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Senate bill 3767 seeks to put dietary supplement makers in prison for ten years (for telling the truth)

Vatic Note: Is this just a sign of their desperation? Are their chemtrails and death potions not working fast enough on their depopulation program??? Yes, they have been trying to do this for a long time, but have not succeeded, well its time we let them know that is not acceptable when they allow blatant theft by the international bankers go unpunished as well as the murder of the sailors of the USS Liberty, the USS Cole and 9-11 go unpunished by the members of Mossad and the dual Israeli citizens we proved on this blog who did 9-11 and we can prove it. Search for "Israel did 9-11, all the Proof in the world" and yet they would encarcerate health providers for distributing those things which aid us in our physical wellbeing???? What kind of perversion is this we are seeing. FIGHT THIS BILL VICIOUSLY. KICK EVERYONE OUT OF CONGRESS WHO VOTES FOR IT.  For the first time send a message and vote third party FOR THEIR POSITION IN THE ELECTION COMING UP..

Senate bill 3767 seeks to put dietary supplement makers in prison for ten years (for telling the truth)
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
Originally published September 23 2010

(NaturalNews) Beware of Senate bill 3767, the so-called Food Safety Accountability Act. This dangerous legislation, if passed, would criminalize nutritional supplement manufacturers who tell the truth about their products or link to published scientific studies describing the biological benefits of their products. Based on language in the bill, health proponents who sell supplements could be criminalized and convicted to ten years in prison.

The Life Extension Foundation recently published an important warning piece about this, complete with some call to action items for which we need your help.


Natural Remedies: Methods And Procedures for Urine Therapy - Part II

Vatic Note:  (Understand these are ancient proven remedies, so keep that in mind as you read them.)  I certainly hate being the harbanger of solutions that make certain assumptions, but frankly, given the uncharted territories we are heading into, its time to begin stepping out of fear and into solutions to potential worse case scenario problems. What happens if any of the worse case scenarios are realized, and there is not available medical care, drugs, or other treatment options? What can we do to prepare for anything that happens.

LEARNING, now is preparation, Planning and executing based on that learning is next. That means "buying, storing and educating on the various remedies available to us for any contingency. We need to learn things like "Raw unprocessed and unheated honey and cinnamon are the two most potent antibiotics in nature." So stocking up on those two "organic and unprocessed" products will be important as remedies for healing and fighting infection. The previous article describes the use of urine as a therapy. Its convenient, you carry it around with you in your body, its fresh, and its qualities for healing are well known and tried and true, so learning about this is important for the time when nothing else is available. Keep these notes and others in a safe place that you can access in time of need.  Seal all paper notes in plastic bags and keep with your "BUG OUT" BAG.  Please read the previous part I before reading this or it might not make any sense.

Methods And Procedures for Urine Therapy - Part II

Urine therapy is simple, but remember that these instructions are not given as medical guidance, but are simply to be taken into account as general information .

Before starting the therapy, diet and general health should be reviewed. All the three doshas should be in a balanced condition. Chemical drugs -and poor dietary habits affect the quality of urine. Synthetic additives, preservatives, refined and denatured flours; sugars, caffeine, nicotine etc. should be avoided .

For internal use, midstream urine is collected in a clean cup. As urine breaks down quickly outside the body, it is to be used as soon as it is collected.

To start with, only a few drops are to be administered each day in the early morning .

Urine can be taken with ink filler and one or two drops should be placed under the tongue. The dosage can be increased to five to ten drops twice a day over a period of three to five days.

Diluting or boiling the urine decreases the efficacy. So these practices should be avoided.

Urine therapy should not be taken during pregnancy and by people suffering from kidney disorders without a doctor's supervision .

Some individuals may experience mild headache, nausea, diarrhoea, tiredness or skin rashes, which are the body's natural responses against stored toxins. These symptoms normally disappear within 24 to 36 hours.

In most cases, frequent small doses of one to three ounces for two to three weeks will suffice. Regular users say that it assists in the maintenance of energy levels, reduction of aging and prevention of illness.

Applying urine to the skin is an excellent treatment for many types of skin disorders such as skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, insect bites, etc. The urea in urine is excellent for cosmetic use and moisturising the skin. Fresh or old urine can be used as external application. In fact, old urine with its high ammonia content is more beneficial in many stubborn skin. diseases.

A small cotton ball or pad is to be soaked in urine and rubbed over the affected area. This is to be discarded and another one is taken to repeat the process for five to ten minutes.

For additional healing benefits, a soaked pad can be secured with a gauze

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Natural Remedies: Urine Therapy - Benefits of Urine - Part I of II

Natural Remedies series:  we are beginning these today to aid us in preparation for what is yet to come.  Better to be prepared and have nothing happen than to be unprepared and have something happen.  We are trying to make this relevant to a situation where there is no store, or place in which to purchase what you need for survival in the health dept.  If you feel you do not want or need this let us know.   We just thought it fit with the times we are coming into.   Thanks

Vatic Note: You may be repulsed by this today, but don't think in terms of today, think in terms of tomorrow and those things you can do that may well save your life.  This is something that the powers that be cannot control for a change.

Time to start collecting information on health and healing with the understanding we may, at some time in the future, not have access to traditional medicines and herbs. Somethings we can stock up on that will last forever, like raw unprocessed honey and cinnamon (organic non radiated) which are two of the most potent antibiotics in nature. Another natural remedy to read about is Pine leave tea which is excellent in the wild for curing ailments and we should study also about pine sap that when heated and placed on an infected cut, can kill the infection, form a seal that cannot be washed off with just water, and thus prevent further infection. All of these are assuming we have no access to our traditional remedies. Well, we came across this one and it triggered a memory in me.

My fiance was killed in vietnam when I was a very young girl and before he was killed, he wrote about using this therapy for the guys when they had access to nothing else. They also used the urine from dogs to kill infections in their wounds while trying to get back to base and medical care and he said it saved many lives. So, we have decided to put this up here now, and weekly add another avedec type healing from readily available natural elements in nature for your education and use should the need arise. Since the Zionists have designated the US as the designated losers (like McCain in the general election was the designated loser) of this next war, I suspect we are going to really need to know these things ASSUMING WE ARE ON OUR OWN (as is the case more and more these days) and no one is going to be aiding us in anyway, if anything they may actually try to aid us in leaving this planet like they did with the Russian christians during their revolution, 63 million of them to be exact. . Print these out and keep them handy by securing them in plastic sealable bags to protect against the environment.  .

Urine Therapy - Benefits of Urine - Part I of II

Most people are "horrified" when they first hear about the medical uses of urine. But then, do you know that you have already reused and re-ingested your urine, that too large amount of it for a long period of time, and it's one of the reasons you're alive today? Yes! Urine is the main component of the amniotic fluid that bathes the human foetus, according to latest medical researchers.

Drinking of one's own urine is mentioned in Ayurvedic treatises like Yogaratnaakaram, Sushruta Samhita, Bhaava Prakaasa and Ashtaanga Sangraha. Detailed information on auto uropathy can be obtained from the Dhaamara Tantra under the heading of Shivaambu kalpa vidhi. This contains 107 verses extolling the virtues of urine as a medicament, complete with extremely detailed instructions on everyday use.

In our country, Ravjibhai Patel and Dr. Paragji Desai contributed a lot in popularising this invaluable therapy. It is well known that Morarji Desai, the former Prime Minister of India, was a strong proponent of this therapy. Morarji Desai was even interviewed in 1978 on American television during the CBS news programme, during which he discussed the benefits of urine therapy.

Dr John Armstrong, for the first time, revolutionised the concept of natural urine therapy and re-established its scientific validity in his book, The Water of Life. During recent times, the medical application of urine and its constituents have been tested, discussed, researched and utilised throughout the world. Hundreds of research evidences and thousands of case studies are documented. Medical scientists sat in their laboratories and watched as urine completely devastated rabies and polioviruses, tuberculosis, typhoid, gonorrhoea, dysentery, bacteria and cancer cells.

Urine has also been found to be useful in treating diseases like cancer, gout, osteoporosis, impotence, obesity, asthma, bums, tuberculosis, blisters, cuts, wounds, cataract, coughs and colds, constipation, diabetes, eczema, gangrene, heart disease, hyperacidity, diseases of the stomach and intestines, pulmonary tuberculosis, psoriasis, piles and ringworm, uterus inflammation and stiffness of the vertebral column.

Our disgust for urine is the result of prejudice conditioned by cultural influences. Otherwise its taste is not very unpalatable.

An individual's own urine contains elements like antibodies that are specific to one's body alone and are medically tailor-made to particular health disorder. That is why you should use your own urine for therapy.

Some Fallacies And Facts about Urine:

Fallacy: Urine is a biological waste, which contains a host of micro-organisms.

Fact: Urine is only a derivative of the blood. It is a fluid, which has tremendous variations of composition. These excess elements from the circulating blood are filtered and collected within the kidney in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution called urine. This is almost free from all kinds of micro ­ organisms like bacteria.

Fallacy: The body has excreted it because it does not need it anymore.

Fact: The function of the kidneys is not excretion, but regulation. The kidneys do not filter out important elements in the blood not because those elements are toxic or dangerous for the body, but simply because the body is not in need of that particular concentration of the element at the time it was excreted . Researchers have observed that urine, because it is actually extracted from our blood, contains small amounts of almost all the life-sustaining elements, enzymes, proteins, hormones, antibodies and immunising agents that our blood contains.

Fallacy: Synthetic derivatives of urine are better option.

Fact: Urine in its natural form is beneficial because it does not produce side-effects. And extract of urine called urokinase which is used to dissolve blood clots can cause serious abnormal bleeding as a side-effect. In contrast, not even a single case with such serious side-effects was reported when natural urine (though it contains measurable amounts of urokinase) was used. Moreover, urine contains thousands of therapeutic agents, such as important natural antibodies, enzymes and regulating hormones that extracts like urea, uric acid or urokinase do not contain.

Read more about methods and procedures of urine - (see part II of this series)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.