Vatic Note:  Wow, this is the best one yet. He does an excellent job on this.  Its a must watch all the way through.  I had no idea so many astronomers were killed or died.  The microbiologists I knew about, but the Astronomers, I did not know about.   The second video is simply visual confirmation that it is here and does exist.  It would explain all the anomolies of our weather, the patented geoengineered snow, etc. and coverup of the horizon at sunrise and sun set so we can not see the object near the sun.  Enjoy. 

He covers the astronomers at the various observatories and how they work in pairs and appear to be dying in pairs as well.  I will let him tell all.  Enjoy, its definitely here and we are in for the ride of our lives, but its coming from the south which is very good news.  It means it won't take as long as it would have if it had come in on the eliptic.

This finally explains why our law makers could care less what we think, and it explains all the double transport trucks running through town carrying live stock, such as chickens, sheep etc. as well as the unmarked hauling containers and various high tech equipment that made no sense, since nothing is going on here to justify such movements.

I would definitely begin preparations once you confirm what he is saying.  THEN BEGIN LOOKING FOR ALL OPENINGS TO THEIR UNDERGROUND FACILITIES, Vents, sewer lines, water lines, fibre optics so they can use the drones to see how many of us are left, etc. etc.  This will be our only chance to do something to ensure they do not come back up and continue on with their satanic agenda.  Find the military ones first and block them in, so they can't aid the satanist edomites when they emerge.  They won't be living with the elite, since the elite see them worse than they see us.  They think military are dumb and only good as fodder for their wars.

It also explains why they gathered up all the gold and probably silver, why they have those CAFR accounts, why they had all those coffins stashed, waiting, and why they proceeded to treat us like we are not here, because THEY expect us to be gone when they come up from underground.  Well, if the Mayans are right, they still have us to deal with, if not before,  they come up.

They committed the crime of not telling us so we could prepare and survive, that is in violation of their obligations as our elected officials.  Its going to be pretty hairy when they are put on the block for crimes against humanity when they come us again.

Russia at least built 5,000 underground bunkers for their people in Moscow which is more than our government did for us.  Time to find a cave and stock up.  Its also why they have to have our guns or they are in trouble when they get here and also find their palatial homes all destroyed.  LOL

Published by Jay Will, Before Its News 
on Feb 23, 2013



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Vatic Note:  Here is some additional information by a seperate source of the same conclusion and proof of same.  Nibiru or the twin star is here, dragging Nibiru with it.  In this one you can actually see the body near the rising and setting sun.  You can also see the attempts to hide it. 

Object of Interest As Seen From the Turrialba Volcano (Planet X / Nibiru?)
by Jay Will, Before It's News

In late December of last year Marshall Masters of Yowusa.com was contacted by a site supporter regarding an unidentified object near the sun. These images are from the Volcan high altitude volcano surveillance camera feed in Costa Rica.

Located on the Eastern rim of the Turrialba volcano at nearly 11,000 ft the Volcan imagery is so compelling that it prompted Marshall to assemble a research team from the Planet X Town hall.

The team monitored the Volcan feed throughout January 2013, on a daily basis. In the process, hundreds of images were downloaded along with hours of feed capture video. This video presents the findings of this effort, along with several motion and still studies.

Overall, more than 540 images were captured by the team during this study and Yowusa.com subscribers are welcome to download them from our study archive.


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