VATIC NOTE: Reports Surfacing of Multi-State National Guard Mobilizations

Reports Surfacing of Multi-State National Guard Mobilizations
(see article below this, these two go together and were separated for ease of reading)

Vatic Note: Remember, we asked our readers to provide us with rumors and intel. We got one several days ago about UN Troop movement in pennsylvania, as an anecdotal piece of information through personal observation, but no confirmation, thus we did not put it up on the site..

This below came to us today by email and is the first where an article is addressing the issue with more than just one person saying they saw it, so it has reached the level where it now can be put up on the board. I then discovered it is also showing up at other locations such as Denver Examiner and at Rumormills, so its time to put it up here. What we now need is independant confirmation and as we suggested and asked, please provide us with photos if possible or even video if possible.

When that arrives, it will be even more confirmation, for now I do not see the benefit to the elite for doing this since they are trying to start a world war and they need our country on their side to do so and this would certainly prevent that from happening.

It maybe they would try to use this as a mechanism to send our youth into forced military service since the MANDATORY YOUTH SERVICE CORP now has all their names and data so it would be easy plus the census added to it with the GPS mapping of all our locations would allow the UN troops to then locate those they would kidnap for just such use as the fodder they believe we are.

I always said the US was going to be the worlds military in this NWO and they will control that through our food (overseas location) and our water. There is no way we would fight for them voluntarily. (remember, I questioned that whole program when it appeared as it reminded me of the Hitler Youth corp.) TELL YOUR CHILDREN TO REFUSE TO FIGHT, AND HAVE THEM DO A SIT DOWN AND NEVER COOPERATE WITH MOVEMENT.  PASSIVE LAYINS AND SIT INS AND REFUSE TO TAKE A GUN. 

If they remain standing, they can be moved, but not if they lay down, it takes at least two other real soldiers to pick them up and force them to stand, so if nothing else it ties up others.   We have to start thinking outside the box folks.    Its the only way.   I remember in WW II the russians did that to their children.  

The same zionists who are doing this,  they gave them a few bullets and a gun and told the conscripts they kidnapped to  get behind the others and as they fell like fodder to put up the guns and bullets along the way and told them THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY THEY WOULD SURVIVE THE ORDEAL.   so you need to talk to your kids now.  sorry, but this is getting clearly like their old pattern of dealing that has worked in the past and we must ensure it never works again here. 

Thus its INDENTURED SERVITUDE. Its all speculation on our part, but its the only thing that makes sense and also preempts rebellion which we are very close to having and it also allows them to confiscate our guns under Hillary Clintons international gun control treaty she signed in line with the TRAITORS GLOBALIZATION AGENDA. Check these other sourcs out as well.. http://www.examiner.com/x-37620-Conservative-Examiner~y2010m5d24-AlertCitizens-report-nationwide-mobilization-of-National-Guard?cid=examiner-email (found this at Rumor mills.com after a reader sent me this article below.)

SOLUTIONS: HERE IS SOMETHING TO CONSIDER: First, time is our enemy if its short and our friend if we have that luxury, but this below means, IF TRUE, that its now short. Second: Remember, our military has now been filled with soldiers from other countries that have no relatives here, or spouses or children, and that now includes the national guard. If you do peaceful but clear refusal to cooperate then it is likely that OUR SOLDIERS from the USA would not fire on us. However, that is not the case with Foreign born soldiers.


Keeping these facts in mind, "RESISTANCE" MAYBE THE ONLY OPTION LEFT. If so, it WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU BECOME ORGANIZED and leaderless and guerilla warfare in nature and as you do, you must confiscate their more advance weaponry to turn around and use against them.

You must use intel collection, have runners and those who will act as couriers for you to pass on that intel across state lines or through various communications options that you need to set up now, NOT WHEN ITS TOO LATE.  Those of you who worked in the Ron Paul campaign KNOW EXACTLY what I am talking about when I say its only from the grassroots up that a creative approach to this problem can occur, as his campaign proved.   Beware of those you dont' know and trust no one. 

In the meantime, please also use strategy #1, I had hoped we had time to finish work on our other strategies, but we may not have that luxury. Also begin looking for locations to CACHE FOOD, WATER, EQUIPMENT, AMMO, WEAPONS ETC.... ESPECIALLY CLOTHING WITH EMPHASIS ON UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS AND GLOVES. BELIEVE ME, THE BOSNIANS WILL TELL YOU HOW IMPORTANT THAT WAS AND HOW THEY DID NOT DO IT AND IT CAUSED THEM TO LOSE MUCH.

Oil from your body makes those items lose their effectiveness in keeping you warm and clean. So please stock up and cache thoses items in the forest, in empty buildings in locations buried underground in secure metal boxes and wrapped in cellophane and bags. This is all important now, with cells all over the country, we can defeat them and we must help each other. Use old people to do the courier work and intel gathering.  

Then begin identifying targets, RAIL LINES, SUPPLY LINES, ETC, FUEL is the life line of war.  Go after all fuel sources in your local area.   THIS IS ONLY IDENTIFYING AND TARGETING BUT NOT DOING UNTIL THEY MAKE THEIR MOVE AGAINST US. But do the leg work beginning now.  Begin knowing your area, what is located where and check security, identify weaknesses, and contact those working within, after all, they are Americans.   Find out where they stand and that will be easy to do just by striking up a conversation.  Anyone you know that works for the feds in critical positions that you identify, then follow them, get their data, personal information,  times they travel, routes, and habits.   Especially record their habits.  IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO GET OFF YOUR DUFF and do this stuff. 

Keep the locations recorded, every single target that can aid them in their work is a target,  cell towers, land line facilities, boats, damns, rivers, water ways, anything.  Refineries, rigs on land and sea.  You know the drill ITS THEIR ASSETS YOU WANT TO IDENTIFY AND TARGET....   BUY WALKIE TALKIES AND try to coordinate regionally,  and take pics and look for any security they will have.  IDENTIFY, INDENTIFY AND RECORD all potential targets both hard and human.   BUY BLACK HEAD TO FOOT CLOTHING.   Nothing that reflects or can be identified by infrared camera.   Lead shielding would be good and gilly suits for camoflague.  Those of you in the service, now know what they know and have.  Please come forward and offer your suggestions.   Railroad tracks and not some puny thing they can fix in 10 minutes but serious destruction for miles if need be.  

This is why they wanted that super highway, to divide the nation and make it safe from just such guerilla actions, well, THANKS TO TEXAS, they didn't get it.   Now they are vulnerable there.  Ships, planes, military bases, etc, they are extremely vulnerable to such actions all over the country.   Those in small communities with small airports, get a series of volunteers to watch that airport in shifts, from morning til night.

If this turns out to be what it appears, then, finally you must target those who are doing this one at a time and target specific. NEVER FORGET, WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED AGAINST US, its a fact now.  We have proven it with all the sterilizations,  the toxic poisoning of our food and water, the air poisoning by chemtrails,  the legislation taking control of our natural remedies from us and preventing us from growing our own food, and finally the GMO seeds that are now confirmed killer seeds, the killer aspects of our legal drugs.  This is clearly a depopulation effort and you will either be one of the first to go, or they will, as you take them with you. 

The depopulation and Eugenics policies being funded and implimented, then there is the The pedophilia, snatching of our children and human sacrifices that have gone on,  IF THIS ISN'T WAR I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.  Wake up and decide.  Preparation is wise, and yet not committed to any course of action, so at least prepare mentally, emotionally, your family, and material preparations are now in order.   TROOPS ARE ON THE MOVE.  Thus so should we be.   Don't worry about the sheep.  They obviously are only taking care of themselves, and identify collaborators and get their names out to everyone in the resistance. 

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