FINALLY, something positive to report: Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets, Join Anti-EU Protesters

Vatic Note:  What a delight to have something like this to report to people all over the globe.  Understand that the noise level was a very big factor in that happening.  It made the crowd seem bigger than it was, and was overwhelming.  Just listening to it on video was profoundly intimidating, but I would imagine being there in the middle of it was even more so. I just wish I understood Italian, as I would like to have known what they were shouting.   Could it have been "SHAME ON YOU".

If anyone knows what they were shouting, please share with us here in America, so we can enjoy the same satisfaction the Italians were receiving.   What I learned from this is its not just the numbers, or the issue at hand, but its also the level of protest audibly heard by those serving the tyrants who were suppose to stop the group and settle them down.  I would like to have seen how the protest ended, but I have enjoyed what we did see, so its not so bad.  It gives us a lesson in protesting and that is for sure.   Whistles are clearly part of the uniform.  LOL

Here is the video on the Thai police and the Thai protestors that is referenced below.  I thought it prudent and educational to see how this is spreading from west to east and beyond. (VN: Thanks to Jim Klaproth for sending this)


Pass this onto your fellow repressed neighbors, friends, and family and make sure  they understand that when it comes our turn, we should take serious lessons from these Italians.  And notice, the thai's had whistles as well.  I have found another video about the exact same thing happening in Thailand.

So its not just the west, but the east as well.  Good luck to all who have the courage to stand for their beliefs.  It works, especially if you have a whistle, lol.  This proves a whistle works any where in the world.

Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets, Join Anti-EU Protesters
By Paul Watson,  Info Wars.com, December 10, 2013

A remarkable video shows Italian riot police removing their helmets in solidarity with anti-EU demonstrators in Turin who are protesting against the state of the economy, the single currency and fuel prices.


The demonstrators are an eclectic amalgamation of Italians, from truckers to students. The origin of the protests stems from the ‘Pitchfork Movement’, which began as a group of Sicilian farmers pushing for government reforms but grew into a nationwide revolt against banks, the Italian tax collection agency Equitalia, the European Union, and the Socialist-backed minority government, which is moving to privatize higher education.

“Many share the protesters’ anger and at one point police officers in Turin took off their helmets, in a show of solidarity,” reports Euronews.

“We farmers are on the streets to say ‘Enough!’ to the state, the government, the unions. We just can’t manage anymore,” Giorgio Bissoli, spokesman for the Azione Rurale protest group in the Veneto region told Canale 5 television, adding, “Our main priority is that they all have to go!”

Discontent over fuel prices, globalization and the European Union’s draconian austerity measures are also expected to lead to a huge anti-EU backlash in next year’s European parliamentary elections.

According to a flyer being handed out by the protesters, they represent, “the unemployed, casual workers, pensioners, workers in every sector, students, mothers and fathers,” who see it as their duty “to throw out the criminals who hold power.”

The movement doesn’t appear to have any partisan political identity and represents a populist uprising against policies that have devastated Italy’s economy.

Italian youth unemployment is over 40 per cent as the country remains embroiled in a deep recession. A staggering 134 retail outlets in Italy are closed every day and business failures are up 10 per cent since last year alone.

Police removing their riot gear and joining with protesters is slowly turning into a refreshing social trend. Last week, Thai police who were ordered to harass demonstrators chose instead to lay down their shields and helmets.

On a historical scale, police joining in solidarity with demonstrators is often a pre-cursor to massive social change, such as before the fall of the Berlin Wall or the removal of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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