Mother beats cancer with JUICING after told she only had two weeks to live

Vatic Note:  This article reads as if it were disclosing how our processed foods and their manufacturers are killing us.  No wonder they passed that bill several years ago, making it illegal to have a food garden and to grow our own food.

At first, I thought it was just to protect the markets and profits of the food manufacturers, but now I see my old adage, "they never do anything for just one reason"........ is possibly true..... after all the globalists are the ones that gave us the depopulation warning in advance in 1974, with those Georgia guide-stones, in 5 different languages.

What better way to rid the world of population, then to make food full of poisons and sell it to us,  cause droughts so we can't grow the food ourselves, Chentrail the air we breath, call it pollution, tax us to death over it, and then GMO the seeds we would buy just in case we found a way to grow our own.  They get us 7 ways to Sunday.

If we fight back, we must do it smart, and thus effectively beat them.  Direct violent confrontation is not to our advantage.   Hidden warfare is.   Get photos of those doing all this to us, track them, record their movements, acquaintances, habits,  traditional places they go, who they hang out with etc.

Use disguises, facial, clothing, hair etc...... and that way, you are safe as are the rest of the people.   If they see this as us against them, they will use martial law and take our guns, and then we must rely on our soldiers to protect us from these globalists.

The soldiers are beholden to their masters, as our founding fathers made clear and that was why they created the "unorganized militia", since the professional military have been trained and indoctrinated to do as they are told.  We saw that in our own revolution with the shot heard round the world at concord.

Lots to think about on this subject.    The article is a good one about how to handle cancer with food, and should be taken seriously and used if needed.  But again, be prepared for the evil ones to do as they have promised, and that is to depopulate us down to only half a billion worldwide and never forget it.  That is why all the poisons in our air, soil and now water with all the lead poured into the drinking water up in Michigan.  It is time to fight back on this soft kill program.

Mother beats cancer with JUICING after told she only had two weeks to live 

(NaturalNews) When you become a parent, life changes a lot. Suddenly, you're responsible for another life and you realize that you can't afford to do a lot of things that you used to. Obviously, there are pros and cons, but one constant is that every parent feels a burning need to be there for their daughter or son. Particularly while the child is young, it falls on the mother and father to help their offspring understand this world and how to get by in it.

If you had two young siblings, a girl of six and a boy of five, they would definitely be your main concern, so much so that you couldn't imagine life without them. But what if you were told that you had stomach cancer? That it had spread to your lymph nodes, neck and almost all of your abdomen and you may have less than a month to spend with your children and husband?

A woman who refused to give up

This was the case of Natasha Grindley, a 37-year-old mom from Liverpool whose condition was deemed terminal by hospital doctors. In July 2014, healthcare advisers told Natasha that it was very possible that she would die before the end of the month. However, as a mother of two young siblings, she felt that she was yet to be beat. While doctors were hesitant to call the illness for what it was, the nursery teacher accepted her diagnosis and, together with her husband, started reading on cancer research.

Along with caring for her 5-year-old son Liam and 6-year-old daughter Gabriella, the couple made it their obsession to find alternative therapies for cancer. They accepted doctors' advice to begin chemotherapy, but they knew that there must also be other things they could do. On its own, chemo can cause even more cancer. In a couple of days, Natasha became acquainted with renowned author Deliciously Ella and started fighting cancer with proper nutrition.

More than just "alternative"

Even though her health was rapidly declining, Natasha's radical change to her diet helped her immensely. Contrary to everyone's expectations, she started looking better while on chemo. Her friends were simply amazed at her glow. Moreover, the newly acquired diet changed her outlook and improved her emotional state.

"I used the foods to power up my immune system and that helps me because my blood is then ready for chemo," Natasha said, as reported by the Daily Mail. "I noticed that every time I made a change to my diet, I saw a positive difference in how I felt."

The mom's secret is, actually, no secret to the world of nutrition. Many before her managed to stop or even cure cancer with major diet changes and juicing. What they all have in common is adjusting their diet to minimize artificial sugars and potentially harmful meat products while increasing their intake of organic vegetables, particularly carrots. Continuing to defy the predictions of her clinical diagnosis, Natasha hopes to spread the knowledge she managed to gain in the darkest moments of her life and teach others about the power that nutrition holds.

Two years from a two weeks' notice

Now it's been two years since Mrs. Grindley was told that she had no more than two weeks left with her family. Ever since, the nursery teacher's dedication and gratefulness to alternative treatments led her to complete a higher education degree in nutrition and start her own Facebook page. Backing up her experience with scientific arguments, the mother now hopes others will benefit from the power that diet has in curing various illnesses.

Neither doctors nor Natasha claim that cancer can solely be cured through diet, but changing one's food habits has proven to be at the root of numerous positive benefits, particularly in those cases where patients have to deal with terminal diseases. The harder it is on the body, the more pressure is put on the immune system, and a diet rich in fresh, organic produce is what powers an immune system to fight. How many servings of vegetables and fruit do you eat a day?

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