Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Farming Amongst The Elites ~ Sonya Van Gelder ~ The Kev Baker Show

Vatic Note:   This was mind blowing and clearly makes the point that this battle going on on this planet right now, is a spiritual one between good and evil.  No wonder these global Satanists want all religions on the good side, destroyed, wiped out and genocided.

Its the damage that they do to innocent children that raises my hackles like nothing else could.  How could they do this and feel nothing for those poor children?   They have to be total psychopaths with not one ounce of humanity in them.

Having a pure childhood without all the evil and filth that diseased minds bring to the table, is one of the things that we all deserve since we have done nothing as children to deserve anything less.  This woman does an excellent job with only a few minutes notice to substitute for the originally scheduled guest.

This is also a Vatic Must watch/listen/read blog.   At my age, I can honestly say that this and the next blog are very educational and that never have I seen or heard of such actions on the part of those in power as I am seeing and hearing about today.   It may have been going on longer than I am aware of, but that means I lived a life much different than those being exposed to all of this today.

We, the people,  have a lot of work cut out for us.  NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.  NOT EVER.

Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Farming Amongst The Elites ~ Sonya Van Gelder ~ The Kev Baker Show
Published on Jul 3, 2015

Sonya Van Gelder joins the show at the last minute and what a guest she proved to be! Sonya recently wrote an article exposing the satanic ritual abuse cults that encircle the planet now and throughout the ages.

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