Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood (ILLUMINATI?) Celebrity deaths Ledger, Penn & Carradine

***I have just been informed by a reader that the links in video #1 that are above the vid but below the title are not working.  I will try to get them working by this afternoon, since I have an important meeting this morning.  Just keep watching and reading.  This is mind blowing exposure and it takes courage to do what he is doing. This, my friends, is what righteous anger looks like and you can see just how effective it is in bringing one to action.  It is more powerful than fear or hate.

Vatic Note:  OH, my goodness, in Video 1, he speaks truth to power big time.  He spares no words in his condemnation of the crimes he is aware of and the coordinated efforts to bring him down and destroy his career because he dares to stand up to them.   I remember when all this broke in the news.  The first thing I thought was "What did he do to the zionists in Hollywood".  well   with this video press conference below I can now understand why they are going after him.  He is Lucky they did not "suicide" him.

In video two they go into even more detail.  It also looks like the wife has gotten mad  first and  began this battle and he has joined in.  Its a mafia type game they play with these actors, big time, with the result of becoming dead when one refuses to go along.   The level of corruption at every level  is unbelievable, to say the least.   So check these out.

Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood (ILLUMINATI?) Celebrity deaths Ledger, Penn And Carradine 

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Randy Quaid has claimed Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine were one of many celebrities "whacked" by a group of Hollywood criminals.

Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood (ILLUMINATI?) Celebrity deaths Ledger, Penn & Carradine

Randy Quaid: Conspiracy to kill him and other Hollywood stars:


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Vatic Note:  This second video goes into much more detail about the horrors these people have gone through when trying to fight corruption in Hollyweird.  Just listen to what he says they did to Michael Jacksons estate and now I do not believe half of the accusations against actors that we have been hearing, since many of them are a result of non cooperation by the actors in criminal activities.   I can't imagine the fear these people live day after day.  The filth and slime at the federal level is slithering down to the local level now.  Imagine a NEW WORLD ORDER LIKE THIS DAY AFTER DAY.  Yuck!

Video #2  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr7pwUFb4lE


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Anonymous said...

I believe Randy and his wife. There is an evil element to his field of show business. I applaud his candor and his willingness to inform the public as to what is going on. We need more honest and brave people like them to show the "powers that be" that we are not afraid of them. They need to be exposed for what they are. I hope more people expose them worldwide for who and what they are.

It is our civic duty to expose the evil that is destroying the country. We will be judged by history as to how we faced this evil. I pray that we don't go the way of 1939 NAZI Germany. May God save us all from such a disastrous blunder!

Anonymous said...

"Joseph Stalin (1879-1953)

Joseph Stalin was half Jewish and half Russian. In 1903 he was recruited by the Russian secret police and led a double life. He was arrested 8 times; he escaped and continued his work in the Marxist/socialist movement."

No: Joseph Djugashvilli aka "Stalin" was at least 50% Georgian and 0% Russian.

Vatic Master said...

You are probably right, us ignorant Americans don't see the difference between Russian and Georgian, so I apologize. It was the 50% khazar that was the reason for the disclosure. All of the leaders of the revolution were all khazars working with western banks to ensure the Czar was removed because he would not let fiat currency Rothschild bogus banking into his country. Schiff gave trotsky (aka Bronstein) $20 million dollars to do the revolution and it worked. The zionists have controlled Russia ever since.

Anonymous said...

try to find out how many % of russian or slavic people led this "russian" revolution...

Now, things are never that simple: jews led all the different factions of the socialists parties that came to power in february 1917

in october, the bolsheviks' coup (Lenin, Trotsky, Kamenev, Kaganovitch, ...) sent the zionist factions away from the power and the "big blood orgy" began.
That's a reason why the USSR has been described as "antisemitic" by the western zionists
(and even more when Stalin got the most murderish bolshevik jews executed!)

If you can't read Alexander Soljenitsyne's "200 years together" in russian or french (funnily enough, this Nobel Prize in Literature laureate's last book hasn't been translated into english...) I suggest that you get David Duke's last book: he has done a pretty good work on it.

(and don't misunderstand me: NOW, the zionists have become the #1 problem for the people in the world)

Anonymous said...

I believe the Quaids. The sold out press only left Britney alone after her Dad step in and got control of the money. Michael wasn't that lucky, and Lindsey if she's not careful is going to be next. All the voltures around the actors can see how much money their clients are worth and they also know how strong or weak the family is, I am not saying all this people are the same but some of them are not to be trusted.