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What the epidemic of TV and movies about zombies and doomsday viruses is really trying to tell us

Vatic Note:   Remember, these globalists are also Satanists and they are mandated in their religion to tell us in advance what they intend to do to us.  I believe this is one of those warnings.  It too much resembles the gulf blow out and the warning we received 9 months in advance about its occurrence.

Normally, I would call an article like this one below,  "fear porn", but this source has too much credibility to ignore and its not the first time the powers that be have first warned us and then did the dastardly deed.  The same globalists also own the movie industry, so they use the movies to tell us what they intend to do and then if we do nothing, we are then responsible for what happens to us.

There was a movie released 9 months before the gulf blow out called "The Knowing" and it starred Nicholas Cage.  The movie starts with our lead watching the news and guess what is on the news???  Right, the gulf blow out, but at that time, it had not happened yet, so how did they know and why did they show it happening?   Its all part of the game for them.  So, the whole thing was manufactured.  To me, that alone would be proof enough of their complicity in the criminal act of harming the gulf.

Fortunately, he has listed some of the movies being used, so that we can choose to avoid them like the plague and keep our children from seeing them.  What a way to grow up as a child.   One of the things our childhood can give us is a period of time in our lives when we are free to explore, test our limits and our courage and be free from fear and hatred.

What these evil ones do to that promise is rob our children of that once in a life time experience to carry with us into adulthood.  After that, our lives become ones of responsibility, work, and raising our own families.  That wonderful innocent time of childhood is what can carry us through all that we will face as adults.

The evil ones have taken that away from our children.  That is why I say, "DO NOT LET THEM GO TO AND SEE THESE MOVIES".   It lays the foundation for manipulating us and our culture, in the future, to suit their agenda of both depopulation and creating chaos so we will turn our world over to their care on the promise they make to make all things good again.   They are or will be lying as usual.

Anyway, you read this and see what you think.  Just keep in mind the fact that they have done this already when they put up the Georgia Guidestones in 1974 announcing their plan to depopulate the planet down to only half a billion humans world wide.  That meant they planned on removing 6 billion souls from this earthly domain, sometime in the future.  Because we have not prosecuted them for criminal acts they have already committed, they now believe it will be much easier for them to do this depopulation plan and not be held accountable for it.

The most effective tool they have is "FEAR" and they are using it in abundance.  Remember "fear" is the mind killer and takes us completely out of our power base which is our consciousness.  Out of spirit and into survival mentality, which means we would be willing to harm others to stay alive ourselves and we would act that way ONLY IF WE ARE IN FEAR.  I call that fear porn.   It promotes self preservation and destroys a sense of community, which ironically, is better for survival of everyone, than going it alone. 

Do not let them use it and censor and watch out for what your children watch.  Keep them away from all of this.  YES, that requires you exercise parental control over your children and teach them as you go as to why you are doing it.  Also lead by example.  Help others in need,  be service oriented and kind, teach them to love their fellow man.   I believe that is one of the many reasons these satanists hate Christians and want to wipe them off the face of the planet. 

What the epidemic of TV and movies about zombies and doomsday viruses is really trying to tell us
By Craig McKee, Truth and Shadows, August 2, 2015

Sea Shepherd Blasts Japan's Plan to Slaughter 4,000 Minke Whales

Vatic Note:  Now this is an obvious environmental issue.   Unlike so called "air pollution" that is obviously caused by the chemtrail dumping in the process of geoengineering our planet,  the killing of thousands of Minke Whales is an obvious act of planned destruction by those who know what they are doing.

I commend the sea shepard crew for the courage they show when confronting such a formidible enemy out in the middle of no where land, trying to do the "right thing" for the benefit of the helpless and harmless.  They are properly motivated and meet these challenges with the right attitude in mind, which is helping the helpless, such as these water bound creatures of such enduring beauty and panache.

I was glad to read that the international court has taken this subject on with so credibly and seriousness that these acts justify.  The Japanese had honored the courts ruling in the beginning, but now they intend to go out and do what they do best..... kill innocent animals that are probably the 2nd smartest creatures on the planet.

Lets stand behind them, encourage them to continue with their mission and to never give up, send food, money, etc.... anything we can afford to let go of for the sake of those Whales. 

Sea Shepherd Blasts Japan's Plan to Slaughter 4,000 Minke Whales
by Common Dreams staff, Common Dreams, November 29, 2015

'If Sea Shepherd comes across criminal activity, then our history speaks for itself. We will, as always, directly intervene to prevent that crime from taking place'

A Matter of Trust – What’s On Your Plate?

Vatic Note:    I do so agree with this author.   Its time we reasserted ourselves back into the trust department and made certain that all is as we have been told and reassured.   That includes monitoring and checking out who runs our various protection departments like the FDA, or the FCC, or the Dept of Agriculture.  Also making sure that ingredients are accurately listed on the product.

Doing the above also includes making our various government depts responsible for prosecuting those who are harming us.   Right now, nothing is done when we discover that we have been lied to by our own EPA, for instance, where their leaders are revolving door special interest personages, that want to do the wrong thing, and thus infiltrate our agencies to then help make it possible to do harm to us.   We are watching our adversaries move forward with their depopulation agenda, with no concern or regard for what we think. 

GMO and Monsanto has proven exactly that.   How dare the government allow that death seed to be introduced into our food supply that we rely on for health and life.  Why are multiple countries denying Monsanto seed products to be used in their food supply?  Why are they banning such seeds and requiring disclosure on whether or not the GMO's have been used?   Its because their leaders are studying the results of research and what those seeds do to our organs and how they shorten our lives by harming our organs.

Why hasn't the USA banned these seeds and products made from them, before now?  Are they even considering doing so?   Is it on anyone of their agendas for discussion and action?   I think not.    Once you read the TPP agreement, you will see further attacks upon our system to stop any efforts to right these wrongs.  The TPP does away with our court systems where they are concerned and replaces them with boards.   And who appoints those to the boards???  Right, those that donated to campaigns and lobbyists.

Anyway, read this.  It is very well done.  Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

A Matter of Trust – What’s On Your Plate?
By Barbara H. Peterson, Farm Wars,  February 22, 2016
There is an inherent trust that we have each time we pick up a piece of food that someone else has had a hand in delivering to us. We trust that what they have provided is not going to kill, maim or injure us in some way. We do this every time we shop at the grocery store, or farmer’s market, or neighborhood grower.


The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam

Vatic Note:   This is, quite possibly, the biggest ever scam in the history of this nation.   When I read it, it sounded like a "globalist" run fascist system to replace the sovereignty of all nations, not just ours, but everyone’s.  If that is the case than all this makes sense.

Lets not forget, either, that most of those powers that be are also satanists and that is who wants to run the world.  This summarizes what this trade agreement is really all about.  Its about "WHO WILL CONTROL" it all when everything is said and done.

by Jim Hightower, Common Dreams, December 25, 2015

Trotsky as a Freemason Under the Sign of the Scorpion - the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire

Vatic Note:  Now this was interesting since I did not know that Trotsky was a freemason.   What we had published before was the fact that the khazar bankers financed Trotsky with $20 million dollars to finance the Russian Revolution in which the khazars took over control of the country.

As is evident on my blog site off to the right, Trotsky was a khazar, as was Lenin and Stalin.  Trotsky's real name was Bronstein.  And he was also an illuminatist and that was how he got tied into both masonry and the khazar international bankers who financed his efforts.

The Khazars have been running Russia ever since.  If a leader has made it to the top, he got there through the khazar bankers and works for them, so Putin, who has 40 billion dollars stashed away, has made good money working for them.

Anyway, this is a very interesting  read and history of trotsky and the revolution. Something worth spending the time reading. 

Trotsky as a Freemason Under the Sign of the Scorpion - the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire
By Jüri Lina | TrueDemocracy.net

“To Die For” : A Study on the Disturbing Culture of Death in the Fashion World

Vatic Note:   This article shows just how far down we have come with the increase in Satanism within our society and culture.   If we do not have a counter influence pretty doggone quick, I would not want to see what our world will come to and I would be old enough to avoid seeing it in my lifetime.

How did we get here???  I see young people with skulls on their clothing and tatooed on their bodies.  My goodness, what happened to good taste and beauty? This is going way beyond rebellion as a statement, its bordering on a "way of life".   Can you imagine?  Death as a way of life!!!

This article points the blame to the people who have promoted this, and also tells us what is going on behind it all.  I think there is slightly more to it than just the obvious that the author of this article points to below..  In fact, I believe the powers that be want us in a death culture to make us better killers and desensitized to what we are told to do, or at least our soldiers in war. 

Vigilant Citizen, January 25, 2016 


Secret Archive: Jack the Ripper Was a Freemason Committing Ritualistic Murders

Vatic Note:  There has been a progression of evolution of freemasonry over several hundred years.   It started out as an association of stone masons for the purposes of training and educating as well as viewing their craft as an art form and as a communications system using stone masonry as the tool for such communications.

It evolved over time with the influence of the "cabbala" and minor royalty of Britian as well as the inclusion of the occult in its structure and content.   It also evolved, with all those changes, in membership.  The latest lodge to be created was the York Lodge, and there was not a single stone mason in the entire lodge.

It was created by Rothschild using the Chatham House and contained members that were minor royalty.   The current organizations are now more of a social/social engineering group than what was their original purpose. There is now an occult/pagan/satanic nature to much of it.  Occultists like Alistair Crowley and Albert Pike,  had a lot to do with those changes and it filtered over to the other freemason lodges world wide and that included the USA.

Read this below and see just how bad it has gotten.

Secret Archive: Jack the Ripper Was a Freemason Committing Ritualistic Murders 
By Vigilant Citizen,  December 1, 2015

Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons Are Worse Than You Think

Vatic Note:  Who knew?  I certainly did not.   I thought it was banned to save the drug companies.   I use infused cannabis salve for wounds and skin problems and it heals like I was 20 years old again.   I swear by it now and use nothing else for such wounds.   In fact, it over came a problem I had with my knees that had either no cartilage or a Torn cartilage in the other knee.   The one without I can now walk without worrying if my knee will give out and on the other one, it works on my arthritis from the tear on my cartilage. 

I don't smoke it, but I do use the salve.   I have also used it as a pain killer on my toes, since I have corns and rubs that hurt my feet and I put the salve on and the pain is gone for hours.   The American Indians used it forever to heal with along with other natural remedies, so what was good for them, is certainly better for us than these side affect drugs that are worse than the original problem they are suppose to cure.

Why is marijuana Banned?  The Real Reasons Are Worse Than  You Think!
By Johann Hari, for Waking Times, February 13, 2016


Remains of hundreds of victims, discovered at Veracruz ranch, in Mexico

Vatic Note:   It appears, but not certain or proven, that many of those found were children.  I am still trying to figure out why these kids had to die.  There is not one word in this article about any sexual abuse etc.   Were some of them teen drug runners?  What other reason were they killed?

Mexico seems to be a place where open season is practised against just about anyone who does not fit with the program they have going on down there. Slavery is definitely in place for their workers and you can tell, since its proving to be a very poor country, with very rich people running it.   That is why so many are willing to migrate here for an improved life style and decent wages and working conditions.

If I find out more about these victims I will update the article and the blog.  So keep an eye out for any updates.

Remains of hundreds of victims, discovered at Veracruz ranch 
By Lucio R., Borderland Beat Translated material from Animal Politico, Feb 15, 2016

Jews (KHAZARS) Lead the Gun Control Charge

Vatic Note:  This has been proven to be true, they tried their damnedest to get our guns and failed.   WE WILL "NEVER" "EVER" GIVE UP OUR GUNS.  On that point, Brother Nathaniel is absolutely correct.   He has great insight to the subject.   

The problem with the Khazars is, they do not understand the goyim at all and that is why they fail in all their false flags that they screw up.  Why?  I believe it is because they are not human and thus have no clue how humans react to anything, so they make blatantly obvious mistakes on their false flag attempts.   

Well, that is the same problem they have with respect to our 2nd amendment rights, and the issue of gun control.  One excellent example is brought to mind about Diane Feinstein.  She has pontificated and gone on and on and on about it and yet, turned around and armed her own family, including her son.   What was the message to the goyim that she gave????   They have no clue.   But we all know.

Our founding fathers made it clear that there can be no freedom without the arms to defend that freedom, and that is why they gave us both the unorganized militia and the Second Amendment.  It was so well done, that even Switzerland has adopted our structure for themselves and now every swiss home is required to have arms.   They are free as well.

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2013

The Times of Israel recently published an article titled, “Jewish politicians lead chorus calling for tighter gun laws.”

Woman Combines Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil (You Won’t Believe What Happened to Her Body, it cured cancer)

Vatic Note:  After reading this, I realized why Cannabis/Marijuana was banned, since it has unbelievable healing properties.   With the rise of the drug companies, back in the 30's came the banning of these natural remedies that would have cut into the profits of these emerging, banker owned drug companies.   We have been living without these natural remedies ever since.

Today, some states are taking the unprecedented steps of going against the foreign occupied government of our nation, and approving Marijiuana as a legal medicine.  In fact, I used it in a cannabis infused salve on a serious wound I suffered when I went flying off a curb into a gravel ladened parking lot.  It healed by body as if I were a 20 year old.  I swear b y the salve now, for damn near everything to do with healing my body.

Its also a very effective painkiller, which allows us to kill pain without using the drug companies narcotic addictive pain killer such as oxycodent.   Its worth researching into all the things this drug can do.   Its misnamed as a drug since its a  natural growing plant that the American Indians used for centuries as medicine along with other natural remedies.   We are now getting reports of cancer cures, without using toxic chemotherapy.   That is billions of dollars in profits down the drain for the psychopathic drug companies and their leader

Read this below and watch the video, and you will see what I mean. 

Woman Combines Coconut Oil and Cannabis Oil (You Won’t Believe What Happened to Her Body
A lady was diagnosed with advanced terminal lung cancer and even though doctors said it is incurable, her daughter took efforts to obtain cannabis oil for healing after her mother received the oncologist’s death sentence of six months left to live with her cancer. She preserved with amazing results and after curing her Mother’s stage 4 lung cancer within 3 months, she courageously posted an upbeat, outspoken YouTube testimonial.


A VATIC "MUST WATCH": Why US and Israel wants to ban this video...

Vatic Note:   This was an amazing job for this American Jew to put together and convey the minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day horror that constitutes "life" for the Palestinian people IN THEIR OWN LAND.

The point she makes very well, is how this is not even in the land of Israel, rather, this is   happening by Israel against the Palestinian people in their own legally recognized land.  In other words,  ITS AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION BY ISRAEL OF ANOTHER COUNTRY, PALESTINE AND THEIR PEOPLE.

I tried to imagine how I would feel if I went through all that these people have gone through and go through every single day.  When I did that, watching it happen as I am pondering it,  I got mad. I came up with all kinds of things I would do to rid my country of these occupiers. Now I want my country, THE USA, to stop sending billions of my tax dollars to Israel, to do this illegal occupation and to leave the pals alone to live their lives.

That was when I realized just how peaceful, and gentle these Palestinian people are.  Take a gander for yourselves.   Its real, since its on video and done by someone who has absolutely no reason to lie about it all.  So my question is,  WHY ISN'T THE UN DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE INTERNATIONALLY ILLEGAL  OCCUPATION BY ISRAEL, OF THE PALESTINIAN COUNTRY?

To me, it makes it clear as a bell, just how useless and used the UN is when it comes to acting as the government of the globalists and this is exactly what we can expect if these globalists ever get the power they need to run the globe.  We must  never let that happen.  

Why US and Israel wants to ban this video... 
Published on Jul 18, 2014
This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine... It will make you cry...

Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Farming Amongst The Elites ~ Sonya Van Gelder ~ The Kev Baker Show

Vatic Note:   This was mind blowing and clearly makes the point that this battle going on on this planet right now, is a spiritual one between good and evil.  No wonder these global Satanists want all religions on the good side, destroyed, wiped out and genocided.

Its the damage that they do to innocent children that raises my hackles like nothing else could.  How could they do this and feel nothing for those poor children?   They have to be total psychopaths with not one ounce of humanity in them.

Having a pure childhood without all the evil and filth that diseased minds bring to the table, is one of the things that we all deserve since we have done nothing as children to deserve anything less.  This woman does an excellent job with only a few minutes notice to substitute for the originally scheduled guest.

This is also a Vatic Must watch/listen/read blog.   At my age, I can honestly say that this and the next blog are very educational and that never have I seen or heard of such actions on the part of those in power as I am seeing and hearing about today.   It may have been going on longer than I am aware of, but that means I lived a life much different than those being exposed to all of this today.

We, the people,  have a lot of work cut out for us.  NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.  NOT EVER.

Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Farming Amongst The Elites ~ Sonya Van Gelder ~ The Kev Baker Show
Published on Jul 3, 2015


Flint, Michigan, bureaucrats could be charged with manslaughter for mass poisoning of population with toxic lead

Vatic Note:   When I looked at the sources of this news,  I asked myself, "Uh Oh, something stinks in Denmark, since those news sources are all mainstream press who reports nothing that could harm the power structure put in place by the powers that be,  So what is "really" going on here?

Thank goodness our town took fluoride out of our water as far back as 2005, and the state tried to intimidate us into putting it back in, but our board held fast and would not budge on taking it out.   We had too much evidence proving it was dangerous to our health and so, with some serious lurching,  the board members voted to remove the toxic flouride that came from pesticide production, from our water and we have been clean ever since.

Michigan has suffered in many areas, such as loss of manufacturing jobs, industries moving to slave labor countries and it has devastated their economy. I am surprised that the elected reps are not making a stink over spending the money to investigate this..... but I want to see the proof in the pudding, so to speak.  I will follow this story til the end and update later as more comes out.  I hope that Mike Adams has the same idea of following this closely and reporting back regularly.  Thanks, Mike for all that you and your staff reporters do for us. 

Flint, Michigan, bureaucrats could be charged with manslaughter for mass poisoning of population with toxic lead 

10 Dark Secrets From The Wealthiest Family In World History

Vatic Note:  Over the past 6 years that we have been blogging, we have exposed way more than what you will see on here, however, it was important to remind everyone of the major dark secrets that was common knowledge since they are the power and money behind Israel Khazars as well as British Royalty using them all for the global control agenda.

If you want to revisit or go deeper into this issue, then go to our blog on the right hand side and scroll down and look for the category named "THE ROTHSCHILD OCTOPUS", and read all those articles.    I believe we have more info on this family in one place than any other site I have visited so please avail yourselves of the various blogs and seriously educate yourselves about this family.

10 Dark Secrets From The Wealthiest Family In World History
By Admin,  the Unsilent Majority,  January 10, 2016

Mother beats cancer with JUICING after told she only had two weeks to live

Vatic Note:  This article reads as if it were disclosing how our processed foods and their manufacturers are killing us.  No wonder they passed that bill several years ago, making it illegal to have a food garden and to grow our own food.

At first, I thought it was just to protect the markets and profits of the food manufacturers, but now I see my old adage, "they never do anything for just one reason"........ is possibly true..... after all the globalists are the ones that gave us the depopulation warning in advance in 1974, with those Georgia guide-stones, in 5 different languages.

What better way to rid the world of population, then to make food full of poisons and sell it to us,  cause droughts so we can't grow the food ourselves, Chentrail the air we breath, call it pollution, tax us to death over it, and then GMO the seeds we would buy just in case we found a way to grow our own.  They get us 7 ways to Sunday.

If we fight back, we must do it smart, and thus effectively beat them.  Direct violent confrontation is not to our advantage.   Hidden warfare is.   Get photos of those doing all this to us, track them, record their movements, acquaintances, habits,  traditional places they go, who they hang out with etc.

Use disguises, facial, clothing, hair etc...... and that way, you are safe as are the rest of the people.   If they see this as us against them, they will use martial law and take our guns, and then we must rely on our soldiers to protect us from these globalists.

The soldiers are beholden to their masters, as our founding fathers made clear and that was why they created the "unorganized militia", since the professional military have been trained and indoctrinated to do as they are told.  We saw that in our own revolution with the shot heard round the world at concord.

Lots to think about on this subject.    The article is a good one about how to handle cancer with food, and should be taken seriously and used if needed.  But again, be prepared for the evil ones to do as they have promised, and that is to depopulate us down to only half a billion worldwide and never forget it.  That is why all the poisons in our air, soil and now water with all the lead poured into the drinking water up in Michigan.  It is time to fight back on this soft kill program.

Mother beats cancer with JUICING after told she only had two weeks to live