2 U.S. Naval Commanders Relieved Of Command As Obama Continues To Purge The Military

***UPDATE:  News is breaking fast, as more comes out I will try to put it up here, but will also, if it warrants it, a separate blog as soon as possible.  That is the case right now.  Global Research does a good job of showing how the Petraeus resignation and that of another General for the same weak reasons, were not about sex between consenting adults, rather deeper and more serious than that.  I have done another blog on GR's analysis and its a good analysis 

Having said that, its important to note that there are some in the alternative news community who consider global research a possible disinfo site, so keep that in mind when you read it. I have not had any experience with GR that would support that claim, so be prudent and cautious, but read. Remember,  even  if it is disinfo, they ALWAYS USE TRUTH, so ferret out the truth part of it.  This below is different and again, my vatic note makes it clear, I do not think these men got fired for having affairs, I believe they got relieved because they would not betray their country, or they were part of the treason currently going on in our military at high levels.  We do not know which yet, because we do not know who is doing the purging;  is it the Israeli's, or the bilderbergs or someone else. 

Vatic Note:  I am trying to find out if these are the good guys or the bad guys being purged from the military.  Clinton, Panetta, Geithner, and Holgren are gone saying they will not return to serve in Obama's second term.  So that implies its the bad guys who are being purged, but I don't know for sure.  Tex Marrs did a radio program about this issue and its now been purged before I could hear it.  I was also shut down today on both computers, but my new guy takes my call day or night and walks me through how to over come, so they are getting very very serious about all of this.

I have asked a friend who did hear Marrs Broadcast on the military purging, to summarize what he heard on the program and I will share it with you later.  Unfortunately this is the way its going to go from now on.  If we are lucky, the fight at the top is between good guys and bad guys and its the good guys who are winning.  We can pray for that. 

Having said that, and its the bad guys being purged, then why don't those doing the purging tell us what is going on and that they are cleaning traitors out of our house?  By the same token, I already know that those I mentioned in the first paragraph are definitely the bad guys working for the Zionist bankers, and they are definitely gone, so I don't know what to think at this point until we can get more information.  I think its time to get ready to back the good guys, no matter who they are.

What is probably more likely is, its the division between the bad guys at the top.  One set of bad guys is purging the other set of bad guys from the administration and pentagon.  If that is the case, we still have a major problem since they are both definitely bad guys, and neither one of them are acceptable as you will see with future blogs.

One final note, the commandant of the Marine corps was also relieved of duty.   There are probably more.  Remember, Lt Colonel Aquino is second in command of the Church of Satan and he appears to still be there, but I will check.  Also remember, satanism has been accepted officially by the military as a religion and their members allowed to practice it, which consists of many types of crime.

Then the NDAA included a taking out of the Military Justice laws, the act of Sodomy as a crime, and is now legal in the military.  That ties in very much with satanic ritual abuse, especially of children.   Read this and you decide. 

2 U.S. Naval Commanders Relieved Of Command As Obama Continues To Purge The Military
by Mort Amsel, Before Its News, Nov 21, 2012

Navy Captain Ted Williams was relieved of duty pending investigation into alleged misconduct.
Navy Captain Ted Williams was relieved of duty pending investigation into alleged misconduct.

Two more senior American Navy commanders have been added to the growing list of high-ranking military officers relieved of duty due to ‘personal’ misconduct.

Two commanding officers in US Navy’s 6th Fleet based in Italy were stripped of their commands on Monday pending investigations into “allegations of misconduct,” US-based journal Foreign Policy quoted a Navy statement on Tuesday,.
According to the report, 24 American naval officers have so far been relieved of their commands this year on charges of misconduct.

Bomb Iran? No. Bomb Gaza? Yes! Hamas is definitely an Israeli Asset

Vatic Note:   There are some very good conclusions in this article that I believe to be the case, which is Gaza was a coverup for something else.  Was it Netanyahus re-election, as he states here??  Probably and very likely, one of the reasons, but I think there is a bigger reason than  this.

I do not know this opinion of mine is a fact, but its certainly one of the conclusions a critical thinker can come to and seriously consider.  First lets look at facts, the "what happened" facts about Benghazi in Libya and the so call murder of the Ambassador,  then we will look at something else that has been going on leading one to ask "What is going on in the White House and pentagon, since major moves are being made there, and no serious press coverage  of those moves"?  

Facts as we know them.... Petraeus resigned... Hillary, Panetta, Geithner and Holgren will not be in this administration after the inauguration and swearing in, further, a military officer was arrested for failure to obey a "legal" order, when he tried to rescue the ambassador.

Recently, the general in charge of the Marine corp was relieved of duty, and almost 100 naval officers have been relieved of command.  How many of you know all about these facts?   So, why the upheavel in the White House and Pentagon?  What is going on that we need to know about?  Is it about past failures or future false flags? 

A third question is why would Israel care?  Because its their people who have been running Obama, the White House, the Pentagon, intel services, Congress, and Homeland security, all these years, and screwing up and contributing to their own exposure.

In otherwords, the public is turning on them, especially the dispora Jews residing in this nation and other countries outside of Israel. Netanyahu, nor AIPAC can continue to control congress and the WH if these khazars lose support of the Jews here in the United STates, since pressure would be off the congress during election cycles.

So my guess about this below is they are trying to distract attention from  what is going on that they do not want us to see or know about with respect to our own government and their handling of it.   They never do anything for just one reason, so of course, a little genocide goes a long way.  And don't forget, there has been fighting going on between the factions at the top, and that could also be what we are seeing going on here.  Given Hamas is controlled and supplied with those very rockets, by Israel to use at their command, I have no doubt this is a classic distraction false flag.  The Israeli's need to kick these people out.                 

Bomb Iran? No. Bomb Gaza? Yes!
By Pepe Escobar, The Roving Eye

So many wars to launch, so little time. When you're the political leader of the most militarized nation on the planet - as is the case with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu - you gotta find ways to play with your toys.

Even if you're itching to, you can't bomb Iran because you don't have the right bunker buster bombs and enough fighter jet refueling capability. And on top of it, re-elected US President Barack Obama has made it absolutely clear; the way forward is diplomacy, not bombs.

This may be an indication that Obama is at least considering a deal: "There should be a way in which they [Iran] can enjoy peaceful nuclear power while still meeting their international obligations and providing clear assurances to the international community that they're not pursuing a nuclear weapon." This had led to the president's commitment to "make a push in the coming months to see if we can open up a dialogue" cutting through the US/Iran Wall of Mistrust.

So what is Bibi to do? Simple. Launch Operation Pillar of Cloud (then Pillar of Defense; see this priceless piece on the "divine" ramifications) against the only place on Earth the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) can raise hell and wreak havoc with total impunity and negligible "collateral damage"; the under-siege, illegally blockaded, collectively punished-to-death inhabitants of the open-air prison known as Gaza.

Of course you won't find this explanation by reading the Murdoch press or watching CNN. Nor will you get any detailed explanation on the real timeline leading to what could be another war.

This is the best timeline so far. Crucial in it is what happened last Sunday. Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra announced that a 13-year-old boy, Hameed Abu Daqqa, was shot in the stomach while playing football with his friends outside his southeast Gaza home. This soccer terrorist was evidently a threat to myriad Israeli helicopters buzzing overhead.

Elite Intrigues and Military Purges: It’s Not About Sex, Stupid!

Vatic Note:  Well, a picture is becoming more and more clear..... it does appear that Israel is making a major move toward finalizing their take over of America. This is the beginning of a coup....either that, or this is a disinfo piece as part of the battle that is raging in the government at its highest levels and the objective is to present Israel as the winner, because that is what this article below does, yet it does not explain the loss of critical Israeli controlled operatives in key positions in state, treasury, attorney general, and defense.... so what the heck is going on?   

Maybe these military men who were Israeli first men, changed when they saw the abandonment of the Ambassador to his death, over a strategic political decision, which means, the Israeli's would sell out the traitors of our country if it would serve their agenda, and loss of life is just a cost of doing business.  Could that be why the military officers were changing their minds?   The good news is there is some truth in all of this, like the fact that Jane "The traitor" Harmon is confirmed here as being the most likely to take Petreaus's place as CIA director, heaven forbid. 

Here is where I did have serious problems with this write up.  When they talked about General Allen in Afghanistan, they never once mentioned the role of the military relegated to protecting the poppy fields and that is why our soldiers were being shot and why we were losing that war.  Drug production is very very unpopular with the general population and seen as the destructive element that it is and intentionally used to denigrate a nations people down to a nation of addicts.  Its why Russia and China were screaming about the flow of drugs into their nations.  Why did he avoid that subject altogether?  It would only happen if he was working for the drug dealing and money laundering Zionist bankers and putting their spin on what has come down.

Like I said, ferret out the jewels of truth and disregard the direction they want you to go in or believe. 

Elite Intrigues and Military Purges: It’s Not About Sex, Stupid!

The headline stories claim that CIA Director General David Petraeus resigned as head of the CIA because of an adulterous relation with his young biographer and that General John Allen, Supreme Commander of US troops in Afghanistan, was under investigation and his promotion to top commander of US troops in Europe was on hold, because, we are told, of his ‘inappropriate’ comments in the exchange of e-mails with a civilian female friend.

We are told that a ‘hard-charging’ local FBI agent, Frederick Humphries, Jr., had uncovered amorous e-mails sent by General Petraeus to his girlfriend-biographer in the course of investigating a complaint of ‘cyber-stalking’.  Out of concern that the General’s ‘adulterous behavior’ posed a risk to US national security, Florida-based FBI Agent Humphries handed the evidence over to one of Washington, DC’s most powerful Republican, Congressman Eric Cantor, who in turn passed them on to the Director of the FBI… leading to Petraeus resignation.
In other words, we are asked to believe that a single, low-ranking, zealous FBI agent has toppled the careers of two top US Generals: one in charge of the principle global intelligence agency, the CIA, and the other in command of the US and allied combat forces in the principle theater of military engagement – on the basis of infidelity and flirtatious banter!

Nothing could be more far-fetched simply on prima facie evidence.

In the sphere of tight hierarchical organizations, like the military or the CIA, where the activity and behavior of subordinate functionaries is centrally directed and any investigation is subject to authorization by senior officials (most especially regarding prying into the private correspondences of the heads of the CIA and of strategic military operations), the idea that a lone agent might operate free-lance is preposterous.


6.99 Billion People Side Against Israel and Gaza Murderers

Vatic Note:  What is truly encouraging, is NOTHING these guys say is believed anymore.  Not one single thing.  I don't even trust this below.  First of all, this completely covers up  the Benghazi scandel and no one is talking about it and that was so big, three  top level people in this administration resigned, (said they were not staying with the Administration for his second term).

Then After Petraeas resigned,  then comes the firing of 100 naval officers from the ranks of the military.  Now how come?  I think this needed to be fully explored.  Something is going on in our military and administration and I want to know what it is.  This captured all the attention away from that and Israeli's role in it and focused it on this where everyones attention is now focused.   This below, Israel can live with, but they cannot live with getting caught doing hanky panky in someone elses government.  It smells just like 9-11.

Now, lets take a look at Israel's creation and funding of Hamas.  Hamas acts as a foil for their need to distract and since Israeli is damn proud of their "By deception we will conduct war", then it makes sense they put this entire shabob together to justify genociding the pals, while also distracting the world from what happened in Benghazi and what is currently going on in the upheavel we are seeing in our White House and Military.  I want to know what is happening and will let you know as soon as I do.

I like this guys attitude though and we can still use it as he has presented it.   

6.99 Billion People Side Against Israel and Gaza Murderers
November 21, 2012

Military Industrial Complex Loves This War! It’s Great for Business  $$$$

by Johnny Punish, Veterans Today

Today in Israel, we saw a civilian bus attacked outside an Israel military installation. So far, no deaths but many injured. 

Over the last 4 years, 13 civilians in Israel have been killed by missile attacks from Gaza. In the last 7 days, 140 civilians have been killed in Gaza by Israel. 

And over the last 4 years, thousands of Palestinian civilians have died from the hands of the Israel military.

Here listen to the what a Minister from Israel says about the killings today in an interview with RT;

YouTube - Veterans Today -
Like me, did you hear the same ole “we are the victims and the other guy is inconsequential without any respect for the life of the other guy”?

I don’t know, to me, all I hear is the same 20th century politically immature “we are the good guys and they are the bad guys” non-cents that continually perpetuates the wars and violence. It’s precisely this type of arrogance and lack of acknowledgment that the other is, in fact, your human global brother that put us all at risk.

For those Israeli supporters reading this, hold on to your shorts! That does not excuse any killing of any Israeli by any Hammas leader. Period! Notwithstanding the Occupation, they are just as guilty.

To make it more succinct for you….grab on to this new reality paradigm that is here and coming fast….

WARNING TO ALL LEADERS: You are hereby put on notice! Every leader that perpetuates violence against our global tribe will be indicted by me and everyone in our 6.99 billion strong global tribe. It’s not us vs. them. We are the us vs. them. We are the global tribe and it’s time the leaders figure this out before we take them ALL to the gallows for crimes against ALL humanity! Signed, JA PEOPLE! ONE LOVE!


Two ABC News Anchors Quit Live On Air

Vatic Note:  First, we wish to extend our "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to all our readers, and hope they have a wonderous and rewarding holiday with their family and friends.  We are back up partially, so be patient, got a good computer guy and he is working wonders.  We are also still fund raising as I am sure you can imagine after all of this being down for so long and the costs incurred for the computer help, so please donate off to the right if you are able.   Thanks for all your support.

This is up  because we see so FEW HEROS in the news business anymore, that its worth highlighting them when we finally do.  This is one such case.  They were also very honest about why they quit, which I am sure did not make Eisner of ABC News very happy.  There has got to be a way to begin our own news stations etc, at the grassroots level.

We are creative and helped to build this country and all such services before the foreign invaders came in and took it all over.  We can do it again.  Such invaders have destroyed their own country and have proven they are the least capable of providing ingenuity, creativity and the necessary skills to do the job... so its up to us out here to do a Ron Paul like we did in 2008, for our economy, business and nation. 

Two ABC News Anchors Quit Live On Air
by Brightside Bincheck, on "Before Its News".

(VN: Video of resignation, is below, after the article.)

Two ABC news anchors quit their jobs during a live TV broadcast, according to video uploaded to the internet.
Citing a long battle with senior management on journalistic practices on Bangor TV stations, news co-presenters Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio announced their resignation at the end of the news on Tuesday 6 pm.

Michaels and Consiglio, who have a combined total of 12 ½ years of service at ABC 7 and sister station Channel 22, surprised the staff members and viewers with their joint resignations on Tuesday night.

“I just wanted to know I was doing the best I could and was being honest and ethical as a journalist, and I thought there were times when I could not do that,” Consiglio, a native of northeastern Connecticut who broke into TV as a sports reporter in April 2006, said.

Not everyone was surprised by the resignations live on the air.  “No, that was unfortunate, but not unexpected,” Mike Palmer, vice president and general manager, said. “We will hire experienced people to fill these positions, sooner rather than later.”

Neither journalist had told anyone of their decision before Tuesday’s news. “We think that if we had offered our plans off the air, we would not have been able to say goodbye to the community on the air and it was really important for us to do that,” Michaels, a news director of the station, said.


The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle


By:Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
Date: 2011-03-14

I’d like to tell you about a man named Joe…

I met Joe serendipitously via a forwarded email not too long ago, and contacted him shortly thereafter. It seemed as though Joe was having a few problems and complications while trying to be a free and sovereign man, as well as a “Secured Party Creditor“.

I met up with Joe for coffee just a few days later and found that we had much of the same information and shared many of the same values, including an urgent desire to be truly free human beings on this earth and within this once great country. Joe lives here in Salt Lake County, Utah part-time, part-time in Mobile, Alabama, and in China the rest of the time. Being fortunate enough to have traveled the world myself for a number of years, I have a good idea of what unique and wonderful cultures the Asian continent holds. And so as Joe argued that he likes to live in China most of the time simply because that so-called “Communist” country is 100 times more free than America, I wholeheartedly and sincerely had a difficult time disagreeing with him.

Now, this might seem to be the most ridiculous notion in the world to you, you who possibly have never traveled anywhere outside of these United prison States, and so have only the media as a reference to the illogical fallacies of America’s superior government and freedoms. But then, how could you possibly know that only about 200 of the well over 1 billion people we call collectively the Chinese are actually communists?

The wealthy government? Communist.

The people? Just regular people like you and me.

Do you think that because the Democratic Party (a private corporation) is in control of the United States government today and for the next couple of years, that all citizens of the United States are Democrats?

No. That would be a ridiculous and illogical fallacy based on no fact or scientific observation at all.

So then, do you think that because the Communist Party is in control of China’s government, that all Chinese people are Communists as well?

No. That would be a ridiculous and illogical fallacy based on no fact or scientific observation at all.


Killing Your STRAWMAN – The Path To Freedom


By: Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
Date: 2010-02-26

Disclaimer: Upon further review, I have now found people who have been sovereign for some time – some completely sovereign with complete detachment from their “STRAWMAN” and SS#, and some using this in between state of sovereign ability for protection and bond issues pertaining to their “STRAWMAN”. I hope to interview these folks soon. I would also highly recommend these two sites for further evidence that indeed, the United States is in bankruptcy, via The Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent, and H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933.
- http://www.apfn.net/DOC-100_bankruptcy.htm
- http://usa-the-republic.com/emergency%20powers/United%20States%20Bankrupt.html
Also, this is a good video to send to friends and family who are curious:
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwZhU6uv9sA
I am now certain that this information is valid, and have found several outlets for it written over the last 40 years. Again, your own research into these matters is encouraged and necessary. Nothing is easy, especially in legal-ease and law. Do not attempt what is outlined herein without a fairly deep understanding of what it represents. A years worth of study is recommended…

I must admit as I write this today that I was wrong. This doesn’t happen often (me admitting I’m wrong I mean…) and so historical notation might be suggested.

You see, I’ve been studying the law: constitutional, maritime, Universal Commercial Code (UCC), common law, etc, and I am absolutely astounded at what I have uncovered.

I’ve learned there is a huge difference between what is lawful and what is legal.

I’ve learned that the courts must always follow the law above what is legal.

And I’ve learned that the courts, judges, attorneys, and even police officers usually follow legal procedure, but not necessarily the law.

What does this all mean? Well, to put it simply, it means the difference between what is a right and what is a privilege. It means the difference between living as a free man with God-given rights and living as an indentured, indebted corporate slave with privileges granted by the state. And it means that any one of us at any time can use the law to release ourselves from legal requirements and legal (but not lawful) debt.

Global Alien Terror Threat A Reality !

*** We are not giving up, unless you want us to.  The way to let us know is by the end of the month OUR DEFICIT IS MET.  THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT TO DATE.

Vatic Note:  The reason this is up here because I have mega comments to make,   first of all, this is another scare fear promoting "DISTRACTION" from the Child abuse and Hoax at Benghazi by this administration and their handler, banker, khazar zionists.  It failed in the deception category.  Glad to know that goyim are bad at deceiving.  Second of all, this was promised to us as a false flag by the 1966 Iron Mountain report,  also reported by Bill Cooper in Majestic 12 that we put on this blog, and further, it was confirmed by various whistle blowers.  

Are bad guys already here?  Yes, but so are some good aliens as reported on our 6 part series on "Dulce".  I highly recommend you revisit that.   If an announcement of aliens arriving is reported by the mainstream press, you can be sure its the bankers handling that scam.  The USA has a fleet of space ships they will use to pretend we are being invaded as we put up on a blog proving we had such in space.  Ignore it.  What we have to get rid of are the khazars in leadership positions in every western government.  Anyway, you read it and decide for yourselves. We also know that Plum Island was working on trying to genetically engineer some scary aliens and one floated a shore, that we reported, and it was in stafford county with long long long fingers. 

Global Alien Terror Threat A Reality !
The Editor World News, presented by Veterans Today publication

 The Editor World News Tomorrow

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW - NEW DELHI, INDIA-Adding to the issues besetting nuclear rivals China and India, ranging from border disputes to the Dalai Lama to trade deficits, is a new one: UFOs.”Over 100 UFOs seen along China border,” said a recent headline in the Times of India.

Indian troops guarding the often-tense 2,100-mile border between the Asian giants say the objects seen in recent months are yellow spheres that appear to lift off from the Chinese side, slowly traversing the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. Indian military officials have reportedly ruled out Chinese drones or low-orbit satellites.
The acronym-happy Times of India says the UFO sightings have stumped the DRDO, NTRO, ITBP and other Indian military organizations. If they weren’t stumped, this would presumably make them IFOs, not to be confused with ULOs, short for unidentified luminous objects. That’s what other Indian news organizations have dubbed the objects, given the glow they reportedly give off “at day and by night.”

In September, the Indian army reportedly deployed a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyzer to assess what was dancing around up there. As the troops watched the light show, however, the machines picked up zilch, according to India Today magazine, suggesting that the UFOs were non-metallic.
The army reportedly aimed one of its drones in a UFO’s direction, but the object disappeared.Astronomers were also called in. According to local media, they saw some of the same unexplained objects but gave up after three days, concluding that they were “non-celestial.”


BENGHAZI A HOAX...a failed propoganda effort. Is that why Clinton, Geithner & Panetta are gone? They got caught?

*** this was put up this morning from the Boulder Cafe in PS, Co.  LOL  One a day til we get the computer man paid off and get our computers working again.  But now I have the expense of doing this from a wireless site, so bear with us and please donate if you can so we can keep going.  Thanks for all your support.&nbsp

Vatic Note:  Many of you know that I was searching, way backright after the event,  for additional proof that the ambassador was alive since the photos we did have proved he was not dead and then NY Times did their thing to cover up what we were saying, by saying he was alive and brought to the hospital when it fact he was not ever attacked.  They did a bad job on the make up, and his hair.... I was unable to find additional photos to support the ones that proved he was not dead. So I gave up.  Jim Stone has taken up the gauntlet and did his usual great job.   So, check this out below.  This is exactly why Panetta, Geithner and Clinton are gone.  WE HOPE TO BE BACK UP BY TOMORROW.  WE desperately need help with the costs of repair and computer work.  Please reach down and help us keep going.  Thanks for all your support.  

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, with extensive help from James Farganne and Darren Brown, Sep 13 2012.

This will no doubt get plastered all over the web, but like just about anything I put up, it originated here. WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SCAMMING MEDIA BY THE BALLS HERE, WE CAN WAKE UP THE SHEEP WITH THIS, ARCHIVE AND POST!!!  Permalink

So how, PRAY TELL, was a U.S. consulate raided there, people murdered there, and butt raped in the name of Mohammed? This is BEYOND wag the dog!

Here is the link to the Department of State web site, with a complete list of All U.S. embassies, consulates, and diplomatic missions world wide. http://www.usembassy.gov/ There is one in Libya, obviously in Tripoli. And I will state right now that I have that Embassy page saved and captured, in case someone decides to bury this by faking Benghazi in for a while.

To further bolster this fact, Here is Google Maps of Benghazi Libya. Delete Benghazi Libya from the search window, and type the word EMBASSY or CONSULATE there. Because one does not exist in Benghazi, it will throw you to an alternative location near you. Here is the Wikipedia list, no doubt soon to be faked, it will happen fast here Wont last long and if any fakes get thrown in, well, there are TONS of lists out there, and I will just snag another. They can't bury this lie.

No wonder the Libyans are pissed! Is ANY of this real? Are there ANY embassy raids or riots happening ANYWHERE? This kind of desperate lying would indeed be used if an attack on Iran was SO IMMINENT THAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING CAUGHT IN THE LIE ARE IRRELEVANT. All they need is to fake it till they make the vote, and then say OOPS, we got the story wrong.

This begs the question, WHERE did the pictures and video come from? Answer. The U.S. and Israel are so guilty of so many war crimes that this type of footage is commonplace in archives. Since the consulate does not exist, they can put up any picture of any building they want and call it that, and no one is going to say "that is not what it looks like".

Many of you are worried about what is coming next. They handed us the silver bullet. Please use this bullet to shoot out the heart of the media werewolf, THIS IS THE BIG CHANCE. This lie is SO BRAZEN and SO OBVIOUS that it should be enough to tip the balance and destroy the credibility of CNN, FOX, ABC, YOU NAME IT, ONCE AND FOR ALL WITH ANYONE. Don't miss this chance, because once awaken to the fact that the media really does lie, a blinded lamb will often go bull stomping crazy.

And with the darkness of this hour, we definitely need it.

This article has withstood the scrutiny of several people on the forum who worked through the night to protect the credibility of this web site (and I thank them). One of them pointed out THIS ARTICLE, which speaks of the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Tripoli on August 27, which had to be rebuilt new after the war. Don't let this confuse you, there is no Benghazi embassy, consulate, or diplomatic mission too new to be in any record. GO HANG THEM.

On top of this, the various news agencies can't even get the location of the consulate straight, proof of a bullshit story.

ATTENTION: Michael Gove calls for end to rights of biological parents' - Vatic Project crashes again. Boy, these guys don't...

...don't like what we put up yesterday, huh?  They crashed us and now I am in a coffee house doing it from their computer and writing a bad check for the computer and coffee.... lol    So, lets put up another one to show them we are STUBBORN AND WILL NOT BE DEFEATED.

(PLEASE DONATE AT THE PAY PAL BUTTON SINCE WE ARE SERIOUSLY being pursued and they are trying to get us off the blogshpere........ its the only place we are ever going to get the truth or at least close to it. So help us do that.)

THis below fits perfectly with these series we have done on Child abuse and why its big news now.  The state wants to take over control of the children and raise them.  We covered this below on a previous blog Remember we discussed the artificial womb, and test tube babies brought to term in the artificial womb.  They will use our DNA and we will never know who our offspring are. 

This guy below sounds like he was the first turn out of a bad experiment.  I wonder if he is a clone.  LOL  He wants to do away with criminal pedophilia by circumventing the process of authority to negate control over kids by their parents.  SICKO's  MUCHO Sicko's par excellent. 

Michael Gove calls for hundreds more vulnerable children a year to be taken into care, and for an end to 'preoccupation with rights of biological parents'  
Oliver Wright,
Hundreds more vulnerable children a year could be removed from their parents and placed in care or adopted to prevent them suffering “a life of soiled nappies, scummy baths, chaos and hunger”, Michael Gove has signalled.

Tearing up two decades of child protection orthodoxy Mr Gove said the state had for too long exposed children to “appalling neglect and criminal mistreatment” because of its “preoccupation with rights of biological parents”.

And he called for social workers to be “more assertive with dysfunctional parents, courts to be less indulgent of poor parents, and the care system to expand to deal with the consequences”.

Mr Gove’s intervention – his first on child protection policy – comes after the publication of an independent report on children’s services at a council which sparked David Cameron’s pronouncement that Britain had become a “broken society”.

But his comments drew sharp criticism from social workers who questioned whether the Government would commit the resources necessary to expand effective state care. They also warned that there were long term psychological effects of taking children away from their families.

But In his speech in London Mr Gove said the case in Edlington brought home the need for the state to intervene faster and more decisively in child protection issues.

“The state is failing in its duty to keep our children safe,” he said.

“It may seem hard to believe - after the killing of Victoria Climbie, after the torture of Peter Connelly, after the cruel death of Khyra Ishaq – but we haven’t.

“We are not taking the necessary actions, to prevent thousands of children growing up in squalor, enduring neglect in their infancy, witnessing violence throughout their lives and being exposed to emotional, physical and sexual abuse during the years which should be their happiest.”

Aides to Mr Gove said evidence suggested that many social workers had an inbuilt “optimism bias” when dealing with problem families.

“You might have a mother who is a drug user with a violent boyfriend but when the social worker visits she says she has got rid of the boyfriend and trying to come off the drugs.

“When you look at the case reviews where things have gone seriously wrong you see that social workers honestly want to believe that things can improve because it’s a difficult thing to say that I’m going to start proceeding to take your child away.”

To get round this problem officials are looking at tightening the thresholds at which child protection proceedings are begun with further guidance to the courts on how to deal with cases.

But Mr Gove said the state also had an obligation to improve the services that young people in care received along with a push to open up adoption and fostering services.

He announced a new drive to improve the quality of social workers – modelled on the Teach First programme which has been successful in attracting high calibre graduates to teaching.

“I won't deny there are many things we must do urgently to improve the treatment of and prospects for children and young people in care,” he said.

“Not least, to improve the education they receive, to make sure that they leave school and college with good, valuable qualifications, ready to progress into HE, work and adult life
“But those who point to the numbers in prison, or suffering mental health problems, or in poor schools, or without qualifications, or who are unemployed and who are, or have been in care, and conclude that it is always care that is responsible for these terrible outcomes are making a terrible error
“They are confusing correlation and causation. It’s as foolish as concluding that because so many die in hospital, hospitals are bad for your health.”

But Bridget Robb, acting chief executive of the British Association of Social Workers, said Mr Gove’s analysis of the problems and strategy was simplistic.

“Social work professionals will concur with Mr Gove in recognising that the voice of children should be heard first and foremost, and ahead of any professional or other interest,” she said.

“What his analysis overlooks, however, is that protecting children also involves learning from evidence from around the world telling us that simply cutting them off from their birth families is not always in their best interests.

“We need to be careful to resist taking a punitive approach to struggling families – an approach that may play well with the media but may fail vulnerable children who need protection.”

Ms Robb added that none of his solutions – at a time of huge pressure on local council budgets would be cheap.

“The minister's speech offers no recognition of how part of the state's ‘failure in its duty to keep our children safe’ lies in a refusal to understand that it requires sustained investment in better services, whether this is done through intensive work with parents in the family or by taking more children into care.

“The latter option is not cheap, and to pretend that social workers can take on ever greater caseloads with ever diminishing resources is a miscalculation that Mr Gove surely must recognise.”

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


UPDATE: 8 am - 11/18 - The Worst Crimes Are Against Our Children, Part 2 of 2 - Solutions

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***UPDATE: 8 am - 11-18:  THEY JUST GUTTED A WHOLE SECTION OF THIS BLOG REGARDING SOLUTIONS. I am going to have to reconstruct it, so please revisit this in a while.  I am having a devil of time putting this up. The PTB apparently do not want us discussing solutions. So, this may go up without being finished and thus most of it can be read while I continue to work on it throughout the day. Unfortunately, this is becoming the norm. I am beginning to realize just how important children are to the evil ones agenda. I knew it but not how much, I was unaware of the focus on these children that they have. I will have to try and figure out why!

The Worst Crimes Are Against Our Children, Part 2 of 2 - Solutions
by Vatic Master, Vatic Project
November 18, 2012

In part 1 of this series on crimes against our children, we also mention that its not just the crimes, but also the various forms of abuse of children by adults, both family and non family which damages a child, in some cases, for life. Its a serious and increasing problem in todays society.

The health of our future society will depend on the physical and spiritual health of our children who are going to be the adults of the future. Love, Safety and a strong spiritual foundation are the three most important gifts you can give to a child when he is young.

The Love, sustains him through tough times, and the safety he feels in his environment allows him to explore who he is, explore his environment, test himself and test others for learning limits, etc without damaging the self esteem he will need to navigate his world with confidence.

If he is hyper-vigilant, due to abuse issues, then he is unable to spend time within himself, to connect to his spiritual self or to God for support. He will be unable to question, understand and learn about himself or his environment. Rather he is constantly on "danger watch" and survival mode which does not allow him to explore the higher realms of thought, of the spirit or of his God, who ever that may be within his world.

I do not intend to proselytize here, but there is no doubt that we do have a spiritual body as well as a physical and psychological/mental one that needs as much attention as any other part of us. I, personally, learned to talk with my God as I grew up and that helped me more than you will ever know. But that is not enough, since we adults are the example by which children grow up. If we are abusive, the child learns that is what adults do, so when he becomes an adult that is what he believes is his role with his children.

AS we showed in Part I, the problem has become monumental, globally and deadly serious, and must be addressed by all of us, not only within our own families, but also within society as a whole. The health of our nation depends on the health of our future adults as they grow in their formative years.


I searched everywhere and of course there were suggestions about teaching children to report such abuses, and defining for him what is an abuse, but if the abuse is within the home, then who will teach him these things? Then when the child travels he is sexually handled by TSA agents, that sends a confusing message to the child. Is it sometimes OK for a stranger to touch me inappropriately and when is that the case?

Everything you ever wanted to Know about The Perverted UK Royal Family: Does Prince Phillip Ring a Bell?

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Vatic Note:  I probably should have done this is two or three parts, but it just did not seem right to interrupt the continuity of the information since its EXPLOSIVE.  Wait until you read all this. History as no one ever teaches it. How in the world has the commonwealth countries tolerated this perversion at the monarchy level? These people take the hard earned money of their subjects to pay for this voluntary sickness.  These are the most useless feeders on the planet next to the Khazar bankers, but then they are related aren't they?

Its not just Prince Phillip, but he is the worst of them and he doesn't care that we know since we are nothing to him or to any of the royals except a pain in the butt.  No  wonder our forefathers risked everything to get away from these poeple  and they are trying desperately to get us back again.  Oh, heaven forbid. 

Given the Bushies are related, it explains a lot of their perversions as well and it explains why Diana never fit in and was murdered by these cretin satanists. I am surprised David Icke has not exposed this before now? As we always say, " read and decide for yourselves.  Me, personally, there is no way these people are going to every run America with their predilections toward pedophilia. Our children would never be safe, especially since the Queen and Phillip like killing them when they are through them as we saw in Canada.

Prince Phillip:  Is this the Sickest Man in the UK? (VN: and they want to run the globe, heaven forbid!!!!) 
Posted by admin On November - 10 - 2012
Chris Spivey.

Respectful: Britain’s Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh visits the Field of Remembrance in the grounds of Westminster Abbey in central London on Thursday

Look at the photograph above? This picture will fill Millions of Brits with pride, nostalgia and patronism. Women, old and young will inevitably coo. Men, no doubt with a look of steely determination on their faces will give a quick nod at the photo and say to themselves; “Yes mate, you know”. I look at it and want to wring the hypocrites scrawny neck. The mere sight of him makes me want to puke.

You will not spot a single tear in this abomination’s eye. And for the Daily Mail newspaper and no doubt the vast majority of others to even suggest it, is tantamount to fraud. Worse still, it officially costs the tax payer nearly half a million pound a year to view propaganda like this. Unofficially, the true cost is in the millions.

You have no idea how hard I find it to write about The Duck of Edinburgh and his family of parasitic in-breeds without descending into a torrent of foul mouthed abuse.

Strange, that I cannot  recall the old fart, pictured here all dressed up in his sailor suit so as to con the gullible nation into thinking he is some kind of battled hardened war hero, doing the same last year. Well certainly not with the same amount of press exposure as we see in the Daily Mail today. I may be wrong of course, but I doubt it.

In truth this is nothing more than a fake photo opportunity, staged by a nervous Royal family, who are acutely aware that if they are not very careful, their house of cards could quickly come tumbling down right about now. In fact, there is as much sincerity on show as there are tears in the perverted old git’s eyes. Cry for our heroic war dead? Don’t make me laugh.

The old pervert is  doing nothing more than trying to get the nation on side before the truth comes out about him and his odious family. Why on Earth would the Lizard looking old bastard cry for our war dead?  If he was going to cry for any war dead, it would be those who spoke German, not English. Not that he would do. The Duck of Edinburgh along with the other Royal Monsters despise us.

They despise all commoners, whatever their nationality, however they die. We are nothing more than an irritation to be endured while they fleece us for all they can get. Why would the man… I use the term very loosely, shed a tear when the people he is pretending to respect are exactly how he wants them and the rest of us, i.e. Dead.

Let me tell you about this racist old pervert. Phil the Greek as he is commonly known, should in fact be called Phil the Nazi. He has no affinity with the British people what so ever, let alone our war dead.  To understand why, we need to go back as far as Queen Victoria, whom some refer to as the last English queen… Even though she was half German. Victoria, according to historians was hated by her countryman, some even say she was spat upon… Can’t imagine that amused her much.

Queen Vicky, as she wasn’t known, married the German Prince Albert:
Albert was born on August 26, 1819 in Rosenau, Germany. He was the second son of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and was greatly influenced by his uncle Leopold, who became the king of Belgium in 1831. As a teenager Albert travelled to Britain and met the Princess Victoria, who was his COUSIN and nearly the same age as Albert. (Source- About.com)  (VN: He was also an avowed gay, which is not the issue, rather he was not interested in siring any offspring which then left Victoria to seek such services elsewhere and that is where Rothschild came into the picture. We did a blog on this earlier)

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was our Royal family’s name then, until Sticky Vicky’s grandson, King George V, who was married to the German Queen Mary, changed it to Windsor in 1917. This was only because  there was a good deal of anti German sentiment in Britain before the First World War which became almost hysterical after 1916. There were in fact, anti German riots with shops owned by people with German names or German sounding names being smashed up. This also happened in other parts of the Empire such as Johannesburg in South Africa.

 So there you have another case of this closely interbred, dysfunctional family pulling out all the stops to save their own necks… But I digress.

Now, as well as the name changing King George V being the grandson of Sticky Vicky, so was our German opponent  in the first world war, Kaiser Wilhelm II… Getting the picture yet? No? Fair enough, I will continue.

Our present Queen, Bizzy Lizzy and her husband Phil the Sauerkraut are both the great, great grandchildren of Queen StickyVicky. Or put another way, they are 2nd cousins, once removed… By then it was surprising that the in-breeds didn’t resemble the cast of  ‘the Hills have eyes’. They did, and still do however, behave like them.

Further more, madness and genetic problems are common place within the Royal family, thanks entirely to their in-breeding. Everyone knows about King George the III. He was mad as a hatter. Sticky Vicky herself was a Haemophiliac, which resulted in the death of her son Prince Leopold at the age of 30. The Duck’s own mother was mad as a hatter and had to be sectioned, which might explain a lot.

However, the more modern day Royal family tend to do what all Monsters do with their mad relations. Lock them away and pretend they don’t exist. That is what happened with the Queen’s first cousins,Nerissa and Katherine, who were both nieces of the Queer Mother:

The Queen’s  cousin Nerissa was 22 and the Queen’s look-alike  cousin Katherine was 15 when they were sent to the grim Royal Earlswood Mental Hospital.  Both were severely handicapped and virtually unable to speak. They were said to have a mental age of six.

Cousin Nerissa is now deceased but cousin Katherine, aged 86, is still alive as of 2012, although severely mentally retarded. She is neglected and never visited. Burke’s Peerage which records the “who’s who” lineage of the British aristocracy, recorded false information that the first cousins of Queen Elizabeth II died in 1940 and 1961. 

Despite the Queen’s fabulous wealth, she spent not one penny on cousin Nerissa’s burial. Nerissa was buried like a pauper in an unceremounious grave marked by a 6-inch-high plastic tag bearing a serial number and the name ”Bowes-Lyon”. (VN: I think they did that because they did not want to be reminded of what INBREEDING CAN DO TO THE RESULTING OFFSPRING. NOW WE KNOW WHY THE CURRENT CROP OF ROYALS ARE SO INSANE, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE FUNCTIONAL, AT LEAST IN APPEARANCE. )

Cousin Katherine who spent decades in the Royal Earlswood Asylum, was moved to Ketwin House for the mentally disabled. Following allegations that male staff members were washing female patients, Ketwin House was forced to shut down. Witnesses found bruises on Katherine’s hand and hip.

Despite the Queen’s fabulous wealth, she spent not one penny to keep her cousin Katherine at Ketwin House. The cost ? About 770 pounds per patient per year. According to a former staff member, Katherine is alert, understands what she’s being told and communicates by pointing and smiling. Not one member of the Royal family has visited her in 60 years.  (VN: given what they have done to their own children, its not surprising they have no human feelings for any of their relatives. Its why they do not understand us at all and why they will lose this war against us.)

It turns out that the Queen’s mother also had cousins who were locked away in the same mental institution on the same day in 1941 as Nerissa and Katherine.

An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to family members with “embarrassing” problems like mental illness and epilepcy is nothing new in the royal household.

In 1905, George V(Of name change fame) and Queen Mary had a son, Prince John. Until the age of four, Prince John was just as much in the spotlight then as Prince William was in 1986 at the age of four.

When Prince John suffered his first epileptic fit, his royal parents excluded him from official family photographs.He wasn’t even allowed to attend his own father’s coronation as King of England in 1911. In 1917, the King hid his epileptic son by sending him to die in an isolated farmhouse. John never saw his parents again. He died two years later – reportedly in his sleep.  (VN: Now you know why they can do to us what they do.  If they can do this to their own son, you can deduce what life would be like under these royals.  Its starting here already, food stamps were cut in Colorado for the permanently handicapped, so they will die off.  I had never seen that in this country and now I understand where this inhumanity comes from. )

Another propaganda Oscar winner, The Kings’ Speech, focused on the Queen’s father and his speech impediment. There was no mention in the movie that the cause may have been from generations of royal inbreeding.

Monarchy blockbusters are designed to sell the image of the filthy rich royals as sensitive, caring, human and deserving of adoration and taxpayer support. No one would dare make a Hollywood movie about the King’s nazi brother, Edward VIII who abdicated.

Alice Battenberg was the mother of the Queen’s husband – Prince Philip. Alice was near deaf and a religious zealot. As the years went by, she began to have visions that she was Christ’s bride. She was declared a paranoid schizophrenic and committed to an asylum by force in 1930. Alice is Prince William’s great grandmother.
(Source T. Stokes)


Now, moving on, Queen Bizzy Lizzy’s uncle Eddie the Duke of Windsor, the one who married the American slut Wallis Simpson (I believe Homer was her nephew, but I may be wrong), was great friends with Adolf Hitler. The fact Eddie did marry Wallis was much to the annoyance of Bizzy Lizzy’s Alcoholic, Paedophile, mother (Various Sources such as Bill Maloney), who also wanted him.

Never the less, in the end the Queer Mother was forced to settle for the younger brother… Affectionately referred to as ‘the backward one’.

In fact, according to files released in 2003, high ranking Nazi officials considered Rock steady Eddie to be “no enemy to Germany”. They also considered him to be the “logical director of England’s destiny after the war”.

Eddie, who was also a paedophile and part time bum bandit, gave up the million pound hat to marry the much passed around slapper Simpson. I cannot imagine why, unless it was the fact that she would indulge Ed the Ball in his passion for being pushed around in a pram while dressed only in a nappy… I kid you not.

So, is it just a coincidence then, that Willie and Kate got married on the 29th of April 2011, sixty six years to the day that Hitler married Eva Braun? Remember, dates and numbers are extremely important to these freaks. Willie was in fact induced so as his birthday fell on the Summer Solstice, although the official line is that he was induced so as not to interfere with his father, Prince Big ears’ Polo Tournament.

Course, according to the Help Free the Earth website, the Royal family didn’t just offer moral support to those who were killing the British soldiers Philip is pictured shedding Crocodile tears over. That moral support also stretched to financial:

The British monarchy, and the City of London’s leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Fuhrer’s election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine, for Britain’s planned geopolitical war between Germany and Russia. Support for Nazi-style genocide has always been at the heart of the House of Windsor policy. Long after the abdication of King Edward VIII, the Windsors maintained their direct Nazi links.  (VN:  We find out later the reason they backed him was because he was the illegit grandson of a vienna Rothschild, and thus they assumed he would be managed and grateful for the rise up out of poverty he was experiencing. They were wrong.)

Meanwhile, Phil the Duck was sent to a German boarding school that specialised in bringing up mini Adolfs. In fact, as Phil put it himself, there was much heel clicking and Heil Hitlering. At the same time, his 4 sisters all married members of the Nazi Party.

His sister Sophie in fact, went on to marry Prince Christoph of Hesse, a colonel in the SS on Himmler’s personal staff and head of the Forschungsamt, an elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering.

Christoph, as coincidence would have it  was also the great grandson of Queen Victoria and a paedophile… I’m lying. It wasn’t really a coincidence, but the other two facts are true. The 30 year old Christoph had become engaged to Prince Phillips sister, Sophie when she had only just turned 15 – Hmmm.

Mind you, Filthy Phil began dating the queen when she was only 13 years old. Then again, the Royals like to keep everything within the family. But I digress.
Now, as I have just said, what eventually happens when families are continually polluting their own gene pool is madness begins to occur and that is what happened to Phil’s mum, Slack Alice.

So when she was carted off to the mad house and his father fucked off with some old sort, Philip, much to his delight, was left in the care of his uncle Lord Louie Mountbatten. The Mountbatten’s were also German’s who changed their name from Battenberg… As in the Marzipan cake that people pretend to like, but don’t really… Much in keeping with the way people feel about the Royals in general really.

Now, pay attention here. Lord Louis the Cake was also the Great Grandson of Sticky Fuckin’ Vicky and 2nd cousin of the name changing King George V. Louis was also a predatory paedophile.

The Authors of the controversial book ‘The War of the Windsor’s’ which was serialised in the Daily Mail state:

Lord Louis Mountbatten had the nickname “Dickie” …and for good reason. Philip’s uncle Dickie was the last viceroy in India where he was a known paedophile who sexually exploited young working class Indian peasant boys”.

Mountbatten is also linked to the paedophile ring who abused boys living at the Kincora Care Home in Belfast Northern Ireland. An excellent website, dedicated to exposing the Royal Family http://www.helpfreetheearth.com/index.html, have this to say about a book written on that paedophile ring entitled ‘The Kincora Scandal’:

 “The Kincora Scandal connects Lord Dickie Mountbatten to a child prostitution vice ring in Belfast, Ireland. Authorities failed to intervene at the Kincora care home for boys until 1981, despite reports over the years of child sexual abuse”.

The operators of the Kincora child prostitution ring were eventually convicted in 1981 of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys who were sold like prostitutes. 

No charges were ever brought against the VIP customers made up of Royals, Politicians, lawyers, and Judges. However, Belfast citizens finally had reason to celebrate when Prince Philip’s paedophile uncle was killed by an IRA bomb planted in his boat”. 

It is alleged by many that Louis the Cake had at least two boys on the boat, possibly three, when they were all blown to kingdom come. It is further alleged by many, that Phil got his first taste of Cock, courtesy of  Uncle Louis, who was almost certainly also shagging Bizzy Lizzy’s Uncle, Ed the Baby.

Other members of the ohhh sooo British Royal family, but who are in reality closet Nazi’s include; Marie Christine Reibnitz AKA Princess Michael of Kent. Then there is the  brother of Princess Alice, a great-aunt to the Queen, who was a Nazi and said that Hitler had done a “wonderful job”.

Princess Michael of Kent’s (Sounds like a tranny doesn’t she) father, was Baron Gunther von Reibnitz, who just so happened to be a member of the Nazi party and an honorary member of the SS.

Slightly diverting away from the main topic, but relevant none the less, Princess Michael, who is married to the Queens Cousin Prince Michael of Kent was caught out shagging a toy-boy in 2006. As it happens, Prince Michael also looks extremely like my friend Terry from Cyprus. But I’m fairly sure that is just a coincidence.

Never the less, having his wife publicly identified as shagging about  obviously pissed Prince Mick off. Now everyone knows, cept my good self of course, that you shouldn’t upset a Freemason. Especially not the highest wanking Freemason in the country, which is apparently who Prince Micky Boy is (Sorry about the speech impediment in that sentence. I was just trying out my impression of Bizzy Lizzy’s old man). He is also the Grandson of the name changing, half German  King George V and the full German Queen Mary, don’t cha know.

Having said that, any inference you draw from the following is strictly down to your own over active imaginations. You see, this toy-boy Mikhail Kravchenko, who shared a 4 day break in a Venice hotel with Mick’s slapper wife Princess Michael, met a very sticky end when he was machine gunned to death while sat in his Mercedes. Not that he was the only one whom the Royal family had the hump with, to die in a Mercedes.

Anyway, an actress called Marina Golub who was a close friend of  Mikhail Kravchenko started asking questions about his death and after getting too near to the truth, she was apparently warned off. Whether or not she took any notice of the warnings is unknown, but she did claim to have uncovered startling new details about the murder. However, before she could reveal what she knew she was killed in a ‘car crash’… Just saying.

Right, getting back onto the main thread. All these people, who were and are supposedly part of the English Royal family, were in reality aligned with the German War Machine. As an example of just how deep that involvement was, consider the following also taken from the Help Free The earth website:

Prince Philip’s uncle and sponsor, Lord Louis Mountbatten (originally, Battenberg of the House of Hesse) was a central figure in the 1930s Nazi-British channel. Until he was forced to abdicate, King Edward VIII enjoyed the full backing of Dickie Mountbatten. Through much of World War II, secret channels of communication were maintained between the British royal family and their pro-Hitler cousins in Germany, by Lord Mountbatten, through his sister Louise, who was crown princess of pro-Nazi Sweden. Louise was Prince Philip’s aunt.


The spin doctors at Buckingham Palace have tried to depict the wartime collaboration of the British royal family with the Nazi enemy as just family correspondence but the messages from Prince Philip’s secret ally, the Duke of Windsor (former King Edward VIII) are impossible to cover up. 

On Nov. 20, 1995, the Washington Times reported that the Duke of Windsor had been in close collaboration with the Nazis in Spain and Portugal to foment a revolution in wartime Britain, that would topple the Churchill government, depose his brother King George VI, and allow him to regain the throne.

Starting with an exchange between King George VI and President Eisenhower, the House of Windsor has been desperate to keep incriminating documents collected from Kronberg Castle classified. The incriminating documents fell into American Army hands.

With that in mind, now take a look at the photo below. This is Phil the Duck in his Nazi Sister Cecile’s funeral cortège.  In the row behind and slightly to the left is Louis The Cake, wearing an old style sailor hat. This was taken a couple of years before the War.

Jews were already being persecuted and slaughtered. Philip admitted himself that his family had a problem with Jews. That leaves me to wonder how he feels about his grand-daughter in law Kate, who is Jewish. (VN: And his wife is also a khazar Jew, but then he is willing to trade in his racism for power. Kate being Jewish is no accident.  She was selected.  That is the only weakness in this analysis, otherwise it is excellent. Remember, the Jews now run Britain as well.  Its the money the royals like. Its also a sure sign they have complete control of the commonwealth royalty now.  Is it blackmail?  Who knows.)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Hurricane Modification Pilot Tells All ! Project StormFury! Why ‘FRANKENSTORM’

***Fund raising report: Now, with just 4 days up we have a balance still at $505 that we still need and hope you will be able to contribute to bring that down within the next week and a half. I wish to thank the contributors so very much for their generous contribution and look forward to others who can jubilantly help us make our goal. The computer repair guy thanks you as well. This first batch goes toward paying him off.

We want to reassure you that we work very hard to find and ferret out truth and with so much deception, its been almost a full time job. While this is a work of love, we need your support to be able to continue. We will put up a fund raising report the next time donations come in to let you know how we are doing. Thanks and bless you all.

Vatic Note: Now THIS WAS FASCINATING HISTORY of weather used as a weapon in VietNam and what it did to help the military to control enemy troop movements. This was a very informative video.   Then, of course, there was Katrina, which we did know about being strange based on normal Hurricanes.

We did not have this blog at the time of Katrina, so we were posting on other blogs back then.  AT that time, a blogger got a copy  of a radar screen showing Katrina had a directed energy source in front of it, HEATING UP THE WATER AND DIRECTING THE HURRICANE TO LAND IN LOUISIANA, and guiding it to the shore and then when it reached just before the shore line it pulled to the right at a 90 degree angle, and it appeared to do that to avoid  the beam from hitting land.  We do know there is a connection between chemtrail dumping and weather modification using Haarp, but we did not know that at the time.

Since so much of this "conspiracy' is compartmentalized, I suspect he only knew his part of the agenda and not about the Haarp part of it or whatever space weapon they used. How we knew it must have been right, was because the post got banned and censored at the time.  I think its because we were able to show the radar screen which took it out of the category of conspiracy and put it into the category of fact.  So, keeping that in mind, then read this below and watch the video and decide for yourselves.  I did not know they had this capability way back during GHWB's time.  But then there was a lot we did not know back then.

Hurricane Modification Pilot Tells All ! Project StormFury! Why ‘FRANKENSTORM
Published on Nov 5, 2012 by revmichellehopkins


Dr. Ben Livingston : The Father of Weaponized Weather States that he was the first pilot to seed clouds with silver iodide and then create conductivity in the mass of particles they deployed.

They did this To cause rain chemtrail by injecting these particulates directly into or above the cloud, then create conductivity. (That’s done with frequency.)(VN: Does Haarp sound familiar with respect to frequency?

This is To cause the cloud to dry up and disperse, spray much higher over the clouds, and you can eventually change an entire nation’s climate.


Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.tv
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960′s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.


In this exclusive interview for Prison Planet.tv subscribers, Livingston explains how for decades the US government has had the power to both lessen and increase the severity of adverse weather for their own purposes.