American Nazis - Video

Vatic Note: Now this makes perfect sense once you watch it all the way through. Remember also who set up Nazi Germany, and then financed his war and obtained Palestine in the end, and remember also that Mrs. George HW Bush disclosed recently  that Bush was a German Jew, or Khazar in this case, which makes him and his son traitors to this nation for what they did to contribute to where we are today..

Remember also Project Paperclip has been confirmed as a real project and is now common knowledge. Also remember it was The BRITISH TAVISTOCK GROUP that created the CIA out of the OSS through their own intel services, and remember the role Rothschild plays in the inner workings of the British gov and his control over the monachy as well.   Keep all that in mind. If we ever let another BUSH ANYWHERE NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE, THEN WE ARE CRAZY.  We are where we are today because of all of this in this video below as they continued to work with and for those very same bankers for whom they worked in Nazi Germany. 

American Nazis - Video
Posted By: RobDaven, 7 Dec 2010 ,  Contributed to Vatic Project by VK Durham,  Rumormills Reading Rm

In this episode we go over the story of Otto Skorzeny, the Nazi super-soldier who reportedly started the famed "ODESSA" group of Nazis post World War 2.

Eric "Orion" Burman came forward a few years ago to tell a story about Otto and how he had faked his death in 1975 and came to the USA.

On his death-bed, Skorzeny told a story that would tie together almost every major event since World War 2 and how they relate to the most infamous family in the USA... The Bush Family.

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