Right after this article is another short one because there maybe some kind of tie in.  If not on this then maybe on the article to do with the soldiers massing here. Not sure but its enough to look at in even with this article..  But its a call out for companies to develop a "Mass fatalies development Plan" so continue to read after this one below. 

Vatic Note:  Rumors about how it all started are supported perfectly by this post.   If it was an accident then they knew they could stop this within 8 hours,  if they intended this then this is how it would turn out,  no work at this point to stop any of it, not the flow, no press allowed to film what is going on etc.   If one does not see this as a direct attack by a foreign owned business, I might add here;  then there is almost nothing they can't do that we won't let them do it.  I am finally beginning to understand all this.   We have to exercise and use our God given ability to use critical thinking and if we refuse then we get what the result of that refusal will be, which is this; the destruction of our food, natural water ways, wetlands, etc.  WHY DID THEY REFUSE TO STOP IT WHEN THEY COULD.   WHAT IS THE BIG AGENDA THEY NEEDED THIS CRISIS FOR?


Posted By: Susoni; Date: Friday, 21-May-2010 16:00:35


In Response To: Striking New NASA Image of Gulf Spill Moving Towards Atlantic Ocean (Susoni) TY Wayne, I have no doubt it's been left to spill, on purpose. I've heard all the rumors about how it started but am not going to jump on that one till I know more. You readers are fantastic!! You keep us on our toes..:-)


http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495;article=130186  Ladies and Gentlemen:

The DEEPWATER HORIZON sinking caused twisted 21 inch riser piping to start leaking in three places at 5,000 feet in the Gulf Seabed. Sadly the proven methods to STOP THE LEAK still have not been used since 042010 until today at 052010 for reasons unknown. BP, Governor of Florida and Governor of LA were all given, along with the President, the Counter Pressure Plug information from a UK inventor Branko R. Babic as he invented same in 1991 for Kuwait Oil Fires above the ground and they will work underwater with ROV welding special thick steel tubes with washers to be welded to the interior while the tubes allow full flow of gas, oil, water through tubes into the gulf.

ROV's can be used to WELD UNDERWATER the 5 inch thick washers compressed with thick rubber washers against the inside pipe sealing off all leaking oil, gas and water while the straight through pipe could take the contents flowing through to the TOP of the sea into barges. Keep in mind the CPP with flow pipe has a BALL VALVE wheel operated to shut down the flow and BP could then try to seal the BOP stopping the leak entirely.

BP and Horizon personnel reviewing the messages since 041610 first started denying the idea had merit and they put a straw type pipe six inches inside with rubber flaps then started drawing OFF oil and gas from ONE LEAKING AREA but BP refused to consider the CPP Invention of Branko R. Babic or suggestion to use a "JET SWET' type invention to seal the big pipe and allow the small pipe to function until welded in place then the BALL VALVE WOULD SHUT DOWN THE WELL SO THEY COULD TRY TO USE THE BOP TO SEAL.

What is ODD is a survivor who was the Chief Electronics Technician KNEW the BOP annular was damaged weeks earlier and that the rubber had come up through the piping and was shown to proper supervisors. Also the BOP ELECTRICAL MODULE was damaged plus a battery problem prevented the BOP from shutting down at the time of the alleged ACCIDENT OR INCIDENT causing the disaster. Sounds like CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE CAUSING THE DEATH OF 11 MEN AND RISKING 115 OTHERS that has to be investigated.

I am, as a Professional Plumbing Contractor and former Welder, amazed that BP ignored the requests to use an 8 hour window to make and test the CPP and CPP with piping and ball valve then STOP THE LEAK since 042610 through today 052010. More amazing is the failure of the United States President and others to TAKE OVER THE SITE IN THE INTERESTS OF NATIONAL SECURITY UNTIL EVERYTHING IS REMOVED FROM THE SEA BED AND CONFIRMATION OF CRIMINAL ACTS OR TERRORISM IF NOT MURDER ARE CONFIRMED.

The BP people have been paid an insurance POLICY OF HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS without any proof the damage was an ACCIDENT or even covered events with knowledge of BOP or other problems ignored.

Anyone desiring a COPY OF PDF'S CONFIRMING FAILURE OF BP to act send an e-mail to backflow2@verizon.net asking for same and it will arrive.

I just finished sending e-mails to everyone and LABEOC on how to siphon OFF THE OIL AND WATER then separate the OIL from water and store the OIL in barges using special equipment known to work for SKIMMING OIL. PRAY FOR FLORIDA, GULF COAST AND EAST COAST OF AMERICA PLUS ISLANDS !

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
Backflow Prevention, Inc. CFC032631
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042 USA

Vatic Note:  LOOKS LIKE WE BETTER GET READY TO DEFEND OURSELVES,  they plan on killing off a mass amount of us.  Zionists better go into hiding.  Are you "ANGRY" yet??? You should be.  Forget fear and start focusing on WHO is doing all this to us.  Its beginning to sound like the middle east isn't it?

This proposal was uploaded 5/24/2010, privatizing emergency mass fatality Plan. The proposal Could be false since they state that the upload was by a "USER WITH AN UNDETERMINED REPUTATION FOR POSTING RFP'S". So, again its important to take this for what its worth. If there is something to this then we should recognize that the zionists in our gov have privatized just about everything and the companies who get the contracts are primarily owned by them. That is what this is all about, however, if this is bogus, its just to desensitize us to this kind of findings. Take it for what its worth. Now this one truly did bother me.   So what is this????   Who is rfp/DB???   http://www.rfpdb.com/view/about   Yup, its a legit site, so something is up.  But the point they made about undetermined rep means they have not used it before.   Very interesting indeed and down right scary if you ask me, IT JUST BETTER NOT BE A FALSE FLAG OR ISRAEL'S BOOTY IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE.  Everyone will know who did it.


The Request for proposals Data Base
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Develop Mass Fatality Management Plan
Expires in 3 days

Uploaded 2010.05.24

By:    User with a undetermined reputation for posting RFPs.

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Business Services, Government, Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness

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The Office is seeking a consultant to assist in the planning, design and development of a County Mass Fatality Plan. The mass fatality plan when completed must address at a minimum the following components: *Provide a comprehensive review of the county's assets and resources through interview of ...

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