Stop land grabbing now

Vatic Note: Remember it was our blog that continued to sound the alarm along the gulf coast that this entire public relations attempt to say that people were dying in the hundreds and bleeding to death and fish are poisoned but then we find  out the gulf oil leak was intentional and fully under control by BP which did not do the damage they were telling us it would do etc.... was nothing more than a major coastal land grab similar to what is going on right now in Haiti after the earthquake. If we had the time we could literally show you how Haiti was a man made disaster and the Israeli's had already set up a relief center with IDF soldiers on site when the quake occurred and not a single Israeli citizen was harmed or hurt in the quake. Protocol #6 states the following summary:  

PROTOCOL 6: Take-Over Technique (Reservoirs of riches - Destruction of goy aristocracy - Vicious circle of rising prices). Control of property.

"# 4: ...It is essential therefore for us, at whatever cost, to deprive them of their land..."

Israel has a lot of experience doing massive land grabs by creating chaos and killing which, as you can see fits right in with their protocol on taking the goyims land.   Check it out here as well.  And the US was already doing war gaming exercises in Florida for just such an eventuality on the same day as Haiti quake occurred, which, LIKE 9-11, turned into a reality. Both Haiti and the false flag in the Gulf were simply ways to extract the land from family hands and put them into the wealthy hands of Goldman sachs and their friends who owns in part BP. Thereby putting it into the hands of Rothschild. I also believe they did this in the gulf as well. Read this and go to the link to see all the organizations globally that are jumping on this bank wagon as the land grabbing is so massive everywhere in third world countries. Little did we know that NEW WORLD ORDER meant New world ownership of all land by a few. The Queen of England is already the largest land owner on the planet. Our blog documented this earlier. Water issues are tied into this grab for land. Notice its the satanic Zionist khazar Robert Zoellick who is leading the charge using the World bank to steal everyones land???  Perfect fit with the protocols they say are bogus yet magically appear to  be in place after all these years.

Stop land grabbing now
Authored by La Via Campesina – FIAN –
Land Research Action Network – GRAIN

Say NO to the principles of “responsible” agro-enterprise investment promoted by the World Bank

State and private investors, from Citadel Capital to Goldman Sachs, are leasing or buying up tens of millions of hectares of farmlands in Asia, Africa and Latin America for food and fuel production. This land grabbing is a serious threat for the food sovereignty of our peoples and the right to food of our rural communities.

In response to this new wave of land grabbing, the World Bank (WB) is promoting a set of seven principles to guide such investments and make them successful. The FAO, IFAD and UNCTAD have agreed to join the WB in collectively pushing these principles. [1] Their starting point is the fact that the current rush of private sector interest to buy up farmland is risky. After all, the WB has just finalised a study showing the magnitude of this trend and its central focus on transferring rights over agricultural land in developing countries to foreign investors.

The WB seems convinced that all private capital flows to expand global agribusiness operations where they have not yet taken hold are good and must be allowed to proceed so that the corporate sector can extract more wealth from the countryside.

Zionist President of World Bank Robert Zoelick
Since these investment deals are hinged on massive privatisation and transfer of land rights, the WB wants them to meet a few criteria to reduce the risks of social backlash: respect the rights of existing users of land, water and other resources (by paying them off); protect and improve livelihoods at the household and community level (provide jobs and social services); and do no harm to the environment. These are the core ideas behind the WB's seven principles for socially acceptable land grabbing.

These principles will not accomplish their ostensible objectives. They are rather a move to try to legitimize land grabbing. Facilitating the long-term corporate (foreign and domestic) takeover of rural people's farmlands is completely unacceptable no matter which guidelines are followed. The WB's principles, which would be entirely voluntary, aim to distract from the fact that today's global food crisis, marked by more than 1 billion people going hungry each day, will not be solved by large scale industrial agriculture, which virtually all of these land acquisitions aim to promote.

Land grabbing has already started to intensify in many countries over the past 10-15 years with the adoption of deregulation policies, trade and investment agreements, and market oriented governance reforms. The recent food and financial crises have provided the impetus for a surge in land grabbing by governments and financial investors trying to secure agricultural production capacity and future food supplies as well as assets that are sure to fetch high returns.

Wealthy governments have sought to lease agricultural lands for long periods of time to feed their populations and industries back home. At the same time, corporations are seeking long term economic concessions for plantation agriculture to produce agro-fuels, rubber, oils, etc.

These trends are also visible in coastal areas, where land, marine resources and water bodies are being sold, leased, or developed for tourism to corporate investors and local elites, at the expense of artisanal fishers and coastal communities.  (VN:  Sounds like Gulf Coast and Haiti, doesn't it?  No wonder they sent the military, both Israel and the US rather than relief services immediately)   One way or the other, agricultural lands and forests are being diverted away from smallhold producers, fishers and pastoralists to commercial purposes, and leading to displacement, hunger and poverty.

With the current farmland grab, corporate driven globalisation has reached a new phase that will undermine peoples’ self-determination, food sovereignty and survival as never before. The WB and many governments see land and rights to land, as a crucial asset base for corporations seeking high returns on capital since land is not only the basis for producing food and raw materials for the new energy economy, but also a way to capture water.

Land is being revalued on purely economic terms by the WB, governments and corporations and in the process, the multi-functionality, and ecological, social and cultural values of land are being negated. It is thus more important than ever that these resources are defended from corporate and state predation and instead be made available to those who need them to feed themselves and others sustainably, and to survive as communities and societies.

Land grabbing – even where there are no related forced evictions - denies land for local communities, destroys livelihoods, reduces the political space for peasant oriented agricultural policies and distorts markets towards increasingly concentrated agribusiness interests and global trade rather than towards sustainable peasant/smallhold production for local and national markets.

Land grabbing will accelerate eco-system destruction and the climate crisis because of the type of monoculture oriented, industrial agricultural production that many of these “acquired” lands will be used for. Promoting or permitting land grabbing violates the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and undermines the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Land grabbing ignores the principles adopted by the International Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ICARRD) in 2006 and the recommendations made by the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD).

Land grabbing must be immediately stopped. The WB’s principles attempt to create the illusion that land grabbing can proceed without disastrous consequences to peoples, communities, eco-systems and the climate. This illusion is false and misleading. Farmer's and indigenous peoples organisations, social movements and civil society groups largely agree that what we need instead is to:

Keep land in the hands of local communities and implement genuine agrarian reform in order to ensure equitable access to land and natural resources.

Heavily support agro-ecological peasant, smallhold farming, fishing and pastoralism, including participatory research and training programmes so that small-scale food providers can produce ample, healthy and safe food for everybody.

Overhaul farm and trade policies to embrace food sovereignty and support local and regional markets that people can participate in and benefit from.

Promote community-oriented food and farming systems hinged on local people's control over land, water and biodiversity. Enforce strict mandatory regulations that curb the access of corporations and other powerful actors (state and private) to agricultural, coastal and grazing lands, forests, and wetlands.

No principles in the world can justify land grabbing!

La Via Campesina – FIAN – Land Research Action Network – GRAIN
22 April 2010

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