New Life Form:Transhumanism

New Life Form and Transhumanism, both covered by the newsletter
Coast to Coast newsletter, December 3, 2010
Source, NY Times, Henry Bortman

Felisa Wolfe-Simon takes samples from a sediment core she pulled up from the remote shores of 10 Mile

Beach at Mono Lake in California.
Published: December 2, 2010

In the first half of Thursday's show, the surprising scientific announcement about the discovery of an arsenic eating life form in Mono Lake, CA was discussed. After a brief report from Linda Moulton Howe, with audio from NASA astrobiologist Pamela Conrad, space researcher Robert Zimmerman joined the program.

He characterized the Mono Lake microbe as an extremophile-- an organism that thrives in conditions that would be detrimental or impossible to survive for most other life forms. Also of interest was the journalistic hype that surrounded the pre-release of the story, he commented, with too much speculation and misinformation being spread by reporters. For more, see Zimmerman's blog entry, When journalism runs wild.

In the second hour, Richard C. Hoagland posed the question-- "Is it possible that this is an actual extraterrestrial life form which happened to find its right niche in Mono Lake after falling down from the skies?" He further suggested that today's announcement could be part of NASA's plan to lay out a foundation before declaring the existence of extraterrestrial life. (VN: Remember again, the big plan for globalizing according to the murdered Bill Cooper, is aliens attacking our planet and they have been experimenting with creating alien like creatures that are part human and part animal.)


In the latter half of the show, researcher Tom Horn discussed the blistering pace of genetics and transhumanism, and how the technology could usher in a new genetic arms race. Over the last 2 years, statements by the Pentagon have described the "human enhancement revolution" as being right around the corner.

He expressed concern over how biotech and robotics are transforming today's military, comparing the development to a new era of the Nephilim-- the beings written about in the Bible, who were involved in what he called the "contamination of human genetics."

The National Security State Cops a Feel

Taking Off the Gloves (and Then Everything Else) 
By Tom Engelhardt


It’s finally coming into focus, and it’s not even a difficult equation to grasp.  It goes like this: take a country in the grips of an expanding national security state and sooner or later your “safety” will mean your humiliation, your degradation.  And by the way, it will mean the degradation of your country, too.

Just ask Rolando Negrin, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screener who passed through one of those new “whole body image” scanners last May as part of his training for airport security.  His co-workers claimed to have gotten a look at his “junk” and mocked him mercilessly, evidently repeatedly asking, “What size are you?” and referring to him as “little angry man.”  In the end, calling it “psychological torture,” he insisted that he snapped, which in his case meant that he went after a co-worker, baton first, demanding an apology.

Consider that a little parable about just how low this country has sunk, how psychologically insecure we’ve become while supposedly guarding ourselves against global danger.  There is no question that, at the height of Cold War hysteria, when superpower nuclear arsenals were out of this world and the planet seemed a hair-trigger from destruction, big and small penises were in play, symbolically speaking.  Only now, however, facing a ragtag set of fanatics and terrorists -- not a mighty nation but a puny crew -- are those penises perfectly real and, potentially, completely humiliating.

Failed Bombs Do the Job

We live, it seems, in a national security “homeland” of little angry bureaucrats who couldn’t be happier to define what “safety” means for you and big self-satisfied officials who can duck the application of those safety methods.  Your government can now come up with any wacky solution to American “security” and you’ll pay the price.  One guy brings a failed shoe bomb on an airplane, and you’re suddenly in your socks.  Word has it that bombs can be mixed from liquids in airplane bathrooms, and there go your bottled drinks.  A youthful idiot flies toward Detroit with an ill-constructed bomb in his underwear, and suddenly they’re taking naked scans of you or threatening to grope your junk.

Two bombs don’t go off in the cargo holds of two planes and all of a sudden sending things around the world threatens to become more problematic and expensive.  Each time, the price of “safety” rises and some set of lucky corporations, along with the lobbyists and politicians that support them, get a windfall.  In each case, the terror tactic (at least in the normal sense) failed; in each case, the already draconian standards for our security were ratcheted up, while yet more money was poured into new technology and human reinforcements, which may, in the end, cause more disruption than any successful terror attack.

Researchers advocate legalizing child porn

Vatic project: THIS is what we have to look forward to under a fascist global New World Order.  This will be come common place for the first world countries as they are for third world countries who are too poor to fight back and we are getting there.   WILL YOU FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILDREN?  IF NOT, WHAT WILL YOU FIGHT FOR?  These are now becoming seriously important questions since we NEED YOU TO HELP WITH the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE FROM ISRAEL, who does this as part of their Babylonian Talmud.   Its inculcated into their culture and we want none of it here. 

What these researchers neglect to consider is "how are they suppose to get these photos?" Hello, anybody home, someone has to take pictures of these children being sexually abused.  They say they can create them without using children, but then that is cartooning and that would not work,  so somewhere down the line,  they would have to get an original in order to use it as a master to change and accommodate the market demand.    Sheez..... remember scientists also were part of these secret societies, are also satanists and also part of these agendas for fraud on global warming, on vaccines that kill and maim, so why would they not be also into pandering to the leadership of our industries and government at the highests levels???

Combine this reduced call for legalizing pedophilia itself,  with major calls for legalizing pedophilia ourright and that is going on globally, we are entering dangerous times for our children.  We have some seriously sick people running this globe.  Here, check out all these and see how hard they are pushing for this.  This is what the state will do to our children if they decide to raise them instead of parents raising them.  IF THIS EXTENSIVE PROOF OF THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE PROBLEM DOES NOT HIT YOU RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE,  THEN YOU ARE NOT READING THESE LINKS.  This is seriously no joke.  If you don't do it,  WHO WILL PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN?  Welcome to the New World Order.   If you become a satanist, you might be able to handle this happening. 


http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/who-is-behind-child-abduction.html http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/10/us-oathkeeper-soldiers-newborn.html done
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/09/insider-says-were-entering-age-of-satan.html - done
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/07/billionaire-pedophile-goes-free.html done
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/04/iraq-becoming-center-of-kidnapping.html done
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/05/bush-mkultra-satanic-killer-who-bush.html done
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/05/nc-democratic-party-official-accused-in.html done
http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2010/06/drugging-of-our-children-gary-null-ssri.html done

These perverts have infiltrated every aspect of our lives and we are finally becoming aware of it.   Scientists are no better and no different than the rest of the lizards ruining our country and our lives.  I believe this is the case here but that is just my humble opinion.  GET YOUR CONGRESSMAN, SENATORS AND ASK THE WHITE HOUSE AND ALL CABINET HEADS TO SIGN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE FROM ISRAEL,  AND DO IT RIGHT AWAY. 

Researchers advocate legalizing child porn
December 1, 2010, By QMI Agency

Children's rights groups are up in arms after American and Czech researchers released a report that advocates the legalization of child pornography.

The report studied examples in Denmark, the Czech Republic and Japan to correlate the legal availability of child pornography with the frequency of sex crimes against children.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - Wall Street - Part 1 of 3

Vatic Note:  This is a perfect example of why WE MUST HAVE OUR LEGISLATORS SIGN THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE FROM ISRAEL and their wall street mafia bankers. This series and the attending article is the most indepth and comprehensive treatment I have ever read and puts the entire wall street, Goldman sachs and the robber barons into one big picture and perspective to understand how we arrived where we have and why certain key pieces of legislation regulating these theives was so critical to enforcement, that never got enforced and eventually overturned.

Remember, there was an SEC investigation in process in BUILDING 7 OF THE TWIN TOWERS going on about these criminals, when 9-11 happened and destroyed all the evidence being analyzed for prosecution of the biggest players on wall street and their criminal activity that would have resulted in Years in jail for many of them. So that is a partial reason why 9-11 occurred when it did. Same with the Pentagon and Israel's control over the pentagon budget, but that is a whole other story. I wish Jesse had covered the derivatives more than he did, because that $400 trillion dollar scam is why the fed Res illegally bailed out foreign banks to the tune of $12 trillion dollars. The derivatives, INSURED BY AIG, are the illegal/unethical gambling  "Elephant in the Living Room" that no one wants to talk about.

Lately I had been saying that there seems to be a battle going on at the top of the banking heap and the article below these videos confirms that potential may well be in play between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.... so its critical after watching these videos that you read that article..... wow, what a rabbit hole this was. It may take a couple of times at the computer to finish reading and watching but do yourself a favor and do it if you really want to know deeply, what the hell happened to us. This entire blog explains it all. It also shows why countries like Iceland and Argentina literally HAD TO THROW THESE BANKERS OUT OF THE COUNTRY. It was not enough to throw them out of the industry, but they are so insidious they had to force them out of the country itself. That says a lot about what you are going read and see.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura  - Wall Street - Part 1 of 3
November 06, 2010

Jesse goes inside the secret billionaire's boy's club to find out what caused the financial meltdown and how the group allegedly continues to manipulate and control the stock market and oil, gold and silver prices. From Wall Street to Washington, the governor barges in on the rich and powerful to demands answers


Money For Nothing: Goldman Sachs Borrowed $24 Billion From Fed At 0.0078 Percent

Vatic Note:   Now you see why we have to do that Declaration of Independance from Wall street and Israel, which are the same thing since Rothschild is both Israel and wall street and all markets internationally.  We shortened the title to just Israel and it covers them both since those CEO's are Rothschild khazar bankers.  Here is what these same criminals spent our hard earned taxes on after they received the bailout from the Bernank,  http://alethonews.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/wall-street-bonuses-cashed-in-for-sex-food-and-art/.   And then they feed us, the idiots,  this line about saving the economy with the funds... right, the food, sex and art economy.  Doesn't help most of us. 

Money For Nothing: Goldman Sachs Borrowed $24 Billion From Fed At 0.0078 Percent 
by Admin, Daily Bail Source, Huffington post

Bernanke is not a loan shark to those he loves...

So if Goldman was getting free cash from The Ber-Nank, the situation at 85 Broad must have been really dicey later on when Blankfein turned to Buffett.
NEW YORK -- For the lucky few on Wall Street, the Federal Reserve sure was sweet. Nine firms -- five of them foreign -- were able to borrow between $5.2 billion and $6.2 billion in U.S. government securities, which effectively act like cash on Wall Street, for four-week intervals while paying one-time fees that amounted to the minuscule rate of 0.0078 percent.

That is not a typo.

On 33 separate transactions, the lucky nine were able to borrow billions as part of a crisis-era Fed program that lent the securities, known as Treasuries, for 28-day chunks to the now-18 firms known as primary dealers that are empowered to trade with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The program, called the Term Securities Lending Facility, ensured that the firms had cash on hand to lend, invest and trade. The market was freezing up. Effectively free money, courtesy of Uncle Sam, helped it thaw.

The European firms -- Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Deutsche Bank (Germany), Royal Bank of Scotland (U.K.), Barclays (U.K.), and BNP Paribas (France) -- borrowed $5.2-6.2 billion in Treasuries 20 different times. The one-time fees they paid on each transaction ranged from $403,277.78 to $481,110. Deutsche led the way with seven such deals.

On each transaction, the fee paid for the 28-day loan is equal to a rate of just 0.0078%.

The first of these sweetheart deals began April 17, 2008. They ended nearly a year later on March 5. On that day, Goldman Sachs borrowed about $5.8 billion and paid just $450,000 for the privilege.

Goldman was one of four American firms that also paid that rock-bottom rate. Citigroup, defunct investment bank Lehman Brothers, and Merrill Lynch, which was gobbled up by Bank of America in a government-pushed transaction, benefited from the save-Wall-Street-at-all-costs approach. Goldman and Citi got the 0.0078 percent rate on five separate occasions, tops among U.S. banks.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

London Battleground & Barricades: Anger as student fees hike approved

Vatic Note: Well, its good to  know "someone" has a fighting spirit.   As you know we like to give a birds eye view of what is happening in other countries and in the sense that we are all under attack by the same cretin criminals,  we are bound by that fact and should definitely come together globally against the entrie lot of International brokerage houses, especially Rothschild and Rockefeller.  We should call this vatic  note, the "Just say NO note".   My message to the police forces all over the world. 

The british in almost every way are going through what we are going through, but even worse, because they were stupid enough to disarm themselves. Now they are way worse off. but look at how the students are handling it. Please pay close attention to one notable fact that this video highlights. IF THE POLICE WERE TO SIDE WITH THE PEOPLE AS THEY SHOULD, THESE CRETINS RUNNING EVERYTHING WOULD BE DOWN AND IN JAIL OR ON THE RUN TO THE AIRPORT IN FEAR OF THEIR LIVES. That is a fact and every police officer in this nation needs to understand that the well being of our constitutional republic rests with him/her. TYRANNY CAN ONLY SURVIVE IF THE POLICE SUPPORT THAT TYRANNY. If they do the dog work of the useless feeders sucking off the public in the trillions of dollars, then they will prevail over all including those cops and their children and their families.

Remember pedophilia is their big issue right now trying to get it legal in the entire western world. So the POLICE can be just as hurt as we can be. They need to know that is how powerful they can be if they do right. We would stand behind them all the way. What a force we would be then and the bad guys would be running to those airplanes they have on the tarmack like crazy trying to get out of town. Right is might.

Watch these two reports given at different times of the day when the students were seriously giving these police a serious hard time. I was impressed with their courage and their commitment and their sense they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. That is where we are heading.

London Battleground & Barricades: Anger as student fees hike approved
by UK Secrets,  What Really Happened

The British parliament has just approved a bill to raise university tuition fees in England. The vote came amid mass demonstrations by thousands of students and trade unionists. It turned out the largest in a string of rallies against sweeping austerity measures and budget cuts across Europe.


Graffi Riot: paint bombs fly at cops as students rage in London


Those students had courage, did you see the petrol bomb they threw and set one of the cops on fire. Bet that is not the best job to have right now. By the same token one cop was out of control beating on everyone in the front line so I am sure its mutual.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Firefighters For 9/11 Truth Debunk Assange: Irrefutable Proof Of Cover-Up (VIDEO)

Vatic Note:  This article alone shows why we need to declare our independance from Israel.  With them there is nothing we can trust, now we know that fact includes Wikileaks,  which eventually happened to Wikipedia,  due to Israels heavy handed involvement in their editing process to make themselves look good and that was with the complicity of the owners,  well, this is the same thing.   I decided that I have said enough about Wikileaks illustrious leader and will let all this below speak for itself and as usual, we believe its ok to make up your own mind even if it disagrees with ours, having said that I still reserve the right to lobby for my position.  lol 

Firefighters For 9/11 Truth Debunk Assange: Irrefutable Proof Of Cover-Up (VIDEO)

By: poorrichard, Contributed to Vatic project by Firefly, California, USA

One of the many groups of dedicated professionals insulted by Julian Assange is “Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.” This is their video. Assange says they are liars but even Fox News now admits that Building 7 was destroyed by explosives.

Assange staked the reputation of Wikileaks on the public never learning about Building 7. Who would want to silence the biggest controversy in history? Why is Julian Assange doing this? Who is he?

Firefighters for 9-11 Truth.org - Finally

A New Declaration of Independence From Israel - Jim Kirwan

Vatic Note:  Jim received a copy of the vatic blog on this subject and began giving suggestions as to how to make it more effective.   I then asked him to use his exceptional skills in the word crafting business and write something up for all of us to use that would meet the credibility criteria we need to succeed in making this work for us.  Such a Declaration has been done and now its up to us to make this work.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BELOW and let us know what you think.  

We intend to put this into a petition form for all Americans to sign and forward then to our congressment to sign and return in our records with live signatures.   Jim is working out the details on how to do this effectively and will provide us with leadership on this and we will be the foot soldiers to carry it out.   Many of you wanted to do something,  anything to stop all this and now we have something short of the last resort.   LETS GIVE ALL WE HAVE GOT. 


WE CAN DO IT IF WE EACH TAKE SOME AND WORK OTHER BLOGS AND SITES, AND DO OUR LOCAL AREAS AND RECRUIT OTHERS TO DO THEIR AREAS that are near you or next town over.  We must hurry though they are using Wikileaks now to clamp down even further ON THE NET and then we will have to find other means to finish the project.  OR SIMPLY AND FINALLY DEAL WITH THE HIGH TREASON RAVAGING THE LAND.  This is a call out to all who have taken the oath,  to defend and protect this nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic,  to come and work hard for all to meet our goals. 

A New Declaration of Independence From Israel - Jim Kirwan

"...But it was impossible to save the Great Republic. She was rotten to the heart. Lust of conquest had long ago done its work. Trampling upon the helpless abroad had taught her, by a natural process, to endure with apathy the like at home; multitudes who had applauded the crushing of other people's liberties, lived to suffer for their mistake in their own persons. The government was irrevocably in the hands of the prodigiously rich and their hangers-on; the suffrage was become a mere machine which they used as they chose. There was no principle but commercialism, no patriotism but of the pocket." -- Mark Twain 1835-1910

One possible suggestion that I received from a reader was to begin to take back this nation from the outlaws that have stolen her from her own people. The suggestion was to write a very simple and direct “Declaration of Independence from Israel,”  that must be signed by everyone in the employ of the United States. It should follow the lines of the oath taken on Ellis Island by new arrivals as they entered the United States of America: Not the US Incorporated that has replaced that nation. (1)

The Declaration of Independence From Israel


SHOCKER: US State Dept 'Cleared' the release of Wikileaks Documents published so far.

Note:   This is the last "so far" in the recent disclosures and transparency of the Wikileaks issue.  Too much seemed to strange during the past few months to take what was happening at face value but without some evidence we were unable to document our "vatic" feelings about this entire mess.   Now that has all changed and documentation is now available and we can go full horse power ahead.  That is what this is.  We will be finishing this up tomorrow with a big picture overview of the impact of all of this on the American people and of our globe due to this psychops fiasco, that was written and very well done, by Jim Kirwan. 

He has written a "Declaration of Independance From Israel" and its great and will be up at 2 am our time.  We are working on how to proceed with it, so sign up if you feel as we do to begin freeing ourselves of the country that has no borders since, as Jim says, they are still stealing land in Palestine.   Stay with us for that finally closure that will give us all the perspective from a more "global" view of this work..... A good job well done by Jim.  This publication below was actually a lot kinder to Wikileaks than they deserved, but still gave us the critical information on who and what. 

SHOCKER: US State Dept 'Cleared' the release of Wikileaks Documents published so far.

Paul Wolf, December 2010

2 December 2010

WASHINGTON, DC—For the last four days, newspaper headlines around the globe have covered a cornucopia of diplomatic scandals, resulting from the “leaking” of some 250,000 cables of the US State Department to the New York Times and several other newspapers. In case there is anyone left on the planet who hasn’t heard of this, the cables were leaked to the media by “wikileaks,” a mysterious non-governmental organization which purports to publish classified documents while guaranteeing anonymity to the providers.

The scandals covered a variety of topics of interest to the American public and government, from China’s interest in the re-unification of Korea, to Iran’s purchase of missiles from North Korea, to Pakistani General Kayani wondering whether the US would support him in a military coup. (1) Oddly enough, there are no scandals of any significance involving Israel or any other American ally.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has close links to the Economist, controlled by the Rothschild banking family

Vatic Note:  A continuation of our Retrospective on Wikileaks.     In the video below he was interviewed recently by the economist and he says there was no way for anyone to read all that material.  And the first thought that came to mind is.... "He expected no criticism because no one can read all that material by now".   He said as much to the interviewer.  When asked what he thought about the criticisms that nothing new was in them,  is when he says "how can they read 92,000 pages in order to make that criticism", which means to me that is exactly why he distributed such massive raw data to overwhelm and make it impossible for anyone to read it in a reasonable amount of time, thereby negating any constructive criticism.  Quite brilliant actually. A reasonable argument if you neglect to question the basic premise that he controlled how much went out and why he flooded raw data instead of vetting it by level of importance. 

It was one of the things that made me suspicious of his intent when he is doing what is called "dumping", raw data instead of analyzed data and only releasing that which is of import.   He did none of that.   He blinks a lot too.  Which to most interrogators means he is lying.   But that is again, just an observation.  It also explains why there was no expose on Israel and why Netanyahu said the release was good for Israel and he was definitely right.   Assange is aligned with the powers that be on the wars, attacking Iran,  and  preserving Israels' securitiy.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has close links to the Economist, controlled by the Rothschild banking family


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has won an award from the “Economist” magazine, a financial publication controlled by the Rothschild banking family, and he has also featured on an “Economist” video clip, raising questions about conflicts of interest. Assange predicted a bank run could be triggered by bank data leaks but he does not mention that this would result in the robbery of millions of people because of the way the fractional reserve banking system works, and profit the banks.

Is a false flag bank run hyped by the banker’s media and carried out by a Rothschild operative being planned to rob millions and to implement emergency laws?

Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who plans to leak bank documents that will take down "one or two“ major banks according to Forbes, has won an award from the Economist, a magazine belonging to the Economist group, half of which is owned by the Financial times, a subsidiary of Pearson PLC. A group of independent shareholders, including many members of the staff and the Rothschild banking family of England.

Kurt Nimmo writes that the Economist is owned by members of the Rothschild banking family of England. It is run by the Economist Group, a known CIA front

Once Again, an Israel Psychops is being used to turn America into a Police State.

Vatic Note:   We are trying to get these up all in the morning and afternoon today, so you can see the retrospective, so I will save my vatic note for later after we are finished.   If you wish to check out links please go to the main link at the top of the page until we can make them go live.  Thanks for  your patience on this.  

Vatic Alert: Breaking: Busted - Wikileaks Working for Israel
Posted on Pakalert on December 9, 2010

Reports have come in today, tying Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, directly to Israeli intelligence and “Israel friendly” media outlets. We are told Assange, while at a Geneva meeting, agreed to allow Israel to select or censor all Wikileak output.

Despite the dramatic arrest of Julian Assange for rape, a story long hyped by the media, Assange “the martyr” now appears to be Assange “the Israeli spy.” Reports from inside Wikileaks differ greatly from the image presented by the press, an Assange tied to ultra-nationalist Israeli groups, an Assange with an extremist agenda, an Assange who sees himself as a geopolitical player, willing to censor, willing to fabricate and willing to betray.
The new Assange, as recent revelations reveal, may very well be capable, with help from Israel and powerful media friends, of staging a phony arrest. The new Assange may also be absolutely guilty of real sex crimes, and not a martyr at all.

The look “behind the curtain” at Wikileaks we have been given shows us a Julian Assange capable of anything, now labeled a paid Israeli agent by multiple press sources around the world.


The latest pro-Israel “Neocon” to attack Assange on the very pro-Israel Fox network is Newt Gingrich.

When I saw Newt Gingrich, Neocon hardliner with a closet full of skeletons, on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, something was terribly wrong. Gingrich was threatening Julian Assange, who had, only that day, praised Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News and long time patron of Gingrich.

I immediately smelled a setup.

Recent Retrospective on Wikileaks - an Israeli psych ops???

Vatic Note:  We had a whole different set of blogs up for today and here I am at 4:30 AM with breaking news all connected all over the place trying to put a collective face on the puzzle pieces that are emerging as we speak.   Remember we have had a concern over the entire Wikileaks issue and that was based on a very early blog done by Gordon Duff, that has proven to be true.  What is amazing is he did it back in April of this year.   That is very "Vatic" of him. 

This is the first in a Series of three articles going up today to show the progression of information filtering out over the past three days and we are putting it all together for you to see all at once and get the very BIG PICTURE HERE and fight any false flag resulting legislation they intend to justify using Wikileaks because its been a set up by psychops both State dept and Israel, which is basically the same thing these days. 

Enjoy these,  the next one will be about Isreal censoring and selectively picking the leaks that can be used by Wikileaks when he was in Geneva, you know,  Switzerland, the Rothschild banking headquarters.   And the third article is on the vetting of the leaks by the state dept.  So  who runs Wikileaks???  Given who runs the State Dept,  its more likely Israel through AIPAC is running Wikileaks.  Read for yourself and you decide.  As we said from the beginning,  the leaks did not justify the hype and we were right.

Is Wikileaks An Internet 9-11 to Open the door to Internet Censorship?

December 2010, Pak Alert Press
by Zen Gardner

Think about it. Where is this seemingly staged Wikileaks furor taking us? While we participate in digging into the juicy tidbits of information that incriminate just about anybody and everybody, where is it all going?

Lessons of 9/11

While 9/11 served as a wake up call to those awake and aware enough to see the obvious demolitions and misinformation and resultant “Pearl Harbor” effect, most of the world fell for it. And now people are literally bending over, as in airport ‘screenings’, to the onslaught of police state fascism worldwide. It’s staggering. In fact, it’s Orwellian. The armies, police and private sector are at war with the vague concept of terrorism – an unbeatable enemy in a war that can be drawn out indefinitely and fought in any arena necessary.

And what was the result of this declared war on terrorism? Not a war on terror, but an increase in fear and terror, all to justify the economic, social and political clampdown that has followed:

What will the Wikileaks debacle herald?

You guessed it–the last bastion of freedom of information and expression, a free Internet, will topple. After all, if information is now the enemy, we must carefully police any and every aspect of this dangerous medium–all for the safety and protection of ‘we the people’.

Oh, we’ll still have the Internet, just like you can still fly. You’ll just have to be on the “approved” list, screened, stamped, zapped, mugged and molested if you want to get “on the net”. No biggie. Thanks Julian–job well done.

Warning Signs

Helen Thomas Skewers Zionists again


By Rev. Ted Pike

Helen Thomas, veteran Washington journalist and political insider, has done it again—spoken the whole truth about Jewish supremacism’s control of America. In a speech to an Arab-American group in Detroit she said,
I can call a president of the United States anything in the book but I can't touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank. No American would tolerate that -- white-only roads… We are owned by the propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House and Hollywood, Wall Street are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.
Thomas defiantly stands by the statement that ended her journalistic career in May when she said the Israelis should “get the h--- out of Palestine” and “go home” to “Poland, Germany, and America, and everywhere else.” Now she says, “I paid the price for that. But it was worth it, to speak the truth.”
Of Lebanese Arab (Semitic) descent, Thomas answered the accusation that she is anti-Semitic.
I’d say I’m a Semite. What are you talking about…We all know the Arabs are maligned. They are automatically terrorists. I was called the Hizballah at the White House, Hamas, and everything else. But I never bowed to those kinds of slurs because I know who I am. I am an American.


NEW AUDIO of Huge explosion before the destruction of building 7 at WTC on 9/11 Released


A huge explosion is clearly heard before building 7 is destroyed.
This video is part of NIST'S recent FOIA release.

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Call for American Declaration of Independence from Israel

Vatic Note:   I believe we could write up just such a document,  circulate it for signatures and get it up into the millions and see what happens.  Lets think on it and decide.  If you all will commit to distribution and return to us we will put in the massive effort this will take.  Give us yor feedback in the comments section and make every single legislator and Sec of state,  DOD sec and all top level generals have to sign it too.  Make the President sign it as well.  If they refuse, get that refusal in writing and then that is primae facia evidence of Treason.   Those dual Israeli citizens occupying key positions in government are going to have a very hard time aren't they, since Israel has made all dual citizens of other countries sign a loyalty oath that takes precedence over those citizens loyalties to their own country.  Remember that one???  Well, this will be where the rubber meets the road,  I believe.

Call for American Declaration of Independence from Israel

By Paul Ballas, My Catbird Seat


When will the American public wake up to the fact that Israel controls America? If the public doesn’t wake up, Israel will destroy America.

The US government is a hopelessly lost slave to Israeli dictates. The media wallows in abject servitude to Israel’s shills at the helm of the major film studios, broadcasting companies, newspapers and magazines.

After the Israelis attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, most of the world condemned Israel for their blatant piracy, murder of nine humanitarian activists and serious injuries to dozens more.

The Israelis lied just as they have lied for years about the threat of Palestinian children throwing stones at tanks. Those on board the flotilla’s ships had only iron bars to try to defend themselves against heavily armed Israeli commandos.

What was the US government’s reaction? They bowed and scraped to Israel’s fabricated excuses.

One congressional representative, Mike Pence, (VN:  Remember that name and face, its treason and we have to start speaking the stark truth about this now!)  literally said, “Israeli officials should tell us what they want us to do, and we’ll support it”. As insane as that premise is, many US politicians and media accept it.

Media ‘watchdogs’ attack tiny 9/11 opening from Rivera, Napolitano


By Craig McKee

It’s the damndest thing.  Two media watchdogs from opposite sides of the fence are attacking Fox News, my most hated news organization, and I’m on Fox’s side.

To a point.

The liberal “media watchdog” Media Matters for America has attacked Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and Judge Andrew Napolitano for considering the possibility that we haven’t been told the whole story about how World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001. A similar attack has come from Newsbusters, a conservative “media watchdog.”

The idea that the government has lied to the world about 9/11 has always been ridiculed at Fox – and Rivera was one of those doing the ridiculing. But the campaign called Building What? (which ran TV ads in November questioning the official explanation about Building 7) has made an impression. Besides being seen by millions of New Yorkers, the campaign has persuaded Rivera to rethink his long-held belief that Truthers were a fanatical fringe element.

Last month, he had two representatives from Building What? on his show to discuss the campaign. Rivera was obviously impressed by the educated and reasoned approach of his guests. He later admitted that he was now more open-minded about the claims of 9/11 Truthers concerning Building 7.

Here Come Homeland Security Internet Police, and They're Already Shutting Down Web Sites They Don't Like

Murky new Internet regulation laws could stomp out freedom of speech...and the Department of Homeland Security has already begun. 

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security seized 82 domain names for allegedly hawking counterfeit goods ranging from knockoff Coach handbags to bootleg DVDs. Enacted under the auspices of its Immigrations and Customs Enforcement arm, the sites were wiped out and replaced with an ominous message from the DHS that laid out the stakes, including the warning, “Intentionally and knowingly trafficking in counterfeit goods is a federal crime that carries penalties for first-time offenders of up to 10 years in federal prison, a $2,000,000 fine, forfeiture and restitution.”

Most of the seized Web sites had names like thelouisvuittonoutlet.com and getdvdset.com, and sold reproductions of designer goods and hard copies of jacked movies. A few sites on the list, though, stuck out: Onsmash.com, rapgodfathers.com and dajaz1.com are popular music blogs that were generally involved in the promotion of artists, rather than outright piracy. Well-known among rap fans for posting the latest videos, singles and remixes (always hosted from third-party download sites), their seizure was shocking, not just to the hip-hop blogosphere, but to music sites everywhere. Their inclusion on a list of sites that profit from manufacturing hard goods seemed arbitrary and ignorant. Furthermore, these sites were directly involved with artists, widely viewed as outlets that could help artists build buzz and promote their upcoming albums.

And in what ICE termed its “Cyber Monday” crackdown, a statement on the official DHS site made it clear that this was only the beginning:
The coordinated federal law enforcement operation targeted online retailers of a diverse array of counterfeit goods, including sports equipment, shoes, handbags, athletic apparel and sunglasses as well as illegal copies of copyrighted DVD boxed sets, music and software.


Stop land grabbing now

Vatic Note: Remember it was our blog that continued to sound the alarm along the gulf coast that this entire public relations attempt to say that people were dying in the hundreds and bleeding to death and fish are poisoned but then we find  out the gulf oil leak was intentional and fully under control by BP which did not do the damage they were telling us it would do etc.... was nothing more than a major coastal land grab similar to what is going on right now in Haiti after the earthquake. If we had the time we could literally show you how Haiti was a man made disaster and the Israeli's had already set up a relief center with IDF soldiers on site when the quake occurred and not a single Israeli citizen was harmed or hurt in the quake. Protocol #6 states the following summary:  

PROTOCOL 6: Take-Over Technique (Reservoirs of riches - Destruction of goy aristocracy - Vicious circle of rising prices). Control of property.

"# 4: ...It is essential therefore for us, at whatever cost, to deprive them of their land..."

Israel has a lot of experience doing massive land grabs by creating chaos and killing which, as you can see fits right in with their protocol on taking the goyims land.   Check it out here as well.  And the US was already doing war gaming exercises in Florida for just such an eventuality on the same day as Haiti quake occurred, which, LIKE 9-11, turned into a reality. Both Haiti and the false flag in the Gulf were simply ways to extract the land from family hands and put them into the wealthy hands of Goldman sachs and their friends who owns in part BP. Thereby putting it into the hands of Rothschild. I also believe they did this in the gulf as well. Read this and go to the link to see all the organizations globally that are jumping on this bank wagon as the land grabbing is so massive everywhere in third world countries. Little did we know that NEW WORLD ORDER meant New world ownership of all land by a few. The Queen of England is already the largest land owner on the planet. Our blog documented this earlier. Water issues are tied into this grab for land. Notice its the satanic Zionist khazar Robert Zoellick who is leading the charge using the World bank to steal everyones land???  Perfect fit with the protocols they say are bogus yet magically appear to  be in place after all these years.

Stop land grabbing now
Authored by La Via Campesina – FIAN –
Land Research Action Network – GRAIN

Say NO to the principles of “responsible” agro-enterprise investment promoted by the World Bank

State and private investors, from Citadel Capital to Goldman Sachs, are leasing or buying up tens of millions of hectares of farmlands in Asia, Africa and Latin America for food and fuel production. This land grabbing is a serious threat for the food sovereignty of our peoples and the right to food of our rural communities.

In response to this new wave of land grabbing, the World Bank (WB) is promoting a set of seven principles to guide such investments and make them successful. The FAO, IFAD and UNCTAD have agreed to join the WB in collectively pushing these principles. [1] Their starting point is the fact that the current rush of private sector interest to buy up farmland is risky. After all, the WB has just finalised a study showing the magnitude of this trend and its central focus on transferring rights over agricultural land in developing countries to foreign investors.

The WB seems convinced that all private capital flows to expand global agribusiness operations where they have not yet taken hold are good and must be allowed to proceed so that the corporate sector can extract more wealth from the countryside.

Zionist President of World Bank Robert Zoelick
Since these investment deals are hinged on massive privatisation and transfer of land rights, the WB wants them to meet a few criteria to reduce the risks of social backlash: respect the rights of existing users of land, water and other resources (by paying them off); protect and improve livelihoods at the household and community level (provide jobs and social services); and do no harm to the environment. These are the core ideas behind the WB's seven principles for socially acceptable land grabbing.

Israel's New Land Grab Master Plan

Vatic Note:  Now these are the people in control of our government.   We can not imagine what they may well have planned for us once they get complete and total control of us through our land, food and water.  Just read below and understand that we have no choice in this matter on our options.  The barbarians are not at the gate,  they are in control of the government. 

Israel's New Land Grab Master Plan

by Stephen Lendman
Saturday, 24 July 2010
The new Jerusalem Master Plan calls for expanding Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, "a move largely based on construction on privately owned Arab property," meaning Palestinians will be removed to accommodate them.

The new plan updates older ones, going back to the first, what Israeli historian Ilan Pappe documented in his 2006 book, "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, " on David Ben-Gurion's Plan D (Dalet in Hebrew), his final master plan following Plans A, B and C, what Palestinians call the Nakba, the catastrophe, commemorated annually to never forget.     By bombarding and besieging villages and population centers, destroying communities, and expelling or killing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, it planned an exclusive Jewish state, excluding Arabs by any means, including mass-murder, dispossession, and persecution, ongoing to this day, what Palestinians heroically resist.

It took six months to complete, expelling or slaughtering about 800,000 people, and destroying 531 villages and 11 urban neighborhoods in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and other cities. It was barbarous ethnic cleansing, Palestinians shown no mercy, including women and children, yet it was just the beginning, much more yet to come, including new ethnic cleaning plans.

HERE is what Wikileaks coverage was blocking - Record Level Crimes of the Fed Reserve Banks

Vatic Note:  NOW we know why wikileaks has taken up all the news that we already knew and why the banker owned MSM was giving it broad coverage when they completely ignored it when  Ron Paul talked about it or Senator Grayson was probing and trying to get the Chairman to tell him where the money went.  $12 TRILLION DOLLARS OF OUR TAXES TO BE PAID BY GENERATIONS OF OUR CHILDREN ARE GONE TO CENTRAL BANKS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  Where are those countries  taxpayers and why are Americans paying their bailouts as well.... Notice the Bank of London, ROTHSCHILD WHO MADE RECORD PROFITS LAST YEAR WHEN THE BAILOUTS WERE HANDED OUT???  And what are we talking about?  WIKILEAKS AND HIS SEXUAL FLINGS AND INNOCUOUS AND WORTHLESS LEAKS, while they bancrupt our nation in favor of the Rothschilds central banks around the globe.  

These psychopaths are brilliant.  Wikileaks was a stroke of genius or we would be in the middle of a massive rebellion right now, but nobody knows about this because WIKILEAKS DIDN'T TELL US, notice, nor did the mainstream press, but they are focused on Wikileaks, that alone should tell you something right there.  .  Gee, what a surprise.  Add to this the LAND GRAB GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY AS WELL AS GLOBALLY, and rebellion would be global over all of this, but hey, nothing like a good soap opera to keep the sheep quiet.  The LAND GRAB info is going up on here at 5 pm today and you will see, combined with yesterdays taking of our water, that we are in the most deep caca that we have ever been in.  I am not sure we can pull out of it either.  I didn't used to believe that, but then I had no idea the breadth and depth of the horrors these people were capable of.... its enough to make me believe they really are lizards. 

The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed - Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Too Big To Comprehend? (VN: Has there been a global coup???)

Posted on Monday, December 6th, 2010, by David Graw,  Ampedstatus  (A BLOOMBERG ARTICLE)

 What if the greatest scam ever perpetrated was blatantly exposed, and the US media didn’t cover it? Does that mean the scam could keep going? That’s what we are about to find out.

I understand the importance of the new WikiLeaks documents. However, we must not let them distract us from the new information the Federal Reserve was forced to release. Even if WikiLeaks reveals documents from inside a large American bank, as huge as that could be, it will most likely pale in comparison to what we just found out from the one-time peek we got into the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve. This is the Wall Street equivalent of the Pentagon Papers.

Webster Tarpley: Julian Assange is MK Ultra operative

Vatic Note: This is excellent, check out these two videos..... explosive indeed.  Tarpley is very very specific about what wikileak submitted and why its led him to believe he is an MK Ultra Operative, and also due to his background in his childhood. They even bring up Soros as his handler. Alex Jones has been right so far on just about everything over the past 15 years . Tarpley has also been spot on as well due to his deep research. Do I think Alex is a jerk, Yes, but he is spot on about Rand Corporation and the global war that they are fiercely trying to get to finish globalizing a fascists system.

Tarpley covers all the dumps of stories wikileaks released and very specific and detailed analysis where he dug deep into each of the three dumps. Very very good.   Also just heard that Leiberscum and Rockjaw are cosponsoring legislation to kill the net.  That has not been confirmed, but we should hear if it is in the next couple of days.   IF TRUE THEN THAT EXPLAINS THE WHOLE GAME/SCAM WITH WIKILEAKS AND WHY THEY DID IT.   We kept blowing out their false flags and bogus wars.   If they really do submit this legislation, then we know fully well for sure who two of the traitors to this nation are.  Their names will go down in history with Benedict Arnold for sure and Pollard as well.  Connecticut needs to clean up their mess they sent to Washington DC.  as does West Virginia. 

BREAKING NEWS:   From CLG Newsletter, thanks to Lori Price,

CHECK this out from Lebanon...... Lebanese Newspaper Publishes U.S. Cables Not Found on WikiLeaks, http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/12/lebanese-newspaper-publishes-us-cables-not-found-on-wikileaks/67430  We will be putting this up tomorrow. Watch for it. Adds to the wikileaks issue.  Makes you wonder who was leaking to Lebanon instead of Wikileaks??? 
Dec 3, 2010

Webster Tarpley: Julian Assange is MK Ultra operative
ericnow, Grasscity Forum, Dec 5, 2010

December 05, 2010
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Alex talks with Webster Tarpley, historian and researcher. Tarpley covers the latest in the explosive story surrounding Wikileaks. Wikileaks has recently released an encrypted file containing information regarding BP and Guantanamo and Julian Assange states it will become public should they be shut down. Alex covers the latest news and takes your calls.


Alex Jones & Webster Tarpley: The Hidden Agenda Behind WikiLeaks - Alex Jones Tv Sunday Edition 3/5

Dump Trucks Ready on 9/11/01 to Cart off Evidence


Submitted by Nor Cal Truth

The removal of debris from the crime scene of 9/11 has been looked at as a piece to the other crime of 9/11; the cover-up and censorship of the event and the evidence. Professionals would like to know: If the official story were correct, why would fire collapse WTC #7? This would be the first time in history that office fires could account for a total failure and global collapse of a steel-framed high-rise building. Surely there would be something to learn - imagine if you dropped a ball and it fell up!

If the removal of 9/11 crime scene evidence is new information to you, let me point you to another question you should be asking: If the attacks of 9/11 were a surprise and the collapse of WTC #7 unprecedented in history, why was an army of dump trucks there the same day ready to cart off debris which included human remains and structural evidence? 


The Bankers Manifesto of 1892: History Repeated

Vatic Note: Notice the date on this and its within 4 years of the writing of the protocols which were done by Rothschild. Remember when it reads "Bankers" anything, its usually Rothschild in the middle of it. Just to test my theory I went to the site for the BIS which is the BANKERS BANK in Switzerland that Rothschild controls. Given he controls most of the major banks around the globe, (scroll down on this link and see the list of member banks)  this was important to see who is running the shop in the BIS and sure enough every one of the key people are seriously connected to Rothschilds through his controlled organizations such as the World bank and the Federal Reserve. Once you know that, then this below begins to truly make sense and IT HIGHLIGHTS JUST HOW LONG THEY HAVE HAD THESE PLANS ON THE BOOKS and attempted to hide them from us.  Introduction of the protocols, which match this manifesto,  contains the date of their first publication as follows:

Excerpt:   "The book in which they are embodied was first published in the year 1897 by Philip Stepanov for private circulation among his intimate friends"

The Bankers Manifesto of 1892: History Repeated
Posted by: Andrew Cheetham , Whole Truth Coalition

BIS Switzerland
Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. revealed the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 to the U.S. Congress somewhere between 1907 and 1917.

We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance.

Organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them.

Defiant Helen Thomas defends remarks that led to exit

Vatic Note:   Even retired, she is continuing to speak truth to power.  What a gal.   I celebrate her honesty and truthfulness.   She is an American Hero and she is right.  The slander against arabs in this country is at historical levels unseen before and unjustifiably slanderous.  But then that is the Rothschild/Israel plan, to divide the nation like they did in Russia during their revolution and get us to hate and fight each other,  well, its not working, is it???  Helen is getting the recognition she deserves for her absolute courage to face truth and speak it.  I wish more of us were like that.   Thank Gawd for her and all the blogs that try to do the same thing.   Israel is not the problem, we are for letting them have their way as their deception is not only penetrable, but obvious once you wake up to it. 

Defiant Helen Thomas defends remarks that led to exit


Posted: 1:54 p.m. Dec. 2, 2010
Updated: 4:03 a.m. today

Striking a defiant tone, journalist Helen Thomas, 90, said today she absolutely stands by her controversial comments about Israel made earlier this year that led to her resignation. But she stoked additional controversy with new remarks, claiming that "Zionists" control U.S. foreign policy and other American institutions. The local Jewish community strongly condemned her remarks.

"I can call a president of the United States anything in the book but I can't touch Israel, which has Jewish-only roads in the West Bank," Thomas said. "No American would tolerate that -- white-only roads."

Thomas, who grew up in Detroit the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, was in Dearborn today for an Arab Detroit workshop on anti-Arab bias. The Free Press asked her about her comments, which critics have said were anti-Israel.

"I paid the price for that," said Thomas, a longtime White House correspondent. "But it was worth it, to speak the truth."


US Ready to Back Bigger EU Stability Fund: Official (New World Order???)

Vatic Note: AAAHHHH, a british colony again are we!!!!! That is what this is really all about, finish killing off our currency and shore up Europes (Britians) Currency and then use one currency after our collapses for the entire world. It won't be that quick but it will be for us.   At the end of the article its exactly what has happened,  the Euro rose against the US Dollar the minute the news was out that we would pony up once again.  Our Treasury prices dropped.   We will be dead in the water and that is when the rubber should hit the road, why???  There is nothing in there for our 40 million unemployed workers, no COLA for our seniors who paid years and years into the fund at dollars valued way above what they are getting now, and THE BLATANT LACK OF HUMANITY AND COMPASSION IS REMINISCENT OF THE PROTOCOLS OF THE ROTHSCHILD KHAZAR SATANISTS.

So this is all just part of the final hammer to bring us down so we can never get up. The key "SO WE CAN NEVER GET UP".... that is what they need. China has been designated by the Rothschilds as the new America economically and so it was time to strip us of our wealth and move on to the next victim.   They also have other surprises in store for us so we can't rebel either.   But then its the "unforeseen" that always gets the bad guys in the end.   I want to live long enough to watch them all tried, convicted, sentenced and then I am going to visit them all in jail and laugh at them.  lol 

US Ready to Back Bigger EU Stability Fund: Official
Published: Wednesday, 1 Dec 2010
2:20 PM ET
By: Reuters, CNBC

The United States would be ready to support the extension of the European Financial Stability Facility via an extra commitment of money from the International Monetary Fund, a U.S. official told Reuters on Wednesday

Capt May: Portland Politics + False Flag = Terror Treason

Editors note, 12/3/2010: This is an updated version of hurried essay (title below) posted two days ago. The more I research the more I believe that the Portland plot was intended to give us a West Coast 9/11. I will analyze all in depth over the weekend. I thank you for all you have done to inform the public of its peril. -- Captain May

Portland Politics + False Flag = Terror Treason
-- R.I.P. Steven Tassel. Ad astra per aspera. --
December 3, 2010
By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor

The Lone Star Iconoclast

"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows." -- 1984

HOUSTON, 12/1/2010 -- What a difference a week can make! Before Thanksgiving the Terror War was becoming odious and dubious. Anger at the interminable fighting and increasing police intrusions was growing.
+ + + + + + +
"No one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power." -- 1984

The New American Century was groaning, not growling, at the end of its first decade, following the lead of The Thousand Year Reich (which lasted 12 years). An Associated Press story on Thanksgiving Day was stark: U.S. now in Afghanistan as long as Soviets were, http://www.abc27.com/Global/story.asp?S=13568222 .

SecDef Robert Gates was raising military eyebrows by sending tanks against the Taliban terrorists opposing our invasion of Afghanistan. We once called the same guerrillas "freedom fighters" when they were defeating the tanks of the Soviet invasion 22 years before ours. Nato set on pullout from Afghanistan http://www.thenational.ae/news/worldwide/nato-set-on-pullout-from-afghanistan  offers a good overview of the situation.

C-Span Video: A Real Jaw Dropper at the Federal Reserve

Vatic Note:  Watch this hero of a man make this speech.   Lets see how long he stays alive. Now this writeup below should clarify anyones doubts about who the real enemy of this nation and its people truly are. My answer to Bernie about how we can make the Federal Reserve more accountable to the people is to do away with them post haste.  

Who should we have a world war against? Not muslim countries, thats for sure, but specifically and narrowly against these INTERNATIONAL NON LOYAL TO ANY NATION bankers and if our government is incapable of providing justice to its TAXPAYING citizens, then its up to its citizens to provide justice for themselves.

That is clear now that we know they also intend to have us taxpayers bailout Europe. Yes, I just scheduled that little piece of felony scumbag theivery up on the blog, if it gets to stay up. Nice, how we just let them continue to rape and pillage us all day and night long and we don't even get paid near what they pay their prostitutes for a lot less. They won't take it where its been given to us. Sorry, but I am livid. But then I DON'T HAVE DIGITAL TV, EITHER. And I drink rainwater rather than fluoride laced lithium.

A Real Jaw Dropper at the Federal Reserve
By Sen. Bernie Sanders, rsn on line, December 3, 2010

At a Senate Budget Committee hearing in 2009, I asked Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to tell the American people the names of the financial institutions that received an unprecedented backdoor bailout from the Federal Reserve, how much they received, and the exact terms of this assistance. He refused. A year and a half later, as a result of an amendment that I was able to include in the Wall Street reform bill, we have begun to lift the veil of secrecy at the Fed, and the American people now have this information.

C-Span Video - Class warfare - Rich have declared war on the poor and middle class.