A VATIC "MUST WATCH": Why US and Israel wants to ban this video...

Vatic Note:   This was an amazing job for this American Jew to put together and convey the minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day horror that constitutes "life" for the Palestinian people IN THEIR OWN LAND.

The point she makes very well, is how this is not even in the land of Israel, rather, this is   happening by Israel against the Palestinian people in their own legally recognized land.  In other words,  ITS AN ILLEGAL OCCUPATION BY ISRAEL OF ANOTHER COUNTRY, PALESTINE AND THEIR PEOPLE.

I tried to imagine how I would feel if I went through all that these people have gone through and go through every single day.  When I did that, watching it happen as I am pondering it,  I got mad. I came up with all kinds of things I would do to rid my country of these occupiers. Now I want my country, THE USA, to stop sending billions of my tax dollars to Israel, to do this illegal occupation and to leave the pals alone to live their lives.

That was when I realized just how peaceful, and gentle these Palestinian people are.  Take a gander for yourselves.   Its real, since its on video and done by someone who has absolutely no reason to lie about it all.  So my question is,  WHY ISN'T THE UN DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE INTERNATIONALLY ILLEGAL  OCCUPATION BY ISRAEL, OF THE PALESTINIAN COUNTRY?

To me, it makes it clear as a bell, just how useless and used the UN is when it comes to acting as the government of the globalists and this is exactly what we can expect if these globalists ever get the power they need to run the globe.  We must  never let that happen.  

Why US and Israel wants to ban this video... 
Published on Jul 18, 2014
This nice Jewish American speaks truth about her experience in occupied Palestine... It will make you cry...

Anna Baltzer, "Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos" produced by Chun Pan.
Learn more or purchase at: www.AnnaInTheMiddleEast.com/dvd

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