What is the real purpose of attacking Iran,

Vatic Note:  This blog Vatic Note is up to show just how ignorant most of us are about the real facts surrounding the issue of, not only Iran, but the entire Middle East and who benefits from these horrible attacks murdering countless women, children, babies,  old people and innocent civilians for doing nothing to harm us.  But we are owned by Israel, therefore, we do their stealing for them.  Remember,  IRAN HAS NOT ATTACKED ANOTHER NATION IN OVER 360 YEARS.  They have defended themselves when they were attacked, but officially, they have not gone aggressive against anyone in that amount of time  The same cannot be said about Israel or the United States.  

We use our military, as Smedley Butler wrote in his book, to enforce the Fascist interests of bankers, corporations etc.  Our "Khazar Nazi's".  Well, after reading this whitewash article, I decided to put it up and have you read it, then my Vatic Note  last paragraph section, which contains the REAL TRUTH of what is going on with documented evidence.   It will highlight just how much we have BEEN LIED TO OVER JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING.  Smedley Butler makes that point very well in his  book, "War is a Racket" and he says in his book, IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN.  Its a way that massive profits are made and massive lives are lost in the process.   If you are a serious anti-war protester, then this book is a must read.

A Major point that needs to be made here and now is that Iran has the LARGEST JEWISH POPULATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST outside of Israel.  What if the leaders of Israel are truly concerned about the "Jewish people", then the last thing they should be doing is attacking Iran.   If they do that, knowing full well the thousands of Jews who live there peacefully will be killed, nuked, or radiated,  then we all know that the Israeli leaders are not Jewish, since such Jewish leaders would not harm their own people,  would they???  No! They  would have accepted the Iranian Presidents offer to cut back their 20% which is not even close to weaponized grade uranium.  

What about those 44 US senators and congressmen who swore loyalty to the Jewish people?  Do they want that Jewish blood on their hands and heads???  Aaah, maybe they should move to Iran and experience first hand the loyalty back to them of their Israeli masters. (Khazars, that is).

So, the next major point is, if they do this (Nuke their own people) to Iran through their puppet the United States, then what would stop them from nuking large numbers of Jewish people anywhere including the United States, if it served their purposes and agenda?  If they would do it to all Jews globally,  through bogus feigned World War III, then you know they are capable of lying about what they have already done in WW I and WW II and 9-11 and other such murderous feats.   Now it behoves us to ask those Jewish organizations in the United States what they think about those poor Jewish people in Iran who will be decimated if not genocided by their nuking that country?  THE ANSWER WILL SCREAM VOLUMES ABOUT WHO THESE SELF PROCLAIMED JEWS REALLY ARE.   They are Khazars and hate the Biblical Jews as much as they hate the Christians.  

The third point is,  "What is the real purpose of attacking Iran, sufficient to murder hundreds of thousands of your own people  in order to get what you want?  Preemptive strikes are questionable at best,  however, what if the agenda is about greed,  power, avarice and control?  Then that makes Israeli and US leaders war criminals.  Something to think about.  This author either does not have a clue, or is being nice to the bad guys.  Given its Pat Buchanan, I think its a little bit of both.   Here is the real truth about what this war is about.  James Baker getting his commission from the oil companies and whatever he can grab from Rothschilds at the same time.  

First, Iran is trading its oil for euros and created an oil Bourse trading in Euros (15 percent backed by gold) that competes directly with Rothschilds London Bourse trading in US fiat dollars (backed by nothing), well, guess who wins that game and why Iran has to be invaded?  Bad News for Rothschild.  Evelyn Rothschild is dead, which means the young whippersnapper is now in charge, so the cowardly chicken hawk wants war.  Well,  tell him and his family to go fight it and let us know how it turns out.  We sure as hell do not intend to do it for him, rather, we intend to fight our own war against our real enemies.  Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

Remember, Iran has massive oil reserves and gas reserves, second only to Saudi Arabia in oil and Russia in gas reserves, just like Libya did and now those reserves in Libya are under control of the international Oil cartel, owned by the international bankers like Rothschild etc.  Also Libya's national bank has been shut down, fiat currency implimented, the gold removed  that used to back the currency, and the bank reopened under control of Rothschilds central banking system.  Its no longer the bank of the Libyan people.  They also now charge interest where before they did not.    

Also remember, Iran has gold backed currency which is anathema to "FIAT BANKING GLOBAL CURRENCY" which happens to be the US dollar!  This is exactly why we invaded Iraq.  It had nothing to do with anything threatening the US, it had to do with threatening the King of Israel's holdings which are all in US Dollars and Rothschild controls US dollars through his owned Federal Reserve.    IF IRAN AND OTHER GOLD BACKED CURRENCIES SUCH AS THE EURO PREVAIL, THEN THE FEDERAL RESERVE CANNOT PRINT DOLLARS TO MANIPULATE GLOBAL ECONOMIES. Thus, ROTHSCHILD CANNOT  control the world and steal trillions of dollars of wealth on command. THEY ALSO CAN'T EXTRACT BILLIONS IN INTEREST PAYMENTS FOR PRINTED MONEY, rather they would have to actually put up real assets to lend that would take it out of their pockets.   As we saw, he gives the orders and simply brings down nations through the fed reserve manipulating money supply. 

Iraq's oil is now controlled exclusively by BP and Exxon and their currency is now fiat currency backed by nothing.   19.5 billion dollars in gold was stolen from Iraq right after the war in May 2003, under Bush Jr was ended  on the aircraft carrier.  It was shipped out that morning by the World Bank, at the end of hostilities on a military cargo plane.  Who knows where it is now?   Probably in a Rothschild warehouse where he stores his massive gold holdings.  Be sure and read our recent blog on the protocols and what they think about gold.  

Add that to the stolen artifacts from the oldest civilization on the planet  (Sumaria, now Iraq)  and you have a real serious criminal enterprise stealing priceless artifacts and billions in gold.  Nice work if you can get it.  The mafia has a lot to learn and they are learning it from the Wall Street international crime syndicated banksters.  THIS IS WHAT THE WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST ARE REALLY ALL ABOUT,  LAND GRABBING AND RESOURCE STEALING AND FIAT BANKING/CURRENCY/CREDIT.


by , July 06, 2012, Anti War blog
Is the ayatollah lying? Is the entire U.S. intel community wrong?   Iran’s plants at Natanz, where uranium is enriched to 5%, and at Fordow, where it is enriched to 20% — both below weapons grade — are under constant U.N. monitoring. 

Iran has offered to surrender its 20% uranium and cease enriching to that level, if the West will provide isotopes for its nuclear medicine and lift some of the more onerous sanctions.

No deal, says the United States. Iran must give up enrichment entirely and indefinitely.

This is the sticking point in the negotiations. Iran contends that as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, she has the right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. On this, the Iranian people stand behind their government.
Should this deadlock be a cause for war?
Assume Iran did divert low-grade nuclear fuel to some secret plant to enrich it to weapons grade. The process would take months, if not years. Iran would then have to build and test an explosive device that the world would know about in hours. Iran would then have to weaponize the device.
The whole process would take longer than a year, perhaps several. We would learn about it and have time to exercise a military option long before it came to pass.
The Israelis, with hundreds of nuclear weapons, would probably have learned about it before us. And, fearing Iran more, they would not hesitate to use what they have to prevent an atom bomb in Tehran
Comes the retort: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a certifiable fanatic who has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. He cannot be allowed to get anywhere near a nuclear weapon.
Yet whatever Ahmadinejad said years ago, and that remains in dispute, he does not control the military, he does not decide on war, and he leaves the presidency next July and heads back to academia

Is America afraid of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
Where, then, is the mortal threat to justify the U.S. preparations for war with Iran described in the national press this week?
The Financial Times‘ Gideon Rachman argues that our obsession with Iran is obscuring a far greater potential threat.

Pakistan possesses perhaps 100 nuclear bombs and is building more, and anti-Americanism there is far more rampant than in Iran.  (VN:  Yes, and GW Bush promised India nuke technology to counter Pakistans nukes that Mossad gave to the Paki's.  Hows that for manipulating all the players)   He writes: 
Pakistan provided nuclear technology to North Korea, Libya, and Iran itself. It came dangerously close to nuclear conflict with India in 1999. As for terrorism, Osama bin Laden was actually living on Pakistani soil for many years, and the tribal areas in Pakistan are still al-Qaeda’s most important base.
Pakistan was also the launch pad for the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008, in which 164 people were killed. Although Pakistan’s government condemned the attacks, there is strong evidence that the terrorists had links to Pakistan’s intelligence. If the Mumbai attacks had been launched from Iran, the West would be shouting about “state-sponsored terrorism.”
Seven in 10 Pakistanis regard America as an enemy. And the drone strikes ramped up by President Obama, which have taken the lives of many innocent Pakistanis, have increased the animosity.
Yet, U.S. planes and warships are heading into the Persian Gulf, as 44 U.S. senators have urged the president to break off talks with Tehran, toughen the sanctions even further, and prepare for war.
Meanwhile, Iran is testing missiles that can hit Israel and U.S. bases, and its large fleet of missile boats is exercising in the Gulf.
Otto von Bismarck said that preventive war was like committing suicide out of fear of death. Are we Americans headed for yet another unnecessary war?
In 1959, President Eisenhower invited Nikita Khrushchev, the Butcher of Budapest, to the United States for 10 days of touring and talks. In 1972, Richard Nixon traveled to Beijing to toast and talk with Chairman Mao, who was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese and tens of thousands of Americans in Korea. Ronald Reagan sought constantly for an opportunity to sit down across from the rulers of the “evil empire.”
Iran is not remotely in that league, either in crimes attributed to the regime or any actual or potential threat to the United States.
Have we no statesmen who can sit down, like Reagan at Reykjavik, and negotiate with Iran’s leaders for verifiable guarantees that she is not moving to nuclear weapons in return for something approaching normal relations?
If we could sit down with Stalin and Mao, why are the ayatollah or Ahmadinejad so far beyond the pale? Can we just not handle that?

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