Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan War Against The Khazar Empire And Forced Them Into Japan And Poland

Vatic Note:  My Gosh, he made massive leaps..... lol  This is a terrible write up.    First he spends a great deal of time discussing and showing how the Japanese are from the tribe of Judah, the same with the pathans, and yet he says maybe they aren't Jewish, "OR KHAZARS", and makes that distinction below.   Further, once he shows the Japanese are tied into the tribes of Judah,  He then makes a massive leap into saying therefore,  they are khazars???  HUH?   He provides no bridge for crossing into that deduction.  There is so much more written on the Khazars that apparently he has not read yet  otherwise he would not be trying to make that connection  and tying them all together.   I can understand why the khazars feel it necessary to do that.   Their centuries of using the Jews as a front for their horrific and barbaric deeds, that still go on today, have been exposed to the globe and is no longer working as we are all making that distinction between them.

They may have been born as an accident of marriage by a khazar to a jewish person, but given their abject disdain for arab Jews, its truly unlikely, even that happened very often.   Watch what the Khazars do in Israel when  a  khazar woman tries to marry an arab..... oh, heaven forbid, you would have thought the end of the world was at hand.  Further, even if they were khazars which evidence proves they are not, he makes the point that they would not use Haarp because the Japanese were their fellow Khazars  (which are they?  Jews or Khazars since they are not the same thing).... and would not harm them as such.  What a joke,  its apparent that this man has not studied these khazars at all.   Here is what they were willing to do to their own Khazar people in WW II in order to obtain Palestine.   They sold out their people in the millions to Hitler in order to obtain that land for Rothschild.   So, a silly thing like being blood related, will never get in the way of the barbarians.... are you kidding???   

Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan War Against The Khazar Empire And Forced Them Into Japan And Poland
Posted on March 22, 2011 by dublinmick
There are many stories concerning the Aquitaine monks who insist that Alexander the great tried to quarantine the Khazars due to their violent nature and very barbaric standards. They were at the time even accused of being cannibals. According to Druthmar, he was not successful and they migrated to Poland and Japan. It is now of course the story of the Khazar ascent to power on a world scale that would have been at the time unimaginable.


We have all seen the Hollywood/Bollywood character descriptions of Alexander as a blood crazed warlord who wished to conquer the world. He did in fact but the motivation for such an undertaking is never touched upon. He is portrayed as a blood crazed homosexual warlord. In fact he had a harem, hell I would like to have a harem. He was the student of Aristotle and you may regard this as a plus or minus, I don’t know.

Nuclear Fallout Hits US Coast- Benefits NWO 'Green' Agenda?

Vatic Note: She hits the nail smack on the head. She says it all so I don't have to say much at all. How delightful. Critical thinker, deductive reasoning, Yeah, replace nuclear power, with "CLEAN COAL"...... Hahahaaa.   I swear, Obama said that at the convention and I almost fell out of my chair.  He said replace "oil" with "clean" coal.  LOL  She is very insightful indeed. 

Nuclear Fallout Hits US Coast- Benefits NWO 'Green' Agenda?
From: thetruthergirls
Mar 18, 2011

I have two questions:

1. What exactly is the deal with fallout hitting North America? and
2. Is this the Year of the Nuclear Disaster like 2010 was the Year of the Oil Spill Disaster? Is this a coincidence or is it intentional, to push the agenda for deindustrialization?


Okay, that was 3 questions, actually, But I'd like some answers.

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Matt Damon: "Obama Has Rolled Over To Wall Street Completely"

Matt Damon: "Obama Has Rolled Over To Wall Street Completely"
March 7, 2011,  provided to Vatic Project by CLG Newsletter,  Lori Price

A number of Hollywood elite have turned their backs on Obama after supporting him before he was elected in 2008, but Matt Damon is the first to cite Obama's dealings with Wall Street as the main reason.

"I think he's rolled over to (VN: Zionist Khazar Controlled) Wall Street completely," Damon told the Independent.

"The economy has huge problems. We still have all these banks that are too big to fail. They're bigger and making more money than ever.

"Unemployment at 10%? It's terrible."

Prince Andrew's big mistake: Humiliated Duke of York vows to end friendship with billionaire paedophile

Vatic Note:  Keep in mind two things that seguays into this subject:    1.  TSA has been foundling children at airports and this prepares the child to be touched inappropriately for those sicko's who are satanists.   2.  Remember the article above about introducing gay sex into the curriculum of the school all the way down to 4 year olds.   That simply blew me away.  This is what happens when you have too much money and time on your hands.  Good thing we are not part of the commonwealth or there would be no more royalty.  They would be fired and made to work for their money and that would keep them out of trouble. I still believe that the Queens real family name is Khazarian.  Her real family name is Gothe Saxe and its Khazar German, similar to the Khazarian Rothschild being "Bauer" before he became King Rothschild to the Israeli's.  There must be a fight going on between Rothschild/Israel and the Queen/Illums.... The Daily Mail is owned by Murdock who is a lock step zionist, and there is no way this would have come out were they all pals together as they were in the past.  Lets watch and see if there might not be something to that given this big front page story.  (forgot to mention, in the US the billionaire here got off without any jail time, so at least Britain still treats it as a crime, even though minor.) Perversion has always been the problem with royalty. They don't work. Need to keep them busy so they don't have time to ruin childrens lives with their perversions. This is what we have to look forward to if we ever get back under the thumb of British Royalty. LOL

Prince Andrew's big mistake: Humiliated Duke of York vows to end friendship with billionaire paedophile

By Fay Schlesinger, Stephen Wright and Tom Leonard, the Daily Mail

Last updated at 9:33 AM on 5th March 2011

Duke now said to recognise friendship was 'unwise'.  

Former Scotland Yard royalty protection chief: 'Prince Andrew is bringing the royal family into disrepute’.  Mistake: The duke has cut ties with the disgraced billionaire.  Prince Andrew has promised to sever his controversial links with child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The Duke of York has finally admitted that meeting the disgraced billionaire recently was ‘unwise’ and has ruled out further visits to the Florida mansion where Epstein sexually exploited underage girls.

In a warning that may have come from the Queen, the duke’s aides have advised him that his continued association with the paedophile risked damaging the reputation of the monarchy.

Now the humiliated duke, the fourth in line to the throne, has backed down and cut ties with Epstein, 58, in the hope that he can draw a line under the sordid association.


Europeans against austerity cuts: thousands clash with police in Brussels

Europeans against austerity cuts: thousands clash with police in Brussels
Published: 25 March, 2011, Russia Today.com

Vatic Note:  How ironic,  Brussels is the center of the European Union Parliament.  Notice, how the Rothschilds is working this scam and it is by doing the following:    
1.  Get the nations in debt by taking control of the countries currency and credit, 
2.  Threaten, blackmail or Buy off politicians to get them to do what Rothschild needs to complete the outrageous spending necessary to have defaulting debt.  Its what happened here in America. 
3. Once the debt is beyond resolution, then the bought off politicians declare insolvency,  and then default on the debt,
4.  Then the debtors,  Rothschilds and central banks come in and confiscate all assets of the nation PAID FOR BY THEIR TAXES including land, infrastructure, utilities, water sources and supply, agricultural land, freeways etc... 
5.  Then They charge fees for the use by citizens who already paid for that property with their taxes and would not have been there had they not done so for those bankers to foreclose on.   All of this has already happened here and thus every nation becomes an occupied nation by the Rothschilds and his functioning army country, Israel. 
6.  Once he controls all land, infrastructure, banks, corporations, etc  he has effectively globalized.   Now he can decide what he wants to do with HIS PROPERTY and the people have no say.  Very clever and psychopathic. 
Article and video
Police fire a water cannon to disperse Belgian socialist union demonstrators in the streets around the European Union headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, 24 March 2011 (image from vosizneias.com / Credit: EPA)   Watch video

UFO's: Declassified from the Gemini Project

UFO's:  Declassified from the Gemini Project
Forbidden Knowledge TV, Alexandra
Before the Apollo program, there was the Gemini Project, during which NASA astronauts trained for the Apollo Mission on the Moon.

Gemini astronauts were some of the first to experience the weightlessness of space and they saw some amazing sights during their flights.

Now de-classified, the "Voice Tape Recorder" (VTR) transcripts of these VTR recordings from all 10 Gemini missions are available in the NASA archives. These documents contain revealing astronaut conversations the astronauts had about UFOs they witnessed outside their spacecraft while in flight.
Enjoy the images, too!
- Alexandra

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Shadow Government is now your "REAL GOVERNMENT"- Unelected!!

Vatic Note: What we know now is that NO ONE "ELECTED" TO FEDERAL OFFICE has any authority or ability to make decisions for the OUR nation. Its now all in the hands of those who were not elected and do not work for the nation or its people..... rather they work for a foreign nation and international robber barons and this is now a fact that seriously needs to sink into our brains. THIS BELOW SEALS THAT FACT IN GRANITE.   We have lost complete and total control of our government, which is like a siphilitic whore in advanced stages of the disease, running crazy and killing people, stealing, raging, and ranting, as well as raping and pillaging everything she can get her hands on. If it were a dog we would shoot it because its dangerous and out of control. Unfortunately its not a dog, so we can't legally shoot it, but the minute they make a move illegally to harm us, then all bets are off. That is when we will discover what we are truly made of in this lifetime.  CHATHAM GROUP OF BRITIAN IS OLDER THAN ANY OF THE ORGS LISTED BELOW FROM AMERICA, so you know where it all started, probably right after the revolution  of Independance.  They have been trying to take us back ever since.

What he has provided below, can be proven and documented and has been and all we have to do is confirm it all. It will definitely blow your mind how many, who, and what are the various diseased creatures in these positions of power that are exhibiting their illness in horrible deadly ways. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS FACT: study/memorize these names. These are the people who are directly responsible for the deaths of millions of people on this planet over the past 10 years and many of them children, unarmed old people, women and civilians who were NOT enemy combatants. AND ALL FOR OIL, STEALING VARIOUS NATIONS NATURAL RESOURCES, DEPOPULATION AND DRIVING THE REMAINDER TO SLAVE LABOR LIVES with no future and death guaranteed at an early age. That is the future planned for their now owned cattle, who are  us and OUR CHILDREN...by the way, we have never been a democracy, we have always been a "Constitutional Republic" and that is for a very good reason. Nor should we ever become a democracy, rather stay as a republic, if we truly want to be free.  The elite want us to push for a "democracy" since they can buy the politicians and elections as we well know.   But if there are no "professional" parties, they can't control who the candidates will be and that is where its all determined.  

Naming Names: Your Real Government
Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer, Activist Post
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction

This is your real government; they transcend elected administrations, they permeate every political party, and they are responsible for nearly every aspect of the average American and European's way of life. When the "left" is carrying the torch for two "Neo-Con" wars, starting yet another based on the same lies, peddled by the same media outlets that told of Iraqi WMD's, the world has no choice, beyond profound cognitive dissonance, but to realize something is wrong.

What's wrong is a system completely controlled by a corporate-financier oligarchy with financial, media, and industrial empires that span the globe. If we do not change the fact that we are helplessly dependent on these corporations that regulate every aspect of our nation politically, and every aspect of our lives personally, nothing else will ever change.


Criticize Israel and the IDF will "Research you" so They can, conduct War on You!

*Oh, something new.  they changed a word in the title so I look like an idiot.  I changed it back, but I am telling you all every time they do this, so its transparent and out there. 

Vatic Note:     IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN REJECTS TRYING TO EMAIL ME, THEN YOU NOW KNOW WHY AFTER YOU READ THIS.  LOL   Please let me know if you have tried and got your email kicked back.   Then tell me in the comments section of this blog.  Thanks.  This is a concern. The first video by itself is not a problem since that is part of being American and its part of our heritage to protect our other 9 amendments to the constitution. However, add all the other links and articles below and this is all beginning to look like that "UNDECLARED WAR BY ISRAEL AGAINST AMERICA, AND BEING DONE BY DECEPTION" AS THEY PROUDLY LIKE TO BRAG. Its almost coming together as a real serious war they plan on our soil against our people, when in fact, they are SUPPOSE TO BE OUR PEOPLE BORN AND RAISED AMERICAN. So who are these people? I found this which really disturbed me no end.  http://www.richardsilverstein.com/tikun_olam/2010/11/18/covering-up-the-murderous-crimes-of-cast-lead/

Are they truly afraid and simply want to protect themselves or are they serious traitors to their country of birth??? I don't know, but I suspect we need to watch this and carefully consider if this is just another attempt by the mossad to cause another division within our nation between the 1% Jewish population and the rest of America. Its something we have to look at and decide for ourselves. Keep in mind, no matter what kind of hyphenated American we are, we are first and foremost AMERICANS and should stand united against any enemy regardless of nation of origin.  Maybe that is why we put Japanese and Germans in camps until the war was over.   Frankly, I would have preferred they did this with the wars they had us front for them, whereby they just go do their own dirty work. I began to believe Khazar Israeli's were only brave against Religious men of non violence, unarmed pregnant women and children. Thats the only pictures you see from them in Gaza  and Iraq. 

Criticize Israel and the IDF will "research you" to find your links to terror groups so they can, under War on
Terror rules, legally kill you.

"The unit will collect information about groups that attempt to bring war crimes or other charges against high-ranking Israeli officials, and examine possible links between such organizations and terror groups."

Everyone is linked to everyone else -- someone you know knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows anyone anywhere you may name -- as they say, there is just "five degrees of separation." Normally Mossad does the killing -- suiciding people, inducing heart attacks, arranging accidents, or just shooting them. The fact that IDF is involved merely shows that the scale of those operations is being increased.

Every American needs to watch this video and a few of the others that are linked to it on youtube:

Body Bagger In Iraq

Vatic Note:  I don't know about you, but this sealed it for me.  NO MORE WAR, and we must refuse, all of us,  and all soldiers and sailors and marines, must refuse to fight in anymore wars FOR PROFIT. We will find you other work, no matter what, we will come together as community and see to it that you have employment.   Give up this life that is brutalizing the innocent and yourselves and your families.   Let Zbig, who wrote all this up and planned it all out in 1997, be sent in on the front lines with all his sons and fight until he wins or dies.  Then will the war be worth it for that one act of ridding the world of men such as himself and Kissinger.   What if they called for a war and no one showed up????  Its the only way to stop this unprecedented evil and mental illness that pervades our banker Israeli infested military and our banker Israeli infested industries.  We must purge  these foreign occupying forces from our government and industries including banking. 

Body Bagger In Iraq
By Chris Hedges,  Rense.com,  Provided to Vatic Project by Dick Eastman

Jess Goodell enlisted in the Marines immediately after she graduated from high school in 2001. She volunteered three years later to serve in the Marine Corps' first officially declared Mortuary Affairs unit, at Camp Al Taqaddum in Iraq. Her job, for eight months, was to collect and catalog the bodies and personal effects of dead Marines. She put the remains of young Marines in body bags and placed the bags in metal boxes. Before being shipped to Dover Air Force Base, the boxes were stored, often for days, in a refrigerated unit known as a "reefer.". The work she did was called "processing."

"We went through everything," she said when I reached her by phone in Buffalo, N.Y., where she is about to become a student in a Ph.D. program in counseling at the University of Buffalo.

ALERT: The Party Hacks are out in Force, Bankers are Trying to start a Civil war! Remember Russia???

VATIC NOTE: THEY ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO ATTACK US UNPROVOKED, OR BOGUS UP A BLACK OPS LIKE THEY HAVE IN OTHER COUNTRIES, since we won't bite UNTIL  they blatantly commit treason by attacking American citizens with no provocation, and then watch all hell break out. 9-11 Will finally get justice.   I wrote a whole big deal and then realized that was stupid.   All I have to tell you is that they are doing here with this article FOR US IN AMERICA, what they did in Iraq, Afghanistan,  and now Pakistan  that worked for them.   DIVIDE THE POPULATION INTO HATE GROUPS AND HAVE THEM KILL EACH OTHER OFF AND THE LOUSY FEW BANKERS THEN ARE SAFE.  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON HERE.  Remember we wrote up a whole big deal about the khazar bankers funding and organizing the Russian revolution and they did it exactly the way Rothschild wrote it up on the protocols.  That has worked time and again both in the past and currently within the countries invaded.   Why do you think the CIA and mossad FUND the Taliban and the so called Al Qaeda???   Why do you think the SPLC and the ADL work so hard to control Homeland Security?  If you let them put people from the right into FEMA camps, then you will be next when they finish killing off the opposition they fear the most.... those that are seriously armed and served and trained in war conditions.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see all this.  I put this article up so you could see the propoganda and disinformation and provocateuring they are doing  trying to get the left to hate the right and thus go to war with each other.  I tell everyone on right the same thing.   The savages and the limbaughs are their provocateurs all working for the same people that the so called liberal NYTimes works for.  They are controlled by the khazar neocon rothschild bankers. 

Just ask yourself,  why is Obama acting like Bush?  Why did he keep Bushs appointees???  Why didn't he over turn all the violations of our Bill of Rights?  Why didn't he gut the Patriot Act?  Why did he promise to end the wars  and  torture and yet 2.5 years later he not only kept all that going , but expanded it.  The wars he expanded into pakistan who did nothing to us,   and domestically HE EXPANDED TORTURE TO INCLUDE AN AMERICAN CITIZEN  WITHOUT A TRIAL.  Think about that for just a moment..... NO TRIAL.   We do not, to this day, know if Manning ever did  anything.  Nothing.  And yet we have allowed that torture to continue.  DO NOT PLAY THEIR GAME ON THEIR TERMS ANYMORE.  Its time to set up our own game on our terms....AMERICANS TOGETHER, then later we can go back to fighting our politics between  us in the civilized manner we used to do it in, before Karl Rove and company came along and dragged the conversation through the muck he likes to roll around in..    good luck.  

Paul B. Farrell
March 22, 2011, 6:55 a.m. EDT
New Civil War erupts, led by super rich, GOP (VN:  and now dems as well)
Commentary: ‘Shock Doctrine,’ Reaganomics trigger explosive class war

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Yes, “there’s class warfare, all right,” warns Warren Buffett. “But it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Yes, the rich are making war against us. And yes, they are winning. Why? Because so many are fighting this new American Civil War between the rich and the rest.

Not just the 16 new GOP governors in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and across America fighting for new powers. (VN:  Don't forget the dem govs doing the same thing,  like in Pennsylvania and other states -  this is why you cannot let them get away with pitting us against each other, THEY OWN BOTH PARTIES AND WE ALL KNOW IT NOW.) 

David Icke - Fork in The Road (They Want To Trigger World War III)

Vatic Note:  I love David,  he said they are "professional hypocrites".  Check  out the next blog after this and see how close to right he is.  We just don't know which faction is suppose to kill each other off leaving the other one standing.  I think when one doesn't work, they try the  other one.  Remember it started out right against left and vice versa, then it was Muslims vs Christians,  and now its muslims against the Isaeli's, which does not make any sense since Israel was caught in Egypt instigating the entire event and their black ops agent was arrested and made to leave the country.    David  is in line with what we have been saying which is that they are going to play us into a world war for Profit.   He does a very good job of laying out how they are going to do this.

We  read the players a little differently, rather Vatic believes that all leaders of all factions are in on it including Russia and China and Obama.  They all know the game and even who is suppose to win and who is suppose to lose.  And to do this they are trying to pit Muslims against Christians with Rothschild and Israel left standing. Maybe not in that land, but in some land somewhere,  maybe their "Greater Israel" with all the middle east oil,  suez canal and  all the water.     However, the bildebergs who are the royalty of Europe, could well be playing off the Rothschild bankers and Israel who they partnered with from the beginning, but now we are much closer to the end.   Are they selling Israel and Rothschilds out??? I hate to say it but maybe after what I have seen the khazars capable of doing,  I would prefer the Bildebergs to be left standing with us dealing with them since we understand them and know how to deal with them.  We do not understand the Israelis' leaders  actions that are horrific and completely inhumane and literally "INSANE".  Watch it,  get it around as the uploader  asks us to do below, and  COMMIT to refusing to fight for any war for profit.   Ever.  If we fight its right here at home to clean this out of our country.  The Queen better stay home for a while, until things calm down a bit.  She has her own problems at home anyway.  She keeps this up she may not be queen soon.  The real Heir to the British Throne, residing in Austrailia,  may come and claim his heritage.  I can guarantee you she would be a fool to take us back as subjects, no doubt about it.  We would be her worst nightmare.  .  

David Icke - Fork in The Road (They Want To Trigger World War III)
by David Icke,  Tuesday, 22 March 2011 12:37

Vital, vital, information - PLEASE circulate to everyone you can
A video by Jay4louise


UN official: Israel engaging in ethnic cleansing

Vatic Note:  How best to judge what someone will do is to look at their past behavior.   So the question is begged,  "What will Israel and Rothschild do once they globalize and take control of this Planet?"  Well, from historical perspective, they will murder and enslave in the millions.   Its what they did in Russia and in Germany when they orchestrated the overthrow of legitimate governments and took control of the country as they are now consolidating and doing in the Middle East.   What they will do is ethnic cleansing.  The Khazars are the most racist group on this planet as history continues to show us.    They murdered gypsys, poles, hungarians and many other of ethnic origins and yes, they did murder Jews as well,  NOT KHAZARS,  real Jews.  In Russia they murdered 60 million Christians regardless of ethnic background because they are satanists, so keep all that in mind as you read this.   They continue on with a program that has worked time and again......create chaos making the government look bad using their minions within the government, (through bribery or blackmail),  THEN FINANCE AND ORCHESTRATE THE OVERTHROW OF THE GOV THEY ENDED UP CONTROLLING THAT  which  CREATED THE CHOAS, THEN TAKE complete control of those governments with their own people in place who are fully owned by them.  From there, they have shown they know no limits and it continues in Israel as we see today.  Ethnic cleansing is at the heart of their domestic policies.  Khazars from Russia are the new settlers and are as vicious as the leaders who have spread out throughout the worlds governments and proven their complete and unadulterated psychopathy. 

UN official: Israel engaging in ethnic cleansing

Reuters Published: 03.21.11, 18:55 / Israel News

Investigator Richard Falk says settlement expansion, consequent evicting of Palestinians 'intolerable'

Falk. Banned from Israel Photo: AFP

Israel's expansion of Jewish "settlements" in east Jerusalem and eviction of Palestinians from their homes there is a form of ethnic cleansing, a United Nations investigator said on Monday.

US academic Richard Falk was speaking to the UN Human Rights Council as it prepared to pass resolutions condemning Israeli behaviour on territory it has occupied since 1967.
The "continued pattern of settlement expansion in East Jerusalem combined with the forcible eviction of long-residing Palestinians are creating an intolerable situation" in the part of the city previously controlled by Jordan, he said.

4,000 Ton China Missile Frigate Off Libya Coast (This is for the banker Financed & Planned WW III)

4,000 Ton China Missile Frigate Off Libya Coast (This is for the Planned banker WW III)

Uploaded by SurvivalWithBushcraf on Mar 21, 2011

Vatic Note: Well, it appears our people better get ready, "Red Dawn" is looking more and more like a reality. This looks like an attempt to start that third world war the bankers want to garner more wealth from us and use our children as Kissinger says "as dumb animals to be used as fodder for our wars". Its time to take a stand and tell congress.... NO WAY, WE WILL NOT FIGHT IN ANY WORLD WAR FOR PROFIT AND POWER. Tell the Israeli's, the bankers, the internationalist elite, the corporations CEO's to buckled down and do something productive for a change, creative, that advances civilization, not destroys it.   If you choose not to do that, then you will bring to you that which you sow.  I said a long time ago, that the bankers have us in America as the designated losers of this next planned, organized and funded war just like they did to Hitler.  And just like they will do to China when they are through with them as well.  I highly recommend the bankers find a more productive and useful use of their time, energy and money.  Don't waste that brain power on destroying living things including the planet, instead enhance and advance civilization and "Life".   . 


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Surprising PNAC Connection to Libya

Vatic Note:   And everywhere you turn internationally, there are the neocons/libs dual Israeli citizen khazars creating choas and drama.  Time to memorize their pictures and faces and keep them in the forfront of your memory on who the real enemy and traitors are of this nation.   Its imperative since justice maybe left in our hands since we have no rule of law anywhere else. 

The Surprising PNAC Connection to Libya
Source:  Before Its News

by Zen Gardner,  provided to Vatic Project by Intel Hub
March 21st, 2011

Looks like the PNAC, or Project for A New American Century, agenda of 1997 is rolling along as planned.

Just as has been outlined by other think tanks, Illuminati writers and social programmers.

But a blind world reels on the defensive when they could have known what was coming all along. Notice, mind you, that the portrayal of an unstable middle east includes every “rogue” nation BUT Israel. Israel oddly enough is never “on the table” for discussion, when in fact they are the fomentors and co-creators of the entire “terrorist” threat fabrication.

Recent Developments
If you want to know exactly what’s happening or about to transpire, keep an eye on Neocons like Bill Kristol at rabid Zionist Murdock’s Fox News, the former head of PNAC when they made their famous study, proposal and ‘Statement of Principles’ preceding the staged 9/11 events and ensuing bogus “war on terror”.

It looks like despite Obama’s “promises” to not send troops, we’re about do it anyway. Surprise. So expect a real good reason to be fabricated soon, like tales of horrific atrocities by Gaddafi, to make sure the public is behind it. A false flag or two within Libya is probably on the table right now, like the staged theatre fire massacre in Abadan, Iran during the Iran revolution

Kristol “Announces” the Plan
(VN: Memorize that face, and never forget it, you will need it soon)

Here’s Kristol’s “announcement” that “we will not leave Gaddafi in power”:  (VN:  He didn't finish his sentence, "...because Israel cannot control him in the manner they wish to do, it costs money to do it...", an American "dual Israeli" citizen is what this neocon is who wrote the pnac paper about invading iraq and THE PEARL HARBOR TYPE EVENT NEEDED, and whose loyalties lie with his adopted country instead of America.   That is treason)

Kissinger urges Obama: Grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard (They better not!!!!)

Vatic Note:  My Goodness, is there still anyone left in this country that even cares what Kissinger, the INDICTED TREASONOUS ISRAELI ROCKEFELLER WAR CRIMINAL, has to say???  I sure don't and a life sentence is too short for Pollard betraying his nation for Israel that has resulted in the take over of this nation by Israel.  The cost to the country for his "BETRAYAL" is way too high and we are not done paying for it yet.  I find it ironic that a TRAITOR is asking for the clemency of another of his fellow TRAITORS.  They really do think the GOYIM are stupid, don't they????  Well if Obama does give him clemency, you will know why.   It will be because Obama is a dual Israeli Citizen (on his mothers side) and we are finally going to have to address that fact up front, IF HE PARDONS OR GRANTS CLEMENCY TO POLLARD.  Does anyone else believe its time to get Kissingers ugly face out of our politics now that we know who he is and the treason he has done to sell our our nation to HIS fellow nazi Khazars?

Kissinger urges Obama: Grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard
By Natasha Mozgovaya, Haartz Paper, Latest update 20:54 07.03.11

Former U.S. Secretary of State says justice will be served even without life sentence; Netanyahu in January made first Israeli appeal for Pollard's release.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday, urging him to commute the prison term of Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life term for spying for Israel.

"I believe justice would be served by commuting the remainder of Pollard's sentence of life imprisonment, " Kissinger wrote in the letter, in which he enunciated that he had given the matter a lot of thought and research.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. (INDICTED WAR CRIMINAL)
Photo by: Bloomberg

"At first I did not have enough information to render a reasoned and just opinion," wrote Kissinger. "But having talked with George Shultz and [reading] the statement of former CIA Director Woolsey, former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman DeConcini, former Defense Secretary Weinberger, former Attorney General Mukasey and others whose judgments and first-hand knowledge of the case I respect, I find their unanimous support for clemency compelling," Kissinger wrote.


PALIN: “Uncompromising Support For Israel” During Visit There

Vatic Note: Well, this certainly explains the book she wrote.... like Obama it was the same publisher owned by the same banksters who are khazar rothschild Israelis. Does it never end??? Why bother anymore... we all know now, so why not just give the country over to Israel "OFFICIALLY" instead of treasonously and surreptitiously, and we can call it "Israel West" and whoever used to be President we can call "Prime minister - West" of Israel, and the Joe Lieberscum congress, we can call the "Knesset - West" and just get this treason out in the open air instead of pretending with this game and that would save a lot of money on elections. Israel could just appoint who they want and get it over with. Then we can just call ourselves a colony of Israel. This is so disgusting, I can't even imagine.

PALIN: “Uncompromising Support For Israel” During Visit There
March 22, 2011 posted by Veterans Today
Palin Visits Netanyahu’s Residence
by Elad Benari and Yoni Kempinski

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin concluded her visit to Israel on Monday by visiting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his family. The Palin couple arrived at the Prime Minister’s official residence for a dinner which was defined as personal rather than political and was based on the Israeli cuisine.

Gilad Atzmon: Europe Turns Against Israel

Vatic Note:  Its about time.   Remember the Rothschild owned Queen of England is the owner of the UN and thus Europe and all countries individually will have to come out against Israel on their own as Japan did when they supported and recognized Palestinian as a separate state.  Now Japan has paid for that mistake.  Lets see what Israel  does to Europe for this transgression.   Merkle from Germany is also on the hot seat as you will see in the next blog, so it will be interesting SINCE MERKEL SHUT DOWN ALL THE NUKES IN GERMANY TO PREVENT WHAT HAPPENED TO JAPAN FROM HAPPENING TO GERMANY.  There is a battle royal going on at the highest levels right now between Israel and many nations leaders who are fed up with Israel's  lack of social protocol in foreign affairs and gross inhumanity in their internal affairs.  And everyone is definitely fed up with their outrageous arrogance.  .   

Gilad Atzmon: Europe Turns Against Israel
by Gilad Atzmon, March 21, 2011

A German think-tank affiliated with the Social Democratic Party issued a new report last week that revealed “high levels of anti-Semitism in Germany, Poland and Hungary.”

Dr. Beate Küpper, a researcher from the University of Bielefeld who co-authored the study along with her colleagues Andreas Zick and Andreas Hoevermann, told The Jerusalem Post that the study showed a strong presence of “anti-Semitism that is linked with Israel and is hidden behind criticism of Israel, and is not neutral.”

Possible Mossad Assassination Attempt on Germany Head of State Angela Merkle for supporting Palestinians as did the Japanese!

Contributors Comment:   I am on a group list and I am only sharing content, not source other than articles and links given me. This short message has two links, which I posted as well. Everything is credible and horrible, but not surprising, considering from where the criminality is coming from, based on motive and the historical record. ~Bill

Just got this from a friend in Europe. Some people will understand the meaning of this message. Some will not.

Right after the disaster in Sendai Japan, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, ordered the German reactors to be immediately shut down. Why would she do that? What did she know? Germany also did the unthinkable---they have sided with the Palestinians. This is exactly what the Japanese did prior to the unprecedented seismograpic event, exactly one year to the day. Connect the dots...... Think! (VN:  remember who was the security company for Japan as well and installed the security systems that failed, Israel)

White House Gives Go-ahead For Elitists to Control DNA

Vatic Note:  The dates that the attack on Libya coincided with Bush's attack on Iraq, brought this back up again.  To understand who we are dealing with here so we can effectively counter it, we must understand the massive nature of the occult and dark forces being used to bring down and fight the light and the good.  So please read all this.  There are many links spaced through out this blog so please read them and see why and how we can counter this work.  You would be surprised at how many are demonic, satanic and occult in this global operation and have no restrictions on their behavior.  Everything and anything goes, so we must counter it and will get into it later as we accept this since it will take many of us to do it.

This "control of our DNA" is extremely dangerous to mankind or humanity if you will.  Remember we just put up a blog not too long ago Called the dark sciences, and it discusses the occult and how science now is beginning  to do things that were death penalty offenses in the past.  Watch the 2 occult videos and see why we should not trust these people to do anything to our very structure as humans.   Does Dr. Mengeles ring a bell??   If you watched the videos/article specials on Christmas day and even Christmas eve at 5 pm, you would understand the full implications of this article below.  Why do they put so much into doing this?   Our power against the forces of darkness resides in our DNA and that is evident seeing the time, wealth, and effort these elitest are putting into, not only harvesting the DNA,  but changing it.   We already have 3 to 10 strands that are not connected (who knows what we could do with those connected),  we do not need to lose or change anymore of it or we will change who we are which can be debilitating and create an endangered humanity as a species.  Remember, also, that these robber barons have invested Millions if not billions into eugenics and they did not do that for no reason. 

Given the lack of trust we have in all our institutions, there is no way we can see any "good" coming out of it or they would deal with it up front.  This is one issue that needs to be fought viciously and vehemently, no matter what.  If you did not avail yourself of the Christmas special we put up we highly recommend that you do.  Its that important.  We intend to post more for New Years Day as well to finish the series special. Then come back after spending the time necessary and reread this and see what we mean and decide for yourself, but remember, somethings, if not stopped can never be recovered or reclaimed and this is one of them.   If nothing else, what you decide will affect your children.  That  alone should motivate us.

White House Gives Go-ahead For Elitists to Control DNA
By: Michael Edwards
Date: December 20, 2010

It is official: in the name of "clean energy, pollution control and medicine," the White House is prepared to let scientists, spearheaded by the J. Craig Venter Institute, "manipulate DNA of organisms to forge new life forms," according to a recent AFP article.

The Orwellian language used by Barack Obama's Presidential Commission For The Study of Bioethical Issues is a study in wordiness, misdirection, and obfuscation that is typical when trying to cover up the true intent.  For example, on one hand the Commission acknowledges that the J. Craig Venter Institute has found the ability to forge new life forms, but also states that Venter's team didn't create life, since the work primarily involved altering an already existing life form.

Since we won't get straight truth from the mainstream media, science, or the government, it is better advised to look at who Craig Venter is, and what public statements have been issued about this agenda that literally could transform the human race from a naturally evolving species into a manipulated computer code.



Vatic Note: Now is the time to seriously begin reaching out to veterens and active duty soldiers either on leave or overseas or their families here to reach them for us. We must ask them once more for their commitment to defend and protect us and this nation against a foreign enemy as well a domestic enemies through infiltration by foreign enemies of this country who are NOT muslims. We MUST ALSO SUPPORT THEM as well. Think about what hell they have been through for the past 10 years since this whole bogus war against terrorism has been waged, by the ACTUAL TERRORISTS within our government who are foreign agents of another government. We could go into all that, but right now time is running out and we need them home again to fight for us here if need be. Depending on what horrors the actual terrorists have planned for us. We need our oath keepers and they need us. Lets find a way to make that happen.

American Soldiers Are WAKING UP!! SUPPORT OF TAKING AMERICA BACK!!! (StopTheRobbery2)
Uploaded by drewstarr71 on Feb 28, 2011

Listen to and SUPPORT those American Veterans that are now AWAKE and MAD AS HELL!!

Uploader Comments (drewstarr71)

*And now we are blasting the crap out of Libya, no congressional declaration of war, just the UN taking a vote and a president that commits us to it. ENOUGH OF THIS ALREADY! (VN:  what Obama did under the control of Israel is to commit treason since he did this without a declaration of war, 18 tomohawk missles for what?  So the corporations could build more off the blood of children and make a profit which is murder for profit) These are treasonous acts against this country. The terrorist walks among the ranks of our own government, we didn't elect them they took control thru non-violent means of usurping our money system.


Original maker of this video is http://www.youtube.com/user/StopTheRobbery2
U.S. Soldiers Rebel Against Martial Law Orders! Twitter: AngelicStarseed

Soldiers rebelling against the "foreign occupying enemy" of this country.


Adam Kokesh Speech - Iraq Vet against the War - Revolution

U.S Soldiers Are Waking Up!


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks

Vatic Note:  Another piece to the sabotage puzzle with another piece as to who!  Why are we not surprised?  Because this is happening and the same people are doing it all over the world,  the gulf disaster, 9-11, the USS Liberty, etc.  Remember these people are satanists and dangerous as they have no restrictions morally on how far down the path of evil and harm they allow themselves to go.  It will be even worse when there is no longer any resistance or accountability under their rule.  Keep that in mind and any horrors you can conjure up are too  limited to what they can and will and have done even to the least of us. 

Contributors Note: (Dick Eastman's note)   Israel and the US created Stuxnet and deployed it to wreck Iran's nuclear power station -=- Fukushima uses the Seimens controllers Stuxnet .......  Remember that the first problem following the quake was that the automated shutdown systems failed to operate at some of the reactors, because pumps failed and valves would not open even while running on batteries; the very sorts of mischief Stuxnet supposedly was designed to cause at Iran's power station.Before you read the main article below, read the following comment from the WRH website that just posted the Japanese article...---------------------

Here is a nightmare scenario for you.
1. Israel and the US create Stuxnet .
2. Stuxnet is deployed to wreck Iran's nuclear power station .
3. But Stuxnet escapes from its intended target and spreads across Asia!
4. As the above article documents, Stuxnet was in Japan last October, presumably still spreading and intended to wreck nuclear power plants.
5. Stuxnet targets the Siemens controller
6. Fukushima uses the Seimens controllers Stuxnet was designed to interfere with! So now the difficulty the Fukushima nuclear plant operators faced in recovering control over their runaway reactors takes on a darker significance. Remember that the first problem following the quake was that the automated shutdown systems failed to operate at some of the reactors, because pumps failed and valves would not open even while running on batteries; the very sorts of mischief Stuxnet supposedly was designed to cause at Iran's power station.
Did we all just get hacked to death by Israel?Would anyone reading this in Japan please forward to the Fukushima managers.-------------------------------

New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB memory sticks
The Daily Yomiuri Online, by the The Yomiuri Shimbun , contributed to Vatic Project by Dr. G.W. Mills, PHD, Taiwan,  (Source to him was Dick Eastman, Yakima Wa.), October 2010

Stuxnet, a computer virus designed to attack servers isolated from the Internet, such as at power plants, has been confirmed on 63 personal computers in Japan since July, according to major security firm Symantec Corp.

The virus does not cause any damage online, but once it enters an industrial system, it can send a certain program out of control.

The Libyan War of 2011 a Super Moon Dawn Oddysey !!!

Vatic Note:  Below are a collection of articles by several different authors from the right and the left analyzing what is going on.  This was presented to us by a commentator and some few words from him as well.   Notice Israel's name does not come up even once, which makes all those experts suspect. And once again, no one is talking about the rebels being black ops, funded and coordinated by the allies to make that regime change a reality through rebels as the excuse. Oil and water are the prizes. Amazing that we can watch this in every single country so far and not really get it..... The question is who benefits? None other than Rothschild/Israel. I actually would be willing to bet on that one. What I did find out is that the Saudi Royal Family are not "arabs".  So that is another rabbithole.  They were placed on the throne by Britian, so who knows.   Pay very special attention to the role of the Occult in this just like it played on dates in the Gulf as well.  When ever there is going to be death, that is when you will see the Occult dates dominate.  Wasn't the Shuttle accident on just such a date?  I will have to check into that. 

The Libyan War of 2011 a Super Moon Dawn Oddysey !!!
Commentary by Chuckolb,  March 20, 2011

In tracking these demonic lizards, it is noted their calander is of the occult.... and so it was on 9/21/10, the autumnal equinox, when a power play took place with  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and pResident Soetoro the AC ...

In this dawn oddysey the real President exposes 911 truth to what's left.   Say, the United Nations is quite a place here on earth and that indeed is the oddysey !
... and so it is now 3/19/2011

MARCH 19, 2011 - OBAMA:
'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people.
And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...

MARCH 19, 2003 - BUSH:
'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq,
to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger' ...
The Bible tells us that end-time events can be discerned, and points to signs in the heavens to be aware of.

We do not practice numerology, but report on the occult usage of it. Luke 21:25 says, "And there shall be
signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity;
the sea and the waves roaring." Daniel 8:23-25 tells us that the religion practiced by the Antichrist is Black Magick.

And Rev. 17:17 tells us that the final 10 kings are of the same mindset and religion as the Antichrist.
Hence, we should not be surprised to see its use in world events.


Vatic Note:   It is, indeed, amazing what we find out years after the fact.  Now the question remains, who has the fully operational functioning new weapon and has it been used and tested on unsuspecting subjects on this globe???  Indeed, will we ever find out in time to do something about it?  Notice how the British had their say as did the USA? 

Tsunami bomb - NZ's devastating war secret
September 25, 1999
By Eugene Bingham
[Original article available on New Zealand Herald website at this link]

Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb, declassified files reveal.

An Auckland University professor seconded to the Army set off a series of underwater explosions triggering mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945.

Professor Thomas Leech's work was considered so significant that United States defence chiefs said that if the project had been completed before the end of the war it could have played a role as effective as that of the atom bomb.


'We have been betrayed': Mayor of town near stricken Japanese nuclear plant claims his people have been 'abandoned'

VATIC NOTE:  This piece speaks pretty much for itself, but one point might be that the leaders of Japan may well be fully under control of the heartless, soulless, "Vampire Squid" blood sucking Khazar Zionist Rothschild bankers. They are sure acting like it in this instance. Its a heart breaker so be warned. If this doesn't make you mad then nothing will. 

'We have been betrayed': Mayor of town near stricken Japanese nuclear plant claims his people have been 'abandoned'
By David Jones, United Kingdom Daily Mail on line, provided to Vatic Project by Leslie O, USA
Last updated at 2:07 AM on 18th March 2011

'We've been left to die': Minamisoma's mayor Katsunobu Sakarai told the BBC his people felt alone and in danger

The voice on the phone was calm and dignified, as befitted a proud Japanese mayor, yet this somehow made his fury more forceful.

Hours after the tsunami struck, Katsunobu Sakurai told me, he had sought advice from the government on whether to evacuate the 71,000 people in his city, which is just 12 miles downwind of the Fukushima nuclear plant.


Update: 3/22/11 - Just received word that Saudi Arabia,  The United Arab Emirates and others have invaded Barain.... amazing.  How could this happen?  Unless someone is not who they say they are.   Remember, the President of Iran is a Khazar by birth and a satanist by public signaling... so maybe that is the case with Saudi Arabia and the UAE leaders???  Something doesn't smell right here.   It appears this entire thing with wars and bogus conflicts is a game and everyone is in on it except the poor fodder to be used for their profit and gain? 

Vatic Note:  And so it continues.  Gee, what a coincidence and in every country except this one, we have evidence and proof that Israel/mossad black ops helped to finance and start each of these revolutions in order to elicit complete control over that nation by placing their truly owned people into power to provide Israel with the control they so desparately want for their  GREATER ISRAEL agenda.   A movement toward global domination and fascism with their banks and banker controlled international corporations buying up, contracting with or otherwise controlling all natural resources, land, and facilities for the benefit of their corporations.   Nice, huh?  And our country is the hand maiden doing the dirty work for them.   I bet the chickenhawks are already underground controlling it all from there.  


Posted by: "marco.pertoni@libero.it" marco.pertoni@libero.it sitrep_comalp
Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:40 am (PDT), Provided to Vatic Project by PWAP

(ANSAmed) - SANA'A, MARCH 18 - More than 40 people died and more than 100 were wounded by shots fired, according to the government version, by people unknown and ''not by the police'' during a a demonstration to protest against Yemeni president Ali Abdallah Saleh in Sana'a. Meanwhile at least three demonstrators died in Syria.

This is the first time that mass demonstrations were also carried out in Syria. Aside from Damascus, marches took place in Aleppo, Raqqa and Idlib in the north, Homs and Hama in the central area, Qamishli and Hasake, in the north-east where the largest Kurd majority is located, Albukamal and Dayr az Zor, in the east close to the border with Iraq. Not included were the western coastal cities mostly inhabited by Alawites, a branch Shia Islam that includes the al-Assad family and their allies in power. The most serious incidents reportedly took place in Daraa, where three people died.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


THEY HAVE GUTTED THE VIDEOS TWICE THREE FOUR  FIVE SIX TIMES NOW, SO THERE IS SOMETHING TO THIS. PAY ATTENTION.  Well, they have a mirror site to my blog and simply put up theirs that is distorted and won't show the videos, so what I suggest is if the videos are not up,  then simply go on the link with each video  and watch it from there, then come back and watch the next one, it appears the problem videos for them are the one in the Vatic Note about the Concentration camps and organ harvesting and the first one proving they have a military base in Mexico only 60 miles from our border.  They don't seem to care about the third one since it deals more with international troops.   The Israeli's are in a load of trouble for acting like a foreign enemy of our people.     DOWNLOAD THEM WHEN YOU GO TO THE LINK AND PASS THIS AND THEM AROUND EVERYWHERE.    They are now talking about  doing california, according to Clinton, THAT HAVE NUKES ALONG THEIR SHORELINE where the radiation will make us all too sick to resist the chinese,  and then  you can be sure the Madrid fault is coming soon. Lets rock and roll, folks, and kick them out of here like Iceland did.  Get your weapons out of the house and hidden along with ammo.    

http://politicsandfinance.blogspot.com/2011/03/major-california-earthquake-predicted.html -

Now Clinton the other day,  just threatened Iran for interfering in the MIDDLE EAST,  now that is Orwellean if I ever heard it, DOING SO RIGHT AFTER WE ATTACK A NATION AND INTERFERE IN THEIR INTERNAL AFFAIRS WHEN THEY DID NOTHING TO USThis is their last big hurrah, they are going for the gold.  Lets make sure they don't get it.   Wonder if they will use the date of the gulf blow out for the next event they have planned.... after all Obama did  Libya on the same date as Bush invaded Iraq, March 19, and people wonder why us tin foil hat types cannot distinquish between them??? lol  By the way,  March 19 is a pagan holiday..... they are all a bunch of pagans.  You can tell....they aren't human.
*** Two updates are below.  However,  before we cover the updated proofs, We put up a third video within this note, which WE JUST FOUND, for you to see which is very important as much is coming together all at once.  This video will show you what you have to look forward to if and when the Chinese take over here.  Remember, the TARP bill gave permission for any debtor nations to come and foreclose on secured property using force (now we know why the traitors put us so heavily in debt... bernanke may well be someone to have a personal talk with at some point).  This is a video news report from 2008 about a huge operation in China, that reporting could not be done here because we have no one institutionally to protect  us from these kinds of atrocities.  

NOTE THAT ITS THE CHINESE MILITARY DOING THIS "AND" DOING IT IN THEIR CONCENTRATION CAMPS (FEMA SOUND FAMILIAR).......  Chinese military is who is here 60 miles from our border and now we know why they did not want that border fence.  Lets not forget who else is big on organ harvesting?   THE ISRAELI'S (khazars, who happen to control our gov and who hate us) which is why Kissinger and rockefeller who are older than snot, AND are still around in their 90's heading toward 100, and why the teenage population in Gaza and Iraq are decreasing, these are seriously psychopathic animals, NOT human

Israeli firm which secured Japan nuclear plant says workers there 'putting their lives on the line'

Vatic Note:  Just another coincidence we felt should be pointed out for further consideration.  Keep some things in mind...  1.  Israel company had security at the airport of the panty laughable bomber, 2.  Israel Company was in charge of communications with air military response for 9-11, it (PETECH) was owned by companies owned by Mossad.  3.  Notice Mossad was involved in planting the charges on 9-11 and were even arrested but later allowed to fly back to Israel without further adieu., 4.  Notice where ever we have had Israel Security we have had major attacks and attempted attacks.... coincidence???   5.  Israel was in control of all three airports involved in the hijacking.   Also remember Rothschild, according to the khazars, is the king of the khazars, so that leads us into #6 - war by deception, and no one knows that better than we do.  .  All wars are said by the Khazars to be conducted through "Deception" The preferred method of cowardly and psychopathic chickenhawks.   Hmmmm,  another battle in an undeclared war???

Israeli firm which secured Japan nuclear plant says workers there 'putting their lives on the line'

By Ora Coren , * Latest update 02:15 18.03.11

Magna CEO says Japanese workers at nuclear plant 'projecting business as usual' but says it is 'unclear if they are healthy due to the high level of radiation at the reactor, which is life-threatening.'

The CEO of the Israeli company that installed the security system at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant said Thursday that those workers who have elected to stay behind are "putting their lives on the line" to save Japan.

Magna BSP set up the security system about a year ago at the facility, which suffered extensive damage after the recent earthquake and tsunami, with particular concern over radiation leakage from the reactors at the site.