This is Exactly How you Know Townhall is a Neocon controlled publication

Vatic Note:   This is up to show how the neocons work.  This is why they own publications like this one, so they can put out BS like this and hope the grassroots are still ignorant sheep.  Same goes on the left, believe me its both sides that play this game.  Its a neocon party with a left and right wing called dems and GOPers.   The teaparty not taken over by the neocons are the same as the OWS, the part not controlled by Soros and the neolibs.   I thought this was the best, most blatant example of what we know is the case but had not seen it as bad as this example.  It truly strikes home just how badly we have all been played.  No wonder we are in the deep dodoo that we are in.   Its why I unsubscribed as fast as I could.  I highly recommend you do the same.  It doesn't work if people don't see it. 

Newt Gingrich Takes Final Straw Poll Before Iowa

(VN:  what unmitigated poppycock this is. Newt Gingrich is anything but in the running.  The zionists must really want this guy.  Thats all we need is another Satanist in the White House. I just unsubscribed from this piece of disinfo ragWe knew they were going to set him up to steal the election from  Ron Paul and sure enough the neocons are coming out of the closet, like this piece of disinfo propoganda rag, carrying the water for the traitors to our nation.  Keep that in mind and unsubscribe first chance you get. We must take a stand now or we will never ever be able to select our own candidates and reps.  Might as well decide now and do it now.  No more and everyone go to the polls and follow the ballots and make sure the integrity stays with them.)

The story for December might be that Newt Gingrich won the Townhall Straw Poll for the second month in a row. However, the real story might be the amount of support he lost versus the gains by every other candidate. The former Speaker of the House managed to hold on for the victory despite losing almost 13 points.

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and even Jon Huntsman gained some momentum. Undecided voters increased as well. Is this reflective of national polls indicating the Newt Gingrich campaign might be slipping? Does the increase in votes for the other candidates indicate a splintering of the conservative vote just before the 2012 nominating contests get underway? We will finally find out, starting tonight.

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If you are as interested in watching the Iowa Caucus results come in tonight as we are, make sure to bookmark the Townhall Election Results page as we will be featuring LIVE voting results. The caucus starts at 7 PM EST and should last about an hour. As soon as results start to roll in we will display them.

Make sure to check the Townhall Election Center for all your 2012 election coverage. We feature news, columns, caucus and primary information, and summaries of the latest polls. For full polling coverage take a look at the Townhall Poll Tracker Averages(VN:  This publication is the last place for source of truth... its simply a set up for the stealing of the election, and I hope Pauls' people are on top of that issue and this time I hope he is willing to fight for it.  Its why I have been cautious since 2008 about contributing.  he didn't back when the fraud was so damn blatant.)

For a complete archive of Straw Poll Results check out our Facebook Page. (VN:  better known through out the world as CIA data gathering headquarters. LOL)   In the column underneath the picture on the left are results from January through December.

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The Townhall.com Presidential Straw Poll

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No other magazine offers you this brilliant combination of smart, conservative, in-depth reporting and opinion that truly reflects your values. (VN: aaah, did you get that?  Its the compliments that if you read this publication brain washing rag, you are then "smart, conservative etc", if you don't then you are none of those things.... lol   Isn't it funny how obvious all this is now.  We must really be waking up big time, since its like a giant ball of flame, its that bright and obvious).

Townhall Magazine is taking "conservative magazines" to new heights with its investigative reporting and stories, conservative humor, photography, culture, and commentary from your favorites. Fresh. Intelligent. Conservative. (VN:  have you stopped laughing yet?  Wait and see what happens with the vote count and then watch this rag to see if they cover the fraud. I bet $20 they don't)

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American Action Report said...

Townhall seems to target the 15% who think they're informed but who are still well within the matrix. They think that getting more facts will make them better informed. Living within the matrix, they're completely unaware of the facts that are being omitted and how the facts they're getting are being manipulated.
There's also the problem of inability to tell facts from assertions. That would require critical thinking skills--too much effort.