FDIC sues WaMu execs and their wives,Puget Sound Business Journal -

Vatic Note:  That is not the only fraudulent thing WaMu has done.   They take student loan payments for years,  and never record they have been paid, and then wait past the time accepted for keeping your records to prove you paid them,  then they turn it into the Student loan gov guarantee services and get paid for an unpaid student loan.   Then the government comes after the student who paid years ago but now dumped the records from the 15 years ago when it was paid off..... and thus cannot prove they paid them.  They and DSC are crooks.  I would be happy to go to court and so prove they are crooks, becuase it happened to me.  I hope they all go down.... I will celebrate.  Remember, Seattle is also where the vaccine depopulation advocate lives, Bill Gates.  The town is full of cretins like this.... amazing psychopaths with no conscience. 

FDIC sues WaMu execs and their wives,Puget Sound Business Journal -

by Kirsten Grind ,Date: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 9:05am PDT - Last Modified: Thursday, March 17, 2011, 2:28pm PDT,   Puget Sound Business Journal

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. filed suit against former executives of Washington Mutual, including former CEO Kerry Killinger, former President Steve Rotella, and their wives, in a case that seeks to recover unspecified damages at trial.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Western Washington, also seeks to freeze the estates of the Killingers and Rotellas. It also names David Schneider, the former head of WaMu's home loans division, who now works at JPMorgan Chase.

Earlier, the FDIC said it would seek $1 billion in damages, but the amount wasn't specified in the suit.

HAARP: 2008 - Persian Gulf Eyewitness

Vatic Note: Look what we found from back in 2008. Its proof of HAARP experimenting with their weapon upon water. Remember earthquakes need water boiled to push the plates up and out and this is a good example of working on that aspect of the weapon. Now we can see why all those fish died in water ways all over the planet at around the same time (Remember, there are at least 3 HAARP facilities owned by the US strategically set around the globe to allow 360 degree operations to occur) and they looked like they have been flying into walls....... that was back in Feb 2011, if you remember correctly. This was a translated video from farsi into english, since this happened in the Persian Gulf and was witnessed and filmed by a resident. ....... I can not even believe just how mad this makes me. Everything innocent, beautiful and pure is killed... these evil ones are walking death and hate anything living or beautiful..... they must be zombies, the walking dead themselves. Sorry, just another vatic rant. Watch the video and see what I mean. This time they killed dolphins. I have not seen another video this graphic and specific about Haarp, so download it to ensure its survival because eventually we will get to a trial of sorts and justice will be meted out.

HAARP: Persian Gulf Eyewitness
Uploaded by FromSoraya on Dec 13, 2008

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). THE "Weapon of Mass Destruction".
It is the source of artificial weather changes (such as TORNADOS, droughts, floodings, cyclones and tsunamis) and also EARTHQUAKES. Not only that, but the waves that travel into the depths of the ocean heavily hurt and can kill water species, including whales and dolphins.  ( A must watch video)


World Emergency -- Bury Fukushima in sand now

World Emergency -- Bury Fukushima in sand now : every container ship in the world should be loading up with sand for Japan -- from container ports to trains

Commentary and appeal - Dick Eastman, Yakima, Washington
March 18, 2011

Sand now!

Japan and all other governments are thinking like corporations -- looking to cost. They act like they are going to have to pay for charity. They are acting like people with a lot of mutual funds loaded up with disaster capitalism stocks. They are acting like people afraid of being blamed for mistakes, for the cost decision they made when a cheaper solution might have been available if they just took some time thinking about it etc.

It is life and death that we go with the best emergency containment plan we have right now -- and cry about the cost after the risk to millions of lives is removed.

Get this idea through their thick skulls.

Giant earth movers also necessary

Mountains of sand should be put up around the reactors -- with giant earth movers set up for robotic control -- a Japanese specialty.

This must be done now.    (VN:  and afterwards those responsible need to be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, my Gawd what have we allowed to be losed upon this planet??)

I am telling Japan and the world that what has happened in Japan is no accident. They system is failing because of back scenes sabotage. The intelligent systems of man will all fail because even more intelligence has been put into effecting this sabotage of the Japanese people and their way of life.

But whether you accept this conspiracy fact or not -- the provision of a mountain of sand in readiness to push over the reactors is absolutely necessary -- and then cement over the sand. This must be begun immediatly. Cleanup can be effected later working through a system where tunnels are dug so the cleanup can be effected underground and only safe containers are brought to the surface for disposal elsewhere. It is a conspiracy not to do this.

It is impossible to evacuate Tokyo in a famine year and allowing radiation to destroy crops and livestock of Japan and North America -- not to mention birth defects from even moderate radiation levels to man.

Every important step requires lead time.

Do not wait to see how measures are going to work out -- because the conspiracy theory has one every test so far.

That sand to localize the contamination is absolutely necessary. Yes, it will make local cleanup a much harder -- but the point is that the problem will be localized and there will be a functioning Japan that can undertake the problem. The point is to live so you can develop the solutions.

Don't let bureaucrats or engineers just focused on cleanup of the facility and people who will not even consider the possiblity of conspiracy -- make the decision not to take this extraordinary step. Cost benefit analysis is out the window when life and death is upon us.

The world cannot afford not to take this step.

And if Tokyo doesn't have the money -- then a fiat money system should be adopted immediately.

The world needs to adjust - revolt if necessary -- to accomodate what has to be done to save Japan and avoid worldwide famine that could kill hundreds of millions.

Dick Eastman

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Cost of US Terrorism in Afghanistan: Incalculable

Vatic Note:  Ok, folks,  they are doing my vatic notes, once again, so here is info I am sharing.  There are two places that Mossad operates out of for doing this cyber warfare just in case anyone wants to know,  one is in Monroe, Louisiana in a brand new cyber building built just for this purpose.  You can ask anyone in Monroe where the "new building " is located.  Employess should be easily identified.   The other place is in McLean, VA.   Good luck you all.  I would take care of it, but I am too old.   Here is proof of what I tried to say about the military and the brainwashing and mind control through satanism in the military.

The Cost of US Terrorism in Afghanistan: Incalculable

Published on Friday, March 4, 2011 by CommonDreams.org
by Kathy Kelly

Recent polls suggest that while a majority of U.S. people disapprove of the war in Afghanistan, many on grounds of its horrible economic cost, only 3% took the war into account when voting in the 2010 midterm elections. The issue of the economy weighed heavily on voters, but the war and its cost, though clear to them and clearly related to the economy in their thinking, was a far less pressing concern.

Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico

UPDATE: 3/20/11Additional confirmation of the facts below is at this link

Vatic Note:   Now this is one, that you are going to have to research and confirm yourselves, but I am putting it up to get us ready in case it is real.  I added this to several other facts..... please review and then let me know what you think....This could be the "new" fear feeding by the khazars, so please keep that in mind now that we know there is nothing to fear from the Japanese radiation threat. 

1.  Homeland security was asking for 14 million meal packs, body bags etc...
2.  Homeland security was indicating a big earthquake on the madrid fault.
3.  The NAU did not materialize, nor did the NAU SUPERHIGHWAY, which means they cannot militarily cut off one part of the country from the other, thereby preventing the military from taking our guns region by region without risk of the entire nation rising up at the same time, thereby overwhelming the forces.
4.  A military survey indicated that US military would not fire on unarmed civilians if ordered to do so, there fore they would need some other military.  Canada and Mexico would be firing on their own citizens given the huge number of both who live in the states both legally and illegally.  So which foreign army would not have that much of a trouble firing on their citizens as we have seen historically???  Right, China!
5.  The President has recently indicated that the Chinese could place a claim on the nations assets due to the debt levels that are deliquent. 
6.  The first TARP bill gave foreign nations banks the right to come in and forceably foreclose on properties used as  collateral for the debt.   Hmmmmm,  beginning to make sense yet???
7.  The UN passed and Obama signed and the senate approved the GUN CONFISCATION TREATY BY THE UN..... now that is exactly where the rubber will meet the road.  I believe that is why they are here since there is no other way to get those guns and live to tell about it.

We will update as we receive more proof of this situation. 

Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops South Of Laredo Texas In Mexico
looking for additional confirmations
March 14, 2011
Steve Quayle

A very worried trucker, spent time in relating to me his account of delivering a tractor trailer load of food to a Chinese military camp 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. When I questioned him this is what he stated.

The camp is 2 miles wide by 3 miles long. There are 10,000 armored vehicles. It blew my mind! I asked him how he calculated the number of armored vehicles and he said he had time to physically count the rows of armored vehicles as the Chinese soldiers unloaded his trailer.

ALERT: Super Storm off the coast of Japan 2500 Miles Wide!!! HAARP??

Alert:  Super Storm off the coast of Japan 2500 Miles Wide!!! PREPARE AND DISTRIBUTE THIS.

Uploaded by Mr2tuff on Mar 17, 2011

What can I say its huge.

Vatic Note: (Please see radiation map right after this video and the write up as well and see how they match up perfectly,  radiation appears to be the same size as the storm,  what a coincidence,  HELLO 9-11, SAME PLAYERS).  THEY ARE COMMITTED TO THEIR DEPOPULATION OF THE USA.    HUGE STORM coming and from the looks of it by shape and size, this is a haarp redirected jet stream storm aimed directly at the USA and the size is exactly the same size as the whole USA diagonally, 2,500 MILES ACROSS...... Can you believe how crazy and nuts these fruitcakes are???? Seriously, AND THEY WANT TO RUN THE GLOBE???? NOT.... over everyones dead body.... hmmm, maybe that is their objective because you do know what is inside those clouds, don't you??? Does " a nuke meltdown" in Japan sound familiar? STOCK UP and prepare. REMEMBER CHEMTRAILS HAVE BEEN GOING NOW EVER SINCE THE EARTHQUAKE, So we know they used to dump barium which is radioactive substance, and now who knows. Maybe truth has been that there was not the fall out they needed and thus they had to started dumping. I don't know, I just know this is getting bloody old and we need to take this country back before its completely destroyed. Remember their warning on the madrid fault they intend to do, which will split the country in half. So between the radiation, the hundreds of thousands that would die in a madrid Fault event with the gulf tsunami rushing in as told to us by Homeland "gestapo" Security. This is obscene. (see video below and map of the radiation and check out the similarities in size and direction)

15 Nuclear Reactors (count them, 15) sit on The New Madrid Fault Line

Vatic Note:   Homeland Security has been preparing for this for a long time.  Is it planned using Harp??? Please read and see what they are saying about it.   We never hear about the Madrid fault until after the gestapo is instituted here in this country.   He is right,  no one trusts their governments anymore or anything they say.  It all seems like a major RICO conspiracy to do serious wealth generating harm to this nation.  So, that is the big question.   Is this planned and when??? 

15 Nuclear Reactors on New Madrid Fault Line

Wed, 16 Mar 2011 18:53 CDT,  Before It's News,  New Madrid Nuclear
© US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Bob Nations, Jr., the Director of Shelby County Office of Preparedness, says that since the lack of preparation exposed by Hurricane Katrina, he is "preparing for the catastrophic event" in his six-county jurisdiction.

Nations admitted that after a major quake, Tennessee's infrastructure and response capabilities "would get overwhelmed fairly quickly."

There are 15 nuclear power plants in the New Madrid fault zone -- three reactors in Alabama -- that are of the same or similar design as the site in Japan experiencing problems.



Vatic note:  HERE IS WHAT IS GOING ON UNDER the cover of  the Japanese radiation scare in the USA,  and while that is going on,  WORLD WAR III which will be a nuke war, is being set up behind our backs.   Read how we are going in with mega weapons when the rebel remnant is almost defeated and Israel is helping Gaddafi.  Now someone please explain that one to me???  If not, then my "speculation" is that Israel is helping Gaddafi IN ORDER TO GET HIM TO ACT LIKE AN IDIOT FORCING THE US to then make this into a full scale war which will get out of hand.  Its the only way Israel could get us to do this.   Remember they started these revolts with their psych ops people embedded in rebel forces PROVOCATEURING these rebellions in order to secure control over everyone of those nations.  Israel's man is now in charge in each of those countries.  Who is next after Gaddafi?  Syria??  Lebenon??  Jordon?? Yup, you can smell this manipulation of the public a mile away.  None of us has said a word about it since we are so preoccupied with radiation.  Nice...... THIS IS WHY THEY BLEW UP THE NUKES IN JAPAN.  Think about this for a moment.... LIBYA HAS NO AIRFORCE TO TALK ABOUT AND WE NEED 5 COUNTRIES AIRFORCES???  WHAT FOR??  This is beyond ridiculous. THIS IS THE ELITE TRYING TO GET THEIR MONEY GRUBBING VAMPIRE BLOOD SUCKING THIRD WORLD WAR.  Gosh, I am mad all over again. 

Five air forces set to attack Libya. Qaddafi threatens reprisals in Europe and ME

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report March 17, 2011, 8:00 PM (GMT+02:00)

Shortly before the UN Security Council met Thursday, March 17, to discuss a no-fly zone resolution for Libya, Moscow promised Washington and other Western capitals not to apply a veto, debkafile's sources report exclusively. The US, British, French, UAE and Qatar air forces were on standby to attack Libyan army targets as soon as the resolution is passed. If attacked, Libya threatens retaliation against civilian and military targets in Europe and the Middle East, according to a statement from the Defense Ministry in Tripoli..

Vatic Project Update and Status

Vatic Project update and status:   We will continue to blog articles as we have in the past, however our daily summaries will now become weekly summaries for the reasons stated below.  We hope you will continue to follow our work and information and provide additional info to share with others who may benefit.  

Where We Were!

We have spent an incredible amount of time on educating and informing over the past year and now we are moving into a different phase since any chance to stop all this is gone, now its time to prepare,  form community groups,  rebuild from what they intend.   One last warning asking all of us to try and stop these khazars at this point, but if not,   then our nation may well be split into two nations by the potential gulf water that may rush into where the "Homeland security Threatened" madrid fault will be triggered by HARP similar to what they have done to Japan.  My last word on any of these warnings.  IF YOU DO NOT RID US OF THESE TRAITORS NOW, WHO REPRESENT A FOREIGN NATION,  THEN I DO BELIEVE IT WILL BE TOO LATE, very soon.  I am too old or I would be glad to do it.  LOL 

Where We Are Going!

I began yesterday and will continue  through however long it takes to work helping my local community with information, consultation and preparation for what is coming and to save as many lives as we can directly within our community, especially those with no resources to do so. 

Emergency Broadcast - Revolution Imminent - Europe??

Vatic Note:  Its always hard to tell with Europe  what they will do since they gave up their weapons so easily.   We all have a line in the sand,  and I believe we are about as close as we have ever been to crossing it.  Well, that is the case in Britian as we can see from this video.    If you have noticed, lately we are putting up more and more about resistance, revolution, non violent, but big in numbers.  Its time to start thinking outside the box, to take the agressive and to stand with courage and passion.    I firmly believe if you watch this video that you will see that the police are reluctant and clearly know they and their families will be next and at some point will understand they will have no jobs in the end if they do not sell out thier own families and neighbors.   The awareness is rising in the enforcement arm of the elite and its not going so well these days for them.  There will be a time.....  simply begin to prepare psychologically for that point where you say to yourself, "I would rather be dead than to live as they have planned".   When that time comes, that is when we will win.   It takes that kind of commitment to achieve victory as the enforcement arm does not have that kind of commitment to their reluctant bosses.   The Prince is lucky he only got a rotten egg thrown at his auto.   Hopefully this spills over into America.  

Emergency Broadcast - Revolution Imminent - Europehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO9JHgttoUo&feature=player_embedded
Uploaded by cveitch on Mar 8, 2011

26th March is going to be a day when hundreds of thousands march through central London, UK.


More Scenes from the Birkenhead Court - check his channel for more videos

British Constitution Group storm court and arrest judge:

Max Keiser on Mainstream News saying "Stop feeding Goldman Sachs"

The Love Police

track in video: Mt. Eden & Ruby Frost - Oh That I Had
Photos by Bob: http://www.onexpo.co.uk/

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'Bilderberg Hand': Deadly chaos in Libya, Bahrain as Wave of Rage spreads

Vatic Note:  PLEASE LISTEN TO SARDUCHI AS HE EXPLAINS THESE RIOTS.  Why do the globalists want a democracy???  OUR GOV SHOULD SHOW YOU WHY....  The bankers can buy the government while at the same time keeping people believing they are free and yet, they do not select nor does a candidate win that is not owned by the bankers and their bought and controlled MSM.  We have seen that for 10 years now and few are fooled anymore.  That is why they want to destroy our "REPUBLIC" and replace it with a democracy which is a "dictatorship" of the majority against the minority which fits perfectly into the hands of the globalists.   They have no intentions of being elected at the global level, rather control the candidates at the national level who will pick those who will represent us at the global level, so does anyone really think that the banker owned candidates at the national level will pick dennis kucinich on the left or Ron Paul on the right to represent us at the global level???  Yeah, I am laughing too at that thought.

'Bilderberg Hand': Deadly chaos in Libya, Bahrain as Wave of Rage spreads
Uploaded by RussiaToday on Feb 21, 2011


Government buildings are reported to be on fire in the Libyan capital Tripoli as demonstrators demand an end to the 41-year rule of Colonel Gaddafi. The son of the Libyan leader blamed opposition groups and outsiders for instigating the protests. The army is reported to be using live ammunition against demonstrators, with international organisations putting the current death toll at over 200. In a televised national address Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi said this number was exaggerated, also dismissing reports that his father fled the country. Meanwhile the unrest continues to spread further through the region with protests in Yemen, Bahrain and Morocco. Regional expert Adrian Salbuchi says that global dominance groups are behind the wave of revolts.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Another Revolution? Utah Legislature goes for gold, silver as currency options

Vatic Note:  What will be the consequences to Utah for such a move?  Remember, they are getting bloody violent against states and countries that stand against them.  Does Utah have a militia and do other states militias intend to stand with other states???  Lots of questions... indeed.   Where, oh, where is that line in the sand....???? 

Utah Legislature goes for gold, silver as currency options

By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, Thursday, March 10, 2011

Seen as hedge against dollar slide
The Utah Legislature on Thursday passed a bill allowing gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender in the state — and for the value of their precious metal, not just the face value of the coins.

State backers said they hope the move will help insulate Utah from a potential monetary slide as countries question the value of the dollar. Others, casting their eye nationwide, said it could spur a broader move by Congress or states to readopt a gold standard.

ALERT: Japanese nuke Explosions caused by 9-11 type pentagon cruise missles?? .....Israel has to get out of our gov!

Vatic Note:  Oh, my Gawd, When haarp did not breach the inner core of the nuclear plant, they must have sent in a missle out at sea. WATCH IT ON THIS VIDEO. This appears as  a declared war against Japan by israel using the USA to do it..... oh, my Gawd. This is outrageous. This is murder of thousands of Japanese people...... oh, do we have apologizing to do or don't we???  The international community needs to get involved in this to stop these crazies from harming anymore countries.  We are next when the radiation gets here unless they start chemtrailing it onto us early.  Best to start testing your air. 

Contributors Note:  If you haven't already, I ran that live Japanese video that captured that "high-speed UFO" coming inland from the ocean on my digital photo program and enlarged upon the object; and it appears nearly identical to the similar object seconds before striking the Pentagon: a sub or air-launched cruise missile. Pay very close attention to that object in that video a split second before it gets over the land and you will see the long intermittent exhaust tail with the white missile itself barely visible at that distance. The only question is its trajectory, and perhaps that could be determined from the coastal land marks on Virtual Earth Mapping systems. It appears to correct to slightly to the right in that video, but that could also be the lens curvature; but at that distance, it is definitely moving at cruise missile altitude and speed.

One thing about it, with that object in that live video, there is a whole lot more involved with that nuclear power facility "explosion timing" than what we are hearing on the so-called "news"!  I was wondering what your opinion was in that regard; and thanks for sending it

Japan Earthquake And Tsunami : Strange Object Seen As Tsunami Hits Coast
03/13/2011 — Dr. Donald Ryles,  Contributed to Vatic Project by Anonymous, western USA

This was posted today and brought to my attention . It was posted by LeaveMyCar @ YouTube who found what he feels is an oddity in the coverage of the tsunami. Some say this is just a helicopter…Some say it is way too fast for a helicopter…and some don’t have any idea what it is. What do you think ?

Video 1 of 2


VN:  Another video with a different perspective and WATCH SLIGHTLY OFF TO THE RIGHT AS IT EMERGES THROUGH THE WAVES ONTO LAND. 
UFO missile drone sighting 2 above Japan tsunami earthquake 480p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIuPD3wT2CU
Uploaded by 2ndSTARMAN on Mar 11, 2011

2nd sighting of UFO? missile? captured on another news report on Japanese Tsunami caused by 8.9 earthquake off Japan's eastern coast on March 11

Video 2 of 2  -  from a different angle.

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Shinmoedake volcano: Japan's explosive geology explained

Vatic Note:  Hmmm,  so earthquakes and damaged reactors were not enough, huh?  Just kidding, i have no idea if this is HAARP related "directly".   It could have been an indirect result of the HAARP induced earthquakes, but sadly, here it is.  See video below

Shinmoedake volcano: Japan's explosive geology explained
By Brett Israel, OurAmazingPlanet staff writer / March 15, 2011

Shinmoedake volcano: The Shinmoedake cone on the Kirishima mountain range erupted on Sunday, the largest blast from the volcano in 52 years.

Volcanic lightning or a dirty thunderstorm is seen above Shinmoedake peak as it erupts on January 28. The volcano erupted again on Sunday, with the largest blast in more than half a century.  When it comes to building a country, you'd be hard-pressed to do it in a more volatile part of the world than Japan.  (VN:  well, at least Japan has volitility due to nature which is understandable, while Israel has made the volitility, within Israel,  themselves outside of nature, its not only not natural, its downright self destructive, suicidal or masochistic, whatever fits the reason)

Taking Back Our Country Peacefully By Lawfully Flushing Out The Traitors

Vatic Note:  Well they took down my vatic note, so I guess they don't want a revolution by peaceful means.  lol  

Taking Back Our Country Peacefully By Lawfully Flushing Out The Traitors
by Justin Walker, Posted on January 29, 2011 by Admin, Inquiring Minds.com

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”    President Thomas Jefferson

The time has come for the ordinary, decent and law-abiding people of Great Britain to say “enough is enough!” Everywhere you look our country and its institutions are under attack – the very fabric and character of this once great nation has been undermined by what appears to be a secretive and criminal global elite, ably supported by treasonous and treacherous minions, some of them elected, working in high positions of trust within government and the establishment.

Of course today, as soon as you mention the possibility of ‘conspiracy’, the usual and programmed response comes back that you are a ‘conspiracy theorist’, someone who thinks and operates outside reality and whose opinions are of little worth. So to those people who still believe that individual national governments are truly free to decide upon their own policies and agendas and ultimately their own destinies, please read the following quotes carefully – very carefully – and take in the full implications of what these famous and influential people were saying:

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws”.
Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1790


Video: Japan's New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic

Vatic Note:  I simply have no words.  (THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THEY HAVE GUTTED MY VATIC NOTES ABOUT JAPAN BECOMING SCARY AND HOW THEY NOW MUST COMPLY FULLY WITH THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS ROTHSCHILDS OR ELSE.  YUP, FREE SPEECH IS A SCARY THING WHEN YOU ALSO HAVE MILLIONS OF GUNS, I always tell you when they do it, and if they do it again, I will simply copy this blog and email it to my extensive list).    Well, maybe a few.  Imagine what you could do with something like this robot, if your a psycho with power and money,  who looks real and sounds real with some refinement.  No more need for mind control subjects. 

Video: Japan's New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic
By Dan Nosowitz Posted 03.07.2011

Geminoid, Skin On and Skin Off Geminoid

The latest Geminoid robot is one of the most realistic, and thus creepiest, android we've ever seen. The skin, hair, goatee (!), and facial expressions are real enough to fool you for a few seconds while it sinks in that something very, very weird is going on.

This specific model is called the Geminoid DK, and it comes from the same studio that gave us the robotic actress, Geminoid F. The DK is the first Geminoid model that's based on a non-Japanese person (in this case, Associate Professor Henrik Scharfe of Denmark's Aalborg University) and also the first bearded model (if you consider a goatee a beard, which in my full-bearded opinion is debatable).


(Vatic Note:   they took down my vatic note, sorry,  I guess they didn't like my references to Orwellean thinking, like Nukepower is safe, ignorance is knowledge, etc LOL.   Lets see how long they leave this up this time.  It was a good note mixed in with the text of the article..  Maybe I will have to only put the notes on the summaries and then wait and reput them on the blogs after a while when they focus on something else.  This is a new one.  They never did real censorship before as out and out censoring specifics, but they have gutted whole blogs where I had to reenter the whole thing, so this is targeting specifically what they don't want you to "think", I highlighted in red what they don't want you to think, remember billions of dollars of taxpayer rip off money is at stake here.  I also said somthing about the nuke industry must be controlled by the Khazars since greed and avarice dominate the discussion about safety and other cleaner, cheaper energy sources.  Yup, they didn't like that one one bit, a nuke energy is worse than oil energy and they don't want you to know that, but they think your a stupid dumb cattle goyim, so you would not figure it out from what happened in Japan that nuke energy along our coastal fault lines is not the place to be building them or anywhere else for that matter, yeah,  THEY REALLY THINK WE WOULD NOT FIGURE THAT ONE OUT..... ARROGANCE WILL BE THEIR DOWNFALL) We finally have proof of this happening.  Go look at your daily summary and you will see my notes on there.  Talk about stupid.... makes the goyim look like geniuses. If we continue to point it out whenever it happens, you get to experience them first hand with the blogger, and thus you obtain a "knowing" of just how cybercensoring they are... first amendment anyone? An employee of the CIA or FBI who is not a dual Israeli citizen would not do this or do so reluctantly, so this is how I can tell this is mossad and prosecutable since they have no authority over us in this country legally. If they act like an occupying army then we don't even need the law, just our guns.)

The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators
by Greg Palast, New York - March 14, 2011

I need to speak to you, not as a reporter, but in my former capacity as lead investigator in several government nuclear plant fraud and racketeering investigations.
      Texas plants planned by Tokyo Electric.
I don't know the law in Japan, so I can't tell you if Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) can plead insanity to the homicides about to happen.

But what will Obama plead? The Administration, just months ago, asked Congress to provide a $4 billion loan guarantee for two new nuclear reactors to be built and operated on the Gulf Coast of Texas — by Tokyo Electric Power and local partners. As if the Gulf hasn't suffered enough.

Here are the facts about Tokyo Electric and the industry you haven't heard on CNN:     The failure of emergency systems at Japan's nuclear plants comes as no surprise to those of us who have worked in the field.

VATIC ALERT: There Will Be No Japanese Radiation Disaster - Here's Why

Vatic Note:  To be clear,  the situation is obviously fluid, so it can change from minute to minute, however, the die were set within the first 48 hours and after that,  any events that exaserbates the situation must be viewed with a jaudiced eye and questioning mind.   Ok,  I know I am going to get hit over the head for this one, but too many things are happening that make me sit back, take another look and rethink all that has happened over the past week.   So, come with me while I do this and see what aid you can give me in straightening out my vision.  Thanks.......Besides this article,  several other things happened that gave me pause, but I did not have enough to justify writing about it until this article by a highly qualified man who has been in touch with the nuke experts daily in Japan.

Here are the things that bothered me given the agenda of the Rothschild international bankers and problems they were having with Japan earlier in complying with their requirements. THEY BETTER NOT START CHEMTRAIL DUMPING RADIATION ON US USING THIS ACCIDENT AS COVER . 

1.  In the beginning,  I bought everything just like everyone else did, until Haarp was determined to be involved through the info we put up on this blog within 24 hours.  Then I began to reconsider... I even bought into the radiation threat. 
2.  Within a few hours of the blast on the first site,  the Japanese came out in THEIR PRESS stating that only the concrete building blew and the core was in tact and had not been damaged.  That was their big worry and that was  handled.   After that the same various announcements were made that the cores were preserved.  They used seawater to cool the cores etc. 
3.  Within 36 hours the United States "banker owned"  MSM were screaming fear mongering horror and doomsday all through each and every news cast.  That is a clear signal to us that their BANKER OWNERS wanted us afraid and thus promoted the fear mongering to the "Nth" degree and that included the known alternative banker owned press as well, both left and right, and usually when its both, then its controlled information.  
4.   I then recalled the WMD fear mongering to get us into Iraq, so there is precedence here for lying and disinformation and propoganda without batting an eyelid.  Now I began to even doubt this was anything like what they were saying, but decided to put up the protocols for addressing radiation poisoning.  Remember I still had no other evidence this was not serious.  But the initial reports of relief from the Japanese kept niggling at the back of my mind.
5.  Then came the additional rememberance that the Iron Mountain report had the recommendation to use "ECODESTRUCTION" to force globalization,  then the cap and trade tax came up again with the words "global warming" that supposedly caused the quake.  Then I knew something was wrong, it didn't feel right. 
6.  I also realized that Libyans were being killed in massive numbers and no news coverage.  Another reason and method they use to keep us from what is the real issue, which like Yugoslavia, is the complete take over of the middle east and all its natural resources "FOR ISRAEL" therefore ROTHSCHILD., they are one and the same, both khazars.
7.  Finally as of this morning our shadow government had not gone underground,   and CHEMTRAILS WERE OUT AGAIN,  so I began to wonder,  "ARE THEY GOING TO USE THESE EXPLOSIONS IN JAPAN TO DUMP RADIOACTIVE WASTE,  LIKE DU ON US?"  It worked so well in killing our soldiers and giving them an early death.  So with the "DEPOPULATION" agenda in place, this was a perfect storm for doing just that under cover of the blasts.   They use others for cover all the time.  They are Khazars and have used the Jews for centuries as cover for their inhuman acts.  They have used the USA for cover for their inhumane acts since we have never done in the past prior to Kennedy's death, what they are doing all this time (ie torture, renditioning etc).
8.  It appears the Japanese scientists are of course, concerned,  chagrined etc as you would expect with all this damage, but I have not read nor heard of any within the first 48 hours who did not believe things were contained and the worst spectre of fears were allayed. using salt water was their biggest discussion and finally resolution to their cooling problems.
There is more, but not important at this point.,  rather this article popped up and this sealed it for me.  Please read and study it carefully and decide for yourself.  This is definitely one of those times we each must decide which way we will go.  Good luck.  Just keep in mind the gulf and how all the fish were suppose to be dead by now.   I remember well the press screaming "THE OCEANS WILL DIE AND ITS AN EXTINCTION EVENT".  I got raked over the coals when I said that it did not feel right.  And sure enough, a year later we are not experiencing dead oceans.  Not by a long shot.  This is simply part of the "FEAR GAME" that takes us out of our power.  Read it carefully and see how you feel about it yourself.  Each of us has to do that now.  Being prepared is preferable to not.  So still do what is necessary to protect you and your family.

This was the notice on the site for this professor at MIT.

"Why I am not worried about Japan’s nuclear reactors."
Posted on March 13, 2011 by morgsatlarge

"This post has moved. It is now hosted and maintained by the MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Members of the NSE community have edited the original post and will be monitoring and posting comments, updates, and new information."  They would not be doing this if it was not a fully acceptable scientific paper .

VATIC ALERT:  There Will Be No Japanese Radiation Disaster - Here's Why!!!!
March 14, 2011 at 8:57am ,  by  morgsatlarge, BI Nuclear Expert  at MIT 

UPDATE: We have learned that this was written by Dr. Josef Oehmen, a research scientist at MIT. It was originally posted here.

I repeat, there was and will *not* be any significant release of radioactivity from the damaged Japanese reactors.
By "significant" I mean a level of radiation of more than what you would receive on - say - a long distance flight, or drinking a glass of beer that comes from certain areas with high levels of natural background radiation.


What Microsoft knows and keeps about you, abusing DMCA & kicking Cryptome... Oppss!

What Microsoft knows and keeps about you, abusing DMCA & kicking Cryptome... Oppss!
Source: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/ybenjamin/detail??blogid=150&entry_id=57956

By: Yobie Benjamin

As the Patriot Act came up for reauthorization by Congress, it's time to reflect on the immense powers Americans have ceded to the government and potential for abuse by federal, state and local authorities. Last year, an FBI Inspector General report has excoriated the FBI Communications Analysis Unit for abusive warrantless surveillance of perhaps thousands of innocent people. FBI Director Robert Mueller promised Congress the FBI will be take steps to stop the abuses cited in the Inspector General's report.

"The FBI's use of exigent letters... circumvented, and in many cases violated, the requirements of the Electronic Communications Protection Act statute," according to the report, which was referencing a leading federal wiretap law.

The global Internet and telecommunications infrastructure provides massive information on almost each and every person on the planet. In a twisted way, the only ones fortunate enough to maintain true privacy are the poorest of the poor in armpits of the world. If one has a cell phone no matter where they are on the planet, they could be subjected to the vast surveillance powers of states. But one power truly stands out --- the all encompassing reach and technological capabilities of the US National Security Agency. If you want to be secure, don't use a phone, a computer, credit card or any other technologically linked system because it guarantees that big brother will find you if they want to.

There is another side to this story.

Under the Spell of Israel

Vatic Note:  Keep in mind as you read this below,  the number of Khazar Israeli Zionist dual citizens that are controlling our White House, intel services, dept of defence, Sec of state, Dept of Treasury, haarp facility,  etc.   These are not who we assumed they were.  These are people who believe they are superior to us by virtue of their ability to engage in sociopathic behavior and feel nothing in the way of guilt or responsibility for the harm they do.  That makes them extremely dangerous to a nation AND TO A GLOBE, when given the reins of power.  They use tools that are unavailable to people like us,  we have a conscience and humanity and are not able to engage in such devious and malicious acts against our allies and friends.   But they are, thus we are out gunned by their sociopathic abilities.   We are living proof of that fact.   It won't change until we kick them all out of here like Iceland did who is now recovering beautifully from their economic downturn.   Its what we should do, must do, if we are going to stop this slide into oblivion and perversion. 

Under the Spell of Israel

Tim King Salem-News.com, February 23, 2011

(LONDON / SALEM ) - When Gilad Atzmon sent this video across from London today I watched it and shook my head. For me the information isn't all new but it is enlightening and equally suited for those of us in the know as well as people who are just opening their eyes to Israel's insane, cruel and needless pattern of violence and cruelty and massive war crimes.

The west has been under a spell for decades, dismissing the real history, meaning and implications of Israel; blindly accepting and funding and protecting what truly is a rogue government without question or delay.

Israel, most unfortunately, is guided by a philosophy that they are more entitled. Israel's approach to resolving real and perceived problems, as I have written before, is similar to gangland mentality where the biggest guns and sharpest knives, are used to decide the outcome of a situation. Fortunately, everyone in Israel doesn't believe in 'Zionism'; the concept that Jewish people are allowed to take land from other human beings because 'God gave it to them'.

                                         Zionist Gunzels Slaughter A Village - (Note: See
                                         many pictures of Irgun terrorist activities at this link.)

How to Stop The New World Order, StarTrek Style!!!

2012 New world Order in 1967 Capt Kirk tells us how to beat the NWO
Uploaded by adam3176 on Jan 30, 2011

Vatic Note:  This was so very well done, and prophetic that I just had to put it up.  I hope we aren't violating any copywrites on this.   Anyway, its a must watch and notice just how relevant and tied in this is to what we are experiencing today by a VERY SMALL MINORITY third party and SATANICALLY BASED INTERNATIONAL ELITE (Rothschild/Bankers) AND THEIR SMALL COUNTRY OF DECEIVERS (Israel),  trying to get the MAJORITY FACTIONS (Muslims and Christians) TO FIGHT EACH OTHER.  I almost fell off my chair when I saw this.  Well worth the watch.  I hate to admit it, but I remember this episode.   lol  Also remember the "Rothschild" protocols.  Maybe its time to take another look at them from this perspective.  Finally, its definitely a change of pace from the last few days news. 

NOT MY VIDEO... Looking for owner. I ripped this video dont thank me.. ;)

How to stop the New world order. startrek style.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.



Uploaded by nibiruTV on Mar 11, 2011

Vatic Note:  Remember Harp needs water heated for it to work on earthquakes.  So is that why the secret military space mission just before the earthquake?  Another question, Fulford said that the attack came from either NM or Nevada.  Now how did he know that?  We have a video below on the fact that there is a facility in Nevada.  We also have an article about the space mission below.  So check all of this out and see if you put it together the way I am beginning to see it.  I am not sure about Fulford, but for now, the evidence "appears" to be there.  Although graphics manipulation has turned into a real art form.    Laser tech to heat the water? This video also answers any questions some doubting thomases may have about the source of the earthquake. He simply furthers the understanding about who did this and now with radiation on the way to the states, there goes the weapon of mass destruction they have wanted to use on us.

REMEMBER, ITS NOT THE US, ITS ISRAEL AND BRITAIN, remember, the Queen is to Uranium what DeBeers is to diamonds. She is the largest private land owner in the world with massive amounts of uranium on the land she owns. I guess she will be selling alot of it after this.  There are two articles, the first are two videos explaining what may well have happened,  and the second is an article ON THE TOP SECRET SPACE MISSION GOING UP JUST BEFORE THE EARTHQUAKE WITH TOP SECRET WEAPONS THAT MAY WELL BE SPACE LASERS THAT CAN HEAT THAT WATER AS NEEDED TO CREATE THE EARTHQUAKE USING HARP.  Remember the gulf:  The top secret military space mission went up just before the gulf blow out and then after we mention the lasers that day,  and showed the video with two laser beams on the gulf and they matched the position of the holes in the top of the platform of the rig,  they then changed the story to say it went up after the gulf blow out.   Also remember the contract awarded for a second laser development since the first one performed so well.  We had the blog on that here.   I am with Fulford,  NO WORLD WAR EXCEPT WITH THE ROTHSCHILD INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.

Authors note:  HAARP was an idea that the great inventor NIKOLA TESLA had for the world to provide free energy (world wide)  Of course, the planned stopped as soon as the providers heard of this and sold all plans.

If Teslas inventions were not stopped we would be 100 years into the future, but time stopped for us. And yes, HAARP is very, VERY real folks. It is not some kind of BS that people make up. It can change the weather of the world, it can create "natural" disasters...
It's a doomsday device.   (see this video below)


How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination

***  OH, THEY REALLY DON'T WANT THIS UP........ GUESS WE ARE ONTO TO SOMETHING. They are messing with my cursor big big time in trying to get this up.  I will fight them as I usually do,  So, if Its a problem I will simply send this to the distribution list and you all will have to get it out there all over the globe.  OK??? I guess this was how they were going to get rid of millions of us.  Hows the lighting down there in your underground tunnels???  No sunshine???  Awe poor babies.   lol  They usually stop when I tell you about it.  LOL  (well it only took me three hours to get this up where it should have taken maybe 40 minutes, that is actually an improvement. ) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!  Take this very seriously.  Better be prepared and not need it, then to need it and not be prepared.  STAY OUT OF FEAR.... we can weather this if you study the info below.  It has everything you need to know to do as the Japanese did after WW II.   The only thing that will change this coming is the trade winds and they will not use Haarp to "save" us, only to kill us off.  I have been collecting this group of recommendations below for over 6 years now.  So, its pretty comprehensive list of actions we can take.  Good advice like don't use pasturized juice, rather buy the fruit and squeeze it since the ingredients that help to pull the radiation out of the body is killed in the pasturization process.

VATIC NOTE: I have no way of verifying the accuracy these articles, or if radiation detoxification is possible, but I am including all that I have found about radiation detoxification, in the hopes that it may be helpful to all those  exposed to it. Please send me additional information that you may have, or results of using these methods, so that I can share it with others. since we won't have a lot of time, its important to get going on this below first thing,  they do have recommendations below on how to prepare you body and self for the eventuality that it will come over head.  THEN WE GO AFTER THEM BIG TIME, FULL TIME, AND EVERYONE DOES IT.   Are you sick of this attack against us yet???  Read and STUDY THIS BELOW AND BUY WHAT YOU NEED.  you must understand that this goes in stages..... first you have to detox your skin, clothes etc...... this is contained below,  then bath for detoxing 20% of what is within you out that way.   Then you have to do internal detoxing and while you are doing that you have to eat....  right???  So those are two different things and they are also covered below.   The map shows the first early radiation and lightest should hit us tomorrow which is the third day.   After that in the 6th day we get another batch and final is 9th day which is suppose to be the worst.  We can all survive this.  We just have to do what it takes.


How to Detox Your Body of Depleted Uranium Residues, the Effects of Radiation, and Radioactive Contamination

It's sad but true that there are thousands of scientific references and medical studies out there on the fact that radiation and radioactivity can harm you, yet despite millions of dollars spent by the government to study radiation, virtually nothing is available about a detoxification diet or nutritional supplements you might use if you are exposed to radioactive contamination. Here's some of the information we do know from the only book in the world on the topic. Keep this information in the back of your mind as it may one day help save you or someone you know. (VN: in fact the opposite is true, THEY HAVE TRIED NUMEROUS TIMES TO BAN NATURAL REMEDIES.  "NOW" we know why! )


Vatic Note: AS we can see, this rebellion is occurring world wide even within our most precious allies, India for one. Remember, Mossad/Israel have an unusually close relationship with India, its intelligence depts and her leaders. Remember also that India has a heavy caste system that is almost unbreakable. You cannot over come the caste you were born into through any mechanisms that are socially available. Keeping this in mind, you can see why the Khazar Israeli's have an affinity to the leadership of India, since they see the rest of the world the same way compared to them. We are cattle to be used as fodder for wars and slave labor. That is the main reason I support those unions in Wisconsin becuase that is the message being sent, WE ARE NOT FODDER FOR ANYTHING FOR ANYONE. It needs to be shouted loud and clear. Read this section part II about the specifics of the corruption and see the parallel to what we are experiencing right here. Part I deals with the unreporting of this rally and part II deals with the specifics of the reasons for it. These are not arabs, so this is not a MUSLIM ISSUE, THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL KHAZAR BANKING ISSUE controlled by the ROTHSCHILDS that are destroying every single country on the planet with a few exceptions like Denmark, etc Bilderbergs and Khazar owned Royalty. This is in order to globalize.

Posted by: "Ravindran Major" majorravi@gmail.com
Fri Mar 11, 2011

*Plunder of India : Excerpts from Baba Ramdev Speech*

Following are the highlights of a 45 minute fiery speech given by Baba Ramdev which covers a long list of conspiracies our nation is facing:

1. Rs. 400 lakh crore black money in our economy � Our economy has a huge amount of black money. Rs. 300 lakh crore being stashed away in tax havens and Rs.100 lakh crore being in internal circulation. The government is not doing anything to stop this or to get back the money stashed in swiss banks. This is a massive amount which means that every family in this country would get Rs. 2.5 lakh. Each jila can get Rs. 50,000-60,000 crore for development. Each village would get Rs. 100 crore. It could take our country ahead of many developed nations overnight.


Vatic Note:  Every where that the Khazars have inserted themselves into the heart and core of a government is abject and obscene corruption at a level unprecedented.  While corruption is always with us, its never been at a level that costs the nation and their people such a high price as to border on high treason and the potential overthrow of that government.   This is simply another example, only this time its not in some arab or muslim nation, its with a much different society and culture.   Remember, the culture is a caste system and that makes it easier to get away with it.  Also we just proved that is not necessary for success.  We have lost our nation to Israel and the Rothschild internationalist bankers without that caste system, but then we are voluntaryily ignorant and that is why we lost our country.  Indians are educated and knowledgeable as we see here.  Its good to see what is going on in other countries.   Its the glue that binds us since we are all suffering under the yoke of Rothschild International Khazar banking mafia which gives me hope that a world revolution against these bankers is possible.  Its more than just corruption that is the problem, its the blackmailing and threats to family and life of our elected officials.   Knowing that has helped me focus on the true perps until we can free up our politicians to do  what is right for us without costing them their lives..... then we can figure out who was bought off and who was blackmailed and threatened and take care of it from there.  NO WORLD WAR AND NO REVOLUTION AGAINST THE GOV, BUT INSTEAD AGAINST THE INTERNATIONAL BIS ROTHSCHILD BANKING ZIONIST FASCIST MAFIA.

Posted by: "Ravindran Major" majorravi@gmail.com
Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:59 am (PST)

Historic rally in Delhi against corruption and black money :
Crusade against corruption will continue-Baba Ramdev

By Pramod Kumar, March 13, 2011

CONTINUING his tirade against corruption and black money stashed in foreign banks, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev alleged that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is heading the most corrupt government since Independence. Addressing a historic rally organised at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on February 27 under the
banner of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, he made it clear that he is not fighting against any party, person or family rather he is fighting against corrupt system, black marketeers and tax evaders and his crusade will continue in all circumstances.