Gov. Jesse Ventura "Worldwide Water Conspiracy" in 3 parts

Vatic Note:   In video #1, a woman says what my research has proven and we have published on here, but it was very powerful to listen to her say it outloud on this public video.  She said that this is all about the corporations (primarily now owned by the international Khazar Rothschild bankers),  Bankers, and  Foundations to raise China to a first world leading economic power in this world, while also bringing the USA down economically and gaining control over our population.  (That is why we are giving our weapons & space technology to the Chinese as we just showed on here about a week or two ago. The High Treason is pulpable at the highest levels of government and industry).   That control also means "Depopulation" which is going on as we speak.  This video shows they intend to take the public water away from us through default on our debt and confiscation of public water and sell it to the corporations who will then charge us for it.... they are doing this already with bottled water, but worse, they have done the big steal in third world countries already.   This is a must watch.  No wonder they took Jesse off that show.   Who controls the entertainment industry???  SAME PEOPLE. 

One final thought.   We have shown on here many times the value of water and necessity of it in its natural form to heal, repair and sustain our DNA which is also our consciousness and to sustain our Pineal Gland which is something we will get into on a later blog.   THIS IS IMPORTANT, PLEASE WATCH THESE VIDEOS and begin by getting rain barrels and having the rainwater tested by a private local lab who is reliable.   Find out what is in it and what we would need to remove it.... Chemtrails are part of the attack on this water, similar to GMO attacks on our food.   See the picture now???  Cut back on your showers to once a week until you can get clean rainwater or underground river or aquifir water. Your skin absorbs 20% of the water intake during showers and by passes the liver which is the cleaning organ for your body, so its important to cut back for now.   The process whereby rain filters down into the granite or ground and travels down into the lower earth and runs in rivers or sites in aquifirs,  is a form of cleaning the earth does to the water and its why well water is so important  to obtaining clean water, as is rainwater if its not full of the toxins he mentions, which it should not be once it makes the journey to underground.   Its why Bush bought the land over the largest fresh water aquifir in the world located in Brazil.  Its the new water wars coming once they quit fighting over oil.   That is almost complete now with the middle east AND America, firmly in the grasp of Israel.  Water will be next.

Conspiracy Theory with Gov. Jesse Ventura "Worldwide Water Conspiracy pt1 of 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIQ-HuCOfS4&feature=player_embedded
December 03, 2010

As producer Michael Braverman announced yesterday, what was once an episode just dealing with schemes to profit off the Great Lakes has now expanded into a startling exposé of the dangerous toxins being added to our water by design. Now known as the "Worldwide Water Conspiracy," tonight's episode of Conspiracy Theory with Gov. Jesse Ventura will take on water privatization, false scarcity profit schemes, the effects of fluoride, lithium and uranium in drinking water and much more. "WORLDWIDE WATER CONSPIRACY" PREMIERES TONIGHT, FRIDAY DEC. 3 AT 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST.

Part I


Part 2


Part 3


Scarcity, perceived or real, drives the value of commodities, and many people say water is the next oil. The Great Lakes consist of more than 20% of Earth's surface fresh water, but the levels are dropping. Some streams and groundwater sources have already dried up, and a shortage of clean drinking water could prove to be one of the 21st Century's greatest bubbles.

Now, Gov. Ventura's investigation reveals that foreign companies are stealing water from the Great Lakes, imposing upon one of the American public's greatest assets. Already, the scale of schemes to privatize water and make big profit on a clear necessity are astounding. The TruTV team has learned that the Nestle Corporation is one of the firms tapping this water to sell in bottled water and other products. Moreover, it has circumvented public access points to the lakes by stashing its pumps 12 miles away from the shore of Lake Michigan-- in a private game preserve where no one can see them and little scrutiny is likely to arise. *
Moreover, Ventura has uncovered a novel way of siphoning this "blue gold." Giant floating water bags have been implemented to create huge "water trains" and profiteers are using them to ship America's fresh water to foreign countries like China. If the multinational corporations are not stopped, they'll take our "champagne water" and leave us to drink the toilet water. Think it can't happen here? In countries like Bolivia, where private companies have taken control of the water, ordinary people have already had to protest against the police state in order to simply collect rainwater for basic needs. Now, the right to collect rainwater has been challenged here in the United States as well.

But the Conspiracy Theory episode stumbles upon an even greater danger lurking in the water. Testing shows that numerous deadly toxins have been found in the majority of America's tap water, and it's no accident. Could population control through forced mass medication in water be underway? This form of control was discussed in sitting-White House Science Czar John P. Holdren's book Ecoscience as far back as 1977.  (VN:  This is the traitor in our White House that we published on here showing his push to share our technological advances with China and using some high faluting diatribe to justify it, but in fact its to bring us down while raising china up.  He is committing High Treason as we can see by the photo in the article and by these series of videos)

The team learns that male birth rates are dropping all over the world. To find out why, Ventura & co. speak with radiation exposure expert Leuren Moret who drops the bombshell that uranium-- yes uranium-- is found in our drinking water and is triggering a mass-feminization in the population via a hormonal-chemical assault. The New York Times reported in 2009 that some 49 million Americans are drinking water contaminated with chemicals like arsenic or radioactive substances like uranium. (VN:  Further, simultaneously with this going on, our children are being drugged, and then indoctrinated, THROUGH THE SCHOOLS,  in sex as recreation and encouraged to lean toward a gay sex life and all of it to maintain the decreased population they intend to achieve through poisoned air, food and water.  Add to that their pedophiling our children so they will not be interested in having families when they mature.  Its a really sick agenda at this point and these are definitely crimes against humanity and a death penalty offenses, please keep that in mind at all times.  Someone is going to have to deal out justice down the line at some point.   They are void of any connection to humanity). 

Further, in 2010, the State of Texas was caught covering up dangerous and illegal levels of uranium in its water supplies that can cause cell mutations and cancer. Other chemicals including fluoride further raise suspicions about who is controlling what goes into our bodies, and why.

There is every reason to believe that Big Brother wants ordinary Americans calm and docile, unable to resist their system. Is that why government experts and leading bio-ethicists are advocating adding dose amounts of lithium to municipal water districts? Lithium is commonly to used to sedate patients suffering from bi-polar disorder, and the agenda has been put forward ostensibly to reduce suicides in the population. However, issuing a mass dose to the population is not only dangerous, as the amount affects people differently, but a form of true medical tyranny.

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American Action Report said...

Do you remember that, in 2008, you said that George W. Bush had bought thousands of acres in Uruguay? You thought that it was because he needed a place to run where he couldn't be extradited for war crimes?
At the time, I did some checking and found that the Bush ranch in Uruguay sits atop the Guarani Aquifer, one of the largest aquifers (underground water) in the world. To him and other criminal psychopaths, I'm sure that the presence of Guarani Indians in that area shouldn't be a problem.
Recall as well that, during the Vietnam War, unused bombs after bombing runs were dropped into the ocean. Only years later did we learn that this action was coupled with sonar to detect deep-ocean deposits of oil. The Bush family pioneered deep-sea oil drilling.
Do you detect a pattern here?

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AAR, sorry I am so late in responding, but you know how it goes. LOL

First of all, where Bush bought the land was in Paraguay over the Aquifir, Uruaguay is not over that Aquifir and Rev Moon also bought more than Bush in the same place right next to him so they control all that water and I put up a blog on that way way back probably in 2010. I think it must have been someone else who said that about his running away.