A Matter of Trust – What’s On Your Plate?

Vatic Note:    I do so agree with this author.   Its time we reasserted ourselves back into the trust department and made certain that all is as we have been told and reassured.   That includes monitoring and checking out who runs our various protection departments like the FDA, or the FCC, or the Dept of Agriculture.  Also making sure that ingredients are accurately listed on the product.

Doing the above also includes making our various government depts responsible for prosecuting those who are harming us.   Right now, nothing is done when we discover that we have been lied to by our own EPA, for instance, where their leaders are revolving door special interest personages, that want to do the wrong thing, and thus infiltrate our agencies to then help make it possible to do harm to us.   We are watching our adversaries move forward with their depopulation agenda, with no concern or regard for what we think. 

GMO and Monsanto has proven exactly that.   How dare the government allow that death seed to be introduced into our food supply that we rely on for health and life.  Why are multiple countries denying Monsanto seed products to be used in their food supply?  Why are they banning such seeds and requiring disclosure on whether or not the GMO's have been used?   Its because their leaders are studying the results of research and what those seeds do to our organs and how they shorten our lives by harming our organs.

Why hasn't the USA banned these seeds and products made from them, before now?  Are they even considering doing so?   Is it on anyone of their agendas for discussion and action?   I think not.    Once you read the TPP agreement, you will see further attacks upon our system to stop any efforts to right these wrongs.  The TPP does away with our court systems where they are concerned and replaces them with boards.   And who appoints those to the boards???  Right, those that donated to campaigns and lobbyists.

Anyway, read this.  It is very well done.  Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

A Matter of Trust – What’s On Your Plate?
By Barbara H. Peterson, Farm Wars,  February 22, 2016
There is an inherent trust that we have each time we pick up a piece of food that someone else has had a hand in delivering to us. We trust that what they have provided is not going to kill, maim or injure us in some way. We do this every time we shop at the grocery store, or farmer’s market, or neighborhood grower.

We just grab what looks good; pop it in our mouths and chew away, happily ignorant. Most of us don’t even read the labels, or if we do, don’t understand what that list of ingredients actually is. We simply trust that if they are in our food, they are okay to eat. After all, that is how we have been brought up. We have been trained that there is someone in charge, overseeing our food supply and that entity or person/s have only good intentions and would not put anything in our food that is bad.
This training started at birth. As children we are given food to eat and trust that it is good for us. The dinner table is for nourishment, and our parents would not intentionally harm us. We trust them, they trust the food suppliers, and all is well. We have been trained to trust those who handle our food to be caring enough and intelligent enough to not poison it.
Warning - Monsanto


But what if that training is doing more harm than good? What if the trust we have learned is being manipulated and is now being used against us? What if the innate trust that we had instilled in us growing up, that mom would feed us good food and not poison, has been taken advantage of so much by unscrupulous individuals that we can no longer play by the same rules? What if we have become so depraved as a society that those who would feed our families, whom we have trusted to do so all of our lives, suddenly are exposed as sociopathic and unable to feel any sort of empathy at all?

What if what started out as a good, decent enterprise, through the course of time, evolved into a deep, dark well of insidious greed that would go to any lengths to make a buck? Who counts lives in actuarial tables and insurance statistics and lawyer fees versus the remote possibility of getting caught and somehow being held accountable?
You don’t even have to imagine the scenario. It is here, live and in color, and in our faces. Literally.
What we are eating is killing us. And the CEOs of Food, Inc. know it. And they don’t care. And those who still buy the stuff don’t want to know about it, or simply don’t care enough to find out. It is simply not a big enough issue. After all, you can’t run around all day cowering in fear over what may or may not kill you in the kitchen cabinet, or you are considered a nut job. Something of a whacko. Just eat it. Don’t worry about what’s in it. It tastes good, doesn’t it?

And my personal favorite – You’ve gotta die from something! Just some of the most used guilt-tripping phrases to get people to just go along with the program. I will comply, I don’t want to stand out, I want to be accepted, I want to be part of the group and have people like me. So what if I get cancer in 40 years, I’ll be old then and it won’t matter. It will matter then, Bucko, if you make it that far without some other debilitating illness. We’ve all heard the excuses. And they are, to put it bluntly, lame. Just lame.
I cannot look at food the same way anymore. I look at what’s in front of me decked out on a platter and think: What’s in it? What’s been sprayed on it? Has someone inserted a virus in it, a bacterium, or a gene from a totally unrelated species, and is it or was it even alive when it was turned into what it appears to be now? Was it scraped up off a laboratory or slaughterhouse floor? This used to be the stuff that science fiction movies were made of, or spy movies where the evil villain poisons a population by tampering with its food supply. Now it’s the manufacturers who are doing it! You can’t even trust mom’s milk straight from the teat to not contain Glyphosate!
The rules have changed. What was once trusted has lost its standing. When “just eat it” becomes the mantra, no matter what it is, and when the agencies that are supposed to protect us collude with the poisoners to label their products as “safe,” the rules have changed.
We have spent the majority of our childhood years being trained to not question authority, or those perceived as authority, and to trust until it is proven that the other is untrustworthy. Let’s flip that and contemplate the reverse. What about training our children to have the ability to question everything and to grow up having learned to not trust implicitly until they have all the facts and can make the determination themselves? This is critical thinking, folks, and we sorely lack it.

We spend our adult lives trying to figure out how to think for ourselves when we were brought up just the opposite. Maybe we should start teaching our kids to only trust when the person they want to trust has earned it. Trusting blindly just leaves us blind when the trust is gone. When the tables have turned and the trusted becomes the hunter and the one who is blinded becomes the prey.

Time to engage in a bit of disruptive programming. When the rules change, adapt. It’s about time we practiced a bit of critical thinking and turned the tables back around. It’s time to disrupt the current program of deceit and trickery and the idea that it is okay to poison people through their food just to make the bottom line bigger and wallets fatter.  (VN: or to achieve some other unknown global agenda, like depopulating 6 billion people from the planet and fix the DNA of those remaining so they won't resist. Zombies, if you will!)
It is time to take back responsibility for our food, health, and lives. To end the trust cycle of placing faith in the faithless. Of being blinded by manipulation and just opening wide and swallowing. What you are swallowing just might kill you. That is the reality, and it’s more than high time we changed it.

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