THEY HAVE GUTTED THE VIDEOS TWICE THREE FOUR  FIVE SIX TIMES NOW, SO THERE IS SOMETHING TO THIS. PAY ATTENTION.  Well, they have a mirror site to my blog and simply put up theirs that is distorted and won't show the videos, so what I suggest is if the videos are not up,  then simply go on the link with each video  and watch it from there, then come back and watch the next one, it appears the problem videos for them are the one in the Vatic Note about the Concentration camps and organ harvesting and the first one proving they have a military base in Mexico only 60 miles from our border.  They don't seem to care about the third one since it deals more with international troops.   The Israeli's are in a load of trouble for acting like a foreign enemy of our people.     DOWNLOAD THEM WHEN YOU GO TO THE LINK AND PASS THIS AND THEM AROUND EVERYWHERE.    They are now talking about  doing california, according to Clinton, THAT HAVE NUKES ALONG THEIR SHORELINE where the radiation will make us all too sick to resist the chinese,  and then  you can be sure the Madrid fault is coming soon. Lets rock and roll, folks, and kick them out of here like Iceland did.  Get your weapons out of the house and hidden along with ammo.    

http://politicsandfinance.blogspot.com/2011/03/major-california-earthquake-predicted.html -

Now Clinton the other day,  just threatened Iran for interfering in the MIDDLE EAST,  now that is Orwellean if I ever heard it, DOING SO RIGHT AFTER WE ATTACK A NATION AND INTERFERE IN THEIR INTERNAL AFFAIRS WHEN THEY DID NOTHING TO USThis is their last big hurrah, they are going for the gold.  Lets make sure they don't get it.   Wonder if they will use the date of the gulf blow out for the next event they have planned.... after all Obama did  Libya on the same date as Bush invaded Iraq, March 19, and people wonder why us tin foil hat types cannot distinquish between them??? lol  By the way,  March 19 is a pagan holiday..... they are all a bunch of pagans.  You can tell....they aren't human.
*** Two updates are below.  However,  before we cover the updated proofs, We put up a third video within this note, which WE JUST FOUND, for you to see which is very important as much is coming together all at once.  This video will show you what you have to look forward to if and when the Chinese take over here.  Remember, the TARP bill gave permission for any debtor nations to come and foreclose on secured property using force (now we know why the traitors put us so heavily in debt... bernanke may well be someone to have a personal talk with at some point).  This is a video news report from 2008 about a huge operation in China, that reporting could not be done here because we have no one institutionally to protect  us from these kinds of atrocities.  

NOTE THAT ITS THE CHINESE MILITARY DOING THIS "AND" DOING IT IN THEIR CONCENTRATION CAMPS (FEMA SOUND FAMILIAR).......  Chinese military is who is here 60 miles from our border and now we know why they did not want that border fence.  Lets not forget who else is big on organ harvesting?   THE ISRAELI'S (khazars, who happen to control our gov and who hate us) which is why Kissinger and rockefeller who are older than snot, AND are still around in their 90's heading toward 100, and why the teenage population in Gaza and Iraq are decreasing, these are seriously psychopathic animals, NOT human

THE ISRAELI'S ARE DOING THIS SAME THING IN IRAQ AND GAZA, as the IDF told the Swedish newspaper,  they kill PAL teens and harvest their organs, pigs)

UPDATE #2:  3-19-11-  Received two anecdotal confirmations based on visuals from readers who sent emails in response to a call for confirmation.  Below those are the videos.   Here are the quotes below:

"I spoke with an Hispanic friend of mine today, whose family drives back and forth from Austin to Monterey at least monthly; she confirms it and says it is big talk in the Hispanic communities all over south/central Texas. "

"My girlfriend researched and found the same article about South of Laredo, posted in Feb 2004. I also have newer articles though that estimate over 1,000,000 foreign troops IN THE USA NOW ! ! ! Here is the link to that article: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTMq0C0OKNg&feature=channel_video_title . I am also curious to know if you were able to find out anything about SOT Paulson being executed by the US militia ? Keep the faith, OUR time is comin soon I believe, our King IS returning ! ! ! HALLELU YAH ! ! !"

Uploaded by controlfreakssuck on Mar 17, 2011

Vatic Note: Please see the original article we posted about Chinese troops being spotted by a delivery truck man and we had no evidence it was possible. We posted all that we knew and asked for any confirmation. This is dated yesterday and he has said he was responding to the call for confirmation, and found it on Google since he was curious as to whether they were there and sure enough we see "something" resembling a military or similar facility with equipment available that are all uniform, and no signs or indication its a private business or enterprise.

We still do not know for sure its Chinese, but we are at least fairly certain its military and that is bad enough only 60 miles from our border in Texas, even if it were Mexican military I would be concerned that close to our border and with a history of military working with the drug lords in Mexico, just like our military works with our drug lords in the United States. Corruption is as bad in Mexico as it is in the US....Take a look and see what you think. We are still calling for anyone else to see if it is chinese but the fact its there two years after being seen by an eyewitness means its more likely now than it was after the first article.

APPROX. 60 MILES SOUTH OF LAREDO TX... NOT SURE BUT IT SURE LOOKS LIKE IT... off hwy 85... 25' 53" 33.24N 100' 10" 08 W (Google sky map)

Video I - Military Camp in Mexico



Video II - Multiple UN foreign troops here in the US in brigade strength   (A MUST SEE all the way through to obtain the number of chinese here) 

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Steve said...

Well, Mr. Quayle wonders why people would question his integrity? This may be one reason. Maybe he could explain this.

In his first post "Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops" dated 3-14 (which is mysteriously gone now from your site and replaced with the 3-21 post, but IS recorded elsewhere on the net), it says CLEARLY that "Chinese soldiers unloaded his trailer... He stated that living quarters were shipping containers modified to accommodate the soldiers and were positioned neatly in rows. Water tanks, generators and communications complex, a full military base was operational and in place".

Once again, "A full military base was operational and in place".

Now, in his second "Eyewitness Trucker Delivers Food To Chinese Troops" post dated 3-21, it says CLEARLY that "Not many troops were seen. This was a supply depot".

Once again, "Not many troops were seen. This was a supply depot".

First story says "A full military base was operational and in place"; second one says "Not many troops were seen. This was a supply depot".

It would appear that somebody is not telling the truth here! Perhaps this is why the the first story has now suddenly been replaced?

Vatic said...

Respectfully, Steve, there are other reasons it may have been taken down as you are well aware...We have had censorship big time in this country for the first time since the Patriot Act. I took my time responding and thinking about your points and you are right.

SOMEONE TOOK DOWN FROM MY FIRST BLOG THAT LANGUAGE YOU MENTIONED THAT WAS MISSING FROM STEVES BLOG and it was NOT ME WHO DID IT. I had a horrific time putting the videos up that supported what the driver said he saw almost to a tea. Now the language of him describing it AFTER THE VIDEO WAS MADE BY SOMEONE WHO TOOK ME UP ON OBTAINING CONFIRMATION AND PUBLISHED IT ON UTUBE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.

My take after much thought and going back and seeing what they left of his report and matching what he said originally and was published originally and then relooking at the video with all the evidence right there for us to see, I PERSONALLY HAVE CONCLUDED THAT STEVE QUAYLE DID NOT LIE, RATHER LIKE MY SITE, HIS GOT CHANGED BY THE CYBERWARFARE TEAM OF ISRAEL, WHO HAD THE CHINESE COMPLETELY UNDER THEIR THUMB JUST LIKE THEY HAVE US COMPLETELY UNDER THEIR THUMB.

So, after much thought, I have decided to stick with what we saw and what the gentleman wrote that matches the videos until we get some proof that the videos are bogus, but that is easy to check with google maps.