A World without Water

Vatic Note:  This is a followup on the 9 part series we did on Water and its importance not only to our bodies, but to our very identities as humans,  Conscious beings,  spirits.   Its through this healthy water that so much is given.  What happens when water is unheathy, destroyed and polluted?  It affects our DNA and our humanity.  Well we discussed briefly the actions of corporations, through the Goldman Sachs controlled IMF how control over water in third world countries has now moved to corporate privatizing and that is harming us worse than ever.  THE SECOND VIDEO titled "THE CORPORATION EXPANSION PLAN"  WILL UPSET YOU IF YOU ARE HUMAN.  The World Bank did this one themselves and will take away homes etc.   Also remember more than 3 years ago, Bush Jr bought up along with Rev Moon almost 1 million acres of land over the largest fresh water Aquifir in the world and Coors beer also now has access to the water in that aquifir for its beer making.   Its amazing what scam they sold to the third world governments.   These bankers have to go.  

Remember the foundations and the loans etc used to finally steal, force, bribe, and threaten the water away from the control of the peoples gov and into the hands of the fascist corporations, wealthy robber barons and international Bankers.   Go back and rewatch that 9 video series on water and how important it is, and then watch these series of videos and see what our REALITY HAS BECOME.  This is more than physical survival issues, this is a survival of a unique species, a conscious spirit hosting human.  After rewatching the videos and what happens with polluted and tainted water on the human body and mind, then come back and watch this again and realize we better get a handle on this and soon.   We are in deep trouble if we do not.  Remember what you see here is WHAT THEY DID TO THE THIRD WORLD,  AND WE WILL BE NEXT SINCE WE ARE MOVING INTO A THIRD WORLD CONDITION. 

A World without Water
by staff, Pulse media on line
16 October 2010

Part 1 of 8 from the documentary by the same name " A world without water".


To see the remainder 7 videos on this documentary,  go to utube link and watch the others. off to the right.
November 07, 2009

Every day 300,000 children die due to lack of water and poor sanitation. Billions of people do not have access to safe water. Environmental change threatens to make this situation worse but a more immediate danger is emerging. Control of the world's water is falling into the hands of the rich and water may soon take the place of oil as the world's most tradeable - and coveted - commodity - not a basic human right. In a future when market forces set the price of a glass of water, will many more people will be left too poor to drink?
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From El Alto to Cochabamba, Detroit to Dar Es Salaam, A World Without Water documents the human costs of water privatisation and the systemic denial of access to safe drinking water through its commodification. According to the World Health Organisation, 1.1 billion people has no access to any type of improved drinking source of water, 2.6 billion people lack even a simple ‘improved’ latrine, and, as a direct consequence, 1.6 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases (90% of these are children under 5).

"The Corporation Expansion Plan" (this is what is going on behind everyones back)

Several weeks ago, the UN Human Rights Council passed a historic resolution re-affirming the July 2010 UN General Assembly resolution, tabled by Bolivia’s Evo Morales, which recognises “the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right” and that States now have the primary responsibility under international law to ensure its full realisation.

Yet, just weeks following Nick Clegg’s heartfelt declaration of Britain’s commitment to the MDGs at the New York summit in September, the UK government has officially “disassociated” itself from the UNHRC resolution, “on the grounds that there is no international agreement on what the right comprises and that there is no clear internationally agreed definition of sanitation“.

This comes in the wake of Britain’s abstention from the earlier UNGA resolution vote. The refusal of the British government to recognise access to water and sanitation as a human right was “deplored” by Amnesty International and described by the Freshwater Action Network as “no less than shocking”.

The cynicism of the new UK government knows few bounds, however. The International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has joined today’s Blog Action Day, affirming his personal commitment to the issue following a trip to Ethiopia to witness the plight of depraved Africans “through their own eyes”.

But Mitchell should bear in mind that “tackling poverty means promoting human rights, not just stealing its language”, as Steve Cockburn puts it. “Joining the rest of the world in legally recognising the human right to water and sanitation, and making it real, would be a good first step.”

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Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’

Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’

 Leading US Physicist Labels Satellitegate Scandal a ‘Catastrophe’ By: John O’Sullivan

Respected American physicist, Dr Charles R. Anderson has waded into the escalating Satellitegate controversy publishing a damning analysis on his blog.

In a fresh week of revelations when NOAA calls in their lawyers to handle the fallout, Anderson adds further fuel to the fire and fumes against NOAA,  one of the four agencies charged with responsiblity for collating global climate temperatures. NOAA is now fighting a reargaurd legal defense to hold onto some semblance of credibility with growing evidence of systemic global warming data flaws by government climatologists.

NOAA Systemically Excised Data with ‘Poor Interpolations’

Anderson, a successful Materials Physicist with his own laboratory, has looked closely at the evidence uncovered on NOAA. He has been astonished to discover, “Both higher altitudes and higher latitudes have been systematically removed from the measured temperature record with very poor and biased interpolated results taking their place.”

Like other esteemed scientists, Anderson has been quick to spot sinister flaws in official temperatures across northern Lake Michigan  as revealed in my earlier articles.

I had proven that the website operated by the Michigan State University had published ridiculously high surface water temperatures widely distributed over the lake many indicating super-boiling conditions. The fear is that these anomalies have been fed across the entire satellite dataset. The satellite that first ignited the fury is NOAA-16. But as we have since learned there are now five key satellites that have become either degraded or seriously compromised.

In his post Satellite Temperature Record Now Unreliable,  Anderson’s findings corroborate my own that NOAA sought to cover up the “sensor degradation” on their satellite, NOAA-16. The U.S. physicist agrees there may now be thousands of temperatures in the range of 415-604 degrees Fahrenheit automatically fed into computer climate models and contaminating climate models with a substantial warming bias. This may have gone on for a far longer period than the five years originally identified.

Anderson continues, “One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us.”

Indian Government Knew of Faults in 2004

I have further uncovered proof that the Indian government was long ago onto these faults, too. Researcher, Devendra Singh, tried and failed to draw attention to the increasing problems with the satellite as early as 2004 but his paper remained largely ignored outside of his native homeland.

Indian scientist, Singh reported that NOAA-16 started malfunctioning due to a scan motor problem that caused a ‘barcode’  appearance. Singh’s paper, ‘Performance of the NOAA-16 and AIRS temperature soundings over India’ exposed the satellite’s growing faults and identified three key errors that needed to be addressed.

Singh writes, “The first one is the instrument observation error. The second is caused by the differences in the observation time and location between the satellite and radiosonde. The third is sampling error due to atmospheric horizontal inhomogeneity of the field of view (FOV).” These from India thus endorse Dr. Anderson’s findings.

NOAA Proven to have engaged in Long-term Cover Up

My investigations are increasingly proving that such data was flagged by non-NOAA agencies years ago, but NOAA declined to publish notice of the faults until the problem was publicized loudly and widely in my first ‘satellitegate’ article, US Government in Massive New Global Warming Scandal – NOAA Disgraced.  Official explanations initially dismissed my findings. But then NOAA conceded my story was accurate in the face of the evidence.

My second article, shortly thereafter, exposed that a succession of record warm temperatures  in recent years may be based on contaminated satellite readings. But NOAA spokesman, Program Coordinator, Chuck Pistis declined to clarify the extent of the satellite instrument problem or how long the fault might have gone undetected.

Thereafter, in my third article, Official: Satellite Failure Means Decade of Global Warming Data Doubtful we saw the smoking gun evidence of a cover up after examining the offending satellite’s AVHRR Subsystem Summary. http://go2.wordpress.com/?id=725X1342&site=co2insanity.wordpress.com&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oso.noaa.gov%2Fpoesstatus%2FcomponentStatusSummary.asp%3Fspacecraft%3D16%26subsystem%3D4&sref=http%3A%2F%2Fco2insanity.com%2F2010%2F08%2F19%2Fleading-us-physicist-labels-satellitegate-scandal-a-%E2%80%98catastrophe%E2%80%99%2F The official summary shows no report of any ‘sensor degradation’ (NOAA’s admission) since its launch in September 2000.

Subsystem Summary Details Censored Between 2005-10

But even more sinister is the fact that the official online summary now only shows events recorded up to 2005. All subsequent notations, that was on NOAA’s web pages last week and showed entries inclusive to summer 2010, have now been removed. However, climatechangefraud.com  is displaying a sample of the missing evidence copied before NOAA took down the revealing web pages after it entered into ‘damage limitation mode.’

As events have unfolded we are also learning that major systemic failures in the rest of the satellite global data-collecting network were also not reported. Such serious flaws affect up to five U.S satellites as reported in an excellent article by Susan Bohan here.

NOAA Tears Up its Own ‘ Data Transparency’ Policy

But rather than come clean NOAA has this week ordered their lawyers to circle the wagons. Glenn Tallia, their Senior Counselor, wrote to advise me, “The data and associated website at issue are not NOAA’s but instead are those of the Michigan State Sea Grant program. Thus, we have referred your e-mail to the Michigan State Sea Grant program.”

Yes, Glenn, clearly the final data output was published by Michigan but the underlying fault is with your satellite!

With NOAA now hiding behind their attorneys we appear to see a contradiction of NOAA’s official pledge that “ The basic tenet of physical climate data management at NOAA is full and open data access” published in their document, NOAA/National Climatic Data Center Open Access to Physical Climate Data Policy December 2009.
Sadly, we may now be at the start of yet another protracted delay and concealment process that tarnished NASA’s and CRU’s reputations in Climategate. We saw in that scandal that for 3-7 years the US and the UK government agencies cynically and unlawfully stymied Freedom of Information requests (FOIA).

NASA’s disgrace was affirmed in March 2010 when they finally conceded that their data was in worse shape than the much-maligned Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the UK’s University of East Anglia. CRU’s Professor Phil Jones only escaped criminal prosecution by way of a technicality.

The attorney credited with successfully forcing NASA to come clean was Christopher Horner,  senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Horner is now advising me as to how best to pursue a possible FOIA of my own against NOAA if they continue their obfuscation.

American Physicist Pick Out Key Issues

Meanwhile, back on his blog Anderson points to the key issues that NOAA tries to cover up. He refers to how Charles Pistis, Program Coordinator of the Michigan Sea Grant project, tried to pass off the dodgy data as being an accidental product of the satellite’s malfunction sensors taking readings off the top of clouds rather than the surface temperatures.

By contrast, Anderson cogently refutes this explanation showing that such bogus data was consistently of very high temperatures not associated with those detected from cloud tops. He advises it is fair to assume that NOAA were using this temperature anomaly to favorably hype a doomsaying agenda of ever-increasing temperatures that served the misinformation process of government propaganda.

As Pistis admitted, all such satellite data is fed automatically into records and apparently as long as it showed high enough temperatures to satisfy the catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (AGW) advocates of those numbers were not going to make careful scrutiny for at least half a decade.

Anderson bemoans, “One has to marvel at either the scientific incompetence this reveals or the completely unethical behavior of NOAA and its paid researchers that is laid open before us.”

“Charles Pistis has evaded the repeated question of whether the temperature measurement data from such satellites has gone into the NOAA temperature record. This sure suggests this is an awkward question to answer.”

Now Satellites NOAA-17 and 18 Suffer Calamities

While NOAA’s Nero fiddles ‘Rome’ continues to burn and the satellite network just keeps on falling apart. After NOAA-16 bit the dust last week NOAA-17 became rated ‘poor’ due to ‘scan motor degradation” while NOAA-18’s gyro’s are regarded by many now as good as dead. However, these satellites that each cross the U.S. twice per day at twelve-hour intervals are still giving “direct readout”(HRPT or APT)  or central processing to customers. So please, NOAA, tell us – is this GIGO still being fed into official climate models?

NOAA-17 appears in even worse condition. On February 12 and 19 2010 NOAA-17 concedes it has “ AVHRR Scan Motor Degradation” with “Product(s) or Data Impacted.”

Beleaguered NOAA customers have been told, “direct readout users are going to have to deal with the missing data gaps as best they can.”

On August 9, 2010, NOAA 17 was listed as on ‘poor’ with scan motor problems and rising motor currents. NOAA admits, “Constant rephase by the MIRP was causing data dropouts on all the HRPT stream and APT and GAC derivatives. Auto re-phase has now been disabled and the resulting AVHRR products are almost all unusable.”

NOAA continues with tests on ‘17’ with a view to finding a solution. On page 53 we find that NOAA-17 has an inoperable AMSU Instrument. The status for August 17, 2010 was RED (not operational) and NOAA is undertaking “urgent gyro tests on NOAA 18.” For further details see here.  More evidence proving NOAA is running a “degrading” satellite network can be read here.
Dr. Anderson sums up saying; “It is now perfectly clear that there are no reliable worldwide temperature records and that we have little more than anecdotal information on the temperature history of the Earth.”

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Possible Future Draft?

Vatic Note: My first reaction was "OVER MY DEAD BODY" my second reaction was, "OVER A LOT OF PEOPLES DEAD BODIES" and my third reaction was "YEAH, LETS DO IT, LETS HAVE A DRAFT" Lets get them to train all of us, equip us with all the weapons, armament, tanks, high tech weapons, ammo, etc that we could possibly carry, and then we turn around and take out the satanic command centers in every battle field we are in, sue for peace with the poor people we have invaded, and take out our command structure right here at home and end the military zionist coup that has taken place in our country.. DAMN GOOD IDEA. I like it.

Only problem is they may have perfected their brainwashing mind control on those already in as it seems to be the case from what we have shown you on here. So, maybe not. It was a good thought though. Never take any drugs from the military for anything.   Before you vote for a draft watch this film so you know what your voting for......

Check out what kind of children will come back with the horrors they will DO and see and be desensitized to the value of human life.  No thanks.  We went through that with the Viet Nam war.... no more.  If we go after anyone its the zionist bankers all over the world.  That is who we go after. . after we are done with them, then Zbig and Kissinger (Both war criminals and crimes against humanity candidates) and than this will never happen again.   


Possible Future Draft?
October 9, 2010 posted by Joe "Ragman" Tarnovsky

By Joe “Ragman” Tarnovsky STAFF WRITER

Today in our country most Americans are detached from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, while the all-volunteer military pays a high price with multiple combat tours in those war zones. Defense Secretary Robert Gates made that same statement recently at Duke University in North Carolina and added, military service is seen as “something for other people to do.”

Americans serving in uniform today have been deployed to war more than any other generation of veterans, multiple times, and the military keeps sending them. The military from time-to-time resorted to the STOP-LOSS provision, involuntarily extending the service member’s active duty enlistment beyond their initial service contract to retain them on active duty. Men and women in today’s military have been separated from their families numerous times with repeated exposure to combat which can increase their chance of Post-traumatic stress disorder, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), loss of limbs and that is if they are lucky enough to survive in the first place.

The government is taking notice of the cost of the all-volunteer military but, I believe, the cost they are looking at first is in dollars and cents and not the cost of lives lost and lives changed forever. The Department of Defense must spend much more money for large bonuses and educational entitlements to attract and retain people in our all-volunteer military today because of limited human resources.

The United States has 2.4 million personnel serving currently in the military and that represents less than one percent of the total population of our country. Far too many Americans do not see serving in the military as their duty so the monetary cost of maintaining an all-volunteer military has doubled since 2001 when the United States went to war in Afghanistan, from 90 billion to 170 billion spent on personnel and entitlements.

Defense Secretary Gates calls this increased expenditure for the troops a “sacred obligation” then added, “But given the enormous fiscal pressures facing the country, the nation must devise an equitable and sustainable system of military pay and benefits that reflects the realities of this century.” When Secretary Gates used the term “equitable and sustainable” referring to military pay and benefits (his word) ENTITLEMENTS (my word) what does he mean? Lowering the pay and ENTITLEMENTS? If the government does that, I think that will have a direct correlation on new enlistments and I believe the government knows that too.

There will be fewer people willing to enlist, and I do not blame them, if the incentives of pay and ENTITLEMENTS does not make it worth putting their lives on the line if they must go to war. As far as I am concerned, our military today, even with the higher salaries, is still underpaid for what they do when you compare them to the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, DC and what they get paid for, and what they do. I think the term “equitable and sustainable” could be referring to a possible draft in the future, with mandatory service the government could lower the pay and ENTITLEMENTS as they would have a readily available group of men, possibly women, they could fill the ranks with, and not have to offer these bonuses and other ENTITLEMENTS that are now a must to keep luring new recruits and retaining experienced personnel while expanding the “burdens of war” to others.

Now having said the draft would expand the “burdens of war” to others, we all know that the “others” would not be the children of the rich and politically connected. A draft, even if they proclaimed it would be fair during their “dog and pony” show presentation, would continue to be like it was during Vietnam with many outlets for the children of the rich and powerful in our country to escape mandatory military service or to get comfortable assignments far from the fighting sitting behind a desk. From the first draft that was ever established in America by the Confederate States of America and up to and including the draft during Vietnam, there have been deferments and ways imbedded in the draft laws to allow people to escape and evade military service.

Even though all males were needed during World War 2 and no one was deferred, there were still inequities in the type of duty assigned and those that had powerful connections could often avoid the mud and blood of war. So if the government re-establishes a draft, young males had better be prepared as the offspring of the rich, famous and powerful will once again get preferential treatment even if favoritism is done underneath the table or behind closed doors.

Our all volunteer military is not working in the respect that the government is wearing out the young men and women that have to perform multiple combat tours. In terms of pure bravery, fighting ability and patriotism, the military today is second to none from America’s past generations of warriors, but our military is at the breaking point emotionally and mentally with having to complete tour after tour of combat duty while others eligible to serve and fight do nothing. Our government wants to act like they care about the individuals in the military and having to “bear the burden” of war but in reality, the government wants to put an end to higher salaries, bonuses, educational and other entitlements needed to maintain an all- volunteer force. The solution, a DRAFT. I believe a draft is coming and sooner not later.

Joe ‘Ragman’ Tarnovsky

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Government Trains Troops To Run American Cities

Vatic Note: How many times have they done this? Many. WE must not get used to the idea that a military coup is in progress and that its OK to do. Becuase that is what this will be, is military and intellegence services such as the CIA (Obama) and Mossad (Rahm) using our military will be trying to steal the remainder of our personal assets in the way of pension funds and then nationalize them while leaving banks in private hands, no way.

If we respond it must be SMART in that response. Remember these soldiers have been experimented on with mind control techniques, and drugs to aid in that. We have seen videos of what they are doing to the poor people of Iraq and Afghanistan and now Pakistan. This must not be allowed to happen here. Also be aware that it could be private contractors dressed and pretending to be American soldiers, which is an immediately death penalty offense against international law for subversive spying and pretending to be the soldiers of the occupied nation. Keep that in mind. Its their final attempt to gain full control over us.

DO NOT RIOT AT ANY TIME. GO UNDERGROUND with others and begin identifying and smartly resisting, since that is the one thing their high tech equipment cannot fight against. Do not riot. We have seen how that did not work in Europe.

Contributors Note: As Planet-X gets close enough, a False-Flag Terror operation will be launched here in the U.S. & Troops will be called back home ( probably around middle or fall of next year )... MARTIAL LAW will blanket the nation in order to DISTRACT Folks from the REAL PROBLEM coming our way- PLANET-X & this Martial Law will KEEP FOLKS IN LINE because many folks will figure out that the Reddish-colored celestial object in the Southern Skies IS NOT GOING AWAY but actually getting BIGGER in the SKY..... At the same time or right before this, NASA Whitecoats will constantly be on TV trying to explain away the Disastrous Earth Changes with their usual B.S. Lies.. PLANET-X is CAUSING 'Climate Change'....

When the Elites head underground, they'll ROLL-OUT their High-Tech Black Op's stuff like "Terminator-like" Drones to Patrol & Enforce the Law on the Surfae World.. Super Soldiers will be used as well...

Government Trains Troops To Run American Cities
Paul Joseph Watson, contributed to vatic by Sheldon Day, Britian
Thursday, October 14, 2010
Local government officials are training active duty military soldiers to run communities, re-igniting fears that troops will be used to deal with civil unrest in the event of a total economic collapse or other national emergency in a newly militarized America.

“The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division met with City Manager Mary Corriveau, Mayor Jeff Graham and other City officials gaining insight about city infrastructure,” reports ABC 50.
“Government 101 is a new program that Fort Drum has established to learn from local officials about what it takes to run a community efficiently.”

The 10th Mountain Division is a light infantry division of the United States Army based at Fort Drum, New York that specializes in fighting under harsh terrain and weather conditions. The unit was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 for one year and then to Iraq in April 2008.

The troops are being prepared for “A sitution where in essence they will become the local government,” said Corriveau.

Watch the clip: (click on link to article to view clip)

The program is ostensibly aimed at preparing troops to govern occupied areas of Afghanistan, but as we highlighted over the last two years, the real purpose behind the training could hit a lot closer to home.

A similar program that was announced back in September 2008 involving the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team was geared around training troops who had recently returned from Afghanistan to conduct “homeland patrols” which began on October 1st  of that year.

According to an Army Times report, part of the troops’ mission was to deal with “civil unrest and crowd control” by using non-lethal weapons against the American people. After the announcement caused controversy, the Army Times was forced to issue a clarification, claiming that the non-lethal weapons training was intended for use overseas, but the part about “civil unrest and crowd control,” a complete violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, was not retracted.

In November 2008, Northcom announced that over the course of the following three years, an additional 4,700 troops would be assigned for domestic homeland security missions.

The very next month, the Armed Forces Press Service initiated a propaganda campaign designed to convince the American people that deploying the 3rd Infantry Division in the United States in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act was a good thing, as fully uniformed soldiers were photographed helping to save car wreck victims, in another effort at incrementally conditioning Americans to accept troops on the streets as normal, despite the fact that it is the hallmark of corrupt dictatorships and empires in terminal decline like the former Soviet Union.

Under the pretext of “helping” local communities short of police in difficult economic times, U.S. troops are now occupying America as the country sinks into a state of de facto martial law. The military are now being called upon to undertake roles normally designated to police as Americans are incrementally acclimated to accept the presence of troops on the streets as an everyday occurrence.

One example occurred in Kingman Arizona, where National Guardsmen were filmed “providing security” and directing traffic.

During the Kentucky Derby on May 2 last year, Military Police were on patrol  to deal with crowd control.

We reported on numerous other instances http://www.prisonplanet.com/maximum-alert-u-s-troops-now-occupying-america.html of militarized units being used in traffic control, checkpoints, and security procedures.

With the government preparing to seize Americans’ private pensions as the economy further deteriorates, innumerable forecasters are predicting riots and mass civil unrest once the vanishing middle class finally rises from its slumber and realizes that their entire way of life is under immediate threat.

Unless we can communicate the fact that having troops patrol the streets is not normal and in reality is a warning siren for a country in dire straights, those same troops will soon be firing non-lethal weapons at angry American citizens – or worse.

As Gerald Celente often warns, once Americans have lost everything, they will begin to lose it – rioting in massive numbers and mirroring the growing civil unrest we are already seeing in Europe as people rise up en masse in a backlash against austerity measures and governments raising the age of retirement and seizing pensions.


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Why are MSM and Alternative media dramatically Censoring Ventura on his 9-11 commentary?

Vatic Note:   While I am ambivalent about Jesse Ventura, both these videos show just how immediate and radically, these two "so called" sources of news cut off Jesse when he spoke of 9-11 from his deep experience as a seal demolitions expert.   Why?  As he said,  "Why do they get reactionary when someone simply "asks questions"?   He gives reasons he thinks are why such as "criminality, prosecution and sentencing" for aiding and abetting these crimes are exactly the same as for the actual criminal that conducted the crimes.  He may have a point there.  What bothered me was Huffington doing it.  Fox under Murdock did not surprise me, but why Huffington? 

Huffington used to be a republican, remember?  Her husband ran for gov of California and lost.   Then she got a slot on the Bill Maehr show doing comic stints with Bill and our new senator from Minnisota, FRANKEN, both of whom are democrats, and after that she switched to becoming a Democrat.   At the time, I didn't think much about it until I thought about how Bill Maehr always survives bad ratings and manages to have a show somewhere on cable TV.   At that point and his reactions to 9-11, I finally started to look closer and here is what I found.    We have published the satanic hand signal used by all our politicians and musicians and now I am also finding  it also used by various actors and comedians.  As Michael Jackson publically disclosed,  you can't get anywhere in the zionist controlled media field, whether music, acting,  publishing, or movies and TV, unless you are cooperating and part of their controlled opposition by the deceivers.   Huffington was brought over by Bill to the Dem party, became a news source on the left and part of the "CONTROLLED OPPOSITION"  press discussed in protocol #12, and that would explain these videos below, on both Fox a MSM source and now Huffington an alternative source with CONTROLLED NEWS REPORTING by the owners of the media and we already know who that is. 

Ventura Charges: "Huffington Post Censored my 9/11 Article!"

liamh2, September 25, 2010

On September 25, 2010, Jesse Ventura discussed his book, "American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us." During the session before an SRO audience, he charged that the Huffington Post, aka HuffPost, a news web site, "censored my 9/11 article!" Mr. Ventura was speaking at Baltimore's BookFest. He was joined on the program by Richard Sher, an ex-news reader for WJZ-TV in Baltimore, MD.


Ventura talks 9/11, makes Fox idiot leave stage
May 19, 2009 , Ventura On Fox on 5/19

Ventura On Fox on 5/19, Fox anchor leaves stage after his government sponsored act gets nowhere when talking with Ventura.


VN:  Its amazing to actually see the control these guys exhibit from every area of the public media and how they use it to further their agenda and propoganda, disinformation and provocateuring.   Its huge, massive and coordinated.   These two examples just show how big and powerful consolidation of media has become where in the past it was never legally allowed.   We need to go back to those days and that will stop all this.

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The Assassination of John Lennon - Part 1 of 3 John Lennon series

Vatic Note:  

The Assassination of John Lennon - Part 1 of 3 John Lennon series

Brasscheck TV


A mind control patsy - and a Mob hitman

Wow, it was hard getting this one passed the YouTube censors.
If you like it, best download and repost it elsewhere while it's still available.


The Official Story

Let's see...

It's 1980. There are no cheap air flights. Credit cards are not easily available.

A 25 year old ex-camp counselor and janitor flies from Hawaii to New York City, stays in five star luxury hotels (ex. The Waldorf Astoria), flies to Georgia, back to New York City and then back to Hawaii.

Back in Hawaii, he tells his wife he planned to kill John Lennon, hands her the gun he planned to use and then tells her that he changed his mind.

Then he flies back to New York City and with no known marksmanship training and an avowed aversion to guns shoots and kills John Lennon.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?   Disappearing material witnesses and evidence.  The media sure made the wife disappear and Chapman's psychiatrist too.

Did you even know Chapman was married? (What kind of chick marries and stays with a dude like this?)

Did you know he'd been under a psychiatrist's care for years? Whoever he was (and whatever methods he was using), the public never got his name.

Lennon's autopsy has never been released though an "autopsy report" was stating he died of shock and loss of blood.

A big show was made of the fact that Chapman traveled to Georgia (!) to buy hollow point bullets because he could not buy ammunition in NYC (WTF? He never heard of NJ or Pennsylvania?)

Wikipedia disinformation (Lets remember who Wikipedia is)

The Wikipedia article about Chapman claims he worked with refugees through the "YMCA" at Ft. Chafee in Arkansas and that he did "similar" work in Lebanon. This is BS cubed. He worked for the CIA front World Vision.

Amazingly, two years before he visited NYC, this then young twenty-something year old janitor took a world tour which brought him to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Delhi, Israel, Geneva, Paris and London...in 1978 as a 23 year old...when air fares were sky high...and kids didn't get credit cards.

Give me a fucking break. The official story about this guy as reinforced by the slime balls at Wikipedia is pure fantasy.

A CIA/Mob collaboration

Chapman is probably a brainwashed patsy who thinks he shot Lennon.

He probably even pointed a gun. (Note: Chapman spent a lot of time working at a hospital "alone in the printing department", the same hospital that treated him after he attempted suicide.)

There was, no doubt, another shooter there who got the job done and just calmly walked away as professional hit men do.

Who pulled the trigger?

Well, when the CIA wants to kill people overseas, it uses Special Forces. When it wants to kill them at home, it uses the Mob.

The New York Mob was very familiar with the "use a lunatic as a patsy" routine. They had in fact used the method just a few years earlier in the murder of Joe Colombo when a street hustler was given a gun and pushed into the crowd just as Colombo was shot. The street person Jerome Johnson was shot dead on the spot. No investigation. No bullet check.

RFJ Jr was killed by similar means when a mind control subject was put several feet in front of Kennedy firing a pistol wildly while the killing shot came from close range behind Kennedy.

Misdirection. It's a old magician's trick made easier with the chaos of gunfire and bloodshed.

Anyway, the odds that the media (CIA) cover story of this murder happened the way they claimed is very, very, very unlikely.

Vietnam-The war John Lennon opposed- Part 2



1980: Ground Zero for  the New Warfare State

Before Grenada, before Panama, before Yugoslavia, before Iraq, before Afghanistan, before Pakistan...
Before the US population had been re-militarized after Vietnam...  John Lennon, the highest profile, most outspoken opponent of US wars, was shot dead on his door step just weeks after George Bush Sr. was elected President (Vice President under a senile figure head.)

Unlike Martin Luther King, John Lennon wasn't killed for opposing the Vietnam War. He was killed because he would have been effective opposing the re-militarization of the nation.

Forty years old, at the height of his creative powers, beloved, outspoken, inspired, the Masters of War knew exactly how dangerous Lennon was to their plans for the next thirty years.

Working Class Hero, Part 3 of their John Lennon Trilogy



Why John Lennon was important

Had he not been murdered by forces unknown, John Lennon would have celebrated his 70th birthday on October 9, 2010.

Though the media successfully made a cartoon character out of him and obscured the cause of his death, this song - and its wild popularity on YouTube 30+ years after its release with zero mass media publicity - shows he was an important figure,

The other two videos in our John Lennon trilogy:
The assassination of John Lennon - Part 1
Vietnam: The war Lennon opposed - Part 2

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

UPDATE:10/14/10 US "oathkeeper" soldier's Newborn, criminally kidnapped by US Government (SPLC inspired)

UPDATE: 10/14/10 -  This is the state sponsored kidnapping of an oathkeepers 16 hour old baby because SPLC and ADL say that oathkeepers are domestic terrorists and so the baby was taken away at 16 hours old out of the hospital and given to Child Services who have had her now for 6 days and now it appears the baby has been sexually assaulted in that short a time. Amazing. This is so tied into the Vatic series on pedophilia and the role of Child Services all over the globe in pimping for these high level profiled leaders of gov and industry who engage in this. Remember, this is also in the Talmud as we also profiled. So who did this? How big a scandel are they about to unravel. This is becoming a real serious problem with Child Services everywhere.   It is sorely time to stand up here if we can't even protect a 16 hour old baby.  My Gawd, how far down do we have to go before we stand back up again and mean it. 

Oath Keeper Newborn Baby found bleeding under CPS care. Police Investigating!
October 13, 2010

John Irish calls into the show with a live report of young baby Cheyenne found bleeding while under the custody of new hampshire child social services.




Vatic Note:   This is obscene.  We have finally reached gestapo time here in nazi land, Hitlers "homeland security" and where is that organization when you need them?  That is an act of terror for political reasons.  And New Hampshire is a major disappointment and are not who they led us to believe they were and those nurses and employees and hospital administrators are cooperating in destroying the bill of rights of this nation.   (Do not miss video toward the end)

That does mean a lot to know this, since they have sold themselves for many years as the "Freedom State" "live free or die"..... what a laugh.  It means there are going to be a lot more people to deal with than we first thought.  Notice it was the SPLC that first brought up the Oathkeepers as one of those domestic terrorist groups and now it appears the SPLC and all co-conspirators are involved in criminal kidnapping.  Make no mistake about it, this soldier broke no law,  the mother is not abusive and they were in the hospital when the kidnapping took place shortly after the baby was born, which they had no right to do since it was the mothers child and they were not married so they had no right to take that child, but then rights, laws, decency, ethics, morality, nothing means anything to satanists.  ITS A CRIME WHAT HAPPENED.  We would be  thrown in jail for life if we ever tried to do that. 

Where is the justice?  Well, now we know how far they are willing to go to get their agenda met, and what this taught us is THERE ARE NO LIMITS AND VIOLATIONS OF LAW, HUMANITY, FREEDOM,  DEMOCRACY, AND DECENCY that they are willing to make in order to achieve their satanic ends.  THESE ARE SATANISTS and we better damn well get used to believing it.   Its the zionists  operating  in the USA, through the SPLC AND THE ADL.  THESE ARE THE KINDS OF THINGS THEY DO TO THE PALS,  so next, maybe,  they will bulldoze your house.   Remember, they are the ones that believe we are cattle and they are the cattle owners and thus can take a child or anything else they decide they want.   DO YOU GET THAT YET????  THIS IS YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER.

Government Seizes Newborn Baby Over Political Beliefs Of Parents
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com, Friday, October 8, 2010

Couple who took part in Oath Keepers online discussion forum have child snatched in shocking new level of police state persecution

UPDATE: We have now obtained a copy of the affidavit which can be viewed below. This confirms that Irish was targeted partly because of his association with Oath Keepers, in addition to the fact that he bought guns.

Apparently, exercising the second amendment is now reasonable justification for the state to steal your child in America.

A newborn baby was ripped from its mother’s arms by officials from the New Hampshire Division of Family Child Services accompanied by police after authorities cited the parents’ association with the Oath Keepers organization as one of the primary reasons for the snatch, heralding a shocking new level of persecution where Americans’ political beliefs are now being used by the state to kidnap children.  (VN:  that is a criminal kidnapping since there were no laws broken that justified them taking his child which is blatantly illegal,  but then maybe the satanists want the child for their pedophilia ring... ya think?)


Greg Evensen on "The Founder's Legacy", "Is it Time for Rebellion?"

Vatic Note:  A couple of things to say about this article.... first he neglects to mention who the puppet masters are behind the curtain pulling the strings... that is who we need to rebel against.   Second of all he wrote this before we had the GOV SANCTIONED AND CONDUCTED KIDNAPPING OF A 16 HOUR OLD BABY FROM ITS UNWED MOTHER using the father as an excuse.  All because the STATE did not like his politics (as promoted by the SPLC and ADL) since he was an open and candid member of the Oath keepers which simply says they intend to honor their oath.  That was justification for taking the baby.   Add that in to the list below and he is spot on. 

Something is coming down anyway,  Just followed two howitzers on an unmarked orange tractor trailor truck that is not military or at least our military, up our highway to wolfcreek pass, and they were unmarked.  The colors of the tarps and the guns were remeniscent of Israel's desert non camoflage.  We, the US have camoflage.   The truck saw me following him (he couldn't miss me I drive a copper colored car, not meant for tailing anyone) He pulled off to the side, which told me it was not something routine.   I passed him and went over a hump out of sight and pulled off the side of the road myself.  At that point about 5 or 6 cars went by and finally within 5 minutes he passed me again.  So I suspect they are there to close off our pass from east and west traffic through the mountains.   It was too strange and a lot of military air traffice that is also unusual for us.  So if something comes down anyone in my area be prepared for hidden artillary guns.  Big ones.   PROBABLY WITH DU TIPS ON THEM.  Its our turn for serious depopulation and suffering since satanists have to have the suffering to get their bonus points.   Also this is our play ground anyway, we know it like the back of our hands.

The Time Has Arrived for Rebellion

Greg Evensen, NewsWithViews
September 28, 2010

The countdown clock and the last chance for “The Founder’s Legacy” of patriotic Americans willing to lay it all on the line for a new Republic, has hit 0:00. Rebellion is no longer an option, a late night “what if” discussion around a bottle of good wine and snacks. It is now the mandated response of oath keeping citizens and Constitutional defending men and women who have heard Paul Revere in 2010.

The True Essence of Slavery - (Something to think about)

Vatic Note:   Some of us in this world are already there.   Now we know why they are messing with our water and DNA.   The rest are in the process of being manipulated on many levels to get there.  This talks about what it looks and feels like to be a slave and what the essence of it really is.   I was surprised at what he said and yet, he was right in so many ways.   A much simpler way to put it is when you work two jobs to pay the taxes, and thus you are so tired when done, that you then have no life and no future,  that is the essence of slavery.  

That can be achieved on my different levels as we have seen recently over these many articles we have put up.   Part of it is social engineering, herding us into ant colonies, and then making it impossible to have a future,  the other part is the genetic engineering to ensure you do not complain about that fate they have planned for you.  We also have been covering that as well.  Read and see if you can spot the issue at its core.  

An article is coming up covering a set of twins that died as small young babies immediately after being given a vaccine shot and this fits in with  this subject.  Remember Bill Gates seminar talk we had on here about using vaccines for population control.   Its what they will continue to do to us until we change. 

The True Essence of Slavery
By Bojidar Marinov
Published: In American Vision, January 13, 2010

No, slavery is not forced labor. It is not a legal term. It is not a form of property. It is not racism, or nationalism, or an empire. These things are the symptoms of slavery, but they are not its essence.

It is not a “mode of production.” Neither is it an “historical stage in the evolution of humanity.” These are only convenient mantras used by those who want to conceal the real essence of slavery.

The essence of slavery is elsewhere. Few are those who understand it and are willing to say it publicly. Even fewer are those who self-consciously stand against it.

The essence of slavery can be seen clearly in Moses’ experience with the Hebrews. The nation of Israel was in slavery in Egypt where they were forced to heavy exhausting labor under cruel taskmasters. They had no so-called human rights, and their children were being massacred by their oppressors. And when Moses led them out of the land of slavery to take them to the Promised Land of Liberty, they rebelled against him and complained: “We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leeks, and the onions, and the garlic” (Num. 11:5). The former slaves didn’t remember the slavery with the taskmasters, the whips, and the forced labor. They remembered it with the things that they “did eat freely.”

The Strugatsky Brothers—well-known science fiction writers in Russia—see the essence of slavery in the same way in their novel The Second Invasion from Mars. In the “first invasion from Mars” in H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds, the Martians come with weapons and force. The Martians in the Strugatsky’s novel are smarter, and they know well the very nature of man. Instead of force, they offer goods. Freely. And conquer without a shot.

The triumph of slavery.

Slavery doesn’t start with the slaveholders. It starts with the slaves. It doesn’t start when someone draws a gun and forces others to work for them. It starts when the others refuse to take care of themselves and their families, when they ask for someone to give them what they want—from cradle to grave. Freely. Slavery starts when a man abandons the responsibility to make decisions for his own life and let others make those decisions. The real essence of slavery is in the deliberate surrender of individual rights and responsibilities to others. Slavery is in the instinct to be a sheep and find others to feed you and shear you.

In today’s world, slavery is government welfare. Government healthcare is for those who never do anything about their own health. The government Social Security is for those who refuse to care for their own future. So-called free government education is for the children whose parents can make children but refuse to take the responsibility to educate them. Government regulation of the economic and family life of a nation is slavery. The government bailouts for irresponsible corporations and banks.

The tariffs that protect inefficient domestic industries against domestic customers. The labor legislation that regulates employers and gives security to workers irrespective of their skills and work ethics. The government academic tenure for life for professors to protect them against younger and innovating competition.

The government licensing regulations for whole industries to protect the old guilds against effective newcomers. The racial and ethnic quotas that favor people on the basis of their belonging to a group rather than their skills and commitment. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

All these are slavery. They have the same motive for their foundation: Man’s desire to escape the responsibility for his own life and work. The people who want them, raise the same cry as those Hebrews in Moses’ time: “We were doing so good with the fish that we did eat freely, and with the leeks, and the garlic, and the onions.” We had others to think for us.

We want others to think for us. Even if that entails whips and forced labor under the scorching sun. Even if that means 60 percent taxes, waiting for hours at the mercy of faceless bureaucrats, humiliations and forfeiting our rights to life, liberty and property. Give us our free piece of bread every day!

A nation of slaves has no future. Eventually it dies. Whether of invasion, or of extinction, one day it ceases to exist. No government can save it. No promises for daily pieces of bread—freely —can save it. Slaves have no future-oriented worldview, and therefore they have no future.

Only those who are free indeed have a future. The future belongs to those who take the responsibility for it. Anything else is a lie and self-deceit.

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Legalizing Slavery in America

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USS LIBERTY Issue Proves to Be the Silver Bullet as Powerful Zionist Group Runs For Cover

Contributors Note:   It looks like the ADL, the Israeli/Khazar spin factory, can no longer create enough lies to hide and obscure the fact that Israel murdered 34 American Sailors in cold blood on the U.S.S. Liberty when it attacked that ship in June of 1967. So, they have decided to just ignore it, and hope that this "ghost ship" will just go away. IT WON'T. And if you think what happened 43 years ago has no relevance to what is happening today, then think again......

USS LIBERTY Issue Proves to Be the Silver Bullet as Powerful Zionist Group Runs For Cover

October 12, 2010 by crescentandcross , The ugly truth
Contributed to Vatic by Anonymous,  USA

Update–after nearly 5 days of visiting the search engine linked to the ADL website where NOTHING turned up dealing with the USS LIBERTY, a mere few hours after this article was posted on the internet there are now turning up hits.

Readers may recall that a similar situation took place a few years ago when I wrote a piece revealing how the ADL remained silent in the wake of an inflammatory article appearing in a Jewish publication justifying the slaughter of civilians in the “war on terror” and within a few hours of this story being posted on the internet, the ADL issued a hastily-worded condemnation of the piece in question.
Begin piece–

Like “Bruiser”, the bully who has been challenged to a fight after school but who turns out to be a no-show upon realizing he’s about to be turned into hamburger by his opponent, one of the most powerful Zionist organizations in the world–the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith–has completely expunged all references to Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY from its internationally-read website. The ADL–contacted for this piece, gave no reasons for their decision.

Lest some think this decision on the part of the Mossad-affiliated ADL is minor in its scope, it should be noted that the website section dealing with Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY (leaving 34 American servicemen dead and almost 200 seriously wounded) was not just a simple 1-page belly-dance exposition of Zionist disinformation. In the interests of intellectually-tranquilizing otherwise-interested persons wanting to know more about the infamous event that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. 4 decades ago, the ADL had compiled years’ worth of citations and notations and augmented regularly with relevant updates as they occurred. Extensive in its disinformation and done in the interests of painting the deliberate act of war against America as a case of “mistaken identity” the section dealing with the LIBERTY was possibly as much as a half-dozen pages in length and as brazen in its deception as a street prostitute plying her trade. The person(s) responsible for providing new information for the page’s updates noted what was written by so-and-so LIBERTY survivor in such-and-such article on what day, as well as regular updates concerning what Phil Tourney–clearly the most outspoken of all the LIBERTY survivors–would say on the various radio programs where he appeared as either host or guest.

Assuming that the removal of the entire LIBERTY section was not the result of a spilled cup of coffee on a computer keyboard but rather a conscious decision on the part of ADL’s strategists and planners, all those who note this development must scratch their heads in curiosity over why such actions would be taken.

The most likely explanation for this latest development is the fact that in the last 2 years (and due almost entirely to the efforts of aforementioned USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney) public awareness of and interest in what took place on June 8 1967 has taken on renewed vim and vigor by a sizable number of persons around the world. First came the radio program “The Liberty Hour” co-hosted by Tourney that aired for nearly 2 years on the Republic Broadcasting Network before being suddenly cancelled for reasons that remain unclear. After that, it was the publication of Tourney’s book “What I Saw That Day–Israel’s June 8, 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard the USS LIBERTY and its Aftermath”, detailing his eyewitness account of Israel’s deliberate and pre-meditated act of mass murder of American servicemen. Now, as a result, the LIBERTY issue–for years smoldering and barely alive (due partly to the timidity of many LIBERTY survivors worried about getting on the bad side of groups such as the ADL) has now suddenly burst into flames, providing light for many who want to know exactly why the U.S. finds itself in the kind of mess it’s in these days viz-a-viz the Middle East quagmire and corruption of her politics.

Just as important as the renewed interest in the LIBERTY story in explaining the ADL’s hasty-and hurried decision to remove the LIBERTY section from its website was an event taking place in early August 2010, where Tourney–vacationing in California, was approached by someone claiming to be from Israel’s Mossad who threatened not only his life, but as well the life of Mark Glenn, co-author and publisher of Tourney’s explosive and fascinating book. As a result of these threats, subsequent meetings with Special Agents of the FBI by both Tourney and Glenn took place that were then expanded to include interviews with other FBI offices in New York and California. Not one to shrink in the face of such threats, Tourney then went on every radio program available to discuss in detail what happened. Shortly thereafter, an article written by veteran CIA agent Phillip Giraldi detailing the event exploded across the internet, leading to a substantial amount of chatter and outrage in forums, chatrooms and blogs frequented by veterans of the U.S. military.

According to former law enforcement and intelligence personnel contacted for this piece, the “Mossad” agent in California was more likely than not an ADL operative assigned to harass and provoke Tourney in a public place with the desire of provoking Tourney to react loudly and violently. The obvious blackeye this would then bring to the LIBERTY issue as well as the unavoidable subsequent in-fighting and angst amongst the other survivors would then result in them pressuring Tourney into maintaining a low profile, and then VOILA!–the desired result the ADL wanted–no more discussion of the USS LIBERTY.

Obviously then, Tourney’s decision to “go public” with details of his encounter out in California backfired against those Zionist interests who wanted him and the USS LIBERTY issue silenced and now as a result, they have decided to punk out from the after-school rendez-vous without so much as an explanation as to why.

The obvious lesson to be learned from all this is that when it comes to doing battle with the Zionist interests bent on destroying America and the world at large, there are no victories to be had by retreating. As the ancient Latin proverb “Fortes fortuna adiuvat” (“fortune favors the brave”) intimates, timidity in the face of the enemy brings no rewards.

If indeed–as promised 2,000 years ago by the great Palestinian freedom fighter Jesus of Nazareth that “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free”, then the truth–the greatest weapon available in the arsenal of freedom–must be used to the point of reckless abandon. The fact that “Bruiser” the schoolyard bully has decided to tuck tail and run as represented by the ADL’s decision to expunge all references concerning the USS LIBERTY from its website shows that indeed there is nothing to fear but fear itself and that victory will only be had by adopting the “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead” that is the common thread to all successful endeavors.

© 2010 Mark Glenn

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Rothschilds & Rockefellers - Trillionaires Of The World: Learn your history before it repeats on you.

Vatic Note:   We came all the way through 13,000 years of history showing and telling you who these people are and were, and now we get to take a closer look at them up front and personal.   Notice on the video she mentions the "13 city council members"  and also remember the "13 family bloodlines" of the illuminati?   Is there a connection?   Remember, these people are so powerful and wealthy beyond our imaginations, that even Forbes will not put them on the list of "The Worlds Most Wealthiest People" and DISCLOSE what their wealth is.  That list of wealthiest in the world is for the well paid slaves who do the real  wealths bidding, like Gates, Turner, and Buffet.  When they are through with using them, gates and buffet will be gone as will their wealth.   They will be the last ones extracted from after their usefulness is over.  That is how satanists work. 

You will as you read all this see how Buffett and Swarzennegger respond immediately to calls from the Power brokers to attend them immediately.   Its by that act you can tell who are their operators here in the states.   That is the history we must learn from and never let either of them near the seat of power here.   Its important to know these things so we can counter them at every turn.   These are the enemies of the people of this planet. This is done in two parts to provide you with indepth understanding of who and why and how.

Evelyn Rothschilds Ring of Power - New World Order Illuminati

November 07, 2008

Here is a video of the current reigning Rothschild named "Evelyn" along with specifics about his empire across the globe. Once done, please read the write up for more detail from Rense, who has accumulated massive amounts of info on the family and their massive impact on us and the globe since the 1700's.

(VN: this, below,  is the heart of our problem)

Rothschilds & Rockefellers -
Trillionaires Of The World
Learn your history before it repeats on you.
By New World Order, Rense.com

"Money is Power", or shall we say, "The Monopoly to Create Credit Money and charge interest is Absolute Power". (Alex James)

Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838:   "Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

Letter written from London by the Rothschilds to their New York agents introducing their banking method into America: "The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests."

Nathan Rothschild said to the Commons Secret Committee on the question early in 1819: "In what line of business are you? - Mostly in the foreign banking line. "Have the goodness to state to the Committee in detail, what you conceive would be the consequence of an obligation imposed upon the Bank [of England, which he owned] to resume cash payments at the expiration of a year from the present time? - I do not think it can be done without very great distress to this country; it would do a great deal of mischief; we may not actually know ourselves what mischief it might cause. "Have the goodness to explain the nature of the mischief, and in what way it would be produced? - Money will be so very scarce, every article in this country will fall to such an enormous extent, that many persons will be ruined."

The director of the Prussian Treasury wrote on a visit to London that Nathan Rothschild had as early as 1817: ".., incredible influence upon all financial affairs here in London. It is widely stated.., that he entirely regulates the rate of exchange in the City. His power as a banker is enormous".

Austrian Prince Mettemich's secretary wrote of the Rothschilds, as early as 1818, that: "... they are the richest people in Europe."

Referring to James Rothschild, the poet Heinrich Heine said: "Money is the god of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet."

James Rothschild built his fabulous mansion, called Ferrilres, 19 miles north-east of Paris. Wilhelm I, on first seeing it, exclaimed: "Kings couldn't afford this. It could only belong to a Rothschild!"

Author Frederic Morton wrote that the Rothschilds had: "conquered the World more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Caesars before..."

As Napoleon pointed out: "Terrorism, War & Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as a debt and compounded by interest "- he cancelled debt and interest in France - hence the Battle of Waterloo.

Some writers have claimed that Nathan Rothschild "warned that the United States would find itself involved in a most disastrous war if the bank's charter were not renewed." (do you see the similarities here? If you don't play the game an economic disaster will fall on you and you will be destroyed.)

"There is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild." 19th century French commentator.

Lord Rothschild (Rockefellers and Rothschilds' relatives) in his book The Shadow of a Great Man quotes a letter sent from Davidson on June 24, 1814 to Nathan Rothschild, "As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world." The closeness of the Rothschild brothers is seen in a letter from Soloman (Salmon) Rothschild to his brother Nathan on Feb. 28, 1815, "We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential." (2) This closeness is further seen in that of the 18 marriages made by Mayer Amschel Rothschild's grandchildren - 16 were contracted between first cousins.

"Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly." The Communist Manifesto. In the case of the Bolshevik revolution, Rothschilds/ Rockefellers' Chase Bank owned the state. In the US, the FED owners "own" the state.

Rothschilds' favorite saying who along with the Rockefellers are the major Illuminati Banking Dynasties: "Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!"

Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply."

Rockefeller is reported to have said: "Competition is a sin". "Own nothing. Control everything". Because he wants to centralize control of everything and enslave us all, i.e. the modern Nimrod or Pharaoh.

The Rothschild were behind the colonization and occupations of India and the Rothschild owned British Petroleum was granted unlimited rights to all offshore Indian oil, which is still valid till this day.

"Give me the control of the credit of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws." The famous boastful statement of Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild, speaking to a group of international bankers, 1912: "The few who could understand the system (cheque, money, credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests." The boastful statement by Rothschild Bros. of London.

These people are the top masterminds and conspired for the creation of illegal FEDERAL RESERVE BANK in 1913: Theodore Roosevelt, Paul Warburg - Representative Of Rothschild, Woodrow Wilson - U.S. President Signed FED Into Act, Nelson W. Aldrich - Representative Of Rockefeller, Benjamin Strong - Representative Of Rockefeller, Frank A. Vanderlip - Representative Of Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller - Rockefeller Himself, Henry Davison - Representative Of J. P. Morgan, Charles Norton - Representative Of J. P. Morgan.

In the last century, members of the British Fabian Society dynastic banking families in the City of London financed the Communist takeover of Russia. Trotsky in his biography refers to some of the loans from these British financiers going back as far as 1907.

By 1917 the major subsidies and funding for the Bolshevik Revolution were co-ordinated and arranged by Sir George Buchanan and Lord Alfred Milner. [no doubt using money from Cecil Rhodes' South African gold and diamond legacy - Ed] The Communist system in Russia was a "British experiment" designed ultimately to become the Fabian Socialist model for the British takeover of the World through the UN and EU.

The British plan to takeover the World and bring in a "New World Order" began with the teachings of John Ruskin and Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University. Rhodes in one of his wills in 1877 left his vast fortune to Lord Nathan Rothschild as trustee to set up the Rhodes Scholarship Program at Oxford to indoctrinate promising young graduates for the purpose (VN:  Remember Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and brilliant), and also establish a secret society [Royal Institute of International Affairs RIIA, which branched into the Round Table, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral, etc -- Ed] for leading business and banking leaders around the World who would work for the City to bring in their Socialist World government.

Rothschild appointed Lord Alfred Milner to implement the plan.

Benjamin Freedman (Friedman) said this in 1961, Washington (he was a millionaire insider in international Zionist organizations, friend to 4 US presidents, and was also part of the 117-man strong Zionist delegation at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 where Germany was forced into bankruptcy to the Zionist BankLords and social chaos): "Two years into WW1, Germany, which was then winning the war, offered Britain and France a negotiated peace deal, but German Zionist groups seeing the opportunity made a deal with Britain to get the United States into the war if Britain promised to give the Zionists Palestine."

In other words, they made this deal: "We will get the United States into this war as your ally. The price you must pay us is Palestine after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey." They made that promise, in October of 1916. And shortly after that -- I don't know how many here remember it -- the United States, which was almost totally pro-German because the newspapers and mass communications media here were controlled by the Zionist bankers who owned the major commercial banks and the 12 Federal Reserve Banks (the original Stockholders of the Federal Reserve Banks in 1913 were the Rockefeller' s, JP Morgan, Rothschild's, Lazard Freres, Schoellkopf, Kuhn-Loeb, Warburgs, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, all with roots in Germany's Zionists like the British Royal family, J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Bush, Rumsfeld, Clintons, the Nazis that were brought into the CIA,) etc.  and they were pro-German because they wanted to use Germany to destroy the Czar of Russia and let the Communists whom they funded take over. (VN:  In fact, those communists were Zionists using communism as a form of total control over all wealth within the nation.   The first thing Stalin did was murder as many christians as he could find, over 60 million of them, we see the same pattern devolving Christianity out of the nation at every level, so its beginning and if they ever get complete control they will massacre as many as they can find,  that means we have no choices on what we decide to do).

The German Zionist bankers -- Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Kuhn Loeb and the other big banking firms in the United States refused to finance France or England to the extent of one dollar. They stood aside and they said: "As long as France and England are tied up with Russia, not one cent!" They poured money into Germany, fighting with Germany against Russia, to lick the Czarist regime. The newspapers had been all pro-German, where they'd been telling the people of the difficulties that Germany was having fighting Great Britain commercially and in other respects, then after making the deal with the British for Palestine, all of a sudden the Germans were no good.

They were villains. They were Huns. They were shooting Red Cross nurses. They were cutting off babies' hands. And they were no good. The Zionists in London sent cables to the US, to Justice Brandeis: "Go to work on President Wilson. We're getting from England what we want. Now you go to work, and you go to work on President Wilson and get the US into the war." And that did happen. Shortly after President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany.

The power of the Rothschild family was evidenced on 24 Sept 2002 when a helicopter touched down on the lawn of Waddedson Manor, their ancestral home in Buckinghamshire, England. Out of the helicopter strode Warren Buffet, - touted as the second richest man in the World but really a lower ranking player- and Arnold Schwarzenegger (the gropinator), at that time a candidate for the Governorship of California. (VN: another Rothschild controlled player, never let this man near the white house and check out the satanic symbols given at his wedding . It broke my heart to see a Kennedy giving that symbol considering the price that family paid at the hands of these same satanists)

Also in attendance at this two day meeting of the World's most powerful businessmen and financiers hosted by Jacob Rothschild were James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank and Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of De Beers. Arnold went on to secure the governorship of one of the biggest economies on the planet a year later. That he was initiated into the ruling class in the Rothschilds' English country manor suggests that the centre of gravity of the three hundred trillion dollar cartel is in the U.K. and Europe not the U.S.

A recent article in the London Financial Times indicates why it is impossible to gain an accurate estimate of the wealth of the trillionaire bankers. Discussing the sale of Evelyn Rothschild's stake in Rothschild Continuation Holdings, it states: ...[this] requires agreement on the valuation of privately held assets whose value has never been tested in a public market. Most of these assets are held in a complex network of tax-efficient structures around the World.

Queen Elizabeth II's shareholdings remain hidden behind Bank of England Nominee accounts. The Guardian newspaper reported in May 2002 ... "the reason for the wild variations in valuations of her private wealth can be pinned on the secrecy over her portfolio of share investments. This is because her subjects have no way of knowing through a public register of interests where she, as their head of state, chooses to invest her money. Unlike the members of the Commons and now the Lords, the Queen does not have to annually declare her interests and as a result her subjects cannot question her or know about potential conflicts of interests..." In fact, the Queen even has an extra mechanism to ensure that her investments remain secret - a nominee company called the Bank of England Nominees.  (VN:  she easily sold out her own people, but then that is why we revolted when we did, and we should ensure we "NEVER" end up back under that satanic families thumb again.)

It has been available for decades to the entire World's current heads of state to allow them anonymity when buying shares. Therefore, when a company publishes a share register and the Bank of England Nominees is listed, it is not possible to gauge whether the Queen, President Bush or even Saddam Hussein is the true shareholder.

By this method, the trillionaire masters of the universe remain hidden whilst Forbes magazine poses lower ranking billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as the richest men in the World. Retired management consultant Gaylon Ross Sr, author of Who's Who of the Global Elite, has been tipped from a private source that the combined wealth of the Rockefeller family in 1998 was approx (US) $11 trillion and the Rothschilds (U.S.) $100 trillion.

However something of an insider's knowledge of the hidden wealth of the elite is contained in the article, "Will the Dollar and America Fall Down on August 19?.." on page 1 of the 12th July 2001 issue of Russian newspaper Pravda. The newspaper interviewed Tatyana Koryagina, a senior research fellow in the Institute of Macroeconomic Researches subordinated to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development (Minekonom) on the subject of a recent conference concerning the fate of the U.S. economy:

Koryagina: The known history of civilization is merely the visible part of the iceberg. There is a shadow economy, shadow politics and also a shadow history, known to conspirologists. There are [unseen] forces acting in the World, unstoppable for [most powerful] countries and even continents.

Ashley Mote (EU): "Mr President, I wish to draw your attention to the Global Security Fund, set up in the early 1990s under the auspices of Jacob Rothschild. This is a Brussels-based fund and it is no ordinary fund: it does not trade, it is not listed and it has a totally different purpose. It is being used for geopolitical engineering purposes, apparently under the guidance of the intelligence services."

"I have previously asked about the alleged involvement of the European Union's own intelligence resources in the management of slush funds in offshore accounts, and I still await a reply. To that question I now add another: what are the European Union's connections to the Global Security Fund and what relationship does it have with European Union institutions?

"Recently, Ashley Mote of the European Union (EU) asked this volatile question in a public EU meeting, a question never answered, as Mr. Mote, merely by asking this question, was immediately scratched from the White House Christmas card list and placed on its top ten hit list. The Illuminati's cash cow, grazing freely on the World wide pasture of greenbacks, isn't called "Elsie" but instead is called the Global Security Fund, a name actually meaning in the secret cult's language Global Terrorist Fund.

In simple terms, it's a gigantic illegal trust fund, estimated by undercover overseas financial investigators at 65 trillion dollars, set-up for "Illuminati rainy days" and established when it is desperately needed in a pinch for bribery, assassinations and sponsoring World wide terrorist activities to divert attention from their banking mafia. Although the fund is cloaked in secrecy and made possible by the Western civilization' s Federal Reserve banking system, investigators trying to pry into the Illuminati's secret treasure trove have uncovered some interesting facts.


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