UPDATE: 11:49 pm 5/27/10 -   Here is the latest intel on the UN military trucks and equipment in Florida.

May 26, 2010 by NotForSale2NWO
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Thousands of UN Vehicles and tons of equipment possibly staged at an Airfield in Florida

Update: As of now there is confirmation that there are no vehicles there to date. It appears the vehicles have been moved between Feb. and now. Thanks to a dedicated Intel Soldier known as Gortz, we have solved this one. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

Intel Hub – Rand Corp. documents show that there is a planned event for the implimentation of a Police Stabilization Force within the U.S. Get PDF HERE. Whether or not these events are connected is yet to be seen.  (VN:  I have requested a link for this commentary for you to visit if you wish.  Especially on the Rand corp Documents.  The PDF I got was not linked.  Waiting on the PDF link now. )

Vatic Note:   I bring this up now since I have just received a warning from Argentina, South America, and that is all it is, not proof, but a warning and I promised I would put up what I receive for you all to decide for yourself.   If true, then this will be another massive false flag and this time, we must be the ones to dish out justice since no one else is going to do it for us.  

Included below is another warning and verification of UN Military equipment on a US air base in Florida, and its a great presentation.  This guy did an excellent job of manipulating the zooming from Google maps to show what is there including railroad trains etc.   So please watch and listen to the video.  I am also going to send this around to my list, so it gets out immediately.   Preparation is the key word here, still no proof of anything but warnings to prepare as they are definitely planning something,  when and what, is what we do not know.  Also, I now understand, IF THESE THINGS APPEAR AS THEY DO,  why Goldman sachs and Israel blew out that oil, so they would have the opportunity to do this with cover just like they did on 9-11.   But this time we know who is who and what is what if anything happens this weekend when we are all busy with our holiday. 

Here is the email from Argentina first
Please watch the video right after this.   Its because I got the video that I decided to finally share this one.
State Militia, time to get ready. 
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2010 6:38 PM

Subject: 27-5-2010 APOKALYPSIS Project


One of my sources tells me that something major is going to happen this weekend. He said it could be an earthquake or a nuclear attack.

He said that if it was nuclear North Korea would be blamed and we would be in Korean War Part Two.

But he said the Chinese have been tipped off as to what and why the Obama administration wants a new war to start in the Koreas. It's because the Obama administration wants to deflect attention from what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

The oil spill is the worst in history and could be a planet ending situation... especially the way that Obama et al is handling it.

We see that Obama is leaving Washington over the Memorial Day weekend. Never in history has any president left WDC on our Memorial Day.

Is he doing this because he hates the military? Or is he doing this because he knows what's coming? He's going to Chicago... Why not Hawaii?

Does he know something that we don't know about Chicago??

If anyone has any answers to these serious questions... let the rest of us know.

I have known that something major is going on for a few days now... my intuition told me. But I have not been able to figure it out... maybe if we work together we can figure out what's going on in time to warn people.

Remember, today is Full Moon.
Tomorroy Uranus is entering Aries.
Now here is the video about the UN massive amount of military equipment.

What is the most dangerous area in the country to the NWO? Thats right, the south. Where are the most guns? Thats right, the south. Rand Paul won in Tennessee along with other non NWO types winning primaries all over the country by large margins and thus they were unable to bogus up the vote since they need a close race to do that.  Most of the throw outs have been large margin wins.  Keep that in mind when viewing all of this since they were on the verge of losing control and Obama just made a speech about a NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER, like we are stupid or something and can't substitute  NWO for NIO.  LOL

This video has brought it home along with the other reports in other states

photohelix — May 26, 2010 — Type in this link http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=m.. .

Then paste this coordinate in the search 29.97213,-81.660047
Post and repost! You can then see it for yourself.

Comments that accompanied this email from Ghost trooper blogger
ATTENTION: An old airstrip near Jacksonville, Florida

This is interesting, hmmm and same stuff goin on in Avon Park I wonder where else

I am not sure what it means... but I do wonder what and why?!?!?
This is all found on an old airstrip near Jacksonville, Florida...
UN Vehicles? Train tracks to ship them out? FEMA?

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Anonymous said...

Where is the evidence offered that these are UN vehicles. What is the date of the satellite pictures?

This is, at best, highly speculative.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, its only higly speculative if you haven't been on top of this over the years. I just put up a video that you need to see to do that research in about 15 minutes. Much of it took me 10 years to do so this will save you a bunch of time. Like any jigsaw puzzle, you collect the pieces and soon the picture becomes more clear, you just don't have all the details until more pieces appear and that is what all of this is about.

In fact, even I did not realize just how far gone we really are and have been for sometime now. Check it out, its the newest one up. I intend to keep it up all afternoon. Its that important, and I just may keep it up tonight as well. Not sure about that yet, but give me your feedback on it after seeing it. Thanks.

Vatic said...

I forgot to mention that on this blog the link is included and its in the video. UN vehicles are white and Homeland security vehicles are black, and military vehicles are a mix but slowly being switched over.

If you listened to the video all the way through he explains what we are seeing.