Grantham Flood Survivor Threatened with Arrest (Australia)

Vatic Note: See, I hate to say it, but I told you these were soulless people that the khazars put into power in all these countries including our own.   This was exactly like Katrina.  Remember?  Bush played the guitar as his FEMA group prevented rescue, supplies, water entering the area for 3 days.  It took the sheriff of the parish to tell his deputies to shoot to kill if any FEMA  person tried to disconnect communications AGAIN.  They had come in and disconnected the sheriffs communications when in the middle of an unprecendented emergency, that the powers that be created in the first place with haarp and then blowing up the levies and it appeared to be a war game of sorts to see how long and who would die without aid and who would resort to violence.  It was very sick scene to watch and not be able to do anything to change it.  It appears these good people in Australia are going through a similar situation with their leaders.  Its always the poor schmuck on the street that gets manipulated and bamboozled and then used for fodder against his own best interests.  A truly inhumane way to deal with your own people you swore to serve and protect.

"The Powers - That - Be left us for Dead", Australia resident
Grantham Flood Survivor Threatened with Arrest
by Richard Phillips, Tuesday, January 18, 2011, Axis Of Logic

Queensland police threatened Grantham service station owner Martin Warburton, 41, with arrest on Thursday if he attempted to speak with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh about the failure of their governments to provide timely and adequate assistance to the flood-ravage community. Warburton, who is chairman of the Grantham relief committee and a former councillor, was told by the local police sergeant he could be arrested and charged for “inciting fear and anger in the community”

The threat was issued a day before Gillard and Bligh were scheduled to visit a local evacuation centre and followed warnings to the media by Queensland Flood Recovery Taskforce head, Major-General Mick Slater, that any reportage of community “divisiveness” would hamper the “success” of the recovery operation. These developments further highlight the political reality that the principal concerns of the Flood Recovery Taskforce is not the plight of ordinary people but protecting the state and federal governments and corporate interests.

Grantham, a small town of 370 people in the Lockyer Valley about 100 kilometres west of Brisbane, is regarded as the “epicentre” of flash-flooding that hit Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley communities in south-east Queensland.

10,000 Cattle in Vietnam Mysteriously Die from Cold Weather (VN: "they said" )

Vatic Note:  Add this to the dead buffalo in NY,  the 200 dead cows in Wisconsin that are used to massive intense cold and never died in these numbers.  Add to that the coincidence of the Wheeler death who was an expert in biological, chemical and other Weapons of Mass destruction,  occuring at the same time as the dead birds and fish.... add to that the weather anomolies,  add to that the depopulation promotion for years by the elite and eugenics funding for manipulating the human population and you have a perfect storm of us being under serious attack by an enemy within, who infiltrated our gov in order to set up a parallel chain of command in secret, who does all this and in come cases farmed out to private companies controlled by mossad as P-Tech showed us funded by Mossad companies and partner company with the company wheeler contracted with as a consultant that he was working with at the time of his murder.   You figure it all out.   Makes sense to me that this is not about the "cold", this is about creating the famine and food shortages that the elite promised we would see so they can have the riots and then declare martial law.   That is all this proves.  Too many coincidences.   Man made is what we are seeing here and the international bankers who hire the pols to run for office,  murder them if they do not cooperate (wellstone, JFK Jr. etc) such as Wheeler.  Yup.... its definitely time for resistance if we want to save our lives. 

10,000 Cattle in Vietnam Mysteriously Die from Cold Weather

Thursday, January 20, 2011 6:25, by Barracuda, Before It's News, source

(NaturalNews) Thousands of cattle recently turned up dead in various Vietnamese provinces, reportedly due to the long cold spell that has hit the area in recent weeks. Officials from the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) had allegedly been working with local cities and provinces to help keep animals fed and warm once reports emerged of them dying, but such efforts largely failed as thousands more continued to die across the country.

Hundreds of Dead Birds in South Dakota Were Killed by the US Government

** It appears the video is not working for some reason,  please visit it at the link for the article. 

Vatic Note: Look and Listen up, we have figured out how this works... THE GOVERNMENT DID NOT DO THIS OR ANYTHING ELSE. I know, shock. Here is how this all works. Under Cheney a parallel Pentagon chain of command was set up reporting directly to Cheney and that is WHY GATES WAS KEPT ON to continue that paralled chain of command. These are run by the Zionist Khazar Banker Dual Israel citizen "NEOCONS", feith and Zoelick, Israel and Mossad along with Cheneys hand picked American traitors who are also satanists as we have discussed before. They are the ones doing haarp, this kind of stuff, and other murderous actions to try and blame the US Gov so we , the people, will become upset at our gov and bring it down in the revolution that will be led by the khazars hand picked hero, whoever that might be. We will have a RUSSIAN REVOLUTION TYPE OVERTHROW OF OUR GOV AND THEN THEY CAN COME IN AND RESCUE US and TAKE control and do to us what they did to the Russians in WW I and Germans in WW II and wanted to do the United States of America in WW III.   ITS BRILLIANT, but its also PSYCHOPATHIC and contained in the protocols and I will put it up here in the vatic note. Then all this will make sense. When I saw the parallels to both nazi germany overthrow and Russia's and then reread the US military investigation into the khazars in 1919 and their determination that the Khazars were a threat to the US,  I realized that the answer was in the Protocols and sure enough,  they actually list that out as an objective, if you can believe it.   Read protocol number 1 and it gives their basic outline of how they intend to take us down and our government and then pretend they are the heros who will save us and it goes on from there into the rest of the protocols on how.  Which this very scenario is contained within them, like a damn blueprint. 

Hundreds of Dead Birds in South Dakota Were Killed by the US Government
Travis Walter Donovan First Posted: 01/20/11 02:28 PM , Huffington Post

When hundreds of dead birds were found Monday in Yankton, South Dakota, many residents were puzzled, thinking it was the latest in a string of similar mysterious mass animal deaths around the world. But this is one instance of the many where a clear cause has been identified, as the U.S. government claims responsibility for killing the more than 200 starlings.

New Threat as Chikungunya Virus Heads to Australia

Vatic Note:  Again, Australia get hit again, by the yank.    Now What a coincidence, Bill Gates foundation funded a vaccine program for just such a disease for Australia and ironically, that mosquito and virus had never been on that island before. My goodness they are going after aussies way worse than they are going after us. I wonder why? Its surprising me. I know Bill Gates is the master of depopulation, and euthenasia, but this is going too far.  Someone needs to have a serious discussion with that man. Blackwater is not going to help him out with this one. In fact, you can't hide far enough away from responsibility for your actions. Its karma and that follows you where ever you go.

New Threat as Chikungunya Virus Heads to Australia
Daniel Bateman, The Cairns Post, Austrailia, provided to vatic project by Gypsy Flame, Australia

IT'S only a matter of time before a virus that causes excruciating arthritis spreads in the Far North, an expert has warned.

The mosquito-borne disease Chikungunya has been diagnosed in travellers entering Australia from countries where the disease is prevalent, such as Africa, Indian Ocean island nations, the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia.

While locally acquired Chikungunya – from a Makonde word meaning "he who is bent up" – has not yet been detected in Australia, mosquitoes capable of transmitting the virus, Asian tiger mosquitoes, do occur in the Torres Strait and Papua New Guinea.


School Based Health Centers: How Big Pharma Is Infiltrating Your Child's School

Vatic Note: We have already had experience with this incursion of the state into the physical threats and wellbeing of our children. Remember when the state allowed "foster children" and orphans to be used for medical and chemical experimentation? We called every single church org, child advocate groups, civil liberties groups etc, since those poor children had no parents to protect them from those chemical experiments. THEY WERE GOING TO FEED THEM PESTICIDES TO SEE THE IMPACT ON CHILDREN FROM BIRTH TO 3 YEARS OLD. Now how inhumane is that???? I could not get one single organization to stop it before implimenting.    Not one.    No one was outraged at the abuse and the fact they were using children who  were unable to protect themselves and had no parents to do it for them.  Thus the state became the danger, ironically.  People found that hard to comprehend.  We began trusting them way too much and assuming they would never do such things. 

Don't you find it interesting that the powers that be have a complete lack of humanity when it comes to little children. But then if they are Satanists which we already know they are, they only see children as sacrifices to their Luciferian god and useful for nothing more. What a clevel way to combine two agendas into one act. Privatizing vaccines is an act of fascism and every day with each privatization of Gov services, the service moves from one of concern for the best interest of the citizen into one of profit as the prime objective with little regard for the impact on those being served. Are you becoming aware yet, how desensitized we are becoming to such horrific acts of barbarianism??? Once again, we know who owns these chemical and drug companies and how barbarian they are to their own indigenous population. We may have to pay attention to ourselves if we are not outraged at what they are already doing and the potential for what they are likely to do in the future that maybe even worse. Remember, Bill Gates wants to make sterilizing vaccines mandatory for everyone. That way they can pick and choose, which is called "EUGENICS". We have discussed that at length on this blog.

School Based Health Centers: How Big
Pharma Is Infiltrating Your Child's School
by admin, Prevent Disease News

The U.S. federal government recently launched a new program in Denver (VN: New home of the FASCIST illuminati) designed to increase childhood vaccination rates. It is the first school-located program in the country to offer vaccines to all students.

SBHCs are health care centers, located in school settings that claim to provide children and adolescents with comprehensive primary, acute, and preventive care for physical and mental health conditions.

School Based Health Centers (SBHCs) have grown rapidly over the past decade, from 200 in 1990 to 1,380 in 2000-an increase of almost 600 percent.

"Adolescents are a hard population to reach," said Dr. Matthew Daley, a pediatrician and vaccine research expert with Kaiser Permanente who is working with researchers at the University of Colorado and Denver Health Medical Center to evaluate the model.

Naturopathic Doctor and vaccine researcher, Dave Mihalovic stated that public health agencies are pushing the centers in the guise of preventive medicine, when they will effectively promote the opposite. "The centers are providing an entry portal for pharmaceutical giants to access student health records and provide dangerous treatments such as untested drugs and vaccines without the full informed consent of parents."


How the school-based vaccine program works:

Consent packets are sent home by the school, completed by a parent/guardian, and then returned to the school. Vaccines are provided during the school day by nursing staff. Parents are not required to be present. Insurers of students who have health coverage are billed for the vaccine and administration fee. The program will notify providers when their patients receive vaccines at school, either via fax or through the state vaccine registry.

The consent forms are a one-time process, meaning parents will not have to submit consent more than once regardless how many vaccines their child receives. "This leaves the door open for the injection or administration of any drug treatment to the child which the school's health staff deems appropriate, without any informed consent by the parents on the treatment's effects, contraindications or consequences," said Mihalovic.

Questions Yet To Be Addressed By SBHCs

Parents may wish to ask themselves if such a policy were to be implemented nation-wide in every school, what are the consequences?

- Do parents really want schools to function as recruiters for the vaccine and mental health industry that can put children on unnecessary and harmful drugs?

- If test results indicate a child needs medication for which the parent does not consent, will the parent be at risk of legal prosecution for child neglect and/or will the parent be at risk of losing custody of the child?

- If the child suffers a permanent adverse reaction to the SBHC endorsed medical treatment plan, will the parent be able to sue to cover the cost of lifetime care for the child?

Without addressing such critical issues regarding the implementation of such as program, both the child and parent is at risk.

The federal government is initiating a massive drive to enroll school children on Medicaid in order restructure the funding of SBHC vaccination program:

What this restructuring of funding does is shift the cost of grants and fee-for-service to third party billing under Medicaid (the taxpayers) and private insurance plans (increasing premiums) so the vaccination program can be promoted as free to parents who cannot afford it, while big pharma companies behind the scenes increases sales. (Known as Fascism) States will bend towards the proposition because it is revenue neutral for their budgets. The target are the unvaccinated masses.

"It's certainly an incredibly advantageous position for big pharma," said Mihalovic. The decisions will ultimately be between parents and the respective policy makers of school system, however the responsibility to make the right decision will lie solely with the parents. "Any parent who would not sound the alarm at a policy that does not inform them of every single injection, drug or treatment to their child is simply not paying attention to the potential consequences," concluded Mihalovic.

Source: Denver Post

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Khazarian Conspiracy, Part 1 of 12

Vatic Note: These are excellent and the best yet I have ever read or watched regarding this subject.  Its truly educational and well worth the time spent.  Each video is not that long, so you could watch 2 or 3 at a time and come back a while later after digesting what you have seen.    If you are truly interested in understanding what has happened to us and other nations as well, you have to watch this every single one of them. These Kharzarians are not Jewish people from the middle east. They are mongols and huns that invaded eastern europe and settled there because they were kicked out of asia for doing exactly what they are doing here now, and they did it back in early first century and got chased out of asia and settled in Khazaria and became Khazarians.  Rothschild is a Khazarian.   They hate the real Jews because they are semitic.  IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WADE THROUGH THEM ALL THEN SKIP 1 THROUGH 3 AND START WITH 4.  The first three are foundational.  The foundation is good becuase it explains why they do not seem "human" or have any of the "human attributes" that we take for granted.  

The Khazarian Conspiracy, Part 1 of 12
From the book: The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (Published in 1985)
By Jack Bernstein ::

Medvedev recognizes E. Jerusalem as capital of future Palestinian state

Medvedev recognizes E. Jerusalem as capital of future Palestinian state
Sun 23 Jan 2011  [ 19/01/2011 - 07:49 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has made his first visit to Palestine without stepping foot on Israeli-occupied soil.

World leaders usually visit Israel when visiting Palestine to show impartiality.

Observers say the visit was also distinguished by the president's backing of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Medvedev criticized US envoy to the Mideast peace process George Mitchell, a Russian news source says, quoting Medvedev: "Negotiations are facing a recession. There is no movement at the present time; which is sad because this accompanies a full number of negative factors, including the Gaza siege."

The Russian Vedomosti newspaper quoted one expert as saying: "Russia, which shares good relations with Hamas, Fatah, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Israel, is able to sponsor fair, multilateral negotiations. But negotiations' success depends on Israel, as Israel seems currently uninterested in the peace process."

Medvedev held a trilateral summit with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Hamas politburo chief Khalid Mishaal last May then described by observers as a historic meeting that secured Hamas's place in the international political scene.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Report Questions Safety of Planned Biodefense Lab

Vatic Note: This was reported back in Nov 2010 and this past week we had 200 dead cows out of Wisconsin. Are these labs for genotype bioweapons to kill off our live stock and food supply??? Read this and see what you think. It was an older article that at the time, seemed innocent enought but after the die off of the 200 cows and half the buffalo herd in New York, I am beginning to wonder. NY is near Plum Island which is a USDA run research facility and now this one below is in the midwest. Just something else that needs to be investigated.

Report Questions Safety of Planned Biodefense Lab
by John Milburn, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Associated Press Nov 10, 2010

The federal government has underestimated the risks of building a lab for researching dangerous animal diseases in a densely populated area in the heart of cattle country, a report released Monday contends.

The National Research Council's report notes that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security itself has estimated that there is a 70 percent chance a pathogen could be released from the lab within 50 years, and that it could cause up to $50 billion in damages.


Powerlessness: Living on borrowed time

Vatic Note:   First let me say this before we begin this:   "V" FOR VICTORY!
Now, into my diatribe about this article.    He has a very good point.    After all we have just read over the past two days,  I don't blame him for saying all this.  But being the person I am, I never ever give up,  however, if I were to give up, this speaks volumes perfectly to why I would.   I can even understand why he believes we are doomed.  Once you realize that people like himself and myself have been literally begging people for at least 10 years of our lives, to look at our evidence and research and thus  to wake up to what is happening and how deep and how perverse and how very evil it is, only to receive  the most obscene abuse for that effort,  and to  continue anyway hoping one or two would change and see the light.  Does "Conspiracy Nut" or "Tin Foil Hat" ring a bell??? 

It was a lonely solitary battle, until recently (thank goodness its changing), against all odds and realizing the battle isn't against the bankers or the zionists or the royalty of europe, the battle was and is against our own people, who treat the messanger as the enemy rather than as a Paul Revere or a watchman sounding the alarm, a person who is not crazy,  finally gives up.   I won't do it because I am crazy,  but I understand others doing it.  We LET our government for decades commit horrible atrocities IN OUR NAME against other other defenseless and vulnerable third world poor countries for profit and gain. Finally that same cabal is coming home to roost to do to us what we allowed them to do to others as practice for what they have finally done to us.  Talk about poetic justice, a form of Karma if you will or reaping what you sow.  We chose not to be vigilant and didn't have time to monitor our republic and its leaders.    Then we don't watch what they are doing genetically with Rothschild/Rockefellers "Crimes against Humanity"  Eugenics funding by his foundation nor do we demand the gov monitor the horrors they are creating with genetic manipulation, and we wonder "what the hell happened while I was not watching?"   Even I have said that and I was watching closer than most. 

Then you have those that saw the light, knew several years ago what was coming and what did they do??? THEY RAN.  They now live in foreign countries that will soon be bombed and attacked and destroyed by the coming nuke wars.  We are actually safer here because of our numbers than we would have been in Belize, or Uruaguay or Costa Rica as we now see with 8,000 marines occupying Costa Rico. 

I am sending this as  a tough love exercise.   Its a look in the mirror to begin to see AND ADMIT our role in all that is happening to us and our abandonment of our principles, our integrity and worse, the abandonment of our own children.   Without that honest admission as to our own role in our own demise,  we cannot then find the power to overturn it and save ourselves, our nation and our children.   We have abandoned the legacy left to us by our ancestors and abused it horribly by relinquishing all that we were about,  to an unknown sick and perverted foreign enemy with a long history of doing this globally to the point where they had been kicked out of two homelands because of it, Mongolia and Khazaria.  Our ancestors died  to preserve that which made this nation and our civilization great.  

But now its just another roman empire slipping into the bowels of oblivion without a whimper.   I refuse to give up, but then my father always said "You would bite off your nose to spite your face".    He was right.  I intend, if I live long enough, to be one of their worst nightmares.  HOW ABOUT YOU????  At this point we may take a stand, but the odds in our favor dropped dramatically during the last election and  this recent one seals it.   How you know you sold out is "Did you vote a straight third party ticket in the last election??? NO?  Then you voted for more of the same of the past 10 years.

Why would anyone in their right mind do that?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and expecting different results.    Read this all the way through as he hits the mark squarely and you will find it can't be denied at all.   Its the only way to get our power back.  Read and decide.  Frankly, after you read this,  the best thing you could do is GET DAMN GOOD AND MAD, INSENSED, APPALLED, AND SHOCKED.  That is the first step to action and out of helplessness. 
The second step is to decide what kind of world do you want to live in.   Then begin working to make it the way you want it to be.  We created this mess, we can create something new.   If we have the courage and a deep sense of community... it can be done. 


Living on borrowed time
3rd September 2010, by John Kaminiski

How often have you heard this lately? “Stop telling me what’s wrong! Tell me how to fix it!”

Whether it’s phony politicians (VN: in concert with foreign powers) delivering false flag attacks on their own constituents, media Elvises rallying adoring fans into meaningless campaigns, or doctors telling you the recommended medicine will kill you but may take longer than the disease, we are all ready to throw up our hands and scream: “Enough of describing the many problems we face!

Bad water, dead food, chemtrails, idiot wars, poison medicine! What can we do about any of these things? Potentially each one of these things likely will kill us. Taken together — all of the bad news of the world — is just too much to comprehend. How can we stop this 360 degree onslaught on our existences, how can we prevent every iota of our freedom from slipping away? We are about to become prepackaged, preprogrammed bugs in a jar. How can we stop this?”

Short answer? We can’t. (VN:  again, I disagree here,  non cooperation and "last resort" tactics are still available.)

Government Calls for Lower Fluoride Levels & Admits It Harms Children

Vatic Note: Think about this for a moment..... China, Europe and other countries refused to put fluoride in their water and that was for years. So how come we never caught on to that and information about the harm it does has been common knowledge for as long. So why did they continue to put that in our water? Something to think about.   Oh, remember, Hitler knew enough about fluoride to use it in the concentration  camps to keep the inmates sedated and apathetic. 

Government Calls for Lower Fluoride Levels & Admits It Harms Children
by Mike Barrett , Jan 07, 2011, shatter Limits

The United States government finally acknowledged the harmful effects that fluoride has on the body, and recommends that water fluoridation levels be decreased nationwide.

Water fluoridation has been in effect in the United States for over 65 years. The U.S. government began putting fluoride in the public water supply claiming that it would prevent tooth decay. Over the years, thanks to various studies and public officials speaking out, the negative effects of fluoride have finally come to light.

The United States government, prior to today, denied the link between increased fluoride levels and disease. The game changer, however, was the major study out of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, found that increased fluoride consumption led to decreased IQ in children.

Since 1962 the government has recommended fluoride levels between 0.7 and 1.2 milligrams per liter in the nations drinking water. Ever since then, fluoride has been praised for it’s alleged power to prevent tooth decay. Research, however, has shifted the national outlook on fluoride. Even in calling for the reduction of fluoride in the water, the government does not discuss the major findings. Instead, it focuses on a smaller symptom of fluoride consumption – damage to children’s teeth.

The very substance that is supposed to lead to greater tooth health is leading to teeth damage. According to the government, fluoride in drinking water should be reduced because of the damage it is causing to childrens’ teeth, not the link between fluoride and decreased IQ in children.

Over 72 percent of Americans drink water treated with fluoride. A large majority of the nation has been consuming fluoride, now found to be a poison, for years. Even if fluoride was beneficial to teeth, the damage it does to the body would logically be a priority over increase tooth health.

While the government reducing fluoride in the water is a step in the right direction, fluoride should be completely abolished from the water supply, as New York officials have been calling for.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

300 more fall prey to dengue virus across country (VN: Bill Gates again)

Vatic Note: Is this the experiment for GLOBAL DEPOPULATION, they intend before or on 12/2012? There had to be a good solid serious reason for murdering 89 microbiologists since 2001. Is this the reason? This begs the question: "Are they using Pakistan to try out their "by GENOTYPE" bioweapon "The Dengue Virus"? Its carried by mosquitos and HAARP did that flood before this began which is a perfect storm for mosquitos breeding and multiplying that carry this virus. We do know its a "BY GENOTYPE" Patented virus as evidenced here. . Vatic also covered just a while back, before this in Pakistan, the use of experiments for killing the dengue virus ladened mosquitos in Australia and guess who is involved in all this??? You guessed it, BILL GATES AGAIN.  The man is a walking murder machine, and he needs to face justice for all those he is harming with his satanic damn foundation. One of our regular readers from Australia wrote us about it and gave us the story. She was pretty upset they were introducing a foreign organism into her country.

300 more fall prey to dengue virus across country
Staff, Daily Times of Pakistan, October 28, 2010

LAHORE: More than 300 people have become victim of the dengue virus in the last 24 hours across the country, whereas 23 people have died of the fever, a private TV channel reported on Wednesday.

According to the National Institute of Health, the number of dengue fever patients had reached 3,138 in number. The deadly disease has affected the Sindh province most. At least 63 people have been diagnosed with dengue fever during the last 24 hours in Karachi, 44 people in Hyderabad, 3 in Sanghar and one person each in Larkana, Nawab shah and Mirpur Khas were tested positive for dengue fever in the current month.

The disease has affected 1,048 people in the Punjab province, whereas most patients have been found in the city of Lahore where 901 people were affected from the outbreak. 135 cases of the fever had been reported in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and 5 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, 316 people were affected from the disease. A doctor of the PIMS Hospital also fell prey to the dengue virus. On the other hand, 4 people have died of the fever in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, 16 in Sindh, 2 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and one in AJK have died of deadly disease.

Substandard anti-dengue spray is being used in the Punjab province. A laboratory report proved that the anti-dengue spray used in the Punjab province was substandard. Former executive district officer health had been held responsible as he bought the spray. The report had been sent to the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, a private TV channel reported.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

VATIC ALERT: V for Victory Resistance Campaign Launched

**Apparently they don't like this,  this is my third  time of putting this video up and watching them take it down.  They actually did it the second time right when I was reputting it up.  If it doesn't work, go to the link and watch it.  THIS is exactly what they fear most...... so lets give it to them.  Find that courage you know you have deep down, and follow all these blogs in beginning a serious resistance movement against the demise of our free nation and the CORPORTIZATION OF OUR GOVERNING STRUCTURE.  We have shown you on here many times what this will mean in harm to you and your children.... using your babies for chemical experiments,  pedophiling your children, DRUGGING THEM, BRAIN WASHING THEM, we know they do it,  we proved it, they will shoot your teenager for his organs like they do in Israel.  IS THIS THE AMERICA YOU WANT TO LIVE IN AND RAISE YOUR FAMILY???  NO WAY, I SAY!!!!! WE ARE NOT CATTLE, WE ARE POWERFUL BEINGS AND YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY.

Vatic Note:  We have several of these coming out today and that is why this is late.  Please watch and read all of this and begin planning on how to do this locally within your own community with those who are awake as you are.   This is another arm of a resistance that must begin to stop what is going on.  THEY CANNOT SUCCEED if we refuse to cooperate.   The target is the international khazar bankers and focusing all our energy on them and their agenda.   Actions of any kind of resistance is now imperative and I agree with him about that.  Those who are afraid of any repurcussions can do this putting V's all over,  and those that are more brave, can also begin intel gathering and identifying those who are involved.  LET ME ADD WHAT HE DID NOT SAY..... THEY ARE ACTIVELY DEPOPULATING US WITH CHEMTRAILS, POISONING OUR WATER, SOIL AND FOOD CREATING A FAMINE WHERE THEY WILL USE IT TO CONTROL US SINCE THEY WILL CONTROL THE FOOD AND WATER THEY ARE CONTROLLING UNDER THE LAND IN THE MASSIVE AQUIFIRS AND THE ELITE CONTROL THE LAND ABOVE THE  FRESH WATER AQUIFIRS.  Billions doing this is the only way and that means globally we SAY NO TO GLOBALIZING AND TO FASCISM.   Cameras on every corner...... the BRITISH RESISTANCE SPRAY PAINTED THE CAMERA LENSES....... SPRAY PAINTED TYRANNY MESSAGES AND FREEDOM MESSAGES WHERE EVERY SINGLE CAR DRIVING COULD SEE THEM.  Taxes are the mechanism whereby if you do not work as a slave, they will not give you your quotient of food and water as a good little slave/cattle.  Remember the khazars see us as cattle.   This is proof that is the agenda.  

V for Victory Resistance Campaign Launched


Added: Jan 21, 2011

Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and with it, Child Pornography as well!

UPDATE:  Global resistance movementWe are putting this one up first to show you WHAT SLAVERY WILL MEAN TO YOUR CHILDREN.......this is an official policy they want  to impliment and if we globalize as they are currently in the process of doing with the Chinese and the international khazar bankers, then this is what you can expect as part of that fascist movement.   All countries children will be accessable to the perverts running our various governments and you saw on our blog, just how high up this perversion goes.  We now have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  They are going to put the TSA PERVERTS OUT IN MALLS,  TRAIN AND BUSH STATIONS,  STADIUMS WHERE GAMES WILL BE PLAYED AND THEY WILL SEXUALLY FEEL YOU UP, TAKE YOUR NAKED PICTURES, ETC.... THIS IS ENOUGH AND NO MORE.  Stand up now before you cannot.   Do it for your children and grandchildren. 

Vatic Note:  Remember who the pedophiles and child sacrifice perveyors are.... thats right, the satanist khazars and they now control almost every nation and this will be our New World Order, for their pleasure and our service to them.   Think on it as you look at your child or grandchild.  No more really needs to be said.  Its what "loss of freedom" really means.  Free from harm,  free from confiscation of your children or property or life and labor.  As you will see below, "Pedophilia" is one of my very pet peeves.  Someone asked me once when did I think the death penalty was justified and I immediately said "Pedophilia".   That is how strong I feel about this issue.  Its a male dominated message to all weaker people that men will dominate and do as they please to you and you will accept it.

Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and with it, Child Pornography as well!

Posted by EU Times on Jun 20th, 2009
Booklets (VN:  PORNOGRAPHY) from a subsidiary of the German government’s Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled “Love, Body and Playing Doctor” by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung – BZgA) are aimed at parents – the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.  (VN:  That way TSA  doesn't have to do it any longer, so Merkel and TSA do have something in common.... PERVERTS) )

“Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex,” reads the booklet regarding 1-3 year olds. The authors rationalize, “The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.”  (VN:  Tell that to the molested young girls who suffered psychologically at the hands of their fathers even before this came along.... can you imagine the impact now, and no protection for the children from pedophiles who destroy the soul of the child)


YouTube - Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance 1/3

Vatic Note: This is an excellent video on comprehensive summary of the big picture of who, what, and how this New World Order conspiracy came into being and where they are in their generationally committed agenda to our relegation to cattle status and slaves for their use and abuse. That is why you see all these various programs to socially engineer us early on into the cattle they wish us to be for their support and control. AS one video states clearly, they are ranchers and we are the cattle they will control through herding us into corrals where we can be vaccinated, fed, slaughtered or organ harvested etc..... they said in one video I saw that they just need ONE GENERATION OF CHILDREN UNDER COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE STATE and they will never have to worry about resistance again. Watch all three of these as they also tell us how to combat them and what will work and it fits with out people to people initiative. He said that these are really deep and dark forces doing this and he is right. We showed the satanism pervasive in our military, science community, politics, financial community, everywhere. So listen to non compliance as he reiterates in detail on what we are to do in video #3.

YouTube - Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance 1/3
aodscarecrow,  September 21, 2008

Understand your enemy and understand the weapons they use so you may then use those same weapons in reverse. The money system is the head of the snake. Cut the head off the snake and the rest of it will whither and die.The time for talk is over and the time has come for action. It is now time for the people of the world to stop complying with the system.

Everyone. Stop complying with it and you will shut it down. And the best form of non compliance is love. Approach every issue with love.

It is much easier to fight for principles than to live up to them and it takes a far braver man to stand up for what is right and spit in the face of authority than it does to blindly follow orders due to fear of the consequences. Understand that we are all one and the key to real change and unity in this world lies with love.  (VN:  its hard to understand this concept, but not really when you think about it.  Love for you, your family,  your country and your fellow Americans is a great motivator to use for standing with courage because it takes more courage to non comply than to pick up a gun, it really does, and all need to do it if its to work, but they believe that we won't unite in such as endeavor and I say LETS SHOW THE WORLD HOW ITS DONE BY DOING SO)

Its time to shut them down and starve them out.

Start NOW!    Every single thing related to the state, stop doing and stop complying.

Part I -

Wall Street Celebrates Record Profits for 2010 (Resistance #3 series)

** Another reason for resistance and on this one,  its the no net gain resistance.  THE BANKERS OWE US 12 TRILLION DOLLARS FOR THE BAILOUTS.  THEY CAN PAY THAT TO CHINA INSTEAD OF US.  If they do not, then this is a big game and China will be in on it and therefore we own all that was sold to pay off the debt and we will simply take it back.  Nothing on this land will be safe for the domestic and foreign private owers.  I would sell it back to the gov as soon as possible, if I were you, since that makes you, not the government, the target.   YOU ALL RAPED AND PILLAGED THE 3RD WORLD WITH IMPUNITY, THERE WILL BE A PRICE FOR THAT DOING IT HERE AND IN EUROPE, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  COUNT ON IT. 


Wall Street Celebrates Record Profits
By Tom Eley, Axis of Logic, Jan 18, 2011

JPMorgan Chase’s (VN:  this building is in downtown Houston, in case anybody cares) profit report for 2010, released Friday, has become the occasion for a celebration by the American plutocracy of the return of the good old days before the Wall Street crash of 2008. Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan’s CEO, summed up the general mood of the financial elite when he declared the bank’s record profits to be evidence of a “broad-based economic recovery,” adding, “I think the future is extremely bright.”

The very fact that Dimon can speak this way in the midst of the worst social crisis since the Great Depression without any repercussions from the government or the media is an expression of the immensity of the chasm separating the modern-day aristocrats from the people.

Prepping Minds for War Against China (Resistance #4)

Vatic Note: This is right on. The entire khazar satanist Rothschild/Rockefeller International bankers are at it again, just like WW I, WW II, and now they are going for WW III. WELL, THIS TIME ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO SELL A WAR to a nation of people who have lost all trust in ALL INSTITUTIONS OF ITS NATION, INCLUDING SCIENCE, POLITICIANS, JUDICIAL, WHITE HOUSE, CONGESS, BUREAUCRATS, BANKING, CORPORATIONS, ENERGY COMPANIES,
FOOD CO, DRUG COMPANIES, HOMELAND SECURITY etc etc..... NO war Mr. President, Timothy "ECONOMIC HITMAN FOR IMF" Geithner, and Bill, Khazar Zionist owned and controlled, Gates. If we go to war it will be each nations people against their khazar international satanic bankers and their operatives and NO ONE ELSE EVER. NON COOPERATION IN YOUR STUPID GREEDY MONEY MAKING WARS... FORGET IT. ITS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. No one will fight and die for you nor give up their wealth for you, CAN YOU HEAR ME?   etc...... SEND YOUR OWN KIDS AND FAMILY TO DIE FOR GREED AND PROFIT, and see how YOU like it.  You do that and maybe we might reconsider, but I doubt it.  Its a chance you take.

NOTICE TO CHINAALL MONIES BORROWED FROM YOU WERE BY FRAUD PERPETRATED BY THE  INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST BANKERS, I SUGGEST YOU GO AFTER THEM AND NO ONE WILL STOP YOU.  THEY HAVE ALL YOUR MONEY.  Our SOS is a khazar operative as is our DOD person,  they do not work for us nor does HLS and all three have proven that time and again and we can prove it.  WE DO NOT WANT WAR WITH YOU.  WE WILL NOT FIGHT IN WARS WITH YOU UNLESS YOU TRY TO OCCUPY OUR SOIL, THEN YOU WORK FOR THEM AND THUS ARE OUR ENEMY.   Many Americans published notices to all lenders who lent money to the Rothschild international IMF/Fed Res private banking system, that we were not responsible for their debts and the private Rothschild lenders were to be held responsible personally and individually, so please collect from those who borrowed from you,  Bernanke,  Greenspan,  Goldman Sachs,  IMF,  World bank.   THEY HAVE RECORD PROFITS AND $12 TRILLION OF OUR WEALTH FOR YOU TO COLLECT.  Good luck.   You war is with the Rothschilds who will do you in as soon as they are done using you.  That is their pattern and their history.  Think about it.  We have a deep respect for your peoples' intellect and insight into enemies of your past and these people are YOUR enemy, NOT US,  we were there for you during WW II against the Japanese, and we have welcomed Chinese people here in this country with open arms and have a great relationship with them.  The bankers want control of your wealth like they did ours, its not our gov doing this except for key people outlined above. The rest have been blackmailed, killed or threatened.  They have gutted this nation and thus we as a people, we are no threat to you.   Let us be and we will do the same.  If you are nuked or attacked in anyway, the way to stop it is to nuke the residence of the Head Rothschild in France, Paris to be exact who lives on the same street as the palace.   Aim well, please.
Prepping Minds for War Against China

By Shamus Cooke,  provided to Vatic Project by Elizabeth Allen,  USA
URL of this article: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=22820
Global Research, January 17, 2011

You'd think the U.S. was already at war with China, given the immense amount of anti-China rhetoric spouting from the government and media.

But selling wars takes time. The average American hasn't bought into this false advertising yet. So the big lie will be repeated until its roots are deeply sunk into the American psyche: China, says the U.S. government, is a threat that needs to be "dealt with.”

Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived one hour

Vatic Note: This is what it looks like to be a slave, wait til they get done with the floods to fill up the aquifirs underground, then they use HAARP to create the water shortages for the rest of us. Then you will pay $5 per gal for water and then soon every breath you take will cost you for breathing and then you will have no life at all, nor will your children and their children. Why do I say that? Have you ever in your life ever heard of charging a grieving family who lost a newborn baby a tax for that loss??? If the politicians don't get it, then there is something missing in the way of a soul. That should be the criteria for running for office and winning our votes. You have to have a soul. If you don't then recall them.

Family charged 'death tax' for baby who lived one hour

Mommy of an Angel

SEATTLE -- Olivia Clark lived for only one hour. Doctors didn't even expect her to survive birth. Now her family has a hard time understanding why the King County Medical Examiner has to review her death and charge $50. [...]

"With Olivia, there was so much love in that room and we knew it was going to be such a short time," says her grandmother, Diana Clark. "That was probably the most joyous hour that I've experienced." Her grandparents say Olivia was polycystic and, as a result, her lungs never developed. So, her short life was a miracle.


Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle???

Vatic Note: Remember we can trust no publications, institutions like NASA, Discovery news, etc etc of the mainstream since we have been lied too so many times. However, in their manipulations they do bury seeds of truth to give the rest of their garbage credibility, so maybe there is something to this. Its my contention to keep an open mind, read, view videos, and keep in mind their ultimate goal of saying we are being invaded by bogus aliens so that we will agree to globalize. Its a bit more elaborate than that, but that is what it will, in the end, boil down to with their staged performances. If you see an alien that hasn't been here all along, understand he is probably from "Plum Island" and resurrected out of the "Iron Mountain" report that recommends doing exactly what I suggested above in order to manipulate the masses into accepting a global fascist governance. Don't buy into it. But do read about this and take it seriously. There is obviously something going on cosmically and as Rahm says, "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE".

In order words, take advantage of it to promote the main agenda. I think that is what this is all about. So read, discern as much as you can what is real and what is manipulation. Good Luck. .  Also remember the "source" for this article is STANFORD UNIVERSITY WHICH IS FUNDED PRIMARILY BY the BRITISH ILLUMINATI LONDON BASED PRINCIPALITY TAVISTOCK GROUP.  So you know who they work for and who runs the bankers, the illums.     ALSO REMEMBER,  RUMSFELD WORKS FOR THE HOOVER INSTITUTE AT STANFORD, SO KEEP ALL THAT IN MIND AS WELL.

Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle???
Discovery News, Analysis by Ian O'Neill
Wed Aug 25, 2010 02:21 PM ET

When probing the deepest reaches of the Cosmos or magnifying our understanding of the quantum world, a whole host of mysteries present themselves. This is to be expected when pushing our knowledge of the Universe to the limit.

But what if a well-known -- and apparently constant -- characteristic of matter starts behaving mysteriously?

Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health

Vatic Note:  AGENDA:  STARVATION TO KILL OFF BILLIONS:   This article is a MUST READ.  Monsanto is even worse than we could have possibly imagined and we were doing pretty good in imagining, however, this article highlights so many things that are a danger to our soil,  our future ability to grow crops and almost ensures that famine as our future promised to us by our illustrious non leaders  and now we know why.   If we survive the nuke wars, or the natural cosmic events,  we will still have no way to grow food,  THEY SAW TO IT WITH THIS AND CHEMTRAILS AND HAARP.   Do you believe this was an accident or incompetence on the part of these highly qualified scientists who developed this?  Do we really believe they did not know what they were doing???  Did you know monsanto was started by a Khazar family?  We know they are satanists, and wrote the protocols of the elders, and are heavily involved in the global agenda,  and now its been bought out by the sociopath Bill Gates and his killer foundation selling sterility, WITHOUT DISCLOSURE TO THE VICTIMS,  A DEATH PENALTY CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, in the form of vaccines to unsuspecting third world countries so the elite can confiscate the land and natural resources of these countries.  This simply fits perfectly with the entire program to depopulate this planet in a manner befitting a satanist bent on sacrificing innocent souls to their God satan.   I swear the depth of evil that could dream up these horrors to foist on an unsuspecting public is beyond comprehension.  Truly it is.  Well, I guess the only option left open to us is the seed bank.  I understand you can get to it through underground transporation from stateside underground facilities.  So I guess Denver Airport is the target, huh???  You simply will not believe what all this horrible product does not only to us  but to the animals and plants we eat, thus making both unhealthy for human consumption.   YOU CANNOT TELL ME THIS IS NOT INTENTIONALCRIMINAL CHARGES AND Law suits need to be filed.    No wonder Bill Gates bought Blackwater.  He is going to need them.  The khazar satanist bankers want a third world war,  well, maybe we should give it to them, the world against them.   Now that is one I would gladly fight in.  In fact, I think it would appeal to everyone in the world right now.   The entire world against the Khazar zionist satanist bankers.   Now that is a dream come true.  Maybe someone should get a job as a cook in their households and bring in some DU for seasoning.  Am I mad???  damn right,  and if your not, you aren't paying attention.

Monsanto’s Roundup Triggers Over 40 Plant Diseases and Endangers Human and Animal Health

January 18, 2011,
This is a guest post from Jeffrey Smith at the Institute for Responsible Technology

The following article reveals the devastating and unprecedented impact that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is having on the health of our soil, plants, animals, and human population. On top of this perfect storm, the USDA now wants to approve Roundup Ready alfalfa, which will exacerbate this calamity. Please tell USDA Secretary Vilsack not to approve Monsanto’s alfalfa today.

While visiting a seed corn dealer’s demonstration plots in Iowa last fall, Dr. Don Huber walked passed a soybean field and noticed a distinct line separating severely diseased yellowing soybeans on the right from healthy green plants on the left (see photo). The yellow section was suffering from Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS), a serious plant disease that ravaged the Midwest in 2009 and ’10, driving down yields and profits. Something had caused that area of soybeans to be highly susceptible and Don had a good idea what it was.

The diseased field on the right had glyphosate applied the previous season. Photo by Don Huber

55 Buffalo Die Mysteriously on New York Farm

Vatic Note: Agenda:  STARVATION and DISEASE TO KILL OFF BILLIONS.    Well, well, 200 head of Wisconsin cattle die, now these buffalo from DEHYDRATION. sounds like chemicals in the water to me. That is what would prohibit hydration from occurring by changing the chemical make up of water and then I just keep thinking about our good friend Wheeler III,   who was murdered who is an expert in chemical and biological weaponry.... and he is murdered right at the same time as the attacks on the birds, fish, etc all over the globe. Now what did he know??? Too bad he didn't write it down and give it to someone. These are dangerous vicious and satanic oriented people we are dealing with here. They do not believe in life..... they hate life, they believe in "death". Remember he worked for a company that was partners with P-tech, heavily involved in the 9-11 terrorist attack, and remember P-tech is funded by 5 companies that are Mossad connected through funds and financing. Remember also Vanunu, the Israeli dissident told us that the Khazar run  Israel is who assassinated JFK.  Add that to their role in 9-11 and its clear they have no compunction in killing anything either animal or human.  They are soulless.  THIS IS FIRST DEGREE MURDER.  It s not even war, which is bad enough.   Its out and out chicken  cowardly behind your back, unmanly murder.  They are cowards, no wonder they need Americans to fight their wars.  They only KILL unarmed children and civilians... no way would they fight if someone is shooting back. 

Its all in the article  about Wheeler that we did on the blog, including info on the companies he was contracting with at the time of his death. (scroll down to 1/2 way in the article) Also check the updates that same day & a day later as well. Is there a connection??? Add to that all the threats we have been hearing for weeks now about the coming famine and it bothered me becuase there was NO INDICATION ANY FAMINE WAS ON THE WAY and all about food shortages. I thought it was just another scare tactic, I didn't know it was because THEY WERE GOING TO CAUSE IT. This is israel and mossad, you can take it to the bank. They have done everything else the same way. Its the water full of chemicals from the chemtrails or some haarp thing that most vets would not be able to tell. That is what makes it such a dangerous weapon. Well, I am beginning to believe all of this is man made, and ironically if Wheeler had not been killed exactly when he was, I would have thought this issue was a natural occurring problem like pole shifts or similar.

David Icke: Still Crazy After All These Years?

David Icke: Still Crazy After All These Years?

Thursday, 13 January 2011 15:03

Vatic Note: Who is David Icke? How did he become who he is now? What journey did he travel in order to reach this place? Was his life a series of opportunities to learn and grow? Yes. He talks about it and its really wonderful to hear. I have realized in my small narrow mission on this planet, that my whole life was also a series of events that helped me to do what I am doing and being who I am as a person. So, I appreciated this very much to hear him say what I had realized a couple of years ago. Thanks for reading our blog and enjoy this very great video.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjCgWufFJAg&feature=player_embedded# !

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Australia "Faces Rebuilding of Postwar Proportions"

Vatic Note: Well, we just got finished discussing this. The khazars couldn't do the nuke attacks as false flags becuase they kept getting caught, or start world III for the same reason. Everything they tried that worked in the previous wars were called out and confronted. We were not as dumbed down as they had worked so hard to do. So this is how they decided to do it. Weapon of mass destruction to make them money in rebuilding.... got it? "POSTWAR PROPORTIONS"..... the good news, not as many deaths as a war or nuke attack would have been and with any luck, those that were harmed believed it was an act of nature and thus did not suffer psychologically beyond what would be normal, when it happened. Its still a crime. Khazar International Rothschild bankers need to be thrown out of every single country on the planet and soon before they can do anymore of their satanic damage to the planet and its people.

Australia "Faces Rebuilding of Postwar Proportions"
By John Pye, AP, the Independant of Britian
Thursday, 13 January 2011

Floodwaters washing through Australia's third-largest city peaked today just shy of record levels but high enough to submerge entire neighborhoods and cause damage one official likened to the aftermath of war.

One man died in Brisbane after being sucked into a storm drain by the muddy waters, Queensland state Premier Anna Bligh said. Thousands of homes were swamped, and officials told residents it will be days before many of them can return to their houses. Others were told their homes will never be habitable again.


Is Albuquerque the new Gestapo Headquarters for airline travel?

Vatic Note:  What was made clear in this video is that what happened to this man is the first time in the history of the nation since it obtained independance that the issue of freedom of movement based on refusing to "SHOW YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE",  has ever been treated as a criminal offense where he could actually go to jail for it, so we are now fully in a fascist nazi police state if he is convicted and sentenced to jail. We, as a nation have always had a right to anonymity without probably cause and a right to freedom of movement anywhere in this country for any reason in any mode of transportation and they are now trying to make us like Israel, with checkpoints, gestapo tactics in "your papers please" in order to move about at all. Next I expect large concentration camp type walls to begin being put up, not to keep the illegals out, but to keep the legals inside.   If you cannot see the Khazar zionists international bankers fingerprints on all of these actions, then we are not paying careful attention to the slow eroding of our freedoms and of our nation and what it has always stood for.   If we wanted to live like those khazars in Israel, we would move there.  No thank you.  Bombing, using white phospherous and raping unarmed civilians is not my idea of a valid and legitimate conduct of a civilized nation state.   So why should we put up with it here???  We shouldn't, because as we see in Israel, the longer you tolerate it, the more they disrespect you and the worse it will become.  The day may come when they decide they want your kidney and will simply take it from you and by then it will be too late.  Same with your children,  Oh, thats right, that is happening already.   See???  If they want to fight a war, that just may happen right here, then they won't have to bogus one up like they continue to try and do. 

Man Faces Charges for Defying TSA Agents

KOB.com., By Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4, Source http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S1875813.shtml

Why You Can't Trust Drug Companies Like GlaxoSmithKline

Vatic Note:  There is nothing that more clearly shows the arrival of this nation and the globe for that matter, into the realm of fascism at its very worst than this 60 minute video interview about this issue of this drug company's  blatant and criminal disregard for human life, that they had the fiduciary responsibility to care for and protect in their profession of healing through medication in drugs.  Oh, its a British group drug co. If the Queen can't take us back then simply kill us off.   Add to that the "CRIMINAL" failure of the FDA to do their job in seeing to it these companies do not function at this level of criminality.  But alas, a fascist state generally has the corporations manning and running the regulatory agencies who are suppose to protect the public.   We are truly on our own.  I am almost of a mind that these were not accidents.  Remember, the stock market (traders are also owners of these companies) has a new derivative in play now.... which BETS ON "WHEN SENIORS ARE GOING TO DIE" sort of like 'shorting' and then when they die by a certain date, then the short pays off.  Is that what this is?  A new derivative bubble?  I wonder if they are doing this on margin and outside of the SEC regulatory control????  Don't you think someone should have brought that up and asked the question????  I think Dr. Mercola is being too nice with his title.  I would have said, "Drug companies now out perform automobiles for killing citizens" or something to that affect. 

Why You Can't Trust Drug Companies Like GlaxoSmithKline
by Dr. Mercola, Mercola.com, January 18 2011

Whistleblower Cheryl Eckard, centre,who won a record payout from the drugs giant today. Photograph: CJ Gunther/New York Times/Redux /eyevine

Drug company whistle-blower Cheryl Eckard talks about her experience trying to fix problems at GlaxoSmithKline. Her discoveries about the dangerous practices of the company made her a key figure in a federal lawsuit.

Know Who the Zionist Are in America: Here is the list

Vatic Note:  Oh, my goodness,  look at how long that list is.  This is for representing just 2% of the population while the rest of us have no one.   Then we wonder why they are allowed to run our govenrment, our state dept, our Homeland Security, TSA, Our defense dept,  commerce and treasury.   What we should simply do is relocate our congress and white house officials over to Israel and start over again with new people from our neighborhoods, which is what the House of Reps was suppose to be about anyway according to our founding fathers.  It was to be filled with our working neighbors who share our problems and this congress is anything but.  They are professional politicians.  The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.  End this farce that is causing us so much grief.  And certainly no one should have this much power over another country and its people and abuse it the way its been abused here with stealing our wealth to fund their repression and genocide of their own population as well as their countries interest in perpetual wars and empire building.  Further, the khazars are using what remaining wealth we have,  to do so,  along with the lives, limbs and blood of our children too boot, WHILE SATANIZING THEM through drugs and rituals.  Its as if we are cattle and they already own us.  Well, we are not, and they don't own us yet.  It will cost them to do so.
Know Who the/ Zionist Are in America: Here is the list
Sunday, March 15, 2009, Window into Palestine

Below is a list of known (official) Zionist groups, organisations, lobbyists etc.. all working and collecting funds quietly and legitimately in the USA (as of 2008):
List of Zionist Organisations in the USA
(High-lighted names are VERY powerful)

"Black Swan" - Hollywood Preaches Satanism

Vatic Note:   We know who controls the movie industry don't we???  Khazar Bankers and we also know they are  satanists who never gave up their pagan religion.   We also know they wrote the protocols and check out protocol #4 and read what they intend to do through sexual deviance and other such black arts to convert the nation through her children to satanism.   After reading about the bees being killed by their genetically engineered virus and reading about their control over our key depts in government including homeland security with dual Israeli citiznes,  AND THEIR OBVIOUS BLATANT ATTEMPT AT GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE, we now know who is trying to genocide us and Europe and Australia through their owned chemical companies,  and other methods, so WE KNOW WHO THE ENEMY REALLY IS, WHO THE TERRORISTS REALLY ARE AND now we know who to go after.  Well, its finally coming out more and more.   We have so much evidence on this blog going back to the beginning, of the pervasiveness of Satanism in our world at the highest levels of every field,  that its clear they believe they will be taking over and are no longer hiding it (see blog "Age of Satanism")Notice we did not have a Christmas tree at the White House, but we did have the Menora.  Hmmm   That is representative of the Kabbala practiced by the Khazars who run the country right now in ALL FIELDS INCLUDING  politics, Drug companies, science, movies, publications, newspapers, electronic media, energy,  and recently just took over our food companies in 2008 with the proceeds of the market crash they caused and bought up the companies for pennies on the dollar.  Soon they will own it all if we let them. 

You know what they have done with what they own and its not been good for us.   We also covered Mind control thoroughly on this blog, almost to a point of leaving no stone unturned.  Military,  the brotherhood of the bell and black sciences, eugenics, depopulation, etc etc.  Its everywhere.  Now is the time to strike back by hanging onto the good in all of us and manifesting it continually.   It has to counter the evil that is pervasive in all areas of our lives.   We are many and they are few, but wealthy and powerful, so we must exert all that we can to counter such evil.  Our power lies in our numbers and UNITY IN ALL AREAS.   We also said this was a spiritual war and not a war of military.   If we win on the spirital battlefield we win every where.  THEY KNOW IT TOO. That is what THEY FEAR most.  Sometimes, I get so angry I want to do it their way, but do not let me fool you, there really is only one way and that is the non cooperation way which is just as dangerous and requires just as much courage as any other way, maybe even more so.

"Black Swan" - Hollywood Preaches Satanism

Posted on Pakalert on January 17, 2011

Do we need additional proof that mankind is controlled by a satanic cult?  The Illuminati uses movies (and entertainment in general) to spread its occult dogma. Most critics are simply too dense to recognize the truth and sound the alarm.  (VN:  We got that from Todd, remember? He was the Illuminati's point man for the entertainment industry, especially recording and music,  and of course he disappeared after exposing it all to the light of day)

Christianity is forbidden in the public sphere but spreading Satanism is OK? So that’s “secular” society.
One woman we know who saw this movie was so disturbed, she broke down at work the next day.

BTW, doesn’t Portman look ridiculous in this picture?

by Marcos, (for henrymakow.com)

Black Swan is one of those movies that leave you with a sick feeling in your gut. The reason is that it makes a very convincing case in favor of evil.


Banned Toxic Chemicals found in 100 percent of Pregnant Women - New STudy

Vatic Note: THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.   Ok now tell me this is not an attack against our species? This is a serious attempt to genocide us and our progeny. This must stop and we must do something about it. So, now lets identify where these khazar bankers and all their families live, work and eat. Then lets identify the chemicals that are being used to harm us, our children and babies and aborted pregnancy and then we can do the same to them. In fact, no guns, we can simply use on them what they use on us and what is good about it is they will never know? Its the best underground strategy around. Are they going to take our chemicals from us??? Donate our 100% toxic blood to their blood banks. LOL  Sorry, its sarcasm, but truly we do have to do something. I am at a loss or are we just going to sit and let it continue? Let me know so I can get on with my life rather than doing this.

Banned Toxic Chemicals found in 100 percent of Pregnant Women - New STudy
Monday, January 17, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, provided to vatic project by Boldarn,  Australia

NaturalNews) A new study from the University of California, San Francisco reveals that 100 percent of expectant mothers (sample size = 268) are contaminated with highly toxic synthetic chemicals. The study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives, concluded, "Certain PCBs, organochlorine pesticides, PFCs, phenols, PBDEs, phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and perchlorate were detected in 99 to 100% of pregnant women."

These chemicals are known to exhibit various harmful effects on human biology, covering everything from neurological and infertility problems to cancer and hormonal disorders. Many of the chemicals found in these women have been banned for not just years, but decades.

The poisoning of our bodies by chemical companies

Where do all these chemicals come from? Pesticides are sprayed on crops, of course, and the new so-called "Food Safety" bill passed by Congress does absolutely nothing to reduce pesticide levels of food (that's not part of their definition of "safety," apparently). In addition, S.510 actually places a new burden on U.S. farmers, shifting the competitive advantage to food importations from countries where the most toxic pesticides are still legal to use. (Yes, farms outside the U.S. can spray DDT on their crops, then import them into the USA for consumption.)