The giant has awakened!

Vatic Note:   This is up because since this has happened, there were over 100 different protests across the country over this event.  Now, will it do any good?  We don't know, but if no one is fired, arrested, prosecuted for such violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and perjury, a serious felony,  is allowed to be covered up and to take place, then we no longer have anything resembling a justice system by the foreign occupiers and controllers of our nation. 

In many ways we find out just what does work, if there are no actions taken consistant with the breaking of the law, then we know that protesting doesn't work and after that are a whole raft of actions we can take as Oregon proved with the outrageous Monsanto protection act that is a direct assault upon the health and life of the average American and that also is a felony.

We need to start calling these things what they are.... felony crimes with very long jail sentences and they can be prosecuted at the state level since jurisdiction resides in criminal cases with the various states. When the court gave the order to destroy the beet crops, the fed court stepped in and overturned it.  That is when the people took the matter of justice into their own hands and burned 2 major fields of sugar beets and that was 40 tons of beets, a lot of beets.  They did it in the dark of night and used hand pulling of the crops and then burned them.  And they did not get caught.

What the federal court did was to aid and abet the agricorps in felony assault and murder with respect to these seeds and beets. That means the judges who ruled that way are now criminals as well and subject to the exact same sentence as the original criminals they sought to protect from their crime.  Its been proven these GMO's attack human organs, felony assault intentionally, since they know.  If someone dies from it, its felony murder.  A death penalty in some states. 

Now at some point, Justice will cry out to be done.  One way or the other.  And lets take a look at some of those vulnerabilities these asset holders have and will have to spend their ill gotten gains in banking and fascist corporate thieving, drug running and money laundering, to protect those assets, FOREVER. And what if millions decide not to pay their taxes?  Then those same bankers will hve to pony up the money for that protection themselves since they won't be able to steal it from the non paying tax payer.

We are not there yet, but once the people finally get that this is never going to change if we leave it as it is, then and only then will this begin.  Once a sleeping giant is awoken, there is no putting him back to sleep.  What allowed these people to get this far in their extortion, sex slave trade revenues, chemtrail poisoning, embezzlement, and out right theft, was the "trust" that the people erroneously placed in their elected officials.  I found that out with SENATOR BENNETT'S OFFICE IN COLORADO.  IF his staff represents his attitude, then he is already a traitor and does not care that we know about it. Same with Senator Udall of Colorado.

Everyone is going to have to check out their own senators and then publically on every blog list them truthfully with what they have done in allowing these crimes against the American people.   A lot of Nuremberg trails are going to have to take place and get justice from those we elected and instead are working for a foreign country in their best interests and against our own.  STart the collecting of this info  now.  Notify in writing by either email or snail mail and keep a copy with a signature requested, of all the wrong doing you are seeing and we can prove.   That is the foundation for beginning to take these issues into our own hands.

The giant has awakened!
by Judge Andrew Napolitano, WND

Which is more dangerous to personal liberty in a free society: a renegade who tells an inconvenient truth about government lawbreaking, or government officials who lie about what the renegade revealed?

That’s the core issue in the great public debate this summer, as Americans come to the realization that their government has concocted a system of laws violative of the natural law, profoundly repugnant to the Constitution and shrouded in secrecy.

The liberty of which I write is the right to privacy: the right to be left alone. The framers jealously and zealously guarded this right by imposing upon government agents intentionally onerous burdens before letting them invade it. They did so in the Fourth Amendment, using language that permits the government to invade that right only in the narrowest of circumstances.

The linchpin of those circumstances is “probable cause” of evidence of crime in “the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” If the government cannot tell a judge specifically what evidence of crime it is looking for and precisely from whom, a judge may not issue a search warrant, and privacy – the natural human yearning that comes from within all of us – will remain where it naturally resides, outside the government’s reach.

Congress is the chief culprit here, because it has enacted laws that have lowered the constitutional bar the feds must meet for judges to issue search warrants. And it has commanded that this be done in secret.  And I mean secret.

Russian Rocket Fails during Launch and explodes after lift off. Do we have friends here?

Vatic Note:  Ok, lets think about this carefully.  This short piece had some incredible information in it, that should  cause us to ponder.  For instance, this told about debri near the US and Russian  joint venture for commercial Launches, known as ILS, International Launch Services.  Watch that video more than once and very carefully and you may see what I am talking about below.

Aaaah, I thought Russia was our enemy?  Oh, wait, "Commercial", oh, then thats ok, the fascists need to do this in order to keep their profits secured.  Who cares about the millions of Russian and US civilian lives lost, in this jointly planned WW for profits in weapons sales.  Damn, after all,  war is a jobs program  now that our agriculture and manufacturing has been shipped to third world slave countries.  Dummy me, as I smack my forehead.

Another thing that bothered me is these were going to be "Navigation/positioning Satellites".... and were created back in 1978 specifically in use for war.  So, that means the Russians were getting ready to take on someone.  Wonder who that was.  We have been saying for a very long time that all leaders on both sides are colluding and conspiring to do this world war for profit, and the bankers control it and who will win. 

There is an old saying,  and viewed in light of all the World wars we have had and those they are planning on having:    "Fool me once, shame on you,  fool me twice, SHAME ON ME".  Now, we have two "Shame on  me". The 1st WW was the "shame on you"  but WW II was the shame on me, and now we are heading into our third "Shame on Me"..... are the zionists correct when they wrote "The goyim are so stupid they will believe any thing  we tell them".  Are they right?

Now, if that is the case and the Russians are not sloppy, if anything, in technology they are way better than we are, since all their technology is a joint scientific venture between Russia and our sleezy ally, Israel. Remember its the Khazar Zionists who own Russia and have since 1917.   So, what the Hell happened and if you watch, it truly seems that missle was "taken" out and is it a coincidence that it landed near the joint US and Russian launch pad?

So, do we have friends watching out for us?  Think about all the nukes over the past 5 years that "did not go off"..... no  MUSLIM stolen nukes used in a false flag attack on Americans to get us to invade Iran (The zionists favorite deception for starting wars.  They have done in in every single one since WW I).  The last time nukes were used against us was in 9-11 by the same Zionist bankers trying to get us to blame the Muslims.  After that, nukes were stolen, went missing, etc, but NO NUKE FALSE FLAGS were allowed. 

The North Korean Nuke never got off the ground, remember that threat? Remember the launched missle from a (Zionist)  unknown submarine off the coast of LA that went loppdy loop and fell helplessly into the sea, and no follow up news reports on any results of the gov investigation as to who, whether they recovered the missle and was it armed?  They made some unbelievable stupid excuse for what it was, but it was so stupid no one took it seriously. A total black out on the issue after that. This is where it was clear as a bell, that the zionist owned press became traitors.

NO MORE PROXY WARS FOR THE BANKERS, using  other countries like a chess board, WHERE THEY SIT SAFELY IN THEIR BUNKERS AND UNDERGROUND PALACES while American and Russian children spill their blood, and serve as fodder for the money making wars.  THE BANKERS/ISRAEL EITHER FIGHT THOSE  WARS THEMSELVES WITH THEIR CHILDREN,THAT THEY START, FUND AND CONTROL, OR THEY MUST SURRENDER, and the rest of us ban together to take them on along with their minions.

Nuremberg trials conducted and executions made public for all their WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.   I am so sick of these people, that its time to take their DANGEROUS existence seriously just as the MONGOLIANS DID back in 750 AD when they kicked them all out of Mongolia. 

Russian Rocket Fails during Launch and explodes after lift off. 

Explosion of a Progress-M rocket on July 2, 2013 Explosion of a Progress-M rocket on July 2, 2013

At 2:38 UTC Tuesday morning (local time) a Russian Progress-M heavy lift rocket carrying three GLONASS navigation/positioning satellites exploded shortly after lifting off from the pad at Baikonur Cosmodrome. The event was captured on a live Russian news feed, seen on this video.

No word yet on whether there were any injuries or notaccording to NASASpaceflight.com, no casualties have been reported but the Progress rocket debris may have landed near another pad used by ILS (International Launch Services) — a U.S./Russian joint venture for commercial launches.

According to Anatoly Zak at  RussianSpaceWeb.com, “since the emergency cutoff of the first stage engines is blocked during the first 42 seconds of the flight to ensure that the rocket clears the launch complex, the vehicle continued flying with its propulsion system firing practically until the impact on the ground.”

Reminder: space travel is (still) hard.


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The miraculous trace element iodine can help prevent or even cure breast cancer, says the evidence:

Vatic Note:  I have so many stories over the past 25 years that I have been using natural remedies,  that I am sure I have told most of them on this blog.  LOL  However, let me simply say that we are in charge of our own bodies and feeding it right with "real food" IS ONE CRITICAL element for a non cancer condition, along with a modicum of exercise, and a whole lot of positive attitudes toward your life.  It has worked for me a hundred fold.

Even if someone slams you, you can smile and say how much you love them and for them to have a happy day, and then walk away.  Be grateful they showed you where they were at right now and that gave you the opportunity to avoid them till they are finished with their journey, but laughing, having fun, being around positive people who are not in denial.... big difference..... can be a healing baum for everyone including yourself.

The miraculous trace element iodine can help prevent or even cure breast cancer, says the evidence:
(NaturalNews) If you or a woman close to you were advised to have a double mastectomy performed in order to prevent breast cancer, shouldn't anotheroption be available? Medical mutilations have been performed lately on women told they are genetically predisposed to getting breast cancer.

That other option could be a good diet with supplemental iodine. Exactly why iodine offers the other option for preventing breast cancer regardless of genetics is referenced later in this article.

Dr. David Brownstein could be called Dr. Iodine for all he's done to inform others of the importance of iodine through interviews and his book Iodine: Why You Need It; Why You Can't Live Without It.

Dr. Mark Sircus, who occasionally contributes articles to Natural News, constantly promotes bicarbonate of soda, magnesium, and iodine as more important and effective for health than most realize.

Now, Dr. Jeffrey Dach has grabbed the iodine talking stick, producing several international clinical, lab, and case study reports that demonstrate the efficacy of iodine ingestion for breast cancer.

Dr. Dach on iodine

Salt used to be iodized with elemental iodine to prevent goiter, but no more. So what little protection that offered has vanished. Dr. Dach notes that iodized salt is not sufficient for supplementing iodine.

Iodine's RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is 150 mcg (micrograms) per day. Dr. Guy Abraham, who initially mentored Dr. Brownstien, insists we should be taking in 12.5 mg (milligrams) of elemental iodine daily. This is 100 times greater than our RDA.


Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 6

Vatic Note:   OMG, You listen to these and it finally hits home where these khazars got the idea we, goyim, were a slave race. In fact, this has actually acted like a "glue" for me in pasting all these pieces together.  The khazars are, EITHER,  the remnants of the first hybrids of the slave race that  didnt' work out and the aliens had to tweek the DNA some more and ended up with the goyim in the end, OR, The khazars were the full blooded annanaki, which is unlikely, since they are brutal, but not brilliant as I first suspected.  

Because of the Bible writings which match very much with the sumarian writings, I am going for the first; they are the first  hybrids and it explains why they are missing so much from their humanity.   THE ANNANAKI HAD TO ADD SOMETHING TO THEM to make them better slaves and we are the result or the REAL JEWS are the result or both, since so many cultures are decendant from the first Judaens,  and God then had to warn the Khazars in order to protect the real Jews. 

And its why he called them "His Chosen"... I think you will see this too if you really stop and remember all that we have put up, and how their current behavior and past behavior made no sense, and why they hate the arabs so much, both Muslim and Judaens. Is this why they are trying to genocide the Pals?  Remember, even God said, in the Bible, "there will be those who say they are my chosen, but they are not, they are the synogogue of Satan".

Video 6 delves even deeper into our history.  Its in this one that a connection is made to the Sumarian writings and Iraq.  In doing oil exploration in Iraq, Halliburton Oil, using ground radar, discovered something of great archeological importance.... the tomb of Gilgamesh, the ruler of Sumaria, and that happened as recent as  1999.   Parts 6 and 7 are even more revealing.

He confirms much of what Vatic project posted in a series about Antarctica.  He also talks about how the ice in that continent has a huge block of it on solid land, that is on a slant and is held in place by a pin, a large one, yes, but still only a pin which is melting. 

I bring this up because we are looking at reasons why royalty of Europe, including the queen of England, are buying up land around the occult Denver Airport. Could the reason be, the flooding that will occur once that pin melts and the texas size block of ice floats into the ocean, resulting in a 12 foot increase in ocean levels world wide?  That means flooding in London, Paris, New york, Washington DC.  etc.   

Video #6 covers how the first hybrid came about and what they were really like, which was not very nice,  but they were tweeked and that maybe why some of us are completely different than the first batch.  From my research I have formed an opinion that the first batch were those born with no souls or spirits and they are the khazar banker psychopaths.  

There was a great amount of audience participation.  He also says flooding is expected due to cosmological factors.  When he said that I thought of the royalty of Europe buying up all that land around the Denver airport,  now we know why.  Anyway this was a good series to watch and listen to. Lots of audience questions and participation. I like that.

In Video 7 He says that what is getting clear as a bell is the connection of aliens to what is going on today and then a big discussion on the Bible and it was a good one as far as I am concerned.  He even talks about the Nicene conference and how its been edited. As you know we have spent a lot of print on the missing books of Enoch which were more informative with the involvement of "the sons of God mating with the daughters of man.

Jim Marrs lecture on Monoatomic Gold part 6 

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Uploaded on Jan 14, 2010

Video #6



Video #7


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♥ How to make Monoatomic Gold, ORMUS, White Powder Gold ♥ (alchemical way, HD)

Vatic Note:   We decided since we are doing a series on Monoatomic gold, then the least we  could do was provide a video showing how to make it.   While it appears a bit slow and halting, its really very good for those interested.

So much disclosure coming so very rapidly, it almost takes my breath away.  Those who listen will be entering a whole new realm of reality, and those that don't won't be able to adapt to the changes manifesting, so everyone, please keep an open mind and give these concepts a fair consideration.   There must be much to this since the attacks by the trolls on this video are horrific and steady.

Yet no one can deny the existance of this substance since its been written about since ancient times.  I do mean very ancient times.  Since the beginning of civilization.  I smell panic in the disinfo crowd.  Check it out for yourselves and see what you think.

Just try to remember, these were ancient knowledge that somehow got lost, but are being rediscovered.   They worked back then and some very smart brilliant people, even if evil,  believe in them today.    So, check this out and the rest of the series on the subject,  and enjoy.

How to make Monoatomic Gold, ORMUS, White Powder Gold ♥ (alchemical way, HD) 
Published by Monoatomic Gold on May 26, 2012
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9Fqup... http://www.facebook.com/paradies2012 http://www.monoatomicwhitepowderormus... ★★★★★★★★★★★


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Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health

Vatic Note:  This article presumes that people who take care of their health do it for cost savings, but that is not the case for many if not the majority.  They do it to not only live longer, but to have a quality of life that only good health can give you.  I have engaged in that kind of thinking and because I have been on natural remedies for over 25 years, I have not had to go to a doctor except for a back problem which was solved by going to a chiropracter instead of a general practitioner.

I had to go to a MD only once and that was when I had a heart attack due to stress and adrenalin poisoning, I was off their medication in 4 months and on natural remedies, for 8 months and I have not had a pill or seen a doctor about my heart for 6 years now.  Not bad, huh? I have not had health care in even more years than that, so I was prepared to die rather than run up a medical bill, but I did not have to worry about it.  I am healthy as a horse now.

Having gotten my degree in Poli sci, masters in Finance with minor in Macroeconomics, I was fully aware of  what Bush Sr did in the 1980's.  All economies grow based on these principles.

1. Farming/ranching - grow enough food to feed your nation and export the rest...to generate profits to invest in manufacturing and other research and development projects to create new technologies (that is now all gone)

2. Manufacturing - Invest in manufacturing things that make other things that produce wealth and you then have wealth producing products that cost less and make more money/wealth/capital on secondary  invested dollars.  Well Bush gave incentives to MANUFACTURING Co, to move overseas to slave labor states and the horrors of that to children is unknown by the average American, but even so, that left the US with no economic wealth producing manufacturing, so now what?

Well, our ingenius, greed,  soul-less, dehumanizing, corrupt bankers and corporations, decided they would generate WEALTH ONLY FOR THEMSELVES, instead of for the nation, a clear abandonment of corporate "citizenship", by means other than creating wealth as a whole for the country, while also getting rich off the movement of their manufacturing to slave labor countries where they could realize enormous profits they would not have to shared with 9  year old kids who were the slaves.  Will get into that on another blog later.

What was left for companies to make Money in America?  Any thing that harmed the American people in a variety of ways.  CRIME, PRISONS, ILLNESS, DEATH, LEGAL DRUGS, HOSPITALS, WAR, ILLEGAL DRUGS, MONEY LAUNDERING, PORNOGRAPHY, PROSTITUTION, SEX SLAVE TRADE, FAST "JUNK" FOOD WITH ONLY 7% MEAT IN THEIR HAMBURGERS, ETC in general, anything that harmed the American people, or was of a criminal mafia nature, could then be used to extract wealth from us directly, rather than creating it themselves like they use to do with their manufacturing facilities.

You can tell when that started.   Its when the first drug selling ads appeared on TV, prior to that they were not allowed to promote drugs on TV.   We also noticed it when the bought and paid for politicians began CRIMINALIZING CIVIL OFFENSES.  Then they began their attack on our basic life sustaining needs, like healthy food and water. Forced auto insurance coverage where before you could bond yourself instead of insuring or take your chances and suffer the consequences,  and in any case, it was a choice which a free people have. Why did they do that?

Because to make money on these horrors, they had to "CREATE" the disease that would send us to the doctor, or the crime to send us to prison, so chemtrails, GMO's, were brought forward into our lives to achieve that end,  That included GMO's that alters our DNA and attacks our organs.... then poisoned drinking water filled with fluoride so poisonous that the chemical companies had to pay $400 per truck load to get rid of it, and instead had the genius idea to sell it to municipalities to put into our drinking water for only $40 a truck load, there by saving themselves $400 per load, while also making $40 at the same time.  This benefited those chemical companies to the tune of $440 per truck load.  That is a fortune and it solidified their bottom line and their stock prices. 

Anybody remember when IRS issues were handle in a civil court called the "Tax Court"?  Now its criminal.  Same with many other such civil offenses.  So this is not new, its just more of the same.   Its what happens when you stifle competition and issue in a FASCIST STATE WITH MONOPOLY RIGHTS.

And that, my friends, is what we have become. A ZIONIST BANKER RUN FASCIST STATE  And now we know it.  The entire world now knows that AMERICA has the largest criminal population in prison in the world, per capita, worse than all the communist countries, dictatorships, etc Something to really be proud of.  And Obama gave the man who did all this, BUSH SENIOR, THE "MEDAL OF FREEDOM"..... No wonder history gets so perverted.

This article below is just more of the same agenda.  If healthy people do not get sick, then how do you make money off of healthy people?  You give incentives for them to eat badly,  use GMO products, eat fast foods with only 7% meat in the hamburger pattie!  Now its the insurance premiums to get those who are healthy to get mad at those who are not, but they are not the ones making the policy, GET MAD AT THE SOLD OUT POLITICIANS THAT ARE IMPLEMENTING THIS DISEASED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.  We damn well better take our nation back.

Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take care of their health
By Mike Adams, Health Ranger, Natural News
July 2, 2013
(NaturalNews) According to an analysis just published by the Wall Street Journal, healthy people will pay double or triple their current health insurance rates under Obamacare. Rates for those with chronic disease, however, will be reduced as all the healthy people subsidize their disease lifestyles.

The net effect is that people who choose to follow a healthy lifestyle -- eating well, taking nutritional supplements, exercising and avoiding junk foods -- will be financially punished by the federal government while those who choose to follow a disease and sickness lifestyle -- eating junk foods, taking meds, refusing to exercise, etc. -- will be rewarded by government.

This is the essence of socialized medicine: punish responsible citizens while rewarding those who refuse to take care of their health.

Disease is a matter of cause and effect, not luck

Obamacare, like all socialized medicine systems, is based on the false premise that health outcomes are a matter of pure luck. Disease just "randomly strikes people," the thinking goes, and individuals have nothing to do with their own health. This false belief fits nicely with the financial interests of Big Pharma and doctors, of course, because it puts the power of health in the hands of corporations and medical personnel.

But the premise is utterly false. Health is almost never a matter of luck. It's a matter of cause and effect. What you eat, what you're exposed to, what you absorb and how much time you invest in exercise almost entirely determines the health outcome you experience. Choose to eat healthy foods and you get vastly improve health outcomes. Choose to exercise on a daily basis (even with something as simple as walking), and you also get vastly improved health outcomes.

The Obama administration claims to be "pro choice" on the issue of abortion, yet it denies the existence of "choice" when it comes to personal health. Why is that?

Obamacare is actually designed to punish you for making wise choices about your health. It actually creates a financial disincentive for people to take care of their own health, as it allows people to conclude, "Well what does it matter whether I eat well? The government covers my health insurance costs now, so even if I get a disease, it's all paid for."




                                        (Only in America, huh?  LOL)                         

GOD BLESS AND NEVER FORGET WHAT IT MEANS TO BE FREE, SO LETS GET THAT BACK AGAIN AND "NEVER" EVER LET IT GO. Our nation has been taken over by a foreign power and this day should remind us just how good we have been in taking on such enemies and defeating them.... it should also remind us why.... freedom/liberty and reclaiming our culture and ridding ourselves of the foreign occupiers culture of hate, fear, felony crimes as a way of life.

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UPDATED 7/3 - Please revisit the updated Part 3 of this series, since we obtained much more detailed information that explains so much more, such as why Denver airport has such weird roofs and why the murals ae on the walls... and its  related to the ley lines.  here is the link for those following this series and there are quite a few of you.


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Breaking: Update: 33 million protesting largest in World history! Sordid and Murderous History of the Money Changers - A timeline view

Vatic Note: ATTN: HOME SCHOOLERS,  THIS below is REAL AND DEEP HISTORY like I had never seen before, but its all documented from the USA all the way to Canada and elsewhere with various records, quotes, and actions that cannot be recalled.  For that I am grateful that truth was preserved in the end.  At the very end he provides solutions recommended and they are worth looking at with a serious eye. 

On a personal note, I can't believe how mad I got and how progressively madder as I read what these whores called international bankers have done to our country over its existance from the beginning.  I hope you have the same reaction.... its going to be needed since they are on their last leg of taking over the world.  It was topped off with the JFK assassination when he tried to take on those same bankers and they had the nerve to murder our duly elected President.  Thats justification for war against the bankers, under any circumstances.

UPDATE:  talk about synchronicity, I just opened an email and look what I saw and it matches with what I said about the only enemies are the bankers and we should only do a world war with them.  Then this showed up with 33 million Egyptians protesting in Egypt.  Awesome!  if they can do it so can we, in fact, so can the whole globe.
Scroll down right now to 1865 and read that.  The bankers wanted  us on the Gold STandard since they controlled all the gold.  And right now in our country and globally, the Rothschilds have warehouses of gold you would not believe, so what about the dollar they are always crying about?

Well, if you keep the US dollar as the reserve currency, AND YOU MAKE IT BACKED BY GOLD, then guess who has all the wealth.
Why do you think Germany could not retreive their Gold from the Federal Reserve?

Who has the gold that was substituted with Tungsten that made its way to Tokyo?  Where is it hidden? Where is the Gold from Ft. Knox?   ITS IN THE PROTOCOLS, that their objective was always to collect Gold and land.  Well, they are doing both as we speak.  No  more Conspiracy theories, this is fact and deadly to our future if we allow it to continue.

You may well go into shock when you see the history of the private banks that almost destroyed America more than once.  It also appears Assassinating leaders that take the control of currency away from the money changers, is an ancient practice by these seed of Cain demon worshippers.   Wait til you read what Czar of Russia did to help Lincoln and why the Czar and his family were killed in 1917 for resisting central banking in Russia.  What an eye opener this has been.  I am dumbfounded and speechless.  Also wait til you read who John  Wilkes Booth really was and who hired him to assassinate Lincoln.

Historically, their first assassinated leader was Caesar, that we know of, and can associate his taking control of currency and printing his own money in Rome, as the reason for his assassination.  So, history does repeat itself and its why we should study it as much as we can. Does JFK ring a bell?  Read what Napoleon said  about bankers and their lack of loyalty to any nation.  I keep thinking about the world wars where they funded both sides, and millions of our people died.  All for profit and gain.  Not for national security.

I found this, as usual with I am the Witness, to be well documented, researched and presented and i am sure you will be as fascinated with it as I was. Although I am a weird duck that way.  I love history and it has taught me so much about all that I see today.  So its been a blessing for me.  I am sure its been boredom for many.  lol  What was interesting, is the history of fractional reserve banking way back when gold was the coin of the realm.  Its fascinating how they created all this.  It also discusses when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. 

If and when we get passed this, we must never neglect history or our vigilance in protecting and guarding our freedoms and liberty and always remain suspicious of government and banking. Our freedoms are directly tied into our ownership of our labor.  Once we give that up to a banker, a corporation, or anyone, then we are no longer free.  I especially appreciated the history of the talley stick that lasted as currency for over 700 years and the bankers could do nothing about it.  Its something to look into.

Never take the word of a politician, rather make him/her make their case as we would anyone trying to take our money.  So much that we were told was not true and we discovered the culprits were the "money changers" who bought up the publishing companies that controlled what history got printed and taught to us in schools.  I had to wonder why I had to wait till college  to find  out about fractional reserve banking.  Now that I know they control the printing of history books, everything makes a lot more sense now.

Once you read all this, and its important that you do,  you will KNOW deep down who our real enemy is and its not the Russians, the Chinese, or the Muslims.  ITS THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS and  their operations arm, Israel who considers Rothschild their King.  Khazars both, so that explains why they do as he commands.  War must  not be fought with anyone else, except the bankers in each country so that we can get back to real life again.  Iceland proved it can be done.  There simply is not enough of them.

Here are a couple of definitions that every one should know.

Definition of Zionism:

an organization of Jews Khazars whose goal is to create a nation for Jews khazars who want a satanic based NWO.
Definition of Judaism:

Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Jerusalem Talmud.  (The babylonian Talmud is used by the pretend Jews called Khazars and its also been paganized.)

History of the Money Changers - A timeline
by I am the Witness admin

By Andrew Hitchcock, 26 Feb 2006. He also wrote the Rothschild timeline. Here is an illustrated version of this timeline.    
Economists continually try and sell the public the idea that recessions or depressions are a natural part of what they call the “business cycle”.
This timeline below will prove that is simply not the case.  Recessions and depressions only occur because the Central Bankers manipulate the money supply, to ensure more and more is in their hands and less and less is in the hands of the people.

Central Bankers developed out of money changers and it is with these people we pick the story up in 48 B.C. below.

48 B.C.
Julius Caesar took back from the money changers the power to coin money and then minted coins for the benefit of all. With this new, plentiful supply of money, he established many massive construction projects and built great public works. By making money plentiful, Caesar won the love of the common people. But the money changers hated him for it and this is why Caesar was assassinated.

Immediately after his assassination came the demise of plentiful money in Rome, taxes increased, as did corruption.

Eventually the Roman money supply was reduced by 90 per cent, which resulted in the common people losing their lands and homes.

30 A.D.
Jesus Christ in the last year of his life uses physical force to throw the money changers out of the temple.  This was the only time during the the life of his ministry in which he used physical force against anyone.  (VN: Which proves there will be times, that love, compassion, forgiveness won't work and then you are forced to use violence to protect yourselves, your family and your country. Unfortunately, it happens, this, may well be one of those times, and ironically its the same khazars that pushed Jesus into do so when he normally would not.  He called them the "sons of Satan", and he was so right.)

When Jews came to Jerusalem to pay their Temple tax, they could only pay it with a special coin, the half-shekel. This was a half-ounce of pure silver, about the size of a quarter. It was the only coin at that time which was pure silver and of assured weight, without the image of a pagan Emperor, and therefore to the Jews it was the only coin acceptable to God.

Unfortunately these coins were not plentiful, the money changers had cornered the market on them, and so they raised the price of them to whatever the market could bear.  They used their monopoly they had on these coins to make exorbitant profits, forcing the Jews to pay whatever these money changers demanded.

Jesus threw the money changers out as their monopoly on these coins totally violated the sanctity of God's house.  These money changers called for his death days later.

The money changers had control of Medieval England's money supply and at this time were generally known as goldsmiths.  Paper money started out and this was simply a receipt you would get after depositing gold with a goldsmith, in their safe rooms or vaults.

This paper started being traded as it was far more convenient than carrying round a lot of heavy gold and silver coins. Over time, to simplify the process, the receipts were made to the bearer, rather than to the individual depositor, making it readily transferable without the need for a signature. This, also, broke the tie to any identifiable deposit of gold.

Eventually the goldsmiths recognized that only a fraction of depositors ever came in and demanded their gold at any one time, so they found out how they could cheat on the system.  They started to issue more receipts than they had gold to back those receipts and no one would be any the wiser.  They would loan out these receipts which were not backed by the gold they had in their depositories and collect interest on them.

This was the birth of the system we know today as Fractional Reserve Banking, and like this system of today this meant the goldsmiths were able to make astronomical amounts of money by loaning out, what was essentially fraudulent receipts, as they were for gold the goldsmiths didn't even possess.  As they gradually got more confident they would loan out up to 10 times the amount they had in their deposits.

To simplify how they made money on this, let's give an example in which a goldsmith charges the same rate of interest to creditors and debtors.  In this example a goldsmith would pay interest of 6% on gold you had deposited with them, and then charge 6% interest on money, I mean fraudulent receipts, you borrowed from them.  As they would lend out ten times what you had deposited with them, whilst they're paying you 6% interest, they are making 60% interest.  This is on your gold.

The goldsmiths also discovered that their control of this fraudulent money supply gave them control over the economy and the assets of the people.  They exacted their control by rowing the economy between easy money and tight money.

The way they did this was to make money easy to borrow and therefore increase the amount of money in circulation, then suddenly tighten the money supply, taking it out of circulation by making loans more difficult to get or stopping offering them altogether.

Why did they do this?  Simple, because the result would be a certain percentage of the people being unable to repay their previous loans, and not having the facility to take out new ones, so they would go bankrupt and be forced to sell their assets to the goldsmiths for literally pennies on the dollar.

This is exactly what happens in the world economy of today, but is referred to with words like, "the business cycle," "boom and bust," "recession," and "depression," in order to confuse the population of the money changers scam.

King Henry I succeeds King William II to the throne of England.  During his reign he decided to take the power the money changers had over the people, and he did this by creating a completely new form of money that took the form of a stick!

This stick was called, a "talley stick," and ended up being the longest lasting form of currency, lasting 726 years until 1826 (even though other currencies came and went in that same period and ran alongside the talley sticks).

The talley stick was a stick of polished wood into which notches were cut along one side, to indicate the denomination of money the stick represented.  The stick was then split lengthwise through the notches, so that both pieces had a record of the notches.  The King kept one half to protect against counterfeiting and the other half was spent into the economy and circulated as money.

It was also one of the most successful money systems in history, as the King demanded that all the King's taxes had to be paid in, "talley sticks," so this increased their circulation and acceptance as a legitimate form of money.  This system would work well in keeping the power away from the money changers in England.

St. Thomas Aquinas is born, the leading theologian of the Catholic Church who argued that the charging of interest is wrong because it applies to "double charging," charging for both the money and the use of the money.

This concept followed the teachings of Aristotle that taught the purpose of money was to serve the members of society and to facilitate the exchange of goods needed to lead a virtuous life.  Interest was contrary to reason and justice because it put an unnecessary burden on the use of money.

Thus, Church law in Middle Ages Europe forbade the charging of interest on loans and even made it a crime called, "usury."
King Henry VIII succeeds King Henry VII to the throne in England.  During his reign he relaxed the laws regarding usury, and and the money changers did not waste any time in re-asserting themselves over the population.

They quickly made their gold and silver coin system plentiful again.  It is interesting to note that under King Henry VIII  the Church of England separated from Roman Catholicism, whose Church law prevented the charging of interest on money.  (VN: Hmm, I wonder if the bankers were involved in that through some pressure of some sort on the king?)

Zionist Terrorists Kidnap Teenager for Organs: Welcome to your New World Order and Your New Status as Cattle

Vatic Note:  This is up for the edification of those who blame Muslims for everything, as the Zionists have indoctrinated you to believe.  This is truth, in a detailed manner, proving this happens and has been happening to these Palestinians and it will continue to happen if these Zionists win this game they are playing of ruling the world.   Just stop and think for a moment and ask yourself.... "What is there to prevent these Zionists from taking your teenage kid and stealing his organs when you are not around to stop it?" 

"Why would you, a goyim, be any different than a Palestinian?  What would make you so special in the eyes  of a Khazar Zionist?"  Nothing, and that is the truth.  We did a blog on the Talmud and it shows their disdain for us as nothing  more than animals to be harvested for whatever they need.  Why did these Khazars get kicked out of Mongolia?  Why did they get invaded between 750 AD and 1100 AD by every single nation on the continent they occupied?  What was so outrageous about their behavior that no one on the planet wanted them to remain near them?

Think about it.... Mongolia was a safe haven for criminals.  Genghis Kahn used to do his raids and then return to Mongolia to be safe from those he victimized.  If he was not kicked out of Mongolia, than you can imagine the horrors these khazars did that made the Mongolians kick them out.  Well, that is who we are dealing with here.  Barbarians and definitely cowards.  Its why they use deception so they don't risk their own lives in their International mafia schemes and bogus false flag wars where the leaders on both sides are in on the scheme.

Well, they were angry at losing their country, Khazaria, and have sought revenge against muslims and Christians ever since.  That is why Sharon said "Get the Muslims and Christians to fight each other and kill each other off and leave us standing to rule the world."  That is what the entire scam has been all about and WHY SOLVING 9-11 WAS SO VERY IMPORTANT and why the zionists could not allow it to be solved or this entire deception would be gone, null and void and Israel would have been on the hot seat and the war on terror ended.

Anyway, read this and then, remember the USS Liberty, the USS Cole and 9-11, along with all the assassinations of our leaders, and then tell me who the REAL ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TRULY IS?  It does not take a "genius" IQ to figure that one out.  Anyway read and study these screen shots carefully after watching the video first, and you will see the evidence for yourselves. Then you decide as we like to say.

Anyone who continues to deny the validity of the danger these Palestinian children are in from the Zionists, then is complicit in these acts and runs the risk of their own children being victims once these demons take over this country.  Then their denial becomes an aiding and abetting a felony first degree murder crime.

The day of Justice is coming, so which side would you prefer to be on?  Decide now and then be prepared to live with that decision.   For your info, they sell these organs to western old elite similar in age like the Rockefellers and Kissingers for $160,000 a piece. I would not doubt they both  have had the benefit of this program and its probably why they keep our foreign aid going to Israel. Pond Scum

Zionist Terrorists Kidnap Teenager for Organs
From: http://windowintopalestine.blogspot.com/2013/06/
by admin of Nodisinfo.com

Thanks to blogger, Maisoon
Zionist Jews Khazars are now busted for kidnapping an unsuspecting Palestinian youth for purposes of organ theft. The vile tactics they use to set-up Palestinian and other youths is also exposed.

In this post it will be proven that Zionist terrorists in league with the so-called official forces, the police and the army, kidnap preferably teenagers, kill them and then harvest their organs for sale. Their father really is the devil, just like the scriptures say.


The tall youth has been selected by the Jews  (VN: khazars) for his organs. He is playing with a friend or, perhaps, his brother. Control mole is seen seated on the rock shelf.

(Screen Shot Stills of the action in the video and its revealing to say the least)
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.12.14 PMScreen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.34.26 PM

The target is exclusively this athletic, fit youth, who the Jews khazars will kidnap, murder, and then cut into pieces in order to make profits.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.12.23 PM

The set up now begins with the arrival of the coordinating car. It will be seen in this extensive post precisely how murderous Zionists set-up and kidnap youths for their organs, may they rot in hell for their acts.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.37.48 PM

As the car approaches a Zionist mole posing as a friendly youth begins to emerge, right screen. It can be no coincidence that this occurs just as the car approaches.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.38.32 PM

As he emerges he appears to be using an electronic device.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.38.54 PM

Now, he holds that device, presumably a cell phone, to his ear.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.39.28 PM

He continues on in step with the vehicle.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.39.44 PM

Still in tandem with the vehicle, cell phone on the ear: he is a a Hebrew, not a Palestinian.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.40.05 PM

Now, he calls over to the youths, who are off screen, telling them, “Hey, send me over the ball; I’ll play.”

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.40.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.42.31 PM

The ball, now in the air, will strike his head and he will but it back to them; cell phone in left hand:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.42.50 PM

Now, he moves over to the staging area; man is sitting there and has been there the whole time.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.12.49 PM

A device is clearly seen in the Zionist agent’s left hand:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.25.12 PM
Set-up Jew (VN: Khazar) is gradually moving to the key position with fellow kidnapping mole. 

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.44.35 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.44.42 PM

Just as the Zionist set-up mole reaches the stone shelf, here comes the first kidnapping vehicle.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.44.52 PM

Both men sit casually, their eyes still on the youths as well as their collaborators.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.45.26 PM

Vehicle one moves to position.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.13.23 PM

Apparently, the Zionist set-up mole urges the youths to kick the ball over to him: but not merely to play.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.46.15 PM

He pops the ball up with his foot but not as the youths expected back to them; fully distracted, they have no idea that the murderous Jews are setting up a virtual army of men against them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.46.29 PM

Now, with the key element of the plot secured and the Israeli vehicle in-place, Zionist set-up mole confiscates soccer ball. Hands it off to bald-headed older collaborator seated on the rock shelf.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.13.34 PM

Youths have no idea what will strike them, as the old man-collaborator tosses the ball up in the air. IDF-Zionist vehicle moves to final position.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.48.24 PM

Main terrorist vehicle now arrives. Jewish set-up mole looks over at the IDF-police vehicle: victim still has no idea what is about to happen. Younger child seems more aware; more savvy.

 Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.49.12 PM

Target of the Jewish murderers still has no idea of the danger that will befall him.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.14.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 4.49.49 PM

Finally, the activity does seem to get the older youth’s attention, as yet another vehicle arrives on the scene, the one in which he will be drug: but now it is too late.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.14.43 PM

The Israeli Jew Khazar Zionist still keeps him occupied; he raises his hand to his head; the other youth, though, is suspicious:

Are The 25 Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Same as the Illuminati 25 Goals of the Illum Agenda?

Vatic Note:  What Gunderson seems to continually avoid, like Alex Jones, is any mention at all of the Zionists, especially the Rothschilds, who are the controllers of the illuminati, with more than 2/3rds as full Khazars, and the rest are intermarried with various khazar bankers, such as the black nobility did out of Vienna and they migrated into Europe and took it over.  When you read both of these,  you will see blatantly what we see in our 2013 world.  And we allowed it to happen.

It has taken them centuries to achieve, but they believe they have done it.  So much of what they have invested in, such as the movie industry, publishing history books, TV, electronic games, etc.... MTV, all fit within what their blueprint laid out.  Such discipline and commitment, to the point where they harmed their own children to ensure their agenda would continue, that only a commitment by us of equal strength can over come it.

OUR ADVANTAGE IS OUR CREATIVITY, FREE WILL, SPONTANEITY, COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS and adaptability to respond to such efforts on their part.  Remember, they have been going for this for thousands of years AND HAVE NEVER FULLY SUCCEEDED.  They won't this time IF WE MAKE THE SAME COMMITMENT AND REMAIN UNITED which is a critical, in fact, the most critical element of  resistance to their agenda. Lets remember, these are proven obvious felony criminals.  They should be sitting in jail for all the crimes they have committed and suffering the death penalty for all the murders and assassinations they have done.  So do not feel bad about taking whatever actions necessary to reclaim our nation.

It was Rothschilds, Warburgs', Shiffs, etc, all khazar bankers who began the illuminati rather than who is always credited with it.  We did a blog on this very early on in the life of this blog, and I will try to find it and put the link up here if I do.  So many of our blogs have been gutted off the site, that I am never sure if I will find something later on. The Khazars have carried this revenge against Christians and Muslims since the 1100 AD, while the black nobility has wanted global domination for over 5,000 years, as the offspring of Cain.

Once you read these protocols, you will see the similarities with only a couple of exceptions between them and the protocols were written WAY BEFORE THE ILLUMINATI'S 25 goals were ever written which was somewhere in the 1917, I believe.  The protocols were written by the International Jewish Congress (khazars) in 1897 and printed when the Guttenberg printing press became functional in 1906.  Its so obvious, the tie in and connections between these two groups simply by these goals listed below.

We have added VN: along the way throughout so watch for them.  The text of the goals are after the video, so keep a copy for references.  Here are the protocols
(Scroll down to the bottom of the article for the full text of the protocols that are linked there) but, here is a summary as well so you don't have to suffer through the old english....so you can follow along and match them up if you use the first link, rather than the summary, as I began to do, but found it to be redundant, so I quit, but you can do it for yourselves if you need to verify what we are exposing here. 

Illuminati Agenda Fully Explained - 25 Goals That Destroyed The Planet
Uploaded by rifleman0007 on Aug 9, 2010
This video exposes 25 goals that the cult of Illuminati used to turn the world into a current state that it is, paving the way for the Antichrist (mentioned as 'the director' in this presentation). 

Speaker: Ted Gunderson, a former FBI Agent in charge, born November 7, 1928.

Illuminati goals are:
1) Men are inclined to evil rather than good.  (VN: same as the protocols)
2) Preach Liberalism.                                                    "       "    "        "
3) Use ideals of freedom to bring about class wars.     "       "    "        " 
4) Any and all means necessary should be used to reach their goals as they are justified.                                                            (VN: same as protocols)           

5) Believe their rights lie in force.                                 "       "     "       "
6) The power of their resources must remain invisible until the very moment that they have gained the strength so that no group or force can undermine it.
                                                                          (VN: Same as protocols)
7) Advocates a mob psychology to obtain control of the masses
8) Promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, moral corruption, and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation. (VN: Same as protocols)

9) Seize citizens' private property by any means necessary. (VN:  Does foreclosures sound familiar?  That is why our founding fathers said "... if you let banks instill themselves into the government, we will find outselves losing the land that out forefathers fought so hard to give us",  Its close enough. lol )



***Ok, we have hit on something here..... they are messing with the font on this like crazy, so if its weird or bolded or whatever, I will try to fix it, but read it anyway since this is the worst one they have messed with so far and so dramatically which means its true and they don't want you to pay any attention to it.  The others were normal harassment, but this one is big.  Sorry, its not us, I promise. 

by Vatic Master, The Vatic Project

Vatic Note: I am sure this is as difficult for you, the reader, as it has been for us trying to piece all of this together.  So first let me recap how we got here and why we are here:  The Question that trigger all of this, was "Why is this Happening in Colorado?"  Why not in some east coast location or major urban state?  Thats how this all began.  We highly recommend you read parts 1,2 and 3 before even starting this one.  Otherwise it might not make sense to you.

The CIA moved their headquarters to Denver which got us started and the airport built in the 90's that was overbuilt for our needs, ended up not only with massive horrible occult paintings of death, fire, war, disease, and coffins, but also with massive underground facilities. One video showed what could be considered gas chambers underground. So why the move and why here and what did they know that we do not. When you read this below and all the companies and military bases here, you understand why its considered the intel hub of the world. 

We heard the white house was moving to Denver, we then discovered royalty of Europe as well as elected officials in Europe were buying land around the Denver airport as if they intended to move here.  This was predicated on the idea that these people in leadership were all of the Luciferian/satanic occult religion and the move was somehow tied into that or to some obscure natural disaster that no one was talking about or preparing us for.  We tried to approach this on several different levels, since they never do anything for just one reason.

We covered the ancient Egyptian religions, that are practiced by these illuminati, and royalty and high level officials and that explained the statue of anibus at the airport, the occult issues of the 39th parallel and the 104 ley line of the airport location with in Colorado, which are both significant to the occult followers as to powers and magic.  We are including an update on Part 3 as to addition information we found about the ley lines and their connections to the earthquakes that we have been experiencing internationally and how they tie into those ley lines.  Watch this video for more indepth or see the update on #3 about the ley lines)

Then we fell into an affidavit written by the son of the creator of the Church of Satan in the United States.  That is what got us interested in this Castle and the international nature of the occupants who were practicing satanic rituals with babies in that castle.  So that is why we have to do this in parts, since its about "levels" of knowledge and understanding before we can put the big picture together.   Part 5 will deal with the possible arrival of the twin star & its planet Nibiru, and Rahm Emmanuals "never let a good crisis go to waste".  Is that why the Europeans are buying land here in Colorado and the White House is leaving the east coast?  

This part 4 is going to cover the The Kimball-Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado where satanic rituals took place witnessed by Levay's son. See part I of this series for that affidavit and its connection to the occult and higher ups in world government.  If there is room after this, we intend to bring up another indicator that something is definitely going on.  The lottery in Colorado and the audited financial statements as well as budget for the state is strange and will discuss that later on in this part if there is room when we get done, otherwise we will try to lump it in with part 5

The fires are also a question..... why haven't the feds used HAARP to make it rain here? They do it all the time, so why not with these giant fires? Are they trying to chase us out of Colorado??? or ridding the state of any place resisters could hide since drones do not do well at all with forest land and food supplies are plentiful in the forest so starving us would not work, unless you have fires to kill off the wild life and destroy any cover for resisters or revolutionaries. Just wondering.

The Kimball-Cherokee Castle in Sedalia, Colorado 

Here is what we discovered about the owner and this castle.  You have no idea the shear luck of finding this at all. We finally found the owner of the castle in Colorado where Lavey's son at 12 witnessed and signed a sworn affidavit of same, that satanic rituals were going on in front of him that he claimed were horrible since he was only 12 and George HW Bush and 12 other illums were present during the ritual.

We do not know if it was sexual or blood letting of a child, or both, we just know it happened by his affidavit.  Since then we have been trying to find out who owned the castle and what part of the occult did they partake in and was it someone in high office here in colorado.  Well, sometimes you go down a rabbithole and find something entirely unexpected and that is the excerpt from the link we are going to publish right here as an update.

See part 1 for the Affidavit announcing this and given the presence of a previous President during all of this, I believe its important we make all the connections we can and all the disclosures we can.  So here we go.  We are only doing excerpts to the subject at hand but you are welcome to go to the link and read it all.

link to this below:


The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball 

Another connection to Paul Schultz was the late Mildred "Tweet" Kimball. Tweet lived in a castle on US 85, just south of Denver in a small town called Sedalia. Nicholas Schultz states that he was taken to the castle and molested there by adults.

The castle was deeded to Kimball by Merritt Ruddock, a member of the U.S. diplomatic corps, an obscure CIA official and her first of four divorced husbands. Tweet Kimball divorced Ruddock in 1955, and as she explained to a local reporter in 1996: "When I divorced him, he said I'd probably go back to Tennessee and talk about him. He said "If you¹ll buy property west of the Mississippi, I'll help you." 7 And that¹s what I did. 

She bought a 24-room castle on a 4,000 acre estate, built on a promontory with a view of the Rockies.7 Ruddock had good reason to buy her silence. He was the immediate deputy of the CIA¹s Frank Wisner (VN: Zionist?), the notorious overseer of Nazi recruitment by the agency immediately after WW II.

Ideas For Saving Ourselves From Total Economic Collapse: An 11 Point Program To Stop This Depression And End The War Against Us!

Vatic Note:   We try every so often to post something we may find that is a solution or series of solutions to our problems.  This came along and I decided it was worth a look see.  I like Northern Truthseekers addition to the 11 so it would be better to call it twelve  and add it in and that is the banning of all Ashenazi khazar Zionists, so called Jews, who are really pagans and Luciferians, from any positions in Government, or Finance related occupations.   

I would add, ban them from any drug companies as well.  I would also ban Satanism practices from our shores, since the practice of such, requires the harming of other individuals as a sacrifice for their power accumulation.   Add onto that the forbidding of such practices within any government agency  and the punishment for violating that requirement, is deportation and loss of citizenship.  

Add also any religion that calls upon the conjuring up of demons to do their dirty work.   Banning and deportation hasn't been done before, where these insane ones are concerned and that is why civilizations have fallen in the past, while the perpetrators never achieve their agenda. Finally, make pedophilia a death penalty offense, especially if it is done intentionally for satanic reasons, instead of the regular reason that someone is mentally ill.  The damage to the child is no less than a serious death even if its spiritual.  Its still death.  That child will never recover. 

What I also liked about this is no violence, rather enmass, in the millions, we all stop cooperating with the entire system and that crashes it for lack of foundation.....and support.  We have already begun a sort of bartering system here, and labor exchange as well.   Its actually working very well.  

Of course I had to add my two cents below to some of his recommendations.   LOL  My Masters degree is in Finance with a minor in macroeconomics.  Political science was my BA, so  I had to read the governing document we are under along with the Federalist papers to find out the "thinking" behind the founders actions.  

Once you read the section on Taxation, you will understand why I said what I said below.  When I worked in the legislature, we drafted legislation and used  writings such as the federalist papers for example: to communicate to the courts our "INTENT" In passing the law and its connection to the Constitution, and that seems to have gone by the wayside since I worked there. Either that or the courts are as gone as the legislature.   If so, then they must be dealt with as well.
We are already in World War III and in a Global Depression. The US government admits to sending American troops as either combatants or advisers in 74 countries. Comments from Democrats Dianne Feinstein and Stenny Hoyer and Republicans John Boehner and Peter King calling Edward Snowden a traitor reveals the nature of this war.  (VN: we said from the beginning  there was no difference between the parties and the leaders are the ones who are paid off and thus full blown traitors, since their loyalty is to the foreign occupiers of our government and not the US government and its governing document or its people)

The war is against you because by declaring Snowden a traitor they are admitting that anyone defending the public is siding with the enemy of the government at a time when war is being waged against us.

We are in a Depression. The currency, oil, commodity, gold, silver, Credit Default Swaps, interest rates markets are all rigged to make the economy look good. Similarly, the G8 meeting in Ireland included a Potemkin village. It seems the villagers at their demonstration small Irish town do not have enough cash income to maintain a main street butcher’s shop. The G8 solution was to create a picture of food and put it in store windows.

The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich studied 40,000 international corporations. They found 1.319 to be significant. And of these there were 147 that ran the world economy. That study also revealed that these 147 companies had interlocking Boards of Directors so in reality we are talking about one corporate entity that runs the world economy, the media and all of our governments.

The key to understanding when these rigged markets will collapse so this current Global Depression can no longer be denied is interest rates. They are going up and this means the ability of the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank to rig our markets will soon crash along with the dollar, the yen, the pound and the euro. When the dollar no longer serves as the world reserve currency, prices will double and America will have to cut spending by a trillion or two dollars a year by savaging benefits.  (VN:  they have other choices, however, this criminal mafia running our government  is in the business of stealing massive wealth from the general population.   These banks are not too big to fail, and that is why we are in the boat we are in.  If corporations are held accountable for their decisions, you can bet they would make much differnt decisions.  If they know they will be allowed to go under, they won't do what they have been doing. The Japanese proved that since their system was not predicated on government bailouts, so they made sure solvency was their first priority and made decisions accordingly)

The following describes an eleven point program to undo what has been done to us by design.

I will begin by asking what a Depression is. Most answers from your friends will describe the effects, such as, unemployment, starvation and bankruptcies. But Depressions are solved by cancellation of debts either through discharge in bankruptcy court or by inflation devaluing the real value of the burden of debt.

We need to cancel debts to get the economy running. The first step will require a few enabling points to make it clear how this can be done.