Flu shot: 19 year LDS Utah Teen dies after flu vaccine injection

Vatic Note:  This story could and will be about your children if these evil foreign occupiers of our nation ever gain total control of the globe.  These methods for depopulating this planet are called "The Soft Kill" method of extermination.  It avoids the attention they would have gotten if they had been killed in a camp somewhere, as was the case in WW II.

These zionist bankers were the same ones that did WWII where the fascist NWO was suppose to emerge, but did not.  As you can see they use the same tactics that worked in the past, and had to find new ideas for the ones that did not work which is why they have still not achieved their agenda.

Think about the time, emotions, energy, life force, that this woman contributed to the life of her boy and contributed to what he would have become had he lived and now its all gone.  Its as if her life around  her son had just disappeared like it never happened and all because of squalene and mercury in those vaccines.

The Doctors are still trying to say it was rare and not common fr this to happen. Maybe if they asked their owners nicely, (the drug companies) they might let the doctors tell the truth on every tues at midnight.  Eyes rolling upward !

Flu shot: 19 year LDS Utah Teen dies after flu vaccine injection
by admin, Vaccine Liberation Army,   11/24/2013
SANDY, Utah –A Brighton High School graduate is dead and his mother believes it’s because of a flu shot.

Lori Webb is beyond grateful to the doctors who tried to save her son, and she said even they can’t agree on what killed 19-year-old Chandler Webb.
She said his health unraveled right after a flu shot.  If that’s what killed him, health officials said it would be a first in Utah.

“You can’t describe how hard it is to lose a child,” Lori Webb said. “I hate that I have to bury my son.”

A month ago, Chandler was his typical happy and healthy self. Gearing up for an LDS mission, he went to a Sandy pediatrician for a physical.  “This was his first flu shot, he never had one before,” Lori Webb said.

Less than 24 hours later, Chandler became violently ill.  “He said he never shook so hard his whole life,” Lori Webb said. “He had the worst headache, throw up.”
 On Oct. 23, he ended up at IMC in Murray with a team of six doctors trying to understand why the 19 year old was so ill.

“They checked every virus, every tick, every fungus,” Lori Webb said.
The tests came back negative.  Lori said most of the doctors dismissed the flu vaccine. Only one said it was a possibility. By that point, Chandler’s brain swelled, and he slipped into a coma he would never wake from.

“He was 19, he was so happy,” Lori Webb said. “I hate what he went through in the hospital. when you’re in a coma, you still suffer.”

Doctor Allyn Nakashima is the state epidemiologist and is aware of Chandler’s case. Health officials said, as far they know, there’s never been a death in Utah due to the flu vaccine but Dr. Nakashima said it is possible.

“We certainly have seen associations of encephalitis or encephalitis type illness following flu vaccine,” Nakashima said. “It’s very rare, and we can’t necessarily say there’s a cause and effect here, we can say there’s an association.”

If the flu vaccine took Chandler Webb’s life, Dr. Nakashima says it’s one of those extremely rare cases and she hopes it doesn’t discourage the public from getting flu shots.   (VN: Now that comment is proving these people are totally insane. This kid was a grown man, can you imagine what it would do to a child?  We are as crazy as they are if we ever take another flu shot.  More are dying from the shot than from the flu.   So its a no brainer.)


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Chemtrails – The Most Ignored Conspiracy of Our Time?

Vatic Note: I have to admit, that I agree with him with respect to chemtrails being the most ignored Conspiracy of our time.   He is also right about how humans deal with something so alien to them, and outside their lifes experiences, that they cannot comprehend, nor do they want to, the possible reasons for the evil ones dumping and how to stop it.   This offers some "SOLUTIONS AS WELL".  We are trying to do that more  now so that we have something to work with while trying to get the system to arrest these people.

The lack of experience places their mind into a loop if they admit chemtrails exist.  No point of reference as to how to deal with the problem, since they have had no experience in doing so and when that happens, the first thing they feel is "helplessness" and "overwhelmed" with an attitude of "I can't deal with this".  So they don't.  However, I personally, since I have a blog, have seen a slow and gradual change in many over this issue.

If you point it out to them, the reaction is denial.  If you repeat the process several times on different occasions, something happens and you can see it in their eyes.  Pretty soon,  they are calling you up and telling you "They are chemtrailing today".  So what I discovered is that they need time to "register" the experience over several times so the mind can conjugate solutions and reasons for the evils ones doing it.

All we have to do is introduce them to the "experience" they lacked before.  Their mind then takes over since the ego was created just for that purpose, to analyze and protect.  Without intentions,  the mind then begins the process of subversively conjuring up alternatives to the threat in how to handle it.  Of course, since there is no point of reference for those solution, the person has to step outside the box of what he knows and think original thoughts about it.

In that sense,  this has been a good thing, since more and more examples of their evil work,  is forcing us to deal with it in unique and original ways, expanding our creative resources available to us.  My own family used to call me a tin foil hat conspiracy nut, until about 3 years ago when my brother called me and apologized and said "you are a genius".  I did not mind his error in that call. LOL
Even I found myself doing that when I discovered the depth and breadth of evil these people are capable of.   I won't go into what I came up with, but it began a process of doing that on many things that I had no experience in before.   We just have to trust the mind to do its job and since we have souls,  we have unlimited access to creativity, we just have to tap into it and free our minds from the boxes built for us in schools, movies, books, etc.  Once we do that, the sky is the limit. (unchemtrailed that is.... just a bit of sarcasm).

Just imagine 380 million freed up minds working a problem like this?  True, the awakening and active seeking of solutions, will not all happen at the same time, but it will happen over time, and many will begin talking, finding others who have come to terms with the problem and that is the genesis of a unified coming together to address and solve the problems on a scale of numbers, unheard of before in human history.

Remember, whatever is the case on the dark side, can be the case on the side of light, and more so since we have souls and they do not. 

Chemtrails – The Most Ignored Conspiracy of Our Time? 
by Zen Gardner, Dec 12, 2013
As the days go by and become weeks, months and even years, a large segment of humanity struggles with the reality of an ugly distant truth we must all reconcile, one that we are forced to behold sometimes on a daily basis.

Yes, we are forced to look at the evidence of the chemical trails in our local skies but not everyone reconciles the visual evidence for what it is. In fact, many of us deliberately and carefully avoid applying critical thought into the implications and ramifications of what could be.

Too many of us put effort into avoiding, ignoring, or disbelieving the idea that government or any group of influential people would carry on with this agenda in a business as usual manner—while simultaneously and purposely exposing humanity to known toxic chemicals in the name of advancing an agenda for control of nature and humanity. Regardless of what side of the phenomenon you are on, you nonetheless are subjected to having to look up to the sky and see the trails of white for yourself.

Everyone can see the evidence of the chemical lines being produced by actual planes in real time, an observation not hidden from anyone right? Or is it? Can everyone actually see the white trails of chemicals being artificially emitted into our skies?

Can those who are asleep, in denial, or unaware of the spraying programs actually see the white trails in the sky? Given that we know from psychology experiments that humans are designed to only see what they are comfortable seeing depending on the circumstances.

The 1953 Asch Conformity Experiment proved just that. Humans may or may not see something that is there depending on whether seeing it will generate social anxiety or not. Perhaps many don’t see the physical trails in the sky for similar reasons.

That is, their senses do not pick up on the white lines because seeing them sets off a cascade of inconvenient thoughts and emotions they would rather not have to deal with. Something as inconvenient as aerial chemical spraying can be easily packaged away and subconsciously brushed off.

 For others it’s as simple as missing something you are not looking for while your mind is heavily preoccupied with other things. This temporary blinding effect is something I can attest to in my own experience. Before someone pointed out chemtrails to me I had admittedly never noticed any trails in the sky. Was this out-of-sight out-of-mind phenomenon something that might explain why the chemtrails movement is so ignored?

Can this account for why exposing chemtrails spraying has proven particularly resistant to humanity as a whole? Is there something in our nature that refuses to cross the boundaries of earth-related crimes or that imposes a cut-off point with respect to magnitude of perceived evil? Has the control system simply succeeded more at reaching for the greater levels of non-believability with the chemical spraying operations? Or is it something else?

Perhaps the magnitude of corruption and secrecy amongst those involved in these geoengineering crimes really does go far above what our minds can understand. Or do we have it all backwards? Is it that since the chemtrails issue is so easily observable and at the same time scary and unbelievable, is it possible the human brain perceives it as the most ignored issue, when in fact it is not?

Would humanity perceive it as horribly ignored because of the feeling of helplessness that comes with the issue? Is this an issue explained by the human brain and behavior?

Resistance, opposition and attacks

A movement without a clear voice of leadership and without a voice is perceived to lack organization. At some levels we have observed leaders in the movement endure character assassination in an attempt to diminish the credibility of those who have risked it all to expose this (geoengineering) issue.

Others have been downright ignored and trivialized by the mainstream media and politicians. But is the chemtrails/geoengineering movement any more subjected to resistance, opposition and attacks any more than other anti-new world order movement?

What about the mysterious role the chemtrails spraying has played with the side-by-side environmental movement? Is there an argument to be made for why the global warming/environmental globalist movements might be the strongest resistors and direct oppositions to the truth about chemtrails spraying?

I want to suggest that the environmental movement may still be alive today despite the often debunked global warming claims because the globalists need the movement to use as a tool or umbrella under which they are to later hide the chemtrails movement.

What if this was the primary purpose of the environmental movement to begin with? What if this explains why the chemtrails movement needs to be ignored by the mass media and politicians at all cost until the time is right? In this scenario, I propose that the environmental movement may be the strongest resistor and attacker of the chemtrails movement by the act of ignoring it.

Yes, every time an “environmental” activist ignores geoengineering and the blatantly obvious chemical spraying, that so-called “activist” is actually attacking the chemtrails movement with the label of illegitimacy. It’s the equivalent effect of a doctor being asked about diabetes, who then responds by ignoring the importance of the question, claiming diabetes is not a real problem and then quickly moving on to another subject.

Japan Has Fallen Back Into Fascism After 68 Years

Vatic Note:  So what is new.  Israel, the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia have also fallen into fascism and its beginning here to look like Palestine, but that is what you can expect when you have a fascist foreign government running your nation's government.

At least Japan has elected reps that still have the courage and integrity to take a stand against what they perceive is happening in Japan as we speak.  Don't get me wrong, western nations are following the exact same path, now how is that possible without coordination?   Just look at the USA, with our FEMA camps and the same banker associated internationalists acting as gestapo and storm troopers 

Japan Has Fallen Back Into Fascism After 68 Years
by Washington's blog,  Info wars dot com

Japanese Senator Shouts “This is The Way the Reign of Terror Begins” … Then Others Physically Restrain Him
Washington’s Blog
December 6, 2013

The Empire of Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945.

Image: Japanese Flag (Wikimedia Commons).

68 years later, Japan has fallen back into fascism.
Despite large protests outside of the Japanese Senate.
Xinua reports:
Meanwhile, protests comprising more than 7,000 demonstrators continued around the Diet building, mobilized by civic groups, unions and concerned individuals, following similar scenes Wednesday that saw more than 6,000 anti-secrecy law opponents march around the Diet building hand-in-hand.
And the impassioned pleas of Japanese Senators (via Xinhua):
So outraged was opposition lawmaker Hirokazu Shiba in the committee meeting Thursday, that he rose from his seat and shouted “This is the way the reign of terror begins!” His fervor led to his fellow lawmakers having to physically restrain Shiba, as tensions in the meeting reached fever pitch.
The secrecy bill is headed for passage Friday. Indeed, the bill has likely already passed by the time you read this.

Another Japanese Senator said:
The path that Japan is taking is the recreation of a fascist state. I strongly believe that this secrecy bill represents a planned coup d’état by a group of politicians and bureaucrats,” he warned.
Just like the U.S. Japan is responding to crises of its own making by banning journalism.

The Guardian notes:
Whistleblowers and journalists in Japan could soon find themselves facing long spells in prison for divulging and reporting state secrets, possibly including sensitive information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster ….
“It is a threat to democracy,” said Keiichi Kiriyama, an editorial writer for the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper ….
“It can be used to hide whatever the government wishes to keep away from public scrutiny,” said Mizuho Fukushima, an opposition MP. ….
[The] justice minister, Sadakazu Tanigaki, refused to rule out police raids of newspapers suspected of breaking the law.
Indeed, the number 2 government official said last week that protest equals terrorism.

Foreign Policy notes that the U.S. is largely behind the bill:
Washington, for its part, has long supported stronger secrecy laws in Japan ….
The proposed measure is part of a larger effort by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to move away from Japan’s pacifist past and establish a stronger military posture that is congenial to, or in line with U.S. preferences, according to Samuels.
Among other initiatives, Abe plans to create Japan’s version of the U.S. National Security Council, the coordinating body of American foreign policy, and is pushing to reinterpret Japan’s constitution to expand its military’s limited self-defense role — giving it the authority to aid the United States and other allies, if they’re attacked.
The state secrets bill similarly seems to resemble U.S. policy.
Indeed, the U.S. controls a good deal of Japanese policy.

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FINALLY, something positive to report: Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets, Join Anti-EU Protesters

Vatic Note:  What a delight to have something like this to report to people all over the globe.  Understand that the noise level was a very big factor in that happening.  It made the crowd seem bigger than it was, and was overwhelming.  Just listening to it on video was profoundly intimidating, but I would imagine being there in the middle of it was even more so. I just wish I understood Italian, as I would like to have known what they were shouting.   Could it have been "SHAME ON YOU".

If anyone knows what they were shouting, please share with us here in America, so we can enjoy the same satisfaction the Italians were receiving.   What I learned from this is its not just the numbers, or the issue at hand, but its also the level of protest audibly heard by those serving the tyrants who were suppose to stop the group and settle them down.  I would like to have seen how the protest ended, but I have enjoyed what we did see, so its not so bad.  It gives us a lesson in protesting and that is for sure.   Whistles are clearly part of the uniform.  LOL

Here is the video on the Thai police and the Thai protestors that is referenced below.  I thought it prudent and educational to see how this is spreading from west to east and beyond. (VN: Thanks to Jim Klaproth for sending this)


Pass this onto your fellow repressed neighbors, friends, and family and make sure  they understand that when it comes our turn, we should take serious lessons from these Italians.  And notice, the thai's had whistles as well.  I have found another video about the exact same thing happening in Thailand.

So its not just the west, but the east as well.  Good luck to all who have the courage to stand for their beliefs.  It works, especially if you have a whistle, lol.  This proves a whistle works any where in the world.

Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets, Join Anti-EU Protesters
By Paul Watson,  Info Wars.com, December 10, 2013

A remarkable video shows Italian riot police removing their helmets in solidarity with anti-EU demonstrators in Turin who are protesting against the state of the economy, the single currency and fuel prices.


The demonstrators are an eclectic amalgamation of Italians, from truckers to students. The origin of the protests stems from the ‘Pitchfork Movement’, which began as a group of Sicilian farmers pushing for government reforms but grew into a nationwide revolt against banks, the Italian tax collection agency Equitalia, the European Union, and the Socialist-backed minority government, which is moving to privatize higher education.

“Many share the protesters’ anger and at one point police officers in Turin took off their helmets, in a show of solidarity,” reports Euronews.

“We farmers are on the streets to say ‘Enough!’ to the state, the government, the unions. We just can’t manage anymore,” Giorgio Bissoli, spokesman for the Azione Rurale protest group in the Veneto region told Canale 5 television, adding, “Our main priority is that they all have to go!”

Discontent over fuel prices, globalization and the European Union’s draconian austerity measures are also expected to lead to a huge anti-EU backlash in next year’s European parliamentary elections.

According to a flyer being handed out by the protesters, they represent, “the unemployed, casual workers, pensioners, workers in every sector, students, mothers and fathers,” who see it as their duty “to throw out the criminals who hold power.”

The movement doesn’t appear to have any partisan political identity and represents a populist uprising against policies that have devastated Italy’s economy.

Italian youth unemployment is over 40 per cent as the country remains embroiled in a deep recession. A staggering 134 retail outlets in Italy are closed every day and business failures are up 10 per cent since last year alone.

Police removing their riot gear and joining with protesters is slowly turning into a refreshing social trend. Last week, Thai police who were ordered to harass demonstrators chose instead to lay down their shields and helmets.

On a historical scale, police joining in solidarity with demonstrators is often a pre-cursor to massive social change, such as before the fall of the Berlin Wall or the removal of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The British Establishment … Paedophiles Everywhere

Vatic Note:   This does not surprise me at all.  I find it interesting that none of these facts below, EVER makes it to the National News desks anywhere that British influence is controlling.  After all, as you will see below, the Rothschild khazar Zionists run England and this below tells you how, who and why!  It also indirectly, explains that same influence in Canada and Australia.  I always wondered how and why the British royalty held such sway over those two commonwealth countries.  Well, maybe this is going on there as well.  

It was certainly going on here, and probably still is since our Congress appears to work for AIPAC and Britain (same thing) as we speak and not for the "people" as they were hired to do using our tax dollars to pay them.  I must say this is the most thorough and complete documentation of these facts about paedophilia in Great Britain, at the highest levels, that I have ever seen.

David Icke, may not be fully accepted by some, but I commend him on this exposure of this problem that could have cost him his life like it did for others who came forward about it and that is also discussed below.  If David is doing this for some other reason than educating us to the truth, then the agenda is hidden and does not assert itself in anyway that is obvious, so I am going to assume the best and commend him for his courage and truth telling, no matter whose ox it gored. 

THIS IS NOT FAST FOOD INFO, so be prepared to read and digest what is at the heart of all of this global dominating effort and remember also, as you read this below, remember who wrote those protocols that first informed us of the agenda to globalize as a fascist world, with the Khazar Zionist bankers running the entire show.

The British Establishment … Paedophiles Everywhere
by David Icke, posted in Child Abuse

British royal and political Establishment with its global significance peers over the cliff.
Hello all …

It is starting to get silly now and the arrest for questioning of major figures must take place in at least the next few weeks if the police investigation is to retain any public confidence. 

The evidence for a massive paedophile ring infesting the royal palaces, Downing Street and the Westminster Parliament is overwhelming and mounting by the week. The implications of the full truth being revealed can hardly be overstated – the devastating discrediting of the major political parties and the end of the monarchy. 

It would bring about a total public re-evaluation of everything they have believed about the country they live in and the forces that dictate its laws, direction and methods of operation. The knock-on effect would be the same for much of the rest of the world because what I am about to describe is happening in every country to a larger or lesser extent – not least in the United States.

The revelations about record-breaking paedophile and child procurer Jimmy Savile have exposed the former BBC ‘star entertainer’ as a purveyor of sheer evil on a scale that would challenge any imagination. Here are the cold and shocking numbers according to the police – and these are not nearly the whole story:

450 people of both sexes have made complaints about Savile involving 28 police areas throughout the country and among them are 34 alleged rapes. They spanned a period of 54 years between 1955 and 2009 when Savile was 82. The abuses happened to 23 children and young people on BBC premises and at 14 hospitals and at least one hospice. More than 70 per cent of his victims were under 18 and one as young as eight. 

Metropolitan Police Commander Peter Spindler said that Savile’s crimes were ‘vast, predatory and opportunistic’ and he had effectively ‘groomed the nation.’ Sounds good, but personally, I would not trust the Met’s investigation Operation Yewtree to pursue the full truth about Savile any more than I would have trusted him to produce the school nativity.  

Spindler added – ludicrously – that Savile used his celebrity to ‘hide in plain sight’. Oh, no, no, no, mate. That will not do. Savile got away with it for 54 years because he was protected by the highest levels of the paedophile-Satanist-controlled British Establishment for whom he was procuring children.  

Lest we forget: Disc jockey Jimmy Savile was a close friend of the royal family including Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles from the 1960s until he died aged 84 in 2011. Savile was also a close friend of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who ran one of the most paedophile-infiltrated administrations of modern times – yes and with all the competition, too. 

Now a new front is emerging to expose the ring’s sickening activities – the notorious Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, Barnes, south-west London. I have been on the trail of Elite paedophilia and Satanism on both sides of the Atlantic for two decades but I still shake my head at the same recurring names year after year in location after location. 

Names emerging from sources seeking to expose what happened at Rocks Lane have included a Thatcher cabinet minister who has come up so often it is extraordinary testimony to the Establishment’s ability to cover up that he is still at large and considered worthy of political influence.

Another ‘Elm name’ familiar to me is Anthony Blunt who is alleged to have used the name ‘Anthony Goldstein’ when visiting Rocks Lane. Blunt was one of the infamous ‘Cambridge Five’ British Intelligence insiders who spied for the Soviet Union. Four of them were Blunt, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Kim Philby and the fifth, never named, was Lord Victor Rothschild, although there were actually more than five.

And Blunt leads us once again to the British royal family … 

Anthony Blunt (1907-1983) was born the third cousin of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who became the wife of King George VI and is best known as the late Queen Mother – the woman that Princess Diana described as evil. This was a good description given that the lady they called ‘The Nation’s Grandmother’ was one of highest satanic witches in Europe (see The Biggest Secret).

Blunt’s mother was the second cousin of the black witch’s father Claude Bowes-Lyon, the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne.  Blunt and his brothers would go for afternoon tea with the Bowes-Lyons at their London home in Mayfair and he was in the royal, political and Intelligence loop almost from the start.

There is another highly significant aspect of the Blunt story according to the London Daily Mail. The paper reported that he told colleagues that he was actually the secret son of King George V, the brother of Bowes-Lyon’s spouse, George VI. This would put what was to happen later in a much clearer context. 

Blunt was educated at the elite Marlborough College where he was a member of the Honourable Fraternity of the Amici. This is a rarely-mentioned secret society based at Marlborough but also operating at other elite colleges including Eton, Radley and Wellington. 

Its rituals appear to be based on Freemasonry with a system of degrees and prominence for the symbol of the all-seeing eye. Amici initiates use their covert manipulation to secure major positions of influence among the students and this continues when they enter the worlds of business and politics. It is the usual worldwide story, in other words, as with the Skull and Bones Society at Yale, the Quill and Dagger at Cornell and the Sphinx Society at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Blunt also spent part of his childhood in Paris when his official father, the Reverend Stanley Vaughan Blunt, ran the chapel at the British embassy. So Blunt had many royal and Establishment connections throughout his formative years and things began to move quickly when he won a scholarship to Trinity College at Cambridge University.

It was at Cambridge that he became a member of a Russian spy ring which was passing British secrets to Moscow during World War II. Four members have since been officially named as Blunt, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess and Kim Philby (who married Jewish Soviet spy Litzi Friedman). But others got away with it including their leader, Lord Victor Rothschild. 

Highly significant to the ring was a university secret society called the Cambridge Apostles. Blunt was a member and so was Guy Burgess and other spies and alleged spies, John Cairncross, Guy Liddell and the most important of all, Victor Rothschild. Blunt acted as a talent spotter and recruiter for the ring and his value as a potential Soviet source increased when he was recruited by MI5. 

Maclean and Burgess fled to the Soviet Union in 1951to avoid prosecution and Philby followed in 1963 after more than a decade of denial which saw him continuing to work for newspapers and part-time for MI6. Blunt secretly admitted his involvement to MI5 in 1963 on condition that he had immunity from persecution and this was not made public until 1979 when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was forced by the weight of evidence by then in the public domain to make a statement to this effect.

The ring master behind all of this was Lord Victor Rothschild who at one time shared his London flat with the homosexual Burgess and Blunt. Homosexuality was a criminal offence at the time and a perfect vehicle for blackmail even without the paedophilia that also went on. 

Official biographies say that Rothschild was recruited by MI5 during the war in the same way as Blunt, but in fact Rothschild ran British Intelligence and wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, another reported paedophile. ‘National hero’ Winston Churchill was a despicable character who worked covertly for the global enemies of freedom and peace – the Rothschilds. They were a secret source of income.

There is a very good chance that Churchill was a Rothschild bloodline and the Windsors have been since their origins in Germany from where the Rothschild global empire of finance and secret society manipulation emerged. 

Prince William is a Rothschild at least through his grandmother – Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd who was born Frances Ruth Roche, a Rothschild offshoot. Royals often tend to have official parents that are, one or the other, not blood parents. It must be a heck of a job keeping up with it.

Victor Rothschild was known within British Intelligence as the ‘Black Bag Man’ because he controlled the secret ‘stash’ that covertly funded off-the-record projects that the official government had refused to sanction. He knew where the bodies were buried throughout the Establishment and who was doing what to whom among royalty, politicians, media and academia. This allowed him to manipulate and dictate through threat of exposure.

These are the techniques that continue to be used today by the Rothschild networks and this is another reason why they love to see paedophiles in positions of power making the decisions that change society in the desired Orwellian fashion. The same happens in North America – in fact everywhere the Rothschilds and their lackeys are at work which is, well, pretty much everywhere.

No, it should be the other way round, mate.

Victor Rothschild was Winston Churchill’s minder and the director of his policy before and during World War II – a war in which the Rothschild Cabal controlled all the major players through their placemen Roosevelt (United States); Churchill (Britain), Stalin (Soviet Union) and Hitler (Germany). 

This is the point that historians and researchers of the Cambridge spy ring don’t understand. Victor Rothschild was not a Soviet spy – he was the Rothschilds’ man directing British war policy as others were directing that of North America, the Soviet Union and Germany. 

The spying was largely done for the Rothschilds, not the Soviet Union, but there is also the fact that if you want to stop something happening that doesn’t suit your agenda, or take most advantage of something happening when it does, then tell another ‘side’ (another of your sides) what is going to happen well before it does.  

This is what the Cambridge spy ring was really all about, but only Rothschild among them would have known that. The rest were convenient stooges and who was the one that never got caught? Rothschild. Six retired KGB colonels confirmed after the demise of the Soviet Union in 1993 that Rothschild was involved in the Cambridge spy ring, but they wouldn’t have known the wider background either.  Compartmentalisation is the key.

King George VI with his missus Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, third from the left, and in the centre is the king’s mother, Mary of Teck, a descendent of infamous Satanist and blood drinker Vlad Dracul of Transylvania who inspired the Dracula stories. 
Anthony Blunt was so trusted by the royal family and his cousin Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (after all, he claimed to be one of them) that he was sent on a mission to Germany at the end of the war to retrieve British royal correspondence to their German royal relatives showing support for the Nazis which is what the royals are. Prince Philip’s Nazi background is well documented, for example, but he’s not alone.

Prince Philip at a Nazi funeral and his own family were closely connected to Nazis never mind the Windsors into which he was married.
The House of Windsor were officially the German House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha) until they changed their name to Windsor during the First World War as an exercise purely in public relations with Britain at war with Kaiser Wilhelm and their other relatives in Germany. 

Wilhelm was the cousin of King George V, whom Blunt apparently said was his father, and George was also a cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, but don’t worry an elite doesn’t run the world. 

The British wing of the Battenberg family anglicised their name to Mountbatten at the same time and later it was Lord Louis Mountbatten who maintained communications between the Windsors and their relatives in Nazi Germany even though he was Britain’s Chief of Combined Operations and later Supreme Allied Commander in South-East Asia. ‘Sides’ don’t matter to these people – the outcome is what counts. 

It was the paedophile Lord Mountbatten, the mentor to both Prince Philip and Prince Charles, who introduced his friend Jimmy Savile to the royal family in the 1960s. 

Charles, Mountbatten and Philip.

Anthony Blunt’s reward for services rendered in hiding the Nazi truth about the Windsor-Mountbattens was to be appointed Surveyor of the King’s Pictures when he retired from MI5 after the war – even though he was still a member of the Rothschild spy ring and was seen with Burgess and Maclean just before they defected in 1951. 

Blunt continued in his royal role when George VI died in 1953 and his daughter Elizabeth became Queen although her mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon – Blunt’s cousin – and her arranged-marriage husband Philip were the real power behind the throne. 

The Royals well knew about Blunt’s treasonous background. Army officer Philip Hay went for an interview at Buckingham Palace in 1948 for the post of Private Secretary to the Dowager Duchess of Kent and he said that after they passed Blunt in a corridor, Sir Alan Lascelles, King George VI’s private secretary, said: ‘That’s our Russian spy’. 

The Queen had been briefed about Blunt’s secret confession (not that she needed to be) but he continued to work in all the royal palaces as the official advisor on her art collection and Victor Rothschild turned up to at least one dinner party with his friend Blunt years after his admission of spying. 

Meanwhile, other British spies such as John Vassall, a clerk at the British embassy in Moscow whose homosexuality was used to blackmail him, was jailed for 18 years when he was not in the same league of treachery as Blunt.

What a joke it all is. 

The Windsors would have also known that Blunt was a paedophile and it is no surprise to me whatsoever after hearing him named many times that he has turned up on the alleged lists of visitors to the Elm Guest House. The stories have long circulated about his procurement of young boys, mostly from ‘care’ homes, and his paedophile parties.

These include how Blunt would murder children through asphyxiation while they were being raped because of the apparent sexual ‘high’ these sickest of people get from this. One rapist would be a masked man said to be a royal or a Rothschild (same thing) who always wore socks even when otherwise naked. He became known as the ‘Soxon Rothschild’. 

Blunt also ran a paedophile ring and was a friend of Stephen Ward who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair in early 1960s when the British Secretary of State for War John Profumo was exposed for having an affair with the model and dancer Christine Keeler , who was also having a relationship with Eugene Ivanov, a Russian military attaché.

Key events in the story happened at Cliveden, the Buckinghamshire mansion owned by the Astor family, and the usual suspects were involved, although of course not named, including Lord Mountbatten and Prince Philip. Stephen Ward was the fall-guy in the story and he ‘committed suicide’ to keep himself quiet. You know how it goes.

Blunt and his boyfriend, the former Irish Guards bandsman John Gaskin, lived in a flat at the Courtauld Institute of Art off London’s Oxford Street where Blunt was director, and Gaskin would go out trawling public toilets for young men drunk or drugged enough to bring back for Blunt’s pleasure.

When Gaskin began to blab about Blunt’s activities, he ‘fell’ out of a window and landed on railings some distance below. Miraculously he survived, but later he is said to have thrown himself in front of a train five years after Blunt had died in 1983. 

The royal family of course knew all about his paedophilia and child murder just as they knew about their close friend for decades, Jimmy Savile. Blunt once went for tea with his cousin the Queen Mother and took with him a 12 year old boy, according to a footman who said that he overheard her tell Blunt: ‘You will keep my secrets and I will keep yours.’

And my god, they both had some. 

The Queen Mother, a high Satanist, got away with it all her life thanks to a simple technique: smile when they’re watching. Her daughter has yet to grasp that one. 
I understand why so many people find it impossible to comprehend that members of the royal family, political leaders and feted academics, entertainers and big banking and corporate names would be involved in paedophilia, murder and human sacrifice, but they are(VN: Seriously consider the fact that this would be your "New World Order", if these insane perverts prevail.  We are doing more and more on the British connection to the Rothschild khazar bankers and their global criminal mafia empire, which now includes pedophilia and murder of children).

I have been exposing the paedophile and child killing British Prime Minister Ted Heath since my book The Biggest Secret was first published in 1998 and this was backed up this week by barrister Michael Shrimpton, a former immigration judge and now an Intelligence and national security consultant. Shrimpton has an extensive intelligence background both sides of the Atlantic and he has written a book called Spyhunter which he hopes to publish this year.

Shrimpton said in an interview on community radio that Heath was a paedophile who murdered his young boy victims, or had others do it, often by throwing them into the sea after he had abused them on his series of yachts called Morning Cloud – one in particular that won the Sydney to Hobart race and then sank off Jersey in 1974 after Heath had sold it to a Jersey resident. 

Shrimpton said, as I have, that the record-breaking paedophile and BBC ‘star’ Jimmy Savile supplied boys for Heath – many of them from the Jersey children’s home, Haut de la Garenne, with the support of those who ran the home.

Savile and Heath.
Shrimpton goes on:

"There are people who are still alive who are involved in the paedophile scandal and obviously I am not going to name them on a radio programme but the most prominent paedophile associated with the Savile ring was a man called Edward Heath who you may recall was Prime Minister.

Heath was recruited by the Germans in 1937, I have said this in Spyhunter. Heath was into little boys and Savile was supplying them. A number of these boys were taken out the Haut de la Garenne in Jersey. Savile was taking children from a children’s home with support of German assets in Jersey."

My own view is that the ‘German’ networks that Shrimpton talks about were controlled in the background, just like Britain, Russia, and the United States etc., by the Rothschilds and their lackeys. The same is true of the Nazi scientists, engineers, geneticists and mind controllers sent to the United States after the war under the code-named Operation Paperclip to set up NASA, the mind-control programme MKUltra, and much else.

Germany has been a Rothschild fiefdom since the infamous occult family called Bauer changed their name to Rothschild in the 18th century and it is also used as a conduit for their activities by the Vatican wing of the conspiracy, the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar and Opus Dei. The Vatican was heavily involved in the ‘rat runs’ that transported those Nazis to the United States under Operation Paperclip. 


Lenny Harper was the deputy head of Jersey police who had his career destroyed for the crime of genuinely investigating what happened to children at Haut de la Garenne. He searched for graves, but none were found because Michael Shrimpton said there weren’t any: 

"The boys were in fact being taken to a boat, it happened to be Edward Heath’s boat or yacht and they were murdered and thrown overboard so there is no point sadly in looking for their grave … they don’t have any grave except the sea. 

That’s why the BBC and the Cabinet Office have been so keen to protect Savile; that is why the cabinet office in the 1980s were willing to back Savile to the point of giving him a position of authority at Broadmoor [a high-security psychiatric hospital] … you don’t put a paedophile in charge of Broadmoor. It’s like putting a lunatic in charge of the asylum or a drunk in charge of a brewery or David Cameron in charge of a government …  "

Shrimpton rightly said that Lenny Harper was a very competent and very courageous police officer who ‘was up against a Cabinet Office-backed paedophile ring and the investigation that he was conducting was at some professional risk … 

… Indeed I suspect his life was also at risk at one point because he was getting close to some very uncomfortable truths about people in the Cabinet Office, GO2 [British Intelligence] in London and certain people in Jersey in the German network.

Shrimpton says that Heath’s paedophilia and murder of children was covered up by his Cabinet Secretary John Hunt, Baron Hunt of Tanworth, who Shrimpton says was also a paedophile. There are interesting parallels between Hunt and Savile. 

Hunt was appointed by the Queen to be a Companion, Knight Commander and Knight Grand Cross of the British Order of chivalry known as The Most Honourable Order of the Bath of which the Queen is the head and Prince Charles the Grand Master. Hunt was also given a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II – so was Jimmy Savile who was also knighted by the Queen.

Savile and Hunt were both given a Papal knighthood by the biggest child-abuse network on Planet Earth – the Roman Catholic Church (Church of Babylon relocated).

Michael Shrimpton highlights a fact that I have come across constantly over the years – that children abused by famous people, especially in the worlds of politics and royalty, are then killed to protect the identity of their abuser. He said: 

"If the children are and I am afraid with paedophilia we sometimes have babies being abused but if you are not talking babies, you are talking toddlers who are able to recognise the people that are abusing them … since you are talking about people who are on television, people who are high profile, you have to murder the children in order to protect your asset. 

So for the Germans [I would say Rothschilds] it was essential that the boys … were being taken onto the yacht [for] a death ride. When Jimmy Savile was taking let’s say a fourteen year old boy down to Morning Cloud, handing him over to Edward Heath or a member of the crew on the yacht, it was a death ride, that was that boy’s last journey on earth because there was no way in the world with him recognising Edward Heath that he could be allowed back on shore and Savile must have known this …"

I named Edward Heath as a serial paedophile and child killer in my book, The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998 – seven years before he died. I also named him and his Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber as practicing Satanists, as I did the leading members of the royal family. 

Anthony Barber.

Heath was read what I said by an excuse for a ‘journalist’ days after publication and he did nothing because to do so would have had the truth exposed in court – as it would be now if anyone from the Thatcher cesspit wants a go. Michael Shrimpton mentions Barber in his interview as being in league with Heath and Cabinet Secretary Hunt.

You can hear the whole interview with Michael Shrimpton at the end of this article and he also talks about what he says happened to the abducted little girl Madeleine McCann, the assassination of Princess Diana, the murder of weapons expert David Kelly who could have trashed the lies used to justify the Blair invasion of Iraq, and what Shrimpton says was the murder of former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. 

Now let us assess what this tells us about the royal family and the Conservative Party administrations of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher between 1979 and 1990. Thatcher replaced Heath as party leader in 1975 and went on to be the next Conservative Prime Minister.

The implications for both the royal family and Thatcher are as follows:

Jimmy Savile was a close friend of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles from the 1960s and this continued for decades AFTER the cover up of Heath’s paedophilia and child murder in association with Savile. You mean they didn’t KNOW? Is someone having a laugh? British Intelligence didn’t know? Ditto.

British Intelligence didn’t know that a record-breaking paedophile had been interviewed by police but not charged on a number of occasions for sexual abuse against minors and didn’t know about his legendary sexual abuses over 54 years? Of course they knew, but some at MI5 and MI6 would have been among his clients. 

A British newspaper quoted a ‘Buckingham Palace insider’ as saying that Prince Charles ‘was furious that he was never informed about suspicions that Savile was a pervert who preyed on children.’ The ‘insider’ said ‘the Palace have been on to the security services to see why they were not informed’ and the source continued:

"The Queen, Philip, Charles and others want to know why no-one picked up a phone to tell them a child abuser was being allowed in royal homes and meeting with senior royals and their families …"

What a load of baloney. I’ll tell you why they didn’t pick up the phone -they were already well aware that the royals knew and had done so since paedophile Mountbatten brought Savile into the fold as a child procurer in the 1960s.

This is the same royal family that employed at close range another infamous paedophile and child murderer, Anthony Blunt, and like so many paedophiles and killers they gave him a knighthood – as they did Savile. British Intelligence didn’t know what Blunt was doing? He worked for them as well as moonlighting for the Rothschilds and the KGB.

Sir Maurice Oldfield
British Intelligence, while employing I am sure many genuine people, has been infested by Satanists and paedophiles including the former head of the Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, Sir Maurice Oldfield. He was a friend and associate of Victor Rothschild and one of his haunts was the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, along with Establishment paedophiles like Mountbatten and Heath. 

The Kincora abuse scandal broke in the 1980s but naturally the small fry were netted while the big fish swam away in the cesspool they inhabit. Oldfield was another paedophile given a knighthood by the royals and he was also made a member of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, another royal ‘chivalry’ order in their web of elite groupings and secret societies. 

So now to Margaret Thatcher: She and her husband Denis became such close friends with Jimmy Savile that he was invited to join them for New Year’s Eve every year for more than a decade – and this was AFTER the Conservative Party cover up of Edward Heath’s paedophile and child murders committed in concert with Savile. 

Thatcher’s government and circle of associates and aides was alive with paedophiles including Chester MP Peter Morrison, a close aide to Thatcher from 1975 to 1990. He was an open-secret paedophile, well known to colleagues, the media and the Chester police, and yet Thatcher and her Cabinet and inner circle did NOTHING while he was abusing boys in North Wales children’s homes and elsewhere. Anyone in that Thatcher circle MUST have known. Thatcher minister Edwina Currie wrote in her published diaries:

"One appointment in the recent reshuffle has attracted a lot of gossip and could be very dangerous: Peter Morrison has become the PM’s PPS [Parliamentary Private Secretary]. Now he’s what they call a ‘noted pederast’, with a liking for young boys; he admitted as much to [Conservative Party chairman] Norman Tebbit when he became deputy chairman of the party but added’ ‘However, I’m very discreet’ – and he must be! She [Thatcher] either knows and is taking a chance, or doesn’t; either way, it’s a really dumb move" [by then Morrison had been a close aide for 15 years - what does Currie mean Thatcher may not know?].

[Conservative MP] Teresa Gorman told me this evening (in a taxi coming back from a drinks party at the BBC) that she inherited Morrison’s (woman) agent, who claimed to have been offered money to keep quiet about his activities. It scares me as all the press know, and as we get closer to the election someone is going to make trouble, very close to her indeed.

Note that Currie doesn’t explain why she didn’t go to the police or the media to demand that something be done about Morrison – it is only a case of how his activities could affect her party and the demand therefore that he better be discreet. 

It was Currie, as a health minister with responsibility for high security hospitals under Health Secretary Kenneth Clarke, who appointed Savile to run a taskforce at Broadmoor in the 1980s which he exploited to abuse patients. 

Morrison and Thatcher. ‘Hague’ is William Hague, the current Foreign Secretary who was Welsh Secretary when the North Wales ‘care’ home scandal broke in which Morrison was involved.

The wider implications of paedophile politicians and royalty are far greater than even the sickening abuse of children. It means that paedophiles in power can be blackmailed to change society through legislation in ways that the blackmailers demand or else.

The Rothschilds operating out of Britain, Germany, France and Rome have been the force behind the creation of what is now the European Union on their way to a global fascist dictatorship based on a world government, army, bank and currency.

Edward Heath was completely controlled by the Rothschilds (in my view, what Michael Shrimpton calls the Germans) because of his paedophilia and child murder. Rothschild asset Heath was the most constant and vocal advocate over decades of Britain’s entry into the then European Economic Community (EEC) and it was Heath as prime minister who signed Britain’s entry on January 1st 1973.

Heath’s policies during his premiership between 1970 and 74 were largely dictated by a Think Tank called the Central Policy Review Staff which was headed by … Lord Victor Rothschild. One of the policies was the industrialisation and chemicalisation of farming methods which Rothschild had championed as chairman of the Agricultural Research Council from 1948 to 1958.

Rothschild was a frequent guest of Heath at the prime minister’s country residence at Chequers, west of London, from where Heath and his Chancellor Anthony Barber would attend satanic rituals at Burnham Beeches, an area of woodland owned by ‘The City’ (London’s financial centre) and so in truth owned by the secret societies that control The City (see The Biggest Secret). 

Harold Wilson.

Victor Rothschild was also close to Heath’s political opponent, the Labour Party Prime Minister and another paedophile, Harold Wilson. Either Wilson or Heath was in Downing Street from 1964 to 1975 and both were attached to strings held by Rothschild. 

It was during a Wilson premiership that Rothschild arranged for the covert export of plutonium to Israel to establish their now massive nuclear weapons programme (see … And The Truth Shall Set You Free). 

Victor Rothschild was the force behind the expansion of nuclear power and worked in support of this by manipulating the miners’ strikes of the Heath years which at one time led to Britain moving to a three-day working week to conserve energy. Several anti-nuclear protestors met unexplained or suspicious deaths.

Rothschild became senior security advisor to Margaret Thatcher at the same time that his Rothschild Zionist associate and royal knight Sir Colin Figures was head of MI6. Rothschild was also the instigator behind the sacking of BBC Director General Alasdair Milne in 1987 after Thatcher had appointed his friend Marmaduke Hussey as head of the BBC governors.  (VN: I wonder if Rothschild still controls BBC?)

I was at the BBC at the time and met Milne. He was the last genuine defender of the BBC’s independence and it’s all been downhill ever since – exactly as planned.

These are the wheels within wheels turning all the time under the cover of official versions of events which are repeated without question by the mainstream media. The cement that holds it all together is Satanism, paedophilia and secret societies. 

Police chiefs have announced this week that their initial inquiry into political paedophilia in Britain, known as Operation Fairbank, is going to be joined by a full-blown investigation into the historical abuse at the Elm Guest House called Operation Fernbridge while Fairbank will continue to follow up other leads.

Fairbank was established after Labour MP Tom Watson asked Prime Minister David Cameron in a parliamentary question about evidence he had of a widespread paedophile ring operating out of 10 Downing Street under a previous prime minister.

Several politicians, including an ever-recurring Thatcher cabinet minister, a Thatcher promoter and a very famous singer are on a list of people said to have visited the Elm Guest House along with Anthony Blunt in the 1980s – the Thatcher years.

Also on the list are a number of members of the Monday Club, a far-right faction within the Conservative Party which supported the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Thatcher aide Derek Laud was the first black member of the Monday Club as he was the first black master of foxhounds in the country – both environments normally far from welcoming and conducive to black people. He was given the nickname ‘Golly’.

This is the same Derek Laud, a long-time friend of Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, and a guest at their wedding, who was accused of paedophile activity by the now defunct Scallywag magazine in the 1990s along with Thatcher Treasurer Lord McAlpine who was in the news recently protesting his innocent after similar allegations surfaced. Neither chose to sue Scallywag all those years ago. 

The evidence for an enormous paedophile ring operating within the royal palaces, Downing Street and the Westminster Parliament is overwhelming and if the police do not make arrests of big political and royal names so they can be questioned under caution then police investigations will be shown to be a cover up given the evidence that is mounting all the time. 

The British Establishment with its worldwide reach and influence is indeed looking over the abyss.

Barrister and Intelligence Insider Michael Shrimpton talking about Jimmy Savile and Ted Heath
Michael Shrimpton also describes what he says happened to the abducted little girl Madeleine McCann, the assassination of Princess Diana, the murder of weapons expert Dr David Kelly who could have trashed the lies used to justify the Blair invasion of Iraq, and what he says was the murder of former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

I can’t confirm what he says about Madeleine or Cook but for sure I can with everything else with regard to Heath, Savile and the Conservative Party and government. Nor do I agree with all of his assumptions about who was behind it all, and certainly not that British Intelligence are the ‘good guys’. But it is very interesting information very much worth hearing.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

"It Only Takes ONE White Crow....." The Real Agenda of NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Mission - Part 1 of 2

Vatic Note: When you read my vatic note and comments I have put within the body of the article, please understand that it has nothing to do with whether there are aliens or not.  The issue is whether this below is what I am saying it is, independant of the question of whether aliens exist, since that has nothing to do with this production they are doing with the Mars project.  

Aliens could exist and have nothing to do with the story these people have fabricated.  So please keep that in mind as you read.  Whether aliens exist or not is for a much different article with much different proofs and evidence and none of it is associated with Mars.  I perceive this as a distraction while they finish the completion of their police state here on this planet.

The first thing that came to mind when I read this is "Richard Hoagland is a disinfo man" working for NASA which has been turned over to the US navy space command. It is what triggered my suspicion and led me to read this with a very questioning mind.   The second thing I thought when I read this is "Bill Cooper worked for the US Navy intel Division" and he found documents classified that recommended using Alien invasions as a reason to globalize, that people would accept globalizing the planet to fight them.   

The third thing I thought about was the "1966 Iron Mountain report"  which recommended first, an ecodisaster that would then have people begging for help to fix whatever that disaster was, and  then the gov could sell globalizing to fix it.  So what do we get?  Gulf Blowout and Fukishima.  What a coincidence.  How lucky could they get, huh?

That is what I also thought when I saw the bogus Gulf blowout that no one was allowed to film, video tape, or even see.  Then there was Fukishima, another ecodisaster that was and is now proven to have been a false flag, documented by others to have been done by the US and its owners, Israel.  They even dumped DU poisoning over us to try and up the geiger counters that Dutch Sinse used to prove there was no radiation.  Then 2 years later, "OH my, more fear porn about the Fukishima radiation coming to America."  I guess it traveled around the ocean for a couple of years before deciding to land here.  In other words, it didn't work.  No one bought it.

Then if that did not work, they recommended an alien invasion as well.  What a coincidence.  So we had our several years of "fear porn" over both ecodisasters that did nothing like what we were told they would do and people did not push for globalizing to fix them.  Instead they exposed both for being false flags, so that did not fly.  

So now its time to seriously lay the ground work for the "ALIEN INVASION" by the lizard people who would be scary to look at much less fight against.  When I discovered that the Van Allen belt is so badly irradiated, that even equipment would not survive the trip to the moon, I realized the moon trip had to be bogus.  Sure enough, it was and Kubick had to die as a result.

I decided to go down that rabbit hole and found out that Kubick was the one who produced the moon landings and helped to sell them as real.  He then did movies that exposed the Occult underbelling of the elite, called "Eyes Wide Shut".  I don't even know if you can rent these anymore.  The combination of the two cost him his life, according to his wife.

So the question is, if we can't really go to the moon, how the hell did we get to Mars?  No explanation or discussion anymore about the Van Allen belt around the earth that any ship would have to go through and then what about all that high tech equipment that would be destroyed or at least affected in performance, including irradiated film and what would be the resulting impact of that radiation  on the condition of that film they are touting as being real? 

Lots of questions and no answers, but now we know why they produced the one to Mars.  Its to lay the foundation and convince the TV addicted, Non thinking, non questioning public, that aliens existed and "oh, my Gosh, I wonder if they will come back? Are we in danger"?  At least we are forcing them to be a lot more clever in their deceptions they need to conduct war as they say on a plaque in Mossads office.  But this one will go the way of the dodo bird and disappear.

Keep all this in mind, especially the questions, when you read this below.  Hoagland is a traitor for allowing himself to be used in this manner.  His fantasy make up on this one beats all the others.  Wait til you read it.  Also remember and keep in mind, that the same people doing this also own all the movie production companies AND special affects, including photography that can  create realities that do not  exist.

by Richard C. Hoagland
from TheEnterpriseMission 


Part 1
For over twenty years, The Enterprise Mission has pursued an extraordinary scientific and political hypothesis...

That the Earth orbits the Sun, not as "the only lush oasis amid a host of lifeless other worlds ..." but as, potentially, the lone planetary survivor of a long-forgotten ancient solar system epoch, shaped by "an extraordinarily advanced, Type II ET Civilization" - which, after literally remaking this entire planetary system... collapsed in a catastrophic, ancient War...

Leaving only scattered, arcane clues behind to its existence - including, some evidence suggests, the human race itself...

The scientific origins of this still-evolving Enterprise hypothesis trace back to the seminal discovery by NASA, in the"Viking Summer" of 1976, of an extraordinary Martian surface "artifact" - first photographed from orbit by the Viking unmanned mission...

The highly controversial "face on Mars."

Instantly dismissed as merely "a trick of light and shadow," the exploration of the Face's potentially "game changing" scientific origins has been center stage in the Enterprise Mission's subsequent investigation of "Cydonia" (the name of the geographic location of this amazing Martian feature) for more than 30 years...


Subsequent NASA unmanned Mars missions (after a series of much-publicized national media "campaigns," led by Enterprise, to secure far better imagery of "the face on Mars" than Viking), finally succeeded in the early 1990's in returning startling new evidence - of additional "statue-like" details of "the Face" - that are impossible to scientifically "explain away" now as "merely tricks of lighting"...

Including, this stunning 2003 NASA composite (created by Enterprise from official NASA data - below) - consisting of a black and white Mars Surveyor image (taken with afternoon light coming from the west), coupled with a "pre-dawn" Mars Surveyor color image, with pre-dawn lighting coming from the east.

The result is clearly an unbelievably ancient... heavily eroded... artificial monument - its eastern side inexplicably "glowing," even in the early Martian twilight - with obvious geometric... prismatic... crystalline glass structure...(VN:  well, that is probably the van allen belt radiation on the film causing that affect.   Sarcasm intended!)

Was this enigmatic "Face on Mars" deliberately left behind, then, as a haunting "clue" to our own, in many ways, still baffling existence... on this planet? (VN: oh, how clever, appeal to our ego's.  LOL  We are the survivors, deception par excellence)
A Clue...  (VN: Oh, goody, that will appeal to the "reality TV crowd".)

In the form of an ancient, uniquely human monument of mile-wide "mega-engineering" to our own literal creation... left amid a "city" of equally staggering examples of "mega-engineering pyramids" (below)... on the reddish sands of Mars...

By this same, long-vanished "Type II Civilization?"   (VN: from the looks of this, I would say, this civilization that supposedly created this, was pretty organic and unsophisticated, just look at the lack of organization and lay out of these so called high tech structures.  It looks more like someone threw dice and where ever they landed, that was where they built.  Seriously, how advanced does this look to you?  It looks like a pile of random rocks thrown around.  But then special affects can make anything look as you want it to look, without it being too obvious. I don't believe anyone would have accepted it if it looked like a real civilization with non organic looking structures and layouts.)


As Enterprise, across more than thirty years, (VN: Really?  No advancements in technology for getting clearer and more detailed photos?) has assembled more and more compelling evidence supporting this radical idea... the science behind the even larger hypothesis - that this entire solar system was, somehow, in the dim and distant past, deliberately "rearranged" to support the existence of human life itself - has also quietly evolved...   (VN:  LOL, thats it, appeal to the ego of the person you want something from.)

Recent, peer-reviewed (The Minimum-Mass Extrasolar Nebula - In-Situ Formation of Close-In Super-Earths) astronomical observations and analysis - stemming from NASA's revolutionary Kepler space telescope "exo-planetary" observations of the numbers and types of "super-earth planets" found orbiting even "near-by, sun-like stars" - have recently reached a startling "mainstream" conclusion:

"...it seems clear that our [own] Solar System - which contains no planet interior to Mercury’s P = 88 day orbit - did not participate in a major if not the dominant mode of planet formation in the Galaxy...

"Super-earths [planets in the range of 5 to 10 times the Earth's mass] are not anomalous; they are the rule that our Solar System breaks. In a sense, the burden of explaining planetary system architectures rests more heavily on the Solar System [now] than on the rest of the Galaxy’s planet population at large..."  (VN: oh, wow,  an even bigger ego boost.... LOL,  )
This gradually dawning scientific "paradigm shift" - that there is something uniquely "wrong" (or, right!) about this solar system - even at the level of simple planetary orbits and formation - in our opinion, takes our 30-year-old Enterprise idea from merely being "a far-out possibility"...

To the level of a scientifically-supported model - that could be the likely explanation for the extraordinary solar system discoveries that NASA (and the other space agencies ...) have quietly... secretly... been finding, and then rigidly suppressing...

For more than fifty years!

Which brings us to what potentially could be the climax, now, of these last five decades of unprecedented solar system exploration... and deception:The increasingly inexplicable NASA actions going on around its latest planetary probe - a new robot, sent just last year to once again explore another region on the surface of the planet Mars...

A robot named appropriately "Curiosity."

And what Enterprise has now discovered of Curiosity's REAL (if still unspoken ...) "Mars Science Laboratory" Mission
Of officially (if we're reading the murky "tea leaves" correctly ...) "discovering"... and then, finally, revealing...
The existence of "an ancient, intelligently-inhabited epoch" on the Planet Mars!

Which, if it comes to pass, will mark the beginnings of the eventual unwinding and confirmation of our much larger Enterprise Mission, solar-system-wide, "Type II ET Hypothesis."  (VN: Ahah, there it is. Can you feel it coming?  I am surprised they made this so obvious, since they went to a lot of trouble to hide their intent.  Well, just another screw up on their part.  A  catch on our part. )

An impending political and scientific revolution which - if our analysis continues to bear out - could become visible, even to the general public and the media, as early as this year... 2013.

Which would, of course... Change everything...   (VN: They hope!)

Some further background...

As readers of Enterprise should remember, this entire turgid tale of official "space agency deception" - over what it's REALLY been finding (then hiding!) in the solar system for these past 50 years - traces back, in part, to ONE specific document, revealed by our political investigations decades ago... a "high-level" government Report to NASA (below) - commissioned at the end of the Eisenhower Administration (in the late 1950’s) by a newly-founded "NASA."

Researched and delivered to NASA in 1960 by the famed “Brookings Institution” (a well-known, private Washington (VN: Global) “policy think-tank”), the Report that was eventually (under the Kennedy Administration) delivered to the Eighty-Seventh Congress in 1961 and then made public, specifically warned that...

“Premature disclosure of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life... or even, the proven existence of their ruins elsewhere in the solar system ..." - could, literally... destroy human civilization!   (VN:  Ok, now here comes the "fear porn" after being added to the "ego pumping", is a sure combination to "rally the troops".  I am waiting for the hidden "globalization" pitch now.  )

Faced with such dire political projections at the literal "Dawn of the Space Age," the US Space Agency (according to our Enterprise analysis...) half a century ago began a "global, political, secret scientific campaign" (documented in "The Monuments of Mars" and "Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA") to eliminate - from all scientific publications and mainstream discussions of its data - any and all evidence of its early confirmation of the accumulating reality of “extraterrestrial ruins... all across the solar system.”   (VN: OK, here it is so soon.... but clever.  The secrecy and hiding of these facts is now become "GLOBAL", did you get that?  What that means is when disclosure comes, we will be defacto global on the issue.  Indeed very clever.  Its a short hop after that to expand it as we have seen in other areas they control.  Patriot act comes to mind.)

Further, any evidence politically proving that "acquiring that crucial confirmation first hand" - via a flurry of manned and unmanned early NASA interplanetary missions - was, in fact, the ultimate reason for,

"the creation (in 1958, by President Eisenhower) of NASA (as a secret adjunct to the DOD) itself, was also ruthlessly suppressed!"

We've spent decades pursuing this unique Enterprise "extraterrestrial archaeological and political investigation," with increasing evidence supporting these startling conclusions.


Amid our redundant, geometric discoveries laid out in the Intelligently-Designed Complex (VN:  hahaha, go back and look again and see if you can see anything "intelligent about the design") at Cydonia, we eventually also realized that, in parallel with the shattered remains of this "ancient, solar system-\wide civilization"... there was a parallel, even more important, long-lost "Hyperdimensional Physics" in those ruins... also waiting to be rediscovered...  (VN: oh, great.... they won't be coming with space ships, they will simply jump  into our system and that should put the last peg in the Global take over "hole".  If this is a designed false flag, that eliminates the need for bogus space ships or putting our space ships at risk.   They can just "hyperdimensionally enter" our planet.  How convenient.  Saves some risk of getting caught or losing their ships that they so dearly covet. )

A Physics - directly "coded" (via its unmistakable "tetrahedral geometry")... all across Cydonia itself (below)!  (VN: oh, this is good.  Does anyone have any background at all in "Tetrahedral geometry"?  I didn't think so.  Wonder what the hard and soft physics scientists have to say about this. You know, the ones, like in the global warming, that do not work for these illums?)


As has also been presented many times on Enterprise - the latest recitation here - this extraordinary, rediscovered field of "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics" leads, in turn, directly to an equally-extraordinary Torsion Field Technology...

Machines which can affect - and fundamentally transform - not only all known interactions between "energy and matter" (such as tapping into a source of limitless, non-polluting energy ...) - via direct manipulation of the underlying "torsion field" (aether) of three-dimensional Reality...

But a technology which, based on unlimited matter transformation, (VN: another good one) can fundamentally re-engineer entire solar systems - literally building "artificial worlds" (below)... if not "terraforming" natural ones into any new environment the Terraforming Engineers desire...(VN:  notice he does not mention the need for chemtrailing in order to achieve that terraforming?  That is Evergreen airways doing the contract for the foreign occupiers of our government and its been established that act is geoengineering our atmosphere.  The PTB are going underground for some reason, so I believe that is why!  They are messing with our atmosphere that will also affect them, so underground they go and then they try to fill us with this fantasy garbage.)


It is only the existence of "Hyperdimensional Physics" that makes possible the very concept of "a Type II Civilization."  (VN: well of course it does, that is why they are using it, since nothing else would  work in passing mustard by the non aligned scientists.  Remember they always use some truth when disinfo and manipulating us)

But, there was more...

Coded in the arcane, multi-dimensional mathematics and geometry spread across the long-abandoned ruins at Cydonia were not only the keys to the Physics for rearranging the existence of all matter and energy in 3-D "physical reality" ....

But..., potentially, of proving the hyperdimensional basis of Consciousness itself!  (VN: oh, dear, a little something thrown in for the more spiritual/esoteric group in our society leaving nothing to chance.  Grab as many of us to buy into this as they can.)

In recently reported science, there is accumulating evidence of major consciousness increases, long term, among all human populations - based on the global results of standardized "IQ tests," going back at least a hundred years...(VN: they always tell some truth with their disinfo..... this is true, but they also attribute that to advances in health, food, and medical technology.  We are better fed than at anytime in our history, and that means bigger brains and more to work with.  Consciousness is also a part of advancing spiritually and we have definitely done that.  Very clever, now lets see how they intend to use it to manipulate us?)

Termed "the Flynn Effect," these documented changes are attributed (by some ...) to actual advances in "IQs"; we, on the other hand, have analyzed the published data NOT as "increases in fundamental human intelligence" (actually, the least likely interpretation of the data... given the lack of any other supporting evidence for such an on-going intellectual "Renaissance!"), but as potential biological side-effects of "a changing background solar system HD/Torsion Field"...

And its fundamental "connection" to the human brain.  (VN:  oh, here we go. Something that can be threatened by aliens who are bad guys and can hurt us.) 

An "HD process," we project, which is actually increasing human intuition - and thereby, increasing intuitive abilities for taking "IQ tests!"

If true, this continuing increase in human intuitive responses (the ability to successfully "know" the truth at an increasing rate, regardless of "logical" information to the contrary) leads us to an imminent political and social opportunity:

"An increasing capability - for an increasing percentage of the globe - to "see through" long-standing official lies and deliberate deceptions (like, NASA's ...) - to the underlying "truths."

If this expanded model for "the Flynn Effect" is accurate, there should also be a "consciousness window" coming, a window (based on the "rising background HD Physics") where efforts to "change the status quo" - based on "what is REALLY going on" versus "the lies we're being told"...  (VN: Watch for "global consciousness to fight the bad guys)

Could actually break through - based, again, on the solar system's measurably changing HD/Torsion Field...

A "heightened conscious window ..." opening, so our HD/Torsion Model predicted, near the end of the much-hyped "Long Count Mayan Calendar"... If any of this preceding analysis was true, it raised the important question of "the ultimate purpose" of the Long- Count Calendar itself...

A Calendar obviously counting down to... Something.

Could that "something" be, in part, a return to a too-long delayed, global realization of "who we really are?"  (VN: has anyone counted the number of times he uses the term "global"?)

Beginning with the Truth... On Mars?



We should soon know... (VN: yes, we should soon know, when our naval space command with their space ships show up and especially their mother ship that is the size of an aircraft carrier as we were told by insiders and it may include some of the airforces new technology on holographic images. ) 




NASA's latest Martian rover - "Curiosity"..
* * * 
"Curiosity" - the first nuclear-powered "roving vehicle" to be sent to the surface of another planet - made a successfully "miracle landing" on the the planet Mars, Monday morning, August 6, 2012... at 05:17:57.3 UTC - in a ~100-mile-wide, ancient Martian crater known as "Gale."  (VN: a "miracle landing", wow, what drama and hype, which means they did the trip on a hope and prayer of a miracle, using our tax dollars and for what?  We still do not know their agenda yet..... what is it they want us to buy into? )

IF all the diverse elements of our extended scientific and political analysis (above) have been correctly figured out... NASA’s latest and most powerful unmanned “Mars Science Laboratory” rover mission - which has been exploring the deepest sections of Gale Crater now for almost a full year - is poised to finally, officially, reveal (and possibly, within the next few months...) its "secret" Mission to Gale Crater:

To publicly expose - after almost forty years - the reality of "the ancient, inhabited history of Mars"... (VN: then and only then will you accept their creation of reality in space.  Globalizing to deal with this ancient civilization.  I wonder what threat they are going to create to drive us into the evil ones arms, to save us.  Oh, right, they have such a history of giving  a damn about us...... I would fall out of my chair from laughing if I wasn't so mad about all this.)

Now, political projections (as opposed to scientific analyses...) are always "dangerous" for journalists, politicians... and certainly for scientists; as I have often cautioned readers here at Enterprise (to say nothing of countless "Coast" audiences I've also tried to warn...), when you "step outside the box" and attempt to make a bold "political prediction" in this business - especially, re the continuing NASA Cover-Up - a LOT can go wrong... specifically designed (by those behind that Cover-Up) to make you look "uncredible", i.e... "Really stupid."

Not the least of which - once you've "blown" NASA's political strategy, vis a vis a coming, dramatic CHANGE in this decades-long "hiding of the REAL solar system" strategy...

They may... JUST to "spite you"...

Simply change the time frame... of their planned, carefully "spun," unveiling!

With that crucial caveat out of the way, here goes our own "best guess" as to what MAY happen... "shortly" - vis a vis NASA's remarkable, on-going "Curiosity" Mars mission...

Which, in total contradiction to decades of repeated lies and cover-up, is quietly making public - even as we write! - indisputable imaging evidence proving the existence of "a former, ancient, high-tech Type II Civilization on the planet Mars" .... (VN:  again with visually difficult to see details, from a high tech camera that should not have such problems with detail photographing.  After all these years in space, you would think they would have solved that problem almost from the beginning, but no, nothing to do with aliens, UFO's or planet explorations has enough detail to Prove anything at all.)

All that's been missing, up'til now, has been an "official" NASA declaration...

That that's what we are looking at! And that is our "dangerous" political prediction:

That - within the next few months - NASA is going to finally do...

Exactly that.

Officially declare...   (VN: With Richard Hoaglans setting it all up for them with this write up.  We will be indoctrinated sufficiently to buy into the game, hoping we will forget about the 1966 Iron Mountain report and the Bill Cooper disclosure on MJ12,  their bogus alien agenda.  I still keep asking myself,  "Why did the PTB kill all 26 British scientists that worked on the "Star Wars program".  What did they learn that made them such a threat, that death was the only option in solving the problem?")

"We have now discovered robust scientific evidence... of a former Martian civilization!"  (VN: Sorry, Richard, nice try, but we are not as stupid as the protocols say we are. There is only one way to prove they exist and that is to have them land full view, and let all reporters including the net, talk with them.  Then we can go from there.)

When (and if!) this remarkable political development DOES take place, it will only be belated confirmation of an early Enterprise Mission assessment we made last year, re "Curiosity's" REAL mission (during one of our many appearances on "Coast"):

 (VN: lets not forget what George Noorey did to that woman who called and tried to tell him about the USA having total control of weather and he blew her off and she lost her job because of her disclosure,  at the company that had the contract for doing the work.  I am probably going to stop commenting here.  I am going to assume you, yourself, can take over questioning that which seems to fit with their previously written up agenda.  You can see it for yourselves eventually.  Just keep watching for the word "global" throughout and of course "miracles".  They are a must in any manipulation and an assumption that most of us know nothing about physics, so we will buy whatever they say.   I give them credit though, they keep saying "IF what we are saying is true...... then...... THEY THROW OUT THEIR CONCLUSIONS". Its a deceptive way to put in a loophole if you get caught in a bogus event that you can use to wiggle out from under.  I trust no one in this foreign occupied government.  They have proven to be on unfamiliar terms with the "TRUTH" about much of anything.) 


It was then that we first publicly anticipated this eventual "political unveiling" of the REAL Mars... as the ultimate goal behind the entire Curiosity Mission!

Including, its carefully chosen landing site ellipse (below) - inside an equally carefully-selected ancient location on Mars... called "Gale Crater."



* * *

Gale is a remarkable, 96-mile-wide ancient impact "scar" - lying just below the Martian equator, at 4.5 degrees south.

This color-coded NASA topographic map (above/below) depicts the range of altitude and depth exhibited by the geological features surrounding (and within) Gale Crater, compared to the "average datum" on Mars (essentially, the equivalent of distance above or below "sea level").


The depth and heights inside Gale range from over 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) below the Martian "datum" (coded in blue...) to 0.9 miles above it (seen in rusty orange...).

What makes Gale "remarkable" however, is not its diameter... or depth... but what lies in its center:

A vast, multi-layered "mountain" (higher than the surrounding crater rim, in some places!) - nicknamed by NASA, "Mt. Sharp" (ostensibly, in honor of an almost legendary early space-age Cal Tech "planetary geologist," the late Robert Sharp).

In truth, when I first heard "what" the Curiosity Team had nicknamed the ~3.5-miles-high, mysterious accumulation of "something" in the center of Gale Crater [its formal IAU designation is "Aeolis Mons"], my first thought was that the JPL folks were making a cute, inside "play on words"... regarding Mt. Sharp's unmistakably obvious "tetrahedral summit" (below)!

Three-D computer modeling by NASA of Aeolis Mons (below), makes it even more apparent just how accurate that informal designation - "Mt. Sharp" - as applied to this enigmatic "structure" inside Gale, truly is...

Initially, in fact, it was this blatant "tetrahedral" appearance of the summit of "Mt. Sharp" which called my own attention to the possibility that the "mysterious, ~3.5 mile high 'mountain'" taking up the bulk of Gale Crater could, in fact, be the ancient and decaying remains of yet another... this time, truly gargantuan...

"Martian arcology"...

Previous examples of "tetrahedral geometry" have been found elsewhere on Mars, of course - on multiple NASA (and ESA) images, taken of many different regions, by many successive orbital missions... stretching now over more than 30 years.

These Martian "tetrahedral" discoveries began with our own extensive research on Cydonia - in the form of indentifying the Giza-sized "tetrahedral mounds" located southeast of "the City, that I first discovered in 1983 on enhanced and recitified versions of the original NASA Viking imagery (below).



A related, more advanced form of "Martian tetrahedral geometry" - known as a "Reuleaux Tetrahedron" - was found on an early Mars Surveyor image (by an individual nicknamed "Mosco"), taken more than 20 years after Viking (below) - curiously, also in the Martian geographic region called "Cydonia" (but, located quite a distance from "the City" and "the Face").


A Reuleaux Tetrahedron is a three-dimensional construct, stemming from expanding into another dimension its base two-dimensional "tetrahedral" plane geometry - a Reuleaux Triangle (below).


The redundancy across Mars of multiple variants of this specific geometric form - the Tetrahedron - is consistent, of course, with the overarching "Message of Cydonia" that we also figured out in 1983.

That, the underlying tetrahedral mathematics and geometry echoed time and time again in "Martian architecture," found now all around the planet, is THE "code key" to understanding (and ultimately utilizing...) the vast powers and understandings inherent in "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics" itself ....

Essential to creating any truly advanced planetary (or solar system) civilization...

Here (below) is the most spectacular and best preserved 3-D version of this crucially significant "geometry" yet found - a fully three-dimensional Reuleaux Tetrahedral Pyramid, discovered by the late Wilmer Faust on Mars Surveyor image E06002 - taken July 7, 2001 in West Candor Chasma (one of the smaller, northern side canyons of the vast ~3000-mile-long "Vallis Marineris" system).

Measuring on the original NASA image almost 300 feet across, the feature (above) looks almost pristine - the apparent result of being fairly "recently" exhumed... after an unknown period (millions of years?) of deep "overburden" burial at the bottom of Candor Chasma - the receding dunes still visible around it, partially covering (and thus concealing and still protecting) its northern base (upper right)...

Eventually, geologists might be able to estimate an age for this astonishing example of "tetrahedral Martian architecture" - if a reliable geological date for when it was initially buried could be derived from satellite measurements; if that turns out not to be possible, an in-person visit someday by a human expedition certainly seems warrented - if, for no other reason... than to find out what's been (deliberately?) preserved... INSIDE.

On higher resolution Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) images (PSP_3896_1740 and PSP_002841_1740 - below), taken in early 2007, the initial impressions of "newness" from the Mars Surveyor image is tempered by better evidence of "significant erosion"... including, realization that major portions of the northern "face" of this fascinating structure have, in fact, collapsed... leaving a deep "talus slope" of bright, pyramid construction materials slumped against its northern base!

In this side-by-side comparison (below), the heavy damage and burial of the northern face (and the northern end of the southwestern face) of this extraordinary construct is readily apparent - by comparing the MRO vertical (within a few degrees...) image (left) with the geometric base outline of an undamaged Reuleaux Tetrahedrom (right)...

In this second comparison (below) - the ancient West Candor Pyramid (left)... and a three-D physical model of the same tetrahedral geometry (right) - notice on the latter, how the curve of the vertex edge closest to the camera precisely echos the mirrored "curving vertex" of the actual "Reuleaux Tetrahedron Pyramid" (in this black & white version of PSP_002841_1740RGB), to the left.

Further note, as illustrated by the model, that the most reliable means of constructing such an exotic 3-D geometry is to build it vertically in carefully-shaped (decreasing diameter) layers... a key structural detail that will be confirmed on the actual Martian "Candor Pyramid, as we soon examine close-up MRO images of its best survivng "western face"...

Here (below - right) is that full resolution, color MRO close-up of Wil Faust's astonishing discovery - as seen on PSR_003896_1740.

The view reveals a host of new, tell-tale structural elements of this remarkable ruin - including details of its (now) missing former casing on the lower-right hand "face," and the massive structural damage caused when the northern "face" (upper right) literally collapsed... resulting in debris cascading down the surviving, exposed interior "shelves"... to form a deep "talus" completely covering (and thus distorting) the northern base.

The third "face" (left), however, appears far more intact, including, much of its original external, brilliant casing (inset) - the latter appearing as a series of,

"highly reflective, closely-spaced, horizontal sequences of parallel layers... ",

...seen stubbornly still clinging to much of the western face's lower expanse...

Because significant portions of the northern face have, for unknown reasons, "sheered away" - leaving major interior elements exposed - we are now able to see some key structural details that would otherwise be hidden by the bulk of the previously undamaged Pyramid... including, one remarkable, highly precise geometric feature... positioned exactly on the northwest "tetrahedral vertex":

What appears to be a large (~20-foot ...), perfectly square doorway (arrow - below) - seen (from MRO's vertical orbital perspective ...) diagonally.

An apparent deliberate opening... into the Candor Pyramid's mysterious interior!

The MRO view of this extraordinary object provides not only ample confirmation of the artificiality of Faust's amazing "find"... but, firmly puts to rest the idea that this precise geometric form could, in any way, be merely a geological "coincidence".

The still recognizable tetrahedral symmetry of this amazing ruin, despite the damaged sides - obviously created to the exacting specifications of "a geometrically and mathematically precise Reuleaux Tetrahedron ..." - is witness, once again, to the timelessness and universality of this ONE recurring Martian Theme... the overarching importance of "Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics."


* * * 
Which brings us back to Curiosity...

Based on these striking, multiple examples of Martian "tetrahedral pyramids," and recalling (above) the observed "Martian penchant" for echoing, redundantly, this almost obsessive "tetrahedral meme" - it suddenly occurred to me, looking at the NASA topographic map of Gale (below), that the eroding outlines of the much larger "mountain" in the middle of Gale Crater - beneath that clearly tetrahedral apex - could also be tracing out the (now) almost totally degraded millions-of-years-old form (below)...

Of a truly extraordinary... "Reuleaux Triangle!"


Remarkably... NASA's projected "Gale landing ellipse" for Curiosity - even in the earliest planning stages - fell EXACTLY on the northern demarcation boundary of such a projected "Reuleaux Triangle" - the line separating the potentially "buried remains of a MAJOR, ancient arcological Reuleaux form ..." occupying most of Gale, from the even deeper (bluer ...) northern crater floor.

Projecting further...

What if, the ancient "Gale arcology" we were proposing was NOT limited to the "~20-mile-diameter equilateral apex structure, still visible as Mt. Sharp's 'tetrahedral' summit," but was, instead...

A full-blown... Reuleaux Tetrahedron?



The possibilities stagger the imagination...

For one thing, if built to scale... the pointed apex of this "Gale Reuleaux Tetrahedron" would extend far above the Martian surface (below)... and out of the atmosphere itself!

To the dizzying height of over... ~50 miles!


Now, before our critics go totally ballistic...

"But - no such monstrous BUILDING could possibly even be constructed... under all the laws of physics... let alone, rise to such impossible heights!!"

I would gently remind those folks that the largest shield volcano in the solar system - "Olympus Mons" (below) - rises over 15 miles above the Mars "mean datum."

And, it is composed, layer upon layer (from millions of years of successive eruptions at "19.5" on Mars... ) of simple volcanic basalt - which is NOT known as "the strongest of structural materials"...

A bona fide "Type II Civilization" would, undoubtedly, have both the exotic materials... AND the exotic constructional techniques... necessary to create artificial structures,

"impossible to even contemplate with OUR limited technology ...."

Such a massive, "coded" Symbol - a towering planetary Monument to the Fundamental Physics which made their Civilization possible - would be well within their reach...

As would the sheer desire of such a "god-like Civilization" to "show off" - by not only "rearranging entire solar systems"... and creating "entire artificial planets"... but, by erecting structures ON those planets that would be visible from literally thousands of miles away...

Even... into space itself.


  * * * 
In our on-going research into this extraordinary "ancient solar system civilization" scenario...

After a currently unknown epoch of "reigning supreme" - both on Mars, and across the entire solar system - for some currently unknown reason... this extraordinary Type II Civilization apparently... Collapsed.

Leaving behind a vast array of material artifacts - not only all across the planet Mars... but, from Mercury to Neptune ....

Which (on Mars) the current "NASA Curiosity Mission" is now in a unique position to both discover... and to scientifically investigate... in an unprecedented fashion.

In Part II of this "Curiosity Investigation," which we'll publish soon, we shall lay out some of the extraordinary evidence that Curiosity - even at this early stage of its projected "two-year nominal mission" - has now uncovered... overwhelmingly demonstrating the reality of our "ancient Martian advanced civilization" hypothesis.

For, remember the old Apache saying...

"It only take ONE white crow... to PROVE all crows aren't black!
* * *

  In the end, in seeking the plausibility of our "extraordinary Gale Arcology hypothesis"... we must be driven solely by the forensic evidence that Curiosity herself is, even now, quietly collecting...

And, if our equally audacious political hypothesis - regarding Curiosity's REAL Mission - is also accurate...

Will soon, for the first time, officially make public(VN: Now that all the "set up work" has been done.  Rewatch the movie "The sting" and notice the steps leading up to the final bring down of the hammer in the sting that teams worked at different stages.  First there was the "set up team"  that set up everything for the second team to come in and bring down the hammer on the sting,  very interesting parallels here.)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.