Become a Vatic Contributor

Become a Vatic Contributor

The Clerk's plans for the Vatic Project are to resume publishing operations on August 9, 2016. The publishing queue is already being filled up and can meet this deadline.

This hints at methodology & perspective differences between the late Vatic Master and Vatic Clerk. The Vatic Master tried to publish "material of today as soon as possible," deeming them "of Earth shattering importance." Causes a lot of pressure & stress.

The Clerk publishes "material of today but in the future." The Clerk doesn't like the stress of procrastination. What is important is that articles of interest get published, but not when. After all, worthy material isn't always stumbled upon on the calendar dates they were originally published or made their first rounds through the echo chambers of "the internets." Not being first, re-purposing on the project doesn't have to be Johnny-on-the-spot.

The new Vatic Project management banks on two after echoes. The first echo is when worthy material finally makes its way out of the publishing queue in the future. Maybe it was missed or not considered by readers in the original internet rounds, so this reminder a little later is helpful.

The second vastly more important echo is for the latter day lurkers, seekers, and researches who make use of the Vatic Label Cloud to find content for their cause.

Behind the scenes, the Vatic Clerk has started the task of assigning and improving labels. The Vatic Project has over 7,300 published articles. The Vatic Clerk employed labels in the early years; the Vatic Master did not. At the present rate of labeling and Clerk availability, the first somewhat comprehensive version will be done in October.

The one factor that could pull in this completion date for the label cloud is "Vatic Contributors." Furthermore, this could open the door for important content of today, published today. Urgency could be applied to some content discovered today, published today.

If you desire to help secure the late Vatic Master's legacy by assisting with the labels, while also being able to steer the course of articles posted, please contact the Vatic Clerk about becoming an official "Vatic Contributors."

If interested, you'll need to provide an email address. Attributes from the email (think Google accounts) will get re-purposed and exposed to the public on postings that you make. Bruce Wayne, please use your Batman online alias.

// Vatic Clerk