Israel's sex trade booming

Vatic Note:  This is exactly, along with Child prostitution sex slave trade, that will be our fate under a New World Order UNDER A ROTHSCHILD and her country Israel. They just forgot to tell us about this part. It was going on in Bosnia almost immediately after the invasion by us. Guess who has complete control of Bosnia now?   You got it,  ROTHSCHILD, thanks to his henchman Soros.    This is global, but Israel is one of the worst offenders.  Their addictions are world famous and explains the total lack of humanity these khazars have.  

Meeting their psychological base needs leaves no room for any kind of spiritual expansion, but then you need a soul to do that.  Thats one experience they will never have that we have. How sad.   Read the little box at the end about women as chattel in Israel.  

Watch this video and see what I mean.  How any Christian can support such horrors is beyond me.  Tel Aviv alone has 280 brothels of these slaves forced into prostitution and brutalized.  Just listen to this in this video and see what I mean.

Remember, these khazars are pagans and satanists, not Torah Jews.  So appealing to some obscure moral core is not even possible.  Read below about how the courts aid in making it difficult for such a slave to seek relief.   Probably because the Judge visits such places.  Boy, you can tell I am mad as hell.


Israel's sex trade booming Human trafficking in Israel rakes in more than USD billion a year, findings in annual parliamentary survey show 


by By Miri Hasson, Ynet News, an Israeli paper Israel News

TEL AVIV Thousands of women are being smuggled into Israel, creating a booming sex trade industry that rakes more than USD one billion a year, a parliamentary committee said on Wednesday. The Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, headed by Knesset member Zehava Galon of the left-wing Yahad party, commissioned the report in an effort to combat the sex trade in Israel. 

Findings showed that some 3,000 and 5,000 women are smuggled to Israel annually and sold into the prostitution industry, where they are constantly subjected to violence and abuse.  

The report, issued annually, said some 10,000 such women currently reside in about 300 to 400 brothels throughout the country. They are traded for about USD 8,000 – USD 10,000, the committee said.  

The U.S. State Department ranks Israel in the second tier of human trafficking around the world, saying the Jewish State does not maintain minimal conditions regarding the issue but is working to improve them.  (VN: WHAT???  Is that it??? They are working to improve them?  THEY SHOULD BE TYING OUR FOREIGN AID TO THEM WITH ERADICATION OF THIS PRACTICE FROM THEIR SOIL, OR THEY CAN USE THE PROFITS TO FUND THEIR OWN FOREIGN AID.  DAMN.  Our state dept needs a major overhaul and purging, that is evident by that statement.  We have never tolerated this practice until the khazars took over our government and now we can tell.  Torture, sex slavery of both unsuspecting women and children.  These satanic  practices must stop. )
Israel passed a law in 2003 that would allow the state to confiscate the profits of traffickers, (VN:  Read my lips......JAIL, JAIL, JAIL,  that will stop it, Hello? )  but watchdog groups say it is rarely enforced. (VN:  of course not, who would pay the kick backs if it was enforced?)   Most foreign prostitutes in Israel come from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Russia and many are smuggled in across the Egyptian border. 
The committee found that the women work seven days a week for up to 18 hours every day and that out of the NIS 120 paid by customers, they are left with just NIS 20, while the rest of the money is passed on to their traders.  

The prostitutes face constant threats of abuse and murder, the report said, and Israeli law does little to help them.  Delays in trial dates and prolonged hearings force the women to remain exposed to violence for more than a year until they are called in to provide testimony, and courts rarely collect early testimonies, as permitted by law.     

To help combat the problem, the committee recommended that the state prosecutor's office refrain from making plea bargains with sex traders.  It also advised to raise the threshold of punitive measures and pushed for financial compensation for sex trade victims.   (VN:  I have a much better idea.   MAKE IT A DEATH PENALTY CRIME AND I BET IT STOPS.  AT LEAST IN ISRAEL.) 
Tel Aviv exhibition
A living hell / By Miri Chason
Thousands of sex slaves bought and sold each year face danger, threats, violence; run-aways dealt with quickly: one home in Moldova firebombed; Tel Aviv exhibit explores 'women as chattel'
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