Out of the Blue, DARPA Seeks Means to Manipulate Lightning

Vatic Note:  Now this below was a call put out by DARPA to solicit proposals from the scientific community to see a means to manipulate lightning and it was done in 2009.  When you read this , you get the impression its to also protect against lightning, but as we all know, DARPA is a government agency, that government is run by khazar bankers who could give a rats butt less about us or we, the people.  If anything, its to use lightning as another WMD.  

Is that possible?  Would DARPA DO THAT? 

Well, below is the first article on DARPA's intent to do research on manipulating Lightning and when you finish reading this,  follow the links after the article with the designation "UPDATE" for the progression from researching manipulating lightning, to using lasers to "create, direct and Hold lightning" where they want it.  
That sounds more like a weapon than a high ideal research project to mitigate the damaging affects of lightning.  YOu read it all and decide.   I think, if we do not get rid of these generationally wounded MPD's who now are psychopathic adults, we are in for the ride of a life time with some serious threats to the human race called genocide.   

As usual, I have a story to tell about this.  About two days ago we had a so called "Storm" with lightning and THUNDER like I have never heard before.  The sound was ear drum busting.   It was not that close, but it was pervasive.  I never thought about it until I read this below and the updates, especially about the laser from space.  THEN I REMEMBERED ALL THE DEAD FISH, CRABS, BIRDS and specific to certain areas, then it went from say Alabama, to  global or the east  coast of Maryland,  to coasts everywhere.   If you look at what died, it was all those things that exist in an environment  seriously affected by "sound and light waves".   Fish under water,  birds in the air in flight....etc.   Just wondering out loud. 

Were they experimenting with this laser?  I do not know, but its getting strange out here.  Remember, they have lasers in space they are experimenting with as well.  Check this out about lasers that they have finally done.   Its amazing what "we do not know about our world"!  Was the an end result of the call for research proposals on controlling lightning?  Read the last link below.  You decide.

Add to that, the fact they are trying to make babies without humans, and human like robots that look, act and think like humans, and Israel has got the "blue Brain" project going trying to grow an artificial brain and do so biologically.   Notice, not a word in those three links in this paragraph, about a soul, or consciousness, etc.  In fact, I believe they intend to do everything they can to eliminate a "soul" AND "consciousness" from the human race.  Since the architects of this abomination have no soul,  they think its ok.   But they then will be at risk from those they create, just like they are a risk to us.   How stupid can they be.  

This is all zombie sounding kind of stuff and given their satanism, occult and depopulation plans,  I believe we best wake up and stop it all before we can't.    If we do not, history will record that we once existed and make up whatever they want to say about what we were and what we did.  That means only the psychos will be breeding..... heaven forbid.  Well, maybe that would be poetic justice, now that I think about it.  

The offspring could turn out to be their worst nightmare.  Then they would be wishing for the good ole days with us cattle.  LOL  

Out of the Blue, DARPA Seeks Means to Manipulate Lightning

Lightning Mother Nature has it. DARPA wants it.

China and Russia try to control rain clouds and the Dutch use technology to keep low-lying inland areas from flooding, so why shouldn’t the United States be able to manipulate lightning? In an attempt to better understand one of nature’s most powerful processes, DARPA issued a broad agency announcement yesterday asking for ideas on how to best protect American personnel and resources from dangers and costs associated with lightning strikes. To wit:

"Lightning causes more than $1B/year in direct damages to property in addition to the loss of lives, disruption of activities (for example, postponement of satellite launches) and their corresponding costs. A better understanding of the physics underlying lightning discharge, associated emissions, and related processes (for example, tribocharging in the clouds) may lead to revolutionary advances in the state of the art of lightning protection."

Specifically, DARPA seeks validated models on the natural lightning process, a means of triggering lightning within a storm intentionally, and strategies for protecting a given area from lightning strikes during a storm by somehow reducing the probability that lightning will strike there.

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The call for proposals also asks various questions about manipulating lightning’s natural unpredictability: “Given an area (size: 1 square kilometer) in the presence of a thunderstorm, is it possible to reduce the probability of a cloud to ground lightning strike in that area? 

How might lightning initiation be inhibited, or lightning propagation be diverted or blocked to achieve this goal? Is it possible to induce lightning in one region within the storm system, in order to suppress lightning in the region in need of protection?”
The call for proposals clearly seeks a means of protecting U.S. assets – think military and space installations that could do without a massive, circuit-frying electrical surge – from the often-devastating effects of a lightning strike.

Of course, the DARPA enthusiasts in us want to believe that the DoD is actually pursuing a lightning weapon that we can aim at our enemies’ military installations. But one thing is made abundantly clear by this call for proposals: there’s a lot about lightning we just don’t know.
UPDATED INFO ON DARPA'S PROGRESS ON LIGHTNING RESEARCH.  (You can watch how this "purpose" has changed over the years since 2009.  You can believe nothing of what anyone in authority says anymore including scientists. Why?  because their purpose is one of Harm.... and not help! )



Here is the big one....... lasers to be used to create, control, hold and direct lightning.


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