Remains of hundreds of victims, discovered at Veracruz ranch, in Mexico

Vatic Note:   It appears, but not certain or proven, that many of those found were children.  I am still trying to figure out why these kids had to die.  There is not one word in this article about any sexual abuse etc.   Were some of them teen drug runners?  What other reason were they killed?

Mexico seems to be a place where open season is practised against just about anyone who does not fit with the program they have going on down there. Slavery is definitely in place for their workers and you can tell, since its proving to be a very poor country, with very rich people running it.   That is why so many are willing to migrate here for an improved life style and decent wages and working conditions.

If I find out more about these victims I will update the article and the blog.  So keep an eye out for any updates.

Remains of hundreds of victims, discovered at Veracruz ranch 
By Lucio R., Borderland Beat Translated material from Animal Politico, Feb 15, 2016

Almost three thousand fragments of human remains on a ranch in Veracruz

Two of these 5 students who vanished January 11,  have been identified among the discovered remains

It is estimated that the remains belong to hundreds of victims who were killed and their bodies burned and crushed.  Tierra Blance families seek Argentine and New Mexico experts to confirm the remains of their children.

The ranch, ‘El Limón’ in Veracruz, where the remains of two of the five students who disappeared on January 11 were discovered,  was used by organized crime with the suspected complicity of security forces,  to eliminate the bodies of hundreds of people taken hostage over several years.

The discovery of nearly three thousand fragments belonging to hundreds of bodies was discovered  at the ranch, located in the town of Tlalixcoyan, in the state of Veracruz.

The fragments were collected at El Limón ranch, after three days of forensic work, by state experts and the Federal Scientific Police Division.

The search, which initiated because of citizen complaint, began by using dogs trained in  the location of human remains.  

"The experts in forensic anthropology were working three days in the area to excavate  and process the parts that had been found.

Among the fragments collected are various particles,  from pieces of bone to other objects that are present in human composition, such as blood.

Authorities stated,  the problem for the experts, is that much of the fragments found are in a state of significant deterioration, making it difficult to be processed and identified with conventional forensic evidence. For example, and most notably,  bone fragments were calcined.

Because of this, it has not been able to determine, exactly how many bodies belong to the three thousand fragments found at the ranch, but officials estimate it could be hundreds of victims.

So far, from a pair of bones and a bloodstain, it was possible to identify victims, who were the  young people missing in Tierra Blanca.

The hypothesis is, that the victims were taken to the ranch, where their captors proceeded to burn their bodies and then grind the remains, much like conventional cremation and ultimately burying them.

Yesterday, Deputy Secretary for Human Rights of the Ministry of Interior, Roberto Campa, confirmed that the ranch was used to for mass elimination of abducted and murdered victims.

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