Gulf Spill: Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan

Contributors Note:   (This contributor emailed us this story and it is a mixed blessing, in that we may in fact be very well in the Gulf after all, having said that, then we also have criminal parties in corporations and government involved in the fraud and scam.   This was The contributors email to me:

"Have we been had, yet again? Is it the corexit that is doing all the damage? I don't know, all the usual suspects ~ Richard Hoaxland, Lindsey Williams, Dr Deagle are certainly jumping in with their total global cataclysm scenarios while Brorock is playing golf and BP newly appointed CEO exec is yachting off the coast of the UK.

Well here's a report that just might encourage us to do a rethink. Certainly there has been damage. But has it been controlled and completely intentional? It makes so much sense, doesn't it P? A real disaster within an illusion of a disaster. The matrix has gone wild. P, I live near Ground Zero. I'm a hundred miles from the northern Florida Gulf. I have severe lung damage. And I do mean severe (I became ill in 1991 while living in New Zealand ~ the location of where they did their initial chemtrail testing).

Can I breathe? YES
Am I wheezing? NO
Have I needed to increase my medication? NO
Are my pets freaking out? NO
Over 2 months of this "cataclysmic oil volcano" and I am doing fair dinkum? There really is something to this report!"

Vatic Note:  Well, it looks like the thousands globally who got together last night for the prayer/ceremony to heal the gulf and expose the truth, WORKED.  Yahoo!   As you know, way back on May 2, 2010, we speculated that there was no blow out, rather, to enhance the event sufficiently to justify whatever it was they were going to do, we suggested they used the super secret military space ship weapon they were going up to test, that had taken off right around the time of the supposed blow out.  We suspected Halliburton was there to close down the oil hole so when the ship attacked it would not cause a blow out.  The only thing that burned was the oil in storage  and in the water.   Since then, we have brought up a number of times, "why" is BP doing this or that, "Why" is Obama doing this or that which did not make any sense at the time given the so-called horrible impact of this event as an extinction event in 5 years according to them. We also said we didn't know why they did it, but speculated it was for martial law, clearing the south of the "patriots" and their guns and putting the potential trouble makers into their FEMA camps like they did with Katrina. Now this all below makes perfect sense when tied altogether. I commend the Intel Hub for their excellent building of the big picture and their putting it all together. Good job. This answers all those "why?", "What", "Who", perfectly and the evergreen airlines along with the military spokesman saying that BP and the military were partners was a true statement. How ironic. So, HERE IS THE REASON FOR IT "CAP AND TRADE TAXES". That is the end of that proposal and they are going to be lucky to not be thrown in jail over this, so they better let that Cap and trade "theft" go for now.

Gulf Spill: Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan
June 18, 2010 by NotForSale2NWO, The Intel Hub
Provided to Vatic Project by Randa from Florida, USA
Deepwater Horizon Explosion Intel Hub
June 18, 2010
Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas

In the last few months, a strange series of events has taken place surrounding the April 20th BP Gulf oil spill. The Intel Hub will attempt to lay out some of the seemingly unbelievable facts in a manner which can easily be understood.

Between March 22nd and March 24th, several drills involving an oil spill took place.“Spills Of National Significance” was a drill ran by DHS and the Coast Guard. The SONS documents were first broke by the Intel Hub on May 8, 2010. More than a week later, ABC News would of course take credit for the story.

We now know, through witness testimony, that there were cracks reported in the drill casing two weeks prior to the disaster. Goldman Sachs sold 44% of their total holdings, 4,680,822 shares of BP stock in the first quarter of 2010. Goldman Sachs earned about $ 266 million on the sale.

Apparently, Halliburton also had some psychic insight on what was soon to come. Eleven days before the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon, Halliburton purchased an oil spill prevention firm. Halliburton was the lead company in charge of cementing the Deepwater rigs as well.

Just hours before the rig explosion, The Bureau of Land Management took part in a surprise inspection aboard the Deepwater Horizon. A four man team quickly flashed credentials to a supervisor and was then allowed access to the entire rig. Zac Zimmerman reveals in this interview how odd this particular BLM visit really was. Not to mention,many rigs have burned for weeks at a time without collapsing.

VN:  Notice on this video that it has been messed with,  note that there are absolutely no reflections in the water of any of the fire.  I suspect that since they pulled the video with the lasers showing, they had to review all these they took to make sure they were clear of any blue beam showing both above the rig and in the water which would and did reflect as did the fire at all times. This is what they call "Damage Control".   Those things you can't plan for and don't catch until someone else does like we did, myself and Dr. Ott.   Now the video is gone, the still was photoshopped or changed and now this one has NO REFLECTIONS OF ANY KIND in the water which is not normal.  Just thought it important to point that out. 

Another important fact is that Obama, along with DHS and the Department of the Interior, sent SWAT teams to the gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs. One must question, why would you deploy over 30 SWAT teams in response to an oil spill unless it was an act of terrorism, an act of war, or they if they were sent to carry out some sort of covert operation?

Federal regulators sent a SWAT team of inspectors into the Gulf of Mexico area to ensure compliance with safety rules on deep water drilling rigs. Source

We must also look into what organizations the major players belong too. It now appears that there are too many interlocking connections for this to be a coincidence. British Petroleum has ties to the Queen of England. The C.E.O. of BP Pacific, Peter Sutherland is a Trilateral Commission member, a Bilderberg member and a financial adviser to the Vatican. Tony Hayward has also attended numerous meetings of the world elite and was caught selling his stock in BP justweeks before the disaster.

Wackenhut, also known as G4S, has been hired by BP to block and or arrest reporters who attempt to probe the workers and staged media location in and around Grand Isle, LA. Wackenhut is a known arm of the Bilderbergers and also has ties to other agencies. There has been numerous confirmed staged media events that have taken place in and around Grand Isle. One such eyewitness reporter called into the Decompression Session and described how he and other members of the mainstream media were led to a small area on the beach where a staged photo op took place. He reported the presence of Army personal and that if he were to leave the barrier to either side, he would have been immediately arrested.

Next one must look at the CIA, Evergreen Air, and their connection to chemtrail spraying and the Gulf oil spill. The following is an excerpt of an article we did that linked Evergreen Air to the spraying of Corexit, the deadly chemical being sprayed over the spill by the cover of night. This was documented in the article ” BP Crop Dusting U.S. Population Under Cover of Night“.

The Intel Hub
Alex Thomas & Shepard Ambellas

On May 19th, The Waco Tribune Herald reported that an Evergreen Air Supertanker 747 had trained at Texas State Technical College-Waco, where it flew 100 feet in the air and dropped water on targets applied to the ground. Evergreen Air was training for its planed run to fly over the spill while dropping a substance that could break up oil that threatens to damage the coastline. As we all know the chemicals being used underwater are considerably worse than the oil itself. It is now safe to say that the chemicals that were dropped from the air are just as bad, if not worse. It is possible that the fly overs are still happening at this very moment. Read more

One of Evergreen Air's Facilities, Oregon

Evergreen Air is a known CIA front company. The Intel Hub, along many others, have established this fact without a reasonable doubt. This evidence was backed by witness testimony. Once this is established, one must realize just how deep the rabbit hole may actually go?

As it turns out the deadly chemical Corexit is linked to the Rothschild’s, a known controlling party of the New World Order global crime syndicate.

Army deployments to the Gulf have been confirmed by the president. It is now a reality. National Guard troops have been mobilized. Workers have been bused in and out by the masses, none wearing protective gear such as gas masks or full bio suits. Reports are circulating that the workers could be prisoners and may be part of the Army Inmate Labor Program defined in this Document 210-35.

We have had numerous reports of people in the Gulf region who have fallen ill with “flu like” symptoms. Many people have reported the smell of toxic chemicals in the region. Clinics in some Gulf regions are reportedly at an elevated capacity. Birds have been seen migrating north, while sharks and dolphins seek shallower waters in Florida. This would seem to signify the presence of toxic air and water content. Poison gases from the oil mixed with the Corexit appear to be an Orwellian combo of death. Fish are turning up on the banks of streams in several states. Plants have burn holes through them from acid rain as reported in Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Most insurance companies do not cover “oil damage”. As the acid rain and hurricanes push inland in the coming months, we may see a rise in property damage claims. The likely winners being the very people who caused the problem.

The way Obama is treating the oil spill is somewhat erie. His use of war terminology seems to signal the true magnitude of this disaster. Terms such as ” Battle Plan” seem to be paving the way for militarization of the streets of America.

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BILL MOYERS JOURNAL , Born Again American, PBS

Vatic Note: This is not a right or left issue, this is an AMERICAN issue. This video plays a part of the song, but if you want to hear the entire song, its off to the right on this blog under "Vatic Music". While there, check out the other songs which remind us of who we are and what we have always believed and what our relatives died for to preserve for us. Lets not die for our country, LETS LIVE FOR IT and all that it has always stood for. Reclaiming and revitalizing the concerpts of liberty, compassion, humanity, and community.  Remember, AND NEVER FORGET, United we stand and divided we fall.  ALL OF US are affected by what these enemies of the people do to our country and our planet.


Born Again American


PBS — January 16, 2009 — http://www.pbs.org/billmoyers  Find out more about the Born Again American film and project — and get back to basics by reviewing America's founding documents.Bill Moyers Journal airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings). For more: http://www.pbs.org/billmoyers

Don't forget to listen to the entire song here on Vatic under our music videos.

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Possible Western Pennsylvania link to Israeli nukes boosted

Vatic Note:  UPDATE 6/28/10, JUST RECEIVED THIS FROM A COMMENTER AND ITS SCATHING.   Please read it and save it for future use and education of others you know that need it.  Thank you anonymous for this pdf file and information to include with this issue.  This is how we are going to defeat them by education and transparency and exposure.   Lets not stop.  Keep it up. 

It appears Israel got nukes through treason of our own citizens.  I simply have no more words.  I don't even recognize this country anymore since so many of these Zionists got into power and positions where they could do this and get away with it.  No justice here anymore.

Possible Western Pennsylvania link to Israeli nukes boosted

By Richard Gazarik
Friday, June 11, 2010

A recently declassified federal report bolsters a long-simmering Cold War theory that uranium was illegally shipped from an Armstrong County plant in 1965 to Israel to support its nuclear arms efforts.

The once-secret report by the General Accounting Office reveals the FBI initially refused to investigate the disappearance of 206 pounds of weapons-grade uranium-235 from the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp. -- known as NUMEC -- in Apollo.

That refusal led to widespread speculation the uranium, enough to build five nuclear weapons, was diverted to Israel with covert U.S. government assistance, the report states.

For decades, the fate of the missing NUMEC uranium has been the stuff of Western Pennsylvania legend.

Stories were spun -- some based on fact, some based purely on conjecture -- and books were penned about how the uranium vanished.

The release of this once top-secret report gives the first official glimpse into the government's handling of "The Apollo Affair."

In the late 1970s, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported there was "no evidence" to conclude the uranium was shipped to Israel. But the declassified report states that GAO investigators thought the commission's findings should have been "reconsidered."

Dr. Victor Gilinsky, a commissioner with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the 1980s, said although the GAO report is not a "smoking gun," it could lead to the conclusion that the material ended up in Israel.

"It does look as if the government didn't want any information coming out on that," said Gilinsky, who lives in Southern California and works as an energy consultant. "It looked like it was taken to Israel, but exactly what for, we just don't know."

Uranium-235 can be used in making nuclear weapons because of its ability to sustain the fission chain reaction of a nuclear explosion. The Department of Energy sold the material to NUMEC for research purposes.

The beginning

Pittsburgh chemist Zalman Shapiro, 90, of Oakland founded NUMEC in the early 1960s on the site of the former Apollo Steel Co. to reprocess spent nuclear fuel rods.

Shapiro did not respond to requests for comment about the declassified report, but in 1978 he told the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs that no material was diverted from NUMEC.

"I have no knowledge or information concerning any such diversion," he said. "Furthermore, I am not aware of any factual basis for the repeated allegations that 'material unaccounted for' at NUMEC was caused by an illegal diversion."

Attorney Hadrian Katz, a partner in the firm of Arnold & Porter in Washington, D.C., said he used to work for Shapiro in the 1970s and said Shapiro is a loyal American and never diverted any uranium to Israel.

"Nobody thought Zal Shapiro ever diverted uranium," Katz said. "Nobody who knew him thought he was involved in a diversion. There's nothing there. There was no diversion. Zal made real contributions to nuclear research. Zal is a great American."

A staunch supporter of Israel, Shapiro, whose father was an Orthodox rabbi who lost family in the Holocaust, was a purchasing agent for the Israel Defense Ministry, the report states.

Shapiro, an active inventor who received a patent from the government last year for a process to make artificial diamonds, maintained the uranium was "lost" in the processing system. Traces of enriched uranium were discovered in cracks and crevices of the plant and in air filters, according to the report.

Skeptics doubted Shapiro's theory, and in 1966, NUMEC paid the Energy Department $1.1 million for the missing uranium, the report states. Energy Department inspectors said the amount of missing uranium actually went well beyond 206 pounds, according to the report.

In the 1960s, inspectors found "significant deficiencies" in how the uranium was stored, protected and tracked at NUMEC, the report stated. The deficiencies were so serious that officials recommended the government stop providing uranium to the company. But the shipments were not halted, the report states.

Inspectors said NUMEC had the largest highly enriched uranium inventory loss of all U.S. commercial sites, with a 590-pound loss reported before 1968 and 170 pounds after that year, according to the GAO findings.

The investigation

Energy officials asked the FBI to investigate NUMEC, but the bureau refused until 13 years later, when then-President Gerald Ford ordered an investigation, the report indicates.

Gilinsky said that when he was at the regulatory commission, the Justice Department wrote to the Ford administration that people in government were "accessories after the fact."

Gilinsky said the uranium could have been used to make nuclear weapons, but had other possible uses.

He said the Israelis could have used the material at the nation's best-known reactor at Dimona to produce plutonium-239 and tritium, other materials used to power nuclear and/or thermonuclear weapons. This method would have enabled Israeli scientists to produce more weapons than if they had used the enriched uranium directly.

For years, Israel has not officially admitted to having nuclear weapons, but it is widely believed the country has actively developed a nuclear arsenal for some time.

Dennis Gormley, of the Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, said he's certain Israel is a nuclear power. The question is whether its nuclear program was spawned by the missing uranium from NUMEC, he said.

"No question whatsoever that Israel has the bomb," Gormley said. "It's a 100-percent certainty."

He said efforts to trace the missing material during the Carter administration were stymied by problems such as the Iranian hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

"Carter didn't need any more on his plate," Gormley said.

The FBI and CIA blocked efforts to release the GAO report in 1978, the report states. Even today, portions were blacked out for security reasons.

The haunting legacy

NUMEC's legacy has haunted the region for decades.

Nearby residents endured 14 years of litigation seeking damages for cancer and other illnesses they contend were caused by radiation exposure.

Federal investigators said NUMEC workers likely faced dangers from radiation at the plant, but could not determine the level of exposure, according to a government report.

Atlantic Richfield acquired NUMEC in 1967, and Babcock & Wilcox bought it in 1971. The plant closed in 1983 and was razed.

Richard Gazarik can be reached at rgazarik@tribweb.com  or 724-830-6292.

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Is the threat of a Methane Bubble, more BP fear mongering?

Vatic Note: All over the news we are hearing desperate calls for "FEAR" (lizard brain fast food) by the elite and one of the recent ones is the Methane bubble that is about to explode and kill us all with methane gas. Then we hear Sulfuric Acid is also being released, that didn't get the desired reaction so then here comes radiation of all things, out of the volcano. Well, I just received this email from a friend who received this response from a chemical engineer friend of his who EXPLAINS THE TRUTH.... about such possibilities and with my limited science background it fits with what I have known about such gases. This was in response to a radio show they both listened to about scaring everyone about the bubble, but like the corexit, if there is a problem IT WILL BE A MAN MADE ONE FOR SURE, not from nature.  Again, I ask you to keep asking yourself,  WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?  What would make sense since all of this THEY ARE ALLOWING to come out.  Why?  They are burying any news that might suggest this is not the crisis they would like us to believe it is.  Why??   I have never seen such a lock down on real serious, independant third party observers (scientists) access to the "crime" scene, similar to 9-11.  Doncha know.  They would not even let qualified scientists have samples of the gulf water near the worst of the spill and because they could not go out on boats they could not get samples of the oil to test and determine what kind and "condition" the oil was in.  Was the oil already refined?  Was it dumped out there rather than through a blow out.  I dont' know, but that is the problem, they won't let us find out.  One thing we know for sure COREXIT DOES TURN INTO GAS CLOUDS ONCE IT TOUCHES WATER AND CAN THEN BLOW OVER LAND.  No one from BP has disputed that fact, but the discussion has shifted away from "manmade" Corexit now to the other natural gases, how clever. 

Commentary from a chemical engineer. A breath of fresh air---no pun intended. T
Monday, June 21, 2010 9:58 PM

Tonight's program about the oil volcano

(Engineers response)  Buddy – you have made some ridiculous statements tonight. As an example, a Methane explosion etc. Methane with a molecular weight of 16 is about half as heavy as air, 28.97

Any methane that comes to the surface will quickly leave the ocean surface and go up into the air. There is a thing called Upper and Lower explosive limits (LEL, UEL) . I cannot remember the numbers for methane, but it will simply be too dilute to explode.

Methane is not going to burn or explode under the ocean. Methane needs Oxygen to burn.

You mention Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) . Yes it is poisonous. It simply will blow away as there are no mountains or other barriers on the open sea. We have now been under this explosion for over two months, April 20 to June 21. While there may have been poisonous concentrations at the well head etc., at the sea shore is where the concentration counts. Another thing. H2S is mildly acidic. The ocean is basic and buffered with billions in not trillions of tons of Carbonate radical (-CO3) which will react with H2S giving hydrogen gas and Calcium Sulphate.

You say that people need to be 300 miles away from the coast. That number is subjective at best and totally subjective. As far as any tidal wave is concerned, I don’t believe that in recorded history that any wave came more than 5 miles, and that is being extremely generous, over the land surface. Then simple fact of the matter is that a tremendous amount of energy is released when any wave hits the land surface.

Yes Benzene is poisonous and has a much higher molecular weight (78) than air (28.97) but it too will blow away. Typically 0.1 to 0.2 weight percent of crude is Benzene. That is simply a minor fraction. In the last two months have any people on the sea coast or inland been overcome by fumes or admitted to a hospital due to atmospheric pollution. Not to my knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong. I would not live near the coast in any event. The sea-land interface is subject to increased dangers such as hurricanes, extreme wind. Here in North Carolina, our socialist government has increased the home insurance for those who live inland to compensate for the higher wind levels at the sea. I responded by cancelling my homeowners insurance.

Yes this spill is dangerous and possibly a biblical event but let’s not lose our minds or perspective in the process. Please forward this to others who have a technical background and who can comment on my analysis. russ
(VN:  if anyone reading this has a technical background and wishes to comment, please do, we would like to read all comments on this issue)

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Lieberscum running in 2012 for the American Colony Likud party in Senate Race.

Vatic Note: Jo Lieberscum's view of Free speech as outlined in his Likud party platform for the senate race:

"What a novel idea. However, it complicates and holds up our agenda tolerating the mindless "utter"ings of beasts of burden (Cattle) and thus free speech on the net must be done away with immediately."

He is also running on the platform that if Americans refuse to leave their homes, "we will bulldoze them since it worked so well in Palestine, and they can then move into the slave work camps we have set up for them. Besides they are unemployed which insures they would have jobs in the slave labor work force thereby lowering our unemployment figures", He is calling this his "Jobs works program" with the cap and trade as the incentive for the slave camps and of course we have to have some sex slaves for Dynacorp and the boys when they get overworked and a pay off for contributing to his campaign.

He has a tough road to go, since his competitors have an even more ambitious program then he does, but he is working on expanding his platform to out do his competition. He has been considering "simply shooting every 10th American to ensure the odds of killing at least one terrorist once in a while which would help the unemployment numbers go down, and increase the number of terrorists they found here, since in 10 years its been "0", which is pretty pathetic performance for Homeland security" (he is chairman of that one), but he has not settled on that one yet. His problem with that one is first he has to get their guns and he is unsure how they are going to do that given the awesome number of them out there.  (satire intended, I simply couldn't resist given the blatant tyranical nature of such a comment, with total disregard for our governing documents including the BOR, but LET HIM TRY, who got him elected anyway?  Oh, thats right, Rahm)

Lieberman: China Can Shut Down The Internet, Why Can’t We?

Attempting to reassure CNN viewers that the government isn’t trying to shut down free speech on web, Senator only stokes more alarm by citing country that censors all online dissent
Posted By admin On June 21, 2010 @ 5:10 am
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com [1]
Monday, June 21, 2010

Senator Joe Lieberman, co-author of a bill that would give President Obama a ‘kill switch’ to shut down parts of the Internet, attempted to reassure CNN viewers yesterday that concerns about the government regulating free speech on the web were overblown, but he only stoked more alarm by citing China, a country that censors all online dissent against the state, as the model to which American should compare itself.

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Lieberman characterized concerns that his 197-page Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PDF [2]) legislation represents an attempt to hand Obama “absolute power” over the Internet [3] as “total misinformation,” adding that people were “intentionally peddling misinformation”.

Lieberman again invoked “cybersecurity” as the motivation behind the bill and tried to assuage the worries of critics. “So I say to my friends on the Internet, relax. Take a look at the bill. And this is something that we need to protect our country,” said the Senator.

However, Lieberman’s choice of comparison in justifying the necessity of the bill will only serve to heighten concerns that the government is going after free speech.

“Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,” said Lieberman.

The Senator’s reference to China is a telling revelation of what the cybersecurity agenda is really all about. China’s vice-like grip over its Internet systems has very little to do with “war” and everything to do with silencing all dissent against the state.

Chinese Internet censorship is imposed via a centralized government blacklist of any websites that contain criticism of the state, porn, or any other content deemed unsuitable by the authorities. Every time you attempt to visit a website, you are re-routed through the government firewall, often making for long delays and crippling speeds.

China has exercised its power to shut down the Internet, something that Lieberman wants to introduce in the U.S., at politically sensitive times in order to stem the flow of information about government abuse and atrocities [4]. During the anti-government riots which occurred in July 2009, the Chinese government completely shut down the Internet across the entire northwestern region of Xinjiang for days. Similarly, Internet access in parts of Tibet is routinely restricted as part of government efforts to pre-empt and neutralize unrest.

Major websites like Twitter, Google and You Tube have also been shut down either temporarily or permanently by Chinese authorities.

News websites in China now require users to register their true identities in order to leave comments [6]. This abolition of anonymity is used to chill free speech in that it prevents the user from engaging in criticism of the state for fear that they would be tracked down by authorities.

Chinese authorities are now going further than merely maintaining a “blacklist” of banned websites by instituting a “whitelist” of allowed websites [7], a move that “could potentially place much of the Internet off-limits to Chinese readers”. Websites not pre-registered with the government would be completely blocked to all Internet users, meaning “millions of completely innocuous sites” would be banned. This equates to requiring government approval to set up a website, which would obviously not be granted if the person or organization making the application has a history of or is likely to engage in dissent against the state.

President Obama himself has criticized Chinese Internet censorship [8] as a hindrance to the free flow of information and allowing citizens to hold their governments accountable, and yet Lieberman wants to hand Obama similar powers.

Given the nature of Chinese Internet regulation, with has nothing to do with “war” as Lieberman claims and everything to do with political censorship and covering up information about state oppression, we should be alarmed that the Senator wants to see America move in the same direction.

The real agenda behind government control of the Internet has always been to strangle and suffocate independent media outlets who are now competing with and even displacing establishment press organs, with websites like the Drudge Report now attracting more traffic than many large newspapers combined. As part of this war against independent media, the FTC recently proposing a “Drudge Tax” [9] that would force independent media organizations to pay fees that would be used to fund mainstream newspapers.

In addition, the FCC has rolled a censorship plan into its Net Neutrality scheme [10]in a stealth attempt to impose Internet regulation.

Under the FCC’s regulatory control consumers would be forced to buy an Internet/TV/Phone connectivity box that the government approves. “Everyone will pay rates for service that the government sets. And everything passing through your Internet, TV, or phone would become subject to the FCC’s consistent regulatory whim,” writes Americans for Tax Reform’s Kelly William Cobb [11].

Similar legislation aimed at imposing Chinese-style censorship of the Internet and giving the state the power to shut down networks has already been passed globally, including in the UK [12], New Zealand [13] and Australia [14].

We have extensively covered efforts to scrap the internet as we know it [15] and move toward a greatly restricted “internet 2″ system. Handing government the power to control the Internet would only be the first step towards this system, whereby individual ID’s and government permission would be required simply to operate a website.

Lieberman’s argument that the U.S. government should be handed the same power to regulate the Internet currently exercised by Chinese authorities only serves to confirm that the true agenda behind the Obama ‘kill switch’ legislation is to launch a war, not against foreign hackers, but against the free speech of the American people.

Watch the CNN clip below.
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Rothschilds Ring of Power - Part I, Bill Cooper's Majestic 12 - Part II (the Gulf?)

Vatic Note: Part I of this presentation is about the WHO and WHY of the Gulf false flag done by Rothschilds Goldman sachs owners of BP and Nalco toxic disbursement chemicals used in the Gulf. This is the most detailed analysis of the Rothschild cabal I have seen so far. Please watch it and understand about all that has happened to us. Its a progression over centuries of how we got to this point in time as planned by this family back in last 1700's and Its time to understand who is controlling all that is happening to both us and the rest of the world in our modern day trauma. Part II of this will be William Coopers excellent writing back in the 90's where this all is going and how predictive and right he was about where we are today including the depopulation efforts of these people. Its why he was killed. Be sure and watch for this one because what he wrote will blow your socks off.   It will be part IIa which is about his biography and murder, and Part IIb will be his predictions and results of his research over many years and you will see how prophetic (vatic) this man was.

Rothschilds Ring of Power - Part I (Bill Coopers Majestic 12 (The Gulf?) Part II.)
Now lets look at the history and modern look at Rothschild and what that family has done over these past centuries that ended up in the destruction of this great gulf of Mexico and why. The first part is about the family so it gives a context to the second part of the presentation.

Watch this first video to understand just how evil these people are. Listen to Rothschild and how he supports Browns actions (remember Brown had to resign when his pedophilia at high levels of gov came out and was exposed). Notice how he passes on blame to the lowest levels of the system and yet they were the puppet masters in the bringing down of the American financial system. Notice how he "feels sorry for the pensioners" after his Goldman sachs extracted trillions from the retirement funds. How psychopathic can you get???


Now see the background and history of this man's family and how he is continuing their plans laid out centuries ago. Its why family generational training works over time.

Part 1a - Talks about Rothschilds connection to America's robber barons.  Remember when you see how Ansel gathered 13 men to discuss the take over of the world, those were and are the illuminati families that you hear about, but notice who controlls at the very top of all of them?  Rothschilds.  So the target is clear. 


Part 1b - covers how clever he was in manipulating early british stock and bond market in the Napolean war on the continent. It made his massive wealth.


Part 1c - Talks about the Jeckell island meeting into creating a private national bank. The Federal Reserve. It discusses the manipulation of the name to conceal their subversive nature. Discusses Evelyn Rothschild married an elitest Zionist heiress.


NOW, you may understand just how powerful this family is compared to any other family in the world. It should also show just how psychopathic they also are.

Watch for Part II, which will be an article written by the assassinated Wm Cooper who laid all this out well in advance of it occuring and died by an assassins hand for the exposure to their plans that he had done. Be sure to read "Behold a Pale Horse" when you are finished with all of this on here. This was an eye opening research project for us. We hope you will get the most out of it with respect to THE BIG PICTURE. It clearly shows that the Bush's and Obama's are nothing more than powerless, toothless, puppets in a much bigger game. Bill Coopers article Majestic 12 in Part II of this series does wonders for showing us were this is going to end up. We have not reached the end of this yet. He was right up to this point, which can pretty much assure us he will be right about how they plan on final achievement of their fascist global NWO.

Remember something when reading all of this. Knowledge is power. Also passion and anger is action. Also remember that low tech resistance has always taken down high tech arrogance. So, this game is not over. Should we prevail lets remember what we have learned, what we had lost and refound as Americans, and as caring human beings and never lose it again. WE have a renewed connection to our planet and all the life we took for granted that they showed us can be lost in a moments notice when we become apathetic and take all we have for granted. Now we must always be grateful for the gifts this planet has given us and never let it be attacked again.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Israels Weapons of Mass Destruction - Part I - Biological Weapons

Vatic Note:  Give the undue influence and power now held by Israeli in our government, if not fully replacing it with their own people, we felt it prudent to discern just how big a threat to us is Israel and with what capacity in the way of WMD.   Because I just found out that it was Israel that gave nuclear weapon technology to the North Koreans, it became important to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes, this is the first of three parts.  The other two will be coming shortly afterwards.   Also remember our friendly mossad biologist, Moshe who outted the Baxter, Ukrainian plant having a manufacturing facility in the Ukraine and using it to weaponize vaccines for other countries.   That made us realize just how tenuous our survival and health is with their minions running our country...... the oil blow out with deadly dispursement chemicals used ring a bell???

Israels Weapons of Mass Destruction - Part I - Biological WeaponsUpdated September 2009
NTI Overview - Israel
Biological Overview


Little is known about Israel's biological warfare (BW) program. Israel has not signed the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Conventions (BTWC), nor explained the reasons behind its refusal to sign. Moreover, Israel has revealed virtually nothing about its activities and capabilities in the BW field; it has never issued a public policy statement on the question of BW. For all practical purposes, Israel acts as if it maintains a policy of biological ambiguity

It is commonly assumed that Israel maintains an advanced BW program, but the exact nature of the program - and whether any of it could be defined as offensively oriented - is unclear. An effort to reconstruct Israel's BW history, status, and capabilities is inescapably both conjectural and interpretative.


In April 1948, only weeks before the State of Israel was declared, David Ben-Gurion, the nation's founding father and first prime minister, wrote a letter to Ehud Avriel, one of the Jewish Agency's operatives in Europe, asking him to seek out and recruit East European Jewish scientists who could "either increase the capacity to kill masses or to cure masses; both things are important." Put in plain language, Ben-Gurion's request implied a search for experts in BW.[1]

Ben-Gurion's interest in BW should be placed in context. It so happened that all three scientists, who were close to Ben-Gurion at that time, Professor Ernst David Bergmann and the Katachalsky [Katzir] brothers, came from the fields of chemistry and microbiology. Professor Bergmann was already a well-established organic chemist, serving as Ben-Gurion's unofficial adviser on science and technology. The Katachalsky brothers, Aharon and Ephraim, were among the first to study chemistry at the Hebrew University in the 1930s, where they conducted molecular research that linked organic chemistry with microbiology. They both received their Ph.D. in macromolecular chemistry in 1941. The outlook of these three scientists reinforced Ben-Gurion's view that Israel's leading edge in its struggle with its enemies depended on investing in science and technology. These scientists were founders of the Science Corps within the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a military branch known by the Hebrew acronym HEMED.[2]

In early 1948, Alexander Keynan, a graduate student in microbiology and the leader of a small Haganah (the pre-state Jewish militia) group of students from the medical school of the Hebrew University, lobbied General Yigal Yadin, the Haganah operations chief, to establish a new unit within HEMED to be devoted to BW. Yadin and Bergmann gave their blessing, and Ben-Gurion needed little persuasion to approve it. On February 18, 1948, by order from Yadin, Keynan left Jerusalem for Jaffa, where he set up his new unit. Soon the new unit was named HEMED BEIT.[3]

The creation of HEMED BEIT was controversial from the outset. Tight secrecy characterized everything related to the activities of HEMED BEIT during the 1948 war. The biological unit was insulated and isolated, physically and organizationally, from all other HEMED units. To this day, all archival material relating to HEMED BEIT is classified, hence, unavailable to scholars. But rumors about secret BW operations in Palestinian villages and towns have persisted for years.[4]

It is believed that one of the largest BW operations was in the Arab coastal town of Acre, north of Haifa, shortly before it was conquered by the IDF on May 17, 1948. According to Dr. Uri Milstein, an Israeli military historian, the typhoid epidemic that spread in Acre in the days before the town fell to the Israeli forces was not due to wartime chaos but rather the result of a deliberate covert action by the IDF—the contamination of Acre's water supply.[5]

Then, on May 23, 1948, Egyptian soldiers in the Gaza area caught four Israeli soldiers disguised as Arabs near water wells. A statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense on May 29, 1948, stated that four "Zionists" had been caught trying to infect artesian wells in Gaza with "a liquid, which was discovered to contain the germs of dysentery and typhoid." The four Israelis were put on trial, convicted, and executed by hanging three months later.[6]

At the time, Israel denied the Egyptian allegations about "bacteriological warfare," calling it a "wicked libel." It admitted only that the Israeli soldiers were involved in an intelligence operation aimed at monitoring military movements and assessing the morale of the Arab population.[7]

Still, there are many unresolved questions regarding the entire HEMED BEIT activities in the 1948 war: Was the failed Gaza operation an isolated or nearly isolated Israeli experiment with BW that ended with that failure, or part of a larger campaign? If the latter is true, how widespread was the campaign and against whom was it directed? What was the strategic rationale?

No Palestinian references exist alleging that the epidemics in Acre had resulted from Israeli sabotage. The absence of Arab reports on this incident may suggest either that the "bacteriological warfare" campaign, if it occurred, yielded limited results, or that in the chaos of the war the Palestinian refugees were unaware of the campaign. Also, if the BW operations were aimed primarily at preventing the return of the Palestinian population to their deserted villages, as Milstein claims, this could explain the relative lack of evidence of such operations.

Ultimately, however, the creation of HEMED BEIT must be understood, and judged, in the context of its time. It took place only three years after the end of World War II, at a time when the Zionist movement had just started to grapple with the devastating blow the Jewish people had suffered in the Nazi Holocaust. As a matter of historical context, every major World War II combatant had a BW program.[8]

In 1949, a period of reorganization began both at the IDF and the civilian Ministry of Defense (MOD). By the end of the war, the BW unit, HEMED BEIT, was effectively no longer under HEMED's control. As the military budget shrank in 1950-51, the IDF was determined to rid itself of the burden of supporting HEMED.

As part of the organizational restructuring, HEMED was converted into a group of MOD-sponsored civilian research centers called "Machons." The Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) was founded in 1952, as a result of this restructuring, from the merger of two Machons, one of which was a continuation of HEMED BEIT. The building in the fenced grove outside Ness Ziona, which had served as the base of HEMED BEIT, became the home of IIBR. Alexander Keynan, who had led HEMED BEIT, was IIBR's first director.[9]

Furthermore, while the official mandate and rationale for IIBR's research was national security, it appears that Bergmann and Keynan were trying to extend and broaden the research mandate for the new scientific institute. They apparently hoped to build IIBR as the flagship for "national science": a research center that would conduct defense research but would also serve as the nation's main laboratory for chemistry and biology. It would mirror the functions of the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and even the National Institute of Health (NIH). These different philosophies about the role of IIBR—a limited scientific infrastructure for chemical and biological weapons (CBW) research versus Bergmann's and Keynan's vision of a "national science" center—resulted in a long dispute within the MOD about the mission and role of IIBR.

As to the role of CBW in Israel's concept of national security, all indications are that from early on Ben-Gurion and his associates viewed the atomic bomb as Israel's ultimate deterrence weapon, not CBW. Nevertheless, in the 1950s and 1960s, when Israeli nuclear capability was still far off in the future, Israeli leaders probably viewed CBW as the nation's doomsday weapons, Israel's weapons of last resort.

Even in those early days, however, it appears that Israeli strategists distinguished clearly between chemical weapons and biological weapons. Chemical weapons were viewed as "nasty" but still usable weapons that Arab armies might use in the battlefield in a meaningful military fashion. The perception of biological weapons was different. Israeli military leaders did not view biological weapons as feasible military weapons for the battlefield, primarily because wars in the Middle East are short. But they recognized that biological weapons could be used in conflict as the ultimate weapons of terror.[10]

From its early days the primary mandate of the IIBR was to serve as the institutional base of Israel's commitment to maintain adequate physical infrastructure and human R&D expertise in the CBW areas. While it was recognized that Israel as a state must have a national infrastructure and expertise in these areas, the BW threat was not perceived as real and/or imminent. This assessment fits well with the relatively small size and budget of IIBR, which remained largely steady for decades.[11]

During the 1970s and 1980s, IIBR, suffered chronic budgetary and organizational difficulties; apparently on at least two occasions, IIBR even faced the possibility of being shut down as an independent research institution. A great deal of IIBR's budget came from specific scientific projects, many of them were non-classified (often from foreign sources) with no direct bearing on defense. One critical response to these financial difficulties was IIBR's effort to promote the commercialization of its products and services. Since the 1970s, IIBR has become increasingly involved in all kinds of "for profit" unclassified R&D contracts, some of them with non-Israeli entities (such as the U.S. Army).

In 1979, in response to financial difficulties, Dr. Israel Hartmann, a former director of IIBR, set up a commercial subsidiary, Life Science Israel Research (LSIR), at the IIBR campus. Its purpose is to promote chemical and biomedical projects and to market products and services developed by IIBR. LSIR also represents IIBR in all kinds of collaborations, joint ventures, and partnerships with private and public companies, all done on a commercial basis and with non-classified research.

Saddam Hussein is probably the single man most responsible for the dramatic growth of Israel's defensive BW infrastructure. Over the last decade, under the energetic leadership of IIBR director Dr. Avigdor Shafferman, IIBR as the institutional base of Israel's CBW infrastructure has witnessed an unprecedented period of expansion. When the Gulf War started in January 1991, it became evident that Israel was totally unprepared for the possibility of being attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles with chemical or biological weapon warheads. Thus Israel's policy-makers decided that those major national deficiencies must be repaired.

Throughout the mid-1990s revelations about Iraq's BW program (especially the fact that Saddam considered Israel as the target for his BW program), prompted further secret expansion of Israel's BW infrastructure. In the late 1990s, major new funds were allocated to develop an adequate defensive response, at the national level, to the Iraqi CBW threat as well as to other new bioterrorism threats. The IIBR became the primary body responsible for formulating and executing a national concept of defense against various scenarios of BW threats (primarily Anthrax bacterium [Bacillus anthracis]). The IIBR campus was expanded with new buildings, laboratories, and scientific equipment, and its staff has grown with the hiring of many new scientists.


Israel has not signed the 1972 BTWC, nor has it ever explained the reasons behind its refusal. In fact, Israel has never issued a public policy statement on BW, and it acts as if it maintains a policy of biological ambiguity.

The official unclassified versions of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA's) reports on WMD do not name Israel as having a BW program, but this may reflect the focus of these reports on U.S. opponents. However, unofficially, and based on most previous intelligence reviews, U.S. government officials acknowledge that Israel is believed to possess biological weapons.[12] While it is assumed that Israel is advanced in R&D biodefense and possibly even maintains some sort of BW agent production capability, it is very doubtful that Israel actually produces or stockpiles BW agents (beyond defensive needs). In 2007, it was revealed that in response to a perceived Iraqi threat Israel had independently developed an anthrax vaccine during the latter half of the 1990s.[13]


Israel's national scientific-technical R&D capabilities in the BW field are believed to be advanced but the specifics are unknown.

In the absence of any public data, it is difficult to assess the precise nature of Israel's capabilities in the BW field. About a decade ago, a Dutch reporter named Karel Knip conducted the most extensive investigation into the history and research activities of IIBR, where Israel's BW research is undertaken. By searching Internet-based databases of scientific and medical literature, Knip turned up hundreds of scientific publications written by some 140 scientists affiliated with IIBR over nearly 50 years. Aided by eminent world authorities on CBW, Knip reconstructed a rough history of the kind of research that was conducted at IIBR in Ness Ziona.[14]

On the biological side, Knip's survey identified several types of disease agents (pathogens), toxins, and incapacitants studied at IIBR. Since the early to mid-1950s, much of the research activity focused on the causative agents of plague bacterium (Yersinia pestis), Typhus bacterium (Rickettsia prowazekii), and rabies, followed later on by studies on breeding insects that transmit those diseases, such as mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Interestingly, Knip noted that he found almost no IIBR publications about the standard biological weapons that Iraq produced, such as Anthrax bacterium and the Botulinum toxin, even though it is "inconceivable" (in his words) that IIBR has not conducted research into these areas. However, a more current literature search adds Anthrax bacterium to the list. It is evident that a large group of IIBR scientists has been working on Anthrax bacterium for some time.[15]

Another central area of study at IIBR since the 1950s has been research on various kinds of toxins: non-living poisons derived from plants, animals, and bacteria. According to Knip's bibliographical review, IIBR has done research on at least 15 different toxins, some of which may have been intended for use in special covert operations. One toxin on the list is Staphylococcus enterotoxin B (SEB), a potent incapacitating toxin produced by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. SEB was one of the toxin agents weaponized by the U.S. offensive BW program.

Knip's overall conclusion is that IIBR, since its establishment in the early 1950s, has been involved in a diverse array of research activities that, when put together, imply the possibility of offensive BW research.[16]

Although a survey of published scientific literature is a good tool to reconstruct some of the institutional research interests at IIBR, it is important to recognize its limitations. Open bibliographical analysis can suggest institutional trends, but it cannot indicate whether Israel has an offensively oriented BW program. Medical and agricultural research institutions worldwide conduct extensive basic research on disease-causing microorganisms. For this reason, Israel's motivations in the BW field, defensive or offensive, cannot be inferred merely from the existence of research activities involving potential BW agents.

Knip's bibliographical survey confirms what has been presumed all along and what IIBR seems to imply through its own website: that Israel has substantial research capabilities relevant to both defensive and offensive BW. Still, to make judgments about Israeli intentions, motivations, and strategy in the BW area—especially regarding production and weaponization—one needs to know much more.

Lacking hard information, foreign-based publications have made all kinds of claims, from the mundane to the fantastic, about Israel's BW capabilities.[17] As a matter of policy, the Israeli government has refused to comment on these reports. For this reason, any assessment of Israel's BW program and capabilities is inevitably tentative and speculative. Although most analysts believe that Israel has maintained some limited offensive BW capabilities, it is difficult to characterize exactly what those capabilities are and their current status.[18]

The U.S. government has never included Israel in its public list of states with an offensive BW capability, although it has been argued that Israel is one of two unnamed states on the list of 12 nations assessed to have an offensive program. A 1993 report on weapons proliferation by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service included an ambiguous characterization of Israel's BW capability:

There is no direct evidence of the presence of biological weapons in Israel. At the same time, according to various indications, a ramified program of biological research of a general nature, in which elements of a military-applied purpose are present, is being implemented in Israel. Specifically, Israeli research centers are cooperating closely with the American military laboratories within the framework of a US Defense Department program for protection against biological weapons. As a whole, Israel possesses a strong civilian biotechnology base, which, if necessary, could be redirected fairly easily to the production of biological weapons.[19]


The overall executive and coordinating agency in charge of all Israel's activities in the non-conventional field—national policy, doctrine, R&D, production capabilities, preparedness, production, etc. —is the highly classified administration of Special Means (in Hebrew Emtzaim Myuchadim) at the MOD. The head of that bureau also has the title of Assistant to the Minister of Defense for Special Means.

This Special Means Bureau at the MOD was established in 1992, by then-Minister of Defense Moshe Arens, as a direct lesson of the first Gulf War. During that war, as Israel was attacked by some 40 Iraqi Scud missiles, it became evident that too many governmental agencies and organizations had some responsibility for CBW threats, but no one was really in charge of the overall national coordination at the MOD. During the war, it became evident that Israel was not well prepared for an Iraqi CBW attack, there was no adequate chain of responsibility and command at the MOD, and there was no single authority responsible for overall coordination and preparations. The establishment of the new bureau at MOD was a direct response to this lack.

The Special Means Bureau at the Israeli MOD coordinates the missions and activities of a number of organizations. The primary R&D organization in the area of BW is IIBR.

Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) (In Hebrew: Ha-Machon Habiologi)

The principal organization for scientific R&D (and, to some extent, also over matters of policy as well) in the BW area is the IIBR, which is located in the town of Ness Ziona. The IIBR's primary mandate is to serve as the locus of Israel's commitment to maintain and preserve physical infrastructure and human expertise in the area of CBW. Israel's commitment to a "knowledge base" implies advanced applied research in areas relevant to BW and bio-terrorism.

As noted earlier, the IIBR was founded in 1952 by Professor Ernest Bergmann—Ben-Gurion's science adviser and the head of R&D at MOD—and Dr. Alexander Keynan. From its inception the IIBR was structured according to a "dual identity" system. For security and some other administrative/bureaucratic purposes, it was regarded as a highly classified defense research center ("Machon 2") operated and funded by the MOD's Division of Research (EMET). But for representative and civic-scientific functions, however, it was named the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), under the jurisdiction of the prime minister's office. Bergmann recognized the intrinsic civil-military ambiguity of CBW research and thought that giving the laboratory a broad research mandate would provide a legitimate cover for its scientists. By maintaining a legitimate structure and rationale for IIBR, Bergmann sought to attract first-rate scientists by offering them the kinds of intellectual and material benefits available at academic institutions: publishing research in scientific journals, attending conferences, taking sabbatical leaves, and so forth.[20]

Today, more than five decades later, much of Bergmann's founding concept has survived the passage of time, and the changes in both science and politics. On the organizational level, the IIBR, like the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, is still formally under the jurisdiction of the prime minister's office, and all its employees are considered employees of the prime minister's office. But IIBR is coordinated and budgeted by the Special Means Bureau at the MOD. On the doctrinal-policy level, the IIBR is the agency with the primary national responsibility to identify, analyze, articulate options, and ultimately implement Israel's response to all CBW threats.

The mission statement of IIBR—as it appears in its website—reflects its broad scientific mandate, built upon the ambiguity of dual use. In accordance with this philosophy IIBR's expertise are presented in the following vague way: "Backed by five decades of experience, IIBR combines highly trained personnel with cutting-edge technologies and infra-structure to conduct applied research and development in the fields of biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental sciences, in addition to basic research studies emanating from and closely related to IIBR's applied projects."[21]

According to its website, IIBR is organized into three scientific divisions—Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences—which "cooperate in a synergistic relationship, enabling the formation of optimum interdisciplinary teams tailored to the needs of each individual project."[22] "The Institute's staff comprises approximately 350 employees, 150 of whom are scientists holding doctorates in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, analytic, organic and physical chemistry, pharmacology, mathematics, physics and environmental sciences. IIBR's technical staff consists of 160 certified technicians, representing a broad spectrum of capabilities."[23]

IIBR's capabilities and expertise are consistent with a full array of activities associated with a sophisticated BW program, both on the defensive and offensive sides. Yet the website carefully avoids the issues of policy motivations and intent for IIBR's research.

As long as Israel as a nation has no policy statement on the matter of BW, the objectives behind IIBR's capabilities remain obscure—even suspicious—as well.


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[20] In those days, national CBW programs were not illegal or even at odds with international norms. The 1925 Geneva Protocol, which prohibits the use in war of CBW, is silent about developing, producing, and stockpiling such weapons. Moreover, many countries that ratified the Geneva Protocol did so while reserving the right to employ CBW for retaliation in kind. (In any case, Israel signed the 1925 Geneva protocol only in February 1969). By the 1950s, all three major Western (and NATO) powers--the United States, the United Kingdom, and France--had offensive CBW capabilities. Bergmann was well aware of those activities.
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The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Ten Stories In The News That The BP Oil Spill Is Overshadowing

Vatic Notes: I have to admit, I am an old broad and I can tell you that never in my entire lifetime have I seen the press so tightly tied up as I do right now. That is why I believe ONLY WHAT I SEE NOW, AND NOT WHAT THEY TELL ME anymore. I know the value TO THEM of using FEAR and PANIC as studies have shown it to be the most effective tool for manipulating mass populations to achieve an agenda, whatever it might be. Thus we must stay out of fear at all costs. Look at these stories that are buried and they are serious.   For instance,

1. Notice Israel has three nuke subs off the coast of Iran.   What is telling about that story, IS THAT THE SUBS ARE GERMAN, AND GUESS WHAT?  IT WAS A GERMAN TORPEDO/BOMB THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE SOUTH KOREAN SHIP.   Why is that important???  Because a little tinpot dictatorship is trying to drive the entire globe into a nuke war so their status can change from a tin pot dictatorship into a full fledged powerful Global Fascist dictatorship.  No one will question that because we are too busy thinking we are on a course of extinction in 5 years.   But not to worry, the "GLOBAL COMMUNITY" will rescue us proving we need them and we need to be part of it, thus NEW WORLD ORDER IS BORN.   Clever, really.  Very.  The rest of those articles show just how badly we are losing our liberties and given Ron Paul is not their favorite politician, I can understand why they want to silence him and his group.  Freedom of speech ONLY FOR CORPORATIONS OR LARGE LOBBYING GROUPS. Yup election financing reform fit only for a Fascist Global Governance secret satanic society.  That about sums it up.

2.  Remember the arms and uniforms of both the mexican drug cartel AND US ARMY that were on the Vatic project this past week with massive numbers of armament found near the border??
Black ops.   I said then it was going to be part of the plan to create violence between us and Mexico in order to regionalize us and now here today is news that indeed riots in LA mexican and Americans against each other,  BLACK OPS.  This is a specialty of mercenaries who are doing the same thing in Afghanistan and in Pakistan.   DIVIDE and conquor.  Lots of news.  Check it out.  Black ops mossad and CIA are bringing their provocateuring program here to this country and that is unacceptable.  Put the damn ONE WORLD ORDER UP FOR A DAMN VOTE AND QUIT THIS JERKING US AROUND.   I for one am sick and tired of it and its obvious what is happening, so quit it.
Ten Stories In The News That The BP Oil Spill Is Overshadowing

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Corporate media does it’s best to keep you uninformed
Steve Watson, Prisonplanet.com [1] Provided to Vatic Project by Gypsy, Australia
Friday, Jun 18th, 2010

The mainstream media is running a 24 hour news cycle focusing purely on the BP oil spill, a disaster, as we have shown [2], that is being intentionally hyped in order to sell cap and trade legislation and moves to nationalize big business.

In the wake of this, big important news stories are being overlooked. Here are just some of the stories, in no particular order, that you should be hearing on the nightly news, but of course, are not.

1. Israeli nuclear submarines positioned close to Iran [3]:
Three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline.

The first has been sent in response to Israeli fears that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, a political and military organisation in Lebanon, could hit sites in Israel, including air bases and missile launchers.

The submarines of Flotilla 7 — Dolphin, Tekuma and Leviathan — have visited the Gulf before. But the decision has now been taken to ensure a permanent presence of at least one of the vessels.

2. Iran war propaganda [4]:

US intelligence has shown Iran could launch an attack against Europe with “scores or hundreds” of missiles, prompting major changes to US missile defenses, Pentagon chief Robert Gates said on Thursday.

The anti-Iran rhetoric has amplified following the revelation that many Bilderberg members, including Zbigniew Brzezinski, are now in favor of U.S. air strikes on Iran and are “leaning towards war,”.

“Some of them in Europe are saying no we shouldn’t do it but most of them are in favor of American air strikes on Iran,” Bilderberg sluth Jim Tucker relayed from the recent meeting in Spain. “They’re tilting heavily towards green lighting a U.S. attack on Iran.”  (VN:  thats to take our eyes off the various liberty gutting and repressive acts they are in the process of committing.  Whose going to fight their wars??? Zbig and his sons?  I don't think so, and it sure as hell won't be the American people if they are gutting our Bill of Rights, what a joke, what if they had a war and no one showed up? except maybe at Goldman sachs offices.  lol)

3. The continuing economic slide:
The greatest bankster heist in history and the looming greatest depression rumbles on.

Gold has hit record highs [5] as the dollar slumps and the Euro continues to face complete collapse. Unemployment figures [6] in the U.S. are through the roof and U.S. consumer prices [7] posted their largest fall in nearly 1-1/2 years in May.

Rumours in Europe persist regarding an impending bailout for spain, while Russia says it is ready to found a “new economic world order [8]“.

4. FCC ready to restrict the Internet [9]:

The federal government would have “absolute power” to shut down the Internet under the terms of a new US Senate bill being pushed by Joe Lieberman, legislation which would hand President Obama a figurative “kill switch” to seize control of the world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

Lieberman has been pushing for government regulation of the Internet for years under the guise of cybersecurity, but this new bill goes even further in handing emergency powers over to the feds which could be used to silence free speech under the pretext of a national emergency.  (VN:  You know what that means, time for the underground and resistance, its one way to get us away from our computers and get out there and do what we should have done a long time ago.  Damn computer kept us off the streets or should I say out of the "underground").

5. Obama/Blagojevich story
As the Blagojevich trial continues and important details emerge [10], linking Obama to possible political corruption, Federal prosecutors are seeking a gag order to keep the ex-Governor and his lawyers from making public comments.  (VN:  Oh, heaven forbid we should ever have someone in the elite who has committed crimes ever be accountable for them.... what a notion.  lol where do they think we live?  In a land of laws?? What a joke.  Just another reason we need to get away from the computer and deal with justice as we should have a long time ago.  We can start with Goldman sachs. BP is next)

6. UN small arms treaty [11]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced that the Obama Administration would be working hand in glove with the U.N. to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty.”  (VN:  Hillary just committed political suicide.  Interesting.)

Congressman Paul Broun warns [12] that, “With willing one-world accomplices in Washington, D.C., gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made.” Broun characterizes the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty as “nothing more than a massive, GLOBAL gun control scheme.”

The treaty would force national governments to acquiesce to a global gun registry, while strengthening licensing procedures so as to make it almost impossible for a citizen to legally purchase a gun. It would also ban the private sale of semi-automatic weapons and ultimately lead to the confiscation and destruction of all “unauthorized” firearms owned by citizens.

By encapsulating the gun grab within a treaty, the Obama administration could claim that no Senate approval is needed to authorize any such move against the right to bear arms – although whether a treaty trumps the Constitution is a very murky area of debate [13].  (VN:  that is exactly why the founding fathers put the 2nd amendment in the BOR,  so that could not  happen)

7. Mexicans riot in LA/Land given over to Mexico

Violent scenes following the LA Lakers’ championship-clinching win over the Boston Celtics in the NBA finals saw angry mobs smashing their way through the streets [14] waving Mexican flags as they went. (VN: just a reminder of the American arms and uniforms along with the drug cartel uniforms that were found along the border. Who has access to that large number of American military uniforms? No wonder they don't want border patrols, these were American war weapons including launchers, so this was a set up and this rioting is a BLACK OPS, just like they do in Afghanistan. DIVIDE THE NATION anyway they can, using mercenaries, to usher in martial law.  DON'T FALL FOR IT. Also remember who controls the drug trade and gangs?  Mossad and CIA. )

Meanwhile, a massive stretch of Arizona has become effectively off limits to Americans [15], Prompting questions over whether the Obama administration is giving a major strip of the south-west back to Mexico. (VN:  its defacto regionalizing, by ceding land without legal authority or process, its clear as the nose on our faces they are frustrated at the lack of progress in Fascist globalizing.  It is not ceding the land to Mexico, its desovereignizing it for America, thus regional.  We can go on that land since it belongs to us, and the sheriff can see to it that happens if he wishes to do so). 

8. Obama Plans To Sneak Through Carbon Tax By Stealth [16]
President Obama is planning to sneak through his job-killing, economy wrecking carbon tax by stealth according to the Washington Post, by passing a weakened bill and then adding in cap and trade provisions after the heat is off following the November elections.  (VN:  Its not stealth, its "CONDUCTING WAR BY DECEPTION, a saying hanging on the wall of Mossad, not unexpected, remember, Mossad is the enforcement arm of the international bankers.  The Cap and Trade was killed in Denmark because the faud was exposed big time by a hacker.  Now they had to create another reason to impliment it. Such a tax added to the forced insurance huge premium will ensure slavery, your children turned over to the schools to be raised by them, since you will have to work two jobs each parent to meet all these new taxes.  Its just another population control, social engineering scheme)

Described as the “lame duck climate strategy,” Obama is planning to secure enough votes in the Senate to pass a weakened energy bill and then drag out the conference long enough to ensure the stronger provisions contained in the original House version are added “after lawmakers have faced voters in November, thereby cushioning the vote’s political impact.”  (VN:  make sure the same legislators do not return and that can work in our favor)

9. Afghanistan Mineral Riches Story Is War Propaganda [17]

News that the U.S. has suddenly discovered $1 trillion-worth of mineral deposits in Afghanistan, and descriptions of the bounty as a “game changer” by the corporate media, represent nothing more than crude war propaganda designed to reinvigorate public support for a failing and ever more pointless occupation.

The “newly discovered” riches have been known about since the 1970s and further revelations indicate [18] that the Pentagon report cited by the New York Times as their source for the story did not even mention the untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan.  (VN:  Isn't that why we invaded on our 9-11 false flag excuse?)

10. Free Speech Gag Bill Moving in House [19]

H.R. 5175, The so-called DISCLOSE Act would severely limit the ability of political groups to communicate to their members and the general public. 

Politico reports [20] that , the NRA bargained for an exemption for itself and other large, established groups while trampling the rights of private citizens, new political groups, like Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty [21], and other small organizations.

As John Bresnahan reports, “The proposal would exempt organizations that have more than 1 million members, have been in existence for more than 10 years, have members in all 50 states and raise 15 percent or less of their funds from corporations… The NRA, with 4 million members, will not actively oppose the DISCLOSE Act, according to Democratic sources.” (VN:  of course they won't they are run by neocons just like the democratic and republican parties, my goodness who is surprised by that?)
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