NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War or Just Business? NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War or Just Business?

Vatic Note:  Told ya, Putin was in on it.   The bankers need another World War to replenish their deminishing money supply brought about by their fiat currency system.  This is not news to most of us.  This is an excellent write up and makes perfect sense.

Did you know  that Putin has 30 billion dollars stashed somewhere that he pulls out whenever he needs it?  I just found out because Obama was going after it to deprive Putin of such flexibility.   Is there no one who is not wrapped up in the international khazar bankers agenda? you read and decide.

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NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War or Just Business?    
By Jim W. Dean,  Editor, Veterans Today

Is NATO becoming an engine of instability, looking to justify itself as a way to negotiate at the point of the gun
Is NATO becoming an engine of instability, looking to justify itself as a way to negotiate from the point of the gun?

 … from  Sputnik News,  Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Stephen Cohen just rips any justification for NATO’s expansion to the Russian border as a fraud on the scale of the Iran nuclear hoax, with that analogy being mine.
I am not taking liberty on that, as I had editorialized during the Iran nuclear talks that one of Obama’s motivations was to cool things down in the Gulf to shift money, focus and US forward deployment on Russia and China.
Is that a new Cold War? Well, to borrow a phrase from the infamous US geopolitical sage herself, Sarah Palin, “You betcha!”
I still cringe every time I hear her asked anything about world events, knowing with almost certainty that any randomly selected citizen could contribute more than she.
Unfortunately, Cohen confirms one of my greatest fears, that the political class is onboard the NATO advance, as if it were some sort of “Let’s make America great again by playing brinkmanship with Russia”.
It is an exercise of make-believe leadership, and a sterling example of the leadership crisis we face almost everywhere we look; and exceptions are rare, which is why Putin is hated by manyJim W. Dean ]
This is not how to win friends and influence people
This is not how to win friends and influence people
–  First published  …  May 26,  2016
The large-scale US-NATO amassing of military forces on Russia’s Western borders, NATO’s so-called “Eastern Front,” is unprecedented and creates the impression of actual war preparations, according to Professor Stephen F. Cohen; however it might also be driven by the economics of the US military industrial complexes.
Stephen Cohen
Stephen Cohen
The extraordinary US-NATO build-up of military forces — on land, sea, and air — on and very near Russia’s borders, or the opening of “NATO’s Eastern Front”, as Professor of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University Stephen F. Cohen refers to it, had no precedent during the preceding 40-years of Cold War.
“This military buildup on Russia’s Western frontiers is absolutely unprecedented. There has never been such an amassing of hostile military force on Russia’s Western frontiers since June 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and that’s the way the Russians see it,” Stephen F. Cohen said in his recent interview with  John Batchelor on The John Batchelor Show radio news magazine.
Such a massive mobilization creates an impression of preparation to actual war, the professor suggested.
“What NATO is mobilizing there is a lot more than a couple of divisions here and a couple of divisions there, some armor here and some there,” he explained.
“We need to understand that tens of thousands of western troops will be parked now permanently, they may say that they are rotating, but they are there permanently on Russia’s borders. Along with nuclear-ready missiles, along with a lot of tanks and, above all, in Russia’s eyes, the missile defense installation,” he added.
This is so serious, so fraught with the possibility of war, he said, adding that this NATO buildup has gone beyond the Cold War, and that Russia is only reacting in response.

This, the professor explained, is already beyond the Cold War, where nobody dies, this is already a “pre-war” stage, and what we are witnessing is a mobilization to war.
The world has not witnessed a development like this, “certainly not in any proximity,” since the Cuban crisis with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, Stephen F. Cohen explained.
‘What Aggression by Putin Warranted this New Escalation?’
When military experts ask for the reasons behind such a huge assembly of forces, they hear one and the same answer, one which is being echoed at the highest levels. And the person who formulated the plan is the US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.
“When asked to explain why there is this massive NATO mobilization on Russia’s western frontiers, he said because of “Putin’s aggression. That was the only answer,” the professor says.
“Putin’s “aggression”! What “aggression” by Putin warranted this new escalation?” he questions.
“The aggression we attributed to Putin was more than two years ago, when he “annexed” Crimea and when he began supporting the rebels in Ukraine. But so far as I know he hasn’t invaded or menaced any country since then,” he replied.
There is this myth, Cohen says, that Putin is somehow menacing “these little Baltic States” – Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
But it isn’t true, he replies. This is just warmongering propaganda that has no evidence to support it.
“So, what Putin did 2.5 year ago, if that was an aggression, why is that we are now mobilizing in a completely different location – in the Baltic area?” he therefore questions.
No Mainstream Opposition
Professor Cohen also acknowledged that as these “potentially fateful” events are occurring, there is no mainstream opposition to what the US and NATO are doing or even critical questions to be asked.
“Our political class, all across the spectrum is down with this, there is no opposition. When there is no opposition, where will they stop? And increasingly it looks like it may not stop there, but it is going to end in war with Russia,” he suggested.
‘The West Calls It Aggression’
The US and NATO are escalating on Russia’s borders in a way that never happened during the Cold War, but, and it is true, Russia is escalating back, he said.
It is also building up militarily on its side.
“We call that aggression. But I would argue that they are reacting!!” Professor Cohen said.
“I think that any reasonable person would say that any Russian leader in the Kremlin would have to react to what NATO is doing on its borders. Or he would be removed,” he suggested.
And many high-ranking Russian voices, he added, are already saying that Putin is not doing enough, he is not aggressive enough to take the initiative.
‘How Much of That is a Sincere Anxiety About our Security?’
Is Russia really a threat? The professor wondered. How much of this is just ideology? he added.
“Is it just the Cold War ideology that never died? The Cold War wasn’t about communism, it was about Russia,” he stated.
‘And Then There is an Elephant in the Room, and That’s the Money’
When a country joins NATO, the professor explained, it is militarily has to be brought up to NATO’s standards.
Most of the NATO equipment is US-made. The new member states become a consumer for the American defense industries, which have done very well as a result of NATO expansion.
Some people have already suggested that this  NATO expansion has been about money the whole time — it has been driven by the American military industrial complex. Is there a better way to build up your revenue than to capture a market and make it obligatory to purchase only one product.
Lots of countries make military equipment, Cohen explained. There is some NATO equipment that is not American-made. But it is all derived from American designs.
It is an enormous market, he added.
“So, when you look at the buildup, you look at the money, and they [US, NATO] are quadrupling expenditure on Russia’s frontier alone,” he acknowledged.
And this is not the only place where NATO is active. It is on the move again in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. Again, they are talking about Moldova and it involves Romani where they built this missile defense system.
“I don’t want to say that all the decisions made regarding Russia militarily are driven by the profitability of the military industrial complex I don’t know that to be true, but what I know to be true is that billions and billions and eventually trillions of dollars are going to be profited from this expansion of NATO and it continues to expand and in particularly now with the buildup on Russia’s borders,” the professor concluded.

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"Protocols of Zion" is the NWO Blueprint

Vatic Note:  Henry Makow, PH,D should have known about and should have   talked about the  protocols and who wrote them and why they believe we are nothing but their functioning cattle.  There was a judge, Moore, who was suspended,also had his 10 commandent statue removed from the Alabama Judicial Building.  In the meantime, it was the Khazar Rothschild bankers that created the protocols of the Elers of Zion, based on a congress of those who call themselves Jews, b ut are really Khazars.

This issue has been going on for sometime now after it started back in 2003.   The people and their justice system lost, while the Satanists won to a limited degree, but they are not finished with their global agenda.  So we will just have to decide "what kind of world and justice system do we want" for our nation.   and then move on it by any means necessary.

This is a very spiritual and courgeous man.  He could have just shut up and kept his mouth closed, but right willed out over might.  Thank goodness.  This basically says it all.  Without God, we have no rights and that is why these satanists are trying to make God disappear so we quit having our moral base from which to operate.  Its what these same khazars did to the Russian Christians back in 1917 and it worked.  The faith had to go underground in order to survive but people hung onto to their belief system. 
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"Protocols of Zion" is the NWO Blueprint
By Henry Makow, PH. D. 

"If this state can't acknowledge God, then other states can't ...And eventually the United States of America will not be able to acknowledge the very source of our rights and liberties and the very source of our laws." Judge Roy Moore

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last week Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended and his Ten Commandments monument removed from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building. 

Consider the irony: the injunction "Thou Shall Not Steal" is banished from the Judicial Building.
How long can the concept of justice survive when it is divorced from belief in a transcendent moral order?
As Moore says, the source of our rights is God. Abolish Him and soon we will have no rights.

The action which upheld the separation of church and state was in response to a suit by the American Civil Liberties Union, It is part of a nationwide campaign to eliminate all references to America's Judeo-Christian heritage from the public sphere. 

The ACLU is a Communist front dedicated to abolishing the United States and establishing a totalitarian world government. They are following a satanic blueprint laid out in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

I hate to sound melodramatic but unfortunately the truth may be very bizarre. I want to be wrong because if I am not, the forces responsible for the worst horrors of the last century are still in charge.

We are in the eleventh hour of a multigenerational conspiracy designed to first degrade and then enslave mankind. September 11 proclaimed the beginning of the final stage in the establishment of a totalitarian "new world order" (a.k.a. "globalization.") 

The war on terror is a ruse designed to mask the creation of a police state. There are new developments every day. Canadians can't smile on their passports pictures because they will be used in facial recognition and surveillance systems. All British cars will be fitted with microchips, which "will automatically report a wide range of offences." 

An age-old conspiracy is being consummated right under our nose. George W. Bush is an admitted member of a satanic secret society, the "Skull and Bones," an offshoot of the European illuminati. 

The Illuminati worship Lucifer "the bringer of light." The Illuminati originates in the Babylonian mystery cults, Jewish Kabala, the Templars, Freemasons and other interests dedicated to Satan worship and absolute power.

Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Inglestadt in Germany, founded "The Order of the Illuminati" in 1776 on Communist May Day. Prince William of Hesse Casel and his banker Meyer Amschel Rothschild, the wealthiest man in the world were behind Weishaupt. A few years later the Illuminati took over the Freemasons and have used them to manipulate world events ever since. 

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is the Illuminati's Master Plan. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this book. In coming weeks, I will continue my analysis. I am using the Fry edition, "Waters Flowing Eastward." 
The Illuminati goal is to overthrow western civilization through the destruction of its four pillars: family, nation/race, religion and democracy. 

This will be replaced by a totalitarian "super government" devoted to Lucifer "our Sovereign Lord of all the World." (124)

The Protocols clearly was not intended to become public. It was obtained by an agent of the Tsarist secret police in Paris and published in Russia in 1901. After the Bolshevik Revolution slaughtered the Tsar and his family in 1918, the Protocols was banned on pain of death. 

It has been excoriated as an anti-Semitic forgery. This is a red herring designed to divert attention from its real and startling significance. It describes a long-term "strategic plan" for the subversion of mankind. 

The book is Satanic in character and as such embraces anyone. Yes, a leader of a Jewish secret society composed it. But Italians don't rush to the defence of the Mafia, another secret society. If they did, it would cast suspicion on them all. Jews need not fall on their swords for Satanists. 

The Protocols refers to outsiders as "goyim," the Yiddish word for gentile. But in fact, the goyim are outsiders in relation to Satanism and/or the "aristocracy of money."
"On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications of this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force." (119, emphasis mine)

In other words, our despots are Luciferian sages and bankers, their wealthy allies, along with educated lackeys (technocrats, politicians, writers, teachers) who make the satanic wheels turn. 

We are talking about spiritual warfare, the cosmic struggle between Good and Evil. The essence of Christianity is that man has a Divine soul and is intended to evolve and become more God-like. Universal Love is the Divine Plan for mankind. 

The devil worshippers deny man's Divinity. The Protocols speak of "beasts of prey that are called men." (114) They want us to become beasts iof burden. This is why the media constantly appeals to our animal qualities with pornography, violence, and immorality. 

The Protocols is a long-term plan for world dictatorship. "Before us is a strategic plan from which we cannot deviate without seeing the labour of many centuries brought to naught." (124)

No behavior is too vile to accomplish this goal. "We must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery..." Indeed assassination and terror "and the programme of violence and make-believe" are embraced. (118)
Might makes right. "By the law of nature, right lies in force." (114) 

The Protocols say that the aristocracy was the people's only defence against the depredations of the Satanists. Thus they destroyed it by proclaiming spurious ideals such as "fraternity, liberty and equality." The foolish goyim did not see that "in nature there is no equality" and that the "non-adept... understands nothing of the political" and is unfit to rule. (119, emphasis mine)

Idealistic-sounding principles are used to deceive and manipulate the goyim. "One must know how to use [political freedom] as a bait whenever it appears necessary to attract the masses " for the purpose of crushing authority. (114)

With the aristocracy gone, the Satanists form an invisible government by bribing politicians and cultural leaders with fame and fortune. (Lyndon Johnson once remarked that he felt like the most popular girl at the brothel.)

"We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines...each boring away at the last remnants of authority...striving to overthrow all established forms of order. By these acts all states are in torture... but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness."(138)

Mankind can be likened to a sick organism infected by a deadly pestilence. 

Wittingly or unwittingly, our corporate, political and cultural elites are in the thrall of Satanists. Don't be deceived by current economic abundance. Wealth may be repossessed in a moment simply by quickly raising interest rates to high levels.

We suffer from an infirmity of will when it comes to the central issues of life: our children's future and the fate of mankind. Unless there is a spiritual revival, mankind will continue to succumb to a Reign of Evil.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/000205.html#sthash.pQYL4MDC.dpuf

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.