Vatic Note:  When you read this and combine it with our research on Satanic Ritual Abuse used on Children and pedophilia, and the mind control resulting from such combinations, it becomes clear why Bush was pushing the mental health testing of children in school and then the school deciding, NOT THE PARENTS, the school..... whether drugs will be used on the children.   Add to that, the write up we did on Senator Shaffers investigations in the Child Protective Services role in taking children from homes at will, and those same children finding their way into illegal drug studies as experimental guinie pigs and into the sex and pedophilia world at the highest levels of gov, then it becomes clear why all this may have been done.  Read it and decide for yourself, but there appears to be no other explanation that would fit those facts and circumstances occuring at the same time.   Remember this is also going on with adults in the torture prisons that we are engaging in now.   Read and see what you think and let us know. 


By Jon Rappoport
July 5, 2010

In 1986, The International Journal of the Addictions published a very important literature review by Richard Scarnati. It was called “An Outline of Hazardous Side Effects of Ritalin (Methylphenidate)” [v.21(7), pp. 837-841].

Scarnati listed a large number of adverse affects of Ritalin and cited published journal articles which reported each of these symptoms.

For every one of the following Ritalin effects, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature:

• Paranoid delusions
• Paranoid psychosis
• Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis
• Activation of psychotic symptoms
• Toxic psychosis
• Visual hallucinations
• Auditory hallucinations
• Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences
• Effects pathological thought processes
• Extreme withdrawal
• Terrified affect
• Started screaming
• Aggressiveness
• Insomnia
• Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphetamine-like effects
• Psychic dependence
• High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug
• Decreased REM sleep
• When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and
• Convulsions
• Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.

Many parents around the country have discovered that Ritalin has become a condition for their children continuing in school. There are even reports, by parents, of threats from social agencies: “If you don't allow us to prescribe Ritalin for your ADHD child, we may decide that you are an unfit parent. We may decide to take your child away.”

This mind-boggling state of affairs is fueled by teachers, principals, and school counselors, none of whom have medical training. Yet even if they did…

The very existence of the “illnesses” for which Ritalin would be prescribed is unproven. It is merely assumed.

In commenting on Dr. Lawrence Diller's book, Running on Ritalin, Dr. William Carey, Director of Behavioral Pediatrics, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, has written, “Dr. Diller has correctly described... the disturbing trend of blaming children's social, behavioral, and academic performance problems entirely on an unproven brain deficit...”

On November 16-18, 1998, the National Institute of Mental Health held the prestigious “NIH Consensus Development Conference on Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder [ADHD].” The conference was explicitly aimed at ending all debate about the diagnoses of ADD, ADHD, and about the prescription of Ritalin. It was hoped that at the highest levels of medical research and bureaucracy, a clear position would be taken: this is what ADHD is, this is where it comes from, and these are the drugs it should be treated with. That didn't happen, amazingly. Instead, the official panel responsible for drawing conclusions from the conference threw cold water on the whole attempt to reach a comfortable consensus.

Panel member Mark Vonnegut, a Massachusetts pediatrician, said, “The diagnosis [of ADHD] is a mess.”

The quite conventional and orthodox panel essentially said it was not sure ADHD was even a valid diagnosis. In other words, it virtually admitted that ADD and ADHD might be nothing more than attempts to categorize certain children's behaviors---with no organic cause, no clear-cut biological basis, no provable reason for even using the ADD or ADHD labels. The panel found “no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction [which malfunction had been the whole psychiatric assumption].”

The panel found that Ritalin has not been shown to have long-term benefits. In fact, the panel stated that Ritalin has resulted in “little improvement on academic achievement or social skills.”

Panel chairman, David Kupfer, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, said, “There is no current validated diagnostic test [for ADHD].”

Yet at every level of public education in America, there remains what can only be called a voracious desire to give children Ritalin (or other similar drugs) for so-called ADD or ADHD.

The 1994 Textbook of Psychiatry, published by the American Psychiatric Press, contains this review (Popper and Steingard): “Stimulants [such as Ritalin] do not produce lasting improvements in aggressivity, conduct disorder, criminality, education achievement, job functioning, marital relationships, or long-term adjustment.”

Parents should also wake up to the fact that, in the aftermath of the Littleton, Colorado, school-shooting tragedy, pundits and doctors began urging much more extensive “mental health” services for children. Whether you have noticed it or not, this no longer means, for the most part, therapy with a caring professional. It means drugs. Drugs like Ritalin.

In December 1996, the US Drug Enforcement Agency held a conference on ADHD and Ritalin. Surprisingly, it issued a sensible statement about drugs being a bad substitute for the presence of caring parents: “[T]he use of stimulants [such as Ritalin] for the short-term improvement of behavior and underachievement may be thwarting efforts to address the children's real issues, both on an individual and societal level. The lack of long-term positive results with the use of stimulants and the specter of previous and potential stimulant abuse epidemics, give cause to worry about the future. The dramatic increase in the use of methylphenidate [Ritalin] in the 1990s should be viewed as a marker or warning to society about the problems children are having and how we view and address them.”

In his book, Talking Back to Ritalin, Dr. Peter Breggin expands on the drug's effects: “Stimulants such as Ritalin and amphetamine... have grossly harmful impacts on the brain -- reducing overall blood flow, disturbing glucose metabolism, and possibly causing permanent shrinkage or atrophy of the brain.”

In the American press, although many articles have appeared covering “the debate” about Ritalin and ADHD, no newspaper or TV network has taken it upon itself to hammer on all the lies, day after day, month after month. That kind of campaign could turn around the whole nation on this vital subject---but of course, pharmaceutical advertising is a more powerful force.

And one should not forget that Ritalin came out of a Swiss drug giant called Ciba Geigy (now Novartis) fifty years ago. That company once had very close business ties with the infamous Nazi cartel, IG Farben. Farben stood for inhuman experiments on human beings. Read the adverse effects of Ritalin again, and consider that millions of children take those pills every day.

© 2010 Jon Rappoport - All Rights Reserved

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The Atlantic Partnership - Here Come the British Again!!!!

Atlantic Partnership- Here Come the British Again!!!!
That includes the Rothschilds which explains the Gulf and corexit (those involved are the same old
players we are used to harming this nation)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Palmerparteram/Atlantic_Partnership

Document last modified July 4, 2010 - keep this fact in mind as you read this blog.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, contributed to Vatic Project by Robert DeBeero

The Atlantic Partnership is an NGO, which seeks to continue the strong influence of America in the development of the European Union, through the agency of the United Kingdom as the spokesman for American interest. This strategy represents a continuation of the policy of America towards Europe established during the Second World War and the Cold War.

The Atlantic Partnership was founded immediately after the September 11 attacks in the United States. The founding of the organization was timed to ensure that America and Europe did not drift apart as the former pursued the “War on Terror” and the latter pursued monetary and political unification and expansion. Lord Powell of Bayswater (the Chairman of the Atlantic Partnership) opines this strategy clearly in the “Aims and Objectives” section of the organization’s website; when he says

“Partnership’s role is to argue the case for setting major policy decisions in the context of their impact on transatlantic relations. That should apply as much to the way America pursues the global war against terrorism as to the European Union’s ambition to build stronger, Europe-wide institutions.”

Until the time of writing of this article, the Atlantic Partnership and its work have been widely ignored by the media and the public, however its impact since inception in 2002 has been enormous.

Atlantic Partnership People

Chairmen • Lord Powell of Bayswater - Chairman • Ambassador Richard Burt - Managing Director, McLarty Associates • The Rt Honorable Michael Howard QC MP - President and Founding Chairman • The Honorable James P. Rubin - Vice Chairman, USA • Secretary William Cohen - Co-Chairman USA • Senator Sam Nunn - Co-Chairman USA • Pierre Lellouche - Vice Chairman, France • Ambassador Francois Bujon d’Estang - Vice Chairman, France


Henry Kissinger - Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. (Indicted War Criminal) • Senator John McCain - United States Senator for Arizona • General Colin L. Powell - Former United States Secretary of State • The Rt Honorable John Major CH - Former United Kingdom Prime Minister • The Rt Honorable Lord Robertson of Port Ellen - Former Secretary General of NATO • Alain Juppé • The Rt Honorable Lord Gilbert - Life Peer, House of Lords • Herr Karsten Voigt - Coordinator for German-American Cooperation • Sr. Eduardo Serra - Former Defense Minister of Spain • Senator Antonio Martino - Minister of Defense of Italy


• The Rt Honorable Michael Howard QC MP - President and Founding Chairman • Lord Marland of Odstock - Treasurer • Lord Powell of Bayswater - Chairman • Lord Chadlington of Dean - Life Peer, House of Lords • Meg Allen - Director of DRAMLA SA, Geneva • Sir Evelyn de Rothschild - Chairman, E.L. Rothschild Ltd • Sir David Manning GCMG, CVO • Ambassador Richard Burt - Managing Director, McLarty Associates • General Brent Scowcroft - President of The Scowcroft Group

Friends of Atlantic Partnership US

• Ambassador Richard Burt - Managing Director, McLarty Associates • John R. Drexel IV - Chairman, Sage Advisors • James Lyle - Chief Investment Officer, Millgate Capital • James P. Rubin, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs • General Brent Scowcroft - President of The Scowcroft Group • Leo M. Tilman - President, L.M.Tilman & Co. • Daniel Yergin - Chairman, Cambridge Energy Research Associates


• Ed Heathcoat Amory - Political Commentator, The Daily Mail • Matthew d’Ancona - Editor, The Spectator • Ronald Asmus - Executive Director of the Transatlantic Center of the German Marshall Fund of the US in Brussels • Elle Beard - Project Manager, USA • Sr Boris Biancheri - President of ANSA (news services) • Doug Bereuter - President and CEO of The Asia Foundation • Dr. Christoph Bertram - Head of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik • Ryan Carroll - Project Manager, USA • Professor Malcolm Chalmers - University of Bradford • Patrick Chamorel - Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University (VN: A tavistock funded institution) • Derek Chollet - Senior Fellow, The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) • Professor Michael Clarke - King’s College London, Director of the Council of the Royal United Services Institute • Amy Cohen - Former AP Project Manager, USA • Maggie Smith - Former Project Manager, USA • Laurent Cohen-Tanugi - Political Writer, Partner Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton • Jean de Courcel - Former Directeur-Adjoint to the Prime Minister • Jonathan Delaney - Former Project Manager, USA • Catherine Fall - Former Associate Director • Niall Ferguson - Professor of History at Harvard University • The Rt Honorable Frank Field MP - United Kingdom Member of Parliament, Labour • Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger - Foreign Editor , Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung • David Frum - Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute • Ulf Gartzke - Director of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation in Washington • Dr. Jeffrey Gedmin - President, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty • The Rt Hon Lord Gilbert - Life Peer, House of Lords • Renaud Girard - Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Le Figaro • Daniel Hamilton - Professor and Director of the Center for Transatlantic Relations at Johns Hopkins University • Lord Howell – Conservative Front Bench spokesman House of Lords • Field Marshal The Lord Inge - Former Chief of the Defence Staff • Dr. Josef Joffe - Editor, Die Zeit • Professor Sir John Keegan - Historian and Columnist, Daily Telegraph Defence • Thomas Kielinger - London Correspondent, Die Welt • Dr. Sophie Meunier - Research Scholar, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University • Sir Christopher Meyer - Chairman, Press Complaints Commission. Former British Ambassador to Washington • Leo Michel - Senior Research Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies • John Micklethwait - United States Editor, The Economist • Eric Mittereder - Former AP Project Manager, USA • Dominique Moisi - Director, Institute of Foreign Relations (IFRI), Paris • Nicolas de la Moriniere - Chairman and Chief Executive of ODIOT • Jean-Pierre Mulot - Directeur Delegue de la Redaction, Le Figaro • Sophie Simonard-Norman - Former Associate Director • George Osborne MP - United Kingdom Member of Parliament for Tatton • John O’Sullivan - Editor, The National Interest • Dr. John Van Oudenaren - Chief, European Division, Library of Congress • Lord Owen - Crossbench Peer, former United Kingdom Foreign Secretary • Owen Pengelly - Former Associate Director • Senator Jean-Francois Poncet - Former French Foreign Secretary • Axel Poniatowski MP - Deputy, French National Assembly • Lord Renwick - Labour Peer, former Ambassador to the United States • Sir Malcolm Rifkind - Former Foreign Secretary, Former Defence Secretary • Andrew Roberts - Author and journalist • Douglas Seay - Senior Staff Member of the Committee on International Relations, United States House of Representatives • Dr. Simon Serfaty - Director, Europe CSIS, Washington, DC • Radek Sikorski - Minister of Foreign Affairs for Poland • Angela Stent - Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Georgetown School of Foreign Service • Jean-Daniel Tordjman - Inspecteur General des Finances • Martin Walker - Editor in Chief - UPI (Washington DC) • Professor Dr. Norbert Walter - Chief Economist, Deutsche Bank Group • Professor Dr. Werner Weidenfeld - Director of the Centre for Applied Research • Sir John Weston - Former Ambassador to NATO and to the United Nations • Dr. David R. Young - Managing Director & Founder, Oxford Analytica


1 Controversies Surrounding the Atlantic Partnership
1.1 The Connection to Diligence LLC
1.2 The Connection to the Rothschild Family
1.3 Involvement in the United States Presidential Election of 2008 and American Politics
1.4 Involvement in the British Parliamentary Election of 2009 and British Politics
1.5 Connections to personnel involved in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom
1.6 “Yachtgates”
1.6.1 “Yachtgate I: Montenegro 2006”
1.6.2 “Yachtgate 2: Corfu 2008”
1.6.3 “Yachtgate 3: Alaska & San Diego 2008”
1.7 Connection to Henry Kissinger

Controversies Surrounding the Atlantic Partnership

The Connection to Diligence LLC

Diligence LLC is a private intelligence company with a controversial history in Russia and Iraq.
The Advisory Board of Diligence LLC is chaired by Sir Michael Howard, the President and Founder of the Atlantic Partnership.

Lord Powell of Bayswater, Chairman of the Atlantic Partnership is also an advisory board member of Diligence LLC.

Ambassador Richard Burt, Chairman of the Atlantic Partnership, is also an advisory board member of Diligence LLC. Ambassador Burt is also a Managing Director of McLarty Associates. McLarty and Associates was founded by Thomas F. “Mack” McLarty, former Chief of Staff to President Clinton. McLarty Associates then became Kissinger McLarty Associates through partnership with Kissinger Associates. Thomas F. McLarty is an advisory board member of Diligence LLC.

The Connection to the Rothschild Family

Jacob Rothschild and his son Nathaniel “Young Nate” Rothschild became major shareholders in Diligence LLC in 2006, through their vehicle JNR, which acquired Ambassador Richard Burt’s stake in the company.

Evelyn de Rothschild is a Trustee of the Atlantic Partnership.
Involvement in the United States Presidential Election of 2008 and American Politics

Senator John McCain is a Patron of the Atlantic Partnership. In March of 2008, Senator McCain was supported in his bid for the United States Presidency by Lord Jacob and Nathaniel “Young Nate” Rothschild. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/apr/29/johnmccain.uselections2008

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (a Trustee of the Atlantic Partnership), changed her allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin after Hilary Clinton lost the Democratic Presidential nomination.

The Honorable James P. Rubin is an economic and political adviser to President Barrack Hussein Obama. Rubin is Vice Chairman of the Atlantic Partnership.

Involvement in the British Parliamentary Election of 2009 and British Politics

British Chancellor George Osborne, is a Panelist of the Atlantic Partnership. Osborne, was the subject of an event referred to as “Yachtgate” involving the Rothschild Family, Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Labour Minister Peter Mandelson in 2008.

Connections to personnel involved in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Former British Prime Minister John Major, the replacement for Margaret Thatcher, was the British Prime Minister who led the country at the time of Operation Desert Storm. Major is a Patron of the Atlantic Partnership.

General Colin Powell was the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff at the time of Operation Desert Storm. In 2003, Secretary of State Powell made the case for the invasion of Iraq, based on the presence of WMD’s, to the United Nations. Powell is a Patron of the Atlantic Partnership.

Former British Ambassador, Sir David Manning was the author of the famous “Manning Memo” that outlined the details of a meeting between Tony Blair and George H. W. Bush in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. From 2001 to 2003, Manning was the political advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair. Manning is a Trustee of the Atlantic Partnership.

Former British Ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer, who preceded Sir David Manning, is a Panelist of the Atlantic Partnership. Meyer was the Ambassador to the United States at the time of September 11 and was replaced with Sir David Manning when the policy to invade Iraq was executed.

[edit] “Yachtgate I: Montenegro 2006”

Senator John McCain (a Patron of the Atlantic Partnership) received the hospitality of the Oligarch Oleg Deripaska aboard Deripaska’s yacht on his seventieth birthday. Present at this celebration was Nathaniel “Young Nate” Rothschild, who went on to host a dinner for McCain at Spencer House in London to garner British support for McCain’s Presidential bid in 2008.

[edit] “Yachtgate 2: Corfu 2008”

The Oligarch, Oleg Deripaska met Labour Minister Peter Mandelson and UK Chancellor George Osborne (Panelist of the Atlantic Partnership) at the Rothschild family villa in Corfu in the summer of 2008. At this gathering, it was reported in the press that Deripaska was pressed for funding of the Conservative Party by Osborne.

[edit] “Yachtgate 3: Alaska & San Diego 2008”

In the summer of 2008, the Republican Candidates McCain and Palin met with the Russian Oligarchs Suleiman Kerimov and Oleg Deripaska on board Kerimov’s yacht Ice at Ketchikan (Alaska) and San Diego.

Present at these meetings was Oscar Wyatt III. Wyatt was the former owner of Bayoil which partnered with Kerimov’s Nafta Moskva in the Iraq Oil for Food Scandal.

[edit] Connection to Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger has been associated with controversy since his time in the Nixon administration to the present day. Kissinger is a Patron of the Atlantic Partnership.  Also remember he is a bona fide war criminal. 

Retrieved from " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Palmerparteram/Atlantic_Partnership  "

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Corexit Is Killing The Gulf (Part I) & ( Part II) WMD used by BP to kill millions

Corexit Is Killing The Gulf (Part I) & (Part II) WMD used by BP to kill millions
What is obscene is we get to pay for our own murder.
Provided to Vatic Project by "Fernwood",  USA
May 29, 2010

Part I - WMD used by a corporation against the People of the US.

Corexit 9500, four times more toxic than crude oil, is one of the most poisonous dispersants ever developed, and is up to 20 times more toxic than other dispersants, and only half as effective.

When Corexit 9500, with its 2.61 ppm toxicity level, is combined with the warm waters of the Gulf much of it will transition into a gaseous state that will be absorbed into clouds, to be released as toxic rain upon all of the Eastern United States: All without any effective or real objections from the Obama administration.

Part II - corexit the killer WMD

So, what does one do when very specific and easily identified persons conduct war against you and kill you off with impunity?  Do you fight back?   Do you go directly to the source of the problem and deal with it???  I would suspect that is the question. 

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

UPDATE: 7/5/2010 Alert: BP, Illusion of a False Spill

UPDATE: 7/5/2010 Just found this update from the original source of this very credible story. The original story said this was a massive phoney crisis done by a "CONTROLLED" side drilling of an asphalt volcano which allows a totally controlled release of the tar from the volcano on the gulf floor.  This was from insider information and not speculation,  here is his continuing reseach and followup on it.  

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION, SINCE THE COREXIT becomes the reason for the crisis, so it can be used as the "solution" which then feeds their agenda of evacuating the gulf.  Remember, the only way to gain cooperation of hundreds of thousands of people if not millions is FEAR, AND MORE FEAR AND GREATER FEAR.  I just read they are getting the old mobile homes in the camps from Katrina,  ready to receive the residents of the gulf.  Is this a LAND GRAB among other agendas???  

RESORTS, HIGH PRICED WATER FRONT CONDOS, ETC?  (I suggest you refresh your memory and read the original story below).  This is the only thing that would explain the massive lock down on information going on as of yesterday criminalizing taking pictures of the tar balls from that volcano.  They have this thing completely under control.  Here is his update.

"While volcanism is common under the sea, nobody dreamed that in some places, vents erupt not lava but asphalt. (VN: Notice the tar balls on the beaches in the pics we have seen, is that why the criminal felony for taking pictures?)  That's what a 2003 research expedition found in the Gulf of Mexico on a seafloor hill the scientists named Chapopote, the Mexican Spanish name for tar. It's the world's first known asphalt volcano. There are more being found all the time.

The researchers, a team led by Ian MacDonald of Texas A&M University's Corpus Christi campus, dangled a remote-controlled camera off the German ship RV Sonne to the seafloor far below. Even with this short-range visual instrument they documented one square kilometer of tar flows, some of them 20 meters across.

Besides asphalt, the expedition found places soaked with petroleum and others with cold, white layers of methane hydrate. Like cold seeps elsewhere on the world's seafloor, all of these localities supported colonies of chemical-eating organisms. (VN: is this why no concern exhibited on the part of BP and Obama? Its a self cleaning release based on the oil eating bacteria?)


Another article about the governments lack of enthusiasm when it comes to any kind of clean up.

If one was a cynic than you would believe that the complete inaction on the part of this adminstration was purposeful and used in an effort to perhaps ram through their agenda. A crisis was created, its almost as if it is deliberately not being fixed, clear options on the table are not being used and one can only wonder why!

Senator Lemieux spoke with President Obama and the exchange between the two over the 2,000 skimmers in the US currently going unused to clean up this massive oil spill will blow your mind!

Senator Lemieux says, “I think it is outrageous that we only have 20 skimmers off the coast of Florida. There are 2000 skimmers in the United States and we haven’t even asked as a federal government for those skimmers to come into the gulf….the federal government who wants to take over every other aspect of our life can’t get this one thing right…”

President Obama’s response about the skimmers not being used was, “We can’t take these skimmers from other places in the country because they might have an oil spill!” What?!?

The exchange continues… http://www.libertyjuice.com/2010/06/22/over-2000-skimmers-available-in-us-that-obama-refuses-to-use/

Corexit is working - Louisiana residents beginning to report oil-spill related illnesses

Two months since the start of the Gulf Coast oil spill, residents, fishermen and experts throughout the Gulf of Mexico are reporting respiratory problems and other illnesses attributable to oil contamination.

"We’re getting sick down here. People are losing their voices; our noses are running and our eyes are crying all the time," said Dean Blanchard, operator of a Grand Isle, Louisiana-based shrimp distribution company. "I went down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans and the urine on the cement smelled better than the air does down here."

Dr. Michael Kotler, director of Plaquemines Medical Center near Venice, Louisiana, said his clinic has treated numerous cases of people getting sick from spill-related chemical exposure. The clinic handles those cases that the US Health Service and a private medical contractor employed by BP are not prepared to handle, said Dr. Kotler.

Wilma Subra, an environmental chemist in and advisor for the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, said that the health effects of the oil spill are only beginning to be felt.

"The crude oil on the surface formed an aerosol that blew onto land a long time before the slick even made it to the marshes, covering the entire New Orleans area last month," she said in a telephone interview. "As the slick goes west, the impact area is shifting all the way over into Pensacola, and even farther." http://uruknet.com/?p=m67251&hd=&size=1&l=e

Vatic Note: IF TRUE, this is criminal and serious. Wait til you read what they are saying BP did.  This is one we can't sit by and pretend it didn't happen or the next one will be worse. Read this check back periodically as we will be following this one closely.   This does not require much from me as its really self explanatory, but if he succeeds in gaining access, then we may well have a criminal case on our hands.  

Its also the biggest scam ever perpetrated on anyone ever in recorded history.  I just keep remembering how that video with the laser beams in it got gutted once Tru Ott posted it and we picked it up for further distribution.  They are hiding so much that it will be impossible to keep the lid on as its beginning to blow. 

BP, Illusion of a False Spill
by Shtf411, provided to Vatic by Randa, Florida, USA
Sun Jun 20, 2010

*UPDATE* "Site owner, I appear to be unable to gain access to update my original post. Could you please update it for me, to read as follows: I am requesting, and gathering more intel. I hope to be able to post next week something much more substantial, "a smoking gun" of sorts, that should provide more information, a better direction for those people living in the coastal areas, and those worried for their children's future."

The 'disaster' in the Gulf of Mexico is beyond a false flag; it's an illusion. What I'm about to reveal will more than likely go by the wayside, and the charade will continue. The reason for writing this is not for attention, games, or folly, but to expose the biggest scam in the 21st century, and to relieve some aching hearts. There is no need for fear as this is a staged event. I cannot reveal my sources, they do go straight to the top, but hopefully what I write will echo inside of each person reading this as the truth.

Much of the information I present here cannot be easily verified, fast checked, or ever presented as anything, but hearsay, as they are just words of an anonymous online entity. The Government, corporations, and the people behind them have pulled out all the stops to insure the truth doesn't come out. They are the reason why the beaches have private security contractors, insuring no one is able to gain access to the oil on shore.

They are the reason the Gulf of Mexico is a no fly zone. They are the reason why the gulf states are being locked down by military. They are the reason why the well head you see is different in many videos that BP releases. Without this measure of control the illusion would fail. In this post, what I can do is provide leading evidence, or give clues to the truth; from there you can use something that has gone by the way side, common sense.

The large oil spills washing up on the shores are not from BP Deep Horizon. They are indeed from surrounding wells, that were already leaking by design. These wells can be verified through a simple online search. You'll notice that much of the oil is actually in the form of tar. Usually tar balls; sizes of these have reached 2000+ pounds.

From the start, BP, Haliburton, and co-conspirators knew where they were drilling. Using specific equipment, such as the German ship RV Sonne, they had detailed maps of the ocean bottom. The ship, and a specific college study from 2005, in the Gulf of Mexico, are your starting points to what's really happening in the gulf. Here's a link to what the study synopses.
What BP, Haliburton, and other co-conspirators intentionally drilled into was an Asphalt Volcano. Sounds scary doesn't it? It really is not. In fact, after you read the above link you'll know that the Gulf of Mexico is literally coated in oil, tar, and methane hydrate at the bottom. The study went on to find that massive aquatic life has specifically adapted to living off of the hydrocarbons. That in fact these asphalt volcanoes are a natural part of the ocean ecology, and their eruptions actually benefit the sea life over the long duration of time.

Another aspect to what I was directly told is that BP, Haliburton, and other co-conspirators drilled intentionally into the 'mid side' of this particular asphalt volcano. Basically from what I understand, it is a soda bottle effect. If they had drilled into the top of the volcano, then all the gas would rise out, and explode as would bottled carbonated liquid. The effect of drilling into the side permits a safely controlled release of gas, tar, liquified asphalt, and other related gases. What was done is a more or less controlled release; almost natural in fact!

The Asphalt volcano was a win win situation for this false flag: as it presented the best illusion to all outside parties. Not only do the conspirators need to fool the general public, but also the oil industry, and scientific community. The public is easy to fool, but the latter two groups take a little more effort; this is the main reason why the Gulf is being isolated by security contractors, and military. Anyone well versed on this giant debacle in the Gulf knows that it is surrounded with stories, and claims of negligence. This was the first purposeful aspect to make the story seem credible to all outside parties; as the story is more easily believed, when it is chalked up to human error, or incompetence.

Besides using inferior, shotty, or flat out negligent craftsmanship, as the well was intended to fail from the onset, the conspirators knew that the pressure produced from the volcano would blow out even better equipment. This was the second mechanism to fool other industry experts. All experts, and scientific communities only know what they are told, and that is the well tapped into a large high pressure hydrocarbon pocket. To even a trained eye, what they are being told appears to be a massive oil gusher, when in fact it's a controlled event.

In watching the videos, or live feeds looks horrible, and very ominous, but upon closer examination the tell tale signs of what it really is shows through, what you are actually viewing is a man made(well bore) large "Black Smoker". You should take note, as the evidence has built, the live feed appears to have been tampered with. I suspect it is because of the video below. The man narrating the video has it correct, it is a volcano! But those aren't flames. From the link provided above, they are a combination of gases; specifically Sulfur, and Iron are what create the flame effect. Since the airing of that video, several of the live feeds have been proven to be tampered footage, or faked.


You need to realize that an illusion is only as good as it's weakest link. All scientific evidence on paper coming from the government, and corporations is being fudged. In the case of this staged, and controlled event that weak link is the oil, or more specifically the tangible tar that can be collected. As I mentioned much of the oil that has been seen, or noticed is tar rather than heavy crude oil. Out at sea closest to the Deep Horizon site, "shrimpers" have been hired to boom the oil/tar together, and set it ablaze. There are several huge fires right now out in the Gulf. The reason is for this is to hide the evidence. The distinct asphalt volcano tar, is actually coated with naturally produced oil eating microbes, and other natural safe guards produced by Mother Earth; these types of organisms are not present in a regular oil well, but commonly in the Asphalt Volcanoes, and large tar flows at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

To continue with why the asphalt volcano was a win win to drill into, is the heaviness of the tar. Read the linked article provided above, the tar will cling to lighter oil, and fall to the bottom of the Gulf at some point, near in the future. Also, the microbes, and other organisms that naturally occur from this will multiply. They will not only eat the tar, but the other control released oil that they are pumping into the Gulf.

We've all seen the videos of beaches not lined so much with oil, but with tar balls of varying sizes. Also, we've all noticed BP's overall lack of concern for cleanup. We've seen booms which aren't tied together. We've heard first hand account of staged clean ups on the beaches. As soon as a press conference, or media event is done BP stops work. The reason is simple, it's not that they don't care, but that they already know what's gonna happen. The oil will start naturally being cleaned up via decomposition, oil eating organisms, and falling to the already naturally tar covered bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

What's the benefit of this scam? MONEY, and population control. Read this article http://theintelhub.com/2010/06/18/gulf- ... ized-plan/  If you're still reading this article, and even beginning to grasp the sinister nature of the fraud being perpetrated, then you'll realize that the corexit9500, and other dispersant's are not needed. They are purposely being sprayed by Evergreen Air/CIA to cull the population along the Gulf Coast.

Also, explained to me, is the large amount of useless eaters, pond scum, or undesirables living along the gulf coast. These would be the Americans living off of the government. I will not beat around the bush with pleasantries, or politically correct statements here. This coastal area from Texas to Florida has the highest, or most dense population of targets of illimination by the US Govt., and corporations. These are the populations living on welfare(in this area dominated by African Americans), and the older population living on Social Security(mainly Florida). These people are going to start dropping like flies over the next few years, and greatly reduce the burden to government coffers.

In this respect this is a doomsday event, but it's not the end of the food chain, death of the oceans, or as some have warned an extinction level event. It's only bad for the targeted populations.

To cover the money aspects of this fraudulent event, are somewhat self evident. Primarily, as President Obama (note he's not very worried, think about it) has just pointed out, they are using this false flag to move forward with the Carbon Tax, followed by Cap, and Trade. Another aspect of profit is the clean up of this disaster; those boats aren't running around for free in the Gulf. From there, is the very real aspect of banks calling their notes on the remaining mortgaged properties along the Gulf, and peninsula of Florida. Remember Katrina? They never gave the land back, but sold it to casinos, and other businesses. Almost all beach front property will end up in the hands of the banks, and government. They'll play this disaster off for a few years, and explain the mysterious disappearance of oil on kindness from mother nature.

The side effects of this scam are negligible; in the eyes of the perpetrators, they've done nature a favor. They've opened up an asphalt volcano from the side, and will shut it down in the next few months by equalizing the pressure. The equalization of pressure will come by way of the two relief wells; which are not wells, but vents. when they do this, I have no clue what excuse they'll use, but the current gusher will stop. I said stop, it will not slow down, but literally stop. Remember, all they have done is aided nature in something that is a very common, and naturally occurring event at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

That's about all I have to say. I will pop in to answer any if at all questions. The reason I came forward with this information is that I myself was worried about the level of this event. Honestly, knowing the reasoning of what, why, and how has given me peace. Anyone who has family anywhere near where they are spraying these chemicals need to alert their family to leave; they are the target of this false flag. To anyone who finds credence, or a shred of truth in what I've written, please pass this on; as we all are the target on the grand scale. The target by way of the coming carbon tax, cap, and trade.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

State of Texas Deploys Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System (RFID/GPS)

Vatic Note: Well, what a great sounding write up. What a marvelous thoughtful thing for him to do in such a timely fashion and in such a coincidental manner.  The Government is going to take care of you and do it for idealistic reasons.  Just look at the efficiency and  the cleverness of it all.  We resisted the drivers license, so now we would voluntarily RFID ourselves, wear a wrist band, and they can then GPS us at will.  We are so lucky they thought of all this and prepared so far in advance and found themselves ready "coincidentally" at the same time just such an event showed up.  How lucky we are.  lol

The same government in Texas that fought tooth and Nail to confiscate privately owned land and build the Global Fasicsts Super Highway for the New World order's regional connection between countries, that would no longer be sovereign countries.  I just keep remembering that all three major catastrophes in this nation over the past 10 years were all manmade intentional false flags.  That is how much our leaders love the people, Yes, I trust my government and its corporate owners, uh huh, yes I do. Yeah, right! Evacuation? Why? Texas?? Perry?  Right.  Its because he loves you.  LOL 

State of Texas Deploys Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System
Provided to Vatic Project by Gypsy, Australila (thank you gypsy once again)

“We live in a 72 hour world, from decision to evacuation. By 36 hours, we want departure hubs set up, personnel trained,  links made, equipment ready, and transportation deployed.  With TX SNETS, we control the event, the event does not control us.”
- Chief Jack Colley, Governor’s Division of Emergency Management

Situation: Improve mass evacuation procedures

When more than one million people evacuated from Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 and more than 2.7 million people fled from Hurricane Rita the following  month, evacuation routes were gridlocked, fuel supplies drained and shelters overwhelmed. Thousands of families were separated and hundreds of pets lost
or left behind. The lessons learned from these catastrophic events reshaped the way the State of Texas approached mass evacuation and amplified the need to better assist and track special needs individuals throughout the process.

State of Texas Deploys Special Needs

Solution: Texas Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System (TX SNETS)

In response to the recommendations of a state-appointed special task force, the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management (GDEM) reached out to the private sector. An AT&T-led group of technology providers including Motorola, (VN: No, who would have imagined?  Turning it over to the corporate owners of the state government, great idea and eliminate the middle man, here comes the big word RFID, you knew it was coming, lol )  Radiant RFID and Retriever Software, worked together to create an automated evacuee tracking system.  Called TX SNETS, the system integrates Motorola handheld computers (VN:  Walmart uses them with counting their inventory of assets, indeed, just like we are)  with Geographic Information System (GIS) databases (VN: Is that like GPS?) with status and tracking displays, tracking software, barcode wristbands and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners, and commercial coaches and school buses equipped with mobile Global Positioning System (GPS) units.

Results: Simple process that registers 12,000 evacuees and pets per hour (VN: and with permanent records remaining after the crisis is over)

Wristbands are scanned as evacuees board GPS-equipped buses and again upon arrival at the sheltering destination, (VN: Is that like FEMA camps?) updating the information at each point and sending the data wirelessly to a centralized database maintained by the University of Texas Center for Space Research.

The TX SNETS solution allows the state to monitor the evacuees’ status, keep family members and pets together, and provide information to loved ones at each stage in the evacuation process.  Improving the evacuation process through integrated technology.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the southern coast of the United States, approximately 475,000 evacuees fled
to Texas. More than 126,000 had no identification,  9,000 were special needs individuals, and 2,000
children under eighteen were unaccompanied by an adult. “It was a major relief operation,” recalls Chief Jack Colley, Governor’s Division of Emergency  Management (GDEM).

The GDEM invited Motorola (VN: check out their board of directors, JP Morgan, Chase, etc, they love us too since we are their cattle/assets) and other private sector technology providers to develop an effective, secure solution that would help the state evacuate and track special needs individuals quickly, efficiently and safely. With special needs redefined as anyone who could not self-evacuate for any reason, the numbers of potential evacuees increased dramatically, adding layers of complexity to the challenge. A rapid
registration process and a secure method of tracking each evacuee, as well as their pets, wheelchairs, walkers, and other necessities, throughout the entire evacuation process was critical.  (VN: If we assume Depopulation and Eugenics are a consideration here, then those special needs people will be in serious jeopardy just like in Katrina).

Motorola partnered with Retriever Software (VN: A Geneva board member, Rothschilds BIS bank is there) and Radiant RFID (VN: check out this board chairman, its interesting, this is an international effort here, but this one is a texas company with a very interesting chairman) to create an integrated technology solution using Radiant RFID’s customized bar-coded RFID wristbands and RFID portals, Retriever’s tracking application software, and Motorola’s rugged MC9094 handheld computers.

“We worked with about 58 private groups to make this system happen and those groups were essential
to developing answers that work in the real world,” Chief Colley says. “For example, Motorola gives us
great support from border security to evacuations.  They are there when we need them most. We’re
dealing with life and death, not proficiency issues, so the technology has to work, it cannot fail.”

Smooth efficient registration process

The process is simple. Upon arrival at a designated evacuation center, National Guardsmen collect and
enter each family’s information into the tracking system using a laptop computer or a MC9094 handheld wireless computer. A rugged device designed for the most demanding, high stress field environment, the MC9094 provides emergency personnel with true mobility, enabling them to register evacuees on-site at the evacuation hub. Data input errors are reduced by a user-friendly software application with a standard template. And  the rapid deployment of over 500 handheld mobile computers meant that the equipment would be there when it was needed.

“The contributions made by the Motorola team were nothing less than spectacular,” says Cynthia Rubio,
president of Radiant RFID. “Product knowledge, responsiveness and perseverance were huge factors
that contributed to the successful deployment of this system.”

Keeping family and pets together and loved ones informed. After the data is collected, each family member
is given an RFID wristband with a serial number that matches the record in the database. Pets and physical or medical equipment are given corresponding tags. The information is wirelessly transmitted to the master database housed at the University of Texas Center for Space Research in  Austin (VN:  A Carnegie Foundation recipient, we know about this foundation,  as well as massive grants from the government and they will house the master data base.... yessiree) 
“The scale of mass evacuation demands a new approach to command control and the creation of a
system that registers evacuees in real-time at their departure points,” says Dr. Gordon Wells, Program
Manager, Center for Space Research, University of Texas at Austin. “One of our jobs (at the Center) is to
track the location, capacity and current occupancy of the evacuation shelters. So tracking the location of
the evacuees as they move through the process and monitoring bus locations through GPS technology
was a natural activity we could expand on.”

Tracking enabled by wireless devices  (VN:  your going to really love this one. If you know anything about shipping cattle or assets, then words like "manifest" will definitely ring a bell,  branding would be about the same thing.)

National Guardsmen also use the Motorola handheld computers to scan the wristbands as evacuees
board buses for transport to the shelters. Before departure, the Guardsmen print out a manifest for
the driver to help account for each evacuee after fuel stops and comfort station breaks. Buses are equipped with GPS units, enabling the Center for Space Research to track and report their locations and speeds every 30 seconds.  (VN:  now that is control, every 30 seconds when you have valuable cargo like that)

Upon arrival at the shelter, evacuees either walk through an RFID portal or their wristbands are manually scanned, updating their status and  transmitting the information to the master database. A printed manifest is then provided to the shelter host. TX SNETS keeps evacuees, their pets, and their medical necessities together and allows family members to contact the Texas 2-1-1 information and referral service to track evacuees’ status and current location. (VN:  you read this and you just feel so good about how much they care about you, don't you?)

“Time is the enemy,” says Chief Colley. “You have to  help people very quickly. TX SNETS is a very simple process and it works.  Taking care of our citizens first and foremost."

By the time Hurricane Dean threatened the Texas coast in August of 2007, the state was ready and waiting
with TX SNETS securely in place and poised to evacuate 150,000 people on 3,000 buses.

“When you’re dealing with people, not just assets, there is a moral responsibility to get it right,” says Sheila

Donnelly, president, Retriever Software. “When the system is allowed to proceed as planned and exercised
by Emergency Operations, the information is moved efficiently and accurately and the level of confidence
and calmness increases.”

For the state, TX SNETS provides a smooth, efficient process of effectively allocating search and rescue
resources for those who for any reason cannot self-evacuate. For evacuees, it means no longer having to
worry about losing a child in the chaos, leaving behind a pet, or being separated from critical special-needs
devices. For loved ones, it means keeping tabs on family members. And for all, it controls the turmoil and
reduces the extreme stress of a mass evacuation.

“We live in a world now where catastrophic events occur, whether man-made or natural,” says Chief Colley.
“Our priority is to take care of our citizens first and foremost, and in the 21st century we should be able to do
that. We had great support from the private sector and Motorola was one of them in a big way.”

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


NASA Flight Director Confirms 9/11 Aircraft Speed As The "Elephant In The Room"

NASA Flight Director Confirms 9/11 Aircraft Speed As The "Elephant In The Room"

06/22/2010 - Pilots for 911 Truth

Recently Pilots For 9/11 Truth have analyzed the speeds reported for the aircraft utilized on 9/11. Numerous aviation experts have voiced their concerns regarding the extremely excessive speeds reported above Maximum Operating for the 757 and 767, particularly, United and American Airlines 757/767 Captains who have actual flight time in all 4 aircraft reportedly used on 9/11. These experts state the speeds are impossible to achieve near sea level in thick air if the aircraft were a standard 757/767 as reported. Combined with the fact the airplane which was reported to strike the south tower of the World Trade Center was also producing high G Loading while turning and pulling out from a dive, the whole issue becomes incomprehensible to fathom a standard 767 can perform such maneuvers at such intense speeds exceeding Maximum Operating limits of the aircraft. Especially for those who research the topic thoroughly and have expertise in aviation.

Co-Founder of Pilots For 9/11 Truth Rob Balsamo recently interviewed a former NASA Flight Director in charge of flight control systems at the NASA Dryden Flight Research facility who is also speaking out after viewing the latest presentation by Pilots For 9/11 Truth - "9/11: World Trade Center Attack".

Retired NASA Senior Executive Dwain Deets published his concerns on the matter at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) as follows:

A Responsibility to Explain an Aeronautical Improbability

Dwain Deets
NASA Dryden Flight Research Center (Senior Executive Service - retired)
AIAA Associate Fellow

The airplane was UA175, a Boeing 767-200, shortly before crashing into World Trade Center Tower 2. Based on analysis of radar data, the National Transportation and Safety Board reported the groundspeed just before impact as 510 knots. This is well beyond the maximum operating velocity of 360 knots, and maximum dive velocity of 410 knots. The possibilities as I see them are: (1) this wasn’t a standard 767-200; (2) the radar data was compromised in some manner; (3) the NTSB analysis was erroneous; or (4) the 767 flew well beyond its flight envelope, was controllable, and managed to hit a relatively small target. Which organization has the greater responsibility for acknowledging the elephant in the room? The NTSB, NASA, Boeing, or the AIAA? Have engineers authored papers, but the AIAA or NASA won’t publish them? Or, does the ethical responsibility lie not with organizations, but with individual aeronautical engineers? Have engineers just looked the other way?

The above entry remained at the moderated AIAA Aerospace America Forum for approximately two weeks before being removed without explanation. Click "Who is Ethically Responsible" submitted by Dwain Deets at the Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum for discussion on this entry at AIAA.

Flu Vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO -- all exposed by Richard Gale and Gary Null

Flu Vaccines, pharma fraud, quack science, the CDC and WHO -- all exposed by Richard Gale and Gary Null

NaturalNews.com printable article
Originally published July 2 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) A remarkable article was published today by authors Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null of the Progressive Radio Network (http://www.progressiveradionetwork.com/ ). It may be the most shocking (and important) public health article published in the last two years. If you read just one health article this entire month, make it this one.

The article is remarkable not just for its timeliness on the issue of mandatory vaccinations and public health policy, but also for its damning evidence that exposes the fraud and quackery of the vaccine industry (as well as the corruption at the CDC and WHO). (VN:  These are the organizations that will be running our lives under a fascist global NWO, is this what we are willing to put up with?)

As you'll read below, flu vaccines remain a mainstay modern medicine only because they provide a reliable source of profits for the pharmaceutical industry which now virtually dictates public health policy thanks to its powerful lobbying resources. And the CDC, for its part, has now become little more than the regulatory branch of Big Pharma, pushing vaccines on the entire population even though the scientific evidence reveals quite clearly that flu vaccines simply do not work. (Vitamin D actually works far better at preventing flu infections, but the CDC won't recommend vitamin D to anyone.)

What you're about to read below is absolutely shocking. If you're a reader of NaturalNews, you probably already realized the vaccine industry was a sham, but I bet you didn't know just how deep this rabbit hole really goes... until now.

That's why I'm reprinting the entire article by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null below. Here's a link to the original source: http://smirkingchimp.com/thread/ric...

Give this article a serious read. It is one of the most important articles you'll ever find on this topic. Dr. Gary Null, you may already know, is one of the most brilliant researchers, thinkers and writers in the health freedom field, and I've come to respect his work a great deal. I don't yet personally know Richard Gale, but his words carry tremendous weight.


Vatic Note:   Thanks, Richard, this was a very enlightening anaylsis of the apparent plan they have prepared for us to their advantage.  Its going to be very interesting in how all this shakes out.  Right now we are getting our butts whooped in Afghanistan so I am not sure just how effective the proven incompetents are going to be in promoting this to reality.  We will see.

by Dick Eastman, Commentary, Washington state, USA

Rothschild-Sino-Israeli war strategists knew they could not occupy US South and US Midwest without heavy losses and protracted Taliban-like resistance. So they devised this grand strategy:

Forced migration and fratricide that destroys both sides.

Southern Conservative attacking Midwest Populists in a war of predetermined mutual destruction -- after which the armies of the new feudal aristocracy occupy the land and the possibilities of our way of life vanish from among mankind perhaps for centuries. That's their plan, now initiated.

The South is hit by environmental sabotage that makes the land incapable of sustaining the regional population. The starving South is constrained by food chain disruption and a poisoned environment to invade the Midwest in a great unorganized migration/attack seeking to live off the land one way or another. The Midwest already at the margin of subsistence due to draining financial and economic warfare soon see that these immigrants cannot be employed -- there is no purchasing power to hire them -- and can only be viewed as an infestation of wingless locusts. But it is just one more application of strategy that has been been applied in a hundred countries on a thousand occasions throughout recorded human history. When the final conquerors to claim the land all they will need to do is bury their already dead enemy.

American Military Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan Now Exceed 500,000 (Part 1 of 2)

American Military Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan Now Exceed 500,000 (Part 1 of 2)

Pentagon fudges the numbers to placate American public
Friday 18 June 2010, by Matthew Nasuti, Kabul Press

Since 2001, the Pentagon has sought to downplay overall U.S. military losses by artfully redefining what is a combat-related “casualty.” It has published and then changed the rules several times regarding the reporting of casualties. Currently the Pentagon uses DoD Instruction 1300.18 to arbitrarily separate out “wounded in action” from non-battle injuries. Wounded in action is narrowly defined to essentially be an injury directly caused by an adversary. So called “friendly fire” injuries and deaths would apparently not be counted. The emphasis is on acute injuries caused by enemy munitions which pierce or penetrate.

Under this scheme, chronic injuries and many acute internal injuries such as hearing impairment, back injuries, mild traumatic brain injuries, mental health problems and a host of diseases suffered by personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan are usually not counted as being war-related regardless of how debilitating they are. They are either generally lumped into the category of “non-hostile wounded” or simply not counted at all.

Officially, the Pentagon admits that approximately 5,500 troops have been killed and only 38,000 wounded, amounting to 43,500 total casualties. What is left out (according to such sources as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the New England Journal of Medicine and the U.S. Navy) are:


Assassinated Americans - Part 1A of 12 - The Fluoride Game

Assassinated Americans - Part 1A of 12 - The Flouride Game
by Vatic Master, Vatic Project
July 3, 2010

This blog is a result of two other blogs we did today, one was the assassination of two Americans, one a  young boy, and the other a dissident who was conducting seminars atithesis to the banking industry and the administration chose this to be the first case of Assassinating an American LEGALLY without a trial , through his recently signed EO.  The other blog was about the intentional use of Fluoride to sedate mass populations to accept all these horrors they are visiting on us as we speak, that we would otherwise never have tolerated. So our objective here is to eliminate the poisons they are feeding us so we can get back to our normal selves again and do what has to be done to overturn all of this before its too late. 

Elimination of Flouride from our water, our food and our bodies, is the objective of this blog today.  Its a continuation of the previous call to "ACTION" where we take back control of our lives and reach a point where we can stop these assassinations of dissidents by the occupying forces of our government and their Traitors (our elected officials) they have conjoled into cooperation.  We are putting a lot of time and work into this, and we are doing so to help all  of us come out of this together in one piece whole and well and actively fighting for ourselves, our children, our seniors etc, and we want and request that you tell us if this is valuable to you or not.   We do not want to waste your time or ours if this is not valuable to you.  We have 12 different problems we have to solve and over come before they finish what they have planned so we need to know if you want this.   If you did not read it, or only partially read it and found you were not interested, then at least go to  the "comments" section and tell us you did not and that will count as a vote.  Thanks. 


Remember, Flouride is a very dangerous halogen.   Here is a description of just how dangerous it is.  ,  and an excerpt and pay close attention to its affect on "organic" bodies. 

"Fluorine is a corrosive pale yellow gas. It is highly reactive, participating in reactions with virtually all organic and inorganic substances. Fluorine is the most electronegative element. Metals, glass, ceramics, carbon, and water will burn with a bright flame in fluorine. It is possible that fluorine can substitute for hydrogen in organic reactions, (VN:  hydrogen is part of water, so fluorine in water substitutes for the hydrogen and that critical function of water is disturbed by the replacement of flourine for the hydrogen atoms and our bodies critically need water to stay alive and HEALTHY) .

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

Vatic Note:  Well, first the Assassination of Americans was technically made legal which we would never have tolerated under normal circumstances, but now our freedom of speech is being assaulted which the founding fathers felt was so important that they put it first in the Bill of Rights, and the second Amendment was to ENSURE THE PROTECTIONS OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT, the right to free speech.  Now comes the test.  Are we our ancestors children or not?  Do we have courage or not?  Do we have principles upon which we depend and would defend for ourselves and our progeny or not???  These are deeply relevant questions since doing nothing will result in God knows what atrocity they can think of if they see us as their property.  This is the second step in that direction. Two people died this past month because of free speech they were exercising.  It truly is decision time, no more denial about it.  THIS IS ONE TIME AND ONE PLACE WHERE EVERYONE CAN RESIST AND DO SOMETHING.  IT DOESN'T REQUIRE ANYTHING BUT COURAGE.

First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico as spill cover-up goes Orwellian

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
NaturalNews.com printable article

Originally published July 3 2010

(NaturalNews) As CNN is now reporting, the U.S. government has issued a new rule that would make it a felony crime for any journalist, reporter, blogger or photographer to approach any oil cleanup operation, equipment or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone caught is subject to arrest, a $40,000 fine and prosecution for a federal felony crime.

CNN reporter Anderson Cooper says, "A new law passed today, and back by the force of law and the threat of fines and felony charges, ... will prevent reporters and photographers from getting anywhere close to booms and oil-soaked wildlife just about any place we need to be. By now you're probably familiar with cleanup crews stiff-arming the media, private security blocking cameras, ordinary workers clamming up, some not even saying who they're working for because they're afraid of losing their jobs."  (skip video for remainder of this story, the video is simply showing what would be lost if the oil comes ashore)

Assassinated Americans Prove the Need for Action - Part I of 12

Vatic Note:  Well, this is my sixth try putting this up, so I guess they REALLY don't want this info out there, now do they???  Let keep trying.  Ok, finally got it up and guess what?  Just in this amount of time they gutted the video.  Damn.  Well read it anyway and understand this is why they do what they do, since they can count on the effects of this in our water.   They do not want it taken out.  It works if we don't know its there, but not if we know what is happening.   We must read, study and eliminate this problem so we can reach the sheep for all that we have ahead of us since its moving into a whole other dimensional existance now.   If We do nothing,  we will pay for that dearly.  There is going to be a whole series of "TO DO'S" about all of this, and this is the first one. 

After you are done reading this, I will eventually put up how we go about stopping this in our water.   So, where do we begin?  First we begin by finding out why we are so lathargic and now its cost Americans their lives through murder for political reasons and no other and such murder done by the hand of the Mossad and CIA operation since even the police did not know why the road block was set up for those two who were killed and they said so in the press.  Let me acknowledge right here and now, that it is possible they would still be alive if they had not tried to fight back.  But they were being snipered at while simply sitting in the car, so I suspect they saw it as attempting to murder them. 

Its no longer acceptable,  We must begin the process of fighting back as best we know how.  So lets begin by getting rid of that which has made us lathargic and why?   Once we understand that, we can move immediately to remove the problem.  So read this below and understand the historical and current situation with this manipulation by our foreign occupying enemies of the people of the United States of America.  By the way, its not just ingestion through drinking, it can also be absorbed through the skin when taking showers or baths and directly into the blood stream.  So you can't avoid it by avoiding drinking the water from the tap, you can get it in the shower or shaving or brushing your teeth with flouride toothpaste as it goes through the skin.

Fluoride invented by Nazis for use in water supplies to sterilize & 'tranquilize' subject population  (that is why we have sheeples)


Fluoride invented by Nazis for use in water supplies to sterilize & lobotomize subject populations also, this 10min youtube (the last 3 minutes) posted by Skipper1975, 'Why most people won't wake up', at


Top US Spy Chief Quits After Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated

Vatic Note:   I listened to the 7 seminars of Jerry Kane Jr, about how to deal with foreclosures that have been successfully working after people have attended his seminars about how to deal with these foreclosures in court and credit cards as well.   Becuase of his record and his successes,  he became a bane to the banking industry.   I find it an interesting coincidence that shortly after Obama signs an EO to assassinate Americans they consider terrorists, that these two are set up at a check point,  sniper fired on,  they respond and then are hunted down and killed.   All of it with impunity.  His seminars showed a well thought out reasonable man.... not some kook or off the wall nut.   He was professional and you can watch to it yourselves and see what I mean.   Now the bankers (Dual Israeli citizen bankers owned by Rothschild, so he has declared war against our people and its time to fight back) do not have him to contend with anymore.  Foreclosures will go forward as planned.... LAND GRAB back door way of communalizing property and doing away with ownership by the slave class.  That is why they are not "SELLING" those foreclosed on properties, has anyone noticed that? They are retaining ownership without having to buy the properties at all.    Because of this "assassination" legalization, its now time to seriously consider our own actions and plans to counter this legalized murder of dissidents who exercise their right to free speech.   Gosh,  does 1930's Germany ring a bell here?  Hitler did exactly the same thing to his dissidents, either imprisonment or murder.   I commend Blair for following his principles even though it cost him dearly.   Good for him.  He will go down in OUR CONTROLLED HISTORY as a hero. THIS COULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED HAD AN AMERICAN CITIZEN BEEN PRESIDENT INSTEAD OF A DUAL ISRAELI CITIZEN CIA/MOSSAD OPERATIVE.  How very clever of the foreign occupying nation to set this up and pull it off.  America is occupied and controlled by a foreign power.  DEAL WITH IT, damn it. 

Top US Spy Chief Quits After Obama Orders 2 Americans Assassinated
by Virginia Brooks,  Brooks Report
July 2, 2010

An interesting Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report prepared for Prime Minister Putin circulating in the Kremlin today states that Obama’s top spy chief Admiral Dennis Blair [photo top left with Obama] abruptly resigned on Friday after the US President ordered the “immediate assassination” of an anti-government dissident and his 16 year old son in the US State of Arkansas.

As the Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Blair controlled 16 US spy agencies (including the Homeland Security Department, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Coast Guard) and had warned the US Congress this past February that for the first time in American history Obama’s government was asserting the right to assassinate any American citizen they deemed was a terrorist.

Obama’s power to order the assassination of American citizens without benefit of trial, this reports says, was derived from what is called the “Memorandum Opinion For the Deputy Counsel To The President” that was issued to former President George W. Bush on September 25, 2001 granting him (and all future American Presidents) extraordinary “constitutional power” to retaliate against any person, organization, or State suspected of involvement in terrorist attacks on the United States.

Now according to this SVR report, Jerry Kane Jr. and his 16 year old son Joseph Kane [photo 2nd left] were put on the US terrorist “watch list” by Obama Federal Police officials because of Kane’s growing following of Americans seeking to find relief from the financial crisis imposed upon their country by their banking system.

Kane and his son were reported to have left Las Vegas, Nevada this past Tuesday where they had given one of their financial seminars (May 15-16) and were enroute to Safety Harbor, Florida to deliver another one on May 28-29 when while traveling through the State of Arkansas they were intercepted by what the US media is calling one of Obama’s “interrogation teams” at an Interstate highway roadblock where a shootout occurred killing 2 US police officers.

US media further reports that Kane and his son were “tracked down” 90 minutes after the initial roadblock shootout to a Wal-Mart parking lot where in a hail of bullets both Kane and his son were killed and another 2 US police officers were wounded.

Bill Sadler, an Arkansas State Police spokesman, is reported by the New York Times to have said it is “unclear” why Kane and his son were targeted in this roadblock in the first place.

This SVR report, however, states that upon nearing the roadblock Kane and his son came under fire from US military snipers targeting them for assassination whereupon fire was returned from Kane’s vehicle allowing them to escape death but resulting in the other police officers deaths.

After escaping, this report continues, a “furious” Admiral Blair called the White House to “demand” an explanation of what was occurring only to be “firmly rebuffed” by Obama officials who had set up this assassination plot causing Blair to “angrily retort” he would have nothing more to do with Obama and his resignation would be on the President’s desk “as soon as I write the fucking thing up”.

Once Admiral Blair was “sidelined” by the White House, this SVR report further states, Obama officials ordered their forces to “terminate” both Kane and his son so the true facts of this assassination would never reach a court of law, and which occurred when Kane and his son were gunned down by an estimated 80 military, federal and local police personal.

To the treasonous crime Kane and his son were assassinated for, a Maryland-based insurance analyst, who had previously testified before the US Congress, named JJ MacNab, said she had been tracking him for 2 years and claimed Kane’s seminar business was “centered on debt-avoidance scams”. An SVR analysis of Kane’s seminar though (posted in 7 parts on YouTube) states that far from being a “scam” it appears to offer a legitimate course of action, that if taken by Americans would indeed free them from the stranglehold put upon them by their banking system.

Also interesting to note in this SVR report is that earlier in the week another American anti-tax dissident group named [delete for US-EU report] located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania was assaulted by United Nations troops (UN) allowed to operate in the United States by Obama and destroyed the entire facility with an explosion so loud it was heard throughout the region.

Though not reported by the mainstream propaganda US media, the existence of this UN assault convoy roaming rural Pennsylvania this past week was reported on by their dissident news reports, and as we can read as reported by one of them named InfoWars.Com:

“At approximately 0715 a convoy of 25-30 camouflaged military, Humvees and armored vehicles with UN markings was observed traveling westbound between State College, PA, and Milroy, PA on US. Route 322.

At approximately 0900 the same member encountered another convoy of UNMARKED military vehicles, refueling at Toms’s Travel Center on U.S. Route 322 at Milroy, PA. The member tried to engage the troops, but was ignored. They were in uniforms without insignia, but the covers did have ranks, from colonel to private. Convoy was a similar size, with Humvees and personnel carriers.”

To all of these latest events occurring in the United States the most surprising thing about them are that so many Americans are still unaware of what is happening to them, or why. But to the future they are entering into it can be best summed up by the quote of the great English writer George Orwell who warned them all many years ago…. “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.”

Unfortunately for the Americans who now have a government ordering the assassination of all who oppose them, that future is now.

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Chicago approves tough new handgun restrictions

Vatic Note:   Interesting since the Supremes just said that we have the right to our 2nd amendment protections.  Apparently the home of Rahm and Obama are not in agreement with the supremes.  Funny how that works when they don't rule your way.  This law is enough to justify kicking everyone of those people out of office.  You can own the gun but you can't step outside your home with it.  Weird.  I am sufficiently old enough to remember a time we were not regulated to death.   Now that was freedom.  You felt free, not just being free, but felt that feeling.  Now you never know which minor multitudinous regulations you might step on and get yourself in trouble.  Its literally getting ridiculous and tiresome.  Well, we will see where this goes.

Chicago approves tough new handgun restrictions
By DON BABWIN, Associated Press Writer Don Babwin, Associated Press Writer
Contributed to Vatic Project by Michael Strachner, USA

CHICAGO – The Chicago City Council on Friday approved what city officials say is the strictest handgun ordinance in the nation, but not before lashing out at the Supreme Court ruling they contend makes the city more dangerous because it will put more guns in people's hands.

The new ordinance bans gun shops in Chicago and prohibits gun owners from stepping outside their homes, even onto their porches or in their garages, with a handgun. It becomes law in 10 days, Corporation Counsel Mara Georges said.

The vote comes just four days after the high court ruled Americans have the right to have handguns anywhere for self-defense — a ruling that makes the city's 28-year-old ban on such weapons unenforceable.

"I wish that we weren't in the position where we're struggling to figure out a way in which we can limit the guns on our streets and still meet the test that our Supreme Court has set for us," said Alderman Toni Preckwinkle, minutes before the council voted 45-0 to approve the ordinance.

It was swift action for a council that typically takes far longer to pass ordinances, but Mayor Richard Daley — who promised the city would not "roll over" if the court ruled against the city's handgun ban — clearly wanted to give police a law they could begin enforcing as quickly as possible.

"You have to get the tools to the police," Daley said.

And even though the ban remains in effect until it is struck down by an appellate court, Georges said it was important to pass a new law to clear up confusion Chicagoans might have about what kind of weapons they can legally own and how they can use them.

Some residents applauded the vote.

"There's just too much killing going on (and) we need protection," said Mary Fitts, a retiree who came from her home on the South Side to watch the vote. "You can't even sit on your front porch."

Others, like Senesceria Craig, wondered how much good it would do. "They're not going to abide by it," she said of criminals, pointing out that her 20-year-old daughter was shot and killed with a handgun in 1992, 10 years after the city's ban went into effect.

But gun rights supporters quickly criticized Daley and the City Council and promised lawsuits.

"The city wants to put as many hurdles and as much red tape in the way of someone who just wants to exercise their constitutional right to have a gun," said Todd Vandermyde, a lobbyist with the National Rifle Association in Illinois.

Vandermyde would not say when lawsuits might be filed. But he said the ordinance would be attacked on a number of fronts — including requiring prospective gun owners to pay $15 for each firearm registered, $100 every three years for a Chicago Firearms Permit, not to mention the cost of the required training — saying they all add up to discrimination against the poor.

"How are some people in some of the poorer neighborhoods who merely want to have firearms for self-defense supposed to afford to get through all this red tape?" he asked.

David Lawson, one of the plaintiffs in the case decided by the Supreme Court this week, agreed. He wondered if a challenge could be raised over the issue of training, saying it's unfair to require training but prohibit that training from taking place in the city.

Daley and Georges said they expect lawsuits but that they were confident they could withstand legal challenges.

The ordinance also:

• Limits the number of handguns residents can register to one per month and prohibits residents from having more than one handgun in operating order at any given time.

• Requires residents in homes with children to keep handguns in lock boxes or equipped with trigger locks and requires residents convicted of a gun offense to register with the police department, much as sex offenders are now required to do.

• Prohibits people from owning a gun if they were convicted of a violent crime, domestic violence or two or more convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• Requires prospective gun owners to be fingerprinted, take a four-hour class and one-hour training at a gun range.

• Calls for the police department to maintain a registry of every registered handgun owner in the city, with the names and addresses to be made available to police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders.

Those who have handguns, illegal under the ban, would have 90 days from the day the ordinance is enacted to register those weapons.

Residents convicted of violating the ordinance face a fine of up to $5,000 and be locked up for as long as 90 days for a first offense, and a fine of up to $10,000 and as long as six months behind bars for subsequent convictions.

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