A Great Video Showing What Some Of The "Chosen Ones" Really Think Of The Rest Of Humanity!

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It am truly sick and tired when the so called "Chosen Ones", the Jews, constantly cry "racism", "hatred", and even the lie of "antisemitism", when in fact some of them are THE most racist, and hateful people on planet Earth.   I  have seen already countless examples of their hate for their fellow human beings, especially in their total intolerance and criminal actions conducted against the Palestinians, and every one of their neighbouring countries.

What I want to present to everyone to see for themselves is the following Youtube video, entitled: "Jewess Launches Racial Tirade Against Gentiles On The Bus".   In this video, you can see for yourselves how some of these so called "chosen ones" truly act, and how some treat and picture all other people on planet Earth.    I must warn my readers that this video is absolutely disgusting to see.    I do have some comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  I was able to get the transcript of this insane "woman''s tirade from fellow truth seeker, Zion Crime Factory, at www.zioncrimefactory.com, and what she says is truly hateful and alarming:
@ 0:03 she is berating the bus driver and says “you’re like a disease”
@ 0:13 the driver stops the bus and the jewess says to him “What do you want GOY [i.e. non-jew]? What’dya want GOY?” … a passenger says “he’s the driver” … jewess responds, “He’s a GOY!”
@ 0:39 the jewess says to a passenger “your grin is gonna turn to blood. May your grin turn to blood [repeats this several times]“
@ 1:01 – 1:14 the jewess says “I’m calling the Mashiach [Hebrew Messiah] to kill you. Serve the Jews or die. I’m part of the Rebbe’s campaign and I don’t ever want the Messiah coming for you ever. I want you to be completely abandoned and I want you to turn into a slave.”
@ 1:16 onward: jewess snarls and proclaims, “I’m a Jewess, every mikvah I kill you retarded Nazis” (followed by some chant or curse in Hebrew) “every mikvah I do kills you Nazis… Every Nazi I kill is all for the Jewish people.”
@ 1:44 the disturbed jewess says to a female passenger (out of view), “now shut your nasty mouth or suck a cock. How much cock have you sucked you gnarly girl? You suck that cock? Put it in your throat girl you gotta get that cum everywhere, you little ho, you little Nazi girl, you’re naughty, you’re naughty..”

I wanted to present this video to show those who continue to call some bloggers, and myself, racist and hatemongers,  exactly how their own fellow tribe members really act, and how they themselves are the ones spewing out all the hateful rhetoric today.

What is truly surprising in this video is the fact that the bus driver himself failed to act to protect those poor children who were sitting next to this vile creature from her horrific tirade.   It does appear that he did not want to act, otherwise that overweight person would just scream out "antisemitism", and the bus driver could have lost his job!

Again, if this person was anyone other than a Jew, there would have been immediate action to either throw her off the bus or force her to stop her tirade.... This is again an example of how there is one set of rules for these so called "chosen ones", and another for everyone else.

Please spread this video and copy it quickly... I guarantee that the criminal Jews in charge of Youtube will shortly have this video removed from Youtube all together to prevent everyone to see what these people are truly all about.

More to come  http://northerntruthseeker.blogspot.com/2012/01/great-video-showing-what-some-of-chosen.html

(NTS is Northern Truth Seeker from Canada)

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Vatic Note:  Lets remember that the Israelites migrated out of Egypt and took the Egyptian pagan religion with them as well as the one God religion brought out by Moses with enough historical evidence that their one God protected them by the parting of the sea and ending up killing off The Pharoahs men.  Whoever and whatever that God was.  I say that to keep my own bias out of this.   We can only deal in facts and that event was recorded both in Eygpt and by Moses in his records (which he includes much of Enochs writings in the first 5 books of the Old Testament, since it was also the Catholic Church that late in the day, had eliminated Enochs writings.... might be a good idea to revisit those writings).   

Watch the video and, as usual,  YOU decide what may or may not be real.   Keep an open mind and collect these things which have substance behind them and see if a pattern develops and all gaps are explained.  I still have too many gaps to make a decision myself, but I am moving more toward a base of conclusions that is very limited, but the evidence for me is overwhelming.  There is proof of genetic manipulation  at sometime in the past that sets some people apart through physical and spiritual characteristics.   Also I found that other subjects end up crossing over into this one which then supports certain foundational  matters.  So give this a gander and see what you think? 


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Get A Grip: The Zionist Agenda Is-Real


By: Zen Gardner
Date: 2012-01-19

Ever see the insane rages against something someone perceives as so-called “anti semitic” on the internet? Man, this self-policing defensive behavior is so juvenile it makes me cringe. The hateful mainstream knee jerk stuff is bad enough, but when are people going to quit being bullied and get it?

Many of these internet trolls are plants. But the even sadder truth is many of these folks are simply venting their life-long pro-Zionist programming embedded deep within their twisted dendrites.

And that’s why they call them social, educational and television “programs”.

Don’t you think it’s time you stopped being a coward and snapped out of it?

10 Reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free


By: Jonathan Turley
Date: 2012-01-13

Every year, the State Department issues reports on individual rights in other countries, monitoring the passage of restrictive laws and regulations around the world. Iran, for example, has been criticized for denying fair public trials and limiting privacy, while Russia has been taken to task for undermining due process. Other countries have been condemned for the use of secret evidence and torture.

Even as we pass judgment on countries we consider unfree, Americans remain confident that any definition of a free nation must include their own — the land of free. Yet, the laws and practices of the land should shake that confidence. In the decade since Sept. 11, 2001, this country has comprehensively reduced civil liberties in the name of an expanded security state. The most recent example of this was the National Defense Authorization Act, signed Dec. 31, which allows for the indefinite detention of citizens. At what point does the reduction of individual rights in our country change how we define ourselves?

While each new national security power Washington has embraced was controversial when enacted, they are often discussed in isolation. But they don’t operate in isolation. They form a mosaic of powers under which our country could be considered, at least in part, authoritarian. Americans often proclaim our nation as a symbol of freedom to the world while dismissing nations such as Cuba and China as categorically unfree. Yet, objectively, we may be only half right. Those countries do lack basic individual rights such as due process, placing them outside any reasonable definition of “free,” but the United States now has much more in common with such regimes than anyone may like to admit.

These countries also have constitutions that purport to guarantee freedoms and rights. But their governments have broad discretion in denying those rights and few real avenues for challenges by citizens — precisely the problem with the new laws in this country.

The list of powers acquired by the U.S. government since 9/11 puts us in rather troubling company.


Secrets are More Often Conspiracies and Shame and Seldom are National Security

Vatic note: OK, here we go again. Can't get these up especially the videos, and once you read this and watch the videos, you will understand why that is. This is one of the best articles by Gordon on encapsulating the big picture, that I have seen done so far. Its a must read. You can see why the PTB do not want this up at all. I have fixed them but if they do not work, please click on link to Veterans today below each video to play. The rest of this article truly speaks for itself. He is right, from here on out, it truly is up to us. Some of this he points out shows how disrespectful these cowards are to our intelligence. They believe we are too stupid to see all this or figure it all our ourselves. My question is, "Will they even allow an election to go forward".   The only way any of this was going to work, was if the deceptions held and there are many of them.  That is the beauty of what he has written below.

Secrets are More Often Conspiracies and Shame and Seldom are National Security
by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

Let’s start this out with an attention grabber.  Out there, somewhere is a photograph of Osama bin Laden and George H. W. Bush, shaking hands in the White House.  It exists.  There is this and more, so much more, that would make America’s heads spin.

The actual trained journalists around me beat this into my head. OK, here it is.

Those who follow rumors, which means every single one of us, know that former President George H. W. Bush worked with the bin Ladens, a wealthy and respected Saudi family that invests in a group of military companies called The Carlyle Group, headed by many former world leaders.

When Osama bin Laden, the short haired young Saudi millionaire CIA agent visited Bush in the White House, he came there, not just as an important part of our intelligence infrastructure at the end of the Cold War, but as a good friend of George H. W. Bush, a man who was  practically an uncle to him.

"Hey Osama, I mean Tim"..."Get Over Here and Get in the Picture!"

Wait a minute, wouldn’t that make George “W” Bush Osama bin Laden’s brother?  Well, not a real brother, not like Jeb anyway. Bin Laden was taller and better looking and, as the CIA transcript below indicates, certainly better educated and more honest.  Be sure to read the only certified statement ever made by Osama bin Laden about 9/11 and compare it to what you are told he had said.

Then remember the last 10 years how many times you have been told bin Laden claimed credit for 9/11.  Each of those video and audio recordings were presented to news agencies by proven agents of the Israeli government and have, after examination, all been shown to be counterfeit.
The news has refused to report either of these facts.

The Mainstream Media Lie about Martin Luther King

Bruecke Note: I'm posting this to illustrate that media manipulation includes both re-writing of history and smearing of historical figures. Sometimes the smearing is truthful, but the question of timing and applicability need to raised.  What we may well be seeing is a second assassination on Dr. King for some purpose that is only in the minds of the manipulators, rather than letting him rest in peace.   However, be cautious, Global research is a "foundation" funded site.  That means truth is used to lead us to the elite's agenda through their conclusions.  So use critical thinking skills to discern.  This is a subtle skill and must be honed like fine steel in these perilous times.


By: A D Hemming
Date: 2012-01-16

With a recent Associated Press hatchet job story and character assassination of Martin Luther King Jr coming out in the US mainstream, echo chamber media with it's pigeonholing Dr King into a corner as only a "black leader" and freezing his life in that August 1963 speech in the US capital speech on civil rights when the struggle was primarily in the US South, we have a full fledged ghettoization of Dr King which we need to remedy by bringing out the real Dr King. The attack on Dr King has been one of talking about he "chain smoked," used alcohol, and used rough language. Can charges of him "chewing gum in class be far behind?" "Chasing women," J Edgar Hoover's favorite almost surely will be brought out of the shadows. But he was human, "Surprise!" Now "assassinate" the below US mainstream media. 

Today on this planet as Martin Luther King Jr said in his Christmas sermon he delivered in his Atlanta church "Our world is sick with war; everywhere we turn we see its ominous possibilities," because as Dr King said "if we don't have good will toward men in this world, we will destroy ourselves by the misuse of our own instruments and our own power." "The Christmas hope of peace on earth and good will toward men" Dr King pointed out "can no longer be dismissed as a dream of some utopian."

US mainstream media: Beating war drums?

Bruecke Note: And so we begin a tiny series on the media and how they manipulate us.


By: RT
Date: 2012-01-16

America's mainstream media is being accused of playing with fire and hyping-up global tension, while trying to steer public opinion to please their sponsors.

­In a sensitive time with the military standoff in the Strait of Hormuz and looming sanctions over Iran's nuclear program, the MSM is cynically playing-up the prospect of war, between Iran and the West.

RT’s Gayane Chichakyan reports from Washington that viewers in the States are repeatedly hearing how war is virtually inescapable.

With tension between Iran and the West as high as ever, a host of hardline speakers on US mainstream media seem to be pushing the audience to believe that war is inevitable.

There is constant warmongering all over the mass media in the US, although experts say war with Iran is far from being inevitable.


China's Savage War With Space Aliens

Vatic Note:  Very interesting piece with something seriously to it, however, having said that, just a word of caution.   Remember one of the ways the Rothschilds/Rockefellers have of globalizing as indicated in the Iron Mountain Report of 1966, and confirmed by Bill Cooper an ex navy intelligence officer, was the convenient acheological findings of aliens and then the threat of invasion by same upon the globe, which then would  lead to the world coming together to fight them.   Already the UN has selected an Ambassador  to these so called aliens who will invade, and has an agency in place to negotiate with them for world peace and they are suppose to tell us to globalize.  That,  plus ecodisasters,  were also going to be used, maybe even at the same time or as a result of..... the invasion.  We have a blog coming up, scheduled about the US Advancement in antigravity propelsion for their fleet of saucer space craft and their already existing triangular antigravity ships under navy command in space.  The Air force already has holographic technology in place as well.  Altogether these could comprise a very effective false flag for which our enemies are famous for to say the least. 

If you keep that in mind, then this will be an enjoyable and highly educational read....verify as much as you can.  REMEMBER 3,000 OF CHINA'S LEADERS WERE EDUCATED AT THE SCHOOL OF SECRET SOCIETIES IN BRITAIN,  OXFORD.  They now hold leadership positions in China as do the Russians trained at Oxford as well.  They are distributed throughout the leadership of every field including space, military, science, archeology, intel, industries, and banking.   Just important pieces of info to keep in mind. They were trained as much in archeology as they were in global warming and politics.  Trust nothing, since both countries are in cahoots with the International bankers just like here and in Britain and we don't trust our own, so its prudent not to trust theirs either.   They are aiding the bankers in their plans for financing and executing  a third world war with the winner and losers already determined and everyone working toward achieving those results.  They did the same to WW II Germany to break her economic growth outside the controlled economic master plan of the bankers.  

Even with all the changes going on, its amazing how somethings just never change.  The masters of deception are good,  and thus we must be even more vigilant. We must  study history since now we know why they don't teach it anymore in school. They have no creativity and thus must use proven and successful methods to achieve their goals.  That is where they are vulnerable and "knowledge of history" is our weapon of mass destruction against them.  They fear us discovering their plans and patterns used in the past. 


By: Like my Facebook page
Date: 2012-01-17

Some ancient writings of China that precede their calendar by as much as 300 years, suggest that regions to the north were invaded by extraterrestrial forces. These alien armies built pyramids, enslaved the people, and battled defiant Asian warlords. Yet another race, indigenous to the same area at that time, stepped into the battle. Gigantic men, 12-feet tall with flaming red hair and leather suits of armor, helped repel the alien intruders. It was a time when the ferocious giants roamed the earth. They saved Chinaand perhaps the worlddriving the alien hordes back into the limitless depths of the void...

Zecharia Sitchin spoke of the Annunaki and other researchers speak of the terrible air and nuclear war waged 25,000 to 30,000 years ago between two advanced city-states located in what's now northern India and the great Mongolian Gobi Desert.  (VN:  Already I am suspicious since this author did not include the Nifilm giants who were also aliens and enemies of our people, ask King David of the Israelites.)

But few in the West are familiar with another war that raged on between the early people of China, ruthless extraterrestrials, and the fabled red-haired giants from the frozen North Lands: the incredible Chinese-Alien Wars.
Ancient scraps hint at alien war and giants

A horrific war
Scraps of information and myths among some peoples of Northen China and Southern Siberia relate the story of a horrific invasion from the sky when evil gods descended and made slaves of both man and beast.

Mayas in the USA controversy: You be the juror

Vatic Note:  Hmmm, a stone mason, huh?  Wonder if that has anything to do with the "controversy"? 


By: Richard Thornton
Date: 2011-12-24

A recent article "Ruins in Georgia mountains possibly linked to ancient Mayans" has become a very popular topic on Examiner.com. The article presents evidence to support a position long held by the Creek, Cherokee and Chitimacha Indians; namely that sea-going merchants, illiterate farmers and escaped slaves fled Mesoamerica during a period of chronic wars, drought and volcanic eruptions, then settled in what is now the Southeast and Mississippi Basin.  

Although already generating approximately 81,000 “Likes” on Facebook, the article has also generated considerable controversy. A group of archaeology professors in the Southeast have vigorously objected to the article and created a separate web site to organize opposition to it.  Numerous archaeologists from around North America, however, have also placed positive comments on the article. 

Examiner.com is offering you the reader, the opportunity to take the role of a juror on this controversy. You will be allowed to review the scientific evidence presented by both sides, then state your opinion as a comment at the end of the article.  

There were numerous negative comments from archaeologists that challenged the author’s educational qualifications. Richard Thornton is a card-carrying Creek Indian architect and city planner, with seven years of university education.  He has worked as an architectural-town planning consultant to archaeologists on Native American sites, and as a historic preservation architect for Early American structures, throughout his entire adult life. 

He was awarded a fellowship to study Mesoamerican architecture & town planning in Mexico under the tutelage of one of the greatest archaeologists who ever lived, Roman Piña-Chan, Director of the Museo Nacional de Antropologia. He has written seven books on Native American and Mesoamerican culture, and taught Pre-Columbian architecture at Georgia Tech.

He created the seven models of ancestral Creek towns in the Capitol of the Muscogee-Creek Nation in Okmulgee, OK.  Richard was the architect for Oklahoma’s Trail of Tears Memorial in Council Oak Park, Tulsa.   He is also an expert stone mason and very knowledgeable about prehistoric & colonial stone masonry techniques. 

Description of the Research Project

In 2007 an alliance of Native American professors and professionals around the United States, known as the People of One Fire, began an exhaustive analysis of available archaeological reports, early maps, plus Spanish, French and English colonial archives in order to develop a more accurate description of the Southeast’s Native American history, 

The impetus for this gargantuan project was a series of popular books published by archaeology professors at certain Southeastern universities during the previous 20 years that mistranslated Native American words and misrepresented the known indigenous history of the Southeast. An early objective of the project was to develop a list of Native American words recorded by early explorers in order to provide the public with their correct translations.

Entrance of Base 211 on google earth

Vatic Note:   This fits with only one segment (link) of our recent blog on Antarctica, that was an update from a very educational previous blog.   As you can tell, this is an on going rabbit hole of some depth and interest.  It was a very extensive and comprehensive blog with this opening into the continent included as a link wondering what it was.  We said it was big enough to accommodate a huge military plane or space ship and we also showed a link to the "Mars training" facility in the continent.  What is that for?  Lots of questions with some answers being given a piece at a time.  Now the only question is.... "Is this disinfo and misdirection?"  or  "is this for real and aliens do exist that are part of the bad guys?"


Antartica Find Could Change The World


Disturbing news has been leaking out from the giant continent at the bottom of the world.

Russian researchers posted near the giant South Pole sub-glacial Lake Vostok have reported eerie anomalies and incidents over the past few years that sometimes seem to border on the frayed edge of creeping madness.   (VN:  Now we see why there was all those dual stations between Russia and China that we saw on the Antarctic blog we did a few days ago and the power facilities but no normal research equipment,  its because it was under the lake surface down many feet)

Artificial structure found under two miles of ice

During April 2001 one of the world’s great secrets was revealed: an ancient structure or apparatus that lay encased miles under the hard Antarctic ice was detected by a roving spy satellite. The US military immediately moved to quash the reports and the mainstream news media dutifully complied.

Despite the news blackout, reports still surfaced that a secretive excavation project had commenced on the heels of the discovery. Some European countries formally protested the excavation by the US military. (VN:  Is that why the US disabled the French and Italian stations?)

“If it’s something the US military has constructed down there, then they’re violating the international Antarctic Treaty,” said an aide to Nicole Fontaine, at the time he was the European Parliament’s French president.

“If not, then it’s something that’s at least 12,000 years old, which is how long ice has covered Antarctica. That would make it the oldest man-made structure on the planet. The Pentagon should heed the calls of Congress and release whatever it’s hiding.”


The Entrance of the base 211 on the google earth. Cordinates are:
-66.553217, 99.838294

Thanks to '' The Truth Behind the Scenes " KENS NOTE: I reported on this a few years ago and I hope someone is finally going to explore this site. It is definitely man made or possibly alien made. You would be shocked as to what you could find on google earth.

The Entrance of the base 211 on the google earth. (VN:  My goodness, there is the entrance we put up on that same blog a few days ago and we wondered what it was and it belongs to either the military or aliens.  No wonder they are speeding up the Nazification of the planet)

Cordinates are:

-66.553217, 99.838294
-66.603494, 99.7202

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Fotoshop by Adobé

Bruecke Note: As we continue this mini-series on media manipulation, let us not forget how it even influences our very own self-image and unrealistic goals that we ourselves might subconsciously strive for. This is a cool video that does it in the form of a faux product advertisement for Photoshop. If the embed doesn't work, follow the link. It is only a couple of minutes long.

It is not a real commercial. 

Vatic Note:  So you can imagine the power of photoshop in manipulating our psyches.  As we have posted many times, the Tavistock group has done studies through MIT, NIH, and other institutions, on how to manipulate masses of humanity and what we are seeing is the results of that investment by the british in their march toward controlling the US and the globe and reclaiming their global empire, both commercially and politically,  in which the sun never sets.  A true picture of how much they have lost over the years by their barbaric behavior rejected by the entire planet.   They will not succeed.  I am curious how their goals will clash with the Khazars goals and who will prevail in the end.  Should be interesting. 


By: Jesse Rosten
Date: 2012-01-07

Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa

Vatic note: You know, I had always had a problem with David Ickes Chief in Africa talking about something I could never relate to in anyway based on my perceptions of reality, but after reading this I am much more prone to revisit all those interviews he had with that Tribal Shaman . Oh, they are really messing with this one. Thank Goodness for Bruecke or nothing would ever get posted these days. It takes me forever to get just one of these up. Hang in there. They are panicked or they would not do this at all. If they were fully in control, they would not care, so they are not fully in control... That is nice of them to let us know that. Thanks guys.

*** Ok, they will not let me put up Ron Pauls Video at the very end of this, so go to the link for the article, scroll down to the very end and watch his video because he does the final coup de gras on these issues below with respect to the Gold which is central to all of this both back then and today and that was the point of putting him in there. Where is the missing gold from 9-11,  from Ft. Knox and from Iraq?  I will continue to try and keep it up, but if not, then just watch it from the original article. OH, wow, I was so busy fighting to keep the videos up, that I didn't get a chance to watch them til now. NOW, I understand why they do not want us to see this. It blows me out of the water. Especially the first one.

Now the Mars training mission in the Antarctic makes perfect sense.... so does Admir Byrds visit to the Antarctic to talk with the aliens and so does those major caves carved out of the ice big enough for major military planes or space ships entrance and exit. I tried hard to ignore these facts, but now its here and we must deal with it. Ok, they now have moved the two thefts of Gold videos down beneath Ron Pauls video.

These thefts were done both in Iraq, with 19.5 billion in gold taken from the Bank of Iraq along with the massvie amount of gold taken from the twin towers before they were blown. Both videos are a must watch, but given the first video, all that then makes a lot more sense. Its more than just greed. It had to be to take the risks these people have taken. Now you must see these...... If they mess with them anymore, then go directly to the link. Its important. They have already gutted one of the 5 videos and all of them are important.. DOWNLOAD THEM IF YOU CAN AND IF THEY ARE WORKING AND distribute quickly.


By: Dan Eden for viewzone.com and Alexander Light for HumansAreFree.com
Date: 2012-01-17

The following discovery is of immense importance in our quest to find the TRUE human history. The article's author, Dan Eden, made a very fine job presenting the truth so I will mostly keep it as is. Of course, I will bring additions and connect the dots.

This story will take you in a long journey, spanning for 450,000 years, interlocking events and puzzling together our financial history. Relax and enjoy!

Ancient Human Metropolis Found in Africa
By Dan Eden for viewzone.com and Alexander Light for HumansAreFree.com

They have always been there. People noticed them before. But no one could remember who made them -- or why? Until just recently, no one even knew how many there were. Now they are everywhere -- thousands -- no, hundreds of thousands of them! And the story they tell is the most important story of humanity. But it's one we might not be prepared to hear.

Something amazing has been discovered in an area of South Africa, about 150 miles inland, west of the port of Maputo. It is the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, in conservative estimates, about 1500 square miles. It's part of an even larger community that is about 10,000 square miles and appears to have been constructed -- are you ready -- from 160,000 to 200,000 BCE!

The title image is a close-up view of just few hundred meters of ladscape took with Google-Earth. The region is somewhat remote and the "circles" have often been encountered by local farmers who assumed they were made by some indigenous people in the past. But, oddly, no one ever bothered to inquire about who could have made them or how old they were.

The military to designate Americans as the enemy . . . again (as Directed by the ADL and SPLC)

*** OK, once again we are having a very serious hard time getting this one up.  I am copying it and forwarding it to others so it can be preserved and reput up in the event they remove or change it.  Thanks for putting up with all of this.  Soon, it will be over one way or the other. 

Vatic Note:  (PASS THIS ONTO ALL STATE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS THAT YOU KNOW AT THE GRASSROOTS LEVELS, MAKE IT GO VIRAL, especially, Texas, Colorado and Missouri, Massachusetts).   It should prove interesting when they try to declare over 280 million Americans "Enemies of the state", because legally, that makes "them" the enemies of a majority of the American people.  That is treason and sedition and foreign occupying enemies involved.    THEY HAVE A PROBLEM HOUSTON.  Indeed they do.   As usual, if the SPLC and ADL can't get you one way, through the FUSIA centers like they tried in Missouri,  then they join the HLS advisory board, take that over, and now do it through the military.  One way or the other mossad will control American tyranny and protect the Nazi's in doing their bidding.  Yes, ADL, Mossad, and SPLC we learned by going down rabbit holes are the real nazi's and are Satanic Khazars, not real Jews.  That is why the wife of the head of the SPLC made some serious accusations against him that were not standard for a divorce.  That is all part of the satanic requirements for becoming an active member of the nazi regime. 

The last video is a  real EYE OPENER WHICH CONFIRMS WHAT VATIC PROJECT HAS BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG.  ITs the ADL that is running our local law enforcement through federal systems under Home Land Security and they have extraordinary resources from "what foreign nation" to fund such efforts?  The only hate and predudice  is with the ADL against anyone who criticizes OR EXPOSES "Truth" about them or those they represent, Mossad,  as a foreign nation that has infiltrated our governing depts.  They call "truth telling"  now terrorism domestically.   That is censorship of the worst kind and against our Governing document.  They used to use the "Anti-semitism" label to control us, now its "hate" laws to stop criticism and free speech.   While leadership of law enforcement may include treason,  that will not be the case at the grassroots law enforcement level. 

WE ARE NOT PALESTINE.   They can't get away with all of the horrors they have done to Palestinians, under deception, lies, and misleading statements.   ASK RACHAEL CORRIE.  She is a victim of the real haters that pervades their  nation.   A nation can only attack an ally, as they did to the USS Liberty, only if they HATE THAT ALLY in such a fashion they are willing to kill their citizens.    Notice our Law Enforcment agents went to Israel to train them to do like the Israeli's do to the Pals, on how to deal with those of us who criticize Israel or their Khazar leaders.   I told you that once they take control it will be just like Palestine.  ITS ALL LAID OUT IN THE LAST VIDEO.   ITS A MUST WATCH.   The more vicious they train our LEO's the madder we will get as usual.  

Remember, there were over 150,000 khazars in the nazi army who were responsible for guarding the concentration camps, just like they do now in Palestine.  They were also the ones that funded nazi germany's march toward world domination according to the records.   They were caught by a Jewish rabbi in  1948 having caused the holocaust and he wrote them a letter so stating and asking why they did what they did.   That woke me up big time.  I began then going down that rabbit hole and that is how I discovered these zionists were not Jewish, rather khazars.  No way the Jewish people could do this to their own people. 

The military to designate Americans as the enemy . . . again

Parts 1, 2 and 3

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


But, who is defining ‘domestic terrorists’ for law enforcement in the United States?


We are the Enemies of the State?

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Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

Vatic Note:  I really love this guy.   He is great and this below is an excellent analysis of the big picture with respect to the press.   What has happened is the powers that be know what he knows and have begun either buying up alternative internet sites or foundations are funding them and both are bad, so now we have to use discernment when listening and reading from even the alternative internet sites on both right and left.  I still say that our salvation is in getting out into the field, not behind the computer, since we have gone as far as we can go with this vehicle.  Once they shut it down, its time to refocus and redirect our energy to a more effective way to affect change.  


By:James Corbett
Date: 2012-01-02

As the US and Iranian governments escalate tensions in the already volatile Straits of Hormuz, and China and Russia begin openly questioning Washington's interference in their internal politics, the world remains on a knife-edge of military tension. Far from being a dispassionate observer of these developments, however, the media has in fact been central to increasing those tensions and preparing the public to expect a military confrontation. But as the online media rises to displace the traditional forms by which the public forms its understanding of the world, many are now beginning to see first hand how the media lies the public into war.
Learn more about the media manipulations behind the beginning of war in this week's GRTV backgrounder.

SOURCES AND TRANSCRIPT: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=3588

Obama sued over indefinite detention and torture of Americans act

Vatic Note:  We have a blog coming up at 4 am this morning after this one and it shows how this below is connected to the powers that be's new Headline statement "The Military to designate Americans as the Enemy, once again".  That was first done a couple of years ago by the SPLC and the ADL operating as their respective organizations and was done outside any governmental cover.  What they originally did was go directly to the Fusia centers (an occult name by the way) in Missouri and other states and try to convince them that Americans who criticize the government (run by the dual Israeli citizens) were "enemy combatants", which fell like a lead balloon that even law enforcement could not accept, so they leaked it out to the alternative press.  It was unbelievable what the SPLC and ADL were telling our law enforcement and even included Ron Paul supporters and Chuck Baldwin supporters.  Today, that has all changed, how???

Now the SPLC and the ADL learned that the only way they could get away with that was to become part, OFFICIALLY, of a government agency and exercise authority within that agency, so they became key members of the Homeland Security advisory committee.   So now you noticed that the NDD budget and this below and now the military have control over who is designated as an enemy is within the power now of the SPLC and the ADL and enforced by those agencies they control.   Read it and weep AND THEN TRY TO TELL ME THIS NATION IS NOT RUN BY A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT.  Is it a coincidence that the SPLC and the ADL got what they went after two years ago and failed back then, but have it now???  They do not want us to speak the truth about their role or Israel's role in the demise of our nation and the murder of our citizens (USS Liberty, USS Cole and 9-11) and that is why no trial.  IN A TRIAL WE CAN PRESENT EVIDENCE that could prove what we say is true.   They could not afford to have that truth out there.  Keep all this in mind when you read this and the one at 4 am.   This lawsuit is the one peaceful way, within the system to stop these foreign occupiers from succeeding in tearing our Constitutional Republic apart.


By: RT
Date: 2012-01-17

In the past, journalist Chris Hedges has worked for NPR, The New York Times and the Christian Science Monitor. In his latest endeavor, however, he is teaming up with an unlikely pair: a couple of attorneys that will help him take on the president.

US President Barack Obama is the target of a suit filed by Pulitzer Prize-winner Hedges, and the reasoning seems more than obvious to him. The decision to take the commander-in-chief to court comes as a response to President Obama’s December 31 signing of the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, a legislation that allows the US military to detain American citizens indefinitely at off-site torture prisons like Guantanamo Bay.

Obama amended the NDAA with a signing statement on New Year's Eve, insisting that while the Act does indeed give him the power to detain his own citizens indefinitely without charge, that doesn’t mean he will do so. Specifically, Obama wrote that his administration “will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens.” Under another piece of legislation, however, the government is being granted the right to suspend citizenship of any American if the Enemy Expatriation Act joins the ranks of the NDAA as an atrocious act approved by the president.

“Once again, you just have to be accused of supporting hostilities which could be defined any way the government sees fit. Then the government can strip your citizenship and apply the indefinite detention section of the NDAA without the benefit of a trial,” journalist Stephen Foster Jr. wrote earlier this month of the Act. (VN:  That is exactly what our previous blog showed on the "Military determining which Americans are Enemies of the state" which is what the SPLC and ADL tried to do a couple of years ago with the Fusia Centers!  Remember when they even said Ron Paul followers were domestic terrorists???  I almost fell out of my chair laughing.  And Chuck Baldwin as well.   Well, now they inserted themselves into our system with HLS and surprise, surprise, they finally got what they wanted.  This is our foreign occupiers, big time. This "truth", they will call hate speech and no trial so no proof will be needed, gee what a surprise.  That is why they "had" to have no trial, or they could not get away with any of this. )

Marijuana doesn't harm lung function, study found


By: Lindsey Tanner
Date: 2012-01-11

CHICAGO (AP) — Smoking a joint once a week or a bit more apparently doesn't harm the lungs, suggests a 20-year study that bolsters evidence that marijuana doesn't do the kind of damage tobacco does.

The results, from one of the largest and longest studies on the health effects of marijuana, are hazier for heavy users — those who smoke two or more joints daily for several years. The data suggest that using marijuana that often might cause a decline in lung function, but there weren't enough heavy users among the 5,000 young adults in the study to draw firm conclusions.

Still, the authors recommended "caution and moderation when marijuana use is considered."


UPDATE: 1/27/12 Malin Space Systems Antarctic Research - Introduction - Part I

UPDATE: 1/27/12 Listen to the video in this update.  What becomes clear as you do, is these facilities "seem" to be stocking up seriously on fuel and power.   Why 30 countries? What is it they are doing there?  Research facilities do not look like that.  They are way smaller since most of the work is in labratories, which would explain a power station but not the sizes they have which are more like for a small country.  Are they preparing for the pole shift which would put them about at the equator?  Then they would need the fuel and larger power stations.   There is plenty more strange stuff he points out and its worth the effort to watch this all the way through.  

We are up dating this because this entire issue of the antarctic stations is becoming more and more secretive,  Rothschild heir has traveled their recently,  Why?  We don't know.  He simply announced that he had gone on that trip without any explanation and now we are experiencing massive weather changes that began in the fall of 2011  and have continued through this winter.  It may well be innocent, but remember, he was trained at Oxford, he is head of a "Global warming" ecogroup, which says that carbon tax is needed, when in fact its not unique to the planet, rather the entire solar system, so he is first and foremost a Rothschild.   In Colorado where I live, the winter in the middle of January is spring weather.  Hot days and cold nights.  Some snow but nothing like we are used to. 

This past fall, we had snow at the end of august, huh?  The geese left early, by about two months, so the shift is happening, and trees had not finish dropping their leaves.  Some Aspen had full leaves still on their branches when the cold and snow hit at the end of august.   Finally melting ice caps not only here but on Mars and moons of Saturn which are much further away than the earth is to the sun.  We did a lot on the Antarctica here, here, here, and here which you should read to understand just how big a deal this is.  A Mars training facility??? What the hey???  Is it Nibiru that is suppose to be coming from the south instead of the elliptic?  A good question is "Who in the Hell made this tunnel through a giant glacier?"

Major chemtrails only near the western horizon apparently to hide something in addition to their usual agenda.  The other day, I announced on here that I finally saw an outline as the sun was setting of a reflection of the sun off of an enormous object right near the sun and slightly larger than the sun from my view.  Adding all this together and the speeding up of the evil ones agenda, it caused me to begin looking into why all this is happening now.  This below, in this update,  is what I found recently.  Remember our Military showed up in force one day to occupy the Antarctic back in 1956 with no explanation.  Then we did a whole post just on the large scale construction going on down there.

More Importantly who made this hole in the Antarctic that could allow a C-5 Galaxy fly  into it???  And more importantly "Why"?   Also why did the USA attack the Italy and French facilites down there?  What did they discover that caused us to do such an act against our allies?  We are looking more and more like Israel in doing that.  Who killed a scientist down there and why?  Finally, why a "Mars mission" training facility down there?   So damn many questions and talk about lock down,,,,,  absolutely no answers.  Speculations galore, but no answers and that is with 30 nations having facilities down there, some of which are our supposed enemies and yet we attacked allies???  See why this does force questions?  It has to be big whatever it is and how is it related to all the other anomolies we are experiencing, if anything? 

Here is a more recent video traveling all the facilities down there and various other strange anomolies, buildings, facilities etc. which proves what we are saying about the investment and why so many nations??? Usually its just the major G-8 countries that do that, but this is even bigger than the G-20, so why?  If anyone has any answers, please contribute in the comments section and we will update this as more info comes in.   Something big is going on with respect to the entire planet and frankly my "guess" is, its Nibiru, planet X, or the Twin star and they are preparing for the pole shift as evidenced by the seed bank in the Arctic Circle  protected by the Russian military but built by the international bankers.  They also want the depopulation done before they come back up so they don't have to deal with all the bodies. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcnqUJf2qlU&feature=related (Original article is below, probably a good idea to read it as background) Vatic Note:  Now this was supposedly the most comprehensive research about the South Pole, yet produced, but unfortunately these links have been gutted and what is really strange is the original company's website  that conducted this research is no longer at the link below.  However, there is a new company established around 1990 that is named Malin Space "Science" Systems and now has a different website and description of offerings.  You can find it here http://www.msss.com/about-us/ .   We do not know if this is the same company, but its close enough in both name and function to possibly be the same.  Remember, the owner and CEO of this company was the obscure scientist who first did research in the Antartic in search of answers strickly of a geological and weather issues, and he was then a lowly professor in Tuscon at AZ university.  Now he is CEO of a big company.   When you read their website,  NOTICE THE REFERENCES TO MARS. For some reason that is important, because it was 1956 that the military did a instantaneous presence that was huge, and it was navy, which is our space command and then he set up the company after that and  by 15 years later  the Mars mission training center was then established in the Antarctica.  Is this a coincidence???  What did Malin company really find from those studies that are not published?  Is it related to Mars?   Is that why the EU set up those Mars training facilities in the Antarctica???  Notice at the end of this all the links referencing the results of his research and every one of them has been gutted.   That could be due to age, but that would be odd for research results to be gutted.  Still more questions than answers, but its fun going down that rabbit hole.   Stay tuned.  Malin Space Systems Antarctic Research - Introduction -  Part I http://www.thelivingmoon.com/41pegasus/02files/Cosmic_Conspiracy3.html Antarctica Connection #003 Mike Malin, MSSS President, began research in Antarctica during the 1982-1983 austral summer, while a member of the faculty in the Department of Geology at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. This page, and references within, illustrate aspects of this research effort. (VN:  He was not the CEO of a big company, Malin corp, until after his research work was completed.)
Background The Antarctic environment is particularly harsh, but recent studies suggest that the absence of significant amounts of liquid water allow landscapes to be preserved for significantly longer than found elsewhere on Earth, and indeed longer than previously thought. Malin's study is designed to establish, over a timescale relatively long for human activity (~50 years), the effects of chemical and physical weathering on naturally occuring materials in many different microenvironments in the Antarctic ice-free valleys. Eleven sites were established ten years ago by deploying over 6000 individual samples of well characterized rock materials ranging in physical properties from soft non-welded pyroclastic tuff to extremely hard, fine-grained dolerite and coarse-grained granite. Samples were deployed on racks above the surface, on the surface, and beneath the surface, to accumulate the effects of chemical and physical processes over many years. Included are 2.5 cm diameter, 0.5 thick disks of rocks deployed at 7, 14, 21, 35, and 70 cm above the surface and facing N, E, S, and W, 8 cm cubes, and 5 cm long by 2.5 cm diameter cylinders. Samples have been returned after one year exposure and five years exposure. The purpose of 1994's effort was to recover materials that have been exposed for ten years. Samples remain in place that can be recovered later, nominally after 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years. This research was and is supported by the National Science Foundation's Antarctic Program. Papers Reporting Results of Antarctic Research Program * 1983 - Preliminary abrasion rate observations in Victoria Valley, Antarctica * 1984 - Abrasion rate observations in Victoria Valley, Antarctica: 340-day experiment * 1985 - Rates of geomorphic modification in ice-free areas southern Victoria Land, Antarctica * 1986 - Solution etch pits in dolerite from the Allan Hills * 1987 - Abrasion in Ice-Free Areas of southern Victoria Land, Antarctica * 1991 - Short-term Variations in the Rate of Eolian Processes, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica * 1994 - 30 Years of Measurements of Sand Wedge Growth in Lower Wright Valley, Antarctica SOURCE: Malin Space Systems http://www.msss.com/earth/antarctica/antarctic_intro.html
The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Khazars, the men behind the curtain? An historical & Contemporary perspective for REAL!!!

*** I just put this up and they are messing with the videos already.  I will fix them but please, go to the link below if they mess with them again or put the title below into the google search and watch them that way.   Its not important "where" you watch them, its important that you watch them and the evil ones know it.  Especially this series and remember, this man died shortly after this was done.   Just like Bill Cooper and Phil Schneider..... hmmm.     So listen to him.  He is speaking truth to power courageously. 

Vatic Note:   This man died shortly after this series at a seminar that he gave.   When you listen to the last video and his last plea.... and the fact he had a big following on the radio,  you can understand why he had to die when he did.    He was very very brave.   He also knew and basically indirectly said so.  Oh, Wow, this is the very best and detailed and historically accurate presentation I have ever seen.  This man has done an incredible amount of research on the subject of "Who the men behind the curtain really are".  

He also presents it with putting it all together like we could not finish doing.  WE began, but he is finishing it for us.   Please, do ourselves a favor and watch every single video to get the truly big picture about the khazars.   Its "not accidental history".... its a "Conspiracy" and he makes that proof available and for how long.   Vatic Project has been saying since the beginning, that the real Jews had nothing to do with all of this,  and his presentation supports that with references allowing you to check it out yourselves. 

Can you imagine yourself for a moment, being Jewish in the world right now, with these satanist Zionists calling themselves Jews and doing the horrors they have done with pedophiling and murdering babies and children as blood sacrifice,  pedophiling and supplying children to donors of Universities,  sex slave trades internationally,  mind controlling the resultant damaged kids (like Obama probably was), and then not being able to defend yourself as a real Jewish person or your race or religion????  Instead you can only watch as the world  vilifies  you for what you had not done nor would ever do.   I can't imagine how painful that must be for those who are real Jews who only constitute about 10% of those who call  themselves Jews. 

In Israel, the real Jews live in ghettos and medical research there shows these people have had a 40% drop in healthy sperm count in just under 10 years.   If it continues at that pace, the real Jews will be genocided within another decade or possibly 15 years.  They are as much under attack as we are.   The immigrant settlements that you hear about all the time are those that come ONLY FROM RUSSIA AND RESETTLE IN ISRAEL.   They are the remaining Khazars left behind.  They are also brutal as we showed on videos of them beating up the peaceful protesting religious Jews, when trying to prevent the ravaging of their ancient sages graves to build new parking lots, for cryin out loud.   You have to be missing a soul to do that to anyone.   Many of the real Jews had to seek asylum in New York and London to keep from being killed.  Watch please, I swear, buried in there is the solution to our problem. 

Jack Otto Part 1
Uploaded by Libertytreeradio
on Nov 3, 2007

The last talk Jack gave befor he passed away.
Provided by Forbidden knowledge

Part I


Part II


Transcending The American Lockdown


By: Zen Gardner
Date: 2012-01-06

Hard to believe but it's happened. What's more alarming is how quickly and smoothly it's been pulled off without an apparent whimper of protest.

Or so they've led us to believe. In reality there's been a huge outcry from several corners about the virtual annulment of the Bill of Rights. The media's just so air tight we're not hearing a squeak.

That's what's scary.

And it's worked.

Mainstream America has virtually swallowed the ocean of sanitized lies and egregious omissions it's been dealt. The US is now officially part of the New World Order, by default. That's what's daunting. Any possibility of an uprising by the many is almost past.


But you know what?

It's always been that way. The few with the truth have always led the way. And real change for the better inevitably followed the eventual collapse of every corrupt empire.

Big Brother Pays Off as Predictive Behavior Technology Targets Shoppers


By: John Galt
Date: 2011-12-28

Just prior to Black Friday, I issued an alert that anyone shopping in either of two American malls — Promenade Temecula in California, and Short Pump Town Center in Richmond, Va. — would be tracked via their cell phone utilizing FootPathTM  technology as they moved from store to store.

Fortunately, that test-run produced enough outrage to force both the UK maker of the technology, Path Intelligence, as well as mall management to halt the surveillance and respond to a call from Sen. Charles Schumer over general privacy concerns, as well as the legality according to U.S. regulations.

However, many retailers seem undeterred by privacy issues and have fully embraced the concept of going even a step further: forming a web comprised of cell phone tracking, surveillance camera footage, and software analysis of shoppers’ movements and decisions.

A recent report by Bloomberg comes to a disturbing conclusion in at least one case — the greater the tracking, the greater the sales.

The concept of studying consumer behavior is certainly nothing new, but it has advanced to nearly predictive behavior capability on the Internet.  The virtual world is naturally designed for databases and information analysis.  However, there is something just a bit more creepy and dehumanizing about being studied in the physical world similar to mice being put through their paces in a maze.  A little cheese here, a little shock there — and, what do you know; look at ‘em run.

I don’t believe that’s an inaccurate metaphor, as retailers are changing their strategy from data collection through voluntary choice (customer surveys) to the more compulsory covert surveillance and collection that high-tech enables.  The result is an eye in the sky looking down upon the maze of shoppers moving through different areas of stimulating bait, while groups of gatekeepers encourage a pre-determined pattern of behavior. The mission is to transform the unpredictable brick-and-mortar world into the pattern recognition landscape of the Web.

Ashley Lutz and Matt Townsend, writing for Bloomberg, sum up the programming:

The goal is to divine which variables affect a purchase, then act with Web-like nimbleness to deploy more salespeople, alter displays, or put out red blouses instead of blue.

RetailNEXT is a product of BVI Networks, which is at the heart of the new high tech approach to shopper management. Alexei Agratchev, chief executive officer of consultancy, expressed his distaste for the unknown by saying that “stores have been a black hole” . . . until now.  According to their website, the company utilizes “best-in-class video analytics, on-shelf sensors and RFID readers along with data from point-of-sale and other business systems” in order to create an information field to fill that black hole. Agratchev’s background is interesting, having formerly been a senior manager at Cisco systems and a consultant for Accenture; a company currently at the center of government funding to implement a biometric database for illegal immigrants and U.S. citizens alike, as well as construction of the Smart Grid.