Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab

Vatic Note:  Ok,  first before we get into this article,  notice we had an article up about the Fed Res,  the IMF and the world bank were all going to be gone to a meeting on Jekell Island that you won't be able to confirm since its a private meeting to celebrate the achievement of their objective of globalizing and their role in it beginning in 1913 when the federal reserve criminals were given control over our currency.  That is point number 1,  Number 2,  notice that all dual Israeli citizens high up in the WH admin are all resigned or gone with the President on a long boat trip,  not airforce 1, but a ship, at the same time as the fed reserve, imf and world bank are gone? 

Also remember Geithner and Summers resigned and are also gone and also notice the press has covered none of their subsequent doings since they left.  No one has been in the news since then.  Hmmmmm,  I find it interesting that Obama also took at the top CEO of his fascist handlers with him as well and we all know how much they love slow boats to india.  Yeah, right.  So, now, on with the rest of the story.  I have three words for this story........  "Water equals Control".   

And there you have it.  everything fits under those three words,  but read it anyway and see just how this is going to work.   Its what all Goldman sachs "economic hitmen" that worked for the IMF did to all third world countries.  Nice, huh?  Now they are coming home to roost, or I should say, "its a done deal".   There are no  more human rights,  except those they decide to give you depending on what mood that particular robber baron is on that particular day.   Boy are the sheep in for a serious education now.  Finally, notice how Alternet does not bring up all these coincidences about Geithner and Summers doing dirty deeds for the imf while on leave from Goldman sachs.  Hmmmm,  I checked alternets funding, but they have donors who do not want to be exposed.  Ok, that explains it. 

Watch Out: The World Bank Is Quietly Funding a Massive Corporate Water Grab
Contributed by ActivistPost (Reporter), Before Its News.com
Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Even though water privatization has been a massive failure around the world, the World Bank just quietly gave $139 million to its latest corporate buddy.

Scott Thill, Alternet

Billions have been spent allowing corporations to profit from public water sources even though water privatization has been an epic failure in Latin America, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa and everywhere else it's been tried. But don't tell that to controversial loan-sharks at the World Bank. Last month, its private-sector funding arm International Finance Corporation (IFC
quietly dropped a cool 100 million euros ($139 million US) on Veolia Voda, the Eastern European subsidiary of Veolia, the world's largest private water corporation. Its latest target? Privatization of Eastern Europe's water resources.

I have a conspiracy theory about the next false flag event! Nov 6, 2010

Vatic Note: After you read this, you realize just how dysfuntional we have become when there is not one single institution within this nation that we can trust at all.  NOT A SINGLE ONE.  His last sentence to this made me realize none of us either have or can trust one word they say.  We can't even trust the press and believe their reporting about where they all are.  We literally do not have a clue if they are where they all say they are.  But one thing is certain, whereever they are,  if they nuke or harm us in anyway, THEY BETTER NEVER COME  BACK HERE.

I don't necessarily agree with the date, but I do agree with the facts about another "potential" false flag by our zionists international banking masters. Better dates are 11/9/10 (the reverse of 9/11/01) and 11/11/10 which is one of the most powerful occult number series, with the exception of of 11/11/11 which is the most powerful number in the occult. This is fascinating and he put this together with great evidence of historical prior knowledge and NOTIFICATION to the country through a series of visual clues contained in movies, TV programs, cartoons, etc,  of what they intended to do and watch us do nothing about it on every single false flag they have done.  Its almost like proving we are too stupid to govern ourselves.

Well, he has deduced, based on extensive past history, that they have warned us again only this time it was caught and he makes a good case for it,  however, the timing could be off, as I said.   Example, he got the date by the 2nd hand on the "11" and the primary hand on the 6.  However, that could also be read as "5 minutes to 6"  which could be 5 + 6 = 11 and it only has to be said once if the date is 11/11.  So its not clear when.   As you know they have tried this before, got caught around the net and that killed the planned false flag (ex.  "missing nukes" which were not missing but ordered loaded by our own people)   

Please watch, its excellent and teaches us how to look for their blatant promises to kill more Americans.   Remember, the NEXT FALSE FLAG is a declaration of war against the American people and a clear message to us who our enemy is.  It is those who control the movie and TV production industry, which are the same people who control the international banking industry and news outlets in this country.  Zionist International bankers and no one else.   That is who we should go after and who we should declare war against since they are the terrorists. 

I have a conspiracy theory about the next false flag event! Nov 6, 2010
Posted by TheLasersShadow on November 4, 2010, Snardfarkers

(VN: lets not forget all the timely resignations and disappearance of Obama's dual Israeli citizens from the white house under the bogus excuse that Obama is losing it and yet not a peep from congress on impeachment from the GOP? Why not if true? Why not make that an election campaign issue? Because it was only a cover for the leaving of Rahm Emmanual, Geithner, and summers and others. They have probably gone underground already to set things up. What the underground facilities videos since added to this makes perfect sense. Lets also not forget that Hillary, SOS has left and is now in a foreign country for some flimsy excuse or other.   Lets also remember the Federal Reserve and all CEO's of the bankers are scheduled for a private non public meeting on Jekel Island at the same time.   Coincidence that all our leaders in every field are all out of the country???  I think its a big mistake on their part, but that is good for us.  If they do this, they may not be able to get back in again since everyone including law enforcement, military etc will know who did it since we intend to show them)  .

34 warships sent from US for Obama visit

Obama visit criticised for 'over-the-top' spending

"A top official of the Maharashtra Government privy to the arrangements for the high-profile visit has reckoned that a whopping $ 200 million (Rs 900 crore approx) per day would be spent by various teams coming from the US in connection with Obama's two-day stay in the city."

"About 3,000 people including Secret Service agents, US government officials and journalists would accompany the President. Several officials from the White House and US security agencies are already in Mumbai for the past one week with helicopters, a ship and high-end security instruments."

200 top American CEOs coming with Obama (this is what sealed it for me.)

HMM... Obama and the top 200 CEO's going to india with 34 warships one being an aircraft carrier, 3000 personnel which includes 500 SS and Spec Ops men. He will have everything and more to operate the government from India for an extended period of time. This beggs the question whats going to happen over here while all those elites are over there?? I mean are we getting dirty bombed or nuked or hit in some way?? Keep your eyes open.

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Goldman: QE2 Will Continue Into 2012, Will Be Over $2 Trillion, Models Do Not See Rate Hike Until 2015

Vatic Note:   I believe the caption below fully represents this article and how the pond scum made their money off the backs of retirees and hardworking little people.   But those days are rapidly coming to  an end.  We will simply create our own economy,  create and conduct our own banking and building our own underground world and civilization.  They can't kill us all off or where would they get those cattle slaves they are so desparately in need of.  Remember, these people barely ever have to tie their own shoes,  shop for anything, clean a dish, make a meal or even how to build anything.  They are the true useless feeders of our society.   Psychopaths without a slave work force is unthinkable to them.   So they have a problem, Houston.
Its their last big hurrah so I hope they spend it well, its the last they will ever get out of me.   I have already gone underground in earning my income.  What we have to do is be creative and have our employers cooperate in doing an underground economy.   Its what they did in Poland under the Russians and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

Imagine this.   We spend our money on NOTHING BUT LOCAL  products which would increase demand locally and new businesses or old businesses would adapt and we all decide we like our greenbacks and we use that to trade between each other and use it to pay for wages and the laborer uses that to pay locally for products.  We simply have to get creative  and we will.   For instance,  does anyone know how to make INK and if you do,  then you can then collect cartridges from waste, clean them up and fill them with ink you make and then sell them locally.   Easy.   Its just one example.  We are not helpless or stupid as they would like to think.   So, no more quarterly trillion dollar profits and billion dollar bonuses.  Sorry,  the slaves have done a no show to your system. 

Goldman: QE2 Will Continue Into 2012, Will Be Over $2 Trillion, Models Do Not See Rate Hike Until 2015

by Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Article posted Nov 04 2010,

Goldman: "In practice, QE2 is likely to continue well beyond June 2011—at least well into 2012—if our forecasts for unemployment and inflation are close to the mark. We believe that purchases could ultimately cumulate to around $2 trillion...Under our longer-term projections it is easy to come up with models that show no tightening until 2015 or later."

In other news, the economy will not recover for the next five years, but under the Centrally Planned Feudal State of Bernanke, the economy is irrelevant. Incidentally, Zero Hedge now believes a $5 trillion QE3 program will be announced by July 2011, when gold is trading at $10,000, the entire Treasury curve is at zero, and stock prices are meaningless courtesy of a DXY sub 50, and every commodity opening limit up daily.

Goldman's prior observations which concluded that a $4 trillion QE is needed now, not in 2011, now, and not $2 trillion as CNBC keeps saying, can be found here.

Jan Hatzius' observations below presented without commentary. Watching this country implode in slow-motion courtesy of a few openly insane economists is self-explanatory.

From Goldman's Jan Hatzius

QE2: Slightly Slower Pace, But Long Time Frame (Hatzius)

Today’s statement by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) shows a slightly slower-than-expected pace for the second round of quantitative easing (QE2), with purchases of “only” $75 billion per month. However, the committee made up for this potential disappointment by signaling a longer-than-expected time period of purchases, cumulating to $600 billion through June 2011.

In practice, QE2 is likely to continue well beyond June 2011—at least well into 2012—if our forecasts for unemployment and inflation are close to the mark. We believe that purchases could ultimately cumulate to around $2 trillion. Moreover, it is likely to take even longer—perhaps several years—before the FOMC starts to increase short-term interest rates, although the outcome as always will depend on the performance of the economy.

We see two main takeaways from today’s FOMC statement: 1. Large-scale asset purchases (LSAPs) are on a slightly slower-than-expected schedule, but will likely grow significantly over time.

In a widely anticipated move to provide more support to economic growth, the FOMC announced that it would purchase $600bn in Treasury securities by June 2011. This is over and above the amount that will be purchased as part of the program to reinvest repayments of principal on agency and MBS, which the committee expects to total $250bn-$300bn over the same period. Thus, overall purchases will be in the $850bn-$900bn range between now and mid-2011. Previously planned purchases for reinvestment will take place as scheduled on Nov 4 and 8, after which the two programs will be combined with the anticipated publication of a new purchase schedule on Nov 10 at 2pm.

While the headline figure for the new program is a bit higher than the $500bn that we and many others had expected, the time period is also longer (eight months instead of six), implying a monthly purchase rate of $75bn. We and others had thought that this figure would be about $100bn. If we focus on a measure such as the expected stock of Fed asset holdings at a 6-12 month horizon—consistent with our research showing that it is mainly stocks rather than flows of Fed purchases that matter for bond yields—these two surprises probably roughly cancel out.

We believe that the program will grow significantly beyond the initial $600 billion. Today’s statement says that the committee will "regularly review the pace of its securities purchases and the overall size of the asset-purchase program in light of incoming information and will adjust the program as needed to best foster maximum employment and price stability."

If our forecasts of a 10% unemployment rate and a further decline in core inflation to around 0.5% by late 2011 prove correct, we believe the committee will continue buying assets well beyond June 2011. At a minimum, we expect purchases into 2012 and still believe that they could ultimately cumulate to around $2 trillion. (See “QE2: How Much Is Needed?” US Economics Analyst, 10/42, October 22, 2010.)

2. The statement is consistent with our expectation that rates will stay near zero for a very long time, possibly several years.

One implication of the slightly longer time frame for QE2 is that, at the margin, the likelihood rate of hikes anytime soon has receded further. If Fed officials are committed to buying assets through June 2011, it is very hard to see how they would turn around a few months thereafter and start hiking the funds rate, barring a massive surprise in the economic data.

This is likely to warrant some additional adjustments in the expectations of many economic forecasters. Although the OIS curve has already removed any rate hike expectations from the 2011 outlook, the median economic forecast in the October Blue Chip Economic Indicators survey still has the first rate hike in the third quarter of 2011. This is likely to change in coming months.

How long will rates stay near zero? Of course, the answer depends on the economic outlook, but at least under our longer-term projections it is easy to come up with models that show no tightening until 2015 or later. (See “No Rush for the Exit,” Global Economics Paper No. 200, June 30, 2010.)

Fed officials will not commit themselves that far out. However, it is quite possible that senior members of the FOMC will provide further guidance about the short-term interest rate outlook in coming months to explain to market participants just how distant the prospect of interest rate hikes really is. This could take the form of a version of our Taylor rule or policy reaction function analysis, with a strong implication that even the current market expectation of rate hikes in 2012 may well prove premature.

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Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

Vatic Note:   Ah,  my favorite psycho.  Here he is, at it again.  Funding a loonie toons project for his looney toons depopulation/eugenics project.   Take a long moment and look at his eyes in this picture and then tell me he is normal in the head?  I can't see it.  I could give you link after link after link on the damage he has done to humanity and it would not even begin to tell you the depth, breadth and scope of it.   These people are like a wealthy Jeffry Dahmers.   They like to murder and maim and hurt because they have experienced all there is that money can buy and now they need new sensations like sterilizing millions of people.  I hate insulting Jeffry Dahmer who is small peanuts in the murder business compared to Bill Gates, but I had to use someone who lacks any humanity and Jeffry certainly did that. 

I received an email from one of our regulars from Australia and she informed me they released those mosquitos in her home town in Australia.  What was unusual was the fact they had never had the Dengue fever before the release of those mosquitos.   So why release them where they had never been before and had not had any infections.... here are her words and those from Australia will understand what she was saying, but I don't..... I just know its bad.
                                                                                    Contributor Comment: 
"God help us. Right here in our own town.

Shades of the cane toad 'solution'?"  Gypsy Flame, Australia   (I just did not know what the "can toad solution" meant)

Bill Gates Funds Approval of GM Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue
Activist Post
November 4, 2010

There has been much debate about the pending FDA approval of genetically modified salmon that grows to maturity twice as fast as a natural salmon. Its many detractors have labeled it “Frankenfish” and say it will spoil the natural marine environment, as well as being potentially harmful for human consumption. While that debate continues, it looks like another genetically modified live organism may be approved for release into the ecosystem: GM mosquitoes.

The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced plans to combat Dengue fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses with genetically modified mosquitoes designed to make them sterile or simply kill them off, as reported on the U.N news service IRIN:
Scientists fighting mosquito-borne diseases are racing to obtain approval to release genetically modified insects designed to stop the spread of dengue, a potentially fatal virus.

However, such moves have made environmentalists nervous as a science long used in agriculture is applied to public health.

These mosquitoes are engineered with an extra gene or inserted bacterium or have had a gene altered so that either their offspring are sterile and unable to spread dengue, or simply die.

“People generally do not like the unknown and are alarmist. Because there has never been a [field] release of GM [genetically modified] mosquitoes, critics are free to imagine what can possibly go wrong,” said UK-based entomologist and professor at Imperial College London, John Mumford.

He is also the principal investigator for the World Health Organization (WHO)-funded regulatory group, Mosqguide,  founded to develop best practices for deploying genetically modified mosquitoes to fight mosquito-borne diseases, primarily dengue and malaria.

For half a century, scientists have released billions of engineered insects – for example, fruit flies – to save plants, but to date there has not been a field release of insects engineered to save humans.

The Malaysia-headquartered NGO Pesticide Action Network-Asia and the Pacific opposed a since-granted request to release modified mosquitoes on the grounds that “it may have environmental or health consequences as well as carry risks arising from horizontal gene transfer”, wrote executive director, Sarojeni V. Rengam, who stressed the “possibility of new health risks to humans and animals….the insect may become more virulent, aggressive, or its bite might have different effects on the host.”

The most shocking section of this release is that for the last 50 years scientists have released billions of engineered insects into the ecosystem. There has been very little public debate about whether we should be meddling with nature by introducing billions of new organisms. It’s understandable in regards to mosquitoes, as most people find them to be a nuisance if not a health menace; therefore, despite a lack of knowledge, most people will read this and say “good, get rid of them.”

It seems that if scientists have been able to successfully modify insects genetically for the past half-decade, then at least some of those species were originally designed to be a disease-carrying weapon. In fact, many have reported that recent dengue outbreaks can be directly traced to U.S. Army experiments coordinated by the CIA. In most cases of government funding for scientific research, there is usually a military origin. The technology is even being used as another manufactured terrorist threat.
The U.N. proudly reports:

Australian researchers from the University of Queensland, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have received regulatory approval to begin in December to release mosquitoes infected with a bacterium that prevents the dengue virus from multiplying, as has the Malaysian Ministry of Health.  (VN:  The avowed eugenicist has recommended involuntary sterilization using vaccines to distribute the sterilization trigger, I told you these people were seriously insane.  It must be the inbreeding of the 13 families.)

Given the absolute certainty that global organizations such as the World Health Organization are utterly corrupt with their phony pandemics indicating elite alliances and lack of true concern for human health, it is time that we all become skeptics regarding their efforts.  

And when proven eugenicists like Bill Gates  are involved in the funding of such technology, it should be clear by now to oppose such meddling with nature in order to help “save” humans.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Brazilians Now Face Illuminati "Gang Rape"

Vatic Note: Oh, my gosh, that is reminiscient of what happend here over the past 30 years, its bizarre to see it written up in advance, what happened here by slow burning and incremental implimentation without us realizing what happened.   They are not even giving Brazil the courtesy of doing it slowly.   Its all in place as if no time had passed at all.  So, it appears, that Brazil is the new target for the bankers, I knew it even before the election when I saw that she was from Hungary which is the area that Rothschild had taken over before when it was communist.  Remember, it was the khazars who created and implimented the concept of communism and as soon as the people were sold on it,  the hammer came down,  bamm, 60 million dead and everyone a slave.  If the people do not kick them out of the country it will be horrible for them. As you read my blog you can see full well how perfectly similar what happened to us, will happen to Brazil in the long run. It will be hard to believe.  Even now after all they have done and we watched them do it there are many here who still cannot fathom the danger that rides our way ONLY IF WE DO NOTHING.

I can assure you these international bankers doing this are fully insane and one never truly appreciates the insane until they have gained wealth and power to match their insanity and then watch them finance their insanity to the point of degrading themselves  to the most base sexual pervert criminals on the planet. I am so sorry. KEEP A FIRM EYE ON OUR CHILDREN SINCE MOST OF THESE MENTAL RETARDS ARE PEDOPHILES.  Britian and the US have had their fill of such exposures of our high ranking elected officials engage in the same thing.  

Also remember,  Germany, the home of the Illuminati, has requested to make pedophilia legal in their country.   The illiminati as represented by Rothschild who wrote the protocols has addressed this issue in the protocols of immorality and how to use it beginning with the children, to bring the nation down. Be careful, these are truly insane, evil people.   I am talking international bankers.   I have no knowledge of your personal bankers in the Rothschild Bank of Brazil.  I hope he is wrong about all this below and that by the time it comes around to Brazils turn we will have taken care of them ourselves. That would be poetic justice indeed. If not, I hope brazilians do not hesitate to deal with them immediately.   We made the mistake of trusting our government  who was already owned by the bankers,  and we encourage you not to make the same mistake as we did.

Brazilians Now Face Illuminati "Gang Rape"
by Sam Peyo
(for henrymakow.com )

Minister Paulo Vannuchi, coordinator of the PNHD-3, and President Lula

The Brazilian people are about to be gang-raped by a cultural and judicial revolution which goes by the innocent name of "National Program of Human Rights" (PNDH-3)

Brazilians have just elected die-hard Marxist Dilma Rousseff as President. Had the other candidate won (José Serra, a life-long Fabian socialist masquerading as "conservative" to make the political scenario appear balanced), Brazil certainly would not have been saved from becoming a NWO-streamlined socialist republic.

Much more importantly, the Brazilian people are about to be gang-raped by a cultural and judicial revolution which goes by the innocent name of "National Program of Human Rights" (PNDH-3), the first edition of which was proposed in 1996 by Serra's mentor and former president Fernando Cardoso. The current version of the program, approved by president Lula in December 2009, is said to be the outcome of "50 conventions and 137 meetings attended by 14,000 participants". I must have been absent that day!

The document (http://portal.mj.gov.br/sedh/pndh3/pndh3.pdf ) is a tour-de-force in tricky newspeak and typically Brazilian brain-congesting poppycock, things like "promoting actions stimulating efforts at implementing improvements in processes and structures..." Could mean "nothing will be done" or "watch it, sucker, we will steamroll you real good".

Below is a translation (the ugly style preserved) of some of the items in the PNHD-3 which Brazilians should start worrying about. I have made no comments because I believe readers are familiar with the true meaning of euphemisms like civil society and human rights. The headings are mine.

Abortion shoved down our throats

- Support the approval of bill proposing the decriminalization of abortion, considering the autonomy of women to make decisions regarding their bodies (III, 9)
- Implement mechanisms for monitoring medical services of legally authorized abortion, ensuring compliance and easy access (IV,17).

If someone grabs your real estate, you can no longer reclaim it through the Courts

- Propose bill to institutionalize mediation as the initial act in the solving of rural and urban conflicts, prioritizing the holding of collective hearings with the parties, in the presence of representatives from the DA's office, the local government, specialized public agencies and the Military Police, as a preliminary measure to evaluate the concession of injunctions, without ruling out other institutional forms of conflict solving (IV, 17).

Death to Christianity

- Develop mechanisms to prevent the ostentation of religious symbols in public federal establishments (III, 10).

End of "hetero-normativity"

- Recognize and include in public information systems all family configurations constituted by lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals, based on the deconstruction of hetero-normativity (III, 10)
- Promote actions oriented towards ensuring the right of adoption by homo-affective couples (III, 10)
- Support bill regulating civil marriage between people of the same sex (III, 10).
- Make campaigns and educational actions in order to deconstruct stereotypes related to ethnicity/race, age, sexual identity and orientation, disability and socially discriminated professionals (III, 10).

Prostitution is no different from carpentry or cooking

- Guarantee labor and social security rights to sex professionals by regulating the profession (III, 7).
- Support access to health protection and preventive health programs for sex professionals (III, 7).
- Make campaigns and educational actions in order to deconstruct stereotypes related to sex professionals (III, 9).

How large is large?  Regulate the taxation of large fortunes, as outlined in the Constitution (II, 5).

Teenage assassins no longer "in conflict"

Develop information campaigns on adolescents in conflict with the law, preventing the lowering of the age of criminal responsibility to under 18 years (III, 8).

We won't even know what hit us

- Propose change of the constitutional text to the effect that the Military Police will no longer be considered auxiliary to the Army, but will be maintained solely as a reserve force (IV, 11).

- Undertake permanent actions to stimulate the disarmament of the population (IV, 17).

Censorship in so many words

- Propose the creation of a legal framework regulating Article 221 of the Constitution, establishing respect for Human Rights by broadcasting services (radio and television) as a condition for license concession and renewal, with application of administrative penalties such as warnings, fines, discontinuation of programs and loss of license to broadcast, according to the severity of the offence (V, 22).

Empowerment and legal protection of people's commissars

- Encourage partnerships with state and federal public defenders for the judicial defense of Human Rights advocates in law suits filed against them (V, 15).
- Make nationwide publicity for the work of Human Rights advocates and militants, encouraging the emergence of a culture of respect and appreciation for their role in society (V, 15).
- Strengthen networks of channels of denunciation (hotlines) in cooperation with Human Rights institutions (IV, 17).
- Improve the system of inspection of Human Rights violations by improving the framework of administrative sanctions (IV, 17).
- Expand teams of inspection of Human Rights violations in cooperation with the civil society (IV, 17).

Perpetuation of the "evil generals vs. heroic freedom fighters" myth

Encourage the production of films and similar materials for education in Human Rights, including the reconstruction of the recent history of authoritarianism in Brazil and the popular initiatives of organization and resistance (V, 22).


If you look at Adam Weishaupt's original agenda from the 1770s, things begin to make sense: abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments, abolition of private property and inheritances, abolition of patriotism and nationalism, abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, along with the establishment of communal education of children, and abolition of all religion. What else is there to say?

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Hungary: Leak apparent months before sludge spill

Vatic Note:   Does this not sound like our  Gulf?  I am putting a lot of these foreign nations situations up here for all to see how global this already is.   What they are doing in Hungary they already did here, and what they are doing in Brazil on a different level,  again they already did fully here.  

In the Gulf, remember there was a warning and notice by the employees to management in the gulf of a possible blow out due to leaks and problems and mgmnt ignored the problem, rather they shorted their stocks in BP assuming the blowout would occur and sure enough it did and they made millions off the accident. Well, here we are in Hungary and its the same thing with respect to early warnings and nothing done.

What do these two events have in common??? Rothschild. In the gulf it was Rothschilds Goldman sucks that knew about the coming blow out and chose to trade stocks and make millions instead of fixing it. Research would need to be done on the company involved in the Hungary accident, so called, but I would bet my last dollar Rothschild people are involved in the ownership and board level exec decision level, who either allowed this to happen or caused it to happen. If Hungary has decent leadership, an investigation will be done on both trading in stocks on this accident and on the lack of clean up as is evident from the picture below.

Here is a video of what happened in Hungary and the towns that were flooded with the toxic red sludge. Just to remind you of what can happen when a corporation ignores warnings of serious problems as this company did. Is it owned by Rothschild in some way like BP was through Goldman sachs???


Hungary: Leak apparent months before sludge spill
Wed Oct 13 2010, by Associated Press through "The Spec.com"

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY An aerial photo taken months before a gigantic reservoir unleashed torrents of toxic sludge shows a faint red trail trickling through the container wall — part of a growing body of evidence that inspectors who gave the pit a clean bill of health may have missed warning signs.

Police were examining the photo Tuesday as part of an investigation into how part of the wall containing the 10 million cubic meters (350 million cubic feet) of caustic slurry could have given way without structural weaknesses being detected by a team of inspectors from the government environmental agency who inspected the container pond less than two weeks before the spill.

Disaster commissioner Gyorgy Bakondi, appointed to the newly created post Monday night, said Tuesday the inspections were under investigation, including claims by environmental inspectors that “they had found everything in order.”

As the police probe gathered steam, judicial authorities scheduled a court appearance for Zoltan Bakonyi, the managing director of MAL Rt., or the Hungarian Aluminum Production and Trade Company, the company that owned the reservoir, to decide whether he should be formally charged, if so, with what, and whether he should remain in custody.

The photo showing an apparent leak of red sludge on the northern wall of the reservoir — the same wall that partially collapsed eight days ago — was taken by Interspect, a Hungarian company specializing in aerial photography that invests some of its profits on environmental projects, such as taking photos of locations in Hungary which could be at environmental risk.

Interspect director Gabor Bako said he shot the photo June 11, nearly 4 months before the spill. He said the company shared the photo with universities and environmental groups “but no further steps were taken in the matter” until the wall collapsed freeing the caustic muck that flooded three west Hungarian villages about 170 kilometres (just over 100 miles) from Budapest before being carried by local waterways into the Danube River.

Although Interspect found many suspicious sites around the country, “we’re not construction engineers or specialists who could interpret what the picture showed,” he told The Associated Press, still hoping to gather experts who could review the photos.

Bakonyi, the managing who was taken into police custody Monday, was scheduled to appear at a preliminary court hearing Wednesday convening at Veszprem, a western Hungarian city about 45 kilometres (27 miles) east of the partially collapsed containment pond.

A police statement issued Tuesday suggested Bakonyi was guilty of negligence, saying he did not prepare an emergency warning and rescue plan to be implemented in case of an incident like the sludge spill.

There was no official information on what Bakonyi told police, with law enforcement officials declining to divulge details on the progress of their investigation a week after the start of their probe.

But according to the daily Blikk, a lead engineer at MAL Rt., told police that the firm’s top management was aware — but kept quiet — about the risks of a breach of the reservoir for an unspecified period.

The tabloid also revealed that in the 1980s, before the fall of the Iron Curtain, Bakony’s father, Arpad Bakonyi, was the head of the environmental department at the ministry of industry — a predecessor of the present-day inspectorate — and received several state awards for his work.

In an initial reaction after the spill, Zoltan Bakonyi said the reservoir was patrolled daily and “did not show any physical signs that something of this nature could happen.” But Prime Minister Viktor Orban suggested that preliminary investigations revealed negligence playing a part.

“We have well-founded reasons to believe that there were people who knew about the dangerous weakening of the reservoir wall, but for personal reasons they thought it wasn’t worth repairing and hoped there’d be no trouble,” Orban said.

Bakondi, the disaster commissioner, said that police had taken over security tasks at all premises belonging to the company and that production at the plant could restart during the weekend, although a final decision had yet to be made.

Bakondi leads an 18-member supervisory committee, who will have to approve practically everything happening at MAL from now on.

A corner of the reservoir at the alumina plant in Ajka, 160 kilometres (100 miles) southwest of Budapest, the capital, collapsed last Monday, releasing an estimated 700,000 cubic meters (184 million gallons) of a highly caustic byproduct of alumina production, which is then used to make aluminum.

The Ajkai Timfoldgyar plant, which began operating in 1943, was sold to private investors in the 1990s in the wake of the collapse of communism.

MAL has a 12 per cent market share in Europe of alumina production and 4 per cent globally.It says it spent 30.3 billion forints ($153 million) in the past decade on maintenance and renovation work.Media reports say it had revenues of nearly 29 billion forints ($147 million) in 2009 and 50 billion forints ($253 million) in 2007.

The Associated Press

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Hungarian Prime Minister says sludge reservoir wall likely to collapse http://www.silobreaker.com/hungarian-prime-minister-say-sludge-reservoir-wall-likely-to-collapse-5_2263783108522278987

Hungarians "flee" amid new sludge fears http://www.silobreaker.com/hungarians-flee-amid-new-sludge-fears-5_2263783104227311638

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Does Israel's Sabotage of US Super Plane Guarantee US loses WW III as Planned?

Vatic Note:  This is truly a must read if you want to understand how they are going to bring us into WW III as the DESIGNATED LOSER OF THAT WAR.  Treason is the word.   Its not Obama, he is just another puppet like Bush,  its the controllers of the globe.   Remember these satanist "illuminati" international bankers are obsessive control freaks and are so anal retentive that they war game every single thing to the point where we can now tell just from their war games what they intend to do.  When they plan these world wars,  they even have it determined who will win and who will lose.  Just WATCH THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE "THE KNOWING" and you will see clearly their plan.  The Beginning of the movie released sept 09, shows the gulf of Mexico oil rig blow out and it matched almost perfectly. 

Once that is done they then set up the loser and winner countries to ensure their predetermined  results occur.   This happened in World War I and II.  Hilter was set up to lose that war AFTER the bankers made billions on construction,  War production, and lending TO BOTH SIDES OF THE CONFLICT.   Then they made billions more on rebuilding Europe.  What a scam.  That is the plan with the US as well.   How do we know? 

What is the set up and how is it done?  The best example is to take a look at how we got into this situation we are currently in AS THE DESIGNATED LOSER OF THIS WAR.  One must keep in mind that Israel is run by Internationalists (Rothschild minions/CFR/Trilateral commission etc who are their leaders) with no loyalty to their nation the same as most of the international elitists,  they simply use countries to extract wealth to finance their global domination plan. Their loyalty is to their international class.    So how do you know if you have been selected to be the winner or the loser based on the set up for each side, years in advance?

1.  Economically build up the designated winner and economically destroy the designated loser.   Goldman Sachs (Rothchild) and Kissinger (Rockefeller) were extremely instrumental in economically building up China and Russia,  while simultaneously,  Greenspan et al,  Federal Reserve (Rothschild) were instrumental in destroying the US economically.   You can watch the pattern over time on how this occurred. 

2.  Ensure Military technological superiority is directed toward the winner and tech superiority secrets are stolen and used against the loser.  Pollard who stole miliary secrets from US with a life sentence supports that (remember Rothschild is the controller of Israel and her policies, banker controls spying group).   This story below fully supports this occuring at a time when military build up is occuring around the world for their planned FOR PROFIT NUKE WW III. 

3.  Build up military strength and superiority of the winner and destroy military capability of the designated loser.  I could document this easily that the US military has been systematically destroyed both in equipment and condition of our troop forces.   However, I believe that is now common knowledge and will supply if requested.   Remember our White House has been controlled by Goldman sachs and Israeli Dual citizens in both administrations that have been instrumental in making military decisions at the highest levels that put our troops, equipment and health of our forces overseas,  in the condition they are NOW in and that has been done consistantly over a long period of time. .  That was for a reason.  Remember they did this same strategy on the last election.  They ensured that McCain was the GOP candidate and he was the designated loser,  which would ensure Obama won.   Why ?  Obama's was theirs,  he was smart and controllable,  he had a secret.   And because any other candidate on the right had a grassroots base and thus the outcome of the general would be unknown.  They could not afford that.    Remember these bankers are control freaks, anal retentive control freaks.  Obama had to be the winner for all of this to work.  His appointees after taking office proved this to be the case.  Goldman sachs running our treasury and fed reserve. 

4.  Finally,  public relations blue print over time to build up the sympathies globally of the winner and to build up the hate and distrust of the designated loser.   I don't think I have to document how well this was done to both the US and Israel who is also a designated loser.  Our military did everything to make our soldiers and our military look bad.  They fed our soldiers drugs,  allowed satanism worship and encouraged it within the military,  did not prosecute crimes against humanity for shooting civilians for sport, condoned torture, rendition, released videos showing our soldiers cruelly throwing an innocent and helpless puppy over a cliff, etc all things we would never have tolerated before,  but they also made sure THE WORLD KNEW ABOUT IT.   When the mainstream BANKER OWNED PRESS touts all the horrors of war the soldiers committed who were following orders from higher ups,  but left out the part about the higher ups orders and they were never prosecuted, you know that was to get us hated globally and now we are.  We have not one single friend in the entire world,  JUST LIKE HITLER.  Same game plan all across the board, and same results HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.  Now with all this in mind,  read this article and see if you can capture the same sense as I did when I read it.   It was definitely a set up to harm us in the conflict.  The best revenge would be to win the damn war anyway and then hang the bankers. 


November 2, 2010 posted by Gordon Duff

"Another spy disaster like Pollard, shoved under the rug too long due to pressure from the powerful Israeli lobby."

On April 21, 2009, the Department of Defense announced the theft of 1.5 terabytes of data on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the platform meant give the United States and her allies air superiority for the next 40 years. In a flash, all that was gone, $300 billion dollars of funding down the drain, every system, defense, offense, stealth, everything needed to build one or shoot it down, all gone. Day one, China was accused but it wasn’t China, it wasn’t Iran, it wasn’t Pakistan. The theft left a clear signature, one identical to the data Wikileaks has been receiving, sources inside the Pentagon

Britian: The Party Game Is Over. Stand And Fight

Vatic Note:  Now we hear it not only from American writers and activists but from Britian as well.   It appears from this write up that Britian is far worse off than even we are with the police state situation.  Its the guns that are making the difference.   Do not give them up under any circumstances.   I hear the clarion call for non cooperation and civil disobedience and that will take courage, but it will be better than what they have planned for us and our children as we have pointed out dramatically on this blog.   Just remember the attempts at genetic engineering humans into cattle for Gosh sake.  This must stop  everywhere across the entire planet.   Rothschild and all his minions must be gone for good this time.  The satanists can return to hell from which they came.   

The Party Game Is Over. Stand And Fight

By John Pilger

"Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number.
Shake your chains to earth like dew.
Which in sleep has fallen on you.
Ye are many – they are few."  Percy Shelley

November 03, 2010 "Information Clearing House" -- These days, the stirring lines of Percy Shelley’s The Mask of Anarchy may seem unattainable. I don’t think so. Shelley was both a Romantic and political truth-teller. His words resonate now because only one political course is left to those who are disenfranchised and whose ruin is announced on a government spread sheet.

Born of the “never again” spirit of 1945, social democracy in Britain has surrendered to an extreme political cult of money worship. This reached its apogee when £1 trillion of public money was handed unconditionally to corrupt banks by a Labour government whose leader, Gordon Brown, had previously described “financiers” as the nation’s “great example” and his personal “inspiration”.

This is not to say Parliamentary politics is meaningless. They have one meaning now: the replacement of democracy by a business plan for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope, every child born. The old myths of British rectitude, imperial in origin, provided false comfort while the Blair gang, assisted by venal MPs, finished Thatcher’s work and built the foundation of the present “coalition”.

This is led by a former PR man for an asset stripper and by a bagman who will inherit his knighthood and the tax-avoided fortune of his father, the 17th Baronet of Ballentaylor. David Cameron and George Osborne are essentially fossilised spivs who, in colonial times, would have been sent by their daddies to claim foreign terrain and plunder.

Today, they are claiming 21st century Britain and imposing their vicious, antique ideology, albeit served as economic snake oil. Their designs have nothing to do with a “deficit crisis”. A deficit of 10 per cent is not remotely a crisis. When Britain was officially bankrupt at the end of the second world war, the government built its greatest public institutions, such as the National Health Service and the great arts edifices of London’s South Bank.

There is no economic rationale for the assault described cravenly by the BBC as a “public spending review”. The debt is exclusively the responsibility of those who incurred it, the super-rich and the gamblers. However, that’s beside the point. What is happening in Britain is the seizure of an opportunity to destroy the tenuous humanity of the modern state. It is a coup, a “shock doctrine” as applied to Pinochet’s Chile and Yeltsin’s Russia.

In Britain, there is no need for tanks in the streets. In its managerial indifference to the freedoms it is said to hold dear, bourgeois Britain has allowed parliament to create a surveillance state with 3,000 new criminal offences and laws: more than for the whole of the previous century. Powers of arrest and detention have never been greater. The police have the impunity to kill; asylum seekers can be “restrained” to death on commercial flights and should fellow passengers object, anti-terrorism laws will deal with them. Abroad, British militarism colludes with torturers and death squads.

The playwright Athol Fugard is right. With Harold Pinter gone, no acclaimed writer or artist dare depart from their well remunerated vanity. With so much in need of saying, they have nothing to say. Liberalism, the vainest ideology, has hauled up its ladder. The chief opportunist, Nick Clegg, leader of the minority Liberal Democrats, gave no electoral hint of his odious faction’s compliance with the dismantling of much of British post-war society.

The theft of £83bn in jobs and services matches almost exactly the amount of tax legally avoided by piratical corporations like Rupert Murdoch’s. Without fanfare, the super-rich have been assured they can dodge £40bn in tax payments in the secrecy of Swiss banks. The day this was sewn up, Osborne attacked those who “cheat” the welfare system. He omitted the real amount lost, a minuscule £0.5bn, and that £10.5bn in benefit payments were not claimed at all. The Labour Party is his silent partner..

The propaganda arm in the press and broadcasting dutifully presents this as unfortunate but necessary. Mark how the fire-fighters’ action is “covered”. On Channel 4 News, following an item that portrayed modest, courageous public servants as basically reckless, the presenter Jon Snow demanded that the leaders of the London Fire Authority and the Fire Brigades Union go straight from the studio and “mediate” now, this minute. “I’ll get the taxis!” he declared. Forget the thousands of jobs that are to be eliminated from the fire service and the public danger beyond Bonfire Night. Knock their jolly heads together. “Good stuff!” said the presenter.

Ken Loach’s 1980s documentary series , Questions of Leadership, opens with a sequence of earnest young trade unionists on platforms, exhorting the masses. They are then shown older, florid, self-satisfied and finally adorned in the ermine of the House of Lords. Once, at a Durham Miners’ Gala, I asked Tony Woodley, now the joint general secretary of Unite, “Isn’t the problem the clockwork collaboration of the union leadership?”

He almost agreed, implying that the rise of bloods like himself would change that. The British Airways’ cabin crew strike, over which Woodley presides, is said to have made gains. Has it? And why haven’t the British unions risen as one against totalitarian laws that place free trade unionism in a vice?

The BA workers, the fire-fighters, the council workers, the post office workers, the NHS workers, the London Underground staff, the teachers, the lecturers, the students can more than match the French if they are resolute and imaginative, forging, with the wider social justice movement, potentially the greatest popular resistance ever. Look at the web; and listen to the public’s support at fire stations. There is no other way now. Direct action. Civil disobedience. Unerring. Read Shelley and do it.


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Rabbi Dov Zakheim - 9 11 Mastermind

Vatic Note:  If there is a world war III with us as designated loser, this man is one of those that will be included in our extraction of justice for 9-11,  the 2.3 trillion dollars he redirected somewhere, and his role in the destruction of our nation because of 9-11.   Win or lose,  Justice must and will be done no matter what by who ever is left for the treason they have committed. 

Rabbi Dov Zakheim - 9 11 Mastermind

April 25, 2009

Vatic Note:

He was a member of the CFR and then wrote the think tank paper "Pax America" for the New American century Cheney/neocon think tank where he put in the phrase that the elements of building the New American Century would depend on a "Pearl Harbor Type Event".

The we find out he was the Comptroller in the Pentagon that lost the 2.3 trillion dollars that went missing, and then we find out he was the CEO for the company that fitted out the planes that flew in to the pentagon with his company's systems that also could have been remote controlled. Its a very fascinating timely set of coincidences and connections to others as a dual Israeli citizen and a Rabbi. Watch and listen to the rest of it. Its indicting as heck. These people need to be seriously and independantly investigated and prosecuted. Now that I think about it, check out their genetic engineering capability as well. 


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

HUMAN VS REPTILE! A lesson to be learned from a baby on fighting evil! NO FEAR! Video #4

Vatic Note: You have to watch all four of these videos as they are all related believe it or not, even though they are completely different.  The first is on the UN's Sustainable development Agenda 21, but  especially the 2nd & 3rd one that may explain the "why" of the first one.  What is sustainable? The list on this 1st video is amazing and is a trigger to resistance beyond belief. Private land ownership is not sustainable. Family units are not sustainable. (VN:  "Cattle do not own land or have family units").  Remember Menacham begins speech before the 1982 Knesset about how goyims are cattle and this agenda 21 is about converting us into exactly that.  Plus we just had a blog up where someone tried to create a human cattle by genetic engineering and that was a failure.  That should have told them something right there.  .

Amazing. you must listen to this video and see the documents to support their evidence of the antihuman elements of these idiots. People will be moved into urban areas and live as if in ant colonies......or as cattle in a corp factory ranch in little pens, just like cattle and pigs and chickens,  to be used as needed and then dispense with after productivity is over. This is unbelievable. Videos 2 & 3 may explain how and why they need that land not occupied. They intend to use it apparently for these creatures they are obscenely and perversely creating that are contained in videos 2 & 3 and are horror stories and would definitely serve to keep people out of the designated sustainable areas or kill them if they come in and drink their blood.  Drinking blood, which is a demonic creation by the Satanists of this planet?

Gawd, what a nightmare this world is becoming. You could not dream this stuff up in a 100 years if you are sane. The minds that conjure these up are insane, and sick beyond recovery and we are letting them run this globe. How is that possible. This is the future we are leaving to our children and grandchildren. . Video 4 tells us the key to over coming not only all of this perversion of our world, but overcoming the evil demons doing this.  The fact that a baby is teaching us this lesson should show us just how powerful we are.  God gave us what we need to overcome. COURAGE!  That is what we have to rediscover.  I would rather die than live as they have planned for us and that picture is becoming more and more clear.  

We let this go and we deserve all that we get. Listen to their plan to take a generation of children and give them to the state to raise them to break the parents value system. The purpose is to dumb them down to accept the agenda 21 and to convert them from "humans" into simply another animal from the animal kingdom and thus only the perverts will be the so called humans on the planet. Amazing. You have to listen to this for real. I have no more to say except if we let this one go, we are really cowards.  Humans have already been experimented with but have not advanced as far as the animals we see in video 2 & 3 that are functioning on their own now out in the wild with humans about.  Remember video 4 is the key.  Watch it after all the others.   

Agenda 21 For Dummies
January 23, 2009

"When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe,

we shall become as corrupt as Europe ."  Thomas Jefferson  ( He was right, we did)

Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those experts that were in on the negotiations. Truly an interesting watch.


Chupacabra Mystery Finally Revealed
August 24, 2008

The mythical chupacabra has to be a physical being if it is going to perform physical acts such as sucking blood and mutilations. I put this video together to clarify that this animal is no longer a mystery

(VN:  Additional information on this..... the freed up spaces in the west they need may well be to hide these creatures from us, that they are also creating like crazy... remember they just relocated Plum Island to Kansas,  as we watch the Agenda 21 play out keep that in mind, it fits with this speculation.  My Gawd, what have we let loose upon this planet. Psychopaths of unparalleled evil.)


Dead Chupacabras Found in Texas?
September 01, 2009
See http://www.museumoftheweird.com/  for more about the paranormal and unexplained


Now that you have seen all this, please watch this last one that gives a major lesson on how to take all this.

HUMAN VS REPTILE! A lesson to be learned on fighting evil! NO FEAR!
January 03, 2008
As much as the evil cobra was furious, it was very scared of the little baby. The child was 100% fine.

FACE YOUR FEAR AND YOU WILL NEVER LOSE!! (VN: remember, "fear" is the soul killer, don't let it rule, turn it into outrage and righteous indignation and action and definitely non cooperation,  if you see any of these abhorrant creatures, shoot them)

"America was born of revolt, flourished on dissent, became great through experimentation." -- Henry Steele Commager, (1902-1998) Historian and author


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Caterpillar Withholding Sale of D9 Death Bulldozers to Human Rights Violator- Jewish Groups for Peace Rejoice with Millions Around the World

Vatic Note: As reluctant as the action is on the part of Caterpillar, its still a step in the right direction. Maybe good and decency will prevail or make a healthy comeback at the least. We can hope and pray.  If not we can still put the pressure on catepiller as this article indicates.  After all, it was one of their "WEAPONIZED" bulldozers that killed an unarmed American girl simply trying to help protect a family's home from being destroyed and making that family homeless.   What a reward for being compassionate and caring enough to stand against such evil and violence all because of race and no other reason. 

Caterpillar Withholding Sale of D9 Death Bulldozers to Human Rights Violator- Jewish Groups for Peace Rejoice with Millions Around the World
October 30, 2010 posted by Michael Leon , Veterans Today Publication via Jewish Voice for Peace org

I have remarkable news. The Israeli press is reporting that Caterpillar is withholding the delivery of tens of D9 bulldozers—valued at $50 million—to the Israeli military.(1)

These are weaponized bulldozers that are used to illegally destroy homes and orchards of Palestinian families. And they are the very same bulldozers as the one that killed a 23-year-old American peace activist named Rachel Corrie seven years ago when she tried to protect the home of the Nasrallah family in Gaza.

That’s why the next part of the story is even more amazing. The news reports say that the deliveries have been suspended now because Rachel’s parents, Cindy and Craig Corrie, are bringing a civil suit against the government of Israel in a court in Tel Aviv.(2) The deliveries are to stop during the length of the trial. We take this as an indirect admission by the company that these bulldozers are being used to violate human rights and to violate the law. The Corrie story is sadly just one of thousands of stories of loss and pain.

A suspension of the sale of bulldozers is what we have been asking Caterpillar for over seven years now. This is a great win, but this is no time to let off the pressure.

Caterpillar and the U.S. government have neither confirmed nor denied the news. And news reports describe the company’s move as a temporary decision only. To urge the U.S. government to make this policy permanent, please sign the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s petition to President Obama to continue this new policy.
We need to hold both our government and corporations profiting from the occupation accountable. TIAA-CREF, one of the largest financial services in the United States, invests heavily in Caterpillar (over $250 million as of their last financial report). Please ask TIAA-CREF to divest from Caterpillar and other companies that profit from the Israeli occupation. If TIAA-CREF divests from Caterpillar, it will have a rippling impact everywhere.

Since 2003, Jewish Voice for Peace has been filing annual shareholder resolutions to pressure Caterpillar with a growing coalition of interfaith partners. We’ve organized protests. We’ve taken over a CAT dealership. We’ve worked in support of Presbyterian and Methodist divestment initiatives from the company, and with your help, we are asking TIAA-CREF to divest from Caterpillar as well.

Caterpillar has never budged… until now.

Caterpillar’s irresponsible behavior comes with a heavy price tag. In the last ten years, at least 11,795 homes have been demolished.(3) These statistics, gruesome as they are, cannot do justice to the pain of so many families, to their razed livelihoods and their shattered dreams.

The picture above does not come from an earthquake scene. It depicts the man-made destruction and the hopelessness that the Caterpillar bulldozers bring at the hand of the soldiers who wield them. Let’s make sure that this is the last picture of this kind we get to see.

Thank you and shabbat shalom,

pic - SydneyJVPSign

Sydney Levy
Jewish Voice for Peace

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Strange creature with warthog's mouth found in Canada

Vatic Note: Well, my goodness. The other day I gave a link about a body washing up on shore at Plum Island  that was human, and had long long long fingers that were out of wack with normal fingers, ALL OF THEM, not just one or two as some sort of mutation, this was both hands and all fingers, there were no signs on how he died, and now this? We have been covering many articles about biology advances that we "know" about, not including what we don't know about. Genetic engineering, artificial cell creation from chemicals, and other animals to be used on humans, with no idea the impact on the human for doing so, cloning, trying to grow a brain in a lab environment, organic nano robots that can splice DNA inside a cell, they are that small, how are these creatures coming into existance?? Maybe this one is simply a freak of nature that is a result of other freaks of nature, but it brings home the question of the impact should we INTENTIONALLY do these things?  What monsters might we create and for what?  These people doing all this are completely out of control. How in the world did we ever allow this to happen without a public discussion as to whether we should be doing what we are doing???    If nature can create something like this, I can't imagine what evil PTB could create from their insane minds.   Even I am overwhelmed with what we don't know and find out only by accident. How much more is there???   What is really an important question is "Where are they heading with all of this that we linked above and will it be "good" for us??" If we don't find out before they get there, it maybe too late when we do find out.   I said it before and I will say it again, I think our DNA is under attack by these satanists.  Look what nature can do to DNA, imagine what intent can do to it.

Strange creature with warthog's mouth found in Canada
A strange creature has washed up on the shore of Hudson Bay in Canada with a mouth like that of a warthog, according to local reports.

Published: 12:55AM BST 22 May 2010



Photographs have been posted online appearing to show a foot-long creature with a large head, a mouth like a warthog and a rat-like tail.

It was found, reported the Toronto Sun, by a pair of dog walkers near the small community of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug.

The dog pulled it from a creek on the bay, according to the paper.

Darryl Sainnawap, a local councillor, said he thought it was a rare animal which was found very sporadically.
He said a relative had found one in the 1950s.  "It's very rare. It lives in creeks and swampy areas and is said to feed on beavers," he told the paper.

"My great-uncle was told by his grandfather that a sighting of the omagimaakos is an omen that bad things will happen,” Sainnawap said.

“So we'll have to see about that."

Scientists wishing to authenticate the find will be disappointed to hear that the body of the creature has since been washed away. (VN:  how do they know someone didn't confiscate it, maybe to cover up the story or maybe as a curiosity, but they are stating it washed away as if they for certain know it as a fact, hmmm)

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Why Isn't Goldman Sachs in Jail?

Vatic Note:  For at least 7 or 8 years I have been screaming about Wall Street bankers, to the point where people just didn't think I got the big picture, but this confirms just how arrogant and greedy and out of control and addiction oriented they are.   Remember on the first bailout these CEO's held a big party for themselves at a resort for 3 days that cost the bailout a half million dollars and then the press reported on these CEO's cheating on their wives paying $40,000 a nite for prostitutes.  WHAT IN THE HELL WERE THEY DOING FOR $40,000 A NIGHT??? 

It had to be more perverse than anything most of us could imagine for that outrageous amount of money..   The press did not bother to tell us about the drug use and cocaine they engaged in, but this movie will talk about it.   This is a must see movie.  These are the animals we gave our financial life to in this country.   Now they are in all over the world doing more of the same, while America slides down into oblivion.   It would be like putting a serial rapist pedophile  in charge of a Child Services program.   Oh, thats right.  That happened to the Irish family didn't it??? 

Iceland kicked the  bankers  out early on as did Argentina,  and yet we have not done that yet.  Why???  We need to reconsider..... then we have to understand we have to start rebuilding all over again.   But maybe with the lessons we have learned we will never allow it to ever happen again.   One thing we must do,  that is to permanently place tested psychopaths in mental hospitals for life.  That should clear out most of the bankers and a doggone good chuck of our politicians.

A truly scary movie
by Brasschecks TV
October 31, 2010

I've been tracking the criminality on Wall Street
and in banking for over twenty years.

The 2008 meltdown was not only not a surprise
to me, I just wondered why it took so long.

The mystery and the question I've been asking myself is:
"Why aren't these people in jail yet?"

An extremely well done new documentary "Inside Job"
answers this question...

 The government isn't going after these people (Goldman,
 JPMorgan etc.) because these people have become the
 government - and they're setting up to do it again.

 See "inside Job" and you'll understand why not only
 are we not out of the woods, we're going in even



- Brasscheck

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