VATIC ALERT: GET READY FOLKS! Texas: Foreign Troops Spotted At Wal-Mart Masking For Supplies, Using Government Vans

Vatic Note:  MAKE THIS GO VIRAL AND READ IT ALL SINCE IT OUTLINES HOW THEY PLAN ON DOING THIS TO US.  Add this below to this article about troops patrolling the streets of Wisconsin after the military psychops shooting at the Sikh Center, and what we have is a perfect storm of gun confiscation going to happen.  

It was always going to happen since they know and we know they cannot complete their globalizing slave agenda and depopulation without it.  The only question was "What excuse will they fabricate to get our assault weapons and ammo?" Now we know.   Colorado shooter did not work since he got outted right away.  

Once they realized that would not work, they did this one in an area that is safer because of lesser population to do their war games and the foreign mercenary troops will be the ones to collect those guns and will have no trouble shooting anyone who refuses to give them up since they have not taken an oath similar to our troops. 

SOMEONE NOTIFY THE TROOPS HERE AND OVER SEAS SO THEY KNOW WHAT AND WHO.... IS COMING DOWN HERE AND FIND THEIR WAY BACK HOME.  WE NEED THEM.  This is the last time Israel will ever be able to do this to us again or anyone else for that matter.  I believe the Chinese people need to know that 3,000 of their top leaders were educated, trained and indoctrinated at Oxford University, the home of the ultimate secret societies an home of the York Lodge of free masonry.  The members have never worked as stone masons.  So why did they create that lodge?  My guess is for globalizing.  . 

Texas: Foreign Troops Spotted At Wal-Mart Masking For Supplies, Using Government Vans
By Barracuda,  Before Its News

Source:  Intel Hub:  By Shepard Ambellas
August 4, 2012

KILLEEN —On August 1, 2012 a group of foreign troops was spotted and filmed by a patriot You-tuber at a local Wal-Mart store.

What is most disturbing about the video footage is the fact that the foreign troops are piling into large government vans upon departure from the store.

These type of vans were detailed previously at several locations by theintelhub.com and sources.  A June 2012 article I did contained tips from Arkansas City and other areas pertaining to suspicious white vans and troop movements throughout the CONUS (Continental United States).

Anintelhub.com excerpt from June of 2011 reads;
In reference to the following story – link attached below.  We saw this same damn thing yesterday Friday June 17that around 3:30 pm at the Walmart in Franklin, IN. Military personnel, fatigue uniforms, white vans.
They were loading up food/water in those vans.  We didn’t think much of it then BUT NOW I am reading this on the Intel Hub.  Now my suspicions are up. Thought I’d pass it along.
Related: Suspicious Military Convoy Seen Near Kentucky Tennessee Border
Update from first tipster -  June 17th, 12:30pm PST:We drove out west of town this morning looking for any signs and found none.  We and a few others living here have seen drone activity in recent days also.  I just want to reiterate that there were 10 vans each holding 12 troops per van for a total of 120 troops approximately.  My witness also said they were in camo fatigues. 

UPDATE: "ANOTHER FALSE FLAG": Shooting suspect was US army psy-ops specialist: Pentagon

UPDATE: Gun control bill banning assault weapons, registering ammo, etc etc, moving rapidly through congress. Russians on soil in US to collect the guns.   I am  tracking down the evidence and will update when I find out one way or the other.  Remember who has controlled russia since 1917.  The same bankers who control the US Government right now, but NOT THE PEOPLE.   Here is a link on the kids psychops background.  

Vatic note:  Now you know why everything, including US Military Intel,  was put under Homeland Security managers,  The SPLC and ADL.  It makes it easier to do false flag attacks and blame someone else... when in reality, any terrorist attack on us always originates,  so far,  within by our Israeli infiltrators and handlers.  Just like it did in the ME and we reported it when it happened and mentioned that our turn was coming,  Well, its here.  Thomas Jefferson was right.  The American people have an inordinate amount of patience.  I am glad, since that means its all building up and soon an awakened tiger will emerge.  

There are always multiple shooters when the False flag shootings are done to ensure the deaths they need to hype on their banker owned press.  Notice THIS TIME, they killed the mind controlled subject before the police could quiz him and find out that he is a mind controlled manipulated operative.  That is the mistake they made with the Colorado bomber.  He escaped with his life.  Lets see if this turns into a gun grabbing attempt.  Its amazing how nothing they say is believed.  We have come a long way...... 

We put up another article right below the first one, showing the progression in knowledge and why they had to off the mind controlled shooter.  He was psychops in the military.  

Sikh Temple Massacre: Multiple Shooters and Domestic Terrorism

Kurt Nimmo
August 6, 2012
Get ready for the corporate media to spin the FBI’s characterization of the shooting in Milwaukee as white supremacist domestic terrorism.
“Unnamed officials told NBC News that the suspect had served in the U.S. army, had many tattoos, and held ‘some kind of radical or white supremacist views’ but was not known to be affiliated with any radical group. The suspect had only traffic tickets on his criminal records, the officials told NBC News,” the Daily Beast reported late Sunday.
“Tattoos on the body of the slain Sikh temple gunman and certain biographical details led the FBI to treat the attack at a Milwaukee-area temple as an act of domestic terrorism, officials said Sunday,” the Los Angeles Times said on Sunday afternoon.
“A federal official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media refused to say whether the gunman was thought to belong to a hate group or some other violent group because the investigation was still unfolding.”
The shooting appears to be the work of an organized team. Despite the police and FBI stating there was only one shooter who was shot dead by police, people at the scene insist there was multiple shooters:
This inconvenient fact will be assigned to the memory hole as the establishment media follows the official narrative now being formulated – the shooter was a white supremacist with telltale racist tattoos who a) belonged to a political group that will be scapegoated and held up as an example of violent rightwing extremism, or b) was a “lone wolf” who followed racist political philosophy (more than likely sharing attributes outlined in the Department of Homeland Security’s “rightwing extremism” document, including the supposed threat by returning veterans).
2nd article

Shooting suspect was US army psy-ops specialist: Pentagon
by The Jakarta Globe
August 06, 2012
An FBI armored personnel carrier stands guard near the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin where a gunman killed sixAn FBI armored personnel carrier stands guard near the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin where a gunman killed six

The gunman suspected of attacking a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and killing six people was a former US Army "psychological operations specialist," the Pentagon said Monday.

Wade Michael Page, who was himself shot dead by police during the incident, was a 40-year-old who had served between April 1992 and October 1998, ending his career at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

He received his basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma before being moved to Fort Bliss in Texas. Fort Bragg, where he finished his career, is home to many of the US Army's airborne units and its Special Operations Command.

According to the Pentagon, Page was a qualified parachutist who received a commendation medal, five achievement medals, two good conduct medals, the National Defense Service Medal and a Humanitarian Service Medal.

But he left with the relatively junior enlisted rank of Specialist E-4.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research


Geoengineered climate change test heats up debate


By: Deborah Dupre
Date: 2012-07-19

In response to the Guardian article, researchers David Keith and Jim Anderson have stated that article was incorrect: "We want to be absolutely clear that that we have no plans to implement a geoengineering field study to release “thousands of tonnes of sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet, using a balloon flying 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico.”

The researchers also state, "Given the environmental threats to our planet and the growing pressure to seriously consider geo-engineering..." and refer the reader to a New York Times blog about their work (involving geo-engineering).

"Two Harvard professors said Tuesday they were developing a proposal for what would be a first-of-its-kind field experiment to test the risks and effectiveness of a geoengineering technology for intervening in the earth’s climate," begins the New York Time blog.

Iran accuses U.S. of Using Weather Weapons


Date: 2012-07-18

The head of Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism organization believes that in addition to economic sanctions, the West is launching another kind of ‘soft war’ on the Islamic republic.

Speaking at a ceremony to introduce the nation’s new meteorological department chief, Hassan Mousavi said that he was ‘suspicious about the drought in the southern part of the country.’

He went on to accuse the West as using ‘technology’ to influence the nation’s climate, saying sand storms, droughts, and other extreme weather were the result of an unspecified method of war.

Drought: Speaking at a ceremony to introduce the nation’s new chief of meteorological department, Hassan Mousavi said that he was ‘suspicious about the drought in the southern part of the country’

‘The world arrogance and colonist (term used by Iranian authorities to label the West) are influencing Iran’s climate conditions using technology,’ Mr Mousavi was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency, according to the AFP.


19 Ways Cancer Becomes the Ultimate Soft-Kill Opera


By: Paul Adams, J.D.
Date: 2012-07-18

The cancer epidemic is a soft-kill operation and a move by the world’s so-called elites to cull the human population. It is well documented that the Club of Rome, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Rockefellers, Warren Buffet and many other globalists plan to dominate and decimate humanity with their population reduction agenda.
As we will see, the globalists first cause the cancer and then provide us with their ineffective treatments (not cures) for profit. This method is known as Problem – Reaction – Solution.

According to the American Cancer Society, 1,638,910 new cancer cases will arise in the United States during 2012. Approximately 577,190 American cancer patients are expected to die from their cancer this year as well. One in every two men will suffer from cancer (one in four will die) as will one in every three women (one in five will die). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer is the second leading cause of death, closely trailing heart disease.

California parks department finds $54-million surplus

Bruecke Note: What caught my attention about this event of finding $54 million was an earlier article by Walter Burien about "CA Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports" (CAFR) [Here is the version with a Vatic Note.] Two sets of books is essentially what it amounts to. One shows the true coffers, and one that shows how every agency is running out of money, so tax the people more or they will go without services.


Date: 2012-07-20

California's parks system stashed away nearly $54 million even as it was cutting services and threatening to close parks, a revelation that prompted the resignation of the department's director Friday.

The hoarded cash remained untapped while the California Department of Parks and Recreation painted a dire picture of the system's health, soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in what was thought to be a desperate scramble to keep facilities open.

At the request of Gov. Jerry Brown, the state attorney general's office has launched an investigation into the hidden surplus, which officials believe the department concealed from state bookkeepers, the governor and the Legislature for at least a dozen years, dating to the tenure of Gray Davis. The governor also ordered a comprehensive audit of the parks system's accounting practices and management.

NYPD 'consistently violated basic rights' during Occupy protests – study


By: in New York
Date: 2012-07-26

The first systematic look at the New York police department's response to Occupy Wall Street protests paints a damning picture of an out-of-control and aggressive organization that routinely acted beyond its powers.

In a report that followed an eight-month study (pdf), researchers at the law schools of NYU and Fordham accuse the NYPD of deploying unnecessarily aggressive force, obstructing press freedoms and making arbitrary and baseless arrests.

The study, published on Wednesday, found evidence that police made violent late-night raids on peaceful encampments, obstructed independent legal monitors and was opaque about its policies.

Where Is The Line For Revolution?


By: Brandon Smith
Date: 2012-07-19

PHOTO - Wisconsin Legislature and massive protest

The subject of revolution is a touchy one.  It’s not a word that should be thrown around lightly, and when it is uttered at all, it elicits a chaotic jumble of opinions and debates from know-it-alls the world over.  

The “R” word has been persona non grata for quite some time in America, and until recently, was met with jeers and knee-jerk belligerence.  However, let’s face it; today, the idea is not so far fetched.  

We have a global banking system that is feeding like a tapeworm in the stagnant guts of our economy.  We suffer an election system so fraudulent BOTH sides of the political spectrum now represent a hyper-rich minority while the rest of us are simply expected to play along and enjoy the illusion of choice.  We have a judicial body that has gone out of its way to whittle down our civil liberties and to marginalize our Constitution as some kind of “outdated relic”.  

We have an executive branch that issues special orders like monarchical edicts every month, each new order even more invasive and oppressive than the last.  And, we have an establishment system that now believes it has the right to surveil the citizenry en masse and on the slightest whim without any consideration for 4th Amendment protections. 

There are plenty of pessimists out there who would assert that Americans are totally oblivious to these developments.  I have not found that to be true at all.  Millions of people are awake to such issues, and millions more are, at the very least, angry at the state of things, though they may not fully understand the source of their distress.  (VN:  Boy I can confirm this one.... and its damn near everyone you talk to, even the most sheep of sheep knows what is going on at a very fundamental level and everyone knows its the international bankers and Israel. Now that surprised me.  War has been declared against us with only one side fighting it using deception and manipulation.  However, that is not working anymore like it did in the beginning.)

Only a fool would deny that a fight is in the air…    


Rod Parsley PWNS the Federal Reserve & Bankers 1/5

Vatic Note: Awesome....He is BRUTAL IN HIS HONESTY about the Federal reserve.   It does not matter if you are religious or not, this man is talking about the Federal Reserve and puts it into perspective going all the way back to the first great depression and explains how the bankers create these depressions.  Its very very educational and you can see the entire audience is listening and not making a peep, but appear to be in shock.  

He calls them 'Sheep'  and I almost fell out of my chair when he did that.  He holds nothing back at all.  All the other parts are just as good.   He even explained things I did not know and I have a degree in this stuff.  It is well worth the time, if you really want  to understand what is happening in your world that you had no clue about. 

Rod Parsley PWNS the Federal Reserve & Bankers 1/5
Uploaded by NEOMETAL101 on Sep 28, 2008

Part I:  


Part II:


Part III:


Part IV:


Part V:


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The Anger Agenda & Violence – Don’t Fall For It

Vatic Note:   We are bringing  this up now, because the powers that be just conducted a provocation they manipulated in anaheim, California.  It was a war game and test run to see how we would react.  What they did was based on violence which is illegal, so that made their martial law there,  legal.    What we must do, is if you see provocateurs trying to create violence,  film them, and get it out immediately everywhere and film all attempts to stop them.   As long as we do not become violent, it is illegal for this government to conduct martial law.   Warn the sheep in advance.  (I just read that Russian troops are being used, dressed in civilian clothes, as provocateurs to create violence and thus set the conditions for a "legal Martial Law" since no one knows they are not Americans.  If an enemy soldier dressed as a civilian in a war, and was caught, he was considered a spy, tried, if convicted it was a death penalty.)   

If they do martial law, they will take all your gold, silver, food storage, survival equipment, guns and ammo and FEMA camps will be your new home.   That is why we must not aid them LEGALLY TO DO MARTIAL LAW.  WE MUST MAKE THEM DO IT ILLEGALLY,  and thus we can then respond full force within the law AND THE SHEEP WILL BE WITH US.  That is so important,  and why they are frustrated with us because they know, full well, without legal cover, they are toast.   They lose the SHEEP.   And that is where our numbers are if forced to fight for our freedoms once again.    

This below is very good and it tells us how to handle all this.  So PLEASE read this and prepare, yes, definitely prepare, meet with others, and do what you have to do,  assume they are not kidding  and intend to do you and all of us harm..... but do not act out on it, rather continue preparations only, for now.   THEY ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.  

The Anger Agenda – Don’t Fall For It
June 29, 2012

by Zen Gardner
We’re all pissed off in some form or another. No question. No one can sit idly by with any level of consciousness and not be ticked off by the insanity, inequities and atrocities going on around us. That’s righteous anger and there’s nothing wrong with it.
But we must keep it in its place.
The targeted audience? The general populace is being set up and baited for violent response.
All they’re waiting for is a justification to herd the unsuspecting flock right into their tight fisted fascist paradigm as the police state takes shape around us.
Don’t fall for the trap!

Wealth doesn't trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals


Date: 2012-07-21

The world's super-rich have taken advantage of lax tax rules to siphon off at least $21 trillion, and possibly as much as $32tn, from their home countries and hide it abroad – a sum larger than the entire American economy.

James Henry, a former chief economist at consultancy McKinsey and an expert on tax havens, has conducted groundbreaking new research for the Tax Justice Network campaign group – sifting through data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and private sector analysts to construct an alarming picture that shows capital flooding out of countries across the world and disappearing into the cracks in the financial system.

Rockefeller’s Depopulation Dreams Published by Foundation Linked to Mass Graves


By: Shepard Ambellas
Date: 2012-07-19

What is most interesting about the eugenics based Rockefeller Foundation’s ideology (an ideology which shined brightly in a recent 2010 publication) is the fact that it essentially forecasts future events but claims that it is not a forecast in anyway, thus leaving the doors wide open for the possibility of staged future events.
Please keep in mind that the scenarios in this report are stories, not forecasts, and the plausibility of a scenario does not hinge on the occurrence of any particular detail.
The following few pages are excerpted from the Rockefeller Foundation publication, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.

The meat of it starts with an introduction into future scenarios and reads;

The scenarios that follow are not meant to be exhaustive—rather, they are designed to be both plausible and provocative, to engage your imagination while also raising new questions for you about what that future might look and feel like.

Each scenario tells a story of how the world, and in particular the developing world, might progress over the next 15 to 20 years, with an emphasis on those elements relating to the use of different technologies and the interaction of these technologies with the lives of the poor and vulnerable.

Accompanying each scenario is a range of elements that aspire to further illuminate life, technology, and philanthropy in that world. These include:
  • A timeline of possible headlines and emblematic events unfolding during the period of the scenario
  • Short descriptions of what technologies and technology trends we might see
  • Initial observations on the changing role of philanthropy in that world, highlighting opportunities and challenges that philanthropic organizations would face and what their operating environment might be like
  • A “day in the life” sketch of a person living and working in that world
Please keep in mind that the scenarios in this report are stories, not forecasts, and the plausibility of a scenario does not hinge on the occurrence of any particular detail.


Three former NSA employees expose ‘mass illegal surveillance’ in court


By: Madison Ruppert
Date: 2012-07-07

The National Security Agency (NSA), which has recently been protected from having to disclose their relationship with the search engine giant and data mining powerhouse Google, is back in court over the case Jewel v. NSA.

The case, which was reinstated by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in late 2011, is challenging the NSA’s now well known massive warrantless surveillance program.

This case is more important than ever with the NSA pouring a whopping $2 billion into a heavily fortified data center which will almost certainly be used to monitor the communications of Americans. The National Counterterrorism Center’s new guidelines allowing extended data retention make matters even worse, if you can imagine such a thing.

NSA Whistle Blowers Warn that the US Government Can Use Surveillance to ‘See Into Your Life’


Date: 2012-07-24

This is a shocking video confirming, by former NSA employees, what many of us probably suspected about the National Security Agency.

NSA whistle blowers Thomas Drake, former senior official; Kirk Wiebe, former senior analyst; and William Binney, former technical director, return to “Viewpoint” to talk about their allegations that the NSA has conducted illegal domestic surveillance. All three men are providing evidence in a lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation against the NSA.

Drake says the spying affects “the entire country,” citing a “key decision made shortly after 9/11 which began to rapidly turn the United States of America into the equivalent of a foreign nation for dragnet blanket electronic surveillance.”

“It’s hard to believe that your government’s gonna actually do it,” Wiebe says. “That was the shocker.”

Binney mentions a new NSA facility under construction in Bluffdale, Utah: “That facility alone can probably hold somewhere close to a hundred years worth of the communications of the world.” Binney continues, “Once you accumulate that kind of data – they’re accumulating against everybody – [it's] resident in programs that can pull it together in timelines and things like that and let them see into your life.”

It is also noteworthy that this interview was conducted by the very aggressive former-New York state Governor Eliot Spitzer, who was brought down in a call girl scandal, where unknown government surveillance techniques were used against him. Welcome to the fight Eliot.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

U.S. government admits surveillance breached 4th Amendment ‘on at least one occasion’


By: Madison Ruppert
Date: 2012-07-22

Finally, the U.S. government formally admitted that their incredibly massive surveillance program has, in fact, violated our right to be safe from unreasonable search and seizure as protected by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, previously revealed the so-called “secret PATRIOT Act” and along with Senator Mark Udall, has called for the Obama administration to declassify the rulings of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court.

Now, thanks to a letter from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Wyden is able to say that “on at least one occasion” the FISA Court found that the so-called “minimization procedures” used by the government while collecting intelligence were “unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment.”

Unfortunately, Wyden’s knowledge still seems quite limited. He does not know exactly how widespread this clearly illegal surveillance was, when it actually occurred or even how many American people have been targeted.

Spying on Americans through Cellphone Carriers

Vatic Note:   You all already know what I think about Global Research and if I am right, then the big question is "Why are they exposing the cell phone spying situation?"  "What benefit do they get from us knowing about it"?  Well, its like having a policeman in your head.  If you decide to meet with others to deal with our problems, then you will police yourself because you believe they can hear everything you say and do  and will be reluctant to take the risk and chances involved.   Is that not the most clever way and cheap to keep  people from doing anything to resist your agenda???  Make them believe you are all powerful and there is no where to hide or do anything anonymously???  Yes, I do believe that is why they do it.

However, while its clever as all get out,  THERE ARE DEAD SPOTS IN ALL CELL PHONE TERRITORIES that can be used to over come the problem if its true.  Find those dead spots and that is where you meet.  Just a suggestion, but then you won't find that suggestion below, now will you?  why not?  I am not a genius to have thought of that,  why didn't they think of it?  Further, just like the NRA on the right,  the ACLU on the left has been compromised at the top.  So they are promoting the same thing as global research.   Be cautious and do your own research.   Also START THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. There are ways to avoid just about anything you want to avoid if you simply take the time to "think" about it. Use the gifts we were given in undermining their plans and agendas.  We have done it before under against all odds conditions and we can do it again.  WE ARE NOT HELPLESS, they are!!!!

Spying on Americans through Cellphone Carriers

By: Tom Burghardt
Date: 2012-07-14

What most Americans are blissfully unaware of is the fact that they carry in their pockets what have been described as near-perfect spy devices: their cellphones.

When Congress passed the FISA Amendments Act (FAA) in 2008, a privacy-killing law that gutted First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections for Americans while granting immunity to giant telecoms that assisted the National Security Agency's (NSA) warrantless wiretapping programs, we were assured that the government "does not spy" on our communications.
Yet scarcely a year after FAA was signed into law by President Bush, The New York Times revealed that under Hope and Change(TM) huckster Barack Obama, NSA continued the previous regime's illegal practices, intercepting "private e-mail messages and phone calls of Americans in recent months on a scale that went beyond the broad legal limits established by Congress last year."

The wholesale vacuuming-up of private communications by the sprawling Pentagon bureaucracy were described by unnamed "senior officials" as the "'overcollection' of domestic communications of Americans;" in other words, a mere technical "glitch" in an otherwise "balanced" program.

But what most Americans are blissfully unaware of is the fact that they carry in their pockets what have been described as near-perfect spy devices: their cellphones.


ML King was Killed One Year to the day from this Speech! Is this Perfect for Today?

Vatic Note:  Finally, with what we have learned over the past 10 years, we now know why  these great men of courage, character and wisdom were murdered by our foreign occupied government.  I received this incredible ground breaking speech by Martin Luthur King from someone who saw this as relevant even more so today.   

Who is suffering the most  "Today" from the economic manipulations and wars both internally and externally?  Poor and Black..... Unemployment amoung blacks is double that for whites.  The poverty programs have been substituted by a jobs program of "WAR", which is killing and permanently maiming our poor, while also killing the poor of other races in far off lands .  Our sons and daughters are  being killed in far off foreign countries for "RESOURCE WARS" FOR EMPIRE controlled by another foreign nation and their owned corporations, who are  too cowardly to do their own wars.  They believe their blood is far more valuable than ours and thus its ok.   

Well, I agree with Martin Luthur King.... this schaiza has to stop.  They may have killed him, but they can't silence him.  We are here to continue with his words and his work.   They tried to silence all the brave in our country by assassinating them, and now Obama has obtained "legal" authority to assassinate our citizens, in violation of our governing document. What a betrayal Obama has been of Martin Luthur Kings great movement.   

I also keep thinking of John Lennon who we profiled some time back and other artists too numerous to mention that has been  killed for writing and performing music for the "living".   It was our music and they had to attack that through the existing artists while indoctrinating the incoming artists into a music of death and not of life.  I do so miss those artists as you can see by our Vatic Music section.  Check it out sometime.  But whatever you do,  this is a MUST READ if you want to know if you are right about how you feel.  If you are appalled at the nazi type horrors being visited upon the planet and all for profit as Eisenhower warned,  then this is for you!   If you are for wars for stealing  resources of poorer nations, then pass on this.  

"Beyond Vietnam"

A Time to Break Silence
By Rev. Martin Luther King
By 1967, King had become the country's most prominent opponent of the Vietnam War, and a staunch critic of overall U.S. foreign policy, which he deemed militaristic. In his "Beyond Vietnam" speech delivered at New York's Riverside Church on April 4, 1967 -- a year to the day before he was murdered -- King called the United States "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today."

Time magazine called the speech "demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi," and the Washington Post declared that King had "diminished his usefulness to his cause, his country, his people."


Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
By Rev. Martin Luther King
4 April 1967
Speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on April 4, 1967, at a meeting of Clergy and Laity Concerned at Riverside Church in New York City

I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight because my conscience leaves me no other choice. I join with you in this meeting because I am in deepest agreement with the aims and work of the organization which has brought us together: Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam. The recent statement of your executive committee are the sentiments of my own heart and I found myself in full accord when I read its opening lines: "A time comes when silence is betrayal." That time has come for us in relation to Vietnam.

The truth of these words is beyond doubt but the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one's own bosom and in the surrounding world. Moreover when the issues at hand seem as perplexed as they often do in the case of this dreadful conflict we are always on the verge of being mesmerized by uncertainty; but we must move on.

Nick Bryant on Pedophilia & Politics


By: Catherine Austin Fitts
Date: 2012-08-01

This Thursday on the Solari Report, I will be talking with Nick Bryant, author of The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal 

Two stories have brought the topic of pedophilia front and center.  The first story involves continuing allegations regarding priests and children in the Catholic Church worldwide. It is now estimated that the Catholic Church has paid out more than $3 billion in settlements related to sex abuse allegations in North America alone. Eight Catholic diocese have declared bankruptcy due to the related expense, including those in Tucson, Spokane, Portland, Davenport, Iowa and San Diego.  The second story involves a sex scandal in the athletic program at Penn State University.

While these two ongoing scandals have received significant attention in the corporate media, they barely hint as to the real phenomenon of pedophilia and child sex slavery in America. There is, however, one story that has been the subject of serious investigative journalism that offers rare insight into the phenomenon. That is the story of the Franklin Scandal.

Nick Bryant describes his book on the Franklin scandal as the “story of a nationwide pedophile ring that pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. The ring’s pimps were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of our government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks. The legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network.”

Control Files


By: Catherine Austin Fitts
Date: 2012-07-29

A “control file” is a private record that contains secret information or pictures that are the basis of threatening and blackmailing a person. Perhaps the most famous historical example of control files were the “dirty pictures” that J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the FBI, was said to maintain.

A control file is an important tool of gathering and exercising power. Control files are often used to command loyalty and obedience from the people who manage government, sit in the courts, lead enterprises and direct financial transactions. Control files supercede both law and economics. They are an essential building block of “managed markets” – whether it is the bubbling of the mortgage markets, trillions in collateral fraud, or interest rates that fall to zero.

If “Mr. Global” (my nickname for the powers that be) has a control file chock full of dirty pictures and criminal liabilities then the subject of that file is likely to do whatever Mr. Global says. You and I can lobby a politician, file endless case law in support of our motion before a judge, or explain the prudent man rule and fiduciary principles to a pension manager until we are blue in the face. It will be to no avail. They will follow the direction of the person or organization that controls them through their control files.

Governments Exist to Further the Interests of "Favored Groups"


By: Prof. John Kozy
Date: 2012-07-13

"Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmer, liquidate real estate. It will purge the rottenness out of the system."—Herbert Hoover’s treasury secretary Andrew Mellon

Governments have never existed to solve problems domestic or international. Governments and their institutions exist merely to further and secure the interests of favored groups, but We the People are never the favored group.

Paul Krugman recently wrote that
the fact is that the Fed, like the European Central Bank, like the U.S. Congress, like the government of Germany, has decided that avoiding economic disaster is somebody else’s responsibility.

None of this should be happening. As in 1931, Western nations have the resources they need to avoid catastrophe, and indeed to restore prosperity — and we have the added advantage of knowing much more than our great-grandparents did about how depressions happen and how to end them. But knowledge and resources do no good if those who possess them refuse to use them.

And that’s what seems to be happening. The fundamentals of the world economy aren’t, in themselves, all that scary; it’s the almost universal abdication of responsibility that fills me, and many other economists, with a growing sense of dread.


We Told You You are Powerful Beings! Check It Out!

Vatic Note: I put this last one up before I end my day for the week.....so you can take this with you and print it out.  This is the second time scientists from different countries conducted experiments and came up with the same conclusions. Its worth the read and keeping it and rereading it until you GET IT. Its a visceral understanding, not an intellectual one. You must know and see this in your gut.  It won't work otherwise. Again, I am living proof of the power of this below. It has been working for me over the past 4 months like never before.  If there was ever a time to believe in something, this is it. The good news is everyone can believe in it. Even Christians where Christ told us in the Bible...... God is within you. He also said we have free will, but that means more than just making choices, its about causal affects of our choices. WE CAN CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. That is how we are going to overcome our problem.  

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

 dna-model-4    By Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

THE HUMAN DNA IS A BIOLOGICAL INTERNET and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

[This proof of the EVOLUTION OF OUR MIND, BODY and SPIRIT- AS of NewRealities...]
Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA.” The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA.”

James Holmes’ “Mentor” Admits To Mind Manipulation


By: Joel DeadlineLive
Date: 2012-07-27

John Jacobson, the person James Holmes named as his “mentor” during his science camp presentation on “temporal illusions” and “subjective experience” [1], can be seen in a video discussing the manipulation of a subject’s order of time perception. [2]

At 1.58 in Jacobson says:
“… it’s possible… for us to manipulate temporal order, we have loads of power over temporal order, if events happen in the order A/B, a good psycho-physicist can have the subject experience it as B/A, this is routine…”

So the accused Batman shooter, who appeared drugged out of his mind during his first court appearance, and the District Attorney later said she had “no information” on whether Holmes was on medication in court [3], is closely associated to a boastful mind manipulator.

But this gets much more interesting…

James Holmes: Government Patsy Assisting Obama in Disarming Americans


By: By Susanne Posel theintelhub.com
Date: 2012-07-28

James Holmes, while incarcerated and awaiting trial appears to have been drugged and have amnesia regarding the Batman shooting committed just last week. Holmes says that he does not know why he is locked up.

A jailhouse worker stated about Holmes: “He claims he doesn’t know why he’s in jail. He asked ‘Why am I here?’”

The police in Arapahoe County Detention Center are skeptical of Holmes. Other inmates are claiming that they believe he is faking amnesia while admitting Holmes has asked them how the film ended. However, Holmes has been seen in court failing in and out of consciousness whiles his eyes bulged out.

According to the KMGH report, during the arrest process, Holmes made puppets out of evidence bags ; just moments after he had committed the shooting at the Aurora Theater.

The mainstream media (MSM) are priming the propaganda surround Holmes by lending credence to the insanity defense and claiming he may have some arbitrary psychotic episode associated with mass murder.

Aurora Shooter Cover-Up – Pictures Tell a Thousand Words


By: theintelhub.com
Date: 2012-07-28

The alleged shooter of the Aurora movie theater massacre “James Holmes” might not be who they are showing us on TV.

Astonishingly, the persons in both photos look nothing alike.

The following is a photo comparison of James Holmes (on the left before the crime) and “James Holmes” (on the right) after the crime, during the first court proceeding:

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Aurora Police Chief: From Beat Cop to Intelligence Agent Operative – Officer on Scene Describes Two Shooters


By: Shepard Ambellas
Date: 2012-07-27

Update: Actual police audio from the scene described what looked to be a coordinated attack with at least two shooters yet the police chief, the corporate media, and the federal government continue to claim that the mind controlled James Holmes acted alone.

AURORA — Daniel Oates is the current Police Chief of Aurora Colorado, the city in which the gruesome “Batman” theatre massacre took place that left a bloody scene of carnage embedded into the minds of the people involved as well as America as a whole.

Eyewitnesses also noticed that the shooter was not acting alone and that the Aurora Police Chief was possibly aware of it.

Listen to the actual police audio: http://soundcloud.com/abilene-paradox.

How does one go from a simple beat cop to serving on the Intelligence Division at NYPD?


MI6, Mossad Along with the CIA And Satanism -

CIA And Satanism - 
Uploaded by on Dec 24, 2009
A powerful presentation on the subject by retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson

Vatic Note:  This is a must see.  What  great job he does on this.  As you know, we have done an extremely indepth amount of work on this subject, and what we discovered and posted here on the blog, was the deep and long term tie in of MI6, CIA and Mossad, in the intel dept.  Since we first exposed this then events started happening showing us just how high up the elite ladder this satanism goes and its tentacles into the military.  

Now after that, Cheney was exposed by The New Yorker, as having a "DOMESTIC ASSASSINATION SQUAD",  and then finding out Mossad was on that squad, it became clear these decisions and use of that squad is not done just for domestic sovereign purposes, they are used for global agendas, issues and players.  

Ted may not have known this at the time of this video, but he knew enough that may have  cost him is life.  He died in 2011.  There will be more coming later,  when I get back, on some of the exposes he did that never made it into the main alternet news sources like Alex Jones and Rense, but he did make it into our small blog.  

He was a true patriot and exposed so much that is now today causing the elite major problems in finishing their agenda. Enjoy Ted's coverage of this subject, its excellent.   We are losing our heroes in record numbers.  soon it will be just us average joes out here and from this group will have to come our new heroes,  which should be all of us. 


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

A Canadian Truthseekers Rant - A Great One Too!

Vatic Note:  I read this and almost fell on the floor cracking up.  He has hit the nail so  on the head, it made me laugh.  No one has truly put this together about the olympics and the false flag shooting in Colorado as he has and the role of Zionism in all of it.   Its worth the read. indeed.   Frankly, I am surprised the British people are allowing themselves to be represented so very badly.  I expected it of the royalty and the peons they control who run the government, but not the people.  

I refused to watch the Olympics just for  that reason, satanism and occult are not what this globe is about,  now we know Israel is about that and leadership in all western nations is about that, but now we know THE BRITISH NATION IS ABOUT THAT just like Israel.  Its explains the deal they made for Britain to take the lead in creating Israel and they must have known about the Zionist terrorist attacks against their own people who were killed in order to achieve the Rothschild agenda of control of the Middle East  through Israel.  So the British crown and government were complicit in the murder of their own citizens for Israel's existance.  

Reminds me of American President and VP doing exactly the same thing on 9-11 for Israel.  (This was my little mini rant) 

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 29th, 2012
SUNDAY, JULY 29, 2012

Is it just me? Or does anyone else see the power of the Jewish elite that controls the world all over the so called London Olympics? We all can see the "ZION" in the logo for the 2012 Olympics, which is bad enough.. But I was hoping that others would have noticed by now the pyramid lighting units on top of the Olympic Stadium... How can anyone miss the all seeing "Eye Of Horus" symbolism in both the pyramids and the light at the top of the pyramid?  It seems that the criminal Rothschilds are flaunting their total control over us by displaying it right in our faces at these Olympic Games...
It is in my opinion that there will NOT be a so called "false flag" attack at all during these games... It is not in the interests of the criminals to pull off such a deed during these games at all.  Instead as noted in the previous paragraph, they will use the games to present their power and control over all of us.... But once the games are over, all bets are off....
I see that the United States government has "postponed" their signing of the dastardly UN Gun Control Treaty which was to have been signed off last Friday, July 27th... Good! It  does appear that finally the people of America have been awakened to the criminality of this so called "treaty" and how it is nothing more than an attempt to take away the rights of the American public to bear arms to keep their own government from becoming too tyrannical.   However, I do recommend that all Americans keep up their vigilance, because the criminals will NOT quit until they are able to disarm the American public!

Mind Control and the Hidden History of Our World


By: Fred Burks
Date: 2012-07-06

Dear friends,

This message is not for the faint of heart. Yet if you want to understand how the recent history of our world has been affected by incredibly powerful forces of which few are aware, it is vital to understand the well hidden use of sophisticated mind control techniques described in the key documents listed below. Much of the information presented is easily verified in declassified government documents available online and through FOIA requests.

The basic science of mind control was perfected by Nazi scientists as a result of disturbing WWII experiments in concentration camps. Click here to watch a one-minute clip from the revealing History Channel documentary Mind Control: America's Secret War which testifies to this. You can also watch the entire documentary as a background to the information provided here.

After the war, these powerful, yet highly unethical techniques were eventually quietly acquired by all major powers of the world, and by key powerful secret societies. Various groups and factions then further developed mind control capabilities and implemented them to forward a wide variety of secret agendas. This has, in effect, created an entire hidden history of our world of which few are aware. Yet you can educate yourself now with the seven key documents below.

Batman Shooter James Eagen Holmes: Is he a Modern MKUltra mind control victim?

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I am presently right in the middle of one of those and it takes days to ferret out the truth and then present it with our analysis.  Something like the one I am doing now, won't reach the board for several days.  I just want those that read here and visit, to understand a lot goes into this effort.  

The man from New Zealand has made it clear he knows that.  We cannot thank you enough, Sir,  Bless you deeply for saving our blog.  I also wish to thank the other two in previous months who did the same thing.   I feel we are blessed to have the readers we do and hope that our meager efforts are worth the contributions.  

I have to take a break since August is here and I must do jewelry to sell if I am going to have any luck before Labor Day.  So Bruecke will be doing the work for us for this week starting Thurdsay.  Just a reminder to those who have been with us a long time.  We, Vatic Project, were the first to connect Satanism, and pedophilia with the international elite families who are trying to globalize under themselves as rulers.  I believe we disclosed that almost two  years ago.  We have breached many of these kinds of subjects and others picked up on them later.  I wish to thank Bruecke for all his work unpaid, in keeping and helping fix the computer work on here. He has been an invaluable contributor to a mission of the heart.  


By: Tim McCown
Date: 2012-07-24

Police Chief Dan Oates of the Aurora, Colorado police department maintains that Holmes is not part of any terrorist organization. The Right’s attempts to portray Holmes as a member of the Black Bloc Occupy movement would seem to fall under this denial. As this case continues there seem to be more questions than answers, however.

While speculation is irresponsible, as ABC News discovered when they initially claimed Holmes was a Tea Party member, the seeming refusal of authorities to answer certain questions actually creates the very speculation Chief Oates keeps trying to damp down.

All Americans are seeking to come to some understanding of the reasons for this horrendous tragedy. What is puzzling about James Eagen Holmes is how clean and non existent any record of Holmes is. There are no peers stating that he had proclivities for violence. He has no facebook or twitter accounts or any other social media contacts. His mother stated you have the right person when she found out he had been arrested but has said nothing more about this statement and he has no prior arrest record beyond a parking ticket. By all accounts Holmes is squeaky clean until his mass killing spree Friday night. So how do you explain what happened Friday night?

When it became apparent that the whole Occupy smear wasn’t working, some on the Right began to posit the conspiracy theory that James Eagen Holmes might be involved in some mind control experiment that has gone awry. Unfortunately for those of who don’t usually buy into Right Wing conspiracies we all know of the many and frequent hideous and barbaric experiments our government has conducted on its own citizens over the years. The Tuskeegee syphyllis experiment comes to mind right away.


Sandusky investigation by Louis Freeh is a cover up for Everyone!

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Vatic Note: Wow, this is explosive. I am wondering if covering up this news was in part, why the shooting occurred.  The author of this below brought this up before the shootings, so he was onto something there.  I have been saying that these insane pedophile perverts who want to run the globe,  will be worse than anything you could imagine.

They have absolutely no limitations on what evil horrors they decide to visit on us once they have complete control.  We are seeing that now in Iraq.   Child slave and sex trade international,  harvesting their organs for sale on the international market..... there is more and we did a blog on it some time back.... I thought about that and this is how our world would change if these people ever get in control with absolute power over us.  With Gun control,  you can be sure that would be the case.

Right now, it is more likely if they tried what you will read below, on those of us who are not perverts, they would see the inside of a trash can and be lucky that is all they received for their advances to us or our children.   Reading this below is the best way to understand my comments, and its well worth the read.  

I am glad there is still at least someone who is talking about these issues that most choose to ignore who are the bigger alternative press mogels.  For some reason they refuse to touch these subjects and dig into the depths of them as this man has done.  It was brave of him to do so. 

Louis Freeh Report is a Cover-Up
July 23, 2012
Freeh's 267-page report is designed to divert attention from a pervasive Masonic culture of  pedophilia. Confident of its power, the Illuminati have no intention of mending their ways. They have replaced offenders with accomplices.  

by Tom McGann

Louis Freeh's  267-page Report is sheer fluff, full of repetition and redundancies.  Its intent is to ignore the obvious fact that Sandusky is not the only homosexual pedophile involved in the scandal.  It is a ruse--a red herring to keep us foxes, so to speak, off the scent of the insatiable sexual perverts who lurk here and there in the dark shadows of Happy Valley, Harrisburg, and beyond. 

What it does not say, however, says much.
Mainly, it fails to say that there is a conspiracy of silence that has been going on for a long, long time, likely beginning when Jerry first started sniffing jockstraps of prepubescent boys some forty years ago.  Freeh would like for us to infer that Sandusky was the only pedophile in the football program, perhaps the only pedophile in all of Happy Valley. 
Sandusky.jpegFreeh's whitewash fails to mention that there are many high-powered men besides Sandusky who have a yearning for young boys in Happy Valley.

That Sandusky, left, was treated graciously over decades by so many men and women at the Second Mile Foundation, at the University's helm, in the Governor's Office, and in the Attorney General's Office--all adds to this suspicion.
Freeh fails to suggest that The Second Mile Foundation, which has 100,000 children in its fold, should be shut down. 

It won't be, instead it will flourish.   Arrow Child & Family Ministries Inc. has petitioned the courts to take it over.  This outfit plans to retain all of TSMF's personnel, use its offices, and spread their ministry wherever young boys need a pat on the back, a massage, a hand for this or that job, or whatever.


Who is the shill who penned this disingenuous report?  From becoming Director of the FBI in 1993 until forced to resign eight years later, Louis Freeh disgraced his country with one failed cover-up attempt after another, thus, effectively leaving the Bureau in a state of irremediable disrepair.