Call for American Declaration of Independence from Israel

Vatic Note:   I believe we could write up just such a document,  circulate it for signatures and get it up into the millions and see what happens.  Lets think on it and decide.  If you all will commit to distribution and return to us we will put in the massive effort this will take.  Give us yor feedback in the comments section and make every single legislator and Sec of state,  DOD sec and all top level generals have to sign it too.  Make the President sign it as well.  If they refuse, get that refusal in writing and then that is primae facia evidence of Treason.   Those dual Israeli citizens occupying key positions in government are going to have a very hard time aren't they, since Israel has made all dual citizens of other countries sign a loyalty oath that takes precedence over those citizens loyalties to their own country.  Remember that one???  Well, this will be where the rubber meets the road,  I believe.

Call for American Declaration of Independence from Israel

By Paul Ballas, My Catbird Seat


When will the American public wake up to the fact that Israel controls America? If the public doesn’t wake up, Israel will destroy America.

The US government is a hopelessly lost slave to Israeli dictates. The media wallows in abject servitude to Israel’s shills at the helm of the major film studios, broadcasting companies, newspapers and magazines.

After the Israelis attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, most of the world condemned Israel for their blatant piracy, murder of nine humanitarian activists and serious injuries to dozens more.

The Israelis lied just as they have lied for years about the threat of Palestinian children throwing stones at tanks. Those on board the flotilla’s ships had only iron bars to try to defend themselves against heavily armed Israeli commandos.

What was the US government’s reaction? They bowed and scraped to Israel’s fabricated excuses.

One congressional representative, Mike Pence, (VN:  Remember that name and face, its treason and we have to start speaking the stark truth about this now!)  literally said, “Israeli officials should tell us what they want us to do, and we’ll support it”. As insane as that premise is, many US politicians and media accept it.

Veterans Today Senior Editor and political commentator Gordon Duff notes that it doesn’t take a genius to see that our current foreign policy is dictated by Tel Aviv:

“The basis for accepting the supremacy of Israeli interests over that of the United States is holocaust guilt, calculated Islamophobia promulgated by pop culture, the impression of a strategic alliance with Israel that secures the United States and a belief that Israel is a bastion of democracy that was brutally attacked in 1967 by massive invading armies. "

This looks suspiciously like Gaza wouldn't you say?
Remember protocol #6, the "land grab" for all of Israel and the rest of the world as well.
For some strange reason, many Americans do feel guilt over the holocaust. Holocaust survivor Alexander Kimmel explained it as essentially a failed moral responsibility:

“The responsibility of those who, witnessing the senseless killings, did nothing to stop the killings or help the innocent victims.” That he attributes to a general “anti-Semitism” on the part of both the public and the leaders of countries surrounding Germany.   (VN:  He makes a good point and now that Israel is doing it we have that same moral obligation to stop "the killings and help he innocent victimes".   Did we not learn that lesson from WW II?)

The argument has, of course, been used to instill guilt in Americans who were just as oblivious to other terrible deeds. Victims of Stalinist terror have been estimated at between 20 million and 60 million. Americans feel no guilt over that.

There have been many other democides (murders of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder), but only the constant reminders of the Jewish “holocaust” has been used to inspire guilt.

Duff hasn’t explained what he means by “Islamophobia promulgated by pop culture” other than his later reference to how “the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] promotes negative racial and ethnic stereotypes of all Muslims as barbaric and often sub-human or untermenschen

Then there has been what Duff calls “the impression of a strategic alliance with Israel that secures the United States”. It is beyond comprehension that anyone in the US government still believes such nonsense.

Americans must have their heads in the sand to continue to believe that “Israel is a bastion of democracy”. Israeli political geographer Oren Yiftachel makes it clear that Israel is an ethnocracy that serves one ethnic group well and the other badly.

“An ethnocracy,” he explains, is a regime promoting “the expansion of the dominant group in contested territory … while maintaining a democratic façade.” Yet Americans, with only a little knowledge of the facts, still refer to Israel as “the only democracy in the Middle East”.

Instead of celebrating Independence Day with hot dogs, beans, beer, baseball and fireworks, Americans should wake up and declare independence from the dictates of Israel.

Paul J. Balles is a retired American university professor and freelance writer who has lived in the Middle East for many years. For more information, see http://www.pballes.com.

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DrillerDoug said...

I Douglas Swaringen would Gladly sign a petition of independence from Israel ! ! ! They are 85-95% Khazar and have NO right to occupy Palestine. BESIDES the damage "they" have done here with their Hollywood trash and the subversive affiliations "they" have.

DrillerDoug said...

We need to worry about OUR country, NOT Israel. I would gladly sign a petition of independence from Israel. OUR Congress and Senate should ALL have to sign such a document. OR LEAVE OFFICE ! ! !

Vatic said...

Doug, yes, I would say in all things I agree with you and I am sure Israel would actually understand. They just made dual israeli citizens of other countries sign such an oath of loyalty or they lose their dual citizen status with Israel, so I bet they understand very well why we would want to do that. Khazars are psychopaths but they are not stupid.

Vatic said...

Doug, that is great. Please email us your email address on the link above here off to the right so we can contact you when we get enough interested in doing just that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This former Navy Corpsman took an oath to protect and defend the constitution and this great country, from enemies both foreign and domestic. OOORAH. count me in, I have emailed you my contact information, so lets get busy. Semper Fi and damn the torpedoes full speed ahead! William Hakeem

Anonymous said...

I have been asking and praying for a way to get Israel out of our republic,
looks like my prayers are answered.Praise Yahweh!

Vatic said...

All those leaving such a comment of support, PLEASE email us your email address so we can contact you to help us in this endeavor.

I believe this will solve our problems or at least hightlight them to the sheeple when those elected reps refuse to sign, which would then be treason during time of war. That will simply put this in the perspective it belongs in. Remember Iceland and Argentina went even further by kicking those out of the country. That is what we really need to do.

Hello, Lieberscum, pack your bags, your going home. LOL

Brock said...

Even the star of David is a Rothchild symbol,that should tell you all you need to know.Their intelligence agents are all over the world.Well stay out of my country thank you!They seem to leave their calling card at every disaster.I know there are good people in Israel,just as there are here.It's the bought and paid for politicians etc.that as usual who are mucking up everything.Back to basic,let's start at home and clean it up!We don't need any interference from Israel,their agents,or doce-doeing government officials! Brock

Vatic said...

brock, good, I am glad you feel that way. We are working on getting this out so you can get your various elected officials to sign it which is better than a loyalty oath, all we want is to be independant of Israel in all areas of our governance. I will contact you about doing something in your area. Is that ok with you??? IF so, email me your email address at Vatic2010@gmail.com OK?

Anonymous said...

Whoever thought of this is a genius. This is the key that will separate loyal leaders of the U.S. from those who are loyal to another country. I look forward to following your progress in this regard and wish you the best in your endeavor.

Anonymous said...

brinkka2011 says: My daughter willnot like to see this here.