THEIR NUCLEAR PLANTS COMPLETELY???? SHOULD WE NOT BE DOING THE SAME THING??? Call congress and tell them to shut down our plants along the coasts and madrid faults 866-220-0044 and tell them to do so becaues of the Madrid fault and andreas fault.  Don't bother mentioning the planet.... but you can tell them you know what is going on without being specific.   WHATEVER YOU DO, STAY OUT OF FEAR.... and see this as an exciting adventure into the unknown.  I am actually a bit excited about it.  Our world as we have known it will never be the same and that is a good thing since we are unhappy with what we have created to this point.  END OF RANT.   lol

Nibiru...? - The Movie - Planet X Revealed
Uploaded by UFOTVstudios on Feb 11, 2011

Does a rogue planet, known as Nibiru invading our solar system from deep space menace our world? Why does the Mayan Calendar end in 2012? Is humanity doomed, or at the nexus of a spiritual renaissance in connection with the passing of Nibiru in proximity with our solar system? Explore these prophetic myths--while there's still time...! COMING SOON TO DVD: NIBIRU...? the Movie, Go to http://www.UFOTV.com. for further details.

NOW AVAILABLE IN A SPECIAL DVD EDITION: Are We Alone - The Nibiru Connection, featuring Zecharia Sitchen, Cat# U559 - Go to http://www.UFOTV.com.


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CPS involved in child trafficking? Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter

Vatic Note:  Remember this is and has been an issue in this nation as well as globally.  We had a Senator schaefer from Georgia who was interviewed by Alex Jones and we put that interview up on this blog.  In she stated she was investigating the problem Georgia was having of CPS kidnapping children for no reason and then returning them sexually abused.  She also was active in the international movement on this subject and soon after that interview she and her husband were murdered.    This also fit in with the soldier whose 16 hour old child had been kidnapped by CPS because, they said, he was an Oathkeeper and thus a danger to the child.  On day 6 when he and his wife went to visit the child, the child AT 6 DAYS OLD HAD BEEN SEXUALLY RAPED, and while in the care of CPS.  Amazing what is going on in this country.  Further remember the Franklin Credit union Scandel surrounding the White House while Bush Sr was President????  Finally remember the dunblane massacre, where a school full of children had been massacred in Dunblane Scotland so they could not testify to the sexual abuse they received at the hands of higher up officials, and that was under Gordon Browns reign in England.  

CPS involved in child trafficking? Maryanne Godboldo speaks out on the state-sponsored kidnapping of her daughter

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of NaturalNews.com
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(NaturalNews) Health freedom champion and civil rights defender Maryanne Godboldo was victimized by an armed attack led by Child Protective Services. CPS officials conspired with local law enforcement to threaten Maryanne with deadly force and kidnap her daughter. And what did Maryanne do to deserve this treatment? She refused to medicate her daughter with psychiatric drugs and, instead, chose to treat her daughter holistically.

Welcome to the new health care police state in America, where if you refuse to inject your child with dangerous vaccines or refuse to medicate your child with mind-altering psychotropic drugs, you are considered en enemy of the state.

Maryanne Godboldo recently spoke with Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews, to describe what really happened and how she is working to stand up for parents' rights, civil rights and human rights. Watch the full interview at:

Hear the true story from the woman who lived through it

In this interview, you'll learn:

• The real story of what happened and how the state of Michigan kidnapped Maryanne's daughter.

• Why psychiatric doctors pushed dangerous psychiatric medications onto Maryanne's daughter against her will.

• How Child Protective Services engaged in "bait and switch" tactics to lure parents into their centers where their children are taken away.

• The true story of a mysterious woman who showed up at Maryanne's front door and began interrogating her about her daughter.

• How the police refused to produce any legal documentation justifying their attempt to take away Maryanne's daughter.

• Maryanne's experience in the Civil Rights movement and what she has seen happen with the abuse of power.

• The truth about the horrifying stories Maryanne is hearing from other moms from all over the country who are also having their children kidnapped right off the street by Child Protective Services.

• How the African American community in Detroit has come to Maryanne's defense, with legal help, public marches and social support.

• How the state authorities withheld Maryanne's daughter's prosthesis (she is an amputee) and kept it from her as part of her kidnapping.

• The truth of how Maryanne's daughter was being treated with psychotropic medications to treat the side effects of other psychotropic medications!

• The tricks that CPS plays to abuse the children they've kidnapped and then blame the parents for stirring up their own child's "emotional reactions."

• How CPS authorities go after multiple generations, targeting the daughters and granddaughters of moms they've previously harassed.

• The shocking truth of how Child Protective Services "family treatment centers" are actually funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Children are being kidnapped and trafficked by CPS authorities

Says Maryanne:

"It's incredible what's going on, our children are being snatched and kidnapped, they're being shipped from state to state, and their parents' rights are being taken away from them."

"When a police officer knocks on your door and demands your child, and he doesn't give you a reason why, we all become very frightened, and we wonder who's child is going to be next? Whose child are they going to snatch and ship off to another state? And never see their child again?"

Watch the full interview at:

Latest update
Shortly after this interview was recorded, Maryanne was able to regain custody of her daughter. She is, however, still facing multiple felony charges by the state of Michigan.

Please help Maryanne with donations for her legal defense. Learn more at www.Justice4Maryanne.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/032501_Maryanne_Godboldo_Child_Protective_Services.html#ixzz1NRCXAIJd

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of theUnited States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


'Hamas must reform if US to talk with Palestinian gov’t' , per The Zionist SOS Hillary Clinton

Vatic Note: I have a quote for you at the end of this Vatic Note, so read it carefully as it explains all you are about to read here below and who these people really are.... they are not Americans first, they are Israeli's first, as Hillary is a Rodham before she was a Clinton. She is owned completely by Israel and I believe everyone knows it by now. We are watching treason as it unfolds. Very interesting to blatantly watch an official of the US government betray their own country publicly and globally. HAMAS WAS CREATED BY ISRAEL in accordance with their saying hanging on their walls of their offices, "BY DECEPTION, WE WILL CONDUCT WAR" and they think us goyim are dumb and they have said so in writing, (Protocols) that we would never catch on to their deceptions and so far they were right, but all that is changing now. This picture of her shows the wear and tear treason, deception and lying can rest upon you when you engage in it. We appear dumb to these khazars because we engage in creative, productive and civilization advancing work, while they engage in murder, mayhem,  war, chaos, apartide and civilization destroying work. 

Here is the Quote and see if this does not fit perfectly with the deception and lies in this article:

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy ..... It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”   President John F. Kennedy 1961

Now we know just how much truth he spoke and we did not listen.   Aren't we sorry now.  You betcha.

'Hamas must reform if US to talk with Palestinian gov’t'

In Italy, Clinton says Hamas must adopt the Quartet principles of recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing violence, ETC.
WASHINGTON – The US won’t deal with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas unless the Islamist group reforms, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared on Thursday.

In the wake of the unity deal signed between Hamas and Fatah on Wednesday, Clinton said Hamas must adopt the Quartet principles of recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing violence and respecting treaties previously signed by the Palestinians.

“We’ve made it very clear that we cannot support any government that consists [sic] of Hamas unless and until Hamas adopts the Quartet principles,” Clinton said at a press conference with Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, referring to the conditions set by the US, UN, EU and Russia.

Frattini said he, like Clinton, was waiting for further details on the exact nature of the new Palestinian Authority government, but stressed that Italy, too, felt Hamas must comply with the Quartet requirements to be a suitable partner. “There is no doubt that complying with the principles of the Quartet is a prerequisite before Hamas can be considered by Italy as a potential interlocutor,” he said.

The surprise deal between the rival Palestinian factions has scrambled diplomatic calculations on all sides in what was already a chaotic Middle Eastern juncture. (VN: Lets not forget who created Hamas and funded it for years to act as a threat to Israel so she could continue to confiscate land and lie in order to achieve her agenda of taking over the globe, she already has taken over the US as evidenced by Netanyahu's total disrespect and degradation of Obama and our country's interests while we only consider Israels country 's interest, now that speaks volumes as to who runs what, remember "BY DECEPTION, WE WILL CONDUCT WAR" hangs on many walls in Israel and that is exactly why Israel created Hamas; "CLASSIC DECEPTION". Don't buy it)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be consulting with US President Barack Obama on the implications of Palestinian reconciliation among other regional developments when they meet in Washington on May 20.

The White House put out an announcement on Wednesday night saying “the leaders look forward to discussing the full range of issues of mutual interest to the United States and Israel.”

While in town, Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress, as well as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Before the unity deal was announced, he was said to be preparing the outline of a path for reaching an accord with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu’s plans were partly prompted by PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s stated intention of turning to the UN for a vote to recognize Palestinian statehood in September, and by an Israeli desire to seize the initiative at a time of great turmoil among Arab regimes, including Israel’s closest neighbors. Those considerations – and an interest to shape the contours for peace before Netanyahu did so – were also seen to be pushing Obama to make a speech.

In April, Clinton hinted that Obama would soon address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the changing Middle East regimes. But the Fatah-Hamas unity deal seems to have affected that plan. “President Obama has also been thinking about making a speech laying out his approach to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

When the agreement between Fatah and Hamas was announced last week, it caught both Washington and Jerusalem by surprise,” former US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk told the Council on Foreign Relations. “That put an end for the time being to the idea that the president would come out with a peace plan, because if the environment was hostile before, it seemed to have grown even more hostile because of the Palestinian agreement negotiated by the Egyptians.”

Yet Indyk said that given the week’s events, “some" influential people in the administration say that the opportunity of the president giving a ‘winds of change’ speech, in which he frames America’s approach to the ongoing Arab awakening and lays out his approach to solving the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, may well be strengthened by the killing of [Osama] bin Laden.” (VN: Bin Laden died of kidney failure in tora bora, watch out for the false flag. They made a mistake believing the Muslims would buy this fairy tale when they know full well he died when he did..... THIS ENTIRE BIN LADEN HOAX IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE AMERICANS THAT HAVE NO CLUE AND THE ISRAELI'S WANT TO PUSH INTO A GLOBAL CONFLICT WITH MUSLIMS AGAINST CHRISTIANS SINCE THEY HATE US BOTH. I THINK WE SHOULD ALL GET TOGETHER ON THIS GLOBE WHO ARE CHRISTIANS AND MUSLIMS AND JOIN AGAINST ISRAEL BEFORE SHE DESTROYS THE ENTIRE PLANET. )

On Thursday, Clinton also articulated American attitudes toward one of the countries rocked by the recent uprisings, noting the US’s “deep concern about the alarming situation in Syria.” She welcomed Italy’s call for the EU to impose sanctions, following the US decision to establish sanctions against individuals who have engaged in human rights abuses.

“Together, we have to show the Syrian government that there are consequences for this brutal crackdown that has been imposed on the Syrian people,” she said.

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The Mystery Babylon Series, Chpt 1, "The Dawn of Man", Bill Cooper

Vatic Note:   This really is fascinating.  Remember, he was talking about all this way back in late 1987 and finally finished his research and started this series back in 1993-1994 and was talking to total ignorance way back then, and thereby throwing rocks into the world order cog which was of great concern at that time.  They did nothing about him because he was so ridiculed that they did not feel they had to worry about him.  This one was so fascinating that I had to put it up about how the "illumed" ones evolved into the secret societies they created way back in the beginning and why.   As you know, they have believed for centuries they hold the power to the dark arts and secret mysteries. 

So here is another view from someone who has spent decades studying these illuminated ones and who served with top secret clearance in navy intel, so its a broadbased perspective.  NOTICE THE MSM STATING THAT ALIEN SHIPS ARE HERE AND ITS WAR????  Sound like Bill Cooper to you???  HERE COMES THE BOGUS FALSE FLAG WAR TO GLOBALIZE US INTO A FASCIST NWO..... Soon the will use their hologram tech to bring us the Anti-Christ and Christ himself.   Oh, yeah, and Allah,  and Hairy Khrishna & Bhudda,  and they will all agree to do a NWO of religion....   HAHAHAHAAAA  oh, I wondered how I would react when I saw their plan put into action and now I know.   Its ridiculous that they even dreamed this all up.  I always said their arrogance would be their downfall, and here it is.   LOL 

The Mystery Babylon Series, Chpt 1, "The Dawn of Man", Bill Cooper
by Sarah, The New World Order forum, January 27, 2011

Mystery Babylon is a series of shortwave radio broadcasts made by former naval intelligence officer and author Milton William Cooper, which originally aired on his show, The Hour of the Time, on WWCR in 1993-1994. The title refers to mystery religions, and the biblical figure the Whore of Babylon. The series, a culmination of over 30 years of research into the history of the Mystery Schools, Freemasonry, and the New World Order, consists of 42 audio tapes and 1 video tape.


Over the course of the series, Cooper gives an extensive background of the occult history and origins of secret societies throughout history and up to the present day. Starting with the dawn of man, Cooper brings the listener through the Egyptian mystery religion of Isis and Osiris and on to the beginnings of the secret society networks from the Assassins to the Freemasons and on to the Nazis, and explains how their belief in ancient wisdom and rituals is preserved and practiced by various social, religious, and political groups, such as the Bohemian Club, the Skull and Bones, and Rosicruscians, to this day. http://www.hourofthetime.com/radiosho...

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.