Another Chemtrails Illusion: Connecting More Dots

Vatic Note:  Here we are again,  the damn chemtrails are back only this time much more ominous becuase you can't see them as well and they are more dangerous.   She is right.  I honestly thought they had backed off because I thought the planes flying overhead were now simply passanger or cargo planes since there was a contrail and blue skies.   But read this and realize THIS IS CRIMINAL FELONY ATTEMPTED MURDER at the worst and felony criminal assault to do serious bodily harm, at the least:  this is simply because they know what these elements can do to the human body and they dump them anyway.  Its intentional and that is what makes it a first degree crime, this is no longer about politics, this is about criminality, treason, by God  and international nuremberg trial type crimes.  Its prosecutable,  the lab reports are evidence of a serious crime being committed and that the perpetrators must be arrested and charged and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.   Read what they are dumping now instead of Aluminum and Bariam. Its even worse, now they have Arsenic,  chemical compounds Manganese di-Bromo di-Fluoro-Benzidine (salts), and gallium.  Call all those new congressmen and lets get them working as they promised to stop all this.

Another Chemtrails Illusion: Connecting More Dots
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, Rense.com
c. 2011 By Author - All Rights Reserved

Since last Summer, deeper "blue skies" have been seen in parts of the Midwest (Ohio and Indiana) and the Eastern seaboard (from New York and New Jersey up to the New England states). Regularly, I would look up at the sky and see a grayish blanket, knowing (from having my own snow independently tested) that they are full of poisons. This is the Chemtrails synthetic-blanket covering under which we now live daily; and it has no relationship whatsoever with any real clouds.

Tragically, our magnificent assortment of real clouds are gone: destroyed by the military with all their deadly and illegal weather experimentation and modification. With tremendous hubris, but without the requisite knowledge, they have been tampering with the very eons-long workings of our planet. It isn't based on any precautionary science. It's just Frankenstein-like interference with lethal consequences.

Victoria Flooded as Horsham Braces for the Worst - ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corp)

Vatic Note:  It appears the floods in Australia are moving and spreading.  Now there will definitely be the planned famine and shortage promised us weeks ago in many countries due to this.  I am impressed at how prescient our leaders of the globe are.   In fact, what we are seeing now is a good reason never to let those maniacs ever run the globe no matter what.   This is what they are geared to do to it and to us.  Prepare for the shortages they promised  because I guarantee you,  they will do everythng they can to deliver on those promises.    Readers in Australia are updating us almost daily on how its going down there.  Please watch the news video to see just how bad it is.  Add this one to the Brazil one many miles away and its a sad thing to see.  Its destroying peoples lives and that is a lot of power to be able to do that.  Too much power.  We have another commentary and insight coming up shortly  from another regular from Australia as well.  Lots going on right now distracting us from "solving" the real problems while they are busy creating even worse ones. 

Victoria Flooded as Horsham Braces for the Worst - ABC news (Australian Broadcasting Corp)

Monday, January 17, 2011 8:05 AEDT, ABC news, Contributed to vatic by Gypsy Flame, Australia

Floods have now swept through almost a third of Victoria, as the town of Horsham in the central west braces for its worst flood in a century.

Watch video........ here http://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2011/01/17/3114906.htm

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Horrifying Pictures of Brazil Floods and Mudslides (HAARP??)

Vatic Note:   The question is, "Is Haarp capable of doing this massive a damage?" If so, then we would be looking at first degree murder, crimes against humanity and war crimes, attacking a nation without declaring war and agressing.  I ask because we simply have not found the limit of the horrors those foreign interest bankers running our country are capable of.   You will see what I mean when we post what they did to Children in palestine later on this blog.  Then you will know we have not yet seen the limits of the evil that is potential in a satanic way.   I am asking myself,  IS THIS THE DEPOPULATION PROGRAM?  Why am I asking?  Read the article and it shows that the arena's were well stocked with medical supplies,  but no food, blankets, water or anything by helicopter to the victims stranded out there.   Its almost intentional.  We are desparate for news of the people we watched elect their President this year.  One blog we had was the bankers were getting ready to rape Brazil like they have  us,  WE JUST DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD BE SO SOON.  I wonder if this is just the beginning? 


1.   DEPOPULATION WOULD CLEARLY BE ONE OF THEM.   At the same time this is better than a war, they can make money rebuilding every thing... computers, automobiles, buildings, homes, residences, insurance, household goods, furniture, clothing,  equipment, tools, etc. they will make  a fortune.  

2.   ANOTHER IS BRAZIL SITS OVER THE LARGEST FRESH WATER AQUIFIR IN THE WORLD AND THE LAND ABOVE IT IS OWNED IN PART BY BUSH JR AND REV MOON.  700,000 ACRES with a contingent of 500 marines on the land.   Then for the past few years all we hear about is a water shortage and how fresh water will be the new oil.   That means they can get off the oil and pretend they are caring individuals, and begin controlling the water at $5 a gallon instead and a lot cheaper to drill and mine for and bring out. 

3.   FINALLY,  the objective is to make people suffer under the "PROBLEM they created,  have the people fully react,  and then go in with the solution.  I can imagine what it would be..... some sort of banker owned control mechanism, similar to what they want to do to us.   For us its the NAU, FOR THEM  who knows (an "SAU?").   Remember who they just elected as president and this is already showing a lack of response rising to the level of the problem, NO HELICOPTERS delivering emergency life saving supplies such as water, tents, blankets, food, etc.   Its how the "problem, reaction, solution" works with these khazar bankers.  "S-t-r-e-t-c-h  o-u-t" the problem so the people will be grateful for any aid they receive eventually, we saw that in Katrina....

So don't wonder why I ask these questions.  This is the reason.  Our hearts go out to the Brazilian people and we send them our love and compassion and anything else they may need, through agencys we trust like the Salvation army or other church related agencies.  Lets all do what we can to get them the help they need.  Chemtrails really bad today in our area... very heavy dumping.   I simply find it amazing that only a few thousand sickos can seriously damage this planet and millions on it with so little effort.  I hope I am wrong about this but its simply too big a coincidence that these are happening all at once after a year of warnings by the elite of famine,  waters shortages and riots.   Can't you see this developing now as we speak???  Its global and our response better be global against these Khazar international bankers running our countries.

Horrifying Pictures of Brazil Floods and Mudslides
Posted on Pakalert on January 17, 2011, by Daily Mail Reporter  

Entombed in mud: Cars were partially submerged by mud after a landslide in Nova Friburgo, north of Rio de Janeiro

UPDATE #2: Unusual Rings on Radar Screen become Subject of Speculation

Vatic UPDATE 1/18/11: Australia Flood and radar anomolies.  This was from A reader of the article on Australia.   He was kind enough to supply this link with a bit of a sarcastic tone to his one small comment  (we all do what we can and are capable of doing).  What is ironic is he proved that any other explanation that is suppose to be an act of nature,  would still have to be explained since THESE RADAR TECHS who do this for a living had not ever seen this before or it would not have been an anonomoly.  Capish?  So this does not act as clear proof this was NOT a HAARP event.  All this proves is that it was an anonoly the radar people did not understand and that its all speculation back then.  Remember, HAARP has been going through testing for years now before they made it operational, this could easily have been just such a test.    Otherwise why would the radar people call in the local big town newspaper to show it.  Why would Bearden put it up on his blog?  But then, such oddities would require questioning and critical thinking... would it not?  So we are still in the same boat, no answer as to what it is.  All the birds do, is prove they move, act and navigate by electomagnetism in our electromagnetic sphere, and that is all this proves.  They were responding to something, now weren't they?   Gee, I wonder what it was since it was NOT NORMAL. 

Unusual Rings on Radar Screen become Subject of Speculation

The Indianapolis Star, August 3, 1996

This below is from Tom Beardens website of an article written in 1996 about radar anomolies with circular and octagonal shapes. Please read this and remember also the results appear to be the same involving birds. Its it natural or man made??? This was all speculation on their part as They did not know about Haarp at the time. I am not even aware if it was operational FOR REAL back then since they have not told us the truth for many decades now going back the the 1981 start of the Bush administration. But we are able to deduce that this is a new phenomena back then. We have no evidence so far that it happened after that and before now.

Here is another one......

Here are the comments that accompanied this from Tom Bearden back then.

Satellite and Radar Anomalies
Unusual Rings on Radar Screen Become Subject of Speculation - http://www.cheniere.org/references/indianapolis_star.htm

THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR - Saturday, August 3, 1996 Page B7

Is this Vandenberg AFB fighting off some weather threatening a missile launch? http://www.cheniere.org/satellite%20radar%20anomalies/radar%20maps/SB%20area/15%20March%202002/index.html

15 March, 2002

KNBC Los Angeles News Weather Forecast 6pm 4th April, 2001

Commentary on the Florida Event of 24 February, 2001

Additional anomalous satellite/radar images

We will keep you updated as info comes in on both the shapes on the radar and the birds and fish die offs and further flooding around the world and especially Australia and Brazil.   We have a lot of people to try and help, especially if we did this by allowing the khazars to run our country.  .

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The sun rises two days early in Greenland, sparking fears that climate change is accelerating

Vatic Note: Hmmm, interesting hypothesis. Wonder if he was one of the "global warming" disinfo scientists who said we had global warming and then got caught lying about it. It was in Britian where all the global warming issues were  exposed as the fraud it was by hackers. No carbon tax, so now maybe they are trying to attribute a real event,  such as problems with the regular polar shift and the possible magnetic polar shift to "climate change" another euphemism for "Carbon Tax"??? Not likely to happen. In fact the sun is rising in the US in the south and slightly east and setting full west so what would the Artics melting snow be doing affecting the position of the sun???  I mean really, WHAT DOES MELTING ARCTIC ICE CAPS HAVE TO DO WITH THE POSITION OF THE SUN RELATIVE TO OUR PLANET?  Nada.  The Title should say ".... sparking fears the carbon tax Investors will lose their shirts".   lol.  This explanation below by this scientist borders on the absurd and is almost insulting.  No, I take that back, it is insulting.

The sun rises two days early in Greenland, sparking fears that climate change is accelerating
By Daily Mail Reporter, 14th January 2011

The sun over Greenland has risen two days early, baffling scientists and sparking fears that Arctic icecaps are melting faster than previously thought.

Experts say the sun should have risen over the Arctic nation's most westerly town, Ilulissat, yesterday, ending a month-and-a-half of winter darkness.

But for the first time in history light began creeping over the horizon at around 1pm on Tuesday - 48 hours ahead of the usual date of 13 January.

The mysterious sunrise has confused scientists, although it is believed the most likely explanation is that it is down to the lower height of melting icecaps allowing the sun's light to penetrate through earlier.

Thomas Posch, of the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Vienna, said that a local change of the horizon was 'by far the most obvious explanation'.

He said as the ice sinks, so to does the horizon, creating the illusion that the sun has risen early.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


A World of Slaves - 6 Part Video

Vatic Note:  These videos provide a comprehensive and thoroughly connected view over time of how we got where we are today and it surprised even me. I thought I knew it all from the research and realized I had not fully connected all the pieces and this set of videos does exactly that.

PLEASE PAY CLOSE AND SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE 6TH VIDEO INTERVIEW THAT WAS DONE ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO. Keep that in mind and keep current events in mind effective as of today and see how truthful the interviewee was about what to expect and how its been all planned right down to the last detail. The evidence is right there in these videos. You view these, you know what the big guys know who are doing this. Your comments and thoughts and ideas are welcome in the comment section, since no one person has the answer on how to deal with all of this, but together, synergy can occur and often does on a wholistic plane with outstanding results, so join in and let us know what you think.  I believe so much will fall into place about recent events as well once you see these. 

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0wiwU9pP9g&feature=related

Video One - How the slaving of America began

Tunisia Speaker "To Take Power" Amid Riots After President Flees to Saudi Arabia

Vatic Note:  Well, Today we lumped three different resistance methods and examples that are going on as we speak against the occupying forces of our nation as well as other nations, as shown here in Tunisia.  The Khazar International Bankers have decided to take on the whole world including the US.  Its the height of arrogance to attempt such a feat against an entire globe of 6.4 billion people, since I am sure they have probably already reduced the population by another 100 million by now.  The Tunisians are also being hit in the employment area as we are.  They have chosen to come together and chase the President out of the country along with key minions.   Now that is something that Iceland did AND THEY PROSECUTED THEIR BANKSTERS and also Argentina who then did way better on their own than they did under the bankers SO CALLED AID to the country.   Its time we took a serious look at more options than we have to date.  Something to think about.  All of these are good examples of actions available to us.  Use what they have given here, like copies of the resolutions that over turn any food growing issues in the county and that should be accompanied by another law requiring feds can only come into the county through the sheriff who will be familiar with local laws and ordances.   If we all did that,  this food issue would be a moot point.

Tunisia Speaker "To Take Power" Amid Riots After President Flees to Saudi Arabia

Staff report - Yahoo News, UK And Ireland, January 15, 2010, provided to Vatic by Sterling Report

The North African state's constitutional council said, under the constitution, the speaker of parliament - not the prime minister - is interim president, state television reported.

The council also announced that new presidential elections have to be held no later than 60 days from now, the report continued.

The office of Saudi King Abdullah confirmed ousted president Zine el Abidine Ben Alia had arrived in the kingdom, after several hours of mystery over his whereabouts.

Vermont Takes Action to Resist FDA Take Over With a Resolution All Should Adopt

Vatic Note:   See?  It can be done,  this one and the one before and the one after this shows how far we can go to affect our own destiny.  The evil ones are not all powerful, its the "perception" they sell that they are and we must not buy into  it.  WE ARE ALL POWEFUL AS THE NEXT BLOG WILL SHOW, "IF"  WE STAY UNITED AS ONE FORCE.  Remember that always.  Do not let them divide us with hate and fear.   That is essential to any success or historically we lose if we are divided.  Bless you all and begin to see just how powerful we are.  They fear us more than we fear them.   That is exactly why they use that fear on us.  Don't get afraid, get mad.    

Vermont Takes Action to Resist FDA Take Over With a Resolution All Should Adopt

Submitted by Annie White on January 13, 2011 – 9:31 pm
In the face of the recent passing by the senate of the ‘food safety’ bill H.R.2751, previously S. 510, that will put the FDA in control of the nations food supply,Vermont citizens have made a declaration that the agency and government have no right to determine or restrict the food choices of the People of Vermont. “The Vermont Resolution for Food Sovereignty” was brought forth by the Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty, it makes a statement to the United States government and the FDA that all citizens who want to protect their freedom of food should stand behind.

Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule (Yippee!!)

Vatic Note: Now this is good news..... something we all can do and force the powers that be to show their tyrannical nazi khazar zionist hand and true intentions by finally being forced into moving on us illegally. That would be the best way to be able to legitimately take them care of them for good. Iceland ring a bell?   It appears that is where the battle has to begin,   the feds are lost and nothing we do touches them, so now its time to go for power.  People power.  Take back control of our governments. 

Shasta and Goliath: Bringing Down Corporate Rule
By: Allen D. Kanner, Dec 29, 2010
Mt. Shasta, a small northern California town of 3,500 residents nestled in the foothills of magnificent Mount Shasta, is taking on corporate power through an unusual process—democracy.

The citizens of Mt. Shasta have developed an extraordinary ordinance, set to be voted on in the next special or general election, that would prohibit corporations such as Nestle and Coca-Cola from extracting water from the local aquifer. But this is only the beginning. The ordinance would also ban energy-giant PG&E, and any other corporation, from regional cloud seeding, a process that disrupts weather patterns through the use of toxic chemicals such as silver iodide. More generally, it would refuse to recognize corporate personhood, explicitly place the rights of community and local government above the economic interests of multinational corporations, and recognize the rights of nature to exist, flourish, and evolve.


UPDATE: Huge Ring Appears Over Australia, is HAARP involved?

UPDATE:     I have since found a video showing just such a ring over somewhere in Russia.  It appears to have the same shape etc as those that showed on the radar the year before.  This is not a radar image, this is what people on the ground saw and filmed.   The commentator on this is speculating based on something  not even close to what was over Moscow.  The similarity is greater to what is showing on the radar in Australia.  But check it out, you decide.... the second interesting thing that happened  was this was the first time we had real live trolls visit the blog,  So I just want to say we are flattered and to welcome you.  lol   Enjoy your stay.   I want to assure them there is not a concensus yet on whether HAARP was involved or not, so they can relax and feel  no pressure to show up again over this.  lol  I put this up only for the beginning part,  the author of the video goes into speculation as to what caused it but to me they do not look the same.   You watch and decide.  Thanks

The Birth of Nibiru? Exploring the True Story of the Events of 10,000 B.C: The Place that Mocks Science

Vatic Note:  Well, you can see how busy I have gotten and it appears from the extensive evidence in this article, that a note from Vatic was definitely not necessary.  Enjoy!  Not for fast food readers indeed.

Exploring the True Story of the Events of 10,000 B.C.By Stephen Robbins, Ph.D.



Twelve miles south of Lake Titicaca, the ruins of the ancient of city of Tiahuanacospeak in eloquent silence. Due to the alignments of the city’s massive observatory, the Kalasasaya, the archeoastronomer Rolf Müller argued that the city had been constructed in 15,000 B.C. Its massive stone docks are ringed with ocean fossils. The city was a seaport.

It rests today, miles from any water, let alone the sea, on an Andean plateau, 13,300 feet above sea level. Archaeolo gists vaguely wonder how and why the city, with its huge, 400-ton dressed stones, was built at this elevation. In inim itable archaeological style, it was once considered a ceremonial-only “ritual city,” as if the primitive peoples of archae ologists’ prehistory had the time and energy to do this. Now the city is just not considered, for Tiahuanaco mocks the academic community: Your entire consensus on the prehistory of this planet is wrong.

A little-understood feature of geological understanding is that virtually every mountain range on the planet rose “at the end of the Pleistocene (12,000 to 13,000 years ago).” All the mountains of the world belong to either of two great systems—the Circum-Pacific or the Alpine-Himalayan. When the great plate of the Indian subcontinent moved far enough north to contact the Eurasian plate, the two compressed and folded, forming the immensely high Hima layas, nowhere lower than 24,000 feet. TheKashmir valley rose 6,000 feet simultaneously.

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks

Vatic Note: Its amazing what we are willing to buy. I had a wikileaks supporter send me an email and her only comment was " No wonder the US wants to shut down Wikileaks....this is information we all need...." As if wikileaks had anything to do with this. That got me first out of the gate. Its the whistle blower who matters and apparently doesn't care that everyone knows he is going to leak it, so wikileaks has nothing to do with it. He would have found someone else to release the info to. It would have been much more effective for him to threaten to leak it to the IRS instead. However, that is if this performance is for real. This whistle blower is under the gun for his own criminal prosecutions and this could easily be a deal he made to shore up Wikileaks flagging reputation, in order to get a reduced sentence if he pled guilty. Now lets dig further though and see just how BIG A DEAL THIS LEAK really is.

First lets take a look at what he says his biggest item he will expose,  is going to be,  which is that many wealthy people are holding capital in trusts. WELL, THAT IS LEGAL, so what is the big deal?   Then the article below and the cult followers of Assange say  "The US hates that he is going to give this info to WIKILEAKS":  why?   BECAUSE THE US, controlled by the same bankers, HATES GRABBING ALL THAT WEALTH FROM THE SUPER WEALTHY PEOPLE who were always going to be the last ones robbed by the khazar bankers anyway.  Sure they do, THE US run by Rothschilds minions JUST HATES GRABBING ALL THAT ENORMOUS WEALTH, so they are going to really be mad at wikileaks, that is why they grabbed the wealth of the rich from the stock market about three times already since 2005. 

But WORSE, THESE TYPES OF DISCLOSURES HAVE ALREADY BEEN DONE BEGINNING UNDER BUSH JR IN 2008 AND CONTINUED BACK IN 2009 UNDER OBAMA. WHAT A JOKE AND WHAT SHEEP WE ARE TO BUY THIS STUFF. Here check it out. I told you, no one is going to do or say anything FROM WIKILEAKS, that hasn't already been disclosed, exposed, or already done. This is to shore up wikileaks reputation and all the neocons are on board. Think about it a minute, just use the critical thinking skills God gave you. WHY WOULD HE PUBLICALLY ANNOUNCE HE IS GIVING THIS TO WIKILEAKS AND NOT QUIETLY TO THE PRESS, OR TO THE IRS DIRECTLY OR TO THE ALTERNATIVE PRESS OR TO ANY NUMBER OF LEGITIMATE OUTLETS???? WHY SAY HE IS GOING THROUGH WIKILEAKS publically, that defies logic of any kind. The ONLY rational reason he would do this is to act as cover for wikileaks since more and more are turning away from the scam this has become. Remember, even the courts acknowledge and use "THE REASONABLE MAN THEORY",  what would a reasonable man think under these circumstances?   Here are some articles to show how this is NOT a big deal. Its been going on since the time of Bush. Already billions if not trillions have been extracted from those banks and other offshore accounts.


Heck they have even been going after the asian banks now, so check it out, THIS IS NOT NEWS NOR IS IT NEW. CHECK dates on these articles

(this last link above was under Bush for gosh sake, its old news, see excerpt below: ) in case you don't know UBS is the swiss bank for rothshild in switzerland acting as the Global clearing house for all Rothschild banks and is the one where all those big guys deposit their money. Why would the US be mad about the disclosure if they are the ones that pushed this way back before wikileaks ever got outted? Just some common sense goes a long way.

(here is a quote from the above link)
"In connection with the establishment of these offshore company accounts, UBS private bankers and managers accepted and included in UBS's account records IRS Forms W-8BEN (or UBS's substitute forms) provided by the directors of the offshore companies which represented under penalty of perjury that these companies were the beneficial owners, for United States federal income tax purposes, of the assets in the UBS accounts. In certain cases, the IRS Forms W-8BEN (or UBS's substitute forms) were false or misleading in that the United States taxpayer who owned the offshore company actually directed and controlled the management and disposition of the assets in the company accounts and/or otherwise functioned as the beneficial owner of the assets in disregard of the formalities of the purported corporate ownership."  (this is already in play as you can see from this link and extract, nothing will change)

Here is more

Obama Forced Swiss Bank To Disclose Secret February 2009 (old news)

The swiss banks have been cooperating with the US since then and even sooner. I told everyone they would go after confiscation of the big guys money last. That is exactly what happened. I mean big money. Not petty drug dealers money.   LETS SEE WHAT KIND OF SENTENCE HE GETS and that will tell us a lot.

Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks
Ed Vulliamy, The Observer, Sunday 16 January 2011

Rudolf Elmer in Mauritius: “Well-known pillars of society will hold investment portfolios and may include houses, trading companies, artwork, yachts, jewellery, horses, and so on.” Photograph: Rene Soobaroyen for the Guardian

The offshore bank account details of 2,000 "high net worth individuals" and corporations – detailing massive potential tax evasion – will be handed over to the WikiLeaks organisation in London tomorrow by the most important and boldest whistleblower in Swiss banking history, Rudolf Elmer, two days before he goes on trial in his native Switzerland.

White Hat Report #8 – The end of Obama’s Presidency

Vatic Note:   I have not been able to independantly verify this, but if true, that means we get Biden who is way worse than Obama.  I am wondering why they are throwing Obama under the train?  Is he rebelling?  Is he resisting the agenda now that he knows what the real agenda is..... depopulation by chemical warfare?  Is this connected to Wheeler?  Something is going on at the highest levels.   We all know that for 10 years they ignored this as well as every single crime, violation of the constitution, the bill of rights, murder with impunity and violated many criminal laws like SEC and others.  So now why is the court going to pretend like they are doing something?   Any ideas would be welcome,  I am at a loss about it all.  Rumormill News is reliable so I am more sure than not, that this is true.  But again, we have to wait til this plays out.  Should prove interesting, and worth keeping an eye on since something is going on at levels we are not privy to as cattle. 

White Hat Report #8 – The end of Obama’s Presidency
Posted By: Jordon, Rumormill news
Date: Wednesday, 12-Jan-2011 12:07:18 January 11, 2011 – The White Hat Report #8 – The end of Obama’s Presidency


Held: Obama did not meet the residency requirements

Supreme Court is holding on to the decision and will not publish its decision for the sake of the American political process

From the moment Barrack Hussein Obama announced he was a candidate for the office of the President, his credentials have been under constant and considerable scrutiny by the finest Constitutional legal minds in our Country.

As President, in each of the legal challenges presented to the Supreme Court, the legal question presented is not what the Honorable Court preferred to hear or the case of the Plaintiff was not proper and deemed not to have “standing” or “merit”. As always, the Court was positioning to hear the correct positions and arguments, so the Court could opine and rest the matter forever. The longer the proper legal challenges took to develop, the more difficult it would be to unwrap all of the damage that Obama, and his special interest groups, would bestow on the American people and the international community (i.e. Obama's totally ignorant comment from the White House podium declaring the French are America's closest ally). This ignorant statement insults Great Britain and the rest of our most important allies and relationships). (VN:  Aaah, maybe there is a hint in this mistake he made.... France is run by a Zionist Mossad agent in Sarkozy, so it begs the question, "is there a rift between the various elite at the top as between the rothschild zionist faction and the rest"?  Given the Mossad/CIA are constantly messing up the vaious false flags and agendas, its possible.  Anyone with other ideas, let us know).

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner

Vatic Note:  We said early on this was way more than it appeared on the surface.  We also picked up on the mind control aspects of Jared almost right away.  It was too manchurian candidate of an act. His picture gave him away with that look in his eyes.     Now, what we did not know was why although we speculated.  This below makes perfect sense and True Ott has put this together beautifully.  It all fits.  You read and see what you think.   Remember we showed a while back how the military had done up a scenario back in 1995 showing in 2009 that 30 million people would die of a flu pandemic (Remember?  Baxter tried to do just that),  and in 2010 would be the border wars/clashes creating chaos and havoc in both mexico and the united states.   Then in 2011, the security agreement between mexico and the US and canada would be invoked to "solve" the problem "they created" and we "reacted to".    Then in 2012, to prevent further choas,  the North American Union would be completed and take control of all three countries and thus the NAU would materialize.   Now this was done by the military.  Not some conspiracy nuts.  Remember we also showed all the military weaponry found at the texas mexican border put there for storage by the Zeta cartel, and we wondered  how they got ahold of so much US military equipment AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS UNIFORMS.  Well, this appeared to be the effort to begin the chaos and drama for us to REACT to, so they could SOLVE the problem for us with the NAU.  Now we find out they have been preparing mind control subjects and using this organization to help begin creating the "problem".   Given they are always working multiple agendas, it does not surprise me that they saw an opportunity here to do more than just rid themselves of the judge.  Was the murdered 9 year old girl born on 9-11-2001 a sacrifice to gain success in the endeavor????  Just asking.   A reader also pointed out this all occurred on Oracle Road.  Interesting name for a street. 

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner
(The DEATH CULT of Santa Muerte)
By A. True Ott, PhD, True Ott files

Federal Judge John McCarthy Roll was the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona who on Friday, January 7, 2011 issued a “preliminary ruling”in a case titled “United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” [Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010] that would basically disallow the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars of confiscated drug profits directly being placed into private bank accounts tied to mafia kingpins.

The following day, Saturday, January 8, 2011, Judge Roll was shot and killed by an individual the media would have you believe is a lone, anti-Semitic, right-wing fanatic who listens to too much alternative radio broadcasts!! The case being ruled on by Judge Roll, is all about bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States by Mexican drug lords and who exactly has the final right of possession of the funds.

It appears that the Obama administration claimed the right to seize large amounts of cash and assets under authority of Presidential Executive Orders, instead of using existing laws. The Obama administration used as support for their claim before Judge Roll the seizing of all American citizens’ gold, in 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 6102, which was ruled at the time to be constitutional. The question that needs to be thoroughly investigated is, why is Obama’s Justice Department, and A.G. Eric Holder getting mixed up in all of this, and why do they care what happens to Mexican drug cartel funds??


Hungarian Media Puts Up Blank Pages to Protest Censorship Bill

Vatic Note: Again, this is in keeping with our People to People mission of bringing all of us together and learning and see what other countries are going through and what tactics they are using to combat the global enemy of all of us. Nothing has brought us together better than the international Khazar Zionist Bakers as an enemy of each and everyone of us everywhere. I am sorry to say our leadership in this country has been completely taken over by them, so unfortunately we have to deal with them right here in our nation and pray that its not to late to stop all this. But look what the Hungarian Press did that was wonderful. Oh, if only we had such press. Well, we do, the alternative press and I don't think I will ever go back and trust them ever again. Enjoy the read and lets hope we can get some ideas from this.

Hungarian Media Puts Up Blank Pages to Protest Censorship Bill
From the "Good for them" dept, Tech Dirt on line

from the good-for-them dept

We noted that some media publications in Hungary were considering a "media blackout" to protest new laws that would greatly increase government control over the media, by forcing the media to reveal sources and threatening fines if the government felt that coverage wasn't "balanced." While we doubted that such a protest would have much of an impact, it does appear that many of the major media properties put up blank pages on their websites to protest the law. And now we'll see whether or not it has any impact at all... Here is some background on the subject...........

Media Blackout

We had already discussed how Hungary's new media censorship laws seemed particularly draconian -- requiring all reporting to be sufficiently "balanced" or the media may receive a fine and all media must reveal their sources. It appears the new law is getting a lot more attention, as its coincides with Hungary taking over the Presidency of the EU. Civil liberties groups are protesting the new law and calling for a media blackout. I'd be surprised if any such blackout is effective but having more people speak out in general about such laws hopefully will lead the Hungarian government to reconsider its policies. Here is how they are going to handle it........

Hungary sees blank page protest over media billhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11899075
Excerpt from BBC news

Several Hungarian newspapers have published blank front pages or cartoons in protest at a bill which they say would restrict media freedom.

The legislation now being debated in parliament would allow the official media watchdog to impose heavy fines on privately run publications.

There would be sanctions for unbalanced coverage or breaches of rules on coverage of sex, violence or alcohol.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tearsby Jim Kirwan,  an essay 1-12-11

What can ‘Blood Sweat & Tears actually teach anyone?

With just two days to go, before Americans either participate or not in a week-long and peaceful National Strike Against Tyranny: Some of the very real issues that must be considered have to be added to what should be part of the reasoning behind this world-changing idea.

I’m just one who was educated by ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ over the course of a life wherein human-values have always been at the core of almost all of that experience. One consequence of that way-of-living has been to automatically become part of the road-kill that the New World order is generating—planetwide—as they are now making their final dash to end all-life; as the rest of us have known it.

This society has been gripped by slogans and ideas, mostly commercial, but definitely ‘lite’ on the ethical and balanced realities that life itself can teach anyone: But only it can only teach those that pay the price for what can be learned by “doing.”

Here are the words from a song that sets up the dichotomy of what we want to believe, versus what must be done to achieve this glowing concept.

Remember Who We Are – Krista Branch

“It’s our time to take a stand,
Remember Who we are.
There’s a call, across this land,

Remember Who we are.


Was This Another Small Wargame for What is Happening Now?

Vatic Note: Interesting, the only thing that can insure one country experiencing strong cold weather without it affecting the other countries, is HAARP or some other weapon we do not know about. Remember the top secret military space ship was in space at that time as well and was up there to test a top secret weapon. Now I have no idea if its that, but if its the pole shifts it would be happening in all the countries in that zone, not just bolivia. Yet, there is no mention of it happening elsewhere YET. This article regarding the now recent GLOBAL ATTACK, makes a good case for it not being the cold at all. You can see how they have tracked it since this began, by looking at the number of updates they have done. NOW, LOOK AT THE DATE OF THIS VIDEO, WAS THIS A WAR GAME TEST RUN BACK IN AUGUST TO BE USED FOR NOW??? Did they work out the kinks??? This is just too strange. Its a food issue. Here is a pure guess at what I think is going on. Pole shifts are definitely coming. We do not know when, but I believe the PTB do know and they are taking advantage of it by ensuring no food for survivors by killing off all meat on the planet or as much as they can to make sure ONLY THE FITTEST, STRONGEST AND COMMITTED WILL SURVIVE (eugenics sound familiar?) and thus provide the stock for their slave labor, and eugenics breeding program that our lovely robber barons have engaged in since time immemorial?. I am seriously beginning to think this is the case once you objectively step back and put all the pieces together, that we have covered in the last 10 months. Its all leading to this conclusion. What was it Rahm who said about "never letting a serious crisis go to waste"? Anybody ever see or hear about Rahm and his people that left the white house??? Are they already underground preparing for the others to arrive when its time, are we that close ??

Extreme Cold Temps kills 6 million fish, 1000s of alligators, dolphins...
NOLINKNEWS,  August 08, 2010,  provided to Vatic Project by Stiney,  USA

Conspiracy of Science - Earth is, in fact, growing!

Vatic Note: Wow, well, blow my socks off.  Now Who woulda thunk, huh?  I had no idea and from what he shows us, it makes perfect sense and in fact, it makes more sense then anything else I have heard about the plates. Think about it, if all the continents were connected at one time on all sides into a solid land mass, AND they have not changed in size,  then the mass of all the continents had to be the same while the volumn of the earth itself, must have grown rather than the continents shrinking or there would be no oceans.  Because of the volumes of space now between the continents, there is no other explanation or answer for what happened.  Well of course it didn't shrink, so the only other answer is this one below. I am not a geologist or scientist for that matter so you all watch this video and decide for yourself. This is really fascinating. I am a science buff only as a hobby, so this really has been fun for me to learn about the earth and how its evolved over many millions if not billions of years.  Now here is the big question...... IS IT STILL GROWING?  Is the distance between our continents getting bigger?  Will it take longer to fly somewhere or sail somewhere?  How much is  it growing per year?   Is their an end to that growth?  Is it unlimited, what size could it end up?   Could it get as big as Jupiter?  Was Jupiter smaller at one time???   Lots of related questions.

Conspiracy of Science - Earth is, in fact, growing
March 02, 2007

When my children come home from school and tell me what they are learning in Science I always cringe just a little -- and then they cringe a little more when I begin what has become a fairly familiar speech in my home. Don’t always believe everything you are told…..

This doesn’t help them when it comes time to getting the grades - which gives them more choices -- and it doesn’t help me when they complain that knowing how to calculate the area of a circle will not help them succeed in life -- but it does help us all remember that as much as we think we know -- we really don’t know much.

I am very curious to learn your opinion of this video -- does it make sense? Do you believe it? If it’s true -- then what does it mean?     Loving the Journey


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


2012 Enigma: Blueprint for a Golden Age

Vatic Note:   This is up to highlight once again, ancient secrets that we simply never questioned until recently.  With all the changes cosmically and solar system wise, we have to start looking at what it is that may well change our world, our lives if it hasn't already, and our perceptions of reality.   I realize some of you will not like this very much but if you can watch it with an open mind and take from it that which touches you, then it will add to your ability to deal with the realm we are currently dealing with outside of our normal experience and our normal perceptions of reality.   He points out some very real facts in here and has some very interesting explanations for them..... So, please, this is relevant to what we are going through today with the satanists who deeply believe in a supernal nature that they believe we do not  understand nor can we fathom it.   Once you see this and its historical foundation,  you will see that it has two sides to it.   The evil we are experincing, but also the light and the good that we, as victims of the evil,  can use to our advantage and to access our power as humans.  God  if you will, or the universe or whatever fits for you is a power within your reach.......I have a feeling we are holding our own even though we do not know why.   So what kind of future is POSSIBLE?   and what do we need to do to reach it?   Take what you need from this and leave the rest........  its up to you. 

2012 Enigma:  Blueprint for a Golden Age
By David Wilcock http://www.tunuc.com/

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

Vatic Note:  So why is so much happening and we are fed so many different views and distractions and excuses that don't make any sense???  We have the most ridiculous answers for why birds and fish and crabs worldwide went belly up all at once.  The excuses and reasons why are so ludicrous as to be insulting to those they are fed to, thats me and you.   The reason they feed us this garbage is to pacify us and redirect us to some other issue and we all know  the powers that be control all sources of information including controlled opposition publications on both the left and the right as we see from Newsmax on the right and Alternet on the left along with others on both sides.   This below explains it.  Its actually an official training write up for trolls, the MSM, controlled forums etc.   Its worth studying as once you get how this works,  you can see it while it unfolds before your very eyes and share it with the sheeple so they can learn to spot the disinformation and counter it or at the very least ignore it.   Since the net I am sure they are working on upgrading their pathetic list of tactics.   Well,  lets hope they go down before they finish... I would hate to see anyone else assassinated that way or any way for that matter. 

By H. Michael Sweeney

A rational person participating as one interested in the truth will evaluate that chain of evidence and conclude either that the links are solid and conclusive, that one or more links are weak and need further development before conclusion can be arrived at, or that one or more links can be broken, usually invalidating (but not necessarily so, if parallel links already exist or can be found, or if a particular link was merely supportive, but not in itself key to) the argument. The game is played by raising issues which either strengthen or weaken (preferably to the point of breaking) these links. It is the job of a disinfo artist to interfere with these evaluations... to at least make people think the links are weak or broken when, in truth, they are not... or to propose alternative solutions leading away from the truth. Often, by simply impeding and slowing down the process through disinformation tactics, a level of victory is assured because apathy increases with time and rhetoric.
Those who are professional in the art of lies and deceit, such as the intelligence community and the professional criminal (often the same people or at least working together), tend to apply fairly well defined and observable tools in this process. However, the public at large is not well armed against such weapons, and is often easily led astray by these time-proven tactics.
Where such ideas are critical of government or powerful, vested groups (especially if their criminality is the topic), the disinfo artist has yet another role

the role of nipping it in the bud. They also seek to stage the concept, the presenter, and any supporters as less than credible should any possible future confrontation in more public forums result due to their early successes. You can often spot the disinfo types at work here by the unique application of "higher standards" of discussion than necessarily warranted. They will demand that those presenting arguments or concepts back everything up with the same level of expertise as a professor, researcher, or investigative writer. Anything less renders any discussion meaningless and unworthy in their opinion, and anyone who disagrees is obviously stupid  and they generally put it in exactly those terms.
1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Regardless of what you know, don't discuss it especially if you are a public figure, news anchor, etc. If it's not reported, it didn't happen, and you never have to deal with the issues.

The Nanomachines - Interview with Hildegarde Staninger - Part 1of 2 Videos

Vatic Note: You won't believe this...... WE HAVE TO GET THIS OUT TO EVERYONE IMMEDIATELY.  This is OUTRAGEOUS, PERVERTED AND OBSCENE.   I am appalled and realize now that we are seriously dealing with some very seriously sick minds. Its so alien to me, that anyone could do this on purpose, that I am still in shock... I can't even believe this. But she is a legit scientist and not some flake. This is truly amazing.  Pass this onto your senators and congressmen and save it for court cases since this has to stop.... it simply has to be stopped. Video three is slightly different but still deals with nano particles being inserted through smartdust in our water and other ways into our bodies. What in the heck are all these things doing to our DNA and you know already from previous blogs how important our DNA is to our consciousness. Watch these, and if you don't get upset over this and do something about it, your not paying attention.

The Nanomachines - Interview with Hildegarde Staninger - Part 1of 2 (3rd added about smart dust in our water) 
Morgellons Disease delivered by Chemtrails,
tankerenemy,  Provided to Vatic Project by Zeige, USA

Dr. Staninger is leading the science and medical community in unlocking the toxic causes and exposures related to Morgellons disease...it is an environmental pollution/toxicity that is the root to this condition and specifically, it is all about nanotechnology, biological pesticides, medicines, GMO foods, etc. She refers to it as being contaminated by advanced nano materials. Read her science papers at hildegarde-staningerdotcom

VATIC ALERT: Breaking News - Serious Chemical Warfare against THE US is currently under way.

UPDATE:  Ok, Just called my congressman who was just elected to congress and told him all that I hve written below.  Here is what they are going to do.  THEY ARE GOING TO OFFICIALLY REQUEST THE FAA PROVIDE INFO ON WHO THEY GAVE PERMISSION TO, TO FLY OVER PAGOSA AND DUMP PHOSGENE CHEMICAL WEAPONS.  Then they are going to ask the EPA to send someone out to test the snow and the air near the ground for the gas.  THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE THAT HAS THIS GOING ON OVER YOUR TOWNS AND WHO HAVE THE SYMPTOMS LISTED BELOW HAS TO DO.  CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND DEMAND FAA OFFICIALLY TELL US WHO THEY APPROVED TO DUMP A CHEMICAL WEAPON OVER OUR TOWN.  ANYONE WITH THESE SYMPTOMS CAN SAY SO TO THEM TO LET THEM KNOW WE ARE NOT GOING TO SIT AND TAKE THIS ONE LYING DOWN.  PLEASE DO THIS, AS ITS EASY AND EFFECTIVE WITH A NEW CONGRESS.  At the very least it will educate them to what is going on.  This gas is what killed the birds and the fish and  Wheeler, who was going ot whistle blow on this effort at depopulation.  

Vatic Note:   Listen up......I can confirm this report personally.   I have all the symptoms, all of them.  They are moderate and not the worst symptoms, but sufficient for me to be seriously affected functionally.  For the first time I noticed the spray out of the planes was orange and they sprayed at daybreak when usually its during the entire day.   So they did not want us to see this.   Later I did smell a sweet almost spring like smell and thought it odd.  I just found this video today and realized why I was having problems since I use natural remedies, but nothing worked like normal.  and this video explained what it was that I was smelling.  I had been unusually and exceedingly tired and lathargic, so its no joke and it is having an impact on one of my vital organs which is my heart.

So now please watch this and listen to the symptoms and her recommendations for clearing them up.  I can personally tell you that this does not feel like normal illness either.  You get exceedingly tired, head aches WHICH I NEVER EVER GET.   RAGGED COUGHING, SWELLING OF THE LEGS, VEINS AND DAMAGE TO THE VEINS AND ALL OF IT HAPPENS ALL AT ONCE.  I can treat naturally some of the symptoms like the veins and the leg swelling but not the head aches, or the coughing which normally I can do easily.  Greens, lots of greens, no sugar and get the chemicals detoxed out of your system as it will do damage to your organs. 

Clearing chemicals from your system is a lot different then clearing biological agents, but listen to the symptoms and find out if you or anyone you know has them.  NOW, will you do something about this?  At the very least we need to be in court in a multiperson class action law suit and not with a judge that is a satanist either,  or  we need to return the favor.   First Civil court action and from there Criminal based on the results of the civil case.   I will try to find a natural way to detox your body from these chemicals. Replay this where she discusses how to treat it naturally as well.   THIS IS WAR AND DO NOT KID YOURSELVES RIGHT NOW.  WHEELER WAS OUR FIRST CASUALTY OF WAR AND APPARENTLY SO WAS A REPORTER.  If you do not deal with this as such, then you are simply allowing yourself to be suicided.   I am going to try and find out who that reporter was. 

Please ignore her divide language since its both parties that are intimidated, threatened, blackmailed or bought off, by the international khazar zionist bankers who currently control this government. 

Operation Black Swan Killing Birds, Fish, People
Posted by EU Times on Jan 11th, 2011, provided to vatic project by Jim Kirwan, SF, Ca. USA


Everything you always wanted to know about HAARP, but were afraid to ask!

Vatic Note:  If you watched the Avalon interview of an insider, you will know the objective is mass starvation globally for massive population reduction.   In keeping with our desire to focus on "Truth" and the elites agenda in order to overturn it,  we are beginning this series on the TOOLS they are using to achieve their objective so we can deal with them a tool at a time.  We began  with the 25 tactics they use for spreading disinformation, so you can avoid the brainwashing once you know that is what is happening and what they use so you recognize it.  Now HAARP is next since its definitely a weather manipulating tool as well as an attack weapon using low frequency electromagnetic pulsing which attacks the organs.  Fish and Birds sound familiar?  Also does Australias massive flooding now the size of the state of Texas ring a bell?   I wondered if that is the military top secret weapon that is in space being tested.  They have a HAARP in Alaska,  Norway (norway spiral ring a bell?), and Puerto Rico (Haiti earthquake ring a bell?).  Read this and follow all the links and you will know everything about this beast. 

HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare
By Fred Burks

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense program which has generated quite a bit of controversy over the years in certain circles. Though denied by HAARP officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of HAARP are designed to forward the US military's stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020. Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather modification, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more.

US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children

Vatic Note: This is definitely not our troops doing this. I suspect these are the satanist now welcomed into the military and children are the sacrifice (see video) for the innocences of their blood to be spilled similar to the fire sacrifice to Molech which is practiced at the Bohemian grove by our leaders. Remember also that the top eschelon in the military are the children of the illuminati who are raised as satanists and mind controlled and designated for various occupations that we have shown on this blog here and here.
 Please also note this from the military itself all about satanism as if it were an integral part of their service. When you read all these links you will understand why I believe deeply that the little girl that was killed born on 9/11/2001 was a target for satanic purposes as was the selection of  the street, named "ORACLE ROAD", also the store is on the 32 parallel. It would explain a lot about some of the inhumane acts our military has done that we cannot fathom since most are such good people. Remember, suicide rates are way up in the military right now and why is that??? Is it because those are the ones who refuse to join or partake in these sacrifices??? Were these children more than what they said?  Were they a sacrifice of innocence to the molech god or satan???

This is the way to get the globe to hate us so much that they will come together and declare war enmass on us here in the USA, and ITS EXACTLY WHAT THE ZIONIST KHAZAR BANKERS DID IN NAZI GERMANY THROUGH CONTROL OF HITLER JUST LIKE THEY HAVE CONTROL OF OBAMA. Remember, Hitler, was a Rothschild and Obama on his mothers side was Jewish. That is why its so ludicrous when someone says he is muslim when the only religious symbol allowed at the WHite House at Christmas was the Menora.... does that sound muslim to you????.

US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children
January 8, 2010 # 2

US Troops Execute 10 Afghan Children: Protest rallies in Kabul & Jalalabad.

A First: Obama burned in Effigy.   (VN:  oh, that can't be possible, didn't he get the Nobel prize for "PEACE"?, shows you what has happened to  that august body who hands these out.... we can't trust any of the globes institutions anymore including the nobel committee, what a shame and they talk about us being cattle and animals,  I think we know who the animals really are now,  those satanizing our military who are in control of the pentagon,  the khazar zionist bankers dual israeli citizens.  Our good men are being suicided)

Oh, It Was the John P Wheeler III, Who was Involved in the Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was found In a Land fill!

Oh, It Was the John P Wheeler III, Who was Involved in the Barksdale-Minot Incident Who Was found In a Land fill!
Admin,  Female Faust,  1/8/11

John Wheeler III, special assistant to Air Force Secretary during the 2007 B-52 nuke incident at Minot, found dead in Delaware landfill. Homicide concluded. Last seen on Amtrak from DC on Dec. 28. Dealing with neocons can be hazardous to one's health. Not the first suspicious Air Force death as reported by WMR. http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20071101_1

A bit more digging, so you have somewhere to start, brings me to Sodahead's rather levelheaded opinion : http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/ex-bush-reagan-officials-body-found-dumped-in-landfill/question-1424815/

What the "news" is not telling you is -

Wheeler was the assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force in the George W. Bush Administration. It was the Secretary of the Air Force who discovered that Richard Cheney had set up an alternative chain of command to the nuclear weapons wing of the AF.

In the process, six minutemen missiles armed with nuclear warheads were secretly transported from Minot AFB to Barksdale AFB. The later is the chief staging base for the Middle East war. The alarm system for the weapons was deactivated for the transport, something that not even the base commander could authorize. The orders had to have come from above.

Many point to Cheney. Before the warheads could be flown via B-52 to the Iraq/Iran theater, the Secretary of the Air Force ordered the stand-down of all B-52 flights. When he discovered the alternative chain of command to Cheney, he fired all military personnel who were involved.

Cheney was said to have been livid. The Secretary ordered an investigation of what the AF press release called an oversight, and 70 enlisted men and 5 officers were removed from the Minot nuclear system. At the same time, people involved began to die mysteriously. Wheeler is only the latest casualty.

Read more, including background info, here . http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/ex-bush-reagan-officials-body-found-dumped-in-landfill/question-1424815/

For a detailed history of the Barksdale-Minot incident, go here (of course). http://femalefaust.blogspot.com/2010/06/2007-fact-six-leave-from-minot-minus.html

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Media Caught Hiding Fact Loughner Is Jewish & His family attended same synogoge as Gibbons

UPDATE:  It appears this report was accurate to a point,  however, it also appears that the family did not attend the synogogue that the friend said.  However, the perp did know about his Jewish background of his great grandfather and so did his mother.  So he did not shoot the congresswoman because she was Jewish.  As you know, we believe he was a mind controlled assassin from his time in the military.   Will continue to update as it comes out.  I believe they are doing that to many of our soldiers and suiciding those that is doesn't work on.  Just my belief but pieces of the puzzle seem to suggest that is the only logical explanation for what is happening.... until I hear a better explanation then I am holding with this one.

Vatic Note:  I still believe based on witnesses that he was mind controlled.   Now that I find this out below, it adds more fuel to that belief.   We also have heard no more about the second weapon (rifle) and a long range  shooter.  Also a reader of our blog made some additonal points that support the possibility of a satanic mind control situation....
1.  The young girl killed was born on 9/11/2001 and we know satanists track children for their sacrifice requirements and important occult dates are an intregal part of their actions, 
2.  The store this killing occurred in was located on "Oracle Street",
3.  We also know that a back up Rifle shooter is standard for killing the  mind control assassin once his job is done.  Could that be he missed the assassin and thus it was how so many were killed and wounded??? A reader made the point that these occult dates, places etc are typical of the Masonic insiders 
4.  (Comment by another reader)  "If I gauge the time differences correctly, the shooting occurred barely 16 hours ago. The news already has its own Wikipedia page with 42 references."  (Remember who trained a massive number of Israeli's to edit wikipedia, we had the story on here not to long ago)  My jaw dropped at that one. Somebody is eager for their version of the story to be the official version--somebody with huge resources. This is EXACTY WHAT HAPPENED WITH 9-11, remember??? 
5.  Also remember that the agenda for doing this always appears shortly after the event while the MSM plays up the accompanying music to the main theme and that has occurred here perfectly.   Now GUN CONTROL has become the big issue based on this and FREE SPEECH based on Palin saying what she said, which to me means the khazar bankers told her to say it so they could get the guns and the internet TO STOP THE CRITICISM OF ISRAEL in one fell swoop, but they did not pay attention to who this man was.    Read this and find out, THIS  BLOWS ALL THEIR TRADITION TACTICS DOWN THE DRAIN.  He was not an anti-semite, he was Jewish and his family attended the same synogoge as Gibbons.  SEE?  ITS ALL JUST A GAME TO THEM.

Media Caught Hiding Fact Loughner Is Jewish
1-11-11,  by Rense.com

This is an amazing story. We now learn that Jared Lee Loughner's mother Amy Loughner is a member of the SAME Reform synagogue as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords! That means that Amy's son, who lives with his Jewish parents, Amy and Randy Loughner, is ALSO a member of the same synagogue as his shooting victim, Rep. Giffords.

Why didn't we hear about this from our super-sleuth national media?

Instead, we hear that a 'WHITE MAN' is the shooter. We hear that 'ANTI-SEMITISM' is his motive. (Mass Mind Control anyone?)

But now...now...some FACTS are leaking out!

His best friend, Bryce Tierney, who got a "farewell" voice message the night before the shootings tells us that his friend is Jewish. He tells us that Jared Loughner put Mein Kampf down as "favorite reading" to irritate his Jewish mother, Amy.

The story and the coverup of the story gets wilder. The Loughners and the Giffords were members of the same Congregation Chaverim. On the Congregation Chaverim website we learn that this Reform synagogue that was founded in 1973 has 140 families. That's a very small group. The Rabbi, Stephanie Aaron surely knows every single family member of her congregation on a first name basis! That includes 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.

So, it is IMPOSSIBLE that Rabbi Stephanie Aaron did not KNOW instantly upon learning that a Jared Lee Loughner had shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords that BOTH people were members of her small congregation!

But does Rabbi Aaron make ANY effort to inform the media, as she takes hundreds and hundreds of media calls from the mass media, of this fact?

Apparently not!


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Why Not Gun Control for the GOVERNMENT

Vatic Note: Now you can see why the mind control Jerrod was sent to shoot the congresswoman. So what was the immediate response???  INTERNET FREE SPEECH to go and GUN CONTROL. Now you KNOW WHY THEY DID THE MIND CONTROL ASSASSIN.   It didn't take but a day for that to show up in the press owned by the bankers. They simply cannot complete their agenda with out it. Remember, before Hitler could take complete control of Germany he had to have the guns registered and that is what he did. Then when he was ready to take complete control he went after every single registered gun and if the people tried to say they lost it or no longer had it, they took them out into the streets and shot them as a message to the rest to turn over their guns. And you know what happened after that, as the JPFO, That is the "Jewish Preservation of Firearms Org", can tell you fully. Its why they are against gun control, but then they are real Jews, aren't they and they know full well what the satanic Khazars are capable of doing. Here is the nazi law that is the basis of the Creation of the American BATF.   SO, GUN CONTROL FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND NONE FOR THE PEOPLE......  


Now that should chill your bones. Remember we hauled hundreds of gestapo and nazi's over here after the war and set up a program as a black ops called "Paper Clip". Remember that? Well , now we get to live with the culmination of the resurrection of the fascist police state that they created. They mind controlled so many of those assassins and each time they take away a bit more..... CREATE THE PROBLEM, SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Create the assassin, send him to shoot someone and immediately say "Gun Control".

Cities, States to default soon? A Felony Fraud on the Taxpayer!

Vatic Note: The reason I have put this up now, is because of all the fear mongering spreading around about an eminent COLLAPSE of our governments both local and state.  Add to that California's threat of bancruptcy when their southern california financials indicate a 4 billion dollar unrestricted liquid assets on their financials that are not included in their budget, which means they are carrying two sets of books, and thus the funds are in fact available to prevent the bankcruptcy, and that did not include Northern California. Well, that is the case with every municipality, both local and state.   So CHECK OUT YOUR TOWN, COUNTY AND STATE BEFORE BUYING INTO THIS GIANT OF ALL SCAMS.  This video explains in full detail how this all works and how the various states have two sets of books, one set for the tax payer called a "BUDGET" and another set for the state and feds called a CAFR report, which is a consolidated Annual Financial Report. In the latter is where all the cash is stashed and the wall street brokerage firms make millions off the management and investment of these accounts nationwide for all the governmental agencies. New Jersey alone has trillions and they are not near as big as NY and California.  STOP ANY BANCRUPTCY IN ANY STATE WITH THIS INFORMATION.   Remember,  UNITED, WE ARE POWERFUL

SOLUTION: So, solution to this one is easy. Obtain the CAFR's for YOUR LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS,  THEY ARE MANDATORY TO BE PRESENTED TO THE FEDS EACH YEAR.  For Californians for instance, get the CAFR's for  both sourthern California for 2009, (page 26, "unrestricted funds", shown in the millions (000's added to figure showing), and Northern California, so the figure there is in the billions when you add the three 000's) and southern california, go to the liquid assets section of the report, and look for "cash - unrestricted funds". Then add them up together, get the document certified by a bank or power of attorney and then bring it to bancruptcy court to show the court these funds are available and are to be used since they were accumulated using taxpayer funds for creating the revenue generating source and thus belong to the taxpayer, not private entities. THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO "THE BIGGEST GAME IN TOWN", those of you in NY and NJ are going to be shocked.  You have trillions in all those municipalities and state coffers.  GO GET THEM. There is no bigger scam going on right now, than this one. Its been going on for years and we knew nothing about it. ITS TIME TO EXPOSE IT TO THE LIGHT OF DAY. STOP THE BANCRUPTCY in its tracks, and prevent the state under Nazi Arnold, from privatizing all taxpayer funded projects and infrastructure and state parks and lands. THIS IS CRITICAL to saving the citizens of california from being raped and pillaged.

Those of you in Illinois where they are also squealing bancruptcy, can check this one out and do the same thing.  Take it to the bankcruptcy court and present the info.  

Watch this video by Alex Jones FIRST about Walter Burien and the CAFR's and his interview, then below watch Walters ground breaking video on the scam of the century against the American TAXPAYERS.  Amazing gall.   I also believe part of it is the money laundering going on with the massive drug running and its being done throuhg our khazar operated and controlled international banks who also control the investments of these CAFR's and make money on fees, so you know why they don't want you to use it for budget purposes.  Anyway,  when they start screaming COLLAPSE, COLLAPSE, just shove these in their faces and tell them jail is their next stop if they try to collapse anything.