The Windsor - Rothschild Connection.

Source:  Various sources - Red Ice Creations, Royal Gov monarchy, Independant News paper, Lycos Retreiver, About.com (German Trivia), reformation

Title:      The Windsor - Rothschild Connection.
By:         Vatic Master from various research sources

I began this journey when I discovered the net worth of the Queen, not including any other royals, was close to 17 trillion dollars.   Just a few decades ago, the royals in Britian were in serious financial trouble, such that they had to open their estates to tourism to pay the bills and upkeep.  Today is a different story. 

So, I asked, "how did they turn around so quickly and so dramatically"?  Who aided them in this endeavor and why?  Rothschild came to mind based on the Queens knighting him and the family as well as Rothschilds minion in American, Alan Greenspan, who lead the fed into this great intentional path to destruction of the United States and other nations around the globe.  She stated as the reason she knighted him was for "his work for the bank of London" .   I could not understand that since the world economy was in the toilet, and going down fast, so it didn't make any sense "unless" that was the plan.   Then, indeed, he did his job brilliantly.  It also meant, the Queen was either a pawn of Rothschilds or vice versa.   It appears it is a little of both.

This was extremely difficult to research and as an experienced research analyst, that is saying a lot.  Almost anything can be found out about almost anyone.   However, I had no idea how difficult it would be the higher up you go on the food chain and both these families are in the towers at the pinnacle of that food chain.  Thus it would have taken a rumpstilskin to climb that wall and claim the prize.   So, you are getting what I was able to find.

First of all there are a lot of coincidences between these two families.   Both were not the same names as they are today,  coincidence number 2 is that both had German names before their adopted names.  Windsor was previously Saxe-coburg-Gotha, and all royals since then were of German descent.   Thus no Englishman has sat on the thrown since they took over.   The name Windsor was not even claimed until 1917 when the King decided to adopt an english name.   Prince Phillip is 100% Greek, thus the heirs to the thrown, Charles, is in fact, German and Greek, still no english blood down the royal line.    Diana was a stewart and of the line of British royalty, and thus Edward her son is also now part english.

It turns out that Rothschild's previous name was Bauer, another German name, and when he opened his shop in Germany, he adopted he red shield of Khazaria and hung it over his shop.   The German word for "Red Shield" is Rothschild, thus the reason for his name.   

There is evidence that is the best evidence available, given the subject matter at hand, but its not factually documented in the traditional way;  that says that Queen Victoria was "familiar" with Nathan Rothschild and he fathered some of her children since Albert, her huband had other preferences that did not include fathering children.  To that extent, there was a merging of the two crowns: The Royal Crown of Finance historically, and the Royal Crown of Britian.   The results were many many years of cooperation and joint ventures that benefited both houses.  


This article explains it fully and I was shocked to find out just how we have not been as free as we thought.   In fact, the fraud perpetrated upon us by the Bank of London and the Queen as been impressive in its intricacy and its success.  This explains it fully.  Thus our enemy is not just the Rothschilds after all.

As you can see from the article, the deep tie in with England has its roots other than what we the people imagined, and thus the explanation for the deep unreasoning tie in with Israel and the Zionists, its all through the Rothschild blood line. Remember as you read this that Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and 20 other Presidents were and currently are tied in to the royal family through blood relations.

Why else should we care??? For contemporary reasons such as the past election cycle for President. Here is an account of what occurred with one of our candidates and the Rothschilds.  Is this going to be the case in this election cycle?  If it is, then Britain is aiding in the demise of our nation and therefore, LIKE ISRAEL, is not an ally, rather an enemy.

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paul said...

Good report but there are some inaccuracies. Firstly although Prince Philip is descended from Greek Royalty he is in fact 7/8th German in blood & only 1/8th Greek. The Greek Royalty were also of German decent.

Secondly there is no such thing as The Bank of London & never has been. The Queen referenced The Bank of England who are closely connected to the Rothschild family. The Bank of England is backed by the Bank of England Nominees Ltd. The nominees are protected by the Official Secrets Act, so officially no one knows who they are.

The Stewart's who were originally Scottish have been pushed to one side by the so called Windsor's, it doesn't take a genius to work out why.

Vatic said...

Thanks for those clarifications, its difficult in researching to get the perfect information, but I believe the point was they are not british. How did the get control over the British throne is the one question I could not find an answer to.

I know know that the city of London is a principality and the queen has no authority over it... in reality its Rothschilds kingdom that he rules over, but technically he does it through chatham house??? Is that right? Anyway, the queen is a puppet and I was surprised to find out her family and rothschilds were connected when they were both back in Germany, her family as the Gothe Saxon or saxie, I don't remember and of course he was Bauer.

susan904 said...

she just looks evil personna

Anonymous said...

"How did the get control over the British throne is the one question I could not find an answer to."

This might give you an idea of how the British Royals came of the crown.

Illuminati The freemasonry and Zionism - The Master Plan To Rule the World

Vatic Master said...

Susan904, She is evil personified. She will not let her son take the throne because satanism did not work on him, rather she skipped a generation and both of Diana's boys are now satanists. I was so horrified at what that royal family had done to Diana and now her children, that I will never willingly ever let that woman come anywhere near this country if I can possibly help it.

I am disappointed that the British have honored her to the level of evil she has produced and continues to produce and that racist husband of hers is a scank. He f*rted right in front of all of them at an event and their reactions were appropriate and all he did was laugh.

And they want to rule the world??? Over all our dead bodies and theirs too.

Anonymous said...

Greek Royalty. Then check The Order of The Quest, Columbus was a member of this order and a Greek too.

Vatic Master said...

Thank you, Ebbe, as usual your comments are informative. I did a google on the Order of the Quest and only really found a Bill Cooper video presentation. Its amazing how this man did all this predicting so accurately so early.

I guess that is why they killed him. It broke my heart when he said he was doing this all alone with no help or support. It must have been horrible. I know, because we get the same thing here on this blog and now they interfered not only with the blog but with a contract of my employer and that meant my contract got cancelled, so I know their reach is long and deep. Poor Guy.