Scientific dictatorship wants lobotomized, subservient public

Vatic Note:   DAMN, YOU GO, ALEX, YOU GO!!!!   THIS VIDEO IS GREAT AND HE IS TICKED OFF. This is the maddest I have ever seen him.    Now is the time and this article is the reason, that we must get this information out to the public all over the place.   I do mean everywhere,  senior centers,  doctors offices,  grocery stores,  restaurants, on the streets,  on their cars,  family, firends and especially those still semi-asleep trying to wake up. 

This is the shove that they need and most importantly send it on to your congressman and senators to simply let them know that we know out here and then get it to those who are honest with integrity,  I know that is only about 4 out of 535, but the rest in the White House and congress are psychopaths and will not be affected by this, unless we promise to see to it that it makes it into whatever they ingest in the future.  

Tell them to start being on the alert for them and their families that whatever is put into our bodies without our permission is going to start going into their bodies.   Its time to at least make the noise.   Then if they  still do it, then we can plan from there.   Its time, you know its time, and you don't want to face it, but if we don't then we will be no better off than the gulf as humans.... dead zombies.   We all know who is doing it too, don't we???? Yes, we do.  

STANFORD INVOLVED ACCORDING TO ALEX,  THAT IS TAVISTOCK GROUP.   THE BRITS ARE DOING THIS ALONG WITH ROTHSCHILD.  The scientists who have agreed to do this should be imprisoned for such betrayal of  their fiduciary responsibility to their profession and those affected by it.   There was a time that such acts would have never been considered by scientists, but those days are gone.   Its time we begin to stay away from all things not natural and garner up our own food and water not from their system.   We have to truly think on all of this and get together within our communities and share this video and this write up and all the references he gives us. 

Scientific dictatorship wants lobotomized, subservient public

Paul Joseph Watson, Provided to Vatic by Brock Canner, USA
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Establishment Media Pushes Brain Eating Vaccines

The establishment media and the scientific dictatorship are promoting brain-eating vaccines that virtually lobotomize people and rewire their minds into a state of subservient compliance so that their natural instinct to get angry and rebel against the tyranny being imposed upon them is neutered and sterilized.

“Academics say they are close to developing the first vaccine for stress – a single jab that would help us relax without slowing down,” reports the Daily Mail.


Dr Robert Sapolsky, professor of neuroscience at Stanford University in California, says the vaccine is intended to impose a state of “focused calm” by altering brain chemistry.

The proposals ominously hark back to George Lucas’ 1971 dystopian chiller THX 1138,  in which the population is controlled and subjugated through the use of special drugs to suppress emotion.

Feeling stress, getting angry, expressing emotion and displaying passion are all innate, natural and vital aspects of human behavior. Reacting with stress to dangerous or uncomfortable situations is an essential and healthy response, and is one shared by just about every living thing on the planet.

Scientists are now telling us that getting angry, upset and passionate is abnormal and needs to be “treated” through a fresh dose of pharmaceutical drugs and injections that will virtually lobotomize us into submissive compliance. This is blatantly a part of the full spectrum assault on our minds, our bodies and our nervous system through the contamination of our food and water supply.

The new research on brain-altering vaccines dovetails with proposals to add lithium to the water supply in order to treat “mood disorders”.

People globally are already being bombarded with sodium fluoride, a cancer causing neurotoxin, through the water supply, toothpaste, and many foods.

The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany’s Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride’s supposed effect on children’s teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission.

As a growing number of people worldwide begin to educate themselves about what they are putting in their bodies and how they are under chemical and biological attack from the foods they eat, the establishment in getting increasingly desperate in trying to maintain a sick and weak populace, even telling them that injecting the toxic poison mercury into their bloodstream will be beneficial to their health

The effort to chemically lobotomize the public is part of the elite’s drive to create a sub-species of drugged up, dumbed-down slaves who don’t have the intelligence or the energy to resist the control measures being imposed on them by their population-reduction obsessed masters. While the elite will be free to enjoy

Infowars is promoting a new viral Google search term in order to attract much needed attention to this grave issue.

Search for “brain eating vaccines”   and by elevating this term to the top of Google Trends, we can reach millions of new people who would otherwise have never come across this information.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Court Unmasks Secularism as State "Religion"

Vatic Note:   Satanism in secular dress is Babylonian Talmudic Cabalism in the form of Illuminism, occultism and materialism.  (VN:  Zionism)

Court Unmasks Secularism as State "Religion

June 23, 2010
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

June 23, 2010

Last week, Quebec Superior Court Judge Gérard Dugré  ruled that the government showed "Inquisition-like intolerance"  by imposing a secular ethics course on a private Roman Catholic school in Montreal.

The reference to secularism as an "Inquisition" was satisfying for Loyola High School, a Jesuit boy's school that went to court to protect its freedom to teach from a Roman Catholic perspective.

This case demonstrates that "separation of church and state" is really a pretext for the imposition of a State Religion, i.e. Illuminism, or secularism. (I will expand on the true nature of this "religion" later.)

Judge Dugre turned secular rhetoric of "tolerance" and "diversity" back on the government, exposing its hidden Masonic agenda: to stamp out Christianity.

Judge Dugré said that not only did Quebec violate Loyola's religious freedoms but it went about it in a "totalitarian" manner.

BP accused of 'buying academic silence'

BP accused of 'buying academic silence'

The head of the American Association of University Professors has accused BP of trying to "buy" the best scientists and academics to help it contest litigation after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

"This is really one huge corporation trying to buy faculty silence in a comprehensive way," said Cary Nelson.
BP faces more than 300 lawsuits so far.

In a statement, BP says it has hired more than a dozen national and local scientists "with expertise in the resources of the Gulf of Mexico".

Bob Shipp 

Bob Shipp said BP wanted to hire his entire marine science department 

The BBC has obtained a copy of a contract offered to scientists by BP. It says that scientists cannot publish the research they do for BP or speak about the data for at least three years, or until the government gives the final approval to the company's restoration plan for the whole of the Gulf.
It also states scientists may perform research for other agencies as long as it does not conflict with the work they are doing for BP.

Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’

Vatic Note:   Its good to hear someone in authority,  finally tell it like it is.   Treason is the order of the day for those in power.  Time to get in people who have a conscience and integrity.   I find it ironic that we are occupying other countries,  doing horrible things to their people and now we are in the same boat with the same foreign occupiers who threatened, bribed or blackmailed our government into giving control over to them and they will do the same here as they are doing in Iraq.    Now that is something no one here can even imagine, but if you need to know, just ask the pals.  That country has no conscience and has made it clear they do not follow the humanity laws of other nations, they stand alone in saying so.  Crimes against humanity is ok by them.... they think nothing about it, and they now control this country.  Time to take it back.  Spiritual Warriors, its time to arm yourselves with Love, courage and resistance through non cooperation and obstruction.   Stand in front of those horses the feds want to massacre, or stand behind the Sheriff and refuse to hire or frequent any business that hires illegals.   Legal aliens are fine, but law breakers,  like our bankers,  are not welcome, just like our bankers are not welcome.  Iceland awaits you for trial.  lol  .

Arizona Sheriff: ‘Our Own Government Has Become Our Enemy’

Monday, August 02, 2010
By Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer, CNS NEWS.COM
Provided to Vatic Project by Anonymous, USA

Correction: As initially posted, this story inaccurately said that Pinal County was contiguous with the Mexican border. It is in southern Arizona, but not on the border.)

(CNSNews.com) – Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu is hopping mad at the federal government.

9/11 nukes aren't disinformation or limited hangout

Vatic Note:    Answer to an email we received regarding one of our blog entries on 9/11 micro-nukes. The blog entry was summarized in a Vatic Email which was then re-posted elsewhere by someone on the distribution list. The feedback email went to that website before being sent on to us for a response.  

Sent: Sunday, August 01, 2010 10:49 AM


...to ANSWER what I have asked you ? As I have stated to you - YOU are posting LIMITED HANGOUT DISINFORMATION regarding 9/11 that  HIDES the use of DOZENS of MICRO-NUCLEAR DEMOLITION DEVICES - LARGE NUCLEAR DEMOLITION DEVICES(at least 150KT) in the  sub-basements of WTC 1,2,and 7....1,000s of LINEAR SHAPED CHARGES - and the role played by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION Inc(MARK LOIZEAUX & FAMILY) who "just so happens" to be the ONLY COMPANY to have a PATENTED METHOD of BUILDING IMPLOSION using NUCLEAR DEMOLITION DEVICES.......

[name withheld],Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower

From: Bruecke  who posted the micro-nukes articles last week, like here 

Dear Mr. [name withheld],

I posted the 9/11 nuke articles on the Vatic Project. I'll be the first to admit that my own position on 9/11 has done a bit of waffling and come full circle a couple of times on certain things over the years.   

(VN: The first point we wish to make up front is this:  we don't have to be right about milli-nukes on 9/11; we'll be happy to be proven wrong. Or more correctly for you to prove the Anonymous Physicist at http://wtcdemolition.blogspot.com/  wrong.  This can be done immediately without you having to read the entire blog.) 


First Signs of (Revolutionary) War in the US? Sheriff Tony DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents from Bureau of Land Mgmt

Vatic Note: There are two issues at play here, 1.) The issue of "Why" is the BLM confiscating cattle? If they want their land back, why not just notify the rancher to remove their cattle from the land in question? Is there a specific unknown reason why they want the actual livestock in these rural places? To Feed and breed them in underground facilities when the nuke war comes planned by the international bankers??? Or when planet X arrives??? Sell them and pocket the money in the CAFR accounts for the bankers? 

I don't know, but there has to be a reason that their solution is to confiscate private property without paying for it or giving the alledged offender a chance to clear the land of his property (cattle). That needs to be researched and find out what is going on. 2.) The second issue is the Role of Sheriff and even though the armed fed agents backed down, will they return in force??? Can the Sheriff DEPUTIZE the people of the county to act as a posse and help him to enforce the local laws??? These are questions we need to answer, and if so, then it really will come down to who rules this nation. Can they use military against the people in their own states and local districts and will our military stand with the pig criminal cabals or will they stand with us, the zionists cattle??? Here, check out just how bad this had gotten before this sheriff finally stood up.  See various links below.  I swear this reminds me of Gaza.  How about you?  Out west is virtually under attack and it maybe because the population there is much less and thus political power is also much less, but then the 2nd amendment can make up for that can't it??  Here are the links I promised on just how serious this has been and NO MSM PRESS TELLING US ABOUT IT!!!!!

United States Terrorism: BLM Strikes the Dann Ranch Again
from Newe Sogobia, Nevada (ICC)

Bureau of Land Management Charged With Human Rights Violations Against the Shoshone Nation

BLM Steals Cattle

Sale of confiscated cattle stifled by protesters
Story by Don Bowman

It's cop-versus-cop as embittered westerners look to further tweak the feds

Auction of confiscated cattle by BLM
http://www.headwatersnews.org/p.042402.html       END OF VATIC NOTE

First Signs of (Revolutionary) War in the US? Sheriff Tony DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents from Bureau of Land Mgmt
August 1, 2010, Terminator Girl, Provided to Vatic Project by Anonymous, USA

Anonymous Note: Just got this from a friend. Looks like some lines are being drawn. Somehow, I get the feeling that if the Feds go after this sheriff it won't be the same as burning down a church filled with women and children. Nope!!! WOW.. Look at what this sheriff did!! M.

Part 1 of 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaEKB8pU2Tw&feature=related

Bankers: "Cluster Bombs 'r Us"

Vatic Note:   This video makes many excellent points about Major international banks working together to promote and continue the crimes against humanity with these cluster bombs.   Its not just the manufacturers, its their financing arms and in many cases, the banks involved are also shareholdiers in those military industrial complex companies. Eisenhower tried to warn us about this very issue of the military industrial complex and the danger of their increasing power and influence.   We need to change it now, before its too  late.   Is this part of the international bankers "depopulation" agenda???  Remember who is running the US Government now, and who runs the international banking criminal cabal,  the Zionists.   Thus Israel is one of those who refuses to sign the agreement to end it.   They make wealth off of death and they are not about to give  it up. 

Cluster Bombs 'r Us

Brass Check TV
Provided to Vatic by Graham Jukes,  Great Britian

What do our banks do when they are not ripping us off, receiving taxpayer bailouts to cover their gambling losses and laundering drug money? They subsidize mayhem of course.

By the way, three countries refuse to even discuss a ban of cluster bombs: Russia, Israel and the good old USA.  (VN:  as well as India, and china.)




Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Monday, 2-Aug-2010 08:03:45


The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, by Bill Moyers http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3505348655137118430#

 The Bill Moyers Educational Documentary on the Central Intelligence Agency or CI-Ltd aka CIA stirrs the age old questions of the CIA involvement in JFK's Assassination and issues brought to light by Jim Garrison at that time which were later incorporated into the movie JFK which is pretty much 'on target'..

About Kennedy, John F. - 35th President. 20 January 1961 to 22 November 1963

The State of the Nation changed drastically when a young man i.e., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States signed an executive order to keep the United States out of Viet Nam.. a war the French had fought for years and could not win. JFK said:

"Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans." John F. Kennedy Inagurual Address, January 20, 1961.

Upon JFK's Assassination.. the disposition of the White House changed.. Lyndon Johnson voided the JFK Ex. Ord.. instructed the CIA to go full bore into the Laos-Cambodia-Viet Nam War. Most don't know about the OIL BEARING SAND DOMES involved.

The JFK assassination was investigated by a District Attorney by the name of Jim Garrison. JUST WHO WAS JIM GARRISON?

Earling Carothers "Jim" Garrison (November 20, 1921 – October 21, 1992) — who changed his first name to Jim in the early 1960s — was the District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana from 1962 to 1973. A member of the Democratic Party, he is best known for his investigations into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK).

Garrison remains a controversial figure. Opinions differ as to whether he uncovered a conspiracy behind the John F. Kennedy assassination but was blocked from successful prosecution by a federal government cover up, whether he bungled his chance to uncover a conspiracy, or whether the entire case was an unproductive waste of resources. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Garrison  

Use World Currency to Renounce the Debt!

Vatic Note:    Be careful. If we accept a world currency, we have lost even more control than we have now. I trust them NOT. They could do the currency shift but then still demand payment or confiscation of our countries lands, like parks, and other public owned lands. Well, that is an invasion if they try and of course war if they set foot on this soil to use force to foreclose. So read this article with these thoughts in mind, because I actually believe these bankers have convinced themselves that they own this country and that is simply not the case, If we are indebted to them, which we are not..... we used our own currency, credit etc to finance these things and if they globalize currency these bankers will be even more in control only this time they will do to the entire globe what they have done to us and those days are long over.  Cap and Trade is their wet dream that they will have to wake up from and war is out of the question since no one had done anything to us, except Israel, and we already know we are not going to attack those that actually do harm us in multiple ways.  

July 5, 2010
By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In upcoming years, cities, states & nations will have one overwhelming choice:

1. Renounce all debt created by bankers out of nothing, or due to compound interest. This is probably 50-80% of all government debt.

2. Or accept the unbearable burden and be willing accomplices in our enslavement and destruction.

The central banking cartel wants a one-world currency. We keep seeing reminders. For example, today we read, "The dollar is an unreliable international currency and should be replaced by a more stable system, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs said in a report released Tuesday."

What if that new currency was not based on central banking cartel (i.e. IMF) debt? What if most of the old debt was abolished? 


The human experiment is in danger of failure because our forefathers were too weak, feckless or corrupt to get money creation right.

Money has no inherent value. It is a medium of exchange like sea shells or beads. It is simply a convenient method for billions of people to exchange millions of disparate products and services. They know this lucrative fraud is unsustainable unless they enslave mankind, mentally and spiritually, if not physically.


Les Miserable: The Tragic Death of a Night Porter

Vatic Note: Just a quick note to add support to this editors comments and the article, to say please remember as you are reading this that Christopher Story is also now dead ( with intel assassinations its always heart attacks or suicide, everybody knows that now.).   Its happening more and more and what they all seem to have in common is their exposure of Khazar Zionists and the NWO they have planned for us.  

Editor's Note: (editor of Radical Press)  It's difficult to talk about the murder of Dariusz Ratajczak and those responsible for his needless death. These self-chosen Emperors who arbitrarily decide whether a person can speak their mind have become a scourge to the world of the living. Ratajczak's case is not only relevant to free speech in Poland but stands as yet another gross and blatant and unnecessary example of what our world has become due to the behaviour of this small group of psychopaths who will stop at nothing to force their sick agenda upon the world at large.

Until Ratajczak's private publication of a booklet that questioned the greatest lie ever foisted upon the world he was a respected historian and a family man. After he spoke his truth these rabid Talmudic hounds of hell ravaged both his family and career and then tormented and tortured him to death. And for what? For expressing his opinions and thoughts on an issue that is now becoming known to the world at large regardless of their efforts to cover it up.

The lies of the Jews, as Martin Luther eventually realized, are relentless and persistent when it comes to their satanic need to circumvent common sense and decency in order to destroy anything and anybody who stands in the way of their program for absolute control of the planet. Our collective world now faces a peril of unprecedented and palpable urgency in the form of these mega-monsters of manipulation and maliciousness who will stop at nothing to prevent the general public from realizing just how insidious and odious their evil design truly is.

Democrat: Let's have mandatory national service - (for everyone except them of course)

Vatic Note:   This is proof they intend to make the USA the military arm of the globe and nothing else, not farming, fishing, or advanced technology or anything, except war and more war, perpetual war (Orwellean as all get out).   We get to die and be maimed for the New World Order.  

Putting this up to show you just how clever they are at manipulating us enmass.   This is a "scare"  tactic with a bit of "guilt" manipulation thrown in, and this site is notorious for zionists positions and propoganda to aid in their promoting Israel's agenda through the alternative  press.  WND on the right, and Alternet News on the Left,  very clever indeed.  Notice not a word by the author of the Bill about the wealthy's kids or the congress's kids to serve or themselves to do so.   Yet they tried to say we needed to serve since we have the benefits that come with defending this nation.  He neglect to mention they have been rapidly and largely gutted so we enjoy no such thing anymore.   Amazing gall.  Really, but brilliant.  Here is the message to you with this bill....... "YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THE WAR AND EVERYTHING ELSE, OR WE WILL DRAG YOU IN, ALL OF YOU TO DIE AND BE EXPERIMENTED ON JUST LIKE YOUR KIDS".  That is the message.  Well, I have a message for you Mr. Rangle.... it includes a select prominant  finger.  Fortunately the bill  has no co sponsor yet, probably until after the election.  Don't be fooled, do not vote for anyone from either  party. 

Democrat: Let's have mandatory national service

Measure orders U.S. citizens to perform duties under Obama for 2 years
Posted: July 27, 2010
8:51 pm Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

A bill introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., would reinstate a compulsory military draft during wartime and require U.S. citizens not selected for military duty to perform a "national-service obligation" – as defined by President Obama – for a minimum of two years.

Rangel introduced the Universal National Service Act,  or H.R. 5741, on July 15. The measure was referred to the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel on July 23.

Rangel introduced similar bills in 2003, 2006 and 2007. His current bill does not have a co-sponsor.

Hackers shut down EU carbon-trading website

Vatic Note:   Lets see,  this is the old CAT  (Cap and Trade bill) that the original fraudulant Global Warming scam was hauled out to promote, if I am not mistaken, correct?  CAT is an unusual acronym for the elite to be using, since that is who is orchestrating this wage (wealth) confiscation program.  Now that we have confirmed the deeply embedded Luciferian occult domination in all that the elite players do within this agenda of global Fascism, it has become imperative to search out and identify the symbolisms with all that they do with respect to the elements of their agenda.   So, I checked out the meaning of CAT in the luciferian religion and by golly I found it, not surprising at all, but rather reaffirming that this is something we should do with respect to all their symbolic acts.    It may seem I am side stepping here, but I am not.  CAT in luciferian is "Lucifer" and the "scream of a cat", to the luciferians,  is the scream of Lucifer .  What is anticipated globally once the Cap and Trade tax is passed???? SCREAMS OF BLOODY MURDER, and all that energy goes to Lucifer.  Its interesting that hackers were able to prevent any of this from happening in Copenhagen last year, until the Gulf fiasco occurred.   I guess those screams and ABJECT fear from the Gulf were the replacement and it worked.  Its in the protocols,  that fear and limbic brain reactions we have are what feeds the monster.  OK, to "know" something is horrible, but its another to deal with it in fear and allow it to be fed daily. So  this below is the hackers latest attack against the CAT. 

Hackers shut down EU carbon-trading website
Hackers hijacked Europe's carbon-trading website and replaced it with spoof page detailing flaws in cap and trade scheme
Leigh Phillips
guardian.co.uk, Monday 26 July 2010 16.27 BST

Hackers hijacked the EU carbon trading website and replaced it with a spoof page revealing the flaws in cap and trade. Photograph: Guardian

Anti-carbon trading activists shut down the website of the European Climate Exchange (ECX), over the weekend, replacing the site with a spoof page lampooning the industry.

UPDATE: ALERT: FEMA Requests Removal of National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10) Document (Nuke war games)

Update:  Alert:  “National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10) Exercise Overview, Provided to Vatic Project by Michael Strachner,  Kentucky, Thanks Michael.  August 1, 2010

The original article is a link below published back in early April 2010.   AT that time, it seemed to resolve itself and now its back again and this time, it appears whatever the issue is, its going to affect us, therefore its now classified.  well, here is the up date for your information,  make good use of it in alerting others as well as planning now.  

Go here to read the original as the same request was put out in April.   Here is the most recent and extensive update from the same blog that was requested to move it the first time around.   Check out what he says about the back tracking they did and where the mirror site is located,  PANAMA (must be drug running central).   The blog site involved who is disclosing all this was located in the Netherlands and thus has no connection to any mirror site in Panama.  ODD.  Somebody want to explain to us what a mirror site is and how it works  and why anyone would use it????  Its gettng Hitler weird out there boys and girls. 

Home » Threats and Takedown Notices

FEMA Requests Removal of “Classified” Document from Public Intelligence  (Again????) 
by Public Intelligence
30 July 2010
In a rather bizaare turn of events, representatives of FEMA have again contacted us requesting the removal of a document from our site. Previously, we were contacted by FEMA regarding the “National Level Exercise 2010 (NLE 10) Exercise Overview” which we had posted more than seven months prior. This time they are requesting that we remove one of the first documents that we ever posted in May 2009. The document is a brief presentation discussing Electronic Designation and Validation of Federal/Emergency Response Officials (F/EROs) in support of National Preparedness in the National Capital Region. In fact, it has only 25 slides in its entirety.               

According to Karmell Wilson, a FEMA contractor employed by Unified Industries Incorporated, this document contains information that has now “become classified”. We do not know what this means because, as we explain in our email to Mr. Wilson, classification is ostensibly based on inherent qualities of information which prohibit their disclosure. The idea of classifying material that is already public is counter-intuitive and rather nonsensical. In fact, President Obama’s December 29, 2009 Executive Order on Classified National Security Information seems to indicate that classification following public disclosure is only recommendable in unusual circumstances when the information can be recovered with little notice. Also, we are unclear about why something that has been publicly available for more than a year would need to be classified. In fact, the same document is available elsewhere and even in Google Docs. We have discovered that we are also unknowingly hosting multiple versions of the file, one of which has more information in it. Moreover, the URL listed in FEMA’s email is of an independent mirror site (publicintelligence.info) which is located in Panama. This site (publicintelligence.net) is located in the Netherlands.


35 Reasons for Many Small Fission Nukes at the WTC

35 Reasons to assume Many Small Fission Nukes used at the WTC


Check these out and decide for yourself and if any fall of their own weight, then scratch them from the list and see how many you have left and that will help you to determine the likelihood this was in fact done.

1) heat generation at ground zero for six months (china syndrome)
2) inability to quench ground zero heat with water
3) red hot/molten steel at ground zero
4) missing core columns from ground zero (vaporized during destruction)
5) spreading of sand at ground zero consistent with attempts to limit radiation
6) washing of steel recovered from pile consistent with radiation decontamination
7) extreme security for ground zero steel shipments consistent with limiting access to radioactive steel
8) extreme security at ground zero, limiting exposure, view of devastation
9) extreme pulverization of WTC concrete into very fine particles
10) disappearance of over one thousand human bodies from WTC debris
11) disappearance of furniture, phones, filing cabinets and computers from WTC debris
12) disappearance of elevator doors, office doors, office cubicle walls, toilets and sinks from WTC debris
13) several floor fragments fused together in “meteorite” object
14) bone fragments sprayed into Bankers Trust upper floor during destruction
15) multiple blast waves during destruction of tower
16) large fireballs during initiation of WTC1 destruction
17) small backpack-sized fission nukes exist
18) fission-nuke technology well-established
19) low efficiency of fission nukes ensures leftover radioactive fragments and China syndrome
20) EMP formation during tower destruction (exploding cars, partial burning)
21) Description of heat in WTC blast cloud
22) Extensive cover-up of ground zero air by EPA
23) High rate of cancers, including thyroid cancer typically associated with radiation exposure, in ground zero responders
24) Melted, hanging skin in WTC survivor Felipe David in absence of fire
25) Vaporized press and crumpled steel door in WTC basement reported by Pecoraro
26) Steel beam bent in U, without cracking, evidence of extreme high temps
27) Steel beam bent in U has layer of molten metal on surface
28) Extreme overall devastation of two massive towers and blasted out Ground Zero aftermath
29) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical DEW theory by likely govt agents-- uses evidence of nukes (EMP, extreme pulverization of tower into dust) but denies nukes at all costs
30) Appearance of fantastical, nonsensical thermite (super nano-thermite) theory by likely govt agents-- uses evidence of nukes (molten steel, china syndrome) but denies nukes at all costs
31) Small iron microspheres found by Jones et al in WTC dust— evidence of steel vaporization by high temps of nukes
32) Pyroclastic debris cloud during WTC destruction
33) Upwards jutting debris trails reminiscent of debris trails formed during underground nuke test
34) Small bright flashes during destruction of both towers
35) Extremely compacted ground zero debris

Get "The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath" and "Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage: The Ultimate Truth of Hiroshima, 9/11 & Man’s History" from the Anonymous Physicist at http://www.anonymousphysicist.com.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Gulf Gusher & the NWO Agenda

The Gulf Gusher & the NWO Agenda
June 19, 2010

"It's clear where they're heading: forced evacuation to FEMA camps of millions of Gulf residents. In this way the NWO will be grabbing an opportunity to unleash martial law on a grand scale in the Southeastern USA, so that we'll all get used to it, like we got used to airport security and torture.

by Richard K. Moore

(Posted on Yahoo groups)

As the NWO project has progressed, it has been very difficult to anticipate accurately how things are going to unfold.

9/11, for example, caught us completely off guard, and who could have predicted how rapidly the entire Constitution could be dismantled, along with international law, and have it all accepted by most Americans?  Some things happen faster that we expect. With Iran, on the other hand, it seemed attack was imminent many times in the past few years, and yet it still hasn't occurred. Some things happen slower.

And then they throw things at us like the swine flu non-pandemic, and we still don't know what it was about. It certainly had nothing to do with public health, and pharmaceutical profits just doesn't seem like a strong enough motive for such a vigorous global campaign of disinformation. Perhaps it was all just to keep us off balance and confused, as we tried to find some rational scheme behind the fiasco. Or perhaps it was to test our various social defenses against vaccine warfare.

There is a lot of documentation about the New World Order, from the elites themselves, and other kinds of evidence. There are a few outcomes that are definitely included in the plans, even if we don't know the timing. These include world government (in essence if not in name), centralized control of currencies, drastic depopulation, and a major nuclear war.

We need to recognize that this is no longer something in the future, something that might happen or might not happen. We are now in the midst of the switchover process. The toxic-bubble- collapse- bailout project was a clear sign that the switchover process has now been launched. With that one move, essential sovereignty was transferred from national governments to the financial elite. Greece is the poster child of this transfer, but it applies throughout the West. The Greece 'crisis' was a psy-op event aimed at giving other governments an excuse to tighten down austerity. It was like whipping one slave in front of the rest, so the rest will behave.

Once we recognize that the switchover process has begun, then we have no reason to expect it will proceed piecemeal, or at a slow pace, like an unfolding TV series. Instead we are seeing parallel assaults from different directions. And in any assault, it usually makes sense to get it over as quickly as possible, as we saw with the 9/11 assault on the Constitution.

Solving 9/11 - The Deception That Changed The World

By Christopher BollynMay 17, 2010
Solving 9/11 - The Deception That Changed The World is available as a PDF file of about 265 pages.  Click on the title to read or download the book as a PDF file.


"We Are Not Afraid"

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."
- President John F. Kennedy, February 26, 1962

Eight years have passed since the terror atrocities of September 11, 2001, heinous false-flag terror crimes which took the lives of thousands of innocent people and led to drastic changes in the United States and around the world. 

Although the terror attacks have yet to be properly investigated and prosecuted by the federal government, we now have scientific evidence that proves that the official explanation is nothing but a pack of lies, a massive deception foisted on the public by corrupt government officials and the controlled media.  Most significantly, this deception was promoted by officials and media owners who knew it to be false.  The U.S. Department of Justice, for example, oversaw the destruction of many tons of structural steel - crucial evidence from the crime scenes.

On one hand, the government and media have intentionally pushed a fabrication that a band of Islamic terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, causing the complete destruction and pulverization of two 110-story towers and a 47-story building in lower Manhattan.  Using this deception, the federal government and its agents have created a police state in the United States and forced Americans and other Western nations to participate in an utterly fraudulent "War on Terror," waging illegal wars of aggression and occupation in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa.  Untold thousands have died in these illegal wars of aggression.

On the other hand, we have scientific evidence that the Twin Towers were blown up with an advanced form of super-thermite, chips of which were found in five different samples of the dust from the demolished towers by Dr. Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University.  This crucial discovery, published as a peer-reviewed paper in March 2009 with other scientists, completely disproves the official version that the Twin Towers fell as a result of fires caused by the plane crashes.  This discovery also explains the explosive destruction and pulverization of the immense steel-frame and concrete buildings.  As Professor Jones says, "The data doesn't lie."

Video: Al-Qaeda Does not Exist

Video: Al-Qaeda Does not Exist
Posted on Pakalert on July 29, 2010

Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist is the forthcoming documentary by The Corbett Report. It interrogates the theory that Al Qaeda is a centrally-operated terrorist organization run by Osama Bin Laden that perpetrated the attacks of 9/11. The documentary looks at Al Qaeda’s roots, its ties to western intelligence agencies and the fictions that have been created to enhance its myth in the corporate-controlled media.

Al Qaeda — the Database

Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. Courtesy of World Affairs, a journal based in New Delhi, WMR can bring you an important excerpt from an Apr.-Jun. 2004 article by Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence.
Wayne Madsen Report


Billionaire Pedophile goes free

Vatic Note:  The first thing I ask you to note is this man (Epstein) accused of this was possibly a Zionist and for sure a Hedge fund manager (Wall Street).  A multibillionaire, and thus very likely part of the issue we covered in about 5 or 6 parts on here a while back.  Pedophilia, Satanism, high up  elite officials in both government and business, and satanic abuse.  Notice how high up this issue of prosecution went, all the way to the dept of Justice who then interfered the entire time all the way down the prosecution ladder.  I don't have to explain what happened. 

Once you read this and try to pretend we are talking about an average Joe off the street, you will be able to see he was 'protected' by powers beyond local prosecution.  That only happens when the higher powers do not want to take the risk the criminal will devulge information that could then implicate others as high up or higher than he is.   This happened, and we covered it on here, with GW Bush Jr.  Daddy stopped the investigation for him altogether.  This is YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER in all its glory, just hide your 12 year old boys and girls from them.  Notice he had girls flown in from France, Russia and other countries.  No  wonder our bail out paid $40,000 a night for these children or as they said "prostitution" as if these children had any choice as Cathy Brien made clear, they have no choice. 

Billionaire Pedophile goes free

Provided to Vatic Project by Dirk Chardet, The Kali Yuga Report
Conchita Sarnoff Conchita Sarnoff

Wed Jul 21, 12:05 am ET

NEW YORK – Hedge fund mogul and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who went free this week, lived in a depraved world of thrice-daily massages, pornographic artwork, and hush money—that’s only now being revealed. Conchita Sarnoff follows up on her investigation of the legal wrangling that saved him from a long prison term and reports on the sordid details in part two of her exclusive exposé. Also:

• Palm Beach’s police chief objected to Epstein’s “special treatment” and gave The Daily Beast an exclusive look at his nine-hour deposition about the investigation.

• Earlier versions of the U.S attorney’s charges, including a sealed 53-page indictment, could have landed Epstein in prison for 20 years.

• Victims alleged that Epstein molested underage girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, including three 12-year-old girls brought over from France as a birthday gift.

• The victims also alleged trips out of state and abroad on Epstein’s private jets, which would be evidence of sex trafficking—a much more serious federal crime than the state charges Epstein was convicted of.

AZ Militia Kills Two Zetas

Vatic Note:   Unfortunately this is what happens when the Government refuses to do what it was formed to do, protect and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic and its not doing either of those when both are a huge threat to the country.   However, what did make me surprised was the rise in numbers all over the country and especially along the border,  of Militia, which are citizens following the purposes for which militia (unorganized) were created for and placed prominantly in the Constituion.  When the rule of law is abandoned by your own government which has been the case since 9-11, the only option the people have is to provide for the safety of themselves, families and fellow citizens until such time as we can obtain an full operating functioning judicial system.  I hope that time comes soon, otherwise we may all be soldiers in this emerging happening.   Lets pray that someone high up gets a sense of obligation for their jobs they were hired to do and brings back the rule of law to our nation.  Remember, the pentagon had this planned in 1996 with their 2010 scenario of choas and mayhem at the border which they said would then usher in the Regional New World Order to bring peace and stop the violence in the region.  Its all being done to bring in the FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER, again in a deceptive way rather than up front.  

AZ Militia Kills Two Zetas

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution" .-Abraham Lincoln

by Michael Webster
NWS Columnist

Many reports are coming in that U.S. Military units are being seen on and near the U.S. Mexican border close to ...

... Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and the Tohono D' O'dham Indian Reservation, and all along the southern side of I-8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend.

Arizona Citizen Militia (ACM) spokesman only known as HammerDown said, “We are going to hunt the Zetas and destroy them like the vermin that they are. This won't be just War, this will be Extermination.”

Recently published in the U.S. Border Fire report was a threat by a Mexican national who claimed to be an Los Zetas Mexican Drug cartel officer, who told this reporter the following “I now believe my men were shot by crazed American vigilante cowards, who ambushed my solders at night, shot them from a great distance using high powered American rifles. Than our load of drugs were stolen”.

Is Oil Spill Cover for Massive Foreclosure?

Is Oil Spill Cover for Massive Foreclosure?

July 24, 2010
by Jack Ragnarok

See the Gulf of Mexico oil spill not as an engineered environmental disaster but rather a savvy political move that diverts attention from foreclosure action by foreign financiers. 

The lands have been offered by successive elected governments as collateral for the enormous cumulative debt of today. The Federal Reserve has issued unlimited debt instruments as fiat and electronic currency to government only through consent of its foreign owners. Ten foreign financial institutions are the corporate owners of the world's biggest alchemy machine, the Federal Reserve system.

Government is an agent of Plutocracy to transfer wealth from serfs to aristocrats. And the military serves to protect the economic interests of Plutocracy. Until recently the US has been Plutocracy's chief global policeman to enforce foreclosure and inflict punishments. Busily policing and bullying other nations, US citizens have yet to understand the time has come to foreclose upon the lands of the New World of Amaracu (America).

Its predicted that the USA would begin balkanization in 2010 through secession and civil war.  Professor Panarin's map depicts 4 new zones on the continent. Secession and civil war will come, but the initial phase of the lands restored to  foreign ownership by foreclosure appears to be by an engineered environmental disaster that will undoubtedly trigger ubiquitous social convulsions.

See the Gulf action as part of a larger political process to balkanize the USA, restoring the land to its legal foreign owners to partition as they see fit. Now that the USA is effectively a bankrupt sovereign nation, the region east of the Mississippi from the Gulf to the Great Lakes/Canada is the first designated zone of an agreed-upon foreclosure target.

Worry little about the oil spill. There exist bacteria and other mechanisms that can eliminate the nuisance of the oil. Besides, naphtha and gases leak regularly from earth's crust and generally pose little harm.

Worry about Corexit.  Corexit is the chief toxin of depopulation and mind control through unhealthy blood leakage into the body and brain; it also has a chemical prophylactic to neutralize its toxins. After the body absorbs corexit, blood leakage weakens human immunity and any energy that might otherwise be directed to resistance is suppressed (BP executives are unlikely to get ill from corexit).

The aforementioned comment does not detail the history of the original owners of the lands of the New World, their legal heirs, and the skulduggery and machinations which finagled a temporary Constitution that was replaced with corporate ownership in the fashion of The Virginia Company in the time of Lincoln. Each sitting President since the civil war has acted properly as a CEO of the corporate US.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

"Protocols of Zion" -- Damage Control

"Protocols of Zion" -- Damage Control

July 29, 2010
By Henry Makow Ph,D.

Mankind is slipping into a permanent coma according to a terrifying plan that has been public knowledge for over a century.

When The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" were leaked in the 1890's, Masonic Jewish bankers did effective damage control.

They tricked the gullible goyim into believing it was a "forgery" written by "anti-Semites."

The bankers couldn't exactly admit the truth, could they?  (Their whole system is based on deception and secrecy.)  Thus they turned a disaster into an advantage by using it to incite "anti-Semitism."

In the Protocols they admit anti-Semitism is used to "manage the lesser brethren" by ensuring that all Jews are blamed for the bankers' actions.


Vatic Note: Remember way back when (4/9/10) we did a write up on this very issue, wondering if that was the case, and here it is again. Today, after seeing what was so important for the Gov and CIA to overreact to I am now more suspicious of wikileaks than I was on April 9th. You read and decide. Its difficult and this is one of those times where we each have to decide for ourselves.

Posted on Pakalert on July 29, 2010 //

In January 2007, John Young, who runs cryptome.org, left Wikileaks, claiming the operation was a CIA front.

Asian intelligence sources reportedly state that: “Wikileaks is running a disinformation campaign, crying persecution by U.S. intelligence- when it is U.S. intelligence itself.” (soros & co back wikileaks / kosher mob & oval office)

The Biggest Secret That Wikileaks Doesn’t Reveal – America Needs Pakistan To support The Taliban

“The whole war is a big show, has been since the fall of Tora Bora. This war and the one in Iraq were both won on the battlefield after a few months of fighting. The decision was made to carry-on with this American Kabuki theater, where remnants of the Iraqi Army, as well as the Taliban, became mercenaries for America, Britain and Israel, staging war simulations to mislead Western audiences.” {more at Peter Chamberlin’s site}

‘WikiLeaks story soft, coverage a 9/11-like lie’


Michigan Oil Spill Among Largest In Midwest History: Kalamazoo Spill SOAKS Wildlife (VIDEO)

Vatic Note:  Lets see....... fishermen and oil workers foreclosing because of the gulf blowout and now after the crops are destroyed by the oil rushing into the breadbasket of American and killing the fish in the Great Lakes that are connected,  I suspect BANKERS WILL OWN ALL THE LAND ALONG THE COAST OF THE GULF AND THE GREAT LAKES AREA ALONG WITH A LOT OF FARMS WHO WON'T BE ABLE TO MAKE THEIR PAYMENT once the crop is destroyed (I say, what a haul for only 3 months destructive work indeed, Board of directors of those wall street brokerage houses are probably happy campers) .  Hmmm,  another false flag again?  Yes, since they refused to shut off the oil when notified.    CRIMINAL PROSECUTION NOW is the only option for the government and if they don't do it, they are in on it. 

In the midst of all of this its still prudent to take the time and make observations.  Lets look first at the "TIMING".  It was right after the oil spill in the gulf was announced to be under control.  The very next day this happens.   Then we check on the company involved and it turns out,  even hours after being notified of the situation,  the COMPANY DID NOT SHUT OFF THE FLOW OF THE OIL, knowing full well this was a major environmental disaster. That is close to evidence of INTENT which is the basis for criminal considerations on this blow out.  A million gallons into Lake Michigan is not a "LEAK", its a "BLOW OUT"   Then we ask, "if they are beginning already to act like BP, then is there a connection?  Well, we could not find a list of the "partners" of Enbridge Partners, but we did check the board of directors and your going to love what we found, yes an ex big wig from  BP, shock:

Dan Westbrook was elected a director of EECI and EEQ in October 2007 and is a member of the boards' Audit, Finance & Risk Committees. From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Westbrook served as president of BP China Gas, Power & Upstream and as vice-chairman of the board of directors of Dapeng LNG, a Sino joint venture between BP subsidiary CNOOC Gas & Power Ltd. and other Chinese companies. He held executive positions with BP in Argentina, Houston, Russia, Chicago and The Netherlands before retiring from the company in January 2006. From August 2002 to June 2004, Mr. Westbrook served as director and chairman of the finance committee of the International School of Beijing. He also serves on the board of Knowledge Systems Inc., a privately held U.S. company that provides software and consultant services to the oil and gas industry, and Synenco Energy Inc., a Calgary-based oil sands company.

Michigan Oil Spill Among Largest In Midwest History: Kalamazoo Spill SOAKS Wildlife (VIDEO)
First Posted: 07-27-10 05:21 PM
Updated: 07-27-10 06:03 PM

As the Gulf Coast deals with the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, the Midwest is now facing an oil spill of its own.

A state of emergency has been declared in southwest Michigan's Kalamazoo County as more than 800,000 gallons of oil released into a creek began making its way downstream in the Kalamazoo River, the Kalamazoo Gazette reports.

The trouble began Monday at 9:45 a.m., when an oil pipeline owned by Enbridge Liquids Pipelines sprung a leak in Marshall Township. Enbridge Energy is a subsidiary of Calgary, Canada based Enbridge Inc., the Detroit Free Press reports. According to the company, it is the largest transporter of oil from western Canada.

The cause of the leak is under investigation, and the pipeline has been shut down--but not before it did some serious damage. U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer called the spill the "largest oil spill in the history of the Midwest." Officials are suggesting all water activities in the Kalamazoo River be put on hold until the situation is resolved--and some are fearing contamination of local water supplies:


In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse

Vatic Note: As you know, we have published reams and volumes on the occult, satanism, Khazars and their lack of religion except for Luciferian worship, Molech and fire sacrifices, etc and Finally, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which at the very least have been prophetic, and at the very worst,  a blueprint for what is occurring before our very eyes.  The date of this cabalist Bankers prophesy matchs perfectly with the first printing of the Protocols of Zion.  Remember the zionists and the Khazars were Occultists and not religious, by mid 1800's over half the khazar Jews were sabbateans and various offshoots of that dark evil religion, if you want too call it that.  So, keep that in mind and understand why its so important to read the protocols.  We are trying to do an analysis of them in light of todays events and controls.   What ever we do, we must not trigger martial law,  they must do it without justification so we can act legally.  We must never become them in how we respond.   

In 1903, Cabalist Banker Prophesied Gulf Apocalypse

June 19, 2010
"In 1903, they knew that an oil reservoir emptying into the oceans would become an apocalypse and could destroy the entire earth."

by Gerhard Wisnewski
(Translated by "Idiot Savant,"  from a German website "Kopp Online")http://www.henrymakow.com/cabalist_bankers_1903_novella.html (for Henrymakow.com)

In 1903, Austrian banker, writer and occultist Gustav Meyrink (left, 1868-1932) wrote a novella, "Petroleum, Petroleum", part of a collection of short stories, which featured this Preface:

"To assure priority of this prophecy, I state that the following novella has been written in 1903. Gustav Meyrink".
  The novella tells the story of Dr. Jessegrim who has made a fortune in the mescaline businessHe decides to go into oil.
All of Mexico was standing on caves which were partly at least filled with petroleum, and connected with each other. Jessegrim resolves to blast away the separations between the caves. After the last detonation, the oil was to flow from the underground deposit in Mexico into the ocean and form a glass surface, which continues to grow, taken by the gulf stream, soon covering the entire Atlantic surface. The coasts were barren and the population retreated into the interior of the land.
Instead of being arrested, in Meyrink's story, Jessegrim is hired as a consultant. He says: "If the oil continues to spill as it does, it will have covered the oceans of the world in 27 to 29 weeks and there will be no more rains, ever, as water can not evaporate anymore. At best, it will rain petroleum."

First widely criticized, this prophecy (of Dr. Jessegrim) becomes increasingly plausible as the hidden flow does not stop, and when it increases dramatically, panic grips humanity. 
Cable from USA to EU: "Oil leaks increase constantly. Situation extremely dangerous. Advise immediately whether stink there is also unbearable".
In Meyrink's occult circles, they were fantasizing about oil reserves  gushing into the ocean, from the Gulf of Mexico, covering the oceans. 
They postulated that an oil reservoir released into the oceans would be an apocalypse and possibly destroy the entire earth.  It would start with a huge explosion. The culprit (a Dr. No figure,  "Dr. Jessegrim") is motivated by blind hate of humanity. He destroys humanity via a "wrath of god" - the oil catastrophe.
Unlike dystopian stories like "1984" by George Orwell or "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, who made no such claims, Mayrink called his story a "Prophecy". At the beginning of the story, he states quasi in notary fashion: 
"To assure priority of this prophecy, I state that the following novella has been written in 1903. Gustav Meyrink".
With the discovery of his prophecy concerning the oil catastrophe in the Mexican Gulf, Meyrink could become posthumously famous in 2010. The best-known story of Meyrink is "The Golem" (1915), one of the Cabalistic   treatments of the golem-saga where rabbis breathe life into a clay monster who vanquishes their enemies.
Meyrink ran a banking house between 1889 and 1902 and circulated his entire life in the occult world of Christian and Jewish mysticism, theosophy and alchemy.
He was a member of the very influential Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a British secret society active at the end of the 19th and in the early 20th century. Its members included the Satanist, occultist, Cabalist, magician Aleister Crowley, a Freemason of the Old and Accepted Order of the Scottish Rite. He called himself "The Great Beast 666". It means that Meyrink was frequenting circles which welcomed the Apocalypse, which is exactly what he describes in "Petroleum, Petroleum": An apocalypse. And a planned apocalypse.

Around 1900, the "magician and mystic" Aleister Crowley, in reality a drug-addicted megalomaniac, traveled to Mexico. It has always been known that, due to the lack of real magic, one had always to help things along, which is why the only real background of magic is illusion - the representation of magic.
Until now, every magician was really an illusionist, who interprets a natural event as magical. Or, an illusion as a natural event (see the attacks of 9-11). And while some developed an honest and entertaining art form out of this, others insisted on selling their illusions as real magic or natural phenomena.
Meyrink was frequenting such circles. Not only the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, but also the "Germania" lodge, the first lodge of the Theosophist Society. It was founded by (widely regarded con-woman) Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who also founded the magazine "Lucifer".
Meyrink eventually realized that the so-called "séances" for contacting ghosts from the other side were "almost entirely relying on tricks or self-deception".
One needs to point out that back then, people apparently fantasized about oil reserves spilling into the oceans, and doing so in the Gulf of Mexico.
Additionally, they believed this would become an apocalypse and could destroy the entire earth.
In Meyrink's story, the perpetrator is motivated by blind hatred of humanity: The destruction of the "crowd" was seen by Meyrink/Jessegrim as possible only through a "god-given scourge" - meaning, the oil apocalypse.

Makow Note: I posted this information because it is pertinent that Occultists have been considering this form of attack for over a hundred years. I don't know what, if anything, is going to happen.
But reports like this are alarming:

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Deja Vu: Government Poisoning Americans

Deja Vu: Government Poisoning Americans

July 27, 2010
by Keith Howe, D.C. 
(for henrymakow.com)

America is being attacked with WMD by land (Pesticide Fogging), by Air (Chemtrails) and by sea (Dispersants).

"EPA Whistleblower Says Federal Government Covering Up Lethality Of Corexit And Lying About BP Gulf Oil Spill Water Samples To Save BP Billions"

"Democracy Now has published a shocking interview with a top EPA official, Hugh Kaufman, who tells us that NOAA and the EPA are covering up the lethal effects of the neurotoxin pesticide dispersants and lying about Gulf Oil Spill water samples to save BP billions of dollars in fines."

Burning the oil mixed with dispersants will create many new toxic compounds to be blown by air and precipitated by rain on America! There is no scientific logic in using dispersants, and no logic in burning their toxic combination with oil, unless you want to cause more harm to the environment and population.
VIDEO: The BP "Gulf Syndrome": Benzene and Corexit Poisoning
The Government is Silent on the Human Health Risks

They are now spraying pesticides in Florida to fight Dengue fever.  "Because of these reported cases, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District conducted "greatly increased aerial spraying" to control mosquitoes." Deja vu. Can anyone say West Nile Virus?  (VN:  if the gulf is so toxic, why aren't the mosquitos dead?  Remember we have to ask questions of incongruencies, that is one.)

Oil Spill Exaggerated, Pretext for Corexit?

Oil Spill Exaggerated, Pretext for Corexit?

July 28, 2010 http://www.henrymakow.com/oil_spill_exaggerated_pretext.html
by Ken Price
(for henrymakow.com)

The story from Mathew Simmons (that the oil well was never capped and was still raging at full speed) has been deemed to be a misleading fraud. [Price & Makow.com fell for it. Apologies]  It looks like the purpose of his "disclosure" was to get us to believe that the major cause of death in the gulf region is from methane gas and abiotic oil, WHEN IN FACT, the cause of death is corexit.

It now looks like we do not have an oil leak at all but a tar leak.  I will be following up on this, but as you continue reading you will find good reason to believe that what has actually been leaking is from an asphalt volcano, and this could have been a normal seepage of such material.  Asphalt is consumed by microbes and does not pose a threat to the oceans nor sea life.  In fact, it provides billions of lower food-chain building blocks.

How Gloria Steinem's CIA Role Was Censored

How Gloria Steinem's CIA Role Was Censored

June 17, 2010
(Like Barack Obama, Feminist Gloria Steinem is a CIA asset tasked with subverting the United States in the interests of Illuminati banker world government. This article confirms that the "women's movement" is a psy-op; and we can infer that this is also true of "gay rights."  Essentially, the Illuminati is using  psychological warfare techniques against the domestic population. Like Barack Obama, Steinem came from a dysfunctional Jewish family and saw collaboration and treason as the only path to personal advancement.)


by Nancy Borman

Reprinted from the Village Voice May 21, 1979, pp. 117-122. Abridged by Henry Makow

At Random House on March 15, 1976, "Feminist Revolution" was just another women's book in production. It consisted of a multifaceted analysis of the women's liberation movement edited by members of Redstockings, an early radical feminist group. A self-published edition released the previous fall had stirred up controversy with its indictment of liberals, lesbian pseudo-leftists, and foundation grant feminists. 5000 copies had sold out.

Part of the book-some say the most interesting part-was titled "Agents, Opportunists and Fools." It attempted to link the CIA and the corporate establishment to several individuals and institutions connected with Ms. Magazine... Feminist Revolution had passed an initial libel reading by Random House's legal department on March 2nd, and a contract was signed in the office that March morning. 20,000 copies of the book were scheduled to hit the stores in June.

That afternoon, an unannounced visitor appeared in the citadel of the free press. A presumably angry Gloria Steinem asked to see Random House president Robert Bernstein. She was there to hand-deliver a letter from her attorney threatening to sue for libel unless the chapter on the CIA was removed from the book.

No one knows what Steinem and Bernstein said in their private meeting, and it may have been just coincidence that, within weeks Random House was blitzed with similar threats from other people and groups mentioned in the CIA chapter: Clay Felker, Women's Action AlIiance, Warner Communications, Franklin Thomas, the Overseas Education Fund of the League of Women Voters, and Katherine Graham.


Network News: Seeing Through Illuminati Eyes

Network News: Seeing Through Illuminati Eyes


July 11, 2010
(The CBS Logo is also the symbol of the Illuminati, a dot in a circle.)

by L. C. Vincent(for henrymakow.com)

After WWII, with the emergence of three rival television networks, each with their own news departments, most Americans would have argued that the new age of television would grant them a multiplicity of sources and viewpoints.

Yet from their very inception, all three TV networks have been guided by men who were a product of and beholden to  America's intelligence agencies.   From the beginning, the men who ran ABC, CBS and NBC as well as those sitting on their boards of directors,  had the deepest ties to the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rothschild Banks and the Rockefeller Foundation.  From the very beginning, the US news media has been designed to promote the New World Order, guided by the "light" of the Illuminati. This is why network newscasts are virtually identical.

Three Networks, One Master
According to the late investigative reporter Eustace Mullins, CBS Chairman William S. Paley was both conduit and operative for the CIA. Many directors of CBS had CIA ties.  NBC and ABC Television networks were also riddled with CIA and Rothschild banks-linked directors.

Yet even without these overlapping network directorships, the CIA made a concerted effort to not simply shade and tilt news stories, but to actively recruit journalists to quash stories or to distort and selectively bias the presentation of stories.

Making a "Mock" ery of The News

The code name for this work was "Operation Mockingbird."  A mockingbird is a creature with the natural gift to mimic or mirror whatever song another bird makes.  So, too, the CIA's "embedded" reporters, editors and owners would mirror whatever particular slant the Agency wished the general public to perceive.

According to author Steve Kangas, in his article "Anatomy of the Overclass", the CIA recruited 25 media organizations and over 400 reporters and journalists to do their bidding since the late 1940's. This was revealed to the Church Committee in 1975, and many felt that The Agency's reach went even deeper.  The list of assets and operatives included:

It has begun with stepped up intensity - Internet censorship

Vatic Note: I can "personally" vouch for the information that Walter has provided here. Because of his video, I followed up with research on various states such as California, Illinois and Colorado, and sure enough they all have billions in CAFR disclosed funds that are 'unrestricted' or not obligated for any project such as retirement or pensions. However, they are not included in the "budget process" which includes only tax revenues and no other funds. 

That is what makes it appear to us to be insolvency since the expenses exceed the revenue even though revenue earnings do result from the investments of the CAFR listed principle balances they show.  Of course, the WALL STREET BANKERS RECEIVE FEES FOR INVESTING CAFR's THROUGH THEIR BROKERAGE HOUSES,  so that is probably why they are not included in our revenue stream for purposes of the budget process.  Thus these states are not broke or insolvent, just greedy. We, here on Vatic did a big write up on it and provided his very excellent video. Here is another write up recommended by Walter for us to read " I also suggest a read of a http://cafr1.com/52BD.html .

I have put this link above up now 6 times and they have killed the link each time, so I am trying it again now to see if they will allow it to remain up, but now even if you can't get it up???  That means its worth checking out since they only do this on something THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.  He is right, they are censoring like crazy now, but a little at a time otherwise they won't be able to sense were we are coming from if we go underground and frankly  given what they are doing to kill us off with using oil to kill our farm and food,  I would say its past time to do that.  Usually when I expose it right up front for all to see, they let it stay.  Yup, so far so good. 

Censorship has always been the way of dictators and this is a slow creep, like the mouse eating the elephant one bite at a time, so you don't notice the elephant is dying until its too late and our reactions are comparable to that one bite at a time, which is little. We should take note now that its imperative that we respond appropriately before its to late for us (since in this case we are the elephant, and the neocons are the mouse with teeth).

It has begun with stepped up intensity - Internet censorship
By Walter Burien, CAFR exposer
Mon Jul 26, 2010 20:41

It has begun with stepped up intensity - Internet censorship

This week I saw several articles per internet censorship of Alex Jones and others and took it with a grain of salt.

Yesterday I experienced first hand knowledge of this being done per CAFR1 per general web searches.