Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!"

Vatic Note: Another find when going down another rabbit hole. It was published way back a year and a half ago. Look at how prophetic this satanist was in his predictions and distain for us and those who are into the light and not the dark. This was stated well before we reached today. In fact, I believe he says that TSA is an ongoing satanic ritual of sexual abuse and humiliation designed to become part of everyday life. Wow. Its that bad folks. They think we are stupid.

Now is time for those thoughts that we must do daily asking for the light to fill all  our souls and minds and ask for all the darkness to disappear and go away.  We have much work to make up for since we allowed this to go for so long.  Jefferson said during the debates over the 2nd amendment that Americans are not easily pushed into revolutions, rather they have the opposite problem.  They are way too slow to act, so being armed will not mean they will be having a revolution every 2  years.  It will be surprising if they do anything before its almost too late. 

What we are is patient and long suffering because that has worked for 250 years. We have never had to overthrow our government, but then we did not have a foreign nation running it either. So read how they see us and our situation and how they believe they can now come out of the closet. These below are his observations and predictions. Its an interesting global new world order he has planned for us,   or his superiors have planned for us.

Satanist Insider: "The Party is Beginning!"
by Aloysius James Fozdyke
January 20, 2011


"The Kenyan won't be re-elected. I was told this on New Year's Eve by two of our people from America. Obama will be blamed for the mess that's unfolding."

[Editor's Note: AJF is an Australian satanist who has established his credentials by first releasing this to the world. This material is presented for its information value. We do not endorse the content.]

by Aloysius James Fozdyke
(for henrymakow.com)

America is an increasingly dark place and this will continue apace. "Change that you can believe in!" A little more change and Americans will be able to buy a coffee. Europe and Asia will follow almost in lockstep. We're coming up to the tenth anniversary. So much has been achieved in a decade.

The sheeple appreciate that it's better to live on their knees than to die on their feet. Remember the old 'Duck and Cover' films? Today it's more like peasants under glass. The only problem with treating sheeple like slugs is that your shoes get dirty.

The constitutional issues of Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been put to bed. 

Freedom will soon be a distant and distorted memory. It won't alp_200_182.jpgbe so bad. Everyone's already on their knees waiting for Yeshua. We silenced Kelvyn Alp (left.) You can always rely upon the legal profession. 

Lions beneath the throne and all that. We silenced Ken. As the story will never be published, just take it from me: The constitutional issues of Australia, Canada and New Zealand could have destroyed all of the sacrifice, work and dreams of the Alpha Lodge, efforts going back to long before I was even born. That's not going to happen.

The United Nations isn't interested in national sovereignty. The U.N. is interested in global control. If the constitutional issues had been fixed, this would have destroyed so many well laid plans and conceivably caused international economic and political turmoil. As it was and as it remains, the media and sheeple are otherwise engaged. There's a Writ of Mandamus served on Chief Justice French of the Australian High Court which is to be filed with the Privy Council in early February. That's sorted.

Oil prices are going to rise significantly this year. And oil is the life blood of economies particularly what's left of America's. And American oil prices will rise soon. Your American readers better get used to the truth. They're not getting it from their churches or media are they? They're getting and rejecting it from me!

As I said before: trade barriers will start in earnest this year and coupled with currency devaluation, the emasculation of social security, massive unemployment and losses in the value of real estate, the party will begin. Already fees and levies are increasing and this will lead to crime and the resultant loss of liberties. Big Brother will be watching even more intently than now. Societies are coming apart at the seams, America included.   (VN:  Its already started and we did up a blog on the new global trade agreement and they gutted it, so I have to try and find it again and reput it up.  Out of 16 chapters of the agreement,  2 are about trade and 14 are about deregulation  and changing laws and giving the corporations and bankers all the authority to veto any such laws and regulations.  They can do any damn thing they want and we  have no  say in it anymore.  Its the final stage in globalizing and I honestly believe its why the Satanists have been coming out of the closet) 

Corruption will spread outside of government and to the lower echelons of the community. It happens in all economic depressions and this one will be no different. Forget the rule of law. Ghost towns of plywood and plasterboard unwanted, dilapidated and dangerous will change the face of America. The Kenyan won't be re-elected. I was told this on New Year's Eve by two of our people from America. Obama will be blamed for the mess that's unfolding.

Our American guests made a salient point. They said that unlike many countries which are held together by religious or ethnic ties, America and its peoples are held together by 'the American Dream', rising living standards, prosperity and 'the pursuit of happiness'. These intangibles weave together American history, folklore and culture. When these fantasies become obvious chimeras America will cease to exist.

I was told that mandatory blood testing is coming to America, beginning with motor vehicle drivers that the authorities 'believe' to be drunk or drugged. I was also told that these tests are actually to compile DNA databases. I don't know the details but I thought that for what it's worth I'd pass it along.

Prescription medication will be in short supply because few will be able to afford it. This will be one aspect of culling: the survival of the fittest. The baby boomers who grow up expecting the best and living affluently have another thing coming. With the end of their lives staring them in the face and with pension funds already a sick joke the welfare system will be overwhelmed and cease to function.

When the war starts and Iran stops the flow of oil, life will change instantly. American taxpayers have been subsidising Israel for so long it's about time that they got something in return. And they will. Wars are best way of uniting slaves. They'll fight to the death to protect their slave master so that they can go back to being slaves. The only promised hope is the Usher of Desecration. Soon the sheeple will know this.

The left hand path remains the spirituality of the new over-class. Men and women born to become Deities in this life. The multitudes are so decrepit as not to know the value of freedom or life. As such they deserve neither. They are slaves and we will enslave them. In this the Usher will fulfil the longings of the masses before the coming of Vindex.

I can literally smell victory in the morning air! The fools cower and are abased before us. The only agenda is ours, for our agenda is the only option. Now is the time to make a pact with the mighty powers of darkness because nothing can or will halt our domination! The evolutionary current - dammed for nearly two millennia - has been breached.

We will give warfare, not welfare; fiefdom in place of freedom; cruelty for charity and power unimaginable whilst the filth pray! We are warriors, not worriers seeking greatness not goodness. Ours is the demonic not the democratic. For Our Prince offers intelligence in place of ignorance; elitism not equality. Mayhem speaks louder than words as Our God utters the memory and promise of His greatness!

Blesséd are the Warriors for we shall inherit this Earth!

The New World Order will be one of Majesty, Order, Discipline and Honour giving rise to Vindex: The Avenger and Philosopher King!

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Anonymous said...

See, that's OUR little secret, which foreigners have never quite been able to understand about us "ignurunt 'mericans" we don't revolt every 5 or 10 years, because we see what has happened in other nations that have those convulsions....they stagnate.
However, we don't take kindly to being "fodderized" as it were, we see that our humanity is being used, and not for the better. This Fuzz-Dyke character thinks that "his people" have us where they want us. And that may be true for some wishy washy americans who were never really one of us anyways, not in spirit. But those of us who are in the know, and there are more of us than may be expected, will never accept this twisted self projected "reality" that is being foisted on us. WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, and we also know the end. OUR Lord, the One you so callously dismiss as being weak and ineffectual, will come back as YOUR JUDGE. I suspect this is the reason for the unwarranted bravado and arrogant swagger evident in the empty words.
These are not "famous last words" These words were spoken long before this present and last crisis of the earth. In the end, Fuzz-Dykes lord loses everything. Jesus Christ is Lord and He wins! Anything in between is a distraction, a fuzzy hole in the dike.... the so called "party" is already over and the winner has always been Jesus. the cackling in the cyberspace you hear is simply the wire nodes shutting down because of the staleness of the air, which He will make anew!
I have not spoken these words, rather my Lord Jesus, Who cast you down, has said this.

Anonymous said...

I know they beleive there pyschotic plan is going to come to pass,However i beleive they are sadly mistaken, The American People will stop them in there tracks when the going gets tough We fought those damn British before and won and I beleive we will again.These people are idiots

Vatic Master said...

Well, I hope everyone is right. I just read a summary write up of a new book out which is written by an American khazar and its, as usual, predicting what they intend to do to us and according to this author, WW III will only last 2 hours and 58 minuts and it will be over.

Its offered as a nuke war. Well, before they can do that, they first have to do away with those who have stopped 3 planned nuke attacks since before 2007 that were foiled by someone... we know not who. If they do not stop them, then this book is already outdated. LOL I am happy to make that point.

If that is the case then I know for a fact they intend to do a big fat bioweapon and force us to take the vaccine that will give the virus to us and create all those deaths they tried to do in Europe a couple of years back through Baxter drug company. You know, the one owned in part by Rahm Emmanual, the IDF officer of the Israeli army and by Obama, the clone.

I think we are pretty well protected right now. We will see.

Anonymous said...